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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 14, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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[applause] look at that great view. give him a fork. ♪ ♪ >> happy birthday, u.s. army and grand old flag. ♪ ♪ [applause] >> bill: stocks in the red for two days. investors running scared. american people are paying double. you know that because you're the one paying it. good morning, everybody, ifm owe bill hemmer. got a great show. hello. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." great show begins now. inflation is weighing on the stock market. you saw that yesterday driving the s&p 500 into bear territory. three major indexes have lost
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the gains since biden took office. >> bill: the biggest rate hike in three decades. "new york post," it's looking grizzly. >> dana: adding to the concerns is the producer price index for may out just moments ago showing wholesale prices up 11% year-over-year. all of that gets passed right onto you, the consumer. >> bill: it does. the price of gas holding steady, record $5 a gallon all threatening to overwhelm a white house in crisis. we begin with griff jenkins on the north lawn. >> good morning. that's ppi number which increased month over month is not welcome news at the white house because it rose and it is rising is an indication that inflation may not yet have peaked. that number, by the way, without going into the weeds represents what companies pay to make the things we buy and that cost gets passed on to us. by the way, bill, i doubt the
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president wanted to wake up feeling grizzly this morning. a bear market occurs when an index like the s&p falls 20% off a recent high. in this case 22% since january. president biden has been painting for a while a different picture of the country's economic health. watch. >> president biden: we have the fastest growing economy in the world, the world. america should also understand our economy hassoun eke strengths that we can build on. the stock market is about 20% higher than it was when my predecessor was there. it has hit record after record after record on my watch. >> take a look here. on his watch all stocks year-to-date are drastically down. you can see. this comes as the administration economic advisor says nothing here to see. listen. >> first of all, we don't really pay too much attention to daily wiggles. i don't think the white house
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missed much at all. we don't hit on our hands. >> try telling that to americans paying the $5 gas that is hurting everyone and summer is just kicking off. we'll see what the president has to say later this hour when he speaks to the afl-cio convention in philadelphia. he didn't have much to say when he was departing other than he will address it with the laib are folks and we're also watching the meeting tomorrow, the fedex pekted to raise rates three quarter of a point. that hasn't happened since november of 1994. bill and dana. >> bill: hold your hat. griff jenkins from the white house. >> dana: let's bring in david asman anchor for fox business network. the cost of wishful thinking on inflation is going up, too, first not real, transitory and now the fed will cure it with a
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few rate hikes. do you think it's possible? >> you are asking me from jerry's mouth to mine? i would say no. and the expectations have less to do than the reality. you can finish the sentence. inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. we aren't producing enough. that simple. that's why we have stagflation. not just inflation it's a slowdown in the economy. we had a deficit, a decree of 1.5% in the first quarter. if we have another one it's a recession. we're close. a lot of people think we're actually in it. the answer to both stagnation and inflation is the same, produce more goods. they are taking care of the money part and hopefully the fed takes care of that but we have to take care of the second equation in inflation. we have to produce more goods. instead biden is beating up on the producers and oil producers, meat producers, he is beating up on the producers.
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he should be incentivizing more production in the united states. lower tax rates and getting deregulation. instead he is increasing regulation. talking about increasing taxes. doing exactly the wrong thing. >> bill: and going to saudi arabia saying the trip isn't about oil. dow is off 16%, s&p 21, nasdaq down 30%. do you believe right now that we're headed for a recession? >> i think so. there are some people who think it's a little too early to say but we clearly are going into stagflation. we're there right now. and that's why again you have to focus on producing more. producing more will lower the cost of goods overall and will take care of a lot of supply chain. we have been paying people not to produce during the pandemic. and joe biden extended that long beyond the point at which it was necessary. if it was ever necessary to do that. elon musk said about a recession.
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he said maybe it's a good thing. americans are so used to not working hard at full pace that a recession might shake the tree and shake them and wake them up and wake the economy back up again. but instead we have this sleepy economy prodded on by exactly the wrong economic policies. >> dana: to your point it's too much money chasing too few goods. one of the obama advisors steve ratner was on msnbc. it could have been worse. they wanted to pass more money and thwarted by one person. listen here. >> in an ironic way you have to thank joe manchin for blocking that. 6 1/2 trillion of spending in this economy would make these numbers look small. >> dana: they are saying thank you to joe manchin? >> you bag to november and december and what they were saying about manchin and how he was a traitor to the cause and feeding into the progressives' line that you could print money until the end of time without
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having any inflation. it was b.s. and the democratic party starting at the head with joe biden was falling. it's like the spoiled kids on the upper manhattan where the mothers are indulging their children. it's oh all right. oh honey, don't kick that old woman in the knee. they were indulging the young progressives who don't know a thing about the economy and they went a step too far and bought into the whole plan whether it was spending or federal reserve and the house has burned down as a result of indulging these brats. >> they said it was transitory and leveling off from this administration. that's a credibility issue now. you can't believe what they're saying. >> it's not only the administration. it's the federal reserve. let's face it. powell the head of the federal reserve was bidding for another term. he got the other term by
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rewarding the administration with bad behavior. and so it is not just -- you expect the administration to be political. that's what they do. the fed isn't supposed to be political. the question is now whether .75% increase will be enough to do it. they may have to go even further than that in order to convince the market they're serious. >> bill: we'll know tomorrow on wednesday. >> good to see you both. >> dana: also today is primary day in four states including south carolina where two house races a getting a lot of attention. mark meredith is live in charleston, south carolina today. yesterday hilton head. how are you doing? >> i'm doing just fine because i'm in south carolina. good morning. republicans have no shortage of candidates to choose from in today's primary. in the first congressional district with charleston we're watching as the incumbent nancy mace is talking a lot about the economy and believes it may give her an edge over her
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opponent who has former president trump's support. mace is a first term house member. trump has lost favor with her when she criticized him after the 2020 election. notable names supporting her, nikki haley. mace tells us she believes the winner won't be determined by any endorsement. >> inflation and gas prices are the number one thing we hear about when we talk to voters throughout this entire election cycle and only gotten worse. this is a conservative district. >> mace's opponent is former state representative katie arrington. she has run for this seat before and lost to a democrat back in 2018. she believes with trump's support in the very conservative district she has a shot tonight. >> we in this district want someone who will represent the three core values we believe in, faith, family, freedom. it's why donald trump endorsed me.
