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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 13, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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possible. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. don't forget for news anytime anywhere, and the good news in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled, the ingraham angle laura ingraham is standing by and i heard your show is phenomenal tonight. >> laura: i have a question what's oh your tie? is that an aquatic theme? is that fish? that's one of those fancy european tie, is it not? >> sean: i don't even pick my ties it shows up on a rack and i put it on. >> laura: i have a question. did you miss me at all? i mean we haven't. >> sean: of course i missed you, breaking news. >> laura: we haven't -- it's good to be back together. >> sean: i miss our old chats and people were asking if i was
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mad at you. i said no, we've known each other for 25 years how could i get mad at you. >> laura: i was just telling a funny story about the 2,000 recount night with a good friend, and we were screaming laughing because we were on until 4:00 in the morning. >> sean: piples, hanging, swinging. >> laura: exactly. >> sean: that was a nightmare. >> laura: great seeing you and i loved the last coast guard segments. all right i'm laura ingraham this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. knives out that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> all right, record high gas prices, markets collapsing, with the s&p entering the bear market territory, china threatening war over taiwan and the number one issue facing americans? well, we tried to warn them. >> former clinton treasure secretary larry summers has been warning about the dark clouds forming over the biden economy for months.
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data are pointing more towards higher inflation. >> these are simply not serious people. if they were they would invite larry summers to the white house to give the entire cabinet and senior staff like ron klain a tutorial in basic economics. every single person on his economics team should be fired. in fact, anyone who advised the president that inflation was transitory should resign or be terminated. >> but joe biden and whatever combo of jill, his sister and hunter have kept the whole plate things spinning these past 18 months, they're refusing to budge on policy or personnel. they decided just, i don't know, deny reality as long as possible. >> i see important transitory influences at work, and i don't anticipate that it will be permanent. >> most of the price increases we've seen were expected and are expected to be temporary. >> is it wrong to consider inflation transitory? >> we have to address the fact
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that we got to deal with the fact that folks are paying for gas, paying for groceries and are, are -- need solutions to it. >> if we want to get inflation down, i think continuing to make progress against the pandemic is the most important thing we can do. >> laura: that's my favorite at the end. no matter how much americans were and are suffering, no matter how low biden sinks in the polls, the white house would not and will not change course. >> what is the grand plan to increase oil production in america? >> ha ha. that is hilarious, if i had the magic wand on this. >> laura: if voters had a magic wand they'd want to make her disappear from the cabinet. their steadfast refusal to change course despite the ongoing damage to the american family is really the definition
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of fanaticism. now, remember, they've convinced themselves that the reasons voters are unhappy is only because their message hasn't been able to break through yet. so supply chain issues, that's a comes problem. $120 to fill your tanks or suv that's comes problem. no baby formula that's bad pr. biden even hitting the press at this point. why don't they public size all the good he's done for america? >> there's a lot of major things we've done but what we haven't done is we haven't been able to communicate it in a way that is, um -- let me say it another way. >> see, that's kind of perfect, yeah, haven't been able to communicate it. >> but look at how the press is changed. everything gets sensational iced in ways -- but i'm convinced we can get through this. >> laura: how incredibly insulting to the american people. this is sensationalized.
