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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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got squished today. tomorrow on "special report" we will have results of the latest fox news polls on inflation, on gas prices, supply chain, on the midterms, on the president's approval, all of that tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern time. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" the clean version starts now. [laughter] >> jesse: i promise to watch my mouth. >> bret: okay. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: we have all run into a situation in life when we assume we are doing a great job. but it turns out we are a complete failure. think you know how to put away the dishes? just wait until you get married. you will never realize how wrong you were. at work, maybe you thought you used the right word in a conversation with your boss. turns out your vocab isn't as tight as you hoped. >> who wore doesn't mean what
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you think it means. >> jesse: we get burned by overconfidence at one point in our lives. trust me i have been there. for our country, unfortunately, we have a delusional leader that actually thinks he is doing a great job for america. >> under my plan for the economy we made extraordinary progress. i don't want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending we are changing people lice. we are delivering the biggest drop in the history of the united states of america. >> if by extraordinary progress his individual breaking on prices, incongratulation and stock market prices have at it. he has gone a great job. biden can't remember a time when the economy was this strong and i don't doubted him. he probably doesn't remember much. almost every economic indicator shows we are under pressure. even cnn and joe's favorite rating agency moody's analytics is calling him out. >> experts i spoke to still scoffed at the idea that
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president biden is personally responsible for having reduced the deficit and this claim is almost bizarre world. dan white told me last week the actions of the administration and congress have undoubtedly resulted in higher deficits not smaller ones. >> jesse: they brought out the little cnn fact checker out of hiding after he was everywhere during trowrp crush joe. that's got to be embarrassing when you are biden and the cnn fact checker is hunting you down. it's because joe refuses to accept responsibility for anything and the lies are nothing new from the big guy. remember back in january when he was bragging about the record stock run-up? >> the stock market, the last guy's measure of everything, is about 20% higher than it was when my predecessor was there. it has hit record after record after record on my watch. >> jesse: and now those records are gone. the market wiped out all the
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gains since joe came into office. biden came into office with a vaccine handed to him and a recovering economy. and everybody got covid and now the economy is shrinking. and now joe's donors and big backers they are starting to feel it they have seen the gaffes, bad decisions, and poor performance. so they're bailing on biden way ahead the next election. just listen to the "new york times" who broke it down in a piece this weekend they asked 50 democrat power brokers if joe should run again and they are saying a big fat no. so it's official, operation joe has got to go has officially begun. democrat donors aren't going to sit by and watch their portfolios get erased. how do we know this? because one of the dnc's biggest fundraisers had to be delayed because they can't sell enough tickets. that's right. kamala harris was supposed to headline the women's leadership forum on may 25th and 26th.
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had to be moved to the fall though because nobody wanted to go. i mean, would you pay thousands of dollars to listen to kamala harris? i mean, i bet people would pay thousands of dollars not to have to listen to kamala harris. the big democrat donors have spoken. and they are done with joe and kamala. and it's not just the finance guys that are weary of a biden second term. the media has started to push joe out the door. he is a ratings nightmare for the networks and for the cable fox of course. joe biden is bad for business. so cnn isn't going to sit by as viewers change the channel. they can't do it that much longer even don lemon got the memo. >> does the president have the stamina, physically and mentally, do you think, to continue on even after 2024. >> duh you are asking me this question, oh my gosh, he is the president of the united states. that is not a question that we should be even asking. just look at the work that he