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>> trump is dominating another race this one further up the coast in the grand strand. tom rice is fighting to keep his seat facing a challenge from six other candidates including state rep russell frye attracting national attention. rice is outspoken against the former president. it could go to a runoff later on this month. depends on what the results look like tonight. can i pitch for the hawaii primary now? might as well put in my options while i can. >> dana: absolutely. "america's newsroom" would be happy to accompany you on this trip. way to plant a seed. >> bill: enjoy the grits in south carolina. on the map behind us now what mark was talking about is the low country. one of the best parts of all of america and that part of south carolina district one changed hands a few times the last couple elections here. this is where it runs. this is mace up against arrington as mark just pointed out trump has gotten behind
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arrington and not nancy mace. a good race. 50% to win it. meanwhile just north of there in a place called the pd valley, myrtle beach, it has been one of the reddest parts of the country in favor of donald trump. they're on the trump train in an early stage of his candidacy. tom rice voted for impeachment. one of 10 house republicans who did that. he is being challenged by five different republicans and donald trump got behind russell frye. here is where we are as we track the primaries. so much attention given to them because so much of the undercurrents on the left and progressive side among the trump movement and republican party as well. just very intriguing to watch between south carolina. see what happens in north dakota. nevada has a very interesting race. governor side and senate side getting a lot of attention. show you why here. come back to the map here and
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i'll show you why democrat catherine cortez masto is considered to be one of the most vulnerable. why would that be? she won election in nevada back in 2016, but she only won it by 2 1/2 points. republicans think this is prime for the picking now in 2022. here is what it looks like. sam brown the veteran going against adam laxalt with a lot of history in politics in nevada. some of the polling suggests laxalt has an edge tonight but we'll see as polls close at 11:00 eastern time in nevada. some pretty good races. tell us again each time we have one of these primaries and it moves the ball a little bit down the road to our understanding about what the american people are saying, thinking and doing. back to you. >> dana: we're only four months out. far left activists keeping up their protests at the homes of supreme court justices.
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watch here. [shouting] >> dana: after an assassination plot against just tins kavanaugh. will house democrats pass a bill to protect them? >> democrats whispering about president biden's future. will it change the top of the ticket for 2024? kellyanne conway and mark penn are on deck for that. >> dana: "sports illustrated" putting politics into sports setting off a firestorm of criticism on social media. >> i don't know if it's their editors, somebody wanted somebody to get a response and i think they did. no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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>> dana: house is scheduled to vote on a bill to increase security for supreme court justices and their families. the senate passed the measure
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unanimously last month after protests at the homes of some conservative justices over a draft opinion on roe v. wade. house democrats are slow walking the bill by trying to cover court staffers according to john cornyn. >> it makes a mockery. the line between legitimate public discourse and acts of violence has been crossed and house democrats cannot continue to turn a blind eye. it would be on them for their failure to act on this common sense bipartisan bill. >> dana: so we'll see if they pass that this week. it has been slow walked but now i think the democrats are feeling enough pressure to try to get it done. >> joe biden is not the head of the democratic party. he happens to be president of the united states. not his job to organize at all levels the democratic party. that's the democratic party's responsibility. we have a democratic party and yeah, where the hell are we as a party to capture the
6:20 am
narrative, to capture the imagination of the american people? >> bill: there is the governor of california gavin newsom venting his frustration at leadership within the democratic party holding his fire against the president. kellyanne conway and mark penn. welcome back. one thing he said there kellyanne, i don't want to take a cheap shot. did he? >> he did. he did. actually maybe he is auditioning for 2024. seems like many democrats are. they are openly questioning joe biden's acuity and age. more than that, his problems lie in his actions, his failure to calm the economic angst that people tell pollsters everywhere are really willing them. what is happening with economic angst now is not just the deflation of the democratic party, but people are making choices. they feel they are forced to make choices around the kitchen
6:21 am
table that perhaps they otherwise -- they're asking where is the bottom? when will it end? they don't see joe biden as a man with a plan. governor newsom of california speaks for many democrats right now including at the consultant level and the candidate level. they are openly wondering what would be the message for joe biden to stand up say next year and say four more years. four more years of what? crisis and chaos is everywhere. smart people like david axelrod and gavin newsom questioning whether joe biden has what it takes to stay in the job and then you have the press secretary confirming of all things that joe biden, who has no really good policy prescriptions on the issues facing america right now, politically he is resolute on running again. the question is why? the big question is where will president obama be on all this? he said you don't need to do this, joe, about vice president -- his vice president of eight years running in 2020. it sounds like he was against that for younger leadership.
6:22 am
the open question of the democratic party is how active would president obama very popular in the party certainly, how active would he be in reelection for joe biden? >> he has been quiet for a year and a half. what do you see in this, mark? >> well, right now i think we're not really seeing a discipline in the democratic party to close ranks behind the president certainly going into the mid-terms. governor newsom wasn't correct. the president is the head of the democratic party. is responsible for the leadership. aoc did the president no favors by not at least endorsing the president's reelection. look, obviously this president is in a difficult position. is facing job ratings below 40%. we have seen both barack obama and president clinton turn around from situations like this. turn around from disastrous mid-terms. i think the task looks quite daunting. i haven't seen an indication the president will do that. but right now going into the
6:23 am
mid-terms it is a party divided upon itself. >> bill: you saw the piece in the "new york times" two days ago. bide nen 2024? many in party whisper no. it runs five pages. they've been working on this. peter doocy, similar question in the press room just yesterday. watch. >> is the president running for reelection? >> let's reset for a second. i cannot talk about election. the president has been asked that question many times and he has answered it. his answer has been pretty simple which is yes, he is running for reelection. i can't say more than that. >> bill: address that. you did a little bit in the last answer there. back to the "new york times" piece. if you go to page 4, howard dean says quote, the generation after me is just a complete trash heap. did i read that right? that's how he is quoted. >> bill: the way to attract voters is not to insult them. you don't need to be a pollster
6:24 am
to know that. biden's problems are coming from inside the house. this is not this vast right wing conspiracy. you have democrats on the record and some quoted off the record or as background, bill, trying to broadcast very clearly to the president and the people in the white house, many of whom have left, by the way, we're not in for another 5 1/2 -- 6 1/2 years of joe biden because we see what all that brings. i'm curious about the morning consult political poll that came out yesterday of young people. 16% of young women approve of joe biden's job approval. that's crazy. strongly approve of it. 43% of young people say he hasn't kept his promises. they were overwhelmingly for joe biden. joe biden got elected in large part because he wasn't donald trump. and people weren't that exposed to him. he was able to pop in for maybe an hour a week during the 2020
6:25 am
campaign before the dates. if you elected with no mandate. his center has cratered. independents have walked away. in this poll a small number of young people strongly approving of his job. >> bill: we'll watch that. mark, put a button on it. wrap it up. >> well, the president here has got the mid-terms. the democrats here have either got to come together here. you can't abandon your own president and expect to do better in the mid-terms. it was a devastating article. the president does want to run for reelection if he can. right now with his numbers i doubt he will make it to reelection but as i said before, presidents can turn it around. sometimes they don't like donald trump. sometimes they do like barack obama and president clinton. >> bill: great to have you back this week. see you next week, two of the best. thanks. >> dana: nypd officers leaving
6:26 am
the force in record numbers with crime on the rise. the mayor, who once wore the blue himself says he is not worried. should he be? hunter biden's ex wife breaks her silence on her rocky marriage in the first son. details on that next hour. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ >> bill: getting word from the house select committee on the january 6th hearing that was supposed to happen tomorrow. so round three of this version has been pushed to thursday. we believe at 10:00 a.m. eastern time kind of like yesterday. so just want to pass that along to you. the reason for the postponement will be determined. >> dana: unclear but i get to go to pilates now. >> bill: perino will be at pilates as the result. >> dana: that's the news i took out of that. fox news alert. opening bell ringing at the new york stock exchange after the s&p 500 officially tumbled into bear market territory now.
