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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 7, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> ainsley: that's a small portion of the start and we will talk to on radio. "scars and stripes" thank you. >> steve: also go to . what a great interesting. >> ainsley: thank you for what you do. >> tim: what a great entrance see you tomorrow >> bill: inflation is on the ballot, crime is on the ballot. gasoline is on the ballot. we're on the ballot >> dana: we're glad you voted to stay with us. i'm dana perino. >> bill: what all the elections taught us we're moving a little forward each time to what the story is in america >> dana: crime, watch that in all these seven states holding
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primaries today including california. >> bill: topping voters' concerns is the price of gasoline. another day and all-time high. $4.91. we hit 28 new highs. the number more than doubling since biden took office. >> dana: 6 in 10 people are pessimistic on achieving the american dream. we begin at the white house with peter doocy. imagine, peter, the white house is -- you would think they're feeling some pressure. are you seeing any evidence of that? >> if they are feeling pressure, that's not exactly what they are saying at the microphone because as many americans including those polled are wondering what more can be done to lower gas prices, officials here are saying we've already done it. like tapping the strategic reserves. >> a million barrels a month
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for six months. that is a big, big deal to be able to do. the home grown biofield, e-15 will help families in the midwest. we understand there is more work to be done but we're continuing to take steps and encouraged because of where we are economically. we'll do everything we can to attack inflation. >> americans aren't buying the white house spin the economy is great. 83% said it is poor or not so good. gas prices have more than doubled since biden took office. 2.39 a gallon the day he moved in. 4.91 today including california where gas is more than $6 a gallon on average. this is not a partisan issue. even some of the most liberal democrats in the senate are expressing angolaer about how much they're paying to fill up. >> i bought gas and the price
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was $4.83. i was all around the state yesterday and we bought gas over the weekend, $5.07. i'm angry. this hits every driver in the state of connecticut and they are angry about skyrocketing gasoline prices. >> the president's actions and events and schedule are more geared toward long-term energy goals. he will go to the summit for the americas in los angeles. one of the top items being billed is a green and equitable recovery. high gas prices not getting top billing. >> dana: nor are the root causes of the problem at the southern border. >> bill: public safety on the ballot in california. far left facing pressure from voters fed up with lawlessness. claudia cowen is watching an interesting story in san francisco. >> good morning to you.
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bill. today is judgment day for chesa boudine, he faces a recall here today. he cast his own ballot at city hall yesterday saying he feels confident he will hang onto his job. >> i'm feeling energized and optimistic. we're seeing a massive surge of support right as we go into election day. >> since being elected 2 1/2 years ago, he has ended cash bail and gang enhancements and prioritized diversion programs and mental health treatment over locking people up. critics argue many of those he helped release committed more crimes and the city has seen a surge in open air drug dealing, overdose deaths and brazen thefts. he is a former public defender says the recall is an effort by wealthy republicans opposed to his criminal justice reforms. homelessness and public safety are the defining issues in the
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mayor's race in los angeles. karen bass is the more progressive candidates. polls show her in a dead heat with billionaire developer rick caruso. republican turned democrat says he is the best hope for the city. after defeating a recall last year governor gaffe-in newsom is facing two dozen mostly unknown challengers running for the chance to stop him from winning a second term. voters will choose the runoff candidates for u.s. senate and state attorney general. with no big controversial measures, no big names to keep people fired up voter turnout is expected to be low. everyone got a mail-in ballot. the recall in san francisco, if the d.a. is recalled the mayor will appoint a new district attorney to serve the remainder of his term. >> bill: maybe we'll know later
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tonight. >> dana: it's very interesting this california vote. i'm curious about turnout. you are following all the other races and turnout. if you're in california and everybody mailed a ballot. does it make it easier? >> bill: you get the ballot and it's like who am i voting for? >> dana: here is -- this is a california resident car men vega said i'm unhappy. she voted for mr. biden but now considering backing republicans in the mid-term election. she says the economy sucks right now. everything is too expensive and if you look at the california national average of gas. $6.37 there per gallon versus 4.91 the national arch. >> bill: that quote was in the "new york times." it is an article you printed out runs five pages long. i'm very surprised how many democrats in california are very dissatisfied with the political leadership. someone like rick caruso. unknown to the rest of the country could have an opportunity to pull a shocker.
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he was a republican three years ago. he wants to be the next mayor of l.a. we'll see whether or not he can do it. >> dana: president biden nearly missed marking the 78th anniversary of d-day yesterday. he did release a statement around 8:45 p.m. last night after failing to mention the historic day in any of his earlier remarks. we're live in washington >> if the president had waited three more hours he would have failed to mention the anniversary two years in a row. last year the president missed it entirely. the 78th anniversary of d-day he finally released a note commemorating those who answered duty calls on the beaches of normandy and we must never forget their service. presidents bush, obama, trump never forgot. they each acknowledged the 4400 allied troops who lost their lives on june 6, 1944 during each year of their presidency. for the entirety of yesterday
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the white house made no proclamation. as jacqui heinrich pointed out. they honored national ocean month, national homeownership month and great outdoors month. yesterday more than jill biden unveiled the new postal stamp honoring nancy reagan. normandy, france, thousands gathered alongside surviving world war ii veterans. chairman of the joint chiefs mark milley spoke. >> here on the beaches of nor manned eye 78 years ago people came together to serve the cause of liberty. >> as far as other administration members go lloyd austin tweeted a quote from president eisenhower early yesterday 11 hours before the president himself made any
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mention. compare that with june 1, the start of pride month. president biden issued a tweet promptly at 9:36 a.m. dana and bill. >> dana: thank you so much. i have to say part of it is everyier when it comes up it's bill hemmer's birthday. happy birthday message. that's what happens. i think they only put out the statement because they saw pressure on twitter saying where has the statement been? also last week you saw all these stories saying president biden wants to get out and see americans and do something. how easy would it be, get in an s.u.v., drive to the world war ii memorial. shake hands. thank the people. have a moment, get back to the white house. you have to wonder if it's almost deliberate. deliberate incompetence, is that possible? >> bill: it's a significant omission from what the recognition should be. >> dana: absolutely.
