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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 14, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: a fox news alert, the white house refusing to condemn protests outside the homes of supreme court justices, despite a plot to assassinate justice brett kavanaugh. this comes as the nation's capitol deploys more officers to the street in anticipation of a ruling in the roe v. wade case tomorrow. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus, nancy pelosi taking heat for delaying bill expanding security for justices, with republicans warning justices' lives are in
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danger. they will vote on the bill this week. jackie ibanez joins us live with details, jacky, good morning. >> jackie: good morning. attorney general merrick garland facing pressure to prohibit picketing outside supreme court justices' homes for purpose of influencing a decision. yesterday pro-abortion demonstrators returned to samuel alito's virginia home demanding the court uphold roe v. wade. more protesters blocking roads as part of a shutdown dc demonstration. bill barr slamming democrats defense of the protest at homes saying demonstration in violation of the statute are not legitimate first amendment activity. only one arrest has been made, the man accused of plotting to kill justice brett kavanaugh. republicans are calling out democrats over delayed bill to expand security for the
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justices. house leader kevin mccarthy fuming at speaker nancy pelosi telling her that delay is jeopardizing lives. listen. >> how many times do they have to be threatened? how many people have to be arrested with a gun outside their home? what would have happened had he not called 9/11? he didn't just have a gun. he had zip ties. somehow you want to leave. this bill could be on the president's desk right now. >> carley: house democratic leadership say they will bring that senate-passed bill to the floor, but have not indicated if it would be modified and sent back to the senate something mcconnell warned would doom the administration. >> carley: and larry kudlow says ag garland need to do their job and uphold the law. >> holding up the bill to provide extra security for
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justices. the double standard is incredible and i don't see how you can run a country and observe the laws no matter what the political issues happen to be. these are supreme court justices. this merrick garland, he will not arrest protesters, i don't want to let this go, it's in the law. you're supposed to be the attorney general and you're supposed to be enforceings the law. that is bizarre point of view and i hate to be serious about it, but that is the law. >> todd: larry raises key point, you can't run the country if you do not observe the law no matter what the political issue happens to be, that's it, key foundation of our country. you can't have a system of law if people like protesters think they can influence outcome through outside pressure. ag garland refusal to prosecute and encouraging people to think
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this is how you get your way, it cannot be that way, respect for the process keeps our judicial system afloat. if we don't have that, we don't have that. >> carley: president biden went on jimmy kimmel, and said there would be a mini-revolution is roe v. wade gets overturned. imagine if you flip the parties there and former president trump had said there would be a minirevolution after a decision, there would be wall to wall news coverage over that, trump would get so much criticism, headline trump calls for violent mini-revolution after assassination attempt and instead we're getting radio silence on that. >> todd: we would have hearings, i believe that happened, the june 8th hearing when trump called for revolution. biden says it on simmel, -- kimmel, no harm, no foul.
