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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 14, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> this is it. hello, i am league in her -- kayleigh mcenany. the white house is abrupt end of concerns -- brushing of concerns raised by top democrats. 50 of them.
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their concerns were about the president's eight and potential liability if he runs again in 2024 pick apart the white house says it is a go. the press secretary had this answer when pressed by our own peter doocy. >> the president has been asked that question many times and he has answered it. 's answer has been simple, which is yes, he is running for reelection. >> kayleigh: the press secretary seemed taken aback when asked about 2024 on cnn. >> does the president have the stamina to continue on even after 2024? >> you are asking me this question. oh, my gosh. he is the president of the united states. i can't even keep up with him. we just got back from california. that is, that is not a question that we should be even asking. >> kayleigh: i mean, oh my, he
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is the president of the united states. that is why we are asking the question. that is what we are concerned. >> it is because don lemon -- he have the stamina? the whole world is watching the same thing and you have to call it. i want to know if she is not keeping up with them on what is that. following the easter bunny. i mean, these are legitimate questions. we can find no get ways to ask them. -- delicate ways to ask them. is keep it to be president? he will be 82. and he says if i'm healthy i will give it a go. i don't think that is the big question. the big question is, who is their bench? >> that is a very big question. "the new york post" asking that question. ric lowery wrote a fantastic
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piece about who could come up next. terrace is single best -- -- >> you might be their best choice. >> not only are, kamala harris is the single argument for democrats no matter what. kamala harris has the authenticity of hillary clinton, klich charm of al gore and the common touch of adlai stevenson. >> they don't have anybody else. the press ticketer he has to accident right now. you would know better than me of why you can and cannot. but you appreciate this as a fellow minnesotan. the minnesota vikings are going to be super bowl champs. i have to say that. they have to at least into the midterms. this was headquarters new york times putting out an order that this guy ain't going to quit it
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in -- cut it in 2024. when you have timpf almost universally thing it can't be joe, that is the reflection the powers that be. if we want a shortcut forget about 2022. that is a foregone conclusion. then you look around, i don't know who it is. that one hope democrats might have been his the republican party did not see donald trump coming in 2014. it does not mean that restricting process would be. answer. i think their instinct will be to go far left which does not help them either. >> and obama coming down the tracks, too. >> one of my favorite parts of this "new york times" article, who on the -- anonymity spoke to "the times." they said they view biden as an anchor. that is pretty bad. one of my favorite parts is them saying, we did the same jockeying and wondering and
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questioning with obama. you did not at all michelle. >> i think the joe, the democrats have is joe manson. he is so middle-of-the-road. he might be the best shot because i don't see anyone else on the bench. there is no question. he will not be on the ballot in 2024. it is so dismal write notes his performance and you mentioned let's call a cat a cat. cats are quick. i'm not sure we can called joe biden a cat. >> he does not have the cat like quickness. i don't know where their depth is. i have no clue who it is. i honestly think joe manchin is so middle-of-the-road, he might be the most attractive democrat to americans in general. >> he does not have a prayer. >> he is not the d.
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>> joe biden not a cat, maybe a slot. here's someone who embodies where democrats stand today. watch aoc on 2024. >> will you support joe biden? >> if the president chooses to run in 2024, i mean comfortable, i'm focused on winning that majority right now and that majority so we will cross that bridge when we get to it. >> that does not a yes. >> congresswoman ocasio-cortez:i think we should endorse when we get to it. >> harris, we will get you in a moment. >> the pause says it all. your tire is flat. somebody comes by and you say, can you help me and they are like, i don't know. that looks like a pretty flat tire to me. can you blame her he has been
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disingenuous. he wanted to flex for it but he could not think we will have to either drill for oil, which how are we going to do that or go to venezuela or saudi arabia. he is not flexing for the side of the party that he is supposed to. >> david axelrod raised this point. the presidency is a monstrously taxing job. the president would be closer to 90 than 80 at the end of the second term. that would be a major issue. i never thought of it in those terms. >> i don't want to get into ageism here. as a woman took we understand this can be a problem. first of all, exactly. we are not doctors. i'm an average person. i'm that regular joe. and i'm looking at gas prices. i'm thinking to myself, this
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should be a problem that democrats should look into as well as the republicans. i live in california. i bought a previous. i thought i was doing the right thing for the environment and my wallet. lo and behold, gas in a previous is almost like filling gas in a porsche. and this is something that we are looking at it, yes. yes, give me finance solution deck and wilbert my gas price and my living. >> without having to go to saudi arabia. >> and the press secretary send we are well-positioned to handle what is happening. i think it is what you are expressing. >> the economy is stupid and it is my gas pumps and my car. if i can't make it to my doctor in order to get tested, get my treatment because of gas prices get this is a major problem.