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does. look at what -- how he is delivering for the american public. look, that -- that -- that article that we're talking about is hearsay. it's salacious. that's not what we care about. >> jesse: did you see the white house press secretary's face right there? she was waiting on a softball from her boy don. she could not handle the heat. but, don lemon didn't let up. cnn is starting to treat the biden white house like a republican white house. watch this. >> does the biden administration bear some responsibility for this? >> so, first of all, um, the american rescue plan met the moment and it has put us in a place where we can actually, u., put us in a place where the american people feel -- can actually -- we can take on inflation. what i mean by that is -- we have seen growth, right, as i mentioned more than 8 million jobs. and now we are transitioning into a steady stable growth in order to take this on we have got to have -- be in a good historic economic place, which
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is where we are right now. >> jesse: oh my god. what? either don lemon got the memo that biden is getting shown the door in 2024 or he is just really trying to save his own job. word is the show is on the chopping block. so don could be going to be more fair and balanced. and if cnn goes fair and balanced, it's going to be no good, no bueno for joe biden. karin john pierre which is french for word salad also ran into buzz saw our very own stupid son of a bitch peter doocy. >> what is the message to someone who wants to retire but their 401(k) is getting wiped out so? >> we know -- we know the high prices are having an effect on people's lives. we are coming out of the strongest job market in american history and that matters and a lot of that is thanks to the american rescue plan. it led to this -- this economic boom -- the historic economic boom that we are seeing with
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jobs. >> historic inflation? >> no. that is not -- that is -- that is not -- that is not how we are seeing the american rescue plan. >> jesse: rather than fixing our problems, in an ironic twist today that went way over joe's head, the white house released a statement recognizing world elder abuse awareness day. nothing could be more perfect than that. and aoc was there to kick the president when he was down. >> he is saying he is going to run again in 2024. will you support him? >> if the president has a vision and that's something certainly we are all willing to gain and examine when the time comes. >> that's not a yes. >> yeah, you know, i think we should endorse when we get to it. >> jesse: aoc sounds like the girl you ask to prom and she is like well, i was kind of waiting for mike to ask me and then if mike didn't ask me then brian was going to -- you know what? let me get back to you. i have finals coming up.
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i have to study. and that was really awkward. even a member of the democratic national committee said the quiet part out loud. >> you don't think that he should run for re-election. how come? >> it's a host of factors. the first being that the approval rating is not where it should be at this point. but also more importantly, if you look at the polls with regards to the direction of the country, less than a quarter of americans think that our country is on the right track. with polls like that, people are going to be looking for a change candidate. they are not going to be looking to vote for an incumbent with approval ratings down in the 30's. >> jesse: no one wants to back a loser. and the democrats are no different. this is where it gets interesting. the obama team is starting to circle like vultures. david axelrod told the "new york times" that joe's age would be a major issue if he won again. and that's the opposite of endorsement. even joe's former boss barack obama and his other boss, the
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former first lady michelle, have suddenly reappeared all of the sudden on the scene. >> on every continent we are seeing democratic back slide. >> i would love to be able to tell you that everything is as it should be, to stand up here, clear my throat and say the state of our democracy is strong. but you and i, we all know that i can't say that right now. >> jesse: so their former underling is overseeing a very, very weak u.s. democracy? hmmm kind of a shot. this is very interesting timing. it's almost like they are undermining joe biden right out in the open. did the democrat power brokers activate the obamas to save the 2024 election? because the white house just said joe is planning on running again. so what's joe's next move in the man has too much pride to step down.
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is he a biden. he thinks he is american royalty. and he has been running for president his entire life. he thinks trump is the antichrist and he actually believes he is the only one who can beat trump and save america. and a lot of democrats used to believe that. but i don't even think they believe that anymore. so this is a two-punch combo. push joe out the door and smear trump so badly or indict him that he is too wounded to win in 2024. just look at the january 6th hearings which is basically the third impeachment. the 2024 campaign has already started. the january 6th hearing is just the first dirty attack ad. so here's the pickle. they have to cut loose biden right after they get sliced open in the midterms because if he lingers and doesn't make a decision there's no room for the new democrat presidential candidate to make moves. they can't start contacting donors, they can't start visiting iowa. and new hampshire. it will look really disloyal.