6:32 am
hemmer, look it's up 22. investors are reacting to a producer price index number and waiting to see if the fed has a big rate hike since 1994. >> bill: we roll out. in 2022 record high inflation, crushing the consumer everywhere you turn. it is not just rising prices. some manufacturers are downsizing their products in order to keep prices as is. it's a strategy known as shrink flation. >> these days it is honey flavored cereal and other things that don't go as far and you may not have noticed. as inflation rates rise consumers are feeling the
6:33 am
effects of their pocket with their dollars getting them less on household items. it's referred to as shrinking and used by companies to create a stealthy price hike. >> a way to pass on a price increase without the consumer feeling like they are paying more at the grocery store. >> downsizing has been going on for decades. i first noticed it when i was a kid in my mounds candy bar was no longer 2 ounces. >> edward is a former assistance attorney general for the state of massachusetts and the founder of consumer world monitoring the recent instances of shrinking closely. his recent findings compare the net weight of items last year since inflation rates hit 8.6%. a 14.5 ounce box of honey bunchs of oats. the same price will only get shoppers a 12-ounce box.
6:34 am
75 fluid ounces came in laundry detergent. now only 67 1/2 fluid ounces. a box of kleenex tissues has gone down from 65 tissues to 60. >> when i've asked manufacturers why are you downsizing they'll say well, the raw material costs have gone up. paying more to get the goods to the store because of high gasoline prices. >> producers have a decision to make and you have to either protect profit margins vis-a-vis passing on costs to the consumer. repackaging is one way to do that. >> it is here to stay until the inflation rates start to drop. we reached out for comment to the product manufacturers mentioned in the report and not heard back. some shoppers might consider a shrinking size while keeping prices stable deceptive. it is not illegal as long as the contents are correctly labeled. >> bill: as a consumer you can
6:35 am
tell. david lee miller in new york. >> are you concerned there are reports that over 500 cops are resigning and over 1,000 are retiring? does that concern you? >> no, it does not. new york city police department is an amazing career. i know it firsthand and we are going to find young men and women who are going to want to be a member of the new york city's finest. >> dana: mayor and former cop adams saying he is not worried about a mass exodus of officers from the nypd and they are on pace for record resignations and retirements as crime sharply increases in the city. let's bring in former lieutenant cardinale. why not stay it's important for younger rekoouts so they can learn from them. we can't afford to lose the people. what does he gain by saying
6:36 am
it's not a problem. >> you summed up the whole thing. >> dana: sorry. >> you see it, i see it, america sees it. he doesn't see it and he is the mayor and he was a former nypd. he should see it. it is not a trickle effect where people retired normally. this is cascading effect, all right? we're losing very important people. we're losing the top echelon of the detective bureau as well. detectives are so strung out right now where they've been going out to staten island from brooklyn to handle cases. what will it be? we can't get enough people to take the test and he wants to fill them with -- it's ridiculous. >> bill: he did say it can be an amazing career. it can be for many men and women in new york. the question is how do you still make it attractive to them when you have a defund the police movement rippling across the country? >> you have to get rid of your city council constant i
6:37 am
knocking the police department and challenging them on every level. you have to give them the indemnification they need to do the job they're trained to do. nobody wants to do the job knowing at any moment they can have their job and livelihood and homes and family life destroyed. nobody wants that kind of job. this used to be the premier job in the nation. everybody wanted to be nypd, right? today they are running down to florida to be respected the way they once were in new york city. you can't blame them. unless he makes this job the premier job it used to be we're in for dire straits. >> dana: the number of nypd officers resigning 494. that should sound alarm bells across the city. if you look at the crime rates call for number 2. total major crimes are up 38%. i'm curious because of your work and you probably know a lot of people who are retired, retiring or thinking about
6:38 am
retiring. how do they feel about it? i imagine that they love the job, they loved what they did and they must be a little heartbroken. >> i'm heartbroken because this is a job my dad did and i carried on in his footsteps and i just don't see it anymore. people aren't going for the job the way they used to. it is sad because the cops want to do their job. they want to be out there and proactive and do the job they're trained for. the city council and everybody else holds them back. you can't do that. you need to make this the pristine job it once was. it is very sad. >> bill: what i would do is i would walk the sidewalk if i was the chief. have we seen her out there? what i would do as a mayor is ride the subway, bring tv cameras with me. is that happening? >> it is not happening but the police commissioner should be given the tools. i said this before that every other police commissioner had in prior years under the giuliani administration we had
6:39 am
the police commissioner he let them do their jobs. he was tough on jobs mayor giuliani. do the job that you were hired to do and let the police commissioner do her job. let cops be cops. keep them in check the way you want to keep them in check but let them be cops. we used to have fun on the job. today i would probably be in handcuffs today. i'm serious. we talk about that. it is not a joke because our way of -- for what? the way they see it we're doing everything wrong and they would for doing our job the way we used to do it. >> bill: metaphorically speaking. >> yes, metaphorically. >> dana: he won't have his mug shot up there any time soon. zblie feel bad for them. you see the streets lined the way we saw for funerals and everything. they should be lining the streets praising these heroes every day but it is not hap earning. >> bill: let's hope it changes. >> i hope it does. >> dana: good to see you in
6:40 am
person. thanks for watching gutfeld. >> bill: massive flooding out west. check it out right here. >> holy [bleep]. oh my -- holy [bleep]. >> bill: that was an entire bridge swept away in the yellow stone river in montana. we'll take you there coming up. president biden's upcoming middle east trip will include a stop in saudi arabia which he once labeled as a global outcast. >> president biden: we were going to make them pay the price and make them the pariah that they are. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ...who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. book an exam today.