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>> bill: we can all disagree on so many things. but we cannot disagree on this. give them the honor they deserve. >> dana: they put out the statement at 8:45 p.m. >> bill: which was june 7th in france. nypd looking for a man seen shoving a woman onto the subway tracks in the bronx on sunday. she suffered cuts to her heads and arms. david lee miller back on the crime beat again. what happened? >> good morning, bill. authorities say the victim is recovering. her injuries could have been a great deal worse possibly even fatal. fortunately there was no on coming train when the 52-year-old woman was pushed onto the tracks. she was treated at a local hospital. attacker got away. nypd released a video of the assault hoping someone
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recognizes him. a backward baseball cap and red backpack. it happened before 5:00 sunday afternoon. the video is on the minds of many new yorkers. speaking yesterday the mayor said catching and releasing the same criminals over and over has turned crime-fighting efforts into a joke. >> no one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. these bad guys no longer take them seriously. they believe our criminal justice system is a laughingstock of our entire country. >> the mayor said his crackdown on gun violence is working citing a drop in the number of shootings. subway crime up 28% compared to the same period one year ago and still down compared to pre-pandemic levels is the number of people who are riding the subway. ridership is only about 2/3 of where it was before covid.
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>> bill: you have the feeling it will be worse again before it gets better. thank you. >> dana: a new report that beijing is secretly building a brand-new naval base. are we keeping a close enough eye on china? >> bill: that's a story. also a deal in danger. elon musk blockbuster offer to buy twitter on the brink of collapse. the data that he claims twitter is hiding and what he would lose if he walks away now. >> dana: top gun finds itself at the center of a copyright lawsuit. box office legal battle straight ahead. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins.
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>> dana: as inflation bears down on americans a poll shows more than a third are disaide with their financial situation. the worst result in the survey's 50 year history. charlie gasparino is hear to talk about it. a month ago gas was $4.30. if you go to the gas station every week and seeing the creep. it is not 5 cents. it's 30 cents. >> it's insane. the political ramifications are interesting. you listen to president biden and his economic team messaging all weekend everything is great. low unemployment, good gdp. headline numbers great. you should be feeling great, america. except the american people feel lousy about this economy. it is the widest disconnect i've ever seen between what the people felt about the economy and what the administration is
6:19 am
touting. politically they aren't good at it. >> bill: they don't know where it's going. right now it is only higher. >> that's part of it. inflation is a tax on the working and middle class, remember that. rich people can trade out of it and figure out ways to get around it. poor people and working class people can't. the other thing is when you drill down beyond the headline numbers some of the underlying stuff is no so great. wages aren't picking up that fast. it's not the greatest economy if you bear down and go below gdp and go below some of the headline stuff. i think this is politically a huge problem for biden. it doesn't look like it is getting better. he doesn't have the right horses in place to make it better. >> bill: that's major point. >> brian deese as the head of the national economic council to help deal with inflation is the reason why we have inflation.
6:20 am
he is an environmentalist on steroid. he doesn't want to drill. his job on wall street he ran esg investing. environmental stuff. at black rock he brought that same mindset to the white house. how can you trust him to make the proper call on how much we should drill? >> dana: you can't. also secretary of the interior as well. want to ask you about elon musk. this is this weird romance between elon musk and twitter. are they dating or are they on a break? what's going on? the letter yesterday. mr. musk believes the company is actively resisting and thwarting his information rights. a breach of twitter's obligations. he reserves all rights including his right not to consummate the transaction than and his right to terminate the merger agreement. >> he is getting cold feet i think. listen, here is the thing. i think he sees the economy. he sees the underlying numbers
6:21 am
as being very worrisome for his main business, tesla. he sees wages are going down, fed is raising rates, could hit a recession. bad for his main business which is tesla. he needs that stock, to use that stock to pay for the 54.20 price, $44 billion to buy twitter. he is taking a huge hit on his stock and looking for ways -- word on the street is he would like to renegotiator get out. one thing i will make a point. i don't think twitter has much of a choice here. they will bring -- this is a $20 stock. if he came back and said i'll give you $28 they may have to take it. >> bill: he stuck and moved a lot for five years on tesla. he was in the headlines every day in the "wall street journal." and so it's the same thing with twitter. you don't know which way his mind is going depending on the day. see a creative guy and we're
6:22 am
seeing it play out publicly again, i would argue, with this deal much like with tesla. >> or he could just be scared. net worth is evaporating. i think people assume too much genius out of this guy. i think he is smart obviously. created a great company. a tech guy. but, you know, right now it looks like he is a little bit desperate. it looks like he is trying to weasel out of this thing because his own stock is getting crushed. >> dana: he has exposed all these stories about twitter. >> he has exposed that they are a left wing news organization. >> bill: nice to see you. dana and i talk a lot about the lack of creative ideas from the west wing. your point is well taken. the solar panels and tariffs in southeast asia. good for you in two years once you get them shipped and installed. >> dana: the statement yesterday about gas prices is we have nothing for you on that? >> bill: the question yesterday
6:23 am
what do you have for gasoline? we have nothing to preview. that was coming off a weekend, charlie. good to see you. >> dana: thanks. >> bill: paramount pictures facing a copyright infringement issue over top gun maverick. is there a case? what's the story, william? >> paramount acquired the movie rights to the story top gun which appeared in may 1983. a squadron of elite pilots at the navy fighter weapons school in san diego. the basis for the original top gun movie and gave the author credit. according to the family of the now-deceased author those rights expired in january of 2020. 35 years later. in the lawsuit filed yesterday, the family says it told paramount in 2018 and again last month to stop cease and desist promoting the new movie that it ignored. the original top gun released in 1986 helped turn tom cruise
6:24 am
into a star and made paramount wealthy. paramount argues the sequel was sufficiently completed, quote, by the january 2020 copyright expiration date and two, the new movie is substantially different than the original magazine story. if you recall, bill, top gun went into production in 2018. because of covid delayed several times. the family claims the movie wasn't done until may 2021, a year after the copyright expired. it does not qualify what is called prior derivative works exception and paramount went ahead without a new license. the family is seeking damages and wants an injunction to pull the movie from theaters that would stop paramount from distributing the movie that made $300 million so far. legal dog fight will continue. paramount says it is without merit and they will defend themselves vigorously. >> bill: they are about to make $15 more because i haven't seen
6:25 am
it yet. thank you, william. nice to see you in l.a. >> dana: san francisco d.a. faces a vote. will they blame him for the breakdown in crime? new developments on the horrifying hit and run. los angeles d.a. george gascon doubling down on the light sentence given to the teen behind the wheel. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt or just put money in the bank.
