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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 13, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> those are big date nights. >> those are. >> dana: people should get their tickets. thank you very much. thank you to greg gutfeld for letting me host tonight. thank you. fox news @ night with the evil shannon bream is next. love you, america. bye. >> shannon: hello. welcome to fox news @ night. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, record high gas prices for the 17th consecutive day, that's 34 out of the last 35 as president biden continues to pin the blame elsewhere leaving members of his own party wondering whether he should be seeking a second term.
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well, more protests tonight outside the homes of supreme court justices as we await a landmark decision on abortion rights. meanwhile, the mainstream media largely ignoring the man accused of attempting to murder justice brett kavanaugh. our panel is standing by live to weigh in and we'll explore why hundreds of officers are leaving the new york city police department and what is shaping up to be the biggest exodus from the nypd since the stats have been made available. we begin tonight with democrats evidently coming to the realization that president biden's cratering approval ratings could be very bad news for their party in the long-term and in the short-term. kevin corke tracking the latest tonight. evening, kevin. >> evening, shannon. great to be with you, my friend. happy monday. it was clearly one of those days in the financial market where no amount of lipstick on that pig was going to make it appealing. imagine waking up to the most pain at the pump that
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you've ever seen as an american, ever only then to watching the markets crater and your 401k really move into retreat. dow plummeting 875 points amid fair market fears and major rate hike jitters. we'll talk more about that in a bit. sky-rocketing inflation and, yes, gas and food prices absolutely soaring. now, economists think inflation will continue and even get worse as we approach the midterms. in fact, former clinton treasury secretary and obama adviser lawrence summers predicts the country will be in flat-out full-on recession in less than two years in sharp contrast to the rosy outlook coming from the biden white house. >> we're coming out of the vonkest job market in american history. a lot of that matters. that's thanks to the american rescue plan. only democrats voted for that republicans did not it led to this economic -- this historic
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economic people we're seeing with jobs. >> what about the historic inflation? >> no! that is not -- that is not how we're seeing the american rescue plan. >> reporter: it may not be how they're seeing it but a lot of other people certainly see it that way. by the way, the economic disconnect between the white house's view and the way americans view the economy is just one of many reasons there are growing concerns tonight among democrats over just who might be the party standard bearer in 2024. as you see there both the "new york times" and "new york post" running stories today about how more and more democrats don't want mr. biden to run in 2024. >> we'll cross that bridge when we get to it but i think if the president has a vision and that's something certainly we're all willing to entertain and examine when the time comes. >> examine when the time comes! not exactly a ringing endorsement from a.o.c. tomorrow, the president will deliver remarks on the economy at the 29th annual or semiannual
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afl-cio convention. we'll also keep an eye, shannon o any news regarding the president's likely upcoming trip to the middle east. we've heard rumors about a stop in israel and of course going hat-and-hand over to saudi arabia to see if he can get a little help on oil while domestic supplies continue to dwindle. shannon? >> shannon: kevin, i'll see you back here in a few minutes for something that's draining our bank accounts we're not even aware of. we'll have a discussion over that. >> we kind of overlook it, i think. i'll see you in a few. >> shannon: thank you, kevin. protests tonight outside of the home of samuel aleto as the justices release five new opinions monday but none are the landmark decision abortion that we're waiting, that waiting game continues as the attorney general faces growing pressure to enforce a federal law that actually prohibits demonstrations outside of justices' homes for the purpose of influencing their decisions. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is tracking the details tonight. good evening. trace. >> reporter: for the record, 24 opinions remain to be released by the supreme court.
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some will come on wednesday. you can bet pro-choice protesters will be back outside the court in force. in the meantime, attorney general merrick garland is under increasing pressure to crack down on those who are protesting at the homes of the justices. federal code 1507 clearly states picketing outside of the home of a judge with intent to interfere or influence a decision is illegal. here is g.o.p. senator tom cotton. watch him. >> yet again, the feckless and hapless attorney general merrick garland did nothing, even though he had advanced knowledge. he should resign in disgrace. >> reporter: the biden administration has encouraged protesting outside the homes as long as they remain peaceful, except even after the alleged assassination attempt against justice brett kavanaugh, the d.o.j. has yet to bring any charges against any protesters which has baffled former attorney general bill barr who said -- quoting here -- the administration's talking point
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that it supports the first appointment is a nonanswer. and breaking tonight, the house will finally put the senate supreme court security bill on the floor for a vote tomorrow. it'll need 2/3 to pass, but now it's losing support from key senators who say it's no longer viable because house democrats changed it. >> the reason given by our democratic colleagues in the house is, well, they want to extend further protection to court employees and their families. that could include around-the-clock security details from everyone from clerks to i.t. staff and their spouses, children, sib collins and parents. >> reporter: but nanci pelosi is endorsing the changes saying it's not about the justices. they're already protected. this is about protecting the staff, which as a lot of -- has a lot of republicans a bit surprised. shannon? >> shannon: we'll track that vote tomorrow and then the opinions again on wednesday.
