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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 13, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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great conversation, deeply sincere person g can stream the entire thing tomorrow morning. well, that's it for us today. we are completely out of time back eight p.m. every so that's a sworn l enemy of lying pomposity, smuggestyimu and group think hae a great night with the ones you love. sean hannityty is next . all right. thank you , tucker . and welcome to hannity. and tonight, the price of the pump is yet at another all time high. in fact, gas prices now have hit new record highs for 17 consecutive days. no end in sight. the national average for a gallon of gas is now well over five dollars a gallon. five dollars and ten cents, by the way, diesel that costs even more now despite what biden and his fellow administration would have you believe, there's no mystery surrounding why we have spiking gas prices. let's begin with a very important reminder when someone tells you you know something especially on the campaign trail, believe them.
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two years ago on the campaign trail, joe biden well, when he was in hiding in his bunker ,told us that he was a climate warrior. he said he was a card carrying member of the climate alarmists called yivo to destroy the oil and gas industry and even threatened to throw oil executives in jail. he openly dreamed of a green new deal and promised to move away from fossil fuels altogether even if that meant sacrificing high paying career jobs in the energy sector in the process even and even if it caused americans you the american people deep financial pain which we are now all experience. and then there was this exchange between biden and then president trump during a debate. this is october 2020. take a look for yourself. i have one final closed closed ireland. would you close down the other way? i have a transition from the oil ministry. yes. oh , transition. that is a big statement because i would stop. why would you do that ? because the oil industry
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pollutes significantly. i said here's the deal, but let's make that well, if you let me finish the statement because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time over time. and i stop giving to the oil industry, i start giving federal subsidies. he won't get federal subsidies to the gas and schumi to the to solar and wind. why are we giving it to oil industry? we actually do go to solar wind . we may be the biggest segment in terms of business. that's the biggest setback because basically while doing this he is going to destroy the oil industry. will you remember that texas okay, remember that pennsylvania oklahoma is everybody remembering now because president trump was right in that moment. joe biden said exactly what he was going to do and it wasn't the first time over and over again on the campaign trail when he'd leave his basement, biden promised to transition away from fossil fuels regardless of what the conflict would be .
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>> take a look. today we saw you were all dead doing away with any subsidies for fossil fuels. no. one , no. two, holding them liable for what they have done, particularly in those cases where you're are underserved neighborhoods and you know the deal. okay, and by the way, when they don't want to deliver, put them in jail. kiddo, i want you to just take a look, okay? you don't have to agree, but i want you to look at my eyes. i guarantee you i guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel and i am not going to cooperate with would there be any place for fossil fuels including coal and fracking in a biden administration? no, we would work it out. we would make sure it's eliminated and fossil fuels and eliminate it. now you're wondering why are paying on average five dollars and ten cents for a gallon of gasoline? well, when you artificially reduce the world's supply of the lifeblood of our economy,
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oil and gas and at a time when demand is actually growing well ,prices go up. that's simple. economics 101, you don't need a harvard business degree to figure it out at the time president trump predicted exactly what would happen and what is exactly happening right now. >> take a look at this and you're paying one, two dollars a gallon for gasoline that's over . you know what that's like? that's like a tax cut that's bigger than a tax evasion guy that you'd be paying seven dollars, eight dollars, nine dollars. and if they get rid of your car, we're going to build more windmills and gas prices. >> you like that two dollar gas about five dollars, six dollars and seven dollars. darling, let's sell the car. it's a little bit too large . it's a five year plan is an economic death sentence. >> oh , but of course the feigned outrage over those mean tweets i'll take the mean tweets and two dollars a gallon gasoline any day now. of course, after the election, biden did exactly what he
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promised to do. he killed off the keystone xl pipeline. well, he didn't give a waiver to the nord stream two pipeline for vladimir putin. i guess probably payback for all the business that hunter and russia did together. now we also banned drilling in anwr. he paused all new oil and gas permits on federal lands. he restricted fracking. he slowed down production with a slew of burdensome regulations. and while he curbed domestic production, he's now more than happy to beg other countries for oil, including some of america's worst enemies. you know iran, we're going to make iran rich again and venezuela rich again. we're going to beg the saudis and opec to produce more oil is now planning that trip to saudi arabia. then it's off again on again what to beg for more oil from the gulf when we have more natural resources here and somehow according to the climate, you know, paying foreign dictators and america's sworn enemies to produce the oil our economy needs desperately is somehow