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>> just to get to school and home every single day it's costing us $115 a week. >> it's painful to go the gas station. >> i need jesus and all other things to come help me. it's too much. >> laura: his policies are inflicting real pain on real people. and he expects that no one's going to report on it? the fact is, their agenda, though, is working as planned isn't it? in order to hit their climate change target, reset capitalism as klaus schwab from the world economic forum put it, americans must become poorer, period. and that's exactly what's happening now. the vendetta against domestic oil production and the desire for open boarders, the war in ukraine, more printing of more money, more borrowing, more racial reincriminations, they're doing exactly what they're designed to do. usher in a necessary period of american decline. so the european model of high
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gas prices, more government spending, less personal freedom, that was always their preferred path. because it was considered far superior to anything that traditional american approach could offer. so this far left viewpoint, once limited to college campuses now defines the democrat party. now, as the angle predicted during the campaign of 2020, a feeble minded grifter like joe biden, he was too weak or too stupid to resist this more ridiculous left wing pass for a more sensible one. but even after joe biden did everything they asked, supported every idiotic growth killing policy the left pushed, the democrats have still pulled the switch blade on him. since they can't blame their own policies for bringing ruin to the average american, they, too, believe it's all a pr problem. and if it's a pr problem, they need a better messenger in 2024 for their social and political
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revolution. both the old and the new guard are tossing biden to the curb, even before the midterms. david axle rod told the new york times the presidency is demon tratively taxing job and the reality is the president would be closer to 90 than 80 in a second term and that is a major issue. here's what happened when aoc was pressed about 2024. >> president biden is saying he is going to run again in 2024. will you support him. >> if the president chooses to run again in 2024, i mean, first of all, i'm focused on winning this majority right now and preserving a majority this year in 2022. so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. >> that's not a yes. >> yeah, you know, i think we should endorse when we get to it. but i believe that the president has been doing a very good job so far and, you know, should he run again, i think that, i, you
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know, i -- we'll take a look at it. ha ha. >> laura: try to diagram that sentence. even his own press secretary doesn't feel comfortable talking about biden's reelection campaign. >> is the president running for reelection? >> he has -- first of all, let's reset for a second. i cannot talk about elections. the president, as you know, has been asked that question many times. his answer has been pretty simple which is yes. >> laura: okay. this is all just an epic cast off. so this is what i'm telling you tonight. welcome to the lame duck administration. and biden and his family are somehow, i guess, surprised by this? had he worked with republicans, taken a more moderate approach, he would be more popular with america but he would have alienated the radical and powerful forces in his own party. he couldn't do that. for a sneak peek into the democrats policy and approach, look no further than the january 6th hearings today. now, we couldn't help but notice
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the bottom right-hand corner of the screen where a graphic was showing the bottom falling out of the market. so as americans struggle in 2022, the democrats can't stop talking about 2020. >> an attack on the american people by trying to rob you of your voice in our democracy and, in doing so, lit the fuse that led to the horrific violence of january 6th. >> they marched on the capitol at his request. and hundreds of them besieged and invaded the building at the heart of our constitutional row pup lick. >> laura: oh, my god play that and they'll get all the information they want. even the media knows this doesn't help them. >> even if it doesn't change people's votes in the midterm election, democrats think this is an extensional crisis in democracy. when i go out and talk to people, that's what people tell me they're really focused on. gas prices and all the different things that are making life more expensive for a lot of people.
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americans aren't focused on these hearings the way we are, that doesn't mean -- >> laura: that doesn't mean -- check out the new pick and roll. biden's approval rating sanction to its lowest level with investment business daily with 36% of american adults approving how he's handling the presidency and 90% of americans are concerned about the path of inflation over the next 12 months, 53% already think we're in a recession. yet, again, the democrats persist. no personnel changes. no policy changes. ride this lame horse of big government, big green socialism right into midterm oblivion. i was thinking about this today. maybe the democrats truly believe they can convince americans to accept a lower standard of living. after all for decades corrupt leadership has plagued cities like baltimore, detroit, these cities keep voting for democrats
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election cycle after election cycle. so when will it end? the truth is though democrats won't change. they won't jetson the far left until they're forced to. bill clinton was smart enough to pivot in 1994. that democrat party though has long since been buried. in 2024, they're going to need to suffer a 1984 style wipeout in order for us to restore america. and whether they run mayor pete or amy klobuchar or kamala, it's not going to matter. their core policies will not change. and the outcome for american taxpayers, for seniors, for young people, will be the same. despair and decline. only with a new messenger. it will not work. and that's the angle. >> joining me now victor david hanson institution senior fellow and charlie hurt opinion editor of the washington times and fox news contributor. >> victor just breaking moments ago, little trouble in paradise