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and bernie and mayor pete and kamala are itching to make a run they can't be seen as back stabbing the incumbent. all about timing. this is a quagmire they seem to not be able to get out of. the media doesn't have that problem. they are already floating names. watch what happened today on "the view." >> but i do think there are plenty of, you know, democrats that have tons of verb and energy. i like gavin newsom because is he pretty to look at and i think he does a great job in california. >> jesse: so if the democrats want to survive, someone has to convince joe to hang up his cleats in 2024. but who is going to do it? when the mafia needs to get are rid of one of their own they call in the person closest to you to deliver the hit. who are the dems calling in to push biden aside. we know hunter is not going to do it. he has too much to gain from joe being in power plus he needs a pardon. so the responsibility might have
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to fall on the shadow president. the person behind the whole biden administration susan rice. politico just dropped a profile on rice and how she is really the one running the country right now. it describes her massive portfolio and how she has etched herself into every form of policy from racial justice to international affairs to abortion rights. plus senior aides say biden trusts her more than anyone. it doesn't hurt she is obama's lieutenant on the inside. will she be the one to deliver the news? it's going to sting, really bad. because, remember obama told joe not to run in the first place. he tapped crooked. so, with democrats facing insurmountable odds in both 2022 and in 2024, the matter has to make a call on joe. and it looks like rice might have to be the one to deliver the message that joe's gotta go.
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kevin mccarthy is the house minority leader who joins us now. do you think so i have that right, speaker or should i say future speaker? >> i think you summed it up very well. i actually believe it's the american public who is going to deliver that message 147 days. as i listen throughout your dialogue is very good. i mean, joe biden has not cut the deficit. the only thing he cut was my 401 endorsement a 201 k. i mean, when you look at it, the only thing he has given to the american public is a car payment without the car. we now spend 450 more dollars a month, everything costs us more because of inflation, because of the gas price, because of what we find with our own housing costing more. and our food. and think about this. he's now brought every single city to the border, every city is a border city now. fentanyl is the number one killer of americans between the ages of 18 and 45 because of what he did to the border. and it is just issue after issue after issue.
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the only thing hesucceeded in mr no longer look like the worst president we have ever had. >> jesse: let's just talk brass tack politics here. when you hear -- you are the minority leader, you hear the media the loyal democrat media pontificate about other candidates. when you see the "new york times," their biggest mouse piece and cnn start twisting the knife, and you see all these gaffes and all this discome bob discome bob buoy labor relation. >> i don't think half of what they say is ever true. they are just catching up to where the american public was a year ago. >> jesse: true. >> they're just now figuring out that the hunter biden laptop is true. they are just now figuring out that inflation is not temporary. they are figuring out that america is hurting. they are now figuring out that approval rating is so low. they are just now figuring out his very first day in office is when he started raising the gas
4:15 pm
prices, when he cut the pipeline, cut our ability to have american jobs and american energy independence by drilling on federal lands and others? he we told him it would happen. it wasn't just republicans. larry summers told him he would bring inflation back if he passed that $2 trillion bill that did nothing but bring us inflation. and he has just denied it, denied it, denied it. now it has gone so far even in san francisco, and think about san francisco in the last election, the registration for republicans in san francisco is 6.8%. they recalled their d.a. because they are tired of the democratic policy of defunding the police and not upholding the law. this is moving across the nation. so this is more than just republicans. this is now about america itself and that's why independents, his approval rating is only 25%. >> jesse: all right. we got to pay some bills because, you know, my 401(k) as you said is now 201 k that wasn't a bad line.
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thank you for joining us. as always, we appreciate you. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: future speaker of the house. next, we have pappa pauly's mugshot but that's just the beginning. we are not stopping until we have the dash cam video. an update on that next. ♪ ♪ fishing helps ease my mind. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st. so this is the meta portal plus.