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what tell me how that's better for mother earth, for the climate than producing it right here at home. it doesn't make any sense. and you know, while we're on the record of this high prices every day and was experiencing one every day for 17 days in a row along with a president who is unwilling or unable to change course, he is so beholden to his climate religious now doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. that is the definition of insanity allowing these policies to remain in place is insane, but that's exactly what's happening because joe answers to the radical eco socialist new green dealers' in his own party . so we will compromise our national security and be dependent on other countries. we eliminate all these high paying career jobs in the energy sector. we will do nothing to increase the world's supply which would lower gas costs dramatically at the pump. we will give up the greatest opportunity we have to lower
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inflation and reduce the price of every item in every store that we shop at by reducing the delivery costs costs a lot more when when those 18 wheelers fill up their trucks, their rigs with diesel. what just to cling to this climate religious cult, it is clearly way more important than the suffering of poor americans ,middle class americans, americans on fixed incomes. but truth be told at this point it's not totally clear that the president can even think for himself at all. and with his poll numbers cratering, by the way, real clear politics average now lower than ever. 38%. and by the way, that includes some very favorable to joe polls that are not exactly in the world of reality. we call them outliers. democrats are now starting to jump ship as the new york post put it, saying it ain't joe democratic doubts mounting on biden's 2020 four reelection on for example, top obama adviser, not a dumb guy.
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david axelrod said biden's age was a major red flag. meanwhile, congresswoman, a sea of cortez this weekend refused to say whether or not she would support biden in twenty twenty four . and look at this headline from even the liberal new york times quote should biden run in twenty twenty four democratic whispers of no start to rise? and according to that report, quote, dozens of frustrated democratic officials, members of congress and voters are expressing doubts about the president's ability to rescue his reeling party . one dnc committee member even told the times, quote, to say our country was on the right track with flagrantly depart from reality. so naturally biden knows just to blame anyone but himself. and according to the washington post, joe is lashing out at his own staff, even his chief of staff, ron klain. biden also frequently is blaming florida senator rick scott for some reason, according to joe . rick scott is responsible for
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all of our economic woes. he's one senator , not a joke as he likes to say. not a joke, for god's sakes. it's rick scott's fault anyway. now senator scott is responding in a strong way. >> take a look. joe biden has destroyed america's economy. it's time to be honest with the american people. joe biden is unfit for office and should resign. senator rick scott, wisconsin has a problem. i'm rick scott from florida and i do have a problem and so does every american. biden is forcing america into a recession. i've got a plan to turn our country around. take a look at rescue america. >> i approve this message. all right. here now with reaction, florida senator rick scott. i'm not sure why you take up so much space in his head , but apparently you do. he mentioned your name frequently, which i guess is a compliment. so he really has destroyed the economy. forty one year high of inflation. you see the numbers definite recession on the horizon according to the experts, even
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lawrence summers and you want him to resign. but we both know he's never going to resign. so what's the next best thing we can ? well, first off, let's here's the problem. joe biden has. he was a rich kid. they say always average joe . no, he went to an expensive prep school and then he's been on the public. you know, dole for 50 years. we've been paying his way for 50 years. he has no idea about anything and he doesn't care. and so he has no plan to fix anything. he's confused. he's incapacitated. he's unfit for office. if i was in my business five years, why go to joe ? i say joe . nice guy. nice try. you got to leave. you cannot do the job. so we've got we've got to make sure we win in november and joe, we've got to stop by administration from doing all these things. five dollar gas i mean the gas impacts. febles i grew up in a poor family. my mom my mom was struggling like crazy right now to put food on the table to feed
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five kids and put gas in the car to get to work. that's going on all across this country right down all across my so we've got to change. we've got to become energy independent. we cannot keep doing what biden is doing. we've got to fix the supply chain. but you know what ? look at who is looking to biden picks. i mean, boudjellal do they have no idea how to do anything? they've never done anything. so the whole lot of them ought to resign. let's start all over . i'm looking at the amount of pressure. look, the definition of insanity is what i said it is you try the same thing over and over again. it doesn't work. the question is he sees what's happening with the high price of gas was setting one record after another. he reads the papers. somebody's got to be telling them it's forty one year high of inflation and this is not transitory as he first said. so the question is why is there this reluctance and resistance on the part of biden and the democratic party? you know, why are they okay with importing oil rather than