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on that jan 6 committee. a split has developed between chair and vice -- the chair and vice chair. benny thompson said that the committee will not be making criminal referrals for trump or anyone but liz cheyney snapped back and she did that on twitter saying it's too soon to make that call. kind of on election night, i guess. >> yeah, i think they know they're irrelevant. what americans are worried about is we have five months to go to the midterm and this disaster is increasing gee metically, it's getting worse by a magnitude each month and there's no limit to how high inflation or gas prices or the border disaster can go. and so axle rod the new york times are at their stage of grief where they accept 2024, they don't even worry. joe biden is not going to run, they're not going to let him run he couldn't run. what they're worried about is the damage they're doing to the country right now in the next
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two years and, of course, to their party and they don't have a remedy because if this is a bernie sanders elizabeth warren squad agenda as you just said they're not going to change because they would rather destroy things and be politically correct than fix things and be incorrect and when you put joe biden out there to explain what he's doing it's a force multiplier disaster giving his cognative challenges. if you put him back in the basement then you seed the arena to the opposition. if you put kamala harris out there who was selected to be candidate for the wrong reason, her explanations seem to be limited to about a 500 word vocabulary. so they don'ts have an out. >> laura: victor that's harsh. >> it's true. i'm trying to be descriptive not cruel. >> laura: yeah. brilliantly accurate. all right, charlie, economic advisor jared bernstein today on cnbc. watch. >> what did the white house miss? ian don't -- what's the lesson of that? >> i don't think the white house
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missed much at all. the fact that we have a highly competent group here working to do this is extremely different than just trying to spin things and say who got right what at what time >> laura: charlie dead man walking there? i mean it's a highly competent group, highly competent. i hate to see incompetent then, would hate to see that. >> yeah. okay, there's two ways of looking at that. one is that they're completely delusional and they refuse to accept the fact what a dangerous situation the country is in right now, or the second way is, what you mentioned earlier in your intro, which is, this is all by design. this is all -- they intend for all of this to happen. and to sit there and listen to somebody like aoc talk about how she's not sure she could support joe biden for a run for reelection, it's really amazing when you stop and think about just how much this guy, joe biden, he's been in washington for 50 years, he shirked all of
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his entire career and bowed down before aoc and bernie and elizabeth warren, and he has pushed their entire crazy leftist agenda far more so than president obama ever attempted to do, and to hear them, the knives come out for him from those people, whose water he has carried farther than any other president ever, it's pretty amazing. it is terrifying for the country, but there's part of me that finds it a little bit delicious because i think the clamity they're facing for novice going to be sweet, sweet justice. >> laura: victor, there's another side to this. charlie just referenced how dangerous it is. now, if you have a lame duck president for -- until the midterms he's a lame duck, he's been declared a lame duck. afterwards he's going to be a lame duck. meanwhile china's foreign minister is issuing a warning about taiwan and he did this
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over the weekend saying get involved and it will lead to war. so victor, they have their opening with a lame duck presidency which will be 2.5 years long before 2024. that is terrifying. >> that's the elephant in the room. we're talking about this, we americans, and we're worried, there's a world looking at this whether it's north korea sending missiles over japanese air space or china eyeing taiwan or putin getting a second breath or you name it, iran, iran i'm really worried about. and look at turkey. turkey all of a sudden decides it can dictate what nato is. it's really pressuring our greek allies. so the whole world is looking at this lack of leadership and it's even scarier than that. it's incoherent leadership and dangerous. so they're going to try something, i think something stupid, because we're still a strong, powerful nation despite the leadership we have. but, you're right, it's terrifying in the next 24 months. we all want the country to work,
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laura, but we can't, we can't get the country to work when you have idea logs on one hand and incompetent president on the other. and the democrats know that which is why they're trying to do something, pressure him, too little too late, they're not going to build a wall or talk to president overdoor or anything like that. >> charlie quickly because we're almost out of time. the idea they didn't know this was going to bring about decline for america, don't you think that's fansful. they know everyone's standard of living has to go down to do this green new nightmare, correct? they know it. everyone's getting poorer under joe biden. >> absolutely. and i don't know what's more frightening. if they didn't know that this would happen, or that they did know. but obviously if you launch a full scale war on energy independence in america you wind up with mayhem around the world, ie the war in ukraine and you wind up with americans poorer and unable to work and unable to
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go anywhere. >> laura: victor and charlie great to see you both tonight. thank you >> and remember if you can't watch us live, make sure you set a series record on your dvr so you don't miss us every week night at 10:00 p.m. up next the food scarcity crisis that no one is talking about >> plus the inevitable reality in ukraine is playing out sadly as we predicted the, tulsi gabber is here next on why the foreign policy establishment got this so wrong, as usual. stay there.