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>> dana: we're learning new details about president biden's trip to the middle east next week. the white house press secretary
6:46 am
wrapped up a gaggle with reporters confirming the president will visit saudi arabia and is expected to see the crown prince. white house insists the president will not overlook conduct that happened before he took office including the murder of journalist khashoggi. the managing director of the washington institute and the national security council. this is a map, israel, west bank, saudi arabia. i thought we had a map there. those are the places he is going to go. what is your opinion? good thing that the president is going to go and try to basically deal with the fact that maybe the left is going to scream that he is not fulfilling the campaign promises to hold saudi arabia to account as he promised? >> well dana, i think it is a good thing he is going to saudi arabia. the noounts still has a lot of interests in the middle east, a lot going on there and in the world where frankly saudi help
6:47 am
could be useful. and here is a case where you have to put national interests first. frankly, dana, if you are interested in the human rights question, the political reform question i think ultimately the u.s. will be more effective dealing with those questions in the context of sort of close partnership with saudi arabia rather than from a distance, you know, talking about it from washington >> dana: two other aspects to this trip. one americans are looking at record gas prices thinking the president has gone way too far in restricting domestic oil production. but asking saudi arabia to increase production. how will that conversation go and what do you expect from that -- what result can the president expect? >> you know, i'm sure the gas price point is the point we've sort of the decisive one making this trip happen, right? gas prices are very high. but i think the idea the saudis can somehow with a wave of the
6:48 am
wand reverse will be met with disappointment. they may be able to produce that much more and it is not clear it will bring gas prices down given what's happening in europe. the best case scenario is you get some kind of saudi break with russia. some kind of saudi break with the opec plus arraignment which has helped to constrain supply and that then sends a signal both geo politically and economically. >> dana: he will go to the region mid july which it will be hot. let's say for sure. it always is. but the other reason to go is because the administration's policy on iran has been very frustrating to those like the saudis. listen to grossi, the director general from the atomic energy agency saying the iranians are very close to weapons grade plutonium. >> it is a very, very serious
6:49 am
thing. the longer the lapse without the visibility, the more difficult it will be. no one -- no one can go into an agreement without knowing what your baseline is. >> dana: president biden wants to talk about oil, i assume and perhaps the saudis really want to talk about iran? >> for sure. and i think this will be -- i wouldn't say a quid pro quo but when you go into bilateral conversation as you know, dana, we have things we want. the saudis, israelis will have the things they want. they are very focused on iran. you know, you get the sense that after decades of discussing iran's nuclear program we're arriving at a critical juncture where iran's break-out time is down to zero where its cooperation with an international inspectors has diminished to a low point. and i think the problem is there isn't much of a prospect right now than iran reentering the nuclear deal and scaling back its activities and no sign
6:50 am
the united states has a real plan b or a strong will to confront iran either, you know, with respect to its regional activities which the saudis care a lot about or with respect to its nuclear program which certainly the israelis care about and the other countries in the region. in riyadh, jerusalem, our partners will be looking not just for reassurance but a sense what comes next, what is the plan b? >> dana: it is scary when you say we're finally reaching that point we've been thinking about and perhaps happening sooner than people wanted certainly but expected as well. michael singh, thank you. i'm sure we'll have you back as the president gets ready to depart for saudi arabia. thank you. >> bill: in the meantime the u.s. supreme court considering the case of a high school football coach who was fired after leading post-game prayers on the field. "sports illustrated" is taking heat for a tweet suggesting the expected result would erode the bedrock of american democracy.
6:51 am
dan springer ties it together in seattle today. good morning. >> good morning, bill. if joe kennedy wins at the supreme court in the freedom of religion case it will be his first legal victory. all lower court rulings have gone against him and upheeled is firing on the grounds his praying on the field after games had a coercive effect on his players. "sports illustrated" did a story and tweeted this yesterday morning. scotus will soon rule on the case of a public school football coach who wants to pray on the field after games. kennedy the machine backing him and the expected result a win for kennedy and an erosion of a bedrock of american democracy. immediate backlash on twitter with this tweet from ben shapiro summing up the reaction. reminder that "sports illustrated" is a far left propaganda outfit that occasionally covers sports. in the afternoon "sports illustrated" pulled the original tweet and replaced it with this one saying a kennedy
6:52 am
win would be an erosion of the separation of church and state. joe kennedy coached football nor years in bremerton, washington and always prayed on the field after games. it grew but the school district eventually fired him for violating school policy and for years kennedy has been suing to get his job back. on "fox & friends" this morning he had this to say about the "sports illustrated" tweets. >> well, after meeting with greg, the writer, terrific guy and i think he did an awesome job, like you said, of telling the story. and i don't know if it's their editors but somebody, boy, sure wanted somebody to get a response and i think they did. >> the supreme court heard the case in april and based on the questioning from the justices and the conservative majority many believe the court will side with kennedy and his constitutional right to express his religious beliefs. bill. >> bill: we await that maybe today. dan springer in seattle. >> dana: primary day in nevada
6:53 am
with inflation and soaring gas prices at the top of voters' minds. some analysts say this race could forecast the mid-terms. a woman is accused of tracking her boyfriend with an apple air tag and running him over with a car. how this app is showing up in more and more crimes. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health
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6:59 am
device in the cup holder of his car and followed him to a local bar in indy when she found out he was there with another man, her boyfriend. she ran him over with her car three times and killed him. police say it is one recent example of a growing and dangerous trend. >> many pieces of technology are built for good and people sometimes use them for bad. >> in a statement apple says we condemn in the strongest possible terms any malicious use of our products. tracking someone with an air tag is not illegal in all 50 states but 23 states and d.c. have electronic tracking laws right now. three other states have bills in the works. ohio lawmakers are working to pass a new bipartisan bill inspired by the murder of a young akron mom. back in january she was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend who used an apple air tag to track her down.