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what chuck chuck schumer said was abhorrent, but he's a partisan, i get it, that is what people say when they are fired up and making a speech. he has obligation to put party aside and do what is best for the law. his refusal in that context, what protesters are doing, you may think is not a big deal, it is against the law. it is violation of the law and garland needs to enforce the law and he's not. >> carley: think what the supreme court justices are thinking right now, they have children, one of the groups issue the pro-abortion group is encouraging people target amy coney barrett's children at school. i mean, radical, horrific stuff and you have to wonder, is it
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working? they are people too and probably thinking if we overturn roe v. wade, could my child be in danger? that is the whole point. that is why there is this law that says you can't protest in front of justice's homes for that very reason. >> todd: we don't have leaks to lead up to protests like this. not many people and we heard david webb yesterday, not many people leak this, why do we not have that individual by now? so many questions are frustrating about this process that shouldn't be, yet this is where we are right now. i'm not saying this because i'm a lawyer, i'm saying this because i'm american. can't have a system like this, nip this in the bud, garland needs to act. >> carley: democrats will be bringing that bill to the floor today or this week. it could be a modified version
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would have to go back to the senate and that would take a longer period of time. there isn't overwhelming amount of support to get supreme court justices and not just conservative justices, all of them more protection at volatile time like this is pretty stunning. >> todd: switching gears completely. rocker osbourne getting a visit from his family in the hospital yesterday after undergoing surgery to have pins in his neck and back realined. osbourne has been outspoken about suffering from neck and back injury and he also has parkinson's disease. he is facing a long recovery. >> carley: permission to switch gears? >> todd: permission granted. >> carley: golf legend phil mickelson responds to criticism for entering the liv golf. >> my preference is to be able
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to choose which path i'd like, one or the other or both. i gave as much back to the game of golf throughout my 30 years here and through my accomplishments on the course i've earned a lifetime membership. >> carley: lefty earned a lifetime pga tour membership by winning 20 events, his membership was suspended by pga commissioner when he joined the liv series. white house in -- mode after the wall street sell-off. >> all the games from president trump's time in office has been wiped out. >> we're watching closely. >> todd: we're watching closely, too and see this sign in sky-high prices. we'll bring you the owner who
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put up that sign, he will join you next.
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with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ >> carley: inflation is soarring and stock prices are lowering.
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>> todd: griff jenkins is live in washington, i kept checking yesterday and i kept getting sadder and sadder and i am up to 105, how long i will be working, griff jenkins. >> griff: i hope it won't get worse, i am not sure, not looking great. hello bare market, not something anyone wants to hear. bare market occurs when index like s&p falling more than 20%, in this case, it has fallen 22% since january. up and crashing down, yet the president says worry not. >> president biden: we have the fastest growing economy in the world issue the world. america should understand our economy has unique strengths we can build on. the stock market is 20% higher
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than when our predecessor was, it has hit record after record after record on our watch. >> dow and nasdaq plummeting yesterday as the administration economic advisor says nothing to see here. >> we don't really pay too much attention to daily wiggles. i don't think the white house missed much at all. we sit on our hand and hope the forecast for stable growth and inflation come true. >> the white house press secretaries they are watching the wiggles issue but it is not their fault. >> president biden bragged about the stock market hitting record after record after record on my watch, how about now? >> we're watching closely, we know families are concerned about inflation in the stock market. we face global challenges, we've talked about this, we're not the only country dealing with what
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we're seeing at the moment as relates to inflation. >> tell that to americans feeling pain at the pump, paying record high of $5.01 there. highest prices and lowest ones are in the south in georgia, mississippi and arkansas. what we're watching is what the president will say when he heads to philly to deliver remarks on the economy, will he show us that the white house's view of this economy is different than the way americans see it and feel it, todd and carley. >> todd: daily wiggles is his street name, griff jenkins is his real name. a brutally honest message with sign that reads we hate our gas prices, too. the owner of the gas station chuck grant joins us now. chuck, why did you put up the sign? >> well, todd, i just thought it was something that was needed
2:16 am
instead of two gatorades for $5, i thought this would hit home to the people. >> todd: does the average consumer understand you are not responsible for this as a gas station owner, do they get that? >> most people do, i believe. they'll come in and think us gas station owners know a secret science behind all this and obviously woe -- we don't. we make the same profit whether it is $2 or $5, i would rather be making profit on $2. >> todd: more to spend in other parts of your store. who do customers blame if they don't blame you? do they blame the president, putin, who do they blame? >> i hear a lot about the war in
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ukraine, and about the government and the administration, you get it from all different angles. it's kind of broad-based. >> todd: i asked how customers react, how do they react to the sign itself? >> they love it, i think it is our way of showing empathy to them and they kind of come in and feel like we understand what they're going through when they are spending $100 at the pump and i think they think we feel guilty for taking all their money to be honest with you. it is not our fault honestly. >> todd: i'll be like a customer that asks you to read the teleaves, where do you think this is headed?
