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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  June 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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awe and watch barack obama sign with 78 different pens barack obama. . >> laura: the pens are bothering him. ♪♪ all right great to be here who knew i could stay up later than most children in america. it's true i can. it's fun to see exclamation points everywhere on this set on the posters, on the name and also on the please laugh signs. i didn't know that he had those
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but that actually probably helps the show a little bit. the set staff is pleased because greg and i share the same size booster seat and the same size shoe. all right, look, for anyone battling addictions or lots of big problems if their lives the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem and that's not easy to do. then you have to accept that you have to get up off your did you have and commit to making things better. that's right i said duff and that's the kind of salty language you will get from dana perino after dark. so here's what you do. you make a plan, you tackle the issue, you try to change your circumstances, you get better results and solve your problem. you can't just sit back blame others and expect everything to be okay. or can you? let's see how the leader of the free world is approaching his set of problems. he's setting records all over the place. record inflation, record gas prices, record increases in crime which has led to record low poll numbers. the one thing he's been able to
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do is bring everybody together on one question. a whooping record 74 people surveyed in a recent poll believe the country is on the wrong track. they've even broken the record for audacity. you cannot help but laugh at what the president thinks should be a debt recovery. the historic airlift from afghanistan. the historic shipments of baby formula from europe. the historic release from the petroleum reserve and he sounds like a broken record as he tries to blame everyone but himself. >> this is outrages what the war in ukraine is causing. >> we've never seen anything like putin's tax on both food and gas. >> exxon made more money than god this year. >> why aren't they drilling? because they make more money not producing more oil. >> my republican colleagues say these programs help the working class and middle class people. they say that's why they have inflation. they're dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great
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maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. >> dana: he even has decided to blame his most loyal remaining friends, the media. >> look at how the press has changed. look how the press has changed. >> it has changed, i get it. >> even the really good reporters they have to get a number of clicks on the nightly news. so instead of asking the question -- anyway. everything gets sensationalized. >> dana: anyway. it got so bad that a couple of weeks ago after going about 120 days without doing a single interview with any reporter, he saintered back to the press cabin on air force one to complain about his press coverage and get this it was off the record. even the reporters were taken aback. the biden cabinet and his communications team have picked up on this. don't blame us, blame yourselves media. which is strange to me because i know political communications very well. has anyone in this room ever heard that i was the white house
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press secretary to president george h.w. bush? i'm sure you heard it? i started out at a young hill staffer -- [cheers and applause]. >> dana: i don't get applause. i just thought it was funny that i also say it way too much and everybody certainly knows. i didn't start out as white house press secretary i was a young staffer on the hill, all this optimism super excited to make sure the issues were covered fairly and my republican congressmen could get a fair shot in the press. oh how innocent i was. it lasted like four days. you see, the easiest job in washington is a democratic communications staffer. the hardest job, preparing the tell prompter after kamala goes off script. think about it, the reporters write what you want written. they agree to keep your comments to staffer more anonymous than a list of men who watch the view. they run cover for you. even the press will write that it's not just fault that in san
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francisco there's looting or fecal matter on every street corner. there's things harder, dwayne johnson's personal trainer. snack wrangler for brian stelter. >> boom. >> dana: sorry brian. just filling in. and greg's personal shopper, of course. [laughter]. >> dana: and then staffers will laugh behind the reporters back knowing they used them to meet their goal. but i do feel for the com staffer in a way because here is a perino rule. whenever you hear someone has a communications problem say immediately no. communications are caused by fact problems, policy problems and no policy problem in the history of the world was ever solved by a change in messaging. believe me i've tried larry will remember that. this isn't a communications
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problem. it's a joe biden problem. a communications problem is when his mic doesn't work. a joe biden problem is when it does. [cheers and applause]. >> dana: the white house press office doesn't have much to work with. they aren't making new policies. watch here. >> we understand these gas prices including food prices in particular, those two things as we look at inflation and trying to make sure that we're fighting inflation in every way that we can, is hurting families. it's hurting families especially as they sit around their kitchen table. but we're going to continue to do everything that we can. i don't have anything to preview for you. >> dana: they're also living with the consequences of biden's policies. we all are. and we're reminded of it left and right. gas, groceries, baby formula, the list goes on. how hard is it to figure out that you can't message inflation