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♪ >> laura: you might not have thought of this when you sat up to for dinner tonight, but we could be on the cusp of a serious food shortage in america. as we told you months ago, there is an historic fertilizer crunching threatening the global food supply. joe biden announced his intention to allocate $250 million to increase domestic production but the effects of that won't be seen for years and it's undercut by the administration's war on oil. to top it all off, we have a number of food processing plants and distributors that have been hit by freak accidents and fires. in march, a fire severely damaged a produce packing facility in texas, in april a general mills plant was hit by a plane in georgia.
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a few days later a fire destroyed the headquarters of standard a major food distributor in oregon. but of course big tech and the facts checkers are quick to suggest any concerns about this is just a wild conspiracy. like this one from reuters last month. food processing plant fires in 2022 are not part of a conspiracy to trigger u.s. food shortages. i'm not alleging that the plant fires and incidents are purposeful but we are saying the refusal to accept the reality of what's happening right now is. this is the same media by the way, that did so much covid commentary that ultimately proved to be untrue. remember what they said about the lockdowns. we needed to do this up in the schools and it destroyed kids. and just this weekend, a smithfield pork plant that employees 1800 people in california, that was shuttered due to the cost of doing business and regulations in that state. this is starting to look something like you would call, i don't know, managed decline or
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managed scarcity, jeered scarcity perhaps. it's time we start taking this issue of food security in the united states very seriously and no amount of elite sneering can mask that reality >> joining us now is roman, a reporter from the epic times and host of the show facts matter who has been covering this story closely. roman, what do we need to know here? >> hey, laura. thank you so much for having me on. so about last week, my team and i started to look into all these fires happening across the country because about a week and a half ago, there was a very large poultry plant in howard lake minnesota that burned down, a very large plant that supplied about three million eggs every single day to local supermarkets there. so what we did is we have two different teams here at the epoch teams one looking at the publicly availability information at the food processors the other was calling them to see what was up and what we found was at the very least fortunately it does not seem
7:26 pm
like there is any ma never lent or overarching design burning down the plants. the reason a lot of people are noticing them now is they're lumping them together what are known as food productsers when it's many different companies. you mentioned in your monologue some of the bigger food processors but you have food pantries, fertilizer companies, mom and dad pitcher shops and a building that was being used as a food processors about a year ago that was lumped in there. so a lot of fires are under investigation but does not seem like they're being burnt down systematically by a foreign actor or people suggesting the fbi we did not find that. the bigger problem is what you mentioned later, inflation and the cost of doing business is forcing so many players out of the game. inflation numbers suggest food is up 10% but when you look chicken up 17%, eggs 32%, milk up 16% and we recently had the president of the black farmers association on my program and he
7:27 pm
was telling us fertilizer up 400%, up 200%. it can only go on for so long because you have more shuttering and it's going to hit us all. >> laura: roman it also tells us, if we don't make essential goods in the united states, even if it upsets some of the grain iacs how will we be self-sufficient in times. that's the problem. we can't make fertilizer quickly in the united states and a lot of people cheer that say it's cheaper to make it in russian or europe okay it's not cheap now is it? really expensive. roman we're following this and i enjoy your stuff on you youtube thank you >> we know russia cannot accomplish the objectives it sent out to accomplish. >> not only will ukraine emerge sovereign and independent when this is over but moscow will emerge weaker. >> first step in winning is believing you can win.