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trace, thank you so much. >> reporter: you bet. >> shannon: following our reporting on the whole big friday, the past weekend rolled on with an abundance of broadcast time dedicated to the january 6th hearings but almost nothing on the threat to justice kavanaugh and on his life and on his family. let's discuss that glaring dichotomy tonight with curtis and calberkeley law professor john. great to have you both back. >> good evening, shannon. >> shannon: let's play something from bill mayor -- bill maher talking about the coverage. >> "the new york times" buried this. if this had been a liberal supreme court justice that someone came to kill, it would have been on the front page. that's what is what is so disappointed about the "new york times." they wear their bias on their sleeves and if it's not part of something that feeds our narrative, [bleep] it. >> shannon: we got a little bleep there. curtis, do you agree?
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i feel like any supreme court justice, soto meyer or kavanaugh, whoever it is, that feels like front-page news? >> right, yeah and it was covered in the "washington post" and in the "washington times" here in d.c. but the "new york times" really decided to bury it on a20 with the really short story and a bottom white corner that took multiple paragraphs to even get to the motive. you know f you asked a lot of these broadcast networks or newspapers, the excuse they would offer would be something rather lame in my opinion like, you know, because it was foiled, because the suspect confessed and we had all of these details and it did turn out as badly as it did, but what an indictment that is on our news media that something so serious that turned out to not have come to fruition have not really received a lot of coverage. again t just shows the bias we all know if this had been justice sotomayor, any of the justices t would have gotten way more coverage but, instead, you
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know, threats like the threats to the capitol are obviously far largener scope gets three or four times more coverage on the broadcast networks than it did on justice kavanaugh. >> shannon: you can cover both. these are both big stories. you can do that. the "wall street journal" editorial board on the headlines said the assault on the supreme court, it says january 6th was an assault on the transfer of presidential power and congress' duty to certify the electoral college votes under the constitution but what about the growing threat to the third branch of democratic government? the supreme court? and especially the steaming nonchalant four last week's arrest outside of the home of justice brett kavanaugh. john, can we not walk and chew gum? i think we can. >> we're in the middle of watching these nationally televised hearings about political violence to interfere with constitutional process of the changing government. that's feign. i'm glad congress is finally putting cards on the table and showing us what it's been spending months investigating, but at the same time, we should follow the same standards when it comes to justice kavanaugh
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which the assassination attempt -- i don't think if someone tried to kill a justice for over -- more than 100 years, i think it was in the late 19th century you have an effort to try to kill the justice of the u.s. supreme court to get the court to change its decision in one of the most important supreme court cases in our history. that is also using political violence to try to interfere with constitutional government. i think at least you should apply the same standards to both stories. >> shannon: well, and there's another story that's not getting a lot of attention. we've got video that shows you some of the clinics, the pregnancy, pro-life clinics that are out there that have been fire bombed, vandalized, spray painted with messages like "if abortion is not safe, you're not safe." there's been a lot of destruction. the washington examiner writing about this says attacks against crisis pregnancy centers some faith-based, have risen steadily since a draft in the case -- the abortion case -- which suggests
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the court is considering overturning the legal precedent that prevents states from banning abortion. a washington examiner review had recent incidents of arson, vandalism or both in at least 13 anti-abortion centers across the country. curtis, i've not seen a lot of reporting on that either. >> no! we're really getting only a couple of seconds here or there. the only time we're actually getting more than a few seconds or a sentence or two is here on the fox news channel. i mean, really, this is yet another example that they should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time and consider really look inward to realize political violence at this point in the country is getting so heated, whether it's the supreme court justice or a journalist or pro-life groups now that are being attacked. both sides, everybody is really feeling like we're really -- something is about to blow and i think it would behoove everyone to give everything equal time and for people to simply calm down but with bill maher t shows