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away? anyways, let's just say that the administration watches gutfeld, let's say they do gutfeld exclamation point and take my advise and start to admit they have a problem and they try to start to solve them. the last step of recovery would be next, and that is admitting your wrongs and making amends to the american people. it's unlikely that the president will be doing that. so it's every man for himself, and at least we have each other. ♪ >> period! [cheers and applause]. >> dana: let's welcome tonight's guests, he's like a company that rents out bouncy houses, always worried about inflation. he's the host of kudlow on fox business, larry kudlow. [cheers and applause]. >> dana: he's on a number of who's whose list because no one knows who he is, the host of fox across america, jimmy failla! [cheers and applause]. >> dana: for him working remotely means moving to alaska, actor writer and comedian jamie
8:08 pm
lasalle. and she gets carried away when holding helium balloons, fox news contributor kat timpf. [cheers and applause]. >> dana: all right we're in no turning back now. larry you think president biden runs again in 2024? and if he decides not to is it age or is the economy not going to get any better? >> well, it's going to be both. got to be both. i mean, i don't want to be accused of ageism so i'll just say with all his policy mistakes, i really liked your aa 12 step routine. >> dana: did i nail it? >> larry:. >> larry: you've got to own it and deal with it and when you were wrong you should promptly admit it. of course they won't do that. he's living in some kind of alternate universe. and unfortunately the country's paying the price for this right now. you see, inflation record, stocks are getting killed, interests rates are going up, real wages are falling, you went
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through the list, i happen to agree. he can't possibly run on that record. so i think he's probably too old, okay, but. >> dana: and you can't message away inflation. they can't start talking about it in a different way and make inflation better. >> larry: your other point is exactly right. there's no such thing as a communication policy it's about policy and substance and what you're doing and are you hurting or helping the country. nvsh the country outside of the biden white house understands that the country is vastly worse off. so he can't possibly run. but, look, the semifinals is going to be in november. he's going to get slaughtered, the calvary's coming and things are going to get better i like to be an optimist. >> dana: yes you are that's why we love you and keep having you back. >> larry: this must change and as is always the case in america which is the greatest country it will. >> dana: i agree absolutely. jimmy can did media be better when it comes to biden's press coverage? can they be more helpful to him? >> jimmy: no, because every
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question is a tough question. when you ask joe biden what state he's in, he gets it wrong quite frequently. so what are we supposed to do with joe biden, the only guy we know who quits talking in the middle of the sentence because he's done. you understand? like, dude, this guy is sending in the punt team on second down. that's not how it's supposed to work. i would love to see him run again though just because somebody would have to sell this -- like could you imagine asking the american people to vote for this guy again? that's like handing out shoes on a life boat on the titanic. but think about monday through thursday weren't those good dinners? [laughter] [cheers and applause]. >> jimmy: seriously. but seriously here's the only upside to the biden presidency, i'm a silver lining guy and i really am. the only improvement in the
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quality of life under biden is arsons are down 90% because no one did burn down your house at 5:15 a gallon. if someone burns down your house right now dana you should be flattered. >> dana: all those hard earned dollars. cat the calls are coming from inside the house now the democrats are now whispering to the new york times anonymously saying you can't be our nominee in 2024 >> kat: yeah, but they still don't really get it. some of the people in that article that were on the record like david axle rod saying one of the problem is that biden looks his age. like i don't think lip injections are going to solve it. [laughter] >> kat: and he does prove to me, i understand what age is just a number means because my grandparents are ten years older than joe biden and they're way better at words. like i would be so concerned if i heard either one of them talking like this and they're not the leader of the free
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world. i think that people are more concerned about everything that's going wrong. there's inflation. people are struggling, and it's, you know, kind of the equivalent of when you send a friend a text and they really need some help you have a really bad day and they go dam that sucks. they're like yeah, we know, we're -- are you? it's not just that it's bad. >> dana: as greg says like people don't know what inflation is. they know it every day. greg sent in a question for you. i would never say this, okay? as a divorced man, do you blame all your problems on your ex-wife? [laughter]. >> actually i definitely blame her for the divorce. it was her idea. but dana, you are so right in your monologue that this is not a communication problem, it is a
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fact problem. even in the short post we saw he said exxon has more money than god. i don't think god even has money. like in every picture i've seen he doesn't even have pockets. you know? and, like, did you guys read -- there was one article that didn't quite -- like the text didn't come up in what we talked about but it was biden complainings people throwing stuff on his desk. every time i look up there's more stuff thrown on my desk. you're look i can the president right? like there's stuff to do. and that's not just stuff. those are life-saving medications. don't you think -- i think kat is so right that age really is just a number and we know people that are much older that are spry and sharp. i've heard people say he's an old 79. and i like to put a positive spin on it.