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producing it right here at home? because to me mother earth is better off if we produce it. >> yeah, and who doesn't want to be independent? we all did when we left home. we wouldn't be independent. our country should be independent. we shouldn't be dependent on anybody else for anything and maybe our allies but nobody else. so i think it's as simple as this. he doesn't understand it. he doesn't understand the economy and he doesn't care because he's never had to he's never had a tough financial day in his life. he doesn't know what it's like to be poor. he's never been poor. he's always been taken care of. he's always gotten paycheck because you, the taxpayer paid for it. and look at who's around him. there's nobody around him that's ever done anything in business. it's a whole government people that think government can run everything these people have no concept of how you fix the supply chain. you're in the senate, you deal with these democrats is not they're not. i know joe manchin is probably on our side on this maybe krysten sinema. i don't know. are there any other democrats that are looking at the high
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price of gasoline, record high inflation and saying, rick, can we work together to get the economy back in better shape? >> and maybe that includes restarting the keystone xl pipeline according to the premier and alberta, we'll be getting in 900000 barrels of canadian oil a day by now. had we finished that is anybody there that you're talking to on the democratic side that is willing to break ranks and give some financial relief everyday americans? >> no, i mean, they'll go say they care about it now they're up for election. they see how bad their poll numbers are so they'll say they care about it. but will they go vote for it or they propose anything to do it? there's nothing that comes out of the democrats that fixes anything with regard to supply chain gas prices. you energy independence, any of these things baby formula. i mean, they have nothing they have no plan to fix anything. but it came to testify. he's been out the port and long beach one time since he's been
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in office. i him what do you do to fix the supply chain? well, that's not my problem. rimando secretary of commerce, she says i says, what are you doing about inflation? that's the federal reserve's responsibility. they take no responsibility and starts with biden. he takes no responsibility, complete blame everybody else. he's not responsible for anything. that's what the democrats are doing. all right, senator rick scott, thank you . we appreciate you being with us. all right. as gas prices continue to spike and inflation goes up and up and up and up and up, democrats are now focused on what, january six as always. but americans obviously don't care. they've already made their decision on what they think happened that day. last week the big prime time show hearing lost in the ratings to what reruns of young sheldon, all of trump president trump state of the union speeches. if you look at them, all of them outperform the hearing. get this three out of the four state of the union addresses
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had twice as many viewers and that would be comparing apples to apples. look at this chart put together by the rnc now this morning, this morning during the latest january six hearing far more americans, they were googling gas prices than was searching the web for january 6th. it was more is minority leader kevin mccarthy first of all. right, so this information comes out about you and president trump and things you said regarding this and a lot of people thought that you guys had had a split and all of a sudden you show up in a meeting and apparently you guys are on the same page again. what happened? well, look, we have we have our conversations all the time. it's very interesting to me is there is no split between president trump and i were focused on one making sure this country comes back to the policies that makes the strong america first where we had low gas prices, we had a secure border, we had safe streets. we had a future for kids to be able to grow up in . and the democrats are now taking over .
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they don't want to talk about it. you just showed that graph why they had this january six meeting. here they are january 6th hearing overwhelm. people are googling about gas prices. moody's has shown that now their families are spending three hundred and eleven more dollars per month that's paying for a new car without getting the car. sixty four percent of americans are driving to the grocery store less because they can't afford the gas to get there and the dems won't talk about it because they have no solution. so what would republicans do? what would be different in november next january when the new congress is in place and it's a republican majority in the house and let's say a republican majority in the senate, but joe biden is still president. >> what would be different? well, the first thing we take over the house, we're going to make a commitment to america will lay out exactly what we'll do, will make america energy independent. they'll make the gas prices low and put more money into your pocket. we will secure the border. the other thing we'll do, we'll make sure your streets are safe.