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it's creating -- it shows it's creating strange bed fellows across the political spectrum, people are realizing something is going on in the body of politics and it's got to stop. >> shannon: catholic. [indiscernible] james revenge are among those planning to have a night of triage respond to the supreme court's overturning of roe v wade. the grandiose rhetoric shows churches and pro-life groups as their enemy. the actors are behind at least six vandalism or pro-life groups, crisis pregnancy centers and churches. a night of rage sounds rather ominous. dhs has been warning there could be violence to come from groups they say on both sides of this. >> i wish the justice department and the department of homeland security spend just a portion of the resources they've poured into investigating january 6th to investigate these groups. take for example the groups that's put the addresses of the justices' homes on the internet. that's how the would be assassin
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found justice kavanaugh's home. i think that group should be investigated. are they in some way connected in any way to other officials? are they connected to people who are counting out violence? these are the same questions people have been asking about january 6th. we should ask the same questions about any groups threatening violence to try to intimidate or pressure one of our three branches of government to try to change a decision? i think that is a serious threat to our constitutional government. i'm surprised that the justice department is not taking a firmer stance. >> shannon: especially because there's a law on the books with clear language they can arrest these people right now if nothing else just to send a message and calm things down. gentlemen, we're not going to solve it tonight but we're going to keep tracking it. kurtz and john, thank you, -- curtis and john, thank you, both, very much. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: january 6th committee focused on testimony from a host of trump officials who they say tried to convince the former president that his re-election bid had been lost. >> i saw absolutely zero basis for the allegations, but they
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were made in such a sensational way that they obviously were influencing a lot of people. i thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff, he has, you know, lost contact with -- he's become detached from reality. >> shannon: two more hearings still on come just this week. on wednesday, digging into allegations there was a push for states to change their election outcomes. on thursday, the so-called pressure campaign on former vice president mike pence. we'll track them both. breaking tonight, a california highway patrol officer is reportedly in critical condition after being shot in los angeles. that incident happened near the intersection of laurel canyon boulevard and lan del street in the studio city area of l.a. details minimal at this hour but we'll keep tracking that and keep you updated tonight. with crime in new york city up almost 40% so far this year, new reporting tonight that the exodus of resigning or retiring officers from the nypd is much
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higher than the department is admitting. correspondent brian llenas taking a closer look at those numbers and another weekend of mass shootings across the country. good evening, brian. >> reporter: shannon, when asked whether this recent nypd exodus concerns him, new york city mayor eric adams said, no, it does not. the former nypd captain said it's an "amazing career" and he boasted about the city's new recruitment efforts. >> we're looking for the next generation of police officers. show your community you care by stepping forward to help protect the city. >> reporter: the new york police department is looking for more police officers amid an exodus from the department. according to the "new york post," nearly 1,600 officers have resigned or retired so far this year. that is up 38% compared to the same time last year and up 46% compared to the same date in 2020. >> listen, i mean, if you're surprised, i'd like to know where you've been for the last couple of years. this is the time when they start jumping ship because there's too
9:16 pm
much legislation, too much scrutiny. some of it is warranted but most of it is not warranted and then you have the issue of stealing with the politics on top of it. >> reporter: this as crime continues to rise. transit crime in new york city is up 54%. the nypd is searching for a man who unprovoked randomly attacked a 19-year-old woman on the subway placing her in a chokehold and flashing her multi-- slashing her multiple times in the neck and back. this is video of at least eight people dangerously subway surfing on top of a train as it crossed the williamsburg bridge into brooklyn. police are short nationwide amid rising crime. a 2021 survey showed a 45% increase in retirement and a nearly 20% spike in resignations from 2020. in akron, ohio, three men were arrested in connection with the beating death of a local 17-year-old teen, ethan, outside of the i promise high school established by lebron james and a shooting in los angeles
9:17 pm
sunday morning at a rapper's party in an underground warehouse left three people dead. >> we'd like to know what happened, especially for the victims that died here. >> reporter: in chicago, 31 people were wounded in 23 separate shootings over the weekend killing six people. the chicago police department is reportedly short roughly 1,100 officers. shannon? >> shannon: brian llenas, thank you very much. a bipartisan list of senators say they've got an agreement tonight on a plan to curb gun violence. the measure would include background checks including digging into juvenile records for people under 21. state grants for red flag laws and funding for school safety and mental health as well. dana is here to talk about this potential breakthrough. hey, dana. >> hey, shannon. thank you for having me. >> shannon: i'm going to put up on the screen so people could see some of the things we talked about. we mentioned some of these, mental health funding, school safety funding, federal laws,