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6:31 am
aggravated assaults are up. auto theft is higher. larceny theft is way high where you see all that video you see from walgreens and cvs, from those who take garbage bags inside the drugstores and load them up and walk out without consequence. this is a big deal. it's resulted in a total crime output of 10% in the city of san francisco. we'll see whether or not voters are ready to make a change in these progressive judicial philosophy and policies. this is -- we've talked to so many parents across the country in our program for the last two years who have had kids who have overdosed. in san francisco alone these are the deaths, all right? in 2020 in gold, 2021 in red. fentanyl at 183 in 21. methamphetamine 148. cocaine, heroin and medical opioids. this is something that america is aware of. how do you stop it? how do you fight back against it? it is the job of a d.a. to help
6:32 am
push these policies forward and n concert with the mayor of the city. it is not happening in san francisco. see whether or not it changes today. dana, back to you. >> dana: those are stunning statistics. behind all that are families. let's bring in kellyanne conway and mark penn. looking at those numbers mark, i wonder as people go to the polls today in seven states, especially california, in your experience do voters who are experiencing crime especially in connection with homelessness. do they connect it with a party or whoever is in power? >> generally they'll connect it with who is in power. who is in power is responsible in general for dealing with whether it's gasoline prices, immigration or in local areas crime and taxes and so i think they will hold responsible those officials that they believe. when i ask about crime now and
6:33 am
what is responsible for the rise in crime, people say first d.a.s that aren't doing their job. second, mental illness that's not treated properly and people are left on the streets. and third, they say enforcing gun laws. that's the one, two, three of what people think about crime and we'll see what they do at the polls today. >> dana: kellyanne, it's interesting mark says that. the number one issues that voters respond to him is to say prosecutors aren't doing their job. that's a pretty interesting connection for people to be able to see. it is not just there are criminals, not just maybe they have different feelings about police but voters are actually saying oh, the prosecutors that are in place in these big cities and put them on the board here, crime is up in all the big cities, los angeles, new york city, chicago, philadelphia, san francisco. connecting it to the d.a.s. is that different? what will it mean for the next few months? >> it is slightly different, dana. mark is correct. what is more these d.a.s are
6:34 am
household names now. they are well-known by the folks and people standing between them and public safety. i'm struck by the u.c. berkey la times bowl that came out recently that asked people what are the top issues in los angeles. the top 49% homelessness, 40% crime and public safety. those are seen as benefiting the people who want to be tough on crime like a new d.a. candidate or mayoral candidate. lower down the list was climate change, abortion and coronavirus. issues many of the democrats are running on. in 2022 if you're a democrat, reality bites. politics is often a game of perception. in this case people see 41,000 unhoused people in los angeles. they see a rise in crime and drugs. what bill said at the big board is so important. in san francisco under this d.a., he did not prosecute one fentanyl crime last year.
6:35 am
640 overdose deaths. most created by fentanyl. more people died of overdose deaths than covid last year in his city and he didn't prosecute any. three drug prosecutions, none for fentanyl because it's a sanctuary city. he fears deportation for people involved. people are knitting this together. they know what they see not what politicians say. they see people going into stores in their neighborhoods and stuffing bags. one guy looked like he was shopping and color of the bag and shoes he preferred, not just grabbing and going. people know what they see. last thing, in 1994 crime and economy were the two most important issues going into the big republican sweep and the contract with newt gingrich. we're seeing that again. 17 of 20 cities are led by democrat mayors and i think they have a lot to account for at the polls. >> dana: do you think biden will be connected to all of that if you are looking at who is in powers and democrats in
6:36 am
these cities? >> oh, i think biden will be connected to that. the question is, is he going to exert leadership? what does he have the justice department doing? are they out there rounding up gang members and getting handguns and young kids doing thousands of murders in the cities? or are they off doing basically political work rather than work the people really care about with criminals on the streets? i think biden could make a huge difference if he directed the policy machine towards these problems directly in these cities. >> dana: we'll see if he does that. so far not so much. kellyanne and mark. thank you so much. have a good day. >> bill: tonight and tomorrow maybe, right, california, tomorrow, right? tiger woods saying thanks but no thanks turning down nearly a billion dollars to join a brand-new rival golf league that is backed by the saudis. greg norman creator of the
6:37 am
league say the offer was mind blowingly enormous. phil mickelson is all in. he reached a deal for $200 million to play in the league. it's a very interesting story on the inside of the world of golf about how you can now have a competing league with the pga. we'll see how it goes. >> dana: i have a friend text group and this is hot. i haven't commented or weighed in yet. i've been wondering. i think tiger woods made the right decision. >> bill: yes. especially for him. tiger woods doesn't need the money. he is 46 years old. he has always talked about playing the historical courses and tournaments in u.s. golf. that's the masters, the u.s. open, the pga championship and the british open. these players who have agreed to play for the saudi league right now are in danger of not having an invitation to any of those tournaments for the rest
6:38 am
of their careers. it's a big deal. something to watch. >> dana: we're watching. i'm in, all right. new exclusive video from the southern border showing agents trying to keep our border secure. >> bill: a new report that china secretly is building a naval base in cambodia. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley is here in studio coming up next. no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. there are many names for enthusiast but there's only one way to become one... by going all in. the lexus is. all in on the sports sedan. ♪♪
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>> dana: british prime minister boris johnson survived a no confidence vote in parliament. he invited people over for parties while the rest of the country was on lockdown. johnson has since apologized and now says it is time to move on. >> i think it is an extremely good, positive, conclusive, decisive result that enables us to move on to unite and to focus on delivery. that's exactly what we are going to do. >> dana: i think apologizing is one thing. we saw this all over the world really. even here in our own country, leaders imposing rules on people they didn't have to keep for themselves. 4 in 10 people in the parliament wanted him out. he has some work to do. >> bill: work to do but he survives. party gate is over, right?