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>> jesse: we are watching the democratic machine churn up yet another cover-up. this time we are seeing in the case of paul pelosi. and there's reason to be worried. they may have tossed us a bone by releasing the mugshot, but there's still a lot missing from this case, a lot they don't want us to see like why haven't we even seen the full police report yet? what happened that night that is
4:22 pm
so secret? was he with anybody? we don't know. where is the dash cam and the body cam footage? could paul even sling a sentence togegether that night? did he tip over during the field sobriety test and fall into a bunch of grapes? and what about the guy pappa p. collided with on the freeway? we heard nothing about him, no statement on his condition or anything. now, we think he works at a winery, that's our best investigative source. pauly p.'s industry, interestingly enough, so we have to wonder if pauly p. took care of the guy, maybe to hush him up. there's the scene of the crime right there. well a police report would probably clear that up, but we are not getting that. so we are left to ask questions. this isn't just your normal dui booking. if it was, pelosi wouldn't have had to hire a pricy p.r. firm to lie and tell us there was no mugshot. by the way, the p.r. flack they hired lied to us repeatedly on
4:23 pm
"primetime." he has zero credibility and can't be trusted. something is going on here and it's obvious they don't want us to find out. they want this swept under the rug so another powerful democrat can't get off scot-free like usual. they somehow even got mothers against drunk driving to go quiet. and they want us to do the same. but these are simple questions that they are not answering. the truth is all in the hands of california highway patrol. they are the ones who are at the scene of the crime and have the footage. they have confirmed it to us. three separate times. but instead of doing america justice by releasing the footage, they have been complicit in a cover-up and the person in charge of california highway patrol is a aamanda ray, there she is. she takes orders directly from the top from gavin newsom. he appointed her and she is politically tied to him. we know how the california patronage mill runs. she keeps telling us again and
4:24 pm
again the d.a. is in charge of releasing the footage. our friend ali but that's not true. amanda doesn't work for ali. she works for gavin. there is no grounds for hiding this footage unless of course gavin and alli and amman did are trying to protect nancy and paul, who have always been above the law in california. this is not the way we do things in the united states. and we are not going to let them get away with it. brett tolman is a former u.s. attorney and he's here now. what possible reason -- because we don't buy it could jeopardize the investigation. what possible reason would you guess besides helping the pelosis not face embarrassment would they have not for not giving it to us. was there mrs. misconduct? was there a bribe offered? damage crossing. they are trying to use the law
4:25 pm
to protect themselves. here is the irony, jesse, the left has been pushing for transparency for body cams for, you know, patrol vehicle cameras and 24/7 operation what do we have here stonewalling and shut counsel investigative work into what is a notable case involving a notable individual. in my experience, the effort to cover up is typically worse than the underlying investigation. >> jesse: you know you are so right. they didn't have to fight us two weeks for a mugshot. he looks handsome for an 28-year-old. is he wearing a blazer. who doesn't want to wear a blazer in their mugshot. it's perfect. this would have been a two day or three day story but now we have sunk our teeth into this and it's become a mission of the show. it's a mission of the country and now there's a court date in august. we're going to be there. other cameras are going to be there.
4:26 pm
what were they thinking? >> well, it should be a mission and you should be exposing it and the effort to cover it up sort of belies the fact that every citizen in this country that has the same experience that makes a mistake that gets a dui, they have to have their mugshot out immediately. they have the cameras on the patrol or the body cam released and they have to deal with the repercussions but not here. they want to shield pelosi and they want shield the repercussions in accepting the responsibility for making a serious mistake. and that's the double standard that we're all so tired of and want to do away with. >> jesse: if you can hide footage we wouldn't have cops or live pd, right? two shows based on real lifetime footage of these arrests. do you think law enforcement and d.a.s are just going to say no, no, no those shows can't exist it might jeopardize the investigation? of course not. >> right. i can guarantee nancy pelosi has
4:27 pm
fought hard for body cam and here she is, you know, at the heart, her husband at the heart of a body cam issue. >> jesse: yeah, he put lives at risk and they are now fighting transparency. it's not what i expect from the speaker of the house. i expect more and we are disappointed. we are disappointed. thank you, bret. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: california citizens are immigrating out of california but where are they going? you are not going to believe it. plus, johnny hit the streets to see how much americans know about our flag on flag day. >> how many stars are on the american flag? >> 51? [buzzer] >> when did they add that other star? >> in 2 2000, i believe, 2001.