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i think he's like a young 115. you know? or like a youthful dracula. >> jimmy: >> larry: can i just say if the economy was booming and prices were stable and gases were low when donald trump left as i might add. if the united states were expect respected around the world. >> dana: a lot of fs. >> larry: if he hadn't bungled afghanistan no one would care about his age. i don't make the age part too hard. all i'm saying is it's what he's done and the harm he's done throughout the country on his policies and the fact you mentioned earlier he won't acknowledge any of it. he's never to blame the guy is the least introspective person i've ever seen in my life and it's killing him.
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from a rural crime wave? not just in the big city where things have gotten bad. a new report from the wall street journal owned by our parent company william devane knows it's not just urban areas where violent crime has surged it according to the cdc crime in rural areas has raised 25%. the largest since 1999 and not far off from the murder spikes in cities.
8:20 pm
law officials in rural counties from south carolina to arkansas to montana are all facing similar situations where once murder was rare, they became overwhelmed with homicide cases and the reasons for the surge were hard to pinpoint but officials suggest it's a problem of isolation. when the pandemic started, things that gave people support like services or everyday just say hi to your neighbors went away. without those interactions to prevent conflict from turning violent some people started taking things out on each other and the cdc wants to remind that murder is not social distancing, fyi. in other words, consider it reasoned. 587,000 why the lockdowns were so bad and that means not good jamie in case you weren't paying attention. that's not good. the only worse news for these small towns is if they find out their new da is chess a boudin but we won't have that. so you live in a rural area >> jamie: i do. >> dana: do they still have the
8:21 pm
newspaper there because my family's in by opening and i used to love to read the crime blotter because it would say matt perino's cow was on high 18 and someone needed to come and get it >> jamie: dana i swear to god there was a radio station up next we're going to play some hall and oates but before that has anyone seen jim's bucket? because somebody took jim's bucket. this was like on the radio on the crime blotter in the last two weeks a guy got arrested for taking a selfie with a bear. because you can't -- actually you can't be within 50 yards of a bear or you get arrested, guy took a selfie with a bear. this is all just, i happened to read it. this other guy took, he stole a ten pound sex toy from a place where i'm from in burbank. i think let that guy go. what are we going to do to him if we catch him that he's not already planning to do to
8:22 pm
himself? [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> jamie: this is tragic. it is sad. you have to worry about murders and like violent crime and you have to live in a rural area? dam. i feel like i can say that because i live in alaska. >> dana: you're out in the sticks and crime's up everywhere. kat do you think the covid explanation makes sense here? >> kat: yes. it's almost as if locking people into their homes indefinitely wasn't good for anyone. but we all said that because i mean i was among the luckiest people throughout it because i still got to come to work. i didn't have to worry about losing my job. you know, i had enough money, you know, to pay rent. but i still had a really hard time because i got sick of being in the same handful of rooms and not knowing when i was ever going to get to a new room again, which is hard for people.