6:44 am
this from overseas. a report, check this out. reveals china is secretly building a naval facility in the country of cambodia. both countries deny it. western officials tell the post the two nations are taking extraordinary measures to hide it. nikki haley former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. to talk about this and more. nice to see you and welcome back. china is doing this all over southeast asia. it comes as no surprise. the fact that we have reporting on it would suggest what to you about their ambition. >> china has been doing this all over the world. they've done this built road process. they do port projects and wait for these countries and say okay, you can't pay your debt. give us your port and military installation. you're watching that map show exactly what they've been working on for years. the key with this is, this is a fight to see which countries we can win and which countries
6:45 am
they can win. right now they are winning countries. we have to start building our alliances. we're doing it now with japan and australia and india with the quad. we need to keep doing that. countries now need to know that we can win. if they don't think we can win they'll side with china and cambodia and solomon islands as well is what we saw. >> dana: the nuclear tests out in north korea and the u.s. and south korea responding. ned price yesterday on the north korea test. >> we remain concerned that the dprk to seek a seventh nuclear test in the coming days. it's a concern we've warned about for some time. i can assure you that it is a contingency we have planned for and it has been a concerted topic of discussion with allies and partners. >> dana: when you learn this news, do you think it's just the same old thing or is it something new and different? >> it is personal for me. we passed the largest sanctions against north korea in a generation at the united nations. we got the entire world to go
6:46 am
along with it. to see this happening is frustrating because it is the same thing that's happening whether it's china, russia, iran. we saw with it the taliban in afghanistan. if they don't see a strong america. they're pushing the envelope. you didn't see kim doing this when trump was in office. >> bill: backed him off. >> strength matters. they're seeing what they can get away with. >> bill: the other day they flew the fighter jets between south korea and the u.s. we don't normally see a response like that. >> i think that what we have to show is look, just because there is a different president, i hope biden shows we still mean strength. if you do nuclear, there will be a price to pay. south korea now has to have a spine, too. they have a new leader and hopefully that will happen. they need to be strong at this point. kim will push as far as he he can to see if we shake. we have to stop.
6:47 am
>> dana: president biden will head to los angeles and be part of the summit of the americas. i think when mexico says we're not coming if venezuela and cuba and i can't remember the third country, nicaragua, if they don't come with me. i think the united states -- we have standards and no they're not coming. but it is not what the mexican president thought. he thought he had leverage. now he won't show up at the summit of the americas and you have the border crisis? you look at the chart. the number of people crossing into our country now of course not all coming from mexico but coming through mexico. they're not going to be there. >> it is hugely important. we're hosting it. the idea that any country would not come when america asks is really unthinkable. now to think that honduras and guatemala follow the lead? when you have these countries who dealt with america forever say we're not showing up to your show, that's an embarrassment.
6:48 am
more than that. we give them lots of money and that's the thing we pushed in the trump administration was making sure if you give aid you give it to partners, not others. the biggest concern is we have such a border crisis and we needed these countries at the table. biden doesn't need to be worried about solar panels. needs to be worried about the border and what happens there. >> bill: the summit should be canceled. if you won't get any information on a new trade pack with any of these countries or do anything about the border. the only thing that comes outs of this west coast trip is a fundraiser and interview with jimmie kimmel. >> you know who is watching? china is watching this and making sure that this falls apart. >> dana: that's an incredible story. i'm glad were here today. we had so much to talk about. thank you for being here. ukraine troops fighting back against russia east of ukraine. we want to warn you some of what you are about to see is
6:49 am
graphic. trey yingst is live in kyiv. >> good morning. roughly 3 million ukrainians are living under russian occupation. this is one man who survived the terror from the forces. >> he stands with his mother outside their home in the village. the 21-year-old was captured by the russians and held for nearly two weeks. >> i didn't believe i would ever see him again, his mother explains. down the road he takes us to a bombed out building where russian troops initially kept him and his friend. the october paying soldiers were convinced some juan was giving their location to ukraine artillery units. they beat the pair trying to provoke a confession. after three days the men were taken to a boiler room across town and chained to a raid yoitor with a dozen other
6:50 am
villagers. they were kept underground until a drunk russian commander stumbled in with a demand. i need four corpses. i've got two. i need two more. the russian told maxim he had to choose who would be killed. he refused and was dragged outside. he brought me out and put me on my knees and asked if i'm ready for not. he recalls. he shot near my head and whispered in my ear. i don't want to see that again. days later the russians retreated and maxim was able to escape running through a nearby graveyard and into the woods. as he ran he passed the bodies of other ukrainians kept alongside him in the boiler room. their hands were tied and they had been shot in the head. sadly his story is not unique. so many ukrainians are suffering under russian control. it is part of the reason ukrainian president zelenskyy is doubling down on calls for international support. >> dana: trey, thank you.
6:51 am
stay safe. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. here we go. voters in seven states will tell us the direction they want in their lives starting today. primary elections will be held and karl rove in a moment and his predictions. new details in a bizarre love triangle murder. what investigators now believe about the woman accused in the death of her boyfriend's ex. nancy grace is on the case. old, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ i'm susan and i'm 52 and i live in san francisco, california.
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>> bill: here is a murder mystery involving a yoga instructor investigators say is the main suspect in the case. investigators say her romantic rival was killed in austin and she was dropped at an airport four days later in new jersey one day after a warrant went out for her arrest. nancy grace ties it all together. what do you think is going on here? >> there isn't a mystery who murdered the cyclist, moriah. it was her, the woman who was waltzing around newark airport. love rival. that is putting perfume on the pig. her boyfriend had a one week affair with the psychist, then a repeat date with her, lies about it and she goes and shoots the woman dead. multiple gunshot wounds to this young girl.
6:58 am
her family devastated. somehow she has managed to slip through the fingers of the texas rangers, austin police and security at laguardia and newark. something interesting. you see she is wearing the same exact clothing in newark may 18th as she was wearing in laguardia when she touched down from a texas flight may 14. what does it tell me? wherever she is staying she hasn't bought any clothes and no one has given her clothes. i am not a fashion expert. i don't care about fashion, but look, we're looking for a white female killer, long brown hair, yoga teacher. here is her white female with a yoga mat on her back. she went to newark to throw the cops off to make them think she took a flight. i don't get it. why go there unless you are
6:59 am
taking a flight? >> bill: she probably knows someone in the area. armed and dangerous. >> in the area of newark? can i tell you one more thing? listen, i love men just as much as any other woman but think about it. if she is willing to gun down this innocent 24-year-old cyclist over a cheating boyfriend, who else will she kill to save her own skin? don't just think of her as a defenseless female yoga teacher. this woman was armed with a gun and silencer. don't underestimate her. >> bill: 5 foot 8, 125 pounds. last seen with long curly hair, blue denim jacket and white jeans carrying a yoga mat. nancy, we'll see where it goes. there are questions out there.