9:18 pm
closing loopholes dangerous to the so-called boyfriend loophole where you can. [indiscernible] in a domestic violence situation from getting a gun but the boyfriend/girlfriend thing would be -- it doesn't have to be that you live with this person but you still have a threat in that relationship, and a few other things. this is how it's being portrayed. "the washington post" did an opinion piece and says the willingness of democrats and republicans to negotiate and find agreement on an issue that is so deeply divided for two parties for so long is noteworthy and a hopeful sign that our government is not completely broken. do you see it that way? are there some things here you can go along with or no? >> there are, i think, some good directions when they talk about the mental -- the mental health awareness in security security funding -- school security funding specifically. it is hard to judge exactly when we're going to get because we're looking at the principle that is coming together, the outline of the framework. we don't have the legislative text just yet. i will say this, i'm pleased we're not raising the age of
9:19 pm
purchase because that'll be the denial of an enumerated right. i think that takes way more than just passing a couple of laws in the senate. i think you need to actually start the process of amending the constitution at that point. to the point where you mentioned the boyfriend loophole as well, there's certain vagueness about this, about the framework that i have some questions on. the boyfriend loophole, um, kind -- that's the lautenberg amendment that people who are committed of domestic violence abuses are considered offenders. the lautenberg amendment was in the early 90's. they are including that to be a dating partner whether a sexual relationship or not. there are questions people have about civil liberties and the abuses of partners whether or not it's an exor or not, etc. this is the biggest concern to a lot of second amendment -- people who exercise hear it second amendment v the red flag
9:20 pm
law. this is side stepping the tenth amendment to this there were issues with the brady background check in the 90's with prints in the u.s. they smartly side stepped this. 19 states so far have red flag laws. there isn't actually any evidence to show they've decreased any kind of criminal activity, mass casualty incidents. that's something i'm sure they're going to try to whittle down as the details on this come out. i've got concerns because it's the removal of due process. you are essentially punishing someone -- they're guilty until they prove themselves innocent in a court of law. >> shannon: in some of the states, they take the firearm before there's ever a hearing. that's the big difference, whether they're going to be talking about red flag laws where there is a hearing, the person who is accused is able to either go represent themselves or have representation there. those are two different things. the federalist is asking about this with the red flag law says ask this, will senate republicans guarantee that funding for state laws is contingent on laws that have protections for basic due
9:21 pm
process rights or penalties for bringing frivolous or false charges against gun owners, because that could be abused too? here is what senator cornyn, lead republican negotiating about this, here's what he says about the red flag laws. >> 16 states have red flag laws. texas does not. and they certainly shouldn't miss out on access to those resources for crisis intervention. it's absolutely critical that each and every one of those includes protection that comes from due process of law. and particularly when it comes to the rights of law-abiding gun owners. >> shannon: you've got 10 senate g.o.p., you know, folks who are supporting this and cornyn is leading the charge on that. are you confident that he will make sure there are due process protections or say we don't have a deal? >> i would love -- i would love to not have to worry about it. senator cornyn will be on my radio program wednesday. we'll have a big conversation about this. yeah, i have a million questions
9:22 pm
to ask senator cornyn. quick note, it's interesting that the 10 republicans that are joining with the 10 democrats on this, none are on the election cycle. of them, four are retiring and six aren't even -- yeah, it's interesting they're not going to be penalized for any decisions in the next cycle. two of the protections offered the way that it's current -- to what we know, it looks like it's a mashup of lindsey graham with richard blumenthal from a few years ago. i was critical with the absence of protections in that you're looking at deprivation hearings you're supposed to be having if you're removing from someone their constitutional rights. so far, these 19 states we don't have anything like that furthermore, there's no standard ons what kind of evidence is going to be offered. is it imminent danger? clear and -- i mean, there's a lot of questions about those standards and furthermore, too, a court-appointed lawyer? usually these people have to prove themselves innocent in a court of law at their own expense. >> shannon: yeah, like you said, everything is in the details. we'll see as this gets hammered
9:23 pm
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>> shannon: first up in tonight's viral videos a doggy on the loose that the san diego zoo safari park being chased around by a gorilla. officials think the dog wandered into the park and the gorilla enclosure on his own and somehow got in there. there wasn't a zookeeper around. at the time, according to local reports, visitors shouted the gorilla's name and beckoning the dog trying to get the dog to come out. the dog was later rescued, picked up by the san diego