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>> and you are talking about the ambulance services in isabella county. i have a question. you are having issues. even if you are -- [overlapping speakers] >> a lot of issues. >> the wildfires and everything. there is a forecast that even if everyone drove electric cars, you would be in as much trouble there. >> you are absolutely right. i think in terms of the climate and in terms of generally speaking, looking at how to enter the environment and not have the wildfires, it needs to be an international effort. everyone needs to come to an agreement. >> whatever the transition looks like from biden will not be pretty. the obama folks don't want to let go. and i think that will make an argument that they would want biden to run against trump should trump run in 2024 i'm not saying that is right. we are starting to see that as a
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rumbling. >> we have to run. i personally think biden is too stubborn not to run. look at afghanistan. he is too stubborn. he will get primaries. just ahead, the great california exodus. californians are so fed up, they are reportedly fleeing to get this, to mexico. that is next. ♪ ♪ you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember.
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>> we are having a show before the show show here. gas prices are for mind. you are seeing that on average
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for regular unleaded according to aaa. in california, because, $6.43. in certain parts of california, it is a lot more than debt adding to the struggles with the rising cost of living, taxes and crime rates there as well. californians are so fed up that they are exiting. a new cnbc report finds more than 360,000 have moved out of the state in 2020 went in search of the more affordable lifestyle. some are going to texas, arizona, washington, and even mexico. i did not say new mexico. i said actual mexico pack. >> yes. you are from california. yes, californians are leaving. it is quite unfortunate. i have friends who have moved to texas and florida and are choosing a cheaper and more fundable left stop-and-pop i will tell you something else that is happening in
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disturbing -- that is disturbing. it is more challenging to be jewish and company in. it is very anti-israel claimant is happening. is happening a lot on the left sadly. and i was in l.a. about a block away from a terrible horrible anti-semitic incident that happened in a sushi place. we were having dinner and we start getting these text messages that there was an instant, an attack on jews. they started hitting people with metal rocks. i was literally a block away from there. this is something that california is supposed to be a liberal place, a place where all religious ethnicities and place of you are accepted. i love california. but cost-of-living and severe anti-israel sentiment is making it very difficult and i hope people there will kind of start
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chipping up and changing that whole narrative around. >> can we just speak a moment about what noah just said. it is not mainstream coverage. >> the guys of tolerance the left talks about is often followed by sheer intolerance that exists when it comes to the jewish faith and that stay of israel and we talked about academic freedom. >> what is that? >> because they want political control. in fact, inc. minute book, we will talk about how academics went from tolerance to repressive tolerance. we are targeted to provide our views until we have the ability to impose our views on others. so they become the intolerant ones. it is a knee-jerk reaction from the left. it is unfortunately pointed at
9:18 am
the jewish faith far too often but when it comes to california get when you consider the landscape and the beauty and the weather, how badly you have to mess up a state like that to send people fleeing, it is a gorgeous place. >> i agree. i grew up in california. i grew up in manhattan beach. and i was very fortunate. i went to college at uc berkeley, i later send back to my diploma because there were so intolerant of conservative speech on that campus as you said. double -- they are tolerant of the ideas that they like. and they try to espoused all that virtue-signaling and the idea that they don't like you can't speak on our campus. you will get shouted down and no one will protect you. at the point, i sent my diploma back. my mom who also went to berkeley still lives there. but the whole climate, as you said, it is a beautiful place.
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millie bold wrote that san francisco is absolutely -- has absolutely imploded. she can't even live there. >> kennedy: we started talking about gas prices and this moves into a category of just transparency and others here. that is what happened i think in a nation where conversations can happen and i really can't really struggle with why the white house, keep -- seat what is going on. it is a layering. people think that is one part of my struggle because there's so much other stuff to it. it gives them a chance to contemplate on what is not working. >> the treatment top that was described in california are the prices. you look at the average price of a home. only a quarter of telephone your's population cannot afford that. think about that. a quarter of the publishing cannot afford that housing
9:20 am
there. look at gas prices. same thing. you mentioned it is eight dollars. you saw in california. $4.65. the american dream is becoming the mexican dream. how about that? >> harris: how do you get to going to mexico, though? this is where caravans are camping up to get into the country. and we have people that are willing to go in the other direction? >> and people commute. they get the american salary. the sad part is the average way in mexico, the mexican people are being displaced by the thousands of californians for coming in and raising the prices. >> harris: i learned a lot. >> when you consider the crime and the homelessness and the drug problems and to catch and release programs, if you can hire a little bit of security or arm yourself and defend a likelihood that is the -- diminishing took for some, that looks better.