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4:33 pm
same language to understand we are all in this together divorce is not an option. >> prime minister black face who just caught covid we wish him well and the well-groomed governor of california gavin newsom who is likely involved in paul pelosi's cover-up as we explained. newsom just escaped recall after locking down the entire state while having the most covid cases in the country. and overseeing a crime wave and a homeless epidemic. but who cares he has nice teeth. but having nice teeth isn't good enough. gas prices are higher in california than they are everywhere else in the country. 6.44 a gallon. and no one can afford a house because they are all too expensive. cnbc is reporting that the median asking price in california is almost # hundred thousand dollars. insane. no wonder there are so many homeless people camping out people who are wealthy enough to afford living in california are getting hammered at wineries and driving home drunk. so roads aren't even safe.
4:34 pm
these are some of the many reasons that people of california are fleeing the state like rats on a sinking ship. and i don't blame them. i would leave, too. but guess where a lot of these not arizona, or texas or washington or even canada, no. according to reports, they are heading straight to the southern border to mexico of all places. these people would rather deal with the cartels than gavin newsom. that is saying something. mexico. you should have paid for that wall it would have come in handy. the mexican president has just issued a remain in california policy and we will see how that plays out. remember back in december when we were all worried about supply chain problems ruining our christmas? things ended up being a little bit better after a big scare there for a while. most of us got our toys on time. i did. and biden clause made sure to take credit for all of it. >> we brought together business and labor leaders to solve
4:35 pm
problems and much, you know, the much predicted crisis didn't occur. packages are moving. gifts are being delivered. shelves are not empty. >> jesse: they're empty now. supply chain problems are causing massive shortages for new cars, baby formula, and now tampons. the "new york times" reported that one woman checked eight stores and still couldn't find what she needed. biden's incompetence has opened up a new front in the war on women and they are none too pleased. >> it's really important to have products like that available. >> it can be very frustrating and kind of a good representation of where we are at in this country. i feel like it's like toilet paper it's a necessity. kind of scary. not sure why it's happening. >> jesse: word is joe biden will blame putin for the tampon shooting. >> i'm doing everything in my power to blunt putin's gas price hike. just since he invaded ukraine
4:36 pm
has gone up 1.74 a gallon. because of nothing else but that. >> jesse: kayleigh mcenany is the former white house press secretary and co-host of "outnumbered." kayleigh, tampons now? >> yeah, the putin tampon crisis it's really rough. soon it will trend on twitter, i'm sure. jesse, look, it began last fall and it began with furniture okay we will live. we all want our couch or whatever we ordered. we will live. then guy to the grocery store and chicken is $18 for chicken. then guy to the gas pump and it's $118 to fill up my car. then you can't feed your baby and now you cannot take care of feminine hygiene which by the way npr called menstruating people having a problem. by the way. and then the "new york times" this is when you know it's bad. the "new york times" what should i do if i run out of tampons and they give you rather gross
4:37 pm
alternatives that i will not go into here on watters prime time. >> jesse: thank you for sparing us the details. you could say this is a new war on women. it started early with the baby formula, and now this. i mean, you saw what they did with the schools about locking down all these people and, again, it's just -- i don't see how women are going to turn around and vote for this guy, do you, after all this? >> no they're not. and it would be suburban housewife that, you know, allegedly fled president trump as he was out there saying and i remember vividly, you know, there will be $7 gas and everyone said you're crazy, that's not going to happen, president trump. well, i don't even think he could have predicted as prescient as he was that women would not be able to find feminine hygiene products or feed their children. i don't know that anyone predicted it will be this -- would be this bad but i have a prediction here those suburban women, they are coming back home
4:38 pm
to the republican party, a few short months from now we will find out. >> jesse: joe biden has declared war on menstruating people and we at "primetime" are not going to stand for it. if you have problems getting furniture delivered from overseas, screw that. you want to get furniture from the amish. they make the best stuff. they make the best stuff. kayleigh, thank you so much. and i hope you have everything you need. >> thank you. i do. i'm all set. >> jesse: didn't take democrats long for the sequel to last week's january 6th charade. we go inside america's elite universities and take a look at the radical ideas shaping our youth. ♪ ♪ ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u do it all. one dose of ubrelvy, quickly stops migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness.