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we're going to go into these communities, provide them cop grants only if they're dea, uphold every single law will provide a parents bill of rights that you have a right to say where your kids go to school and input into your kid's education. that's just the start of what we'll do. all right. so you have been trying to pressure rightly so and republicans have been trying to get nancy pelosi to get on a dockett security for our supreme court justices. i cannot believe that pelosi and schumer and the democrats approve of protesting in front of justices homes. now we have amy barrett's kids school being dock's the location her church is being dock's. they give the timeline of when she goes to church. this is more than harassment and intimidation to me it's a clear and present danger to every justice we saw what happened with kavanaugh. why won't nancy pelosi provide the security that they deserve? that's a very good point because remember this bill
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passed the senate 100 to zero and nancy pelosi has held this bill for one month. i've gone to the floor three times to ask for unanimous consent to bring the bill to send it to the president's desk. we just saw an individual travel from california. the only reason he was picked up and stopped because he saw security at the house of justice cavanough had just as cabinet not been there. the security wouldn't be there. so his family, his spouse would not be safe. and remember why this is happening. you had a white house that said yes, they should engage going to those houses. that's the president's position. you had chuck schumer go to supreme court and said you're going to pay the price cavanaugh and of course this is what he said. i find it that individuals who should be in jail becoming an thrown in jail, there's always the attorney general, the tony fauci or the parents just for going to school for me. but nancy pelosi holds this bill now the other thing the american public has to
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understand what the democrats want to do is change the bill not to make it better but to send it back to the house and delay it. they're doing everything they can and we do have a supreme court that is making what decisions then they'll be held accountable. those people that are getting approval and encouraging the doxing, the protesting, the harassment, the intimidation, they should be held accountable. kevin mccarthy, thank you for being with us. now, predictably, by the way, with the midterm prospects looking very bleak, democrats are now playing dirty and how to explain a republican candidate for senate in nevada, adam laxalt is with us. so a couple of things are happening in these primaries. your primary takes place tomorrow is one you've got rino republicans that are pouring tons of money against trump endorse candidates. is that happening there? and what are the dirty tricks are happening out there? well, look, my opponent is closing the race with msnbc
11:20 pm
and cnn. so, you know, i don't know that i need to really comment more on that . but you know, george soros has put a couple of million dollars in this race in the last few weeks to close it out. certainly the same things happen on the gov primary. but john , the bottom line is that they are very, very scared about us beating senator catherine cortez masto, chuck schumer spend his first political dollar in this state to try to rescue her because she's sitting at 40%. she's been deemed the most vulnerable democrat senator in america. and so we're going to expect unfortunately a lot more of this to you know, because you've you've been polling head to head and beating her so they don't want you to win tomorrow's primary. now i've i'm supporting you. i'm endorsing you. i know president trump endorsed you. mark levin has endorsed you and some other people. but the reality is where is this money actually going because doing it to hurt you know, look, the reality is that joe biden is that thirty
11:21 pm
two percent in my state we have the number two highest gas prices in america. you had the culinary union knocking doors today and hispanic hispanic democrat voters were saying that the list is so long of things that are going wrong with america, there's no way they're going to vote for democrats this cycle. so it is going to be a tsunami here . they know that i'm the former attorney general running against another former attorney general incumbent and that matchup is tailor made to fight for secure borders, to fight for our law and order. and we're going to beat senator masto in november. it's going be one of the biggest senate races in america. all right. we're going to watch big day. they know you can win that race . william f. buckley said the most conservative candidate that can win can win part as you so we're looking forward to it. thanks for being with us. all right. when we come back . gas prices surging all across the country. get this one , california town hits nearly ten dollars a gallon also.