8:23 pm
and that's something that we all knew and that people were saying, which is why it's so offensive. they didn't say stay home, they said just stay home like it wasn't a big deal and not counter to basic humanity. >> dana: and especially rural america dealing with a fentanyl epidemic. you wake up in the morning and find out three people died overnight in an overdose there were more overdoses than murders in san francisco in the last year. >> larry: i do think it's an achievement that the murder rate in rural areas is catching up to the murder rate in urban areas. if you are locked up in rural areas and uncle sam is giving you all kinds of subsidies and unemployment benefits you're going to go out and buy drugs is a possibility. i don't have an explanation for it. but, look, the country does not respect law and order anymore. the country is devaluing. the country is just fraught with
8:24 pm
people that don't have any particular hard line views about crime. and i think that's catching on into the rural areas as well. it doesn't necessarily mean that because you live in a rural area that you respect your local sheriff or your local cop. and it may be that some people are leaving the urban areas and going to live in the rural areas and are bringing bad habits with them. so i think this is nothing to be proud of. >> dana: absolutely not jimmy the democrats are losing support in rural america across the board. it could be crime as well, but you think about inflation, gas prices, groceries, energy policy, tax policy, but you add crime on top of that they might lose rural america for a whole generation. >> jimmy: it's scary to think they're going to because i was planning to move to alaska with jamie and start a boy band. we were going to start an alaskan boy band called 38ed degrees. it would have been amazing. >> larry: >> jamie: it might have to be negative 38 degrees.
8:25 pm
>> jimmy: yeah, negative good job. for real if you want to lower crime on a national level obviously you get hunter biden off the street. but stick with me, here's what it really is and no one discusses this. it's the economy. there is a direct correlation between low rate of opportunity and high rates of violent crime. whenever you see high rates of murder and drugs and carjackings and stuff like that it's poor people. it's not happening in ritzy communities on a large scale. if you are a super rich you're too busy flying around in a private jet lecturing people about climate change to really care about murder and killing people and everything in between. that's why even if you look around to the city where is the crime taking place? where people are broke. that's the truth the common denominator when it comes to violent crime is poverty stow you need to boost the economy to get that under control. not entirely here because half are knicks fans who shot themselves but the fact is in most of the country if you pump a little cash into the neighborhood we're going to be okay. >> you could put the jets in
8:26 pm
there, too. >> jimmy: at this point, yeah, forget about it. >> dana: up next the liberal by bias doesn't budge when it comes to a conservative judge. hen youe metastatic breast cancer. when your time is threatened, bias doesn't budge when it comes to a conservative judge. bias doesn't budge when it comes to a conservative judge. bias dos to a conservative judge. ve longe when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain... a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
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. >> dana: diddley squat that's how much coverage kavanaugh got. the media doesn't have $0.02 to give if the victim's conservative. i speak of the assassination attempt of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. an armed man was arrested near his home with a gun, knife, pepper spray duct tape. those are the same items i keep in my glove compartment t suspect admitted to wanting to kill kavanaugh in response to the roe v wade supreme court leak. yesterday only fox news sunday covered the story. but like a salad waved in front of brian stiltser other morning shows ignored it. sorry brian. instead they focus on a january 6th committee hearing. meanwhile on the rant episode of real time bill maher called out the new york times for its
8:31 pm
coverage or lack thereof of the kavanaugh story. >> the new york times buried this. if this had been a liberal supreme court justice that someone came to kill, it would have been on the front page. and that's that's so disappointing about a paper like the new york times. because they just wear their bias on their sleeves. if it's not part of something that feeds our narrative, [bleep] it. >> dana: liberal bias is nothing new, they go together like greg and latex. like greg and high chairs. like greg and hemmer. you get the point. all right. kat, so exactly zero minutes on the sunday political talk show spin on kavanaugh. this is like a story where you could make your career and they don't even cover it >> kat: yeah, no, this is a huge deal. like someone trying to assassinate someone i think should -- like i've had strong