7:28 pm
so they believe that we can win, we believe that we can win. >> laura: that's our secretary of defense. now, after months we were told that ukrainians were going to win the war outright against russia. we spent more than $50 billion, our taxpayer dollars out the door. we're now seeing russians vicious war machine grinding up huge chunks of ukraine. the washington post a senior defense official says russia is likely to seize control of the entire region within a few weeks. of course months ago we told you this would happen. >> when you think about the shear military might of russia, even with everything that they did not expect with the heroism and bravery of the ukrainian people holding out, and zelenskyy captured the world's attention, this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. >> so the narrative of a plucky country led by a savvy tv friendly leader repelling
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russians was too good a story to pass up. but how many lives and untold billions was it worth? joining to discuss is tulsi gabber former 2020 presidential candidate and congress women. man they hyped us and hyped us, still doing it. >> just playing that clip back of secretary austin saying, you know, we believe that we can win. >> laura: we. >> yeah, two things, we first of all but this is coming from an administration that, from the beginning to date has failed to define what winning looks like. what is our objective? you know, secretary austin said in the past well we're doing this so that we can weaken russia but really when you look at it this was always about going to war with russia with ukraine as the proxy and that's exactly what's happening right now. this is something that we the american people never had a say in, congress rushed through this $40 million spending package never had any kind of serious debate about it. >> laura: where is this going? do we have any oversight over
7:30 pm
this money really? >> none. you have senator rand paul who made, you know, a very common sense suggestion, given everything we just saw in afghanistan, have a special investigator inspector general monitoring how this money will be used and he was shut down and criticized as a putin puppet. >> laura: remember in iraq the wheel barrels in iraq handing cash out to the tribal leaders. >> that's the thing. >> laura: we're never going to see this money. >> and it still has not been accounted for. meanwhile at home as you talked about the american people are struggling, record inflation, increasing costs of just about everything, gas prices, food shortages not only here but around the world. we're the ones paying the price, the people of europe are paying the price, people around the world are paying the price and also there's that small matter of the fact that we are at closer risk of nuclear war than ever since the cuban myverol crisis a direct result of the decisions made by the leaders in
7:31 pm
the country. >> laura: early on looked like there was maybe a little window of opportunity to, i don't want to say work something out with putin but kind of work something out with putin. oh, no, there's never going to be any progress on that. look at all the people that suffered. >> and died, and are continuing to and it seems to just be getting worse. >> laura: the white house briefing today tulsi the press secretary was asked if the administration would press ukraine to try to find a way to end the war. this is what she said. >> this is putin's war to end, and not ukraine's. ukraine needs to defend its country and they have done that in an incredibly impressive of way. and, you know, we hope that it would end with negotiations, but right now we don't see that coming from, from the kremlin. >> laura: oh, my goodness. she does not know what's going on. >> no. >> they're going to ask for another aid package this week,
7:32 pm
more money. >> of course. >> laura: republicans signing on to this. i mean, democrats, i've given up on them for now but the republicans signing on? mitch mcconnell? john cornyn? do i have to list all of them? lindsey graham, got to mention him, too. >> it's a disservice to the people dying every day to just completely set aside the reality of the situation which is there must be a negotiated end to this war and the sooner that happens, the more lives will be saved. congress, i mean, it blows my mind how irresponsible they are being with our taxpayer dollars. i shouldn't be surprised at this point but the fact they are so willing to continue to send billions of more dollars at a time when our country is heavily struggling without any accountability, any debate, any discussion, or them fulfilling their constitutional responsibility of, you know, congress to declare war or not. >> laura: tulsi, this might sound simplistic i'm going to say it anyway. because over at union station about a hundred yards from where we are right now, there's about
7:33 pm
30 or 40 tents, grows every day, tent village of homeless people. i've been in washington for 25 years. i've never seen washington, dc, the nation's capitol, look like it looks right now. >> yeah, and it's not alone. washington, dc is not the only city faceing this. >> laura: right. tulsi gabber great to see you. >> thank you. >> laura: tonight's segment, remember, which top democrat feels pinned in and why that's the hint. tweet me your guesses at iningraham angle and we'll see if you get it right. up next why can't and why is broadway gone the same problem. raymond arroyo has it. seen and unseen next. pass pa