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with aifetime warranty visit borrus dot and what are yours today? they suffer continually now under the cost of the biden agenda inflation another forty year high. the border is still wide opende as a matter of fact, the largest caravan to date is making its ways to the southern border. gas prices n now hitting one new record after another now averaging five dollars and ten cents a gallon. your screen. er a gasn station in northernli california. i'm glad i don't live therem. coastal town now now selling a gallon of gasoline for a whopping nine dollars and sixty three cents for w
11:27 pm
regular. by the way, if you want premium, that's going to cost y you nine dollars and ninety t four cents. that isth the cost of the biden climate alarmists. holt's agenda and the cost ofat biden artificially reducing the world's supply of oil, the lifeblood of the world's economy. also breaking tonight out napaar authorities there finally released the booking photo ofsp speaker nancy pelosi's husband paul pelosi after he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influenceer over the memorial day weekend were with us now is the authorhe of everything reminds me of something adam carolla u nine dollars and how much a gallon out there? how much are you paying at your local station? over seven dollars a gallon. and i've actually spoken tove a lot of folks who livea in southern california who say they can't even fill upit their tank anymore and it's not because they can't afford's t is because the gas pump cuts them off at 100 dollars so they get to 100 dollars. their isn't fulls yet and the
11:28 pm
gas cuts them. wait m a minute. we might be old enough. ro we shouldn't admit this , buti we probably are. i remember the gasrehen lines wn i was a kid. i remember the odd days and the even days and i was very thankful that my father was friends with the owner of a gasr station and he happened to take very good careyr of my father at the time. but with that said,d, they evenen had limitss on how much youd could buy at that point. >> you think we're headed there ? i don't know. but it was funny when you thinke about biden, biden gives all these homespun stories like when gas would go up. that was a kitchen table issue when he was sitting around the kitchen table with his dad. gas was twenty seven cents a gallon. do you really think they had a confab on the price of gas going from twenty seven cents a gallon tohat twenty nine cens a gallon in nineteendo fifty four ? i don't think so. all right now only because you are who you are. question and
11:29 pm
i can ask this question and probably get a really good answer. explain to me if we're going to import oil from iran or venezuela or opec or saudizu arabiael and we have all the natural resources that we'd ever want in thist country, tela me what the difference is to mother earth or the impact mother earth, which is what new green deal climate alarmism is all about. what difference does it make where you drillou the oil from? we're going to import it and be dependent or be independent and create high paying jobs for americans here . you know, doesn't it still have the same impact on the earth? yeah, well, it's the narcissism of politicians in california . d celebrities and loss they act like malibu will impact m the entire globe. so we have to switch to electric cars and gas needs to be out of out of price for just about anybody. but as long as they're doing d whatever they're doing in china
11:30 pm
and in india and a lot of other nations that are developing, then we're not going to put a dent in this issue. but we act because we're narcissists especially all this comes out of hollywood. they think c they can controlth the universe from a eight square mileght patch of west ls angeles. all right. let's talk about nancy pelosi's nanc a mug shot. i don't know why. maybe i'm just a softy at heart. i don't like l to take on people when they have personalay problems. however, in this day and age ofa uber and uber black and you know, all the car servicess you'd ever want if you're goingt to drink, why don't you just hire one of one of those people hat to drive you home that night and go get your car the next day? >> i feel the same way. i feel sorry for populars. pelosi if i was married to nancy pelosi, i'd probably be drinking pretty myself. and also you can't go to a party with nancy pelosi.
11:31 pm
she p can't be your designatedve driver because she can't hold the wheel. her hands are constantly flailing in the air so it'd be impossible to have her do that . i just like the fact that he's driving a brand new porsche. all right. i think he got hit by a jeep apparently. so what you're basically saying is if you were his attorney, you would say, your honor, i he's married to nancy pelosi. he's livee in a very stressful life. you've got t tohem a give him ak here . is that your argument? yes. and every time she speaks her hands fly off the wheel and start throwing punches in the air soo it's impossible to have her drive. and also it is ironic that i think today she was doing drag d racing right atra different kinh of drag racing, but he wasdr doing a little drag racing himself. i have no idea what you justai said. i really don't. butt i'll pick up on it. nancy pelosi is going to be featured on the show drag race.