9:21 am
>> and only 25% of households can afford the price. think about that. >> $780,000 for a house is a lot like all right. up next, the napa county district attorney has finally released paul pelosi's mug shot. that is nancy's husband. anyway, you know he was arrested for a dui. he was part of a t-bone car accident. so what is -- why aren't the wider media digging into the high-profile arrests?
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privilege. and whether that mainstream media are actually trying to look the other way, wink, wink. after his dui arrest, we have -- are finally getting a look at that mug shot of paul pelosi. district attorney has not decided whether to bring charges. police detained mr. pelosi or as i like to call him, nancy's husband, on the 28th of may after he was involved in a crash with another car. no one was injured in that, but police say paul pelosi's blood alcohol level was .08% or higher. that napa county d.a.'s office is refusing to release body camera video and critics say it is politically motivated. we could make it ugly, michelle. the speaker of the house, -- we should not have to work that hard with him. >> anyone would want to convert
9:27 am
this up. if your child or spouse had a dui or arrest, you would want to cover it up. but when you are a public speaker that this is what you signed up for. i guarantee had it been somewhat of a different political persuasion, that mug shot would have been up like that. i think we can all accept that that is the way things roll. the sad part of the story is that paul pelosi, came out, actually it was in -- he was driving a car when he was 16 years old that involved a crash and the death of his then 19-year-old brother. you would think he would be really careful for the rest of his life? i understand why they are trying to keep it under cover. it is wrong. this is what you sign up for as a public together. and why aren't they charging him? isn't driving another influence of alcohol at the level -- [overlapping speakers] >> it is a crime. >> they may charge him.
9:28 am
we will find out. >> why not just say, yes, he will be charge? >> there are a lot of questions. in most states, spent 24 hours or a day to two days, you get the mug shot. why has it been two weeks? napa county has its own set of standards. you have to ask that question about liberal privilege when you think about hunter biden, hillary clinton, nancy pelosi at the hair salon, lori lightfoot. there's a lot of hypocrisy that goes on. >> harris: i don't want to throw nolte another bus. you know the picture i'm talking about. >> i can't and see it. >> i can't and see this either. why didn't we see it. it is not that i want a
9:29 am
screensaver on my phone. about people -- >> unfortunately, time and time again, two tracks and two systems of justice in this country. both on the political persuasion but also under elite versus the common folk. they took both boxes. it is california justice system, nancy pelosi's has been that this double standard on top of double standard on top of double standard. i'm surprised we saw the mug shot at all. good on jesse watters of show to getting it. they don't charge anyone else in california. >> i kind of forgot about that. >> it is a free-for-all. and that is the cynical part of our moment. you say, nothing is probably going to happen because it is the pelosi's. it is california. it is the california highway patrol. >> move on. >> that is not that way it should be. >> remember when michelle was talk about how she —-dash your
9:30 am
eyes are as big as saucers. you had a visceral reaction and he is missing an opportunity now. >> i did not know about this. this is a horrific -- it is obviously a horrific situation. this is what we are talked about is the obvious double standard that that media has about this story took that media has a double standard. there was an attempt to kill a supreme court judge that is hardly being talked about in mainstream media. i know that very well as an israeli when it comes to covering israel and the conflicts in the middle east. this is not something that is only mainstream media. when we talk about megan issues and the biggest ally of the united states. the double standards in the media and how they cover it. the war with hamas and 4,000 rockets and missiles into israel
9:31 am
and recovered that israel did this and did that and this is something that we know all too well. it is something that needs to be addressed and called out on. >> coming up, under fire for accusing a playing football coach of eroding a bedrock of american democracy. that is next. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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9:36 am
stop. on the 50-yard line. "sports illustrated weighed in and critics start slamming the coverage. tweeted, the expected ruling is a kennedy win in the erosion of that separation of church and state. a headline that goes on in the article but it goes further thing there's teamed up against american democracy michelle, i have -- had to read this several times. he was excitedly taking a knee on the 50-yard line. players started joining hit him. he agreed, no more player prayer. i will take my knee in silence for 15 seconds and lost his job. >> the issue apparently is not the supreme court. is he influencing a public place? this is not a guy in the nfl. this is at a public high school. , you can be accused of coercing
9:37 am
students to take a knee. i think we need to give these kids a little more credit than that. i think as a nation, we ought to say, the kids are going to the meal with him if they want to deal with him and the ones who don't are not. this is not coercion. this is a man expressing his faith after a game. the whole idea of church and state was you can't impose a religion on a country. you can't say, we are a protestant country. we are a whatever country. and have it be an integral part of everyone's life. but you have the freedom to express yourself. >> yes, it's of this to me, if it is going to be a win, it is not going to erode democracy. i think eroding democracy would be telling this man he can't do something that is very personal to him expect i can't get over the language. this is not a case about government speech. this is not a teacher is saying,