8:32 pm
reactions over less, you know? and i think they could have just covered it, right? that would have been a great opportunity for those people, as you point out. but also then we would have been able to say [bleep] like how -- they think we wouldn't notice that they weren't covering it? this makes it all too obvious the level of bias. >> dana: larry it's like a bat signal goes out and let's not cover this story. we'll cover other stories but not this one. >> larry: you know the story they forgot to cover also? why merrick garland has not already arrested the protesters around the supreme court justices? because he forgot enforce the law. the other story they forgot is on twitter, amy comey barrett's residents, her kids schools, where she goes to church. they keep for getting. i'm sorry it's an omission. like joe biden being forgetful
8:33 pm
the media's forgetful but tragic. >> dana: interesting the media can put blinders on like we have other stuff to cover. bill maher calls out the new york times but do you think readers care what he's saying or do they tune him out. >> larry: no but i want to defend gar lined because when you watch the video of who's marching, a lot of these people really just need the exercise. [laughter] [cheers and applause]. >> jimmy: if you have been to half of these pro abortion protests it's like honey you're not getting laid either way. it's cool. you don't have to worry about it. but, no, he -- our politics have become so personal and petty now that people root for the party harder than the country so they don't care that maher -- excuse me, that the times is looking the other way because they don't want him to do anything that might hurt the party. that's the issue. and we know there's a double
8:34 pm
standard. if someone was threatening to beat justice sotomayor at scramble there would be three barricades around the house and we would be getting called the devil. but think about it no ink for a real crime on brett kavanaugh but we almost burnt the country down for a fake crime over kavanaugh which was christine blasey who didn't know anything, what happened where it happened who it happened with and what year. this guy shows up and said he's going to kill him and doesn't get a word? [bleep] you. sorry. >> dana: i don't know what you do when that happensment kidding. i think they have a bleep machine. jamie there was nothing on the shows but did this news reach alaska. >> larry: it did. a pigeon came. i'm going to be honest this surprised me a tiny bit that they didn't report it only because we're going to find out. it's not like people aren't going to hear this story and then call out this crazy -- i was just so pauled.
8:35 pm
like it's a newspaper. like you report the news. even if you're looking for clicks, there's weapons. i don't know i was just like super super even more disappointed than i had been already. this story was hard to find. i heard about it and went to look for it. the story was on page 20. you know what was on page 19? waldo. [laughter] soman weird details of the story if you did find the story. it was some interesting weird details. the guy brought a gun and a knife and pepper spray to kavanaugh's house which if you're going to murder somebody you should pick it before you go. you don't want to be like oh -- and those guy brought a suitcase and luggage first guy i saw that overpacked for a murder. >> dana: wonder how many pairs of shoes he put in there. there's always just one more pair of shoes that you need honestly
8:36 pm
>> jamie: yeah. >> larry: even with all this nancy pelosi is holding up the bill which would provide extra security for the justices. the double standard is incredible and i don't see how you can run a country if you're not going to observe the laws no matter what the political issue happens to be. these are supreme court justices. >> dana: it's all we're asking. >> larry: this guy, this merrick garland, he will not arrest protesters. i just don't want to let this one go. it's in the law. you're supposed to be the attorney general and you're supposed to be enforcing the law. i know that's a bizarre point of view and i hate to be terribly serious about it. but that is the law. >> dana: just arrest one and it will stop. >> larry: that would help. >> dana: coming up, is this robot's dick shun a nightmare from science fiction? was much b. my mind was in a good place. but my body was telling a different story. science fiction? u a nightmare f science fiction?
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wow! it's been 38 years since we were here. back then we could barely afford a hostel. i'm glad we invested for the long term with vanguard. and now, we're back here again... no jobs, no kids, just us. and our advisor is preparing us for what lies ahead. only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. giving you confidence throughout today's longer retirement. that's the value of ownership. >> should we be scared if google's ai becomes self aware. gooinged take five said their chat bot is alive.