11:32 pm
okay, that is racing as a form of automotive racing. yes. by the way, i heard your big car guy like jay leno. >> is that true? yes. i love myself some cars and that's why obviously for bv the big car guyio, eight bucks a gallon in california killing devastating. i used m to run a barn.y i usedow to fix my own cars, did my own tune ups and brakesi bondo i paint my own cars and i. had a lot of fun doing adam corolla, great to see it. . thanks for being with us when we come back .ia all right. the liberal media mob, they continue to ignore stories that don't fit the narrative. bill maherbi is now calling out the new york times for burying the cavanaugh assassination plot. well, they'rees not the only ons guilty. kayleigh mcenany, mike huckabee the next straight ahead. all of this if you want the 70% from israel directly intofo
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excited about saturday. oh , the part of me. one conservative group on a college campus where we were about as critical of the chinese government. the very next day the president of government called us bigger and bigger. the whole point of technology is to learn from one another when a school shuts down speech ,the opportunity for growth is completely stripped away. freedom of speech is our right. as americans we will do everything we can to protect when you can watch the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere
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but down in america. he's listening right now. the media mob shamelessga malpractise is on full display again tonight as the major sunday shows. guesss what ? they largely ignored the assassin attempt last week against justice cavanaugh that abc, cbs, nbc, also other outlets like the new york times. they barely cover the story, even prompting scorn from hbo's bill maher, hardly a conservative. take a lookll at the new york times buried this week below the fold. this hader been a liberal supree court justice that someone came to killon. it would have been on it would have been on the front page. and that's what's so disappointing about a paper like the new york times because they just wer biased on their sleeves and they if it's notso part of something that feeds our narrative and you better check it with reaction. outnumber co-host kayleigh mcenany along with former arkansas governor mike huckabeeh
11:38 pm
who is about to be displaced as the former best governor in arkansas as his daughter i expect will win that race handily w. kelly , let me start with you. this is a big story. it's not assassinate and plot against a supreme court justice that we have. the approval of the biden white house.pp then jen psaki and chuckat schumer threatening on the steps of the u.s. supreme courte faucets and kavanaugh and they seem okay with that? oh , we're fine as longpe as they're peaceful. if i start giving out o the addresses of liberals, i don't like if something happens. do you t think i'm going to be the one that gets blamed for it? i would think so. i would think so. that's called doxxing. who would be blamed 100% on .e butre the reason the media is ignoring it is because oh wait. the president of the unitedpr stateses is ignoring it. yes, his press secretary put out a statement but where ishi president biden's voices? on this? it's been almost seven days his press secretary went outec there erroneously todayay
11:39 pm
and said the president himself has condemned this . he has not condemned this . in fact, he said that if his decision comes out the way we all think it will , there will be a mini revolution. there isstan such a double standard. when i was at the podium and i'm sure governor huckabee knows when sarah was we were asked to condemn every singleen episode of violence, big smallce ,whatever , evenot if it had nothing to do with the president. so much so i had anent. entire tab m in my binder called violence that was just pages and pages p of all of the times president trump condemned racism, anti-semitism ofme, violence, bigotry. but this white housebut is a different standard joke and just be silent as by the way, 13 pro-life facilities have been either firebombed or va vandalized alongside the threatw . and byay the way, it's got thats gotten very little coverage. also, governor ,tten your take on it. i under no circumstances would i ever put anybody's address out publicly so people would know where it is doxxing as they call it, or encourage
11:40 pm
people to protest in front of the home of a justice. now it does raise issues. regarding the law. are they trying to intimidate? are they trying to harass the justices into voting a certain way? it certainly seems like that to me, sean. >> it's domestic terrorism, and simple. it's trying to scare people into a different behavior than you expect them to do. can i can i just say do you know there's one thing that is worse than not enforcing the law and by the way, it is t against federal law to goo toe the home of a supreme court justice in protest. it's against the federal law.rr so it's not being enforced. i don't l care what merrick h garland sayse' he's doing a lot of things but he's not enforcing the law. but there's something worse than not enforcing the laws and that's only enforcing the law against your politicalnl enemies. that's what's really disturbingd that we see. peter navarro gets arrested, strip searched, put in leg shackles, handcuffed at an
11:41 pm
airport. eric holder doesn't't you constantly see a different set of rules being applied to t people who are conservativeo versus the people who arere on the far left and who are doing just illegal things and supreme court justices homes and that's what they need to really be watchingwa this unfold for a long time. wewe don't have equal justice under the law and we don't have equal application of our law that now is a fact. and we saw that talk aboutbo the new york times and thean ignoring ofd this case for three long years. they even pulitzers, they need to get back. they lied about trump russia collusion, none of which wasit true , governor . and they never get held accountable t for that partht either. and you're right about a the law part. it's against the law to intimidate and harass a judge or justice. and i think we have to start demanding that the law be not only enforced but enforced