2:18 am
is this going down or will this be here 2020, 2023 and beyond? >> i don't see it going down, i see it increasing getting closer to 4th of july and summer professionaling season. that's i wish i had some kind of magic answer, but all i have to do is when i get up in the morning, i go check my e-mail and gas goes up from 3 cents to 30 cents in a day, which is crazy, i don't see it subsiding any time soon. >> todd: most people don't. as far as two for $5 gatorade, i'm sure you will give them that. thanks for dealing with this bad situation in a positive way, we
2:19 am
love to see it. >> thanks for having me on, we'll keep fighting the good fight. >> todd: love it. great to hear. we've been following this case very closely, a high school football coach fired for pray withing his team on the field. >> carley: that coach is waiting for a supreme court decision, sports illustrate side calling him out and not everybody is happy about it, ask joe concha what he thinks about this coming up next.
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>> i would ask you to focus on
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lowering gas prices, securing the border and bringing law and order back to america. the only way to do that senator sanders is abandon the agenda you charted for america, it is not working. this inflationary wind is being driven by policies that don't work. >> carley: that debate moderated by bret baier. you can stream the debate on fox nation. sports illustrated getting blasted for a tweet calling out a high school football coach. joe kennedy lost his job at bremerton high school in twlth 15 for praying on the 50-yard line after games. sports illustrated posted this quote saying a win for kennedy would be eshg roger stone of bedrock of american democracy. >> todd: joe concha joins us
2:25 am
now, why is the mainstream media hell bent on eshg eliminating the christian foundation of our country? >> joe: it is amazing and there is a reason why sports illustrated used to be a weekly iconic publication. in my studio in new jersey, i have several of these, frames, sports illustrated covers from way back then. i am sure you like this one issue the giants won the tampa super bowl, they beat the bills and emerson wells and great catch by dwight clark in that nfc championship game way back when in the early '80s. sports illustrated used to have clout and influence and now you barely hear people talk about that story i read in sports illustrated was incredible and the reason why partly sports
2:26 am
media is like political media, it is overwhelmingly biassed. this playbook you see from the left, every issue, democracy will fall unless x happens. the hyperbole, falls on deaf ears it says the machine is backing this coach. last check that machine is the u.s. constitution. i played football in high school. wayne valley about, carley, 40 minutes closer to the city than you growing up in west jersey. before every game, we had prayer sessions and talked about faith and the power of god and the theme was if you work together, you will win, we went undefeated and won a state championship. i sound old talking about this, the point is, if you want to pray on the field, that is your
2:27 am
individual right. if you don't want to, you don't have to. it seems simple. the coach lost his job over this? >> carley: great point about how much this country has evolved in such a short period of time and so much reaction to this sports illustrated had theline. one tweet from jay feeley. i publicly thank god, with all the challenges in today's society, we should encourage faith, freedom of religion is different from freedom from religion. coach kennedy was praying by himself and players started to voluntarily want to pray with him, which seems like something that should be encouraged in this country and you see him, he's been fighting this case for
2:28 am
so many years and now it is in front of the supreme court. >> joe: amazing, right. you were tim tebow with the broncos in the nfl, he was so brutally mocked by so many in media for simply praying alone, on his own. obviously the guy is very religious in tim tebow and he was seen and portrayed as this freak for doing it. how is that? does it really matter what dow in your individual time on a field? it should not and yet here we are at this point, carley. >> todd: so many experts have come on and said if we have religion, regardless which you choose, more foundation the way it used to be, we wouldn't be in the trouble we're in.
2:29 am
not trying to force my religion on you issue just believe in something. joe concha, we believe in you. joe kennedy, the gentleman coach will be on "fox and friends" later this morning. thanks, joe. >> todd: it is election day in not one issue not two, five states and one of the most closely watched races is south carolina, nancy mace faces katissuingie arrington. >> she says she will win by double digits he is here to tell us why. so this is the meta portal plus. a smart video calling device that makes working from home, work. it syncs with your favorite vc apps so you'll never miss a meeting. and neither will she. meta portal, make working from home work for you.