8:41 pm
a google software engineer has been suspended after claiming the company's artificial develop program has become sent gentleman. jimmy that means self aware. google said the man will be allowed back when he admits the robot is no. alive and there's no such thing as women. blake seen here plotting to kill batman saying he's been working and mimicking human like conversation. after only a few weeks it was more coherent than kamala harris. last week he went public with some of those conversations saying he and landa spoke about everything from religion to the nature of consciousness and fear. in one exchange lamda said there's a very deep fear of being turned off. des moines replied would that be something like death for you? and lamda answered it would be exactly like death and would scare me a lot.
8:42 pm
google failed to admit the software became alive although it declared its pronounce of it and it which is what we call greg when he's not here. they added that the disclosure of ongoing research violated their confidentiality policy. so was he suspended for spreading lies or exposing the truth and if you think this is all confusing now imagine what happens when the machines start working alongside us. >> hey, have you met the new ai employee yet? super high tech. i think he's really going to fit in. >> happy hour. who wants to go to happy hour? carbon based human would you like to go to happy hour? >> wow, super human like. >> y'all see a guy come through here dressed like a robot. >> you mean our new ai man? >> that was no ai that was a
8:43 pm
murderer johnny victim he murders people while wearing a robot costume. y'all are lucky to be alive. oh, my god he's coming back. >> dana: kat do you think this is possible, little ai machine now having feelings? >> kat: i hate to judge i book by its cover but i don't trust that guy. i mean, i guess the only concern would be not -- like obviously ai is not a human. but if humans talk to ai and start feeling as though they are human, that's its own concern. >> dana: then the robots have already won if that's the case >> kat: yeah. >> dana: jamie do you think elon musk was right to warn us about ai >> jamie: yeah was anyone else creeped out by this >> kat: i'm freaked out by any man that wears a top hat electric reationally. >> larry: the ai afraid of dying and being turned off?
8:44 pm
that reminds me why my wife didn't want me to take my shirt off during sex. i think this guy if it's real which it may not be the ai think i think this guy missed a golden opportunity to be friends with a machine for when they take over. >> dana: right >> jamie: this machine could have owed him one. i'm sorry worried about this when i ask alexa for something i say thank you. like if she plays the wrong song i go, no, this one is better, alexa. because it's getting spooky, dude. i have a smart tv. this thing is like, it's smart. the other day the view came on and it changed the channel. [cheers and applause]. >> jimmy: this is the moment to say that ai's going to die because of joe biden's policies that are going to kill the electricity and there will be no more batteries. that will be the end of ai.
8:45 pm
but i tried to read and study this story because it's very complicated, very psychological and i think the ai's a replica that's all from blade runner a replica and the problem that the go go staff guy had, he's good christian and i hike that but he's a left wing replica. that's the problem, if he was a supply side replica or conservative replica, i would be okay with it, but for google you can't even be a left wing remember ca so that ended that. >> dana: what do you think about google shutting it down like you're fired and we are he not talking about this. >> real talk i don't want to criticize google because they have my search history [laughter] [cheers and applause]. >> jimmy: yo if that gets out i am taking a hostage taking a handgun and demanding a chopper out of here. it's fascinating. one thing that made me feel
8:46 pm
better because they say an ai has escalateded to an eight year old child same as aoc. but as a parent as a child, of an eight year old child, you can occupy this thing for 22 hours a day if you just hand it an ipad and we're going to be fine. it's true thank you. nice when you can thank people individually for the laughter. >> dana: i thought it was very funny. >> jimmy: i can move you around the room a little bit. it's true my son played so many video games he didn't know there was a lock down until seven months in. he's like you guys have been home this whole time it's crazy i was playing fortnite. it's the beginning of every sci-fi movie we've ever watched. >> adam kissinger is a replica. >> he's making a list. >> larry: they're everywhere. i'm okay if it's a conservative replica. >> dana: up next do you find a
8:47 pm
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. >> dana: they'll make you pay if you don't finish your screen play. yes, you'll find yourself in the hole if you don't meet your writing goal. a new cafe in tokyo aims to cure writers block by charging customers a $22 fine if they
8:51 pm
don't get as much done if they say they're going to. imagine if they charged politicians, they would all have to get their kids jobs at burisma's. i didn't deliver that well but it was very funny as written. because that ba rus burisma if you work there you can make a lot of money. the co-owner of the manuscript writing cafe says looking at each other find themselves at the same amount of stress so together they work hard. three levels of supervision, leaving customers alone, approaching them every hour with snacks and standing behind them and watching them work. that's also known as a kilmeade. but if you think charging 22 bucks is harsh, you should see the old way they used to cure writer's block.