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>> laura: it's time for seen and unseen where we explore the cultural stories of the day and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. raymond the january 6th hearings were on again today. >> laura, i watched a lot of
7:39 pm
those hearings earlier and if you like drama and the visuals are not that appealing so it's confusing to the viewers. the witnesses were mostly virtual. trump campaign manager bill stepien looked like he was photo bombing his lawyer during a zoom call. then poor former attorney general bill barr showed up and seemed to be captured at a security cam at a board meeting. and this was the big revelation of the day brace yourself, the committee claimed this was hot news. >> i told them that the stuff that his people were shoveling out to the public were bull [bleep]. that the claims of fraud were [bleep]. >> he was just on a book tour laura in march where he told nbc news this. >> i told them that all this stuff was bull [bleep]. and about election fraud. and, you know, it was wrong to be shoveling it out the way his
7:40 pm
team was. >> laura: i mean, where was the new news? i mean -- >> laura, it's all recycled. everything. the video's recycled. the testimony's recycled and barr already did a book on this. so i don't know why these networks are having panels and live coverage like something's new just breaking. nothing is new here. >> laura: i like all the -- >> all warmed over. >> laura: i like all the jump cut edits like sound bite to sound bite to live person, kind of a russian roulette of sound bites. i didn't find it convincing. >> the upshot is laura it's hard to win best revival of an old political story when your people are suffering from inflation, food prices and rising gas prices. and cbs aired the prime time hearing the first one last thursday. it drew 3.24 million viewers. a week before a rerun of young shelleder in the same time slot
7:41 pm
threw 3.8 million viewers. and your favorite show was on cbs last night the tony awards did you watch? >> i sadly missed. >> laura: up from an all time low, last year was the second lowest tony awards ever which may have something to do with the hosts. ariana devoe who apparently never heard the adage let the audience come to you. ♪♪ i am close to you ♪♪ oh, so close to you ♪♪ i am touching you ♪♪ there's not a lot that you can do ♪♪ i'm sitting on you ♪♪ >> oh, my lord. laura, do you see what you missed. >> laura: he just slipped a disk in that last movement there, i think. he's going to call the chiropractor. >> it was a torture us evening i have to say. and remember when broadway diva patty chastised a member of her
7:42 pm
audience a few weeks back? >> put your mask over your nose. that's why you're in the theater. that's the rule. if you don't want to follow the rule, get the [bleep] out. >> well, last night patty la upon was there maskless in a crowd thousands in the orchestra of radio city music hall. there she was. but don't worry, the workers in the mezzanine of radio city had to wear their masks laura. you see apparently covid sticks to the lighting grids at radio city so i guess it's okay for the fancy folks on the floor. no masks for them. pretty good. >> laura: i can't believe, raymond, that the tony didn't gone to phantom of the covid because that mask was so, it was so impressive. i mean, it's crazy. >> but it's so hypocritical. there is a mask mandate on broadway right now through june 30th. the audience has to wear a mask.
7:43 pm
why don't they have to wear it? bad examples here. >> laura: well, what else? >> well, you were flipping, you were telling me you were flipping around the other night. >> laura: oh, yeah, and across -- yeah. i saw this rue paul show and i have to say that the makeup on some of the drag performers i thought was actually pretty convincing. and it's so convincing they're now even impersonating political figures raymond. >> please give a warm drag race welcome to the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. >> oh, my god! [cheers and applause] >> oh, my god. >> no, no, laura. >> laura: that looked like her. >> that was actually pelosi herself. >> laura: what? >> that is pelosi. >> laura: that was not. >> if you're trying to reach voters before the midterms where else would you go but rue paul's drag race. >> now speaker pelosi, with all the challenges facing our nation, what words of wisdom do you have for us? >> well, the single most
7:44 pm
important thing i can say is to vote with the midterm elections coming up very important for people the make their voices and their vote heard. >> throw the word master class around here all the time but that shady clap you do was epic. >> it was completely unintentional. can i get an amen? >> laura: i think they should have done this raymond. remember after trump did the state of the union and she did this? remember that. >> yes. >> laura: that was her classic move. yeah. >> well, this may be a backup career for nancy pelosi, a judge on rue paul's drag race she'll hang up the gavel. >> laura: got to go. >> she can throw around the paint and rolling shades. >> laura: raymond -- that wasn't pelosi. all right thank you raymond >> turns out activists have been lying about the real world effects of puberty blockers and hormone therapy, especially on the young. our next guest just completed a
7:45 pm
new study that turns the entire trans narrative on its head. he's here in moments to explain it.