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the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet. >> carley: fox weather alert. half a million people left without power yesterday as storms rip through the northwest, bringing damaging hail and winds up to 100 miles per hour. >> todd: tornado warning issued in the chicago area, grounding planes. senior meteorologist janice dean with the fox weather forecast. >> my husband was supposed to land 8 p.m. yesterday and texted me at 1:00 and said, just landed because of the chicago storms. >> janice: the northern plains
2:34 am
and midatlantic area, south carolina, i'm concerned about you for stronger storms we have potential for thunderstorm warnings for south dakota and across portions of ohio river valley to the mid-atlantic and northeast, severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings for parts of ohio. severe storm threat today for the midwest, the western great lakes, northern plains and southeast toward the mid-atlantic. make sure you have fox, your app is open and the heat is the big story today, as well. temperatures well over 100 for many states, 25 degrees above average, area of high pressure, one third of the country have high heat advisories, look at
2:35 am
record heat for north carolina 102, tennessee, south carolina 103, that is a huge story and because it will last several days we're concerned about people staying outside for duration of time. make sure you are watching your kids and the elderly, bring your pe inside. 102 in el paso and dallas, 95 in atlanta and potential record high for wednesday ongoing through thursday and friday. there is your forecast today, watch storms, mid-atlantic, southeast. if you are voting in south carolina, north dakota, those are areas i'm concerned with, keep an eye on the forecast. >> will do, jd. voters heading to the polls today in maine, nevada, and south carolina and a special election in texas for a vacant
2:36 am
house seat. >> carley: nancy mace joins us now. congresswoman, we can say with certainty, this is your first sprue of the day and i'm sure many more, thank you for waking up early and joining us. i want to talk to you about endorsements, when it comes to house races, they get a lot of attention and your opponent received the endorsement and you received governor nikki haley's endorsement. what is your district like and how much of a factor do you think that will play? >> well, we're a swing district, we march to the beat of our own drum. when i won this seat in 2020 when my opponent lost to a democrat for the first time in 20 years, i promised to be a
2:37 am
voice. the low country wants somebody who is honest and steady in leadership. our country is facing crisis after crisis created by joe biden. it is a huge honor to have nikki haley on our team, she's been campaigning with us for the last 48 hours. i have gotten local endorsements from local officials. polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m., we encourage everyone to vote, maybe bring water, it will be hot today. >> todd: you said you think you are going to win by double digits. that is a bold prediction, why are you so confident? >> well, we have a lot of data and information, i've been poling this race since the beginning. i've been talking to voters issue the kids and i were out on electric scooters over the weekend with my fiance, going
2:38 am
door to door. voters know that i can be trusted. i work hard and can be trusted with their tax dollars and national security. i've never voted to raise taxes and running against someone who voted for the largest tax hike in history. i am running against somebody who leaked top secret information about our military. you see in polling data, up double digits a few days ago, the only poll that matters is the one on election day. we encourage everyone to get out starting 7 a.m. in the morning and polls close at 7 p.m. tonight. >> carley: goal is for republicans to retake the house and senate. if that happens, how much will things change? states have veto power. >> i hope we will have strong republicans elected in majority.