7:00 am
the tip line is 336-0102, 800 number in case you have information. the u.s. marshals are asking you to call. thank you, nancy, nice to see you. thanks for coming back today. >> dana: topping the news treasury secretary janet yellen in the spotlight after admitting she was wrong on inflation and faces a grilling today on capitol hills where lawmakers have questions about the economy and how the biden administration is handling it. another break for the illegal immigrant acquitted in the murder of kate stainly on a san francisco pier in 2015 sentenced to time served on a federal gun charge. he now faces an immigration hearing in texas. far left los angeles prosecutor george gascon is standing by his lenient treatment of a hit and run driver who mowed down a mother and her baby. more on these stories
7:01 am
throughout the hour. first. >> it's very difficult. got a helicopter above, spying migrants on the run. this is hard, difficult tracking. here we have a dog. you see the agents trying to continue forward. >> dana: griff jenkins on the ground tracking migrants through thick brush trying to evade capture on the southern border. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. that brings it home. >> dana: it might have good that griff was good cardiofitness. >> bill: the harsh and dangerous conditions officers face every day. day two for nearly 10,000 migrants marching through southern mexico in a caravan heading yet again for the u.s. border. all this as president biden hosts leaders from the western hemisphere, some of them, anyway, seeking cooperation on immigration. >> dana: fox team coverage. gillian turner at the state
7:02 am
department as the summit of the americas gets off to a rocky start. griff jenkins. you showed us what it's like to be on the ground there. >> the shrubs we were in with the texas dps and border patrol. they're working an active group. we're with the lieutenant. what are we looking for? >> [inaudible] >> dana: griff is in a helicopter trying to show us -- let's see if we can listen here. >> also drugs. we'll try to keep some of that from happening. we are trying to keep it from happening. >> dana: this is difficult for everyone to be able to hear and so let's just -- we'll try to
7:03 am
get back to this as soon as griff is on the ground. >> bill: one thing about this caravan if you look at the video they are marching en masse down the street. far in the southwestern corner of mexico. you see them in some of these video shots there are -- they are either police or soldiers or both and they stand on both sides of the road holding shields in front of them almost as if to escort them down the road and that's the way the caravan begins. we've seen it before and seeing it again how far they get. do the mexicans take action? the summit of the americas getting off to a rocky start and not going well. mexico's president says he is boycotting the event because he wanted the leaders from cuba, venezuela and nicaragua to attend. gillian turner state department live with more on this. gillian, good morning. >> good morning, to you, bill
7:04 am
and dana. so this summit will kick off in l.a. tomorrow with a major snub and without a key player as you mentioned mexico's president is not going to be there representing his government to meet with president biden. mexican president issued a statement making good on his promise to boycott the gathering of countries from the western hemisphere after the white house declined to invite cuba, nicaragua and venezuela. take a listen to ned price. >> the challenges that these three regimes pose to some of the central tenets of the summit americas held this week. those challenges were insurmountable. >> the house put it much less diplomatically. listen to jean-pierre. >> we don't believe dictators should be invited. the president will stand by his principles. >> we're learning that until yesterday the u.s. had been
7:05 am
negotiating frantically behind the scenes trying to work out something. they had reportedly even considered inviting lower level officials from cuba to represent that government. did not work out, at least not so far. havana issued a statement saying there is not a single reason that justifies the anti-democratic and arbitrary exclusion of any country in the hemisphere from that continental meeting. as for venezuela the u.s. doesn't even recognize the maduro regime and an invite to that country was never even under consideration. so as of now where we stand mexico's foreign minister will represent the government at the summit and the white house announced they'll invite and welcome president obrador to meet with president biden in july. >> bill: wonder who will even be at the table. we'll follow it at the state department. >> dana: inflation, crime and record high gas prices among
7:06 am
the many issues on voters' minds heading to the poll today for primary contests in seven states that set the stage for mid-term elections in november. let's bring in karl rove. what are you looking for today in the seven states that are voting? >> i'm looking for a lot of excitement. seven states, four time zones. start early and stay up really late. we go all the way from new jersey to california and i'm calling this the ctv primary day. what does that mean? i think there will be a bunch of big issues, crime will dominate some of these races. l.a. mayor's race was expected to be a ho-hum affair with progressive congresswoman karen bass easy winner leading into the november election. sort of a primary today. everybody the top two vote getters go into a november election. it is a horse race with a centrist democrat and the recall of the san francisco d.a. on the ballot up there and
7:07 am
largely expected that the d.a. chesa boudin will be withdrawn. t stands for trump. 35 republicans voted to establish the january 6 commission and the former president has vowed to have every one of them defeated. several are on the ballot today. one in california, one in mississippi and south dakota. all of them face primary challenges. the president has failed at one. mary anne miller-meeks of iowa. she voted for the january 6 commission but will be renominated. young kim of california is facing a trumpian challenge incumbent republican facing a challenge. we also though have viability. if you look at it, there are 53 house races that are considered to be toss-ups or leaning
7:08 am
republican or leading democrat. nine are in the states holding primaries today. new jersey congressional district 7. tom kean junior is the likely republican nominee. if he is they can flip the seat. new mexico governor primary on the republican side. the frontrunner is thought to be a possible upsit victor in november. he has to get past the primary. iowa democrats have a primary where they have to figure out do they have somebody who can take down chuck grassley? viability will matter. how good are the candidates who get nominated today? >> bill: here is what matters to americans according to abc. number one, economy, 83%. number two, inflation, 80%. number three, gas prices, 74%. they can be in the same category. you don't have to divide those up. it's the pocketbook, right? >> absolutely. that will be really important in the november election.