11:42 pm
equally regardless of someone's political view. all those people arrestedvi aftu january six , you called for t them tohe suffer a full judgmene of the law if they in fact hurt someone are vandalized and every other conservative i know did the same thingnd because we believe in true law and order applied equally. we do not hear that fromt the left and yet we have violence threats againstt cavanaugh. we have it against amy comey. barrettanau we've already seen against steve scalise who almost was killed by an assassin's bullet and the attack by a crazy guy against his own neighbor rand paul and all this attention january 6th, that was one riot . okay, tha i condemn that in read time on radio. t i condemn that night on tv we are all consistent. all right. but i also condemned all five andnd seventy four riots in the summer of 2020 dozensie died, thousands of cops injured, billions in property
11:43 pm
damage. we have all of the video evidence you would ever want too arrestst every one of those people. and yet pretty much from what i've heard in most of the cities where this happened, nobody's beingei held accountable. so which goes to governor huckabee's pointin exactly. in fact in portland and it. f remember because i followeds this news each and every night e that is at the podium att the time there were officers locked in a courthouse and you had rioters attempt to burn those officers alive inside this courthouse there were federal officers well after that the department of justice under merrick garland has droppedt one third of the cases against the portland rioterspo.r soe' where is the justice for them? where are the justice forer the dozense, as you mentioned, who were killed, many more injured businesses razed to the ground. david dorn, that officer who wel all know and lovel, we've covered his story, who lost his life amid those riots. there must be accountability
11:44 pm
and there's no reason to drop a third of casesp against portland rioters. don't forget police on outnumbered everyry right here on the fox news channel and sarah huckabee. sanders will be the new governor of arkansas is my prediction. i hope i'm right when we w come back , three pennsylvania parents now are taking legal action to stop transgenderes related lessons at their kid's elementaryso school. pete hegseth has written a book detailing how you can protect h your kids from the left's agenda and indoctrinationle alog with laura trump. as we can put you ruined to be retired then had to face a volatile market. they contacted their personal capital adviser and checked our free retirement plan. now they feel confident and no longer worry about what the market may bring. start today at personal capital . why are so many people turning to super rich? because super rich difficult give you the energy and blood pressure support you want from real big without the super rich
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learn more things, go to parkinson's dog or call one hundred forty info on rightl now efforts by the left to turn our schools for our kids into democratic indoctrination centers is becoming more and more apparent. but the good news is d parents are now standing strongtr
11:49 pm
and standing up against allon this far left lunacy. for example, three parents in the mount lebanon school district outside of pittsburgh, they filed suit this month alleging that their kids first grade teacher violated districti policy and state law by teaching kids about gender dysphoria and transgender transitioning t. and according to the lawsuit, the teacher told the kids that sometimeseshe k parents are wrong and parents and doctors and they mistakes bring a child home from the hospital. in a statement, the district now refuses to address the specific allegations and instead referred us to a so-called equity statement st that reads in part the mount lebanon school district is committed to providingct safe, inclusive and welcoming environments that recognize pro and celebrates the diverse identities of all members of our school community. it was reaction authorr of a brand new book just out today. it's on "hannity" .com bookstores
11:50 pm
everywhere the battle for the american mind, foxoh and friends weekend co-host pete hegseth along with fox news contributoros lara trump. i don't know. i'm old fashioned laura . if we taught the kids reading, writing, math , science and computers, i think we'd all be a lot better off because we pay more per capita than any c other industrialized country and the results are god awful. >> yeah, you're exactly right, sean. i mean, how many times have we heard stories like this alll across the country? bo you continue to hearut aboutut these things. the difference is these parentsg are actually taking action and they're taking legal action. it appearsinegal that this is absolutely unheard of, though, for people to be talking anybody as far as i'm concerned parents as a parent, you should never as a teacher be teachinge anything. w i don't care what age the student is about these issues of totallyro inappropriate, but these arepr first graders on these were6- six and seven year olds and youe
11:51 pm
just hadt some of the things that this teacher apparently was talking to these kids about saying parents make mistakes,ad their mistakes made by doctors and parents when a kid comests h home from the hospital.os are you kidding me? that's not even based in reality or science. and as far as i'm concerned as a parent, do mern a favor. don't ever tell my kid that i'm wrong, that i'm making mistakes.e who are these teachers that are doing these things? but sean, i think you bring upwh a great point whenever you look across the country, our kids aren't even meeting basic proficiencies and so many things like math and reading m. we are falling behind so many other countries. look at where our kids now after covid soeh far behind we should be taking every singlese second of classroom timeco to catch our kids back up.we we should never be infusing ideas into six and seven year olds that they cannot understand. i think every parent hears stories like this . they're horrified. they're appletree.