9:38 am
let's all pray together. this is an employee of the government who signed lee in his own time was to prayer and they are saying he cannot. >> for over 100 years after this constitution is written, effort the declaration was written, there was prayer in school. there was bible reading and school. it is a recent phenomenon that our school systems have completely rejected and removed god. to your point, michelle, it is freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. when you think that there was even school prayer in the 20th century, now you can't even kneel at about 50-yard line and instead "sports illustrated" preaches that this is a threat to democracy? i think of that painting of george washington, how far we have come from what the faith filled leaders of our country -- and that man, silently kneel at
9:39 am
the 50-yard line? i think the supreme court will do the right thing. >> yeah. >> harris: you are so eloquent. you know joe kennedy and his attorney were on my program. i put some of the verbatim and he said, we are going to win. it a vote of 6-3. it does not matter. you just need more votes than the other side. if it happens and coach kennedy is reinstated, that is going to be a great day for the constitution and for what religious freedom because no american should ever be fired from their job because they want to pray in the manner that coach kennedy did. that is the attorney for coach kennedy. coach kennedy was passionate and he said, i can't believe how quickly this journey has taken and you know him well. i believe you interviewed him. he said, one day, i was kneeling and it was that situation. it was an opt-in situation. an opt-in.
9:40 am
they were not banishing kids to the sidelines. it was, if you want to opt in and meet me at the 50-yard line, i'm going anyway. i'm going to pray, up to where he is now. he sent the road has been wild. you heard it through the words of his attorney. they think they will win. >> and this is not an isolated incident, noa. covid-19 has shown the encroachment of government and religion. most recently where they were trying to regulate prayer in your home. >> this is a terrible case because he was not converting anybody. he is publicly expressing his religion and as a jewish woman, we have big problems with this. this is where we can express our religious rights and expression. what does that mean, if he can't pray privately, silently?
9:41 am
can night -- can i not wear a star of david anymore? am i going to get canceled? i hope it does not and i think what you are doing by emphasizing this particular story is extremely important. everyone has the right to freedom of religion. and he is probably going to win. >> any day. we will way with baited breath and hear from the supreme court. just ahead, j.lo speaks out about sexist remarks on a certain body part. mayor eric adams is apparently in two crystals. and thousands naked in the name of climate change in case you missed it. it is up next. >> here we go. ♪ ♪
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>> the latest on ozzy osbourne as he is recovering from life-changing surgery dr. marc siegel will join us. plus, our fox news democracy 2022 coverage continues. 96% primary success rate. what impact will the former president have?
9:46 am
charlie will preview. and the political implications of random numbers in the american economy. inflation raging out of control. come join john at me as "america reports," top of the hour. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ let's get loud ♪ ♪ let's get loud ♪ ♪ hear that sound ♪♪ >> in case you missed it, jennifer lopez has a new netflix documentary in which she talked about sexist coverage and jokes she endured early in her career, most notably regarding her backside. she said she has never been ashamed of her physique but that "it is hard when people think you are a punchline." you have seen a few sidelines. we were maybe on opposite sidelines during the halftime show. you want to talk about sexist. there was a whole lot of shaking going on between j.lo and
9:47 am
shakira. maybe these women did not get along. i kind of like both of them. i like j.lo. i have no problem with j.lo. you sign up for when you entered the intervened -- entertainment field. every human is gets joked about something. >> i absolutely adore j.lo. we touched upon ageism before. no one talks about j.lo in that context. she transforms so many things about body image and looks at age. she looks so great for her age. she is just hot. >> oh, my goodness. >> good for you. >> she got picked on because of her terrier and now she makes a lot of money. >> there are a few things i thought about less than jennifer lopez and her body part. kind of dying to get in on this. [laughter]
9:48 am
>> that is true. >> she made a lot of money and good for her and you've got to sell subscriptions to netflix by bringing out headlines and i have a feeling she does not feel too bad about this at the end of the day. >> harris: next up, the naked bike ride took place in cities across the globe, including london, where thousands of cyclists took off their clothes and jumped on their bikes. it was a protest for cycling rights and safety. kayleigh mcenany. >> kayleigh: this is really quick. there was the person who glued themselves to a starbucks counter and now naked bike rides? come on, guys. >> safety on bikes and they are riding naked? that seems like one of the most unsaved ways you can ride a --
9:49 am
unsaved ways you can ride a bike. >> when i heard about it, the visuals i had in my head were wrong. and the pictures are so bad, you blurred them. it has to hurt. >> checking the screen. this a different maybe group of people i would be protesting rather than activists. >> like down the street and by the way, if you are trying to advocate for by safety -- >> that is what i just said! >> well, let's move on. we are -- we all know there's a certain vibe to new york city. where that comes from is up for debate. it does include those according to the new mayor, it is coming from crystal.