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>> jesse: remember when democrats promised they would deliver us a show? >> the hearings will tell a story that will really blow the roof off the house. >> jesse: well, the roof is still on the house, raskin, and we're waiting. this might not surprise you but
4:44 pm
the show is actually flopping pretty bad. they can't even get democrats to tune in. ratings are soft. literally nobody cares. even their own star witness had to reschedule and tomorrow, well, sorry to break it to you shifty schiff but they just canceled. citing, quote: technical issues. technical issues? that's something you would expect from like public access television not a big shot abc news production. but it's true. apparently they are overwhelmed by how much damning evidence they have against trump. they just can't keep track of it all. so sad. i wonder if we will ever see it. the american college campus is the birthplace of bad ideas. it's where wacky professors concoct ridiculous theories that don't work and then push the theories on the rest of society and then walk away smug but i in their turtle necks. >> the underclass men are left brain damaged and holding the bag. it's even worse elite
4:45 pm
universities where they claim to value every kind of diversity except for the diversity of thought. if you are a conservative on campus, good luck. my next guest is a freshman at the university of chicago, and he has five revelations about what life is like on campus at one of the country's most prestigious universities. daniel schmidt university of chicago student joins me now. what will you learn, daniel? >> thank you, jesse for having me. i want to say for your audience, if you want to see all these points go to twitter at real d. schmidt in short i learned that number one a staggeringly high number of students athlete universities are gay, 20% to 30% are gay. second i would say these students are incredibly beent. i will give an example. the class mandate ended the professor said i really would appreciate it, guys, if you put your mask on. i looked around me and all of a sudden every single kid had put
4:46 pm
their mask on. incredibly robotic and creepy. you have to think these are some of the brightest kids in the country top sat scores. one math olympic competitions why are they so obedient. it doesn't add up. thirdly these kids are willing to take to get top job positions at corporations like mackenzies and pronounce in bioparticipate in the most blatantly antiwhite diversity training they can do and frankly say do whatever it takes. i will give an example my first month at college i wasn't able to participate in a debate tournament because i was white. i couldn't believe that i come from a small town in tennessee. i live in a single parent household. i'm not by any stretch of the imagination an elite. so my first experience in lee let world being banned from debate tournament because i'm white. >> jesse: now you are elite because you are on "jesse watters primetime." there is a feather in your cap. so they are obedient. they are gay. are they identifying as gay just
4:47 pm
to be hip or are they actually gay? >> well, that's the question. >> jesse: 20% of young americans are not gay. >> yeah. i mean, i don't know. frankly i think it's a fad. it could be a multitude of factors. i don't really know. i think if you go to a normal state school you wouldn't find that number. if you go a normal state school you would find a lot more free people. i have friends who go to state schools. state schools not everyone there was a perfect sat score but real human beings from state schools from what i have heard. they actually are real. why do you think all the, you know, let's go brandon rallies are at state schools and not harvard and yale. the kids are not rebellious anymore. why is that. the youth were so rebellious in the 1960s. now aday ruth are anything but. it's a fascinating trend no one is really talking about. >> jesse: not social scientist at elite university they don't want to uncover the truth. do you see any kids you know, middle class background, you
4:48 pm
know, from middle america they worked their butts off to get in to one of these top schools do you see any of them there. >> that's the thing i think the only reason i got in as a white male i'm very low income. i have not met a single middle class white kid at my school. i met middle class students of other races i can't imagine price tag. i think there is deliberate agenda from the top to ban middle class white people because they see them as threats. they see them as most likely to be conservative. most likely to support trump and they don't want people to threaten the system to get into these elite universities they want obedient, corporate political slaves. >> jesse: elite university prime time correspondent daniel schmidt thank you for joining us. good luck out there. >> thank you follow me at real d schmidt on twitter. thank you. >> jesse: coming up, we quiz new yorkers on our stars and stripes. >> how many stripes are on the american flag? >> uh -- i want to say --
4:49 pm
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: today is flag day so we wondered what is the average american person think about the flag? so we had to send johnny to union square to find out. ♪ ♪ >> what does the american flag mean to you? >> it's a tricky subject. >> this isn't a trick question. >> can you answer the question? >> no. it is a trick question. >> represents a country that has a lot of issues right now. >> it means togetherness. >> it's a symbol of freedom. >> why is the flag or red, white, and blue? >> blue stands for the blood.