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humane society where he is awaiting hopefully to be reunited with his owners. how cute is he? can they fly him in here from san diego? we'll take him. so cute. this cow prefers a desk job from work out in the field. who wouldn't? take a look at this video of a cow wandering into her owner's home office. he even has his front hooves up on the desk there. all i have to say to the cow is "you're hired!" >> you can see this eye is not blinking. i can't smile on this side of my face. this nostril will not move. so there's full par ralsoys this side of phi -- paralysis on this side of my face. >> justin bieber is diagnosed with ramsey hunt syndrome that caused paralysis on one side of his face. he posted saying "each day has gotten better. through all of this discomfort, i've found comfort in the one who designed me and knows me
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best." his wife suffered stroke-like symptoms after a blood clot traveled to her brain. a zoo in china holding a huge birthday celebration for six of its giant pandas. you can even see the pandas enjoyed playing with the decorations. that's very crafty. cute. got viral videos to share? hit us up @shannonbream or @foxnewsatnight on social media. where am i losing my money? >> a lot of it i think has to do with the fact that you and i both have lots of things on auto. it's like, auto pay. i never think about it. you may be need to pay attention. pay attention. this is important. paying for monthly superscriptions is a regular part of american human life. a lot of households have several prescription services.
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netflix? yes. youtube tv? yes. paramount plus? yes. disney+? yes. >> you're a sports guy like my husband. he's got to join these things to see specific games and specific conferences. you can't give that up because that's the only way to see the games. >> help us out, y'all. >> shannon: we'll start taking up collections. let us know at home if you get caught with this stuff, too, i'd love to hear what you're doing. if you crack down to unsubscribe to everything. we have to work on that. it's a goal. we have good news from you later. >> you have to love this one. a nurse that does something important. >> shannon: i can't wait. see you then. >> see you then. >> shannon: gas prices officially topping $5 a gallon for the national average tonight. that's almost $2 more than this time last year. and that's not helping the president's political bottom line. what do democrats think of his performance so far? democrats! we'll tell you next.
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>> shannon: even with the latest migrant caravan disbanding over the weekend, u.s. border authorities worry now that the folks will travel freely throughout mexico and will soon arrive at our southern bordner large numbers in the coming days. bill melugin has the latest tonight from hidalgo, texas. good evening, bill. >> reporter: shannon at any given time, there are thousands upon thousands of migrants on the mexican border waiting to cross into the u.s. case in point, take a look at this video we shot in reynoso, mexico. we crossed over yesterday. what you're looking at are thousands of haitian migrants waiting in that mexican border city hoping for a chance to cross into the u.s. many of them standing in a long, single-file line hoping to get into a local migrant shelter there. more than 1,000 of them waiting to get in. several hundred others already living inside that shelter. the shelter director spoke with us and told us the numbers of
9:39 pm
migrants he's dealing with right now are overwhelming. take a listen. >> this is the result of people thinking the border is open. we are not equipped to handle this capacity for tens of thousands and thousands of families. >> reporter: in the video you're looking at right now, it was sent to us in a contact in a mexican city across from del rio, texas. what you're seeing are busloads of migrants from that migrant caravan arriving late yesterday afternoon obviously with the intent to cross into texas illegally, but they were actually stopped by mexican authorities, mexican police and immigration officials. they stopped those buses, detained them and physically took those migrants elsewhere away from the border. more information on that as we get it. last thing we'd like to show you is take a look at this. we embedded with texas dps in the rio grande valley over the weekend as their troopers are on the hunt for runners, guys who weren't willing to turn themselves in. didn't take long to find them. this is a group of young men who
9:40 pm
were arrested trying to evade law enforcement. one person in the group spoke perfect english. he was from el salvador. he was a dreamer. came to the united states when he was nine years old. his parents brought him. grew up here. got in trouble. went to jail. got deported. he tried coming back. he got caught again. we'll be sent back again. shannon, more than 27,000 illegal crossings in the rio grande valley in the last two weeks alone. back to you. >> shannon: thank you, bill. more bad economic and political news for president biden with gas prices officially north of $5 a gallon nationwide. no end in sight to rising inflation and the markets taking a beating monday leading democrats to publicly and privately question whether the president should seek a second term. let's bring in tonight's bream team panel. richard fowler and fox news political analyst gee yanno caldwell. welcome back. thank you for being here.