7:09 am
that's why these primaries are sometimes problematic for both parties. sometimes they turn on considerations that are important to the base of each party or a wing of each party that don't -- that are not economy, inflation and gas prices. so that's where viability comes in. sometimes it has to do with have you been loyal enough to trump or are you far left enough on the democratic said? viability matters a lot in some of these primaries today. >> dana: can i take you to pennsylvania for a moment? we know that dr. oz is likely going to be the nominee for the republicans. ask you about john fetterman, the lieutenant governor of pennsylvania. he was running for the u.s. senate. he had the stroke. we hope he gets better soon. it will be a very difficult race and here is his wife to cnn about when we might see fetterman back on the campaign trail. >> i think he deserves a month to get back and come back as strong as ever. this will be a tough race and a really important race. i want him to be fully ready
7:10 am
for it. >> dana: what are democrats thinking here? if you hear amongst the folks out there that talk about these things. should he try to continue in this race? >> we have three problems here. first of all the one that mrs. fetterman alluded to. he will be out of the race for the month of june. we have five months until the election. already they are saying he won't be a campaigner for at least 20% of the time that he has got between now and the election. that's only the smaller problem. the bigger problems are this. one, they apparently did not tell the truth about this procedure. they said it's a minor procedure initially. we had a defibrillator put in that's minor. lots of doctors, starting with doctors quoted in the "new york times" said if you have a defibrillator put in, it is far more significant health issue than they've let on. it turns out to be true. it turns out they knew he had
7:11 am
health issues and didn't deal with them or make them public before he had the stroke just before the primary a couple of weeks ago. they have two issues of credibility here. they misled about the procedure but they also were not forthcoming about his health. this is going to be an issue. people will naturally ask the question can we trust him since he didn't tell the truth to us? more importantly, is he up to the task? >> dana: really interesting. thank you, karl. >> bill: thank you, sir. right about the time. less than five months away and sitting out for more than a month and what condition he will be at the end of that month. >> dana: republicans are saying they must keep this pennsylvania senatez. it is an open seat. senator toomey republican leaving. mitch mcconnell and rick scott are watching it closely. >> bill: putin warning he will strike new targets in ukraine if the u.s. gives ukraine long-range missiles. how should the u.s. respond?
7:12 am
we'll ask the former supreme commander at nato. >> dana: voters will decide whether to recall one of america's most progressive prosecutors saying he is unfairly blamed for a rise in crime under his watch. >> bill: inflation forcing restaurants to get creative with additional fees. will it prompt more people to eat at home? who will pay that price? >> going to have to be a partner with the restaurants you love and understand the way they operate. no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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>> dana: get this. mask wearing recommended for travelers worldwide. this time it's due to the spread of monkeypox. on monday the cdc raised its alert for monkeypox to a level two as cases surpassed 1,000 globally. it suggests travelers practice
7:18 am
enhanced precautions including wearing a mask. 30 cases are confirmed in the u.s. i thought they said it was skin to skin contact. please advise, cdc, thank you. >> the fight for ukraine is about honoring these veterans of world war two. about maintaining the so-called global international order. strong countries don't just invade small countries. that might does not make right. that aggression can never be left to stand. >> bill: the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff comparing the russian invasion of ukraine to what france endured during is second world war and reiterated the u.s. will continue sending significant support to kyiv despite putin threatening repercussions for doing so. admiral former supreme allied commander. twice in two weeks, it is good to have you back. thank you for being here today,
7:19 am
admiral. putin is issuing more threats. do you think he would ask on them against western countries? >> i sense a bit of bluffing going on here, bill, mainly because he is already striking every target he wants to strike in ukraine. he is striking kyiv, lviv, odessa, demolished a number of other cities including the doomed city right in the center of crimea. he is someone who has already pounded ukraine essentially into dust. he doesn't have any new targets to throw out. i think he is simply blustering because he is concerned about these new advanced weapons systems particularly the long-range surface to surface missiles we're providing. >> bill: would you agree, a short answer real quick. we won't know the effectiveness
7:20 am
of these medium-range missiles another few weeks or a month or longer? >> i think it will be about a month. there is also a training period involved for the ukrainians to start using them. there is more of them in the pipeline. give it a month to two months you will see real effect on the battlefield. >> bill: there is confusion as to where the grain and wheat that is grown in the fields of ukraine, where it is going. some believe moscow is taking a lot into russia. the world wants to get access into the black sea and escort these ships out. putin is outlining the terms for what he would consider safe passage. this goes back five days. he said we will facilitate the peaceful passage and guaranteed the safety of arrival to the ports as well as the entry of foreign ships and their movement through the black sea in any direction. he said more about this earlier today suggesting the russians would make sure that they would ferry the ships in and out and watch them as they transport
7:21 am
this food. is that a resolution do you believe given the circumstances? >> i think what we're hearing to be honest is putin getting worried because more and more in the west are talking about simply forcing that solution of escorting grain tankers in and out much like they escorted oil tankers in and out of the arabian gulf in the 1980s when the iranians tried to close the strait of hormuz. i think he is looking for a climb-down. bottom line, we've got to get the grain out, we the world. if putin can facilitate it we ought to listen to what he wants to put on the table. if he can't deliver that we have to convoy it in and out ourselves. >> bill: we'll watch that. thank you for that. d-day was yesterday. mark milley was in normandy. you have to respect that move. for the second year in a row
7:22 am
the white house -- last year they didn't do it at all. this year we got a tweet around 8:45 p.m. last night. it was already middle of the night in normandy, france at that time. what would suggest to you as to why the white house would have such an oversight over the commemorations of d-day? >> hard the imagine not putting the emphasis on the d-day invasion. i was there for the 50th anniversary and watched the sun rise where ronald reagan gave one of the greatest speeches of his presidency. it was the largest invasion successful in the history of mankind and the title of the invasion was operation overlord. why the white house could not facilitate that and make it a louder trumpet i don't know. mark milley, tough combat soldier represented us well on that normandy battlefield.
7:23 am
>> bill: thank you for coming back. good luck with the book. thank you, sir. >> thanks a lot, bill. good to see you, dana. >> dana: chesa boudin is facing a recall election in san francisco today. will voters put the blame on him for the city's spike in homelessness and crime. lawmakers are set to question secretary janet yellen on the biden administration's response to rising inflation this morning. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now.