7:00 am
>> i don't want it to happen to anybody else. he was a convicted felon and not able to obtain weapons himself and shot her with her own gun. >> if you are worried look for unfamiliar beeping and check for notifications from apple. >> bill: sometimes they show up on your phone when you least expect it. thank you for that here in new york. >> dana: primary day across four states including nevada where republicans are fighting for a chance to flip a seat in the u.s. senate. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you. how are you feeling? >> dana: great, how are you? >> bill: the day is young. the day is in disappears -- diapers. >> dana: do we say that? >> bill: there is a high profile republican contest. laxalt with backing from president donald trump facing off retired army captain sam brown. the winner take on the
7:01 am
incumbent democrat senator catherine cortez masto. a state where biden beat trump by 2 1/2 points in 2020. >> dana: biden's handling of inflation, crime, economy and gas prices are top issues for nevada voters. >> i work for gas, i work for food. and i don't really have that much left over. and i really do think we need to do something about the high prices that are affecting this whole country. >> bill: aishah hosni live in reno for more on that race now. nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning to you both bill and dana. i talked to countless voters just like that woman there. people who are working two jobs to survive. some have had to walk to work because they cannot afford the gas prices in this state. inflation is top of mind for these voters as they head to
7:02 am
the polls this morning. and some are wondering if washington is actually listening to them. >> i have really noticed my grocery bills have gone up 30%. and it does -- i can manage, but it is a concern, a major one. >> i'm out of money now and with inflation and everything, my wages, like i have to pinch pennies. >> everyone needs to get out and vote. i don't care what party you belong to, you need to get out and vote. >> today republicans will decide who they want to take on incumbent senator catherine cortez masto. quite possibly the most vulnerable democrat in the u.s. senate. on his birthday today, former president trump has said he would love nothing more than nevada picking former nevada a.g. adam laxalt leading in the most recent polling against retired army captain sam brown.
7:03 am
>> we have the number two highest gas prices in america. you had the culinary union knocking doors today and hispanic democrat voters saying the list was so long of things that were going wrong with america there is no way they were going to vote for democrats this cycle. it will be a tsunami here. >> the polls are officially open across nevada and bill, we're expecting laxalt to vote right here later this morning. so we'll ask him how he is feeling. he has to be feeling good with where he is standing heading into this. >> bill: thanks, nice to see you in reno. more with jonathan swan from axios. hello our friend, jonathan. welcome back. what do you see in nevada? do you see a theme for wait until tomorrow on that? >> it's a hugely important race. this the republicans is probably the top pickup opportunity in november. so this is a very, very
7:04 am
important race and adam laxalt has the holy trinity behind him. donald trump, mitch mcconnell and club for growth. you couldn't probably persuade these people to sit in the same room together. he has money, establishment and trump support. sam brown has been a very strong candidate but laxalt has a lot of support behind him and it is a hugely important race. i do think the primaries in south carolina will be very interesting. i'm watching them very closely. these are two republican members of congress that have defied donald trump in different ways, nancy mace and tom rice and trying to get rid of both of them. the difference between the two of them is tom rice took a really difficult vote against donald trump. he voted to impeach him and it is hard to see him overcoming
7:05 am
that. he could be the first impeacher to lose his renomination. >> dana: you mentioned nancy mace. this is what she said on fox news yesterday. she is predicting a win. >> i will win by double digits i believe on tuesday. that's what everything is looking like. i'm feeling cautiously optimistic. >> dana: that would be a lot. a lot of these races in america are quite close. to win it by double digits. she is thinking 55%, 56%. you think it's possible? >> anything is possible, i suppose. the last poll i saw had it within 6% point. arrington seems to be closing very well. so we'll see. she could win. again, the thing she has in her advantage it is interesting. nancy mace, she has criticized president trump publicly but she didn't take the votes that
7:06 am
tom rice. she didn't vote to impeach donald trump and she didn't even vote to support a bipartisan commission to investigate the january 6th attack on the capitol. she hasn't really leant into her anti-trump credentials. trump has been baiting her up but she filmed a sort of video outside trump tower in new york basically sucking up to trump. she is trying to have it both ways. she could win. she certainly has a much better chance of winning than representative rice. >> bill: in the bigger sense what have you observed about the endorsements the former president has made? roughly speaking about 100 or 110 races he has weighed in on and he is about 100 victories, 7 defeats. have you seen any themes here in the races that he chooses to get involved in? >> well, he sort of chooses to
7:07 am
get involved -- that number is quite misleading. most of these races that aren't even contested and does it to rack up his numbers. he has had a pretty successful endorsement record. a few losses and a few mistakes, i think. he endorsed mo brooks in alabama. he withdrew the endorsement but he also there is a zero percent chance that dr. oz is the nominee in pennsylvania without donald trump's support. donald trump i would argue single handedly got dr. oz over the line in pennsylvania. j.d. vance probably doesn't win without donald trump support in ohio. it's a mixed picture. i don't think anyone who gives the glib trump has lost his influence or has total influence. it is much more complicated than that. republicans voters have shown they're willing to go against his candidate and willing to say i still like donald trump
7:08 am
but i don't like this particular person that he has supported. >> dana: interesting. president biden is looking at this as well thinking about what his future holds in november. thank you so much. protestors outside samuel alito's home yesterday as the house is expected to finally take up a bill today to tighten security around justice's homes. merrick garland is facing pressure to stop protests outside justice's houses. david spunt is live in washington with the details. >> good morning to you. the vote to enhance protection for u.s. supreme court justices could come up on the house floor according to our sources at some point in the next few hours. maybe as early as this afternoon right after lunch. i highlight the word enhanced because right now the supreme court justices are guarded by the u.s. marshals should something pop up they are protected right now at the direction of the attorney
7:09 am
general. however, last month, early last month the senate voted unanimously on a bipartisan way to give more protections not only to justices but members of their families as the threats on these justices continue. remember not even a week ago a man threatened to kill justice brett kavanaugh. republicans in the senate and some democrats over there are frustrated with how long this has taken to get through the house. right now on the house calendar the senate bill word for word. but if something changes in the next few hours and the house votes and passes a bill with even a few words that might be different it has to go back to the senate and take longer to get to the president's desk. >> if they actually believe that house democrats believed in the snake oil they're trying to sell they would have passed their own bill a month ago. but they didn't. and they haven't. they've wasted precious time
7:10 am
and let justices' families vulnerable to grave danger. >> last night a small group protested against alito's home. there is a federal law that you can't interfere with a judicial -- it also talks about pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the united states or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by a judge, juror, witness or court officer. i have asked multiple times at the d.o.j. why they aren't enforcing this part of the federal law. they have not specifically commented on this. but i am told by somebody familiar with this that again this law specifically also talks about courthouses and witnesses. so therefore the justice department would have to prosecute people for protesting outside the supreme court as
7:11 am
well. that's clearly not something they've done or are willing to do. >> dana: or they could use their discretion which is certainly at their disposal. that's ridiculous but you can tell them i said that. i used to work at that building. >> bill: intimidation is in the law. we say it every time. >> dana: exclusive to fox news one of our reporters talked to a neighbor of kavanaugh and she said people are very concerned that there isn't action taken that this will escalate in way that's very unpredictable and unsafe. you can't engage with these people. they have no filter. they will have no regard for your personal property or your personal safety. so don't engage with them. we're basically being told that these people are not safe. it takes away your sense of security. we have no idea who could embed themselves in this group of protestors. the last thing i would point out they are usually coming around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. a neighborhood of families. children are trying to be put to bed and the parents have had it. they deserve better.