9:41 pm
let's start with the "new york times" the headline should he run in 2024 or not? to say our country was on the right track would flagrantly depart from reality. they said he should announce his intent not to seek re-election in 2024 right after the midterms. the team said he's planning to run again. >> i'm glad to hear there's at least another sane member of the democratic party outside of joe manchin. truth of the matter is this democratic leader is correct 80% of americans say the country is on the wrong track. joe biden's approval numbers even with democrats teetering around the 30 percentile mark, gas is as high as it's ever been and the inflation sat a 40-year high. the only thing joe biden's administration has done to make things cheaper is sending out the cocaine kits for people to smoke crack. that's the only thing they've done to mitigate costs. it's a shame. >> shannon: they've denied
9:42 pm
that just for the record. >> yeah, that's their denial. >> shannon: they have also, the white house, the president has lost double-digits among people who voted for him, independents, young voters. richard, you know he's upside-down on nearly every issue. do democrats just cut their losses and say listen, he's a statesman, he could grassley bow out, let's get the next generation ready for -- he could easily bow out, let's get the next generation ready for 2024? >> i don't think any democrats are even thinking about 2024. most are just focusing on the election coming up in a few weeks from now. inflation is happening to everybody. it's happening at the pump, the grocery store and at your local target and wal-mart. the good news here when you look at america versus our global partners is we have a better job market than the united kingdom or canada or germany and we actually have a lower inflation rate than both germany and the united kingdom but that doesn't matter to folks at the gas pump which is now more than ever what
9:43 pm
this white house and what democrats have to begin to do is talk about what is that pain at the pump? how that feels and what they plan to do to fix it. i said this all along -- i said this last week and i'll say it again -- they'll have a hard time to get republicans to join them on it but where democrats can actually work on decreasing prices is they can decrease prices arounds prescription drugs where the government has an oversized impact and decrease prices around housing where the government has an oversized impact. right now, a lot of people's paychecks are going to pay for the rent. the rent is too high right now. democrats could fix that. >> shannon: remember the guy who ran on that but he said the rent was too dang high but not "dang" let's look at this. gallop had a monthly survey of folks to ask them what are the most important or pressing issues they're worried about? altogether, economic problems account for 39%, if you break that down within that, the top three are inflation, the economy in general and gas prices. then when you look at the top
9:44 pm
noneconomic problems, it's poor government leadership. gianno there's not a lot salvageable from the democrats on that right now because for now, they control everything in washington. >> it isn't, just to slightly push back on what richard said, donald trump was trying to push the prescription drug reform. democrats and the pharmaceutical companies were pushing back on that. democrats won't work on that particular issue. i'll tell you, it is not much salvageable. i know according to cnn at least that republicans have an 80-year advantage in terms of their. [indiscernible] super majority in congress in some way, shape or form. those are good things, i think, for the american people, but at the same time as a conservative, i must always caution my fellow conservatives that if you, in fact, do take back the majority, then we need to have something actually offered to the american people and don't fumble the bag
9:45 pm
as i would tell you. certainly there is good news in terms of the country potentially getting back on track, and certainly taking back from this dereliction of duty from joe biden but at the same time plans are necessities and how we'll able to do that especially with the president currently sitting in the white house past the midterms is a question he think conservatives should be talking about. >> shannon: another issue is crime that is starting to impact what people feel about when they go to the polls. "the washington post," an opinion piece, says, yes, there are problems within the criminal justice system. the author says that's definitely up for discussion, but while we should be looking for ways to make the system less draconian w crime rising everywhere, we need to make sure ones that don't make crime more likely like prosecuting crimes you deemed inconsequentially but that voters won't. richard, final word for you on the issue of crime. >> we certainly saw that in the san francisco primary where the progressive d.a. got pushed out
9:46 pm
there in the new bill coming out, we have bipartisan support there. there'll be more money going to take illegal guns off our streets. that's something both democrats and republicans agree on. if we want to deal with major crime in major cities two figure out a way to get illegal guns off our streets. we have to ensure that seniors aren't paying $600 a month for insulin. i'm happy to finally see there's some bipartisanship around the idea -- when you talk about poor government leadership, i think most americans can agree for a long time we've been asking for some solutions on guns and finally it looks like 10 republicans and 10 democrats decided to talk to each other and we might have a deal on guns. >> shannon: on immigration, economy, everything else. let's hope they get inspired over there on the hill. richard and gianno, thank you, both. >> take care, shannon. >> shannon: you, too. coming up, a career criminal in seattle violently pushes a 62-year-old woman down the steps of a train station and it's caught on tape. she broke several bones. she was rushed into surgery.