9:50 am
he discovered the big apple's bedrock which comprises of unique gems and minerals and there's official energy that comes from here. those are his words. >> that fits eric adam so well. potentially the most superficial mayor and now it is the gems underneath. this is a put a religion that he has somehow these vibes will help improve the city. and getting on tiktok apparently. who needs to fight crime when you got good vibes? >> i'm just happy was not crystal meth. but maybe it is. >> i live in california. and if it helps crime, that is great. >> i'm going to need -- that is like a tree hugger. >> i think i may have made it up. >> between this and some of the issues that are going on in the city.
9:51 am
>> yeah, especially because we began with j.lo. apparently he partied, i saw this and a "new york post" headline, in the same place and he arrived at j.lo's but party and was in the same place thursday evening to party again. these crystals are doing something for him. right. >> so true. so finally, you saw it. one disgruntled employee posted this copy of a new official role on social media. it says that for every minute a person is late for work, they will have to work an extra 10 minutes at the end of the day. two minutes late of his lead means 20 minutes you got to stay in the office. >> i love it. >> you do? you are always on time. >> you understand. it is also tv time. you can't be late for your show.
9:52 am
>> harris: no, you can't. they won't give me an extra 20 minutes. >> don't work there if you don't like it. >> you got to be on time. we worked on lombardi time in the nfl. vince lombardi would say, you got to be 10 minutes early could be on time. if you were nine minutes early, you were already late. that is how we correct. be on time. is it that much to ask for a quick people whining about being on time? i don't get it. i also observed in the military for 2 and a half years. i know all about being on time. but this particular boss -- >> i guess i'm alone on this couch. grace period. a minute. two minutes. five minutes. there is a grace period. >> then five minutes is the new
9:53 am
real time. >> someone gets up at 11:01. >> were you ever late for the press briefing? >> all the time. >> okay. >> i love all of the until we get. for a show, it is always 15 minutes before the top of the hour. if you are showing up three minutes before, you are really late. you got to get mechs. you got to do all of that. for working so hard. >> i know he does. we joke with him because we love him. >> all right. oh, this has been fun. so unanticipated. more "outnumbered" in a moment. is weak veteran homeowners. skyrocketing home prices are breaking records. now is the time to turn your home equity into cash. you can get at least 25% more cash at newday than you get at a bank. 25% more cash to make home improvements.
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a new book today, "battle for the american mind, uprooting a century of miseducation." it's amazing, i've read it, and dives into what he uncovers in "the miseducation of america," airing now. >> the left is trying to shift the focus. describe to you that social studies standards, new ones forward in minnesota, now the last few months we have the final draft and ethnic studies is front and center in a way that it really wasn't before. and what ethnic studies is about is essentially teaching kids to disrupt, dismantle, and transform america's fundamental institutions. they use the word resistance all the time. >> this is a book everyone needs to read, you talk about c.s. lewis and the bible, it's a
9:59 am
must. >> and david goodwin, would not have happened without him. hidden history of the 100 year progressive takeover of our classrooms. not just higher education, k-12, targeted the hearts, minds and affections of our kids over 100 years, knowing it's the key to perpetuating western civilization, they removed faith, the great books and focus now on indoctrination and when you read it you will say how did i not know this. the progressives wrote the textbooks. they don't want you to know this history and they control the entire pipeline of the education industrial complex. so the first seven chapters talking about the problem, and the first step to recovery is understanding the depth of your problem, it's bad in your school and in mind. the next five chapters are what you as parents and grandparents can do about it. we have a fighting chance if we reorient the way we educate kids. david and i are fans of
10:00 am
christian education, miracle of 1776 was not a mistake, it happened because of the waters in which they swam. educationally, we dive into it, hope folks will enjoy it. it comes out today. >> "battle for the american mind," and step-by-step guide to make sure our children are educated in the right way. thanks to everyone, now here is "america reports." >> john: kayleigh, thank you. black sabbath singer ozzy osbourne undergoing a major surgery at a hospital in los angeles. sharon saying the surgery will determine the rest of ozzy's life. >> sandra: and we are monitoring for developments. 73-year-old has been open about his neck and back problems following a fall in 2019, and 2003 accident with an a.t.v. in london, and dr.


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