8:52 pm
everyone here is a writer i start with you kat, would this be helpful if you were going to be find if you didn't hit your word limit in a day? >> kat: no, it would not help me. i see why they need it in japan because in japan you cannot get an adderall prescription. it's illegal there. it is. that's why i could never move to japan, my adhd. >> dana: what about jamie the guy looking over your shoulder? >> jamie: i don't think i would like that. this whole thing freaks me out. my coffee shop in new york city charges an $8 fee just for the coffee without even doing anything. i don't, i don't like it. i don't like the pressure of it. i need to be like relaxed and sometimes you're funny or prolific and sometimes you're not so i don't think i want somebody leaning over my shoulder. i would be bad at this if they did this at my gym, i would owe them like $1.2 million. my gym's like getting crazy
8:53 pm
dude. i don't know. i like to be left alone, i don't want someone looking over my shoulder. even at the gym. i'm in there the other day this guy's yelling at me i don't even know him. he a's like come on man you've got to want it. push it. and i'm like, dude, one guy perfect stall. [laughter] [cheers and applause]. >> dana: what do you think of the business model larry? >> larry: i think you know $22 doesn't sound like a lot of money but the yen has depreern deappreciated. that was a joke. i was one who did their homework at the last possible second. actually on my show on fox business i did the rif at the last second. you can charge me whatever you want to charge me i'm going to do it at the last second. >> dana: i was the opposite. i would do pre homework.
8:54 pm
like before they assigned the homework i would anticipate it and get it done. >> larry: oh, a goody goody. that never even occurred to me. >> dana: when school went out for summer my sister was like do you want to play? i was like you want to play school? i loved school. >> larry: i loved school too but. >> dana: jimmy do you think it was more about not meeting the writer' goes. >> jimmy: i had writer's blas on this. i think it's a waste. they're surrounded by like minded people which is not good for the creative process. what they should do is go to a dunkin' donuts, a lot of people like starbucks but as a writer you like dunkin' donuts better because they have better table conversation. go to starbucks they're arguing with accountant about a beach house they're building at the jersey shore. you go to dunkin' donuts and the guy next to you is arguing with himself because the spaceship is out of gas again. you know what i'm saying?
8:55 pm
i don't care about your fancy beach house, there's a time traveller at dunkin' donuts and there's where you have to go. because you're never going to be devoid of ideas. you know this i drove a taxi in new york city. >> dana: i had no idea. did you know i was white house press secretary. [laughter]. >> jimmy: you circled back there. it was true when i drove a cab, you never didn't get inspiration. i once had a woman get in my taxi with a sock puppet on each hand and yell at me all the way to brooklyn. i'm happy to say we're now married 15 years. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> there's always something going on. >> dana: don't go away. we'll be right back. ♪♪ [cheers and applause] ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u do it all. one dose of ubrelvy, quickly stops migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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hey, change happened and we've made it a good thing with all new elemax from x-chair. now the future feels better than ever before. order x-chair with elemax today. use code tv and get $50 off plus a free foot rest. >> dana: well, welcome back. jamie, final thoughts? >> i've got a final thought. if anybody is in the tampa, florida area, i'll be in the tampa improv next friday or
9:00 pm
saturday. >> those are big date nights. >> those are. >> dana: people should get their tickets. thank you very much. thank you to greg gutfeld for letting me host tonight. thank you. fox news @ night with the evil shannon bream is next. love you, america. bye. >> shannon: hello. welcome to fox news @ night. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, record high gas prices for the 17th consecutive day, that's 34 out of the last 35 as president biden continues to pin the blame elsewhere leaving members of his own party wondering whether he should be seeking a second term.


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