7:12 am
>> bill: it's been slow walked. see whether or not there is progress on it this week. a lot of that is unacceptable. >> dana: also you have this. >> i think he has always acknowledged the benefit and advantages coming from a prominent family. >> dana: hunter biden's ex-wife giving her first interview since the couple's divorce five years ago and how she is responding hunter sought to profit off his father's career. president biden going to saudi arabia despite vowing the make the country a global pariah. how the white house is defending it. catastrophic flooding at yellow stone park. pulling a house off its foundation. it might not be a worst of it. >> that's insane. with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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7:18 am
>> dana: three republican state lawmakers in pennsylvania beginning the process of impeaching far left philadelphia district attorney larry crassner accuse him of persistent dereliction of duty for refusing to enforce the law as crime continues to spiral out of controls. crassner responded this way. >> what they're doing in terms of impeachment is clearly without a legal basis, clearly unconstitutional, and that will all come out as this proceeds, if it proceeds at all. >> dana: impeachment proceedings expected to last a few months. 2/3 of the state senate is required and he recently won reelection. >> engagement with saudi arabia and asking for oil is wrong. >> we know there are many issues. you aren't avoiding saying he will -- >> what i did say is of course he will be -- they will discuss energy with the saudi government. look at this trip as it being
7:19 am
only about oil is not -- it would be simply wrong to do that. >> bill: that's the white house press secretary yesterday insisting that a soaring oil and gas prices are not the main focus of this trip and saudi arabia this is a national average for a gallon of gas is $5, a record high all across the country. 5.01 in red. mike summers president of the american petroleum institute. good morning to you, sir. i want to roll for our audience here the 10 ideas that your group has for helping out. lift restrictions on federal lands, designate critical energy, accelerate natural gas permits. on and on it goes. do you believe this administration has any inclination to move on these ideas now? >> bill, we're focused today on rolling out a new agenda for americans who are really suffering at the pumps because
7:20 am
of high gasoline prices. this 10 and 22 plan we're rolling out today is really a menu for lawmakers to tackle this issue in a way that will advance american energy security and lower prices for consumers. i'm hopeful that the administration takes this plan and seeks to enact it with congress. but given their approach so far to american energy independence, i'm not optimistic. >> bill: you have a visit to saudi arabia, the white house says it's not about oil. what's it about? >> well, i do think it's unfortunate that the president of the united states is from an area in pennsylvania, scranton, pennsylvania, that isn't that far from one of the most prolific energy regions in the world. it has over 400 years of supply of natural gas that could provide americans with energy security. but time after time this administration has stood in the way of american energy independence and american
7:21 am
energy security and they've cut off access to american energy both in terms of the pipelines that we need to get the energy from where it is to where it needs to be. and in terms of our access to activity for exploration. so i would encourage the president to actually go to the shale in pennsylvania or going to the permanentian basin before they go to riyadh. unfortunately we're at a point now we're in an energy crisis unlike we've seen since the 1970s. we need policies to support american energy independence. the 10 points for 2022 is all about. >> bill: you sent a letter to the white house. care to share the letter? >> we're focused on a number of key things that we think will actually help advance american energy independence. first of all we need to open up development both in federal land and in federal waters like the gulf of mexico. in addition to that we need to
7:22 am
unleash american infrasfruk tour development through permitting reform and need to reverse some of the regulations that have been put in place by this administration particular life at the securities and exchange commission which is about to enact a new regulation that is really going to hinder american energy development. >> bill: we've been down this road already for two years now. they won't move on any of this. they've made it quite clear the climate is their agenda, not oil. notwithstanding the trip to riyadh. let me play a clip. we talked about ukraine and russia and putin's price hikes and on and on it goes. yesterday bret hosted an event in boston on fox nation with lindsey graham and bernie sanders. here is what sanders said. >> the major oil companies made $35 billion in profit in the first quarter of this year.
7:23 am
i think the president should bring the major oil companies in and tell them we'll have a windfall profits tax on what they are doing in order to stop them from ripping off the american people. >> bill: you've heard that argument before. what would you say to that? would that help us? >> well, i do think it's important we look back at our history. the united states had a windfall profits tax at one point and what it meant was that we were importing more oil into the united states and there was less development in the united states. i think senator sanders should take a look at the history books back to the 1970s the last time we were in this kind of mess. we need more development, we need more access to energy and that's what our 10 and 22 plan is all about and learn more about it at >> bill: thanks for coming back. mike summers, $5.01 a gallon an average in all 50 states. thank you, mike.
7:24 am
more to come. >> oh my -- holy [bleep]. >> dana: crazy video of massive flooding that washed away an entire bridge. details next. more than 100 unaccompanied children caught just overnight. we're straight from the humanitarian crisis at the border next. his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> tech: cracked windshield? schedule with safelite, your money never stops working for you with merrill, and we'll come to you to fix it. >> tech vo: this customer was enjoying her morning walk. we texted her when we were on our way. she could track us and see exactly when we'd arrive. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: we came to her with service that fit her schedule. >> woman: you must be pascal.
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...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years. ...from every length of service... united states army, strategic intelligence officer, twenty-eight years. newday usa to make the most of their va home loan benefit. >> bill: 10:30 in new york. house panel today looking at covid relief fraud. there has been more than $5 trillion in relief spending since the start of the pandemic. a watchdog recently hundreds of billions of dollars of tax money are lost to fraud and improper payments. it is so bad d.o.j. says it's too busy to deal with cases under a million dollars. a lot of questions this morning for the top watchdogs on capitol hill. we're watching that.