9:47 pm
but now a judge is ordering washington state to pay him, the suspect, $250 a day. we'll explain that next. ♪ ♪ 100 years ago, a beautiful empire built on black excellence was booming. black wall street. it was a sight to be seen. until one day, it was all burned to the ground. but fire is no match for the fire within black dreamers everywhere. and so, new black wall streets rise. ♪ ♪ citi is committed to helping build black businesses through banking.
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>> shannon: shocking new details tonight about this brutal attack on a 62-year-old nurse in a light-rail station
9:52 pm
caught on camera in seattle. taxpayers may soon object the hook to pay out hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on behalf of the man accused of that crime. correspondent dan is going to explain that for us tonight from seattle. good evening, dan. >> reporter: yeah, shannon. this whole thing is pretty unbelievable especially when you see the video of that violence. it's a really senseless crime that happened here in seattle a few months ago. prosecutors say it's an open and shut case against alexander jay. back in march, they allege jay was caught on camera in a seattle light-rail station throwing down a 62-year-old woman down stairs for no apparent reason. they say he then kicked her, all this after he allegedly stabbed a different woman 10 times at a bus stop. he was charged with first degree and second degree assault. but in april, jay was found to be not competent to stand trial and ordered to spend the next three months at the state's secure mental facility to get treatment. the problem is there are no beds available at western state hospital and won't be for
9:53 pm
several more months. there are around 400 defendants in this jail across washington waiting for a bed so they can get treatment to they can eventually stand trial. a court ruling last fall opened the door for the state to be found in contempt in cases like these for not providing defendants with a speedy trial. king county judge johanna bender decided last week to punish the state for not creating alexander jay and getting him competent tostant stand trial ordering the state to pay him $250 every day he sits in jail waiting for a treatment bed. a spokesman says "over the past six to seven years, in-patient. [indiscernible] and competency restoration services increased 87%." the backlog is so bad, the bed might not be available for jay until august. he could collect more than $15,000 from the state in fines and he's not alone. there are many other inmates right now who are getting paid
9:54 pm
by state because they haven't gotten treatment yet. shannon? >> shannon: dan springer, we'll track that story, thank you. good news before we say good night, d.j. daniel always dreamed of becoming a policeman. the 10-year-old has been fighting terminal brain and spinal cancer so he's now gotten the opportunity to live his dream thanks to texas law enforcement agencies. d.j. was sworn in as an honorary officer. he raised his right hand. he got his certificate. his father says d.j. wanted to be sworn in by 100 agencies but an us on standing five -- an astounding 500 honored his wishes. i love his hat, too. >> i want that hat! that will get me set. take you to the amazing state of utah for this good news. a nurse was honored after saving a man's life. he collapsed from a heart attack while playing softball. seconds after darren buell
9:55 pm
collapsed, dania tappen ran onto the field, she's a registered you're ins, by the way. no pulse. administered cpr. saved the guy's life. she was honored by the city for a job well done. >> shannon: love it. hats off to her. thank you, kevin. that's it for us from washington tonight. we'll be back here tomorrow, lord willing. i'm shannon who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? he said you have to starve he said you have to starve yourself to lose weight. did you get tony fauci said this is that i'm doing it my way meets lenityer and fda cleared clinically proven weight management aid for weight management aid for adults with a bmi of mbuil twenty five to 40 when combined with diet and exercise. is not a drugna. it'smy made from naturally derived building blocks and a filler and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and it's not for pregnant women or people. pregnant women or people. emergency w coffee or doctor or the mike lindell want to learnrn right now we're all feelingng the last weekend all about it.
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