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>> we're literally experimenting on children. maybe that's why sweden and finland have stopped giving
7:50 pm
puberty blockers to kids. >> laura: that's bill maher with the truth and a lot of angry push back from his friends on the left. what he says, of course, is undeniably true but that line of thinking has run up against some very powerful forces. >> republican lawmakers are currently debating legislation that among many things would target trans use that threatens to put pediatrician toss prison if they put medically necessary life care for those they serve. >> laura: lifesaving? they use that claim as a weapon to beat back that opponents? please. they say the research backs them up that providing puberty blockers and gender who are mows decreases the risk of suicide but a new study out completely debunks that joining me now is the author jay green from the heritage foundation along with nugent who transitioned to a man but now is talking about how the
7:51 pm
medical transitioning of kids issue is so dangerous >> jay start with you the research completely turns this on its head the activists narrative on this issue are strong. what do you need to tell us in tonight? >> the prior research is very poorly done and using a better research design we were able to look at the evidence correctly and when you do that, you see that as gender-related terror, puberty blockers and cross x hormones provided at increasing rates, in states where it was easier for minors to access that, there was a spike in suicides relative to states where it was harder for them to access it. 14% increase in the youth suicide rate. >> laura: oh, my. this is so heart breaking on so many levels. and in addition to suicide there are other devastating effects. mayo clinic say puberty blockers may have a long term on growth, bone growth density and future
7:52 pm
fertility. scott your warning to those who are encouraging and glam orizing this in children. >> well, the first thing i would say is shame on you. it seems like the lgbtq, which, you know, i'm a lesbian that medically transitioned, i am the rainbow. somehow we have lost our adults along the way and we have allowed what we think, what we feel, what we want to be a narrative. and the narrative is not true. puberty blockers are absolutely, absolutely dangerous and costing early onset osteo perfect oz, it's causing lungs and hearts the size of 12 year olds and 18 year olds. when parents figure out what is happening to children, there is going to be rioting in the street. they're going to have like pitch forks and throwing stuff into doctor's offices. what's happening to kids right now is very, very wrong. >> laura: i think it's child abuse. i've said it for years.
7:53 pm
>> absolutely. >> laura: i think this is sanctioned child abuse and the assistant secretary of health at hhs, watch this. >> i'm not a political person, right? i'm a physician and my focus is on medicine and public health. there is no argument about the value and the importance of gender affirming care. there is no argument. >> laura: jay, this is what they say on every issue that they end up having to do a correction on later on. >> laura: yeah, i mean, look, there are only three studies that they have that compare suicide rates among young people who received these hormones relative to those who did not, and those studies are very poorly done because what they do is they fail to control for the initial mental health of the young people who were unable to get those drugs because actually you're supposed to be psychologically stable to receive them. so really all they're finding is that people are thinking about suicide more if they begin with
7:54 pm
more severe mental health problems. they're not finding the drugs are protected. >> i'll take that a little bit further, the long term study that was done was done in sweden from 1973 to 2003 and it found that the highest point of suicidal ideation for transgender people is 7-10 years after you transition. so we're medically transitioning kids that are suicidal that the peak is going to be ten years later. >> laura: this is one of the best segments i've seen on this in a short period of time. jay and scott we're going to have you back. thank you. our wit's end segment is next. what top democrat feels pinned in and why hushly hurry up tweet your guesses at ingraham angle. we'll be back. features you need, and none of the hassle. i use lively hearing aids
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