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7:29 am
at that point five times. >> dana: one of america's most left wing district attorneys is fighting for his job today. chesa boudin is facing a recall vote today as crime in the city has been soaring. look at this. assaults, larceny, theft and crime overall rising dramatically this year from a year ago. let's bring if larry elder host of the larry elder show. what chesa boudin said why people are upset. a tremendous amount of anxiety that people felt in the context of covid. uncertainty about the direction of our country is headed, anger at the trump administration and misinformation the administration fueled from public safety to vaccine. how do you diagnose the problem in san francisco? >> i'm surprised he doesn't blame putin. this is a man who supported proposition 47 that allows you
7:30 am
to steal $950 per store. if you are caught it's a misdemean or and you are back on the streets. crime has gone up in san francisco. violent crime has gone up in san francisco and why today he is facing a recall election. this is the same area, by the way, that recalled three left wing city council members by over 70% of the vote. i think it is tap city for mr. boudin today. another recall possibility here in l.a. as george gascon as you have been talking about it all day. you saw the footage of that driver who plowed into that woman and her 8-month-old baby going down the street the wrong way and apparently high on marijuana. the car was stolen and he wasn't charged with assault with a deadly weapon or not charged with vehicle theft or being intoxicated. the victim is furious and to add insult to injury, dana, gascon is falsely asserting the
7:31 am
l.a. county sheriff's office approved it. they did not. 98% of la county da -- these two soro's backed d.a.s will probably go. it can't be too soon as far as i'm concerned. >> dana: gascon is saying that contrary to what some have believed it is not attempted murder under california law. to charge that offense our office would have to prove beyond a reasonable a doubt that he intended to kill the victims. no evidence of that. opponents of the d.a. are attempting to capitalize on this incident and using the victim to advance a false premise that it is tied to the d.a.'s criminal reform policy. he said he followed the law. the victim said under your policies minors cannot receive charges that result in a strike
7:32 am
offense and how you insure their records can be wiped clean when they turn 18. that's the magical number when people become decent human beings. before that nothing actually matters apparently. so to that point, he gets to go to a military-style camp. not like you are doing arts and crafts but it a much lighter sentence for what the woman has gone through and a lot of people in california are looking at that saying it could be me. >> a much lighter sentence. i talked to several assistant d.a.s. all tell me this guy could easily have been prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon. five to seven months in a summer camp, are you kidding me? he already had a record. he was under probation for trying to spike an underage girl's drink. he easily could have been charged with far more serious offenses. this is a d.a. when he became d.a. sent out a memo and said
7:33 am
no more cashless bail, no more trying joouf nils as adults. no more prosecution on the death penalty. soft on crime d.a. who feels that bad guys are victims of society. he like the governor of california believe that there ought not be criminal enhancements against gang members. because a majority of them are black and brown. as are the victims of these black and brown gang members. that doesn't matter apparently. it is outrageous and both these guys have got to go. >> dana: i understand that the polls being what they are. the chesa boudin in san francisco very likely to lose today. how do you think george gascon recall will go? >> well, this is the second recall effort. the first one failed because the signatures were not gathered in a timely fashion. another 67,000 signatures that have to be gathered by the first week of july and i created my pac. get rid of the soft on crime d.a.s. i believe this effort is much better funded than the first one.
7:34 am
some of the same people that gave money to prevent me from recalling gavin new some when one of my issues of crime are putting money into the recall effort of gascon because the criminals have come to the suburbs. there was a student that is -- maxine waters has a $5 million mansion there and a guy broke into a home with armed security on the premises and the guy shot and killed his wife. a long criminal record. never should have been on the street any more than the guy who killed the graduate student should have been on the street because of these soft on crime policies by the governor and two d.a.s. >> dana: kellyanne conway said the d.a.s are household names that doesn't bode well and could possibly lead to changes. good to see you. >> bill: there are fireworks on the hill today possibly. janet yellen testifying on inflation right now in fact.
7:35 am
some republicans calling for her resignation. how will that go? hillary vaughn is on the hill watching it now. good morning, hillary. >> good morning, bill. this is the first time that the treasury secretary is meeting face-to-face with lawmakers after she openly admitted last week the first biden administration official to do so, that they were wrong about inflation. >> was it a mistake to downplay this inflation risk? >> i think i was wrong then about the fact that path that inflation would take. >> new reporting suggests yellen may have been right and agreed with larry summers that the american rescue plan could cause problems. excerpt from a biography due out in september reads this. privately yellen agreed with summers that too much government money was flowing into the economy too quickly. republicans on capitol hill who
7:36 am
have been putting the blame on government spending for inflation are now feeling vindicated. >> their own experts told them not to do it. it was reported that even secretary yellen, the president's own treasury secretary, knew the spending spree was reckless and wished it were smaller. >> but yellen is disputing the biography about her saying this misstatement. i never urged adoption of a smaller american rescue plan package and i believe that arp played a central role in driving strong growth through 2021. the hearing with yellen has just gotten started. she is facing a lot of questions about all of this. two central questions we expect republicans to drill in today. if the inflation we're seeing today could have been prevented and also if she warned the white house that flooding the economy with more cash could potentially overheat it and trigger inflation. of course, if the white house
7:37 am
ignored her advice and went ahead with it anyway. >> bill: what will we do now? hillary, thank you. watching that hearing from here closely. thanks. >> dana: law professor walking away from a top job after a long battle with progressives on a campus ruled by cancel culture. what it means for free speech going forward plus this. >> she doesn't have the legal authority to cancel student loan debt and he certainly shouldn't have aides that will benefit from it working on the matter. >> dana: when will president biden make a decision one way or the other. kennedy is here and she is up next.
7:38 am
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>> dana: diners are dishing out more money at restaurants as strapped owners get creative with new fees on top of their meal to help deal with inflation. bryan llenas is live on restaurant row in new york city. there is a kitchen fee and bar fee. what did you learn? >> yeah, dana, good morning. more and more restaurants are adding service fees in an effort to offset rising inflation costs as well as gas prices. in fact, the number of restaurants that added service fees has increased 36% since april of 2021 according to light speed, a restaurant software company, which also reports fee revenue has nearly doubled over the last year. some of the extra service fees are listed on checks in this way. non-cash adjustment, fuel surcharge, kitchen aappreciation, wellness fee, inflation fee, covid-19 surcharge fee. this macaroni grill, a national
7:44 am
chain in 15 states doesn't mince word. it reads a temporary $2 fee will be added to offset macroeconomic pressures. restaurant fees are going toward offsetting increased food delivery costs from increased gas prices, increased merchant fees from credit card companies, and restaurants are also having to pay employees more in this competitive job market. wholesale prices for foods for restaurants are up 17 1/2% since last year according to the npd group because of record inflation. >> i think most of our businesses are really hoping this is temporary and they don't want to see those increased menu prices. while menu prices are going up less than the wholesale food costs and trying to figure out how to manage this, they are increasing service charges at some point in time. but best practices are always to disclose those charges. you will probably find them on the bottom of a menu.