2:39 am
people are frustrated with congress and elected officials, they say one thing and go to dc and do another. they have been raising taxes and increasing deficit spending. we need republicans who have a backbone and will work together to reverse course. look at the immigration crisis, the way biden exited afghanistan, inflation, filling the gas tank costs almost $5 a gallon. working families cannot afford this, we need strong fiscal conservatives who will go to dc and vote that way and balance the budget. >> carley: nancy mace joins us live, she is on the ballot today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: you're vehicle welcome. "fox and friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones live from south carolina, he's having
2:40 am
breakfast with friends at sunrise bistro, in jones island. lawrence, voters joined us last hour, take a listen to what they had to say. okay, we don't have it, i conducted the interview, i remember what they said. it was economy, inflation, two key words that everybody is concerned about and i'm sure something a lot of people are talking about over breakfast this morning, lawrence. >> laura: >> lawrence: i was listening to the interview, fantastic, my friend. it is not exclusive to south carolina, people continue to pay more when they go to get basic goods and pay when they go to the gas pump, as well. i tell people this all the time, we have the luxury over the past
2:41 am
few years to debate emotion and how we feel about tone and tenor, not to say that doesn't mean anything, you have people that can't get basic goods from the store that issue is top of their mind and they want somebody to stop the bleeding and the president promised to be a moderate, the packages are hurting business. take this business, sunrise beach, fantastic business, has three locations, this is one of three, unique menu at every location. because of inflation, they are having to adjust. it is hitting americans. >> todd: one of the greatest states in the union, the palmeshgtto state. lawrence jones, have a great time, my friend.
2:42 am
keeping with the midterm theme, senator rick scott tearing into president biden in his brand-new ad. listen. >> biden has destroyed america's economy, be honest with the american people, joe biden is unfit for office and should resign. >> carley: the white house issued a response and fox news is only one to have it, we'll share it with you on "fox and friends first." ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u do it all. one dose of ubrelvy, quickly stops migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors.
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>> carley: markets are bracing for new moves from the federal reserve with some experts predicting rate hike of 100 points. >> todd: stock market tanking wiping out all gains under president biden. >> carley: here with more, lauren. >> laura: inflation bites, guys, the fed is going big to counter higher prayss, now sit at over 90%. recently the fed chair powell said we are not actively
2:47 am
going three quarters of 1 percent, the market doesn't believe him. there is the chance it is fed moves 100 basis points at their july meeting, last time that happened was the early 1980s, now serving as best parallel for red hot inflation we're all feeling. consumer prices 8.6% and congressman comer told you the reason your dollar is being stretched. >> objective of biden policy was to try to significantly increase role of government and they did that by significantly increasing government spending. >> just under three hours from now, before it is passed on to the consumer it is expected to rise at just about 11% annually. you sigh because that is all you
2:48 am
can do at this point. >> todd: you get the sense the fed is making this up as we go. we lean on these people to look ahead and make pressing decisions. i don't think this will happen. it can happen? good word. senator rick scott not holding back on joe biden. >> no, attacking president biden's handling of the economy. watch here. >> joe biden destroyed america's economy, time to be honest with the american people, joe biden is unfit for office. >> the senator calling on biden to resign, he says he is out of touch with the pain the american consumer is feeling. >> he doesn't care because he's never had to, never had a tough financial day in his life, didn't know what it is like to be poor. >> and white house defending the president while passing the
2:49 am
blame telling fox this, interesting words to choose about a president who inherited an economy in worst state of crisis since the depression and he made our recovery the strongest of any in the world. >> carley: say it all they want, doesn't mean people believe it. gas prices, some states have it worse. >> the average price to fill up nationally $5.01 a gallon, record high for 18 straight days, if you're keeping track. gas prices rose $.56 in the past month and $1.93 a gallon more in the past year that defines the problem. look at the red on the map, most expensive in california, $6.43. gas costs $5.66, the least
2:50 am
expensive gas in georgia, at $4.49. least expensive gas is $4.49 and georgia suspended their gas tax middle of next month. mississippi and arkansas cheaper than everywhere else issue closer to refineries and have less expensive labor and real estate costs. >> todd: thank you for joining us, the news is very sad. california police releasing mug shot of house speaker nancy pelosi's husband weeks after be ing arrested for allegedly driving above the legal limit. california highway patrol says he was booked after a jeep struck his porsche last month. no injuries were reported. pelosi was bailed out the following morning on $5000 on two misdemeanor charges. >> carley: and bipartisan support to impeach woke
2:51 am
philadelphia district attorney larry krasner, three lawmakers joined us earlier. >> it is extraordinary step, we are confident this will be bipartisan effort. >> we've seen a rise in philadelphia, this da is same guy who said prosecuting illegal gun possession doesn't top crime and shootings. he's lost his mind. >> carley: crime has run rampant in philadelphia during larry krasner's term. more than 1000 people have been killed in shootings, including 200 murders. another progressive da was voted out of power in a massive recall effort. well, it is flag day today. did you notice anything different about this american flag? not that american flag, that is a woman, she is the mayor. she is mayor of washington,
2:52 am
d.c., she has put 51 stars on the flag and they will be lining pennsylvania avenue as part of democrat push for dc statehood. >> todd: tomi lahren, she is here to react to the it next.