11:52 pm
but if you're a parent, if you're a grandparent, if you want to be a parent one day, pay attention to this . go to the voting booth in november and vote like our children's future depends on it because obviously if it does, we have to vote peoplee out not justt in congress, notup just in the senate, but w school boards, school districts make sure you know who you're votinge for and that they're not supporting nonsense like this in our schools. all right. so pete, the case we're talkingp about the, the parentsar in pennsylvania, three of them filed the suit. they're talkingt. about kids in first grade being taught about gender dysphoria, trans gender transitioning. >> why arere we doing this ? the first graders i mean,ia where's the age appropriate component to all o of us ?ti >>on oh , it's intentional, sea. i have a six year old boy who legitimately believes he has wti a shot at being batm. these aree ar imaginative kidsy look tove.
11:53 pm
they look to their teachersthor as authority figures and those authority figures are givingvi them what the future looks like ,what they should valuee and their teachers in this instance are saying your parents might be wrong. you see, the reason i wrote this book short battle for the american mind is it seems sudden and dramatic, but it was culminating for over a hundred years and what the left notion is that the affections with our of our youngest kids are the biggest prize. if p we imprint on their heart o value something other than gody, and country and virtue and wonder and truth, then you set them on a different courseav in general. en haven'te we already lost this battle in my view we lost thels schools. the unholy alliance between democrats and teachers unions. it's almost unbreakable at this point. i correct?s which is why our view we've gote five chapters on the solution.
11:54 pm
this book first and foremost, take a look atid pulling your kids out. pullllot t them out. it's w not the public schools yh thought they were. it's not the private schools you thought they are. the pipeline of the educational industrial complex is nearly complete. you can protest, you can vote, but they've gotot the minds. oh , wait a minute.n that can provide an alternative. you can't necessarily protestse law because if you do, they're going to investigate as a domestic terrorists. yeah, that'ss exactly right. you get called a domestic terrorists. slappedthat label on you. they tried to change the tune from that and say a that never happened. it absolutely happened. and you know, the goal was very clear was to deter parents from being involved in their child's education, deter parents from speaking out whenever they saw problems within their school system, whether it washe talking about these inappropriate topics, whether it was teaching our kids critical theory, teaching them to hate america, that is the goal with all ofis this is to say you don't need this , you don't need that label slapped on you sove
11:55 pm
don't even bother speaking out. but the differencen is and looku i get it i agree with you. n it's really tough right now to be a parent and it does feel like perhaps this battle iss an uphill battle, but it's why we have to make sure we come outn again in november. wemi have to take these midterms very seriously. yi we've got to get this countrh back on the right track, at least for our children if for>> nothing s. and real quick in the book, the battle to the american mind, you're offering parentsso solutions. we have about 20 seconds for first step to recovery is understanding the depth of your problem. progressive'sg targeted the minds and hearts of our kids over one hundred years ago and we're seeing what they're reaping the benefits of it now. be vigilanttefit, get theou information, make tough choices for your kids. battle for the american mind bookstores everywhere handy .com, amazon.comto. thank you , laura . thank you . and we'll have more "hannity" right after this .
11:56 pm
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alerting you to suspicious activity. we had a warning note that this first death has happened. you can stop the red meteor he signed up for home, try to lock and was immediately alerted to suspicious activity . so i received the report and saw hey, i have a lien against my property i didn't know about. we got it fixed right away. and if you call in the next 15 minutes mitch promo code, you'll receive your first thirty days absolutely free will do your life if you for me i mean this go online for call now 1-800- three four four one five frustrated with the accountability. we're just on the same wavelength as tell me how you do mike . you have to double down here in some cpac and unfortunately
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have pac and unfortunately left this evening. >> as always, we thank you fore being with us. thank you for making this showl possible. we hopese your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. don't forget for news anydo place, anytime, anywhere. fox news.comn'orge, hannity, .cm and the good news in they. comeantime, you can let your hearts be troubled. the ingraham angle laura ingraham standing by and laura ingraham standing by and tonight . >> that's what i heard rumors about. first of all, i haveto a question. what's on your tie tonight ? >> is that an aquatic theme? and look, are they fish? >> i'm trying to seeth that that's one of those fancy european tiesos, is it not? that's an employee i believe i'm looking at it. e i don't even pick my ties. itt shows up on a rack and i put it on .ti i don'ton really have much question. i have a question. a did you miss didt you miss me at all? >> i mean, we have to we produce. yeah. we haven't been you know, it's t it's like it's we had together and i i miss o our old chats and people were asking