4:55 pm
[buzzer] >> blue would be for the democrats. >> white people. >> i feel like it was an artistic choice. >> we came from england and kind of just took the colors from their flag. >> the white just means the clear sun and knowing we have global warming coming up. >> do you think greta thunberg was around when they came up with the flag? >> most likely. >> how many stripes are on the american flag? >> uh... i'm going to say... >> spit it out. >> 50. >> 16. >> 20. >> lower. >> 28. >> lower. >> 20. >> lower. >> really? >> ? >> ten. >> higher. lower. >> 12.
4:56 pm
>> 13. >> there you go? why are there 13 stripes on the american flag. >> 13 amendments. >> 13 colonies. >> why does the elevator miss the numbers 13 on certain floors? >> how is the elevator business training you? >> it has its ups and downs. >> laptop. >> main. >> south detroit. >> pennsylvania. >> texas. >> south dakota. >> delaware was one. >> do you know who else is from delaware? >> no. >> president joe biden. >> i really like joe biden's. >> how many stars on the american flag? >> sean: 50 >> 51. >> is he for real? >> 49. >> why are there 50 stars on the american flag? >> why would you put me on the
4:57 pm
spot? >> who so the first american flag? >> harriet tubman. >> donna karan. >> betsy ross. >> betsy. >> johnson. >> abraham lincoln. >> abraham lincoln wasn't known for skills. >> who did so it? >> you're going to be on jesse watters prime time tomorrow. what you want to tell jesse? >> i'm waters and this is my world. >> jesse: [laughs] wants to some text messages. jim from florida. forget the dash cam video. i want a video of nancy when she found out. that would be delightful. michael from mesa, arizona. "jessie, keep the pressure on pelosi. little nobodies like me really appreciate it." you are not a nobody, michael. you are michael. you're on jesse watters prime
4:58 pm
time from mesa. "your noncommitment to endorsing joe started like he may have had about comics variance." i had several bad comics. his and i will never share them with you. >> jessica says a tampon problem for a woman. what's the definition of a woman? a menstruating woman. let's not offend anybody. why can't your assistant find any smart people on the street? >> ? he goat you talk to the first ten people they need. hi, jesse, i on delta flight and everyone has jesse watters prime time on the tv is. is this count towards your ratings? i have no idea, but it should. we need to put nielsen boxes on the flights. delta, are you listening?
4:59 pm
brianne. my best advice is a two-time back surgery recipient is for you to understand that your core is everything. 50 sit-ups in the morning, 50 at night. good luck. i'm going to need it because that is a lot of set ups and i'm not ready first set up yet. we're going to take it slow. i barely got through my first session today. he was kind of poking and prodding me in my abdominal region. no one has ever touched me like that before. it was painful but it was a good pain. attila the honey on twitter. i like jesse. he is cute and smart and makes good points but i don't like that he makes over the top hand gestures and exactly mimic bill o'reilly. let me clear something up right now. i was hand gesturing and gesticulating way before i started working for the factor. if anything, bill got that for me. sharon. jesse, you are right. they left hand sweep didn't work.
5:00 pm
can we try the two arm sweep tonight? are you kidding me? is barry bonds right-handed? is he? no. is he? he is. that's all for tonight. tucker is up next and always remember. i'm waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. we do not want to deliver another depressing show and we won't but if you're looking at the country and thinking how do we measure the health of the united states there are obvious ways to do it. average life expectancy, marriage rate, the effectiveness of the u.s. military, housing costs, the value of the u.s. dollar, helping the financial markets, the safety of our street. by everything the one of those basic measures the biden administration has failed and on


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