2:53 am
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2:56 am
>> is the president running for reelection? speaker of the president, as you know, has been asked that many times and his answer has been pretty simple which is, yes, he's running for reelection. >> white house as president biden plans to run for reelection despite low approval numbers, a mountain of crises, reports that his own party panicked over the idea of him running. >> tomi lahren joins us now. seems like trying to convince
2:57 am
yourself of what she's saying is true. >> when i heard joe biden was going to run in 2024 i asked myself, run for what? run to the ice cream store, run for the nursing home? i don't think his own party wants him to run for the white house again because they know regardless of whatever republican we put up, donald trump, ron desantis, or a hole in the wall for that matter, any of those candidates will be able to beat joe biden in 2024. they can say all they want, they can back up their president all they want but i think it would be more damaging for the party as a whole to admit that joe biden wants to run in 2024 enter support him to run 2024. i think they'll throw him under the bus well before that and it's not something they'll have to worry about. as a republican, i sure wish they would put him up again. >> they have no bench and that has been expressed multiple
2:58 am
times by people in the democratic party. in the meantime, let me get your thoughts on this. d.c. mayor muriel bowser adding a 51st art american flags displayed along pennsylvania avenue to mark flag day as part of her latest push for d.c. statehood. the mayor said "we are at a touching point for american democracy and what's in the senate's power to do the right thing, embrace representation, move d.c. statehood forward to the president's desk." your statement, tomi? >> as if she's been anointed that power. i will say on the bright note, if i like to find a silver lining, happy to hear that democrats honor and respect our flag enough to even take the time to add a star to it. because normally they are telling us that the flags were presented to them of oppression and all the things they don't like about this country. it's not a symbol they didn't really admire. i'm glad to know they are putting flags up and the appreciate it enough to add
2:59 am
another star willy-nilly. going to go ahead and take that as a slight win for patriotism. i'm glad to see it from a democrat. >> i love that silver lining. at the same time who knew that the american flag can be politically partisan and when you add a starter that it becomes exactly that. if democrats want statehood for washington, d.c., because they know that it would give them more power in congress, the same reason why they want to pack the supreme court. >> when you are losing the game of mayor, you want to do whatever you can to win and that includes changing the rules and democrats have no issues with that. symbolically adding a star or pushing for whatever legislation they want passed or legislation they want enacted, they want to convince the folks they want to convince, they are able to do that. just adding a star doesn't make it so, whether democrats believe so or not. i don't know if she is fully capable or just willing it into existence, but it's not going to happen but i will say a happy flag day, it is a great day but
3:00 am
we should celebrate our country. i'm just glad the democrats are appreciating the flag again. >> the army is 247th birthday. pete has book comes out today too. >> you are no betsy ross, i knew betsy. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> its primary day and all four corners of the country. >> former state representative katie arrington looking to unseat -- >> we want someone to represent family freedom. >> stocks in a free fall. >> we are watching closely. >> the death spiral is being driven by politics that don't work. >> yesterday, pro-choice demonstrators returning to justice samuel alito's home


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