7:30 am
also this. >> dana: massive floodwaters ravaging yellow stone national park and nearby towns in montana yesterday. rainfall caused the yellow stone river. park employees say this house fell into the rushing waters and take a look at this. >> holy [bleep]. this bridge is going to collapse. we're not getting home. holy [bleep]. i missed it by a half second. oh my -- holy [bleep]. >> dana: a bridge washed out along with some roads forcing the national park surface to close all entrances to yellow stone at least through tomorrow. >> bill: southern border now the crisis continues. no end in sight. might only be getting worse. fox getting exclusive video of border patrol catching hundreds
7:31 am
of migrants including more than 100 unaccompanied children. bill melugin is watching that story on the border in la joya, texas this morning. good morning. >> good morning. the numbers are non-stop. dhs source telling us over the last 24 hours alone in the rio grande valley sector upwards of 1,400 illegal crossings. we've gotten to witness that ourselves. this is 40 minutes away from where we are now this morning. a single massive group of around 250 illegal immigrants who crossed into texas and mixed in with that group were 138 unaccompanied children. little kids and teenagers who showed up with no parents, no guardians whatsoever. listen to this. just since october, there have been more than 85,000 of these unaccompanied children found at the border. just to give you an idea of that, that's enough to fill up the dallas cowboys stadium and still have some leftover when
7:32 am
it comes to these unaccompanied kids. second piece of video, more of that large group we saw in roma last night. dhs source saying over the last two weeks alone in the rgb20,000 illegal crosses, ms-13 gang members and since october 355,000 illegal crossings here in the rgv as well as 32,000 known gotaways. take a look at this video in la joya, texas. this was a group of 70 that showed up. more families, more unaccompanied minors. back here live del rio sector getting hammered reporting 3300 illegal crossings over the weekend as well as 900 known gotaways and listen to this. they arrested a man from el salvador sex offender for forceful penetration of an inanimate object. no further details on that one.
7:33 am
>> dana: let's bring in national border patrol council president brandon judd. a tweet from yesterday from the national border patrol union saying joe biden is an american nightmare. colossal failure who made the complete joke of our border and activity works to encourage, assist and reward criminal acts. american citizens and legal immigrants are on to him. i'm assuming the border patrol agents working every single day think no one is coming to help them. they are on their own and they have absolutely just had it? >> yeah. unfortunately we know when we put on that uniform we're not getting any support from this administration. when you see the total numbers we're dealing with right now it is astronomical. the amount of resources that it takes to deal with that -- those sizes of groups take all of our resources out of the field and creates gaps in coverage. when you look at the numbers coming across we know that they are gaming the system.
7:34 am
they're coming there mexico and being offered work visas and not staying in mexico. they've certified that as a safe third country. if they're fleeing from persecution and they fear for their lives. they would stay in the first safe country they come to. instead they come to the united states and that's what shows us this is all about economics. it is because president biden continues to release people into the united states. people will continue to come. he is rewarding them for illegal acts and that is what is the magnet that's drawing all these people. >> dana: southwest border apprehensions per day approximately 7,802 people per day in april. the department of homeland security said it could even go higher. we're waiting on court rulings on that. but yesterday tell me what happened here. a federal judge threw out the biden administration border policy that limits who immigration authorities can arrest and deport. what does it mean for your folks that are on the ground?
7:35 am
>> well, if he actually lets us do our job it means a lot. it will then allow us to send people back and when we actually enforce a consequence people stop coming. that's the problem now. the biden administration has totally gutted all enforcement and when you gut enforcement people continue to come. the problem is he can still use executive authority and say he doesn't have the resources to actually take these people and remove them to another country. the problem is you cannot hold a president of the united states in contempt of a judicial ruling and so these rulings are great because it brings attention to the public. the public understands what's going on, bust the administration can't be held accountable for not following through on a judge's order. >> dana: talking to bill in the commercial break. i wonder why this does not seem to command the attention from the administration that it requires. why do you think that is? >> because the white house is
7:36 am
filled with activists. if you look at everybody that he has hired in the white house, a good number of those individuals are activists and you look at d.h.s. and the political appointees within d.h.s. it is permeated with activists. open border people and people that want this to continue. these are people that want to bring more and more migrants into the country. that's the problem we face today is the political appointees want to push back and want the open borders and don't care about what's happening right now. >> dana: thank you for being with us today. as bill melugin overnight 900 gotaways. we know the numbers they counted coming in and 900 that we have no record of. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, dana. >> bill: in a moment vladimir putin getting the upper hand. the urgent plea from ukraine before it becomes too late in that war. state tuned. plus this. >> i don't know if it's their
7:37 am
editors, but somebody boy, they sure wanted somebody to get a response and i think they did. >> bill: that's the football coach fired for praying on the field after a game. ripping "sports illustrated" for what critics are calling a smear piece. carley shimkus looks at this. carley joins us next in studio. >> dana: oh yeah. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied. can we go back to meeting at the rec center? the commute here is brutal. denied. how do we feel about getting a quote
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>> dana: the ex-wife of a murdered microsoft executive. she is lawyering up. she has a high-powered criminal defense attorney. neither is accused of any wrongdoing. her husband was killed in feeb while driving home with his 2-year-old daughter. they came upon a tire laying in the road outside of jacksonville, florida. someone gunned him down as he got out to move it. >> bill: ukraine pleading for a new round of military aid as the "wall street journal" reports that country is in danger of losing the eastern donbas region to putin. mike tobin is live in kyiv for
7:43 am
more. how do we stand? >> the town is on the verge of falling to russian control. ukrainians have held on through bloody and devastating battles but russia managed to destroy a couple of key bridges key to the resupply of the ukrainian forces. your war analysts are predicting is a matter of time before the town falls and russia occupies the entire eastern luhansk province. in north central ukraine villagers have survived russian occupation and tell their story. even shows the stairs to the dirty cramped basement under the school where he and 300 villagers were held by the russian army for four weeks. i thought i wouldn't survive. he spent day and night in this chair. he says that's how he slept for 27 days. buckets in a squall i had
7:44 am
closet made the back room. >> five kids and 22 adults. adults used the walls to keep record. names of those who lived here and eight who died. like prison inmates. march 4 is when they were taken into the basement. march 31 said ours came. the ukrainian army liberated them. >> it happened in a village where burned out russian vehicles and abandoned foxholes sit next to unexploded rockets when they draw water with a bucket. one of his sons was shot in the back of the head. the other led off at gun point and never seen again. >> they were our support. but they are no longer with us. >> ukrainian leaders are stressing as it has evolved into an artillery war the army with the best artillery wins
7:45 am
and russia has them outgunned. ukrainians want more howitzer, tanks, drones and quickly before russia gains more of a foothold. >> bill: big question on time for all of that. mike tobin in kyiv today. thank you. >> dana: "sports illustrated" facing a barrage of criticism over a tweet suggesting a high school football coach fired for leading post-game prayers on the field was eroding the bedrock of american democracy. coach joe kennedy is awaiting a supreme court decision on his case. the high court is expected to rule in his favor. "sports illustrated" said it would damage the separation of church and state. let's bring in "fox & friends" co-host carley shimkus. "sports illustrated" had a tweet. a lot of criticism. they pulled it back. >> i think the tweet begs for the side eye come again, you think football coach praying after a game is an erosion of
7:46 am
democracy. coach kennedy is expected to win but i think a lot of people honed in on the phrase erosion. there is a lot of erosion happening now. a lack of religion, mental health crisis. you don't usually put prayer in that category. if you read the article and it is long, so pack a snack. it is a little more nuanced and the coach was on "fox & friends" and said he liked the article. i understand why he would. it paints him as an unlikely hero, which he is and says he is expected to win. and it also says in the article supporters say kennedy is a hero, opponents say he is taking a sledgehammer to democracy. it is more nuanced. it is a partisan article if this author greg bishop were on the supreme court would probably rule against him. like i said, a little more
7:47 am
nuanced than appeared on twitter. >> bill: we could get this ruling tomorrow? >> we absolutely could. when it comes to the constitutional argument over this it comes down to the question of was kennedy's prayer a private expression of faith or was he coerceing other students to pray alongside him. he never asked a student to pray with him. i think that part of the story is pretty clear. there are other supreme court decisions like the fact that god is allowed to stay in the pledge of allegiance. the makeup of the supreme court which are leading some people to believe it is an open and shut case. we have to wait until tomorrow to find out. >> dana: there is also the new saudi golf thing. i'm on a text with friends from my previous jobs. they're really into it and lots of different opinions. phil mickelson responded to criticism about playing with the saudis. >> my preference is to be able
7:48 am
to choose which path i would like, one or the other or both. i gave as much back to the pga tour and the game of golf i could throughout my 30 years here and through my accomplishments on the course i've earned a lifetime membership. >> when it comes to phil mickelson i think it is tough to be the first one in the clubhouse. he is bearing the brunt of the criticism. to be honest, it is criticism that i understand. the families of 9/11 victims have spoken out against this league and it is hard to argue against how they feel about it. to say that our relationship with saudi arabia on a geopolitical level is complicated is an understatement. i do understand where the criticism lies. i like american made and personally where i stand on this but it is also a life changing amount of money that these golfers are getting. >> bill: there was a tournament in toronto and rory mcilroy won. 1.8 million.
7:49 am
a lot of money. there was a tournament outside london on the new saudi arabian tour liv charles schwartzel was the winner $5 million. only 48 players in that field in london. about 160 in the field in all likelihood this weekend at brook line, massachusetts. if you were a mid-tier golfer your chances of making a lot more money is going with the saudis. that's just the reality at the moment. >> you get into the pga and they have connections to china as well. when it comes to sports and the intersection of sports and politics no one's hands are clean, are they? >> bill: it will take a while to unwind this and see how we all stand. hunter biden's ex-wife speaking out on the family finances and whether or not her ex-husband exploited his father's career. happy flag day. the birth of old glory on this day back in 1777.
7:50 am
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>> bill: hunter biden's ex wife releasing her memoir today and granting her first interview since their divorce five years ago from hunter. >> did he deliberately curry favor or seek profit based on who his father was? that's the question people asked. in your experience as his wife did you see that? >> i saw someone who loved his father, respected his parents, and was proud to be their son. >> bill: molly hemingway editor and chief with the federalist and fox news contributor. good morning to you. you watched it. what did you learn from this today? >> it was a lot of what you just saw. kathleen tells a store owe that's favorable to the biden
7:56 am
family and sharing details what it was like to be married to an addict. hunter biden is a well-known addict. she ceded all financial control to hunter. she liked nice things but didn't want to know the cost. that's the entire issue in play. we all know it's not in dispute that hunter biden's business, along with his uncle james biden's business, is to get money from powerful oligarchs, corporations, foreign companies in exchange for their proximity to joe biden, the current president, former vice president and former senate. that's the biden family business and it is under investigation. kathleen buell says she doesn't have anything to tell the delaware u.s. attorney investigating a portion of that. but he is in fact looking into that. although i will say also i have talked with recent and current department of justice officials.
7:57 am
the attorney looking into the tax problems he is a good u.s. attorney but way too small a staff to deal with the levels of corruption that should be investigated. i think that's very interesting going forward. >> dana: that's an interesting acknowledgement. here is the part where she talks about on "good morning america" about creeding financial control. >> you say you weren't really involved in the finances at all. >> it is embarrassing to say that i ceded all financial control to my husband. >> do you know why you did that? >> i liked the nice things and i didn't want to think about the cost at which they were coming. >> dana: i'm curious. who is the audience for this book intended to be? >> i think everyone knows that the biden family is a complete mess. so people are curious about what was going on. she tells the story in here about finding out that hunter biden was having an affair with both of their sister-in-law,
7:58 am
beau biden's widow and how she found that out through her daughter. she had suspicions about it. this is gossip so salacious. if it happened in the previous administration it would have been a non-stop news cycle. there is curiosity about the family even though people realize that addiction leads to drama like that. >> bill: hunter had something better than money. a u.s. senator as a father and grown up in a world of affluence and talk about those with new money. i felt the strong sense of not belonging. everything was new money in this family, wasn't it? they were ot doing business deals. >> all of the biden family business is brand-new money based on his 50 plus years in power. and that's why americans are interested. not because they need to know the details of an addict's life
7:59 am
but because this money is given to these family members in exchange for changes in u.s. policy that affects every taxpayer. that's why it is a vitally important story. >> dana: thanks for covering it for us. thank you so much. before we go i thought animation was coming. here we go. last night i had an opportunity, the honor. >> bill: were you nervous, excited -- >> dana: to fill in for gutfield? a little bit. i will never hear the end of it if i fail. watch here. >> in fact there are several jobs harder than a democrat communication staffer. matchmaker for tatum. snack wrangler for brian stelter. communications problems are cause by fact problems.
8:00 am
this isn't a communication problems it's a joe biden problem. a communications problem is when his mic doesn't work. a joe biden problem is when it does. >> dana: it was all right. greg gutfeld is back today. don't worry, everybody. >> bill: nice color, too. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is up next. here she is. >> harris: this is our america limping its way through an economic meltdown. the dow jones is now lower than the day president biden took office with inflation raging, gas prices surging and people struggling to pay for the basics. the president is expected to speak shortly. you can see the lectern there at the afl-cio conference where he will be. we haven't been given a lot of detail about what biden will say but we do know his remarks are about the economy. he will need more than the white house spin and talking


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