7:45 am
>> so restaurants really trying not to increase the menu items but adding the fees. here in new york city, restaurants are actually not allowed to add extra fees except for very specific charges like for instance a service charge for a mandatory gratuity for parties of eight or more. >> dana: bryan llenas, thank you. >> bill: get this. there is a legal scholar at georgetown now resigning after a tweet of his was investigated. for four months he posted it right before he started back in january criticizing the president's promise to nominate a black woman to the supreme court. the "wall street journal" editorial board called it a law school purge saying the woke mob set him up for dismissal. here to talk about this is kennedy. so the very woke went after him and as a result he does not have a job. >> he doesn't have a job. he resigned. he knew he would be fireed.
7:46 am
any minor misstep from him would be dealt with by the inclusion, diversity and equity board at george washington very clever acronym, idea. he was promised by the head of the law school that free speech would be honored. they have a school code that protects differing ideas and opinions. that was not the case. he was suspended for four months while they investigated his tweets and what they found during their investigation was he tweeted before he had started his job. therefore, they couldn't really do anything about it. but what they did was they set him up so any time a student had a grievance regardless of intention, intention isn't even part of this. if a student inferred something that was hurtful to them, they could report it and he could automatically be fired. so he chose to resign before being set up. >> dana: there is one other key detail we're skipping over a little bit. during this investigation there is a lot of support that is
7:47 am
expressed for shapiro. the president of the law school like okay, you get to stay, free speech should rule and everything is fine. shapiro said it's great a good outcome. then he reads the whole agreement and that's where you find out that if kennedy walks in the next day and wow, i don't like the way he looked at me. you're fired and why he is resigning. good press in the middle of all this. >> they tried to make it seem like they were above the fray of the mob. that wasn't the case at all. what was baked into this agreement said he had to sign was that any time he said something that was slightly perceived as being inequitable, that he could be terminated. >> bill: at the same time there was a professor who tweeted that you should be able to protest outside the homes of supreme court justices. and that professor still has his job. >> which actually creates a
7:48 am
more dangerous environment. if that's free speech, then what ilya did is also free speech. ilya took the tweet down, apologized for it, he agreed that it was stupidly written and, you know, from this point forward he should be able to move on. >> dana: he will land in another good place, i think. ask you about this. elon musk sent an email to his staff about returning to the office. he said everyone at tesla the required to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week, less than we ask of factory workers. is the tide turning on work from home. >> for some places people need to be physically present. and productivity shows that. other places where you write or you work in solitude, people, bosses don't have a problem with that. a majority of corporations
7:49 am
especially big corporations especially those who engage in design or manufacturing, you need people there. you need people there bouncing ideas off each other and physically need people there to build stuff with their hands. you can't take a factory home. >> bill: unless you do a laser printing job. quickly president biden has not made a decision on student loan relief. until perhaps later in the summer or early in the fall. what will he do? >> it's a carrot he will dangle to younger voters as an insurance policy for the mid-terms but also knows that handing out more free money in an inflationary environment where we could be toppling into recession, it's very, very dangerous and going to be bad news economically. what i have termed this recession, it's actually pre-session. when a top is spinning and it starts to wobble and about to fall down. that's a term in physics. that's what is happening with our economy now. we're wobbling and could fall over.
7:50 am
>> bill: okay. i don't think he wants to give relief on the loans but i think the pressure around him is enormous. >> dana: i read today how staff goes in and talks about how they feel about it and how they are trying to persuade him. i have no emotions except anger about that whole issue. see you tonight. what would you do if you saw a great white shark feet away from you? a fisherman and his son's scary encounter. that's just ahead. i have fantastic news for fellow veterans who need money for their family and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan
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>> harris: primary elections underway in seven states today. in california, one of the most liberal district attorneys faces a recall vote. people are fed up with lenient policies in the face of rising crime. who counts the most?
7:56 am
voters' voices. our special panel on their top issues and biggest concerns that they will be taking to the ballot box. plus ronna mcdaniel, will cain, jimmy failla, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> dana: a new york judge signed a warrant to seize two planes from russian oligarchs -- one, we've been talking about him for a while. his two jets are valued at more than $400 million, bill. $400 million. the commerce department is slamming the oligarch with an administrative complaint worth more than twice the amount of the planes. the jets were flown to russia in march and that violated u.s. export restrictions and boy, oh boy. there are problems now. >> bill: we were thinking this would happen 3 1/2 months ago but they are getting around to it now. >> dana: what happened to his yacht. the italians took the yacht. good for them.
7:57 am
>> bill: a great white shark close to a fishing boat off the jersey show. >> dana: percy can't get in the water now. >> bill: a good thing. over the weekend a father and son were out fishing when they captured this video. 12 feet long. half the size of the boat. we'll need a bigger boat. the coast guard inspected it and the fishermen and his son went on their way. >> dana: my parents never let me watch jaws. i've never seen it. >> bill: i don't blame them and neither have i. i've never seen it and i won't watch it. >> dana: that's amazing. we're just days before the hearing on the january 6 riot and speculation who the justice department will indict for failing to cooperate with the congressional committee. david spunt is following this. >> as of now the january 6 committee has conducted around 900 depositions and taken in around 10,000 documents.
7:58 am
not 10,000 pages, 10,000 documents with multiple pages. clearly voluminous. out of those nearly 900 interviews, two people have been charged by the justice department with contempt of congress. former trump aide steve bannon who left the white house in 2017 and peter navarro a trump economic advisor with him until he left office. others were referred to the department of justice but not charged. chairman bennie thompson and vice chair liz cheney said we find the decision to reward meadows and scavino for their attack on the rule of law puzzling. we hope the department provides greater clarity. steve bannon goes to trial next month. peter navarro will be arraigned later this month. >> no way for us to decipher what makes a difference between navarro, bannon, and meadows, for instance. there could be different facts on the ground in terms of their level of compliance with the
7:59 am
subpoenas. >> a look at some of the high-ticket names that have received subpoenas. mccarthy, bannon, clark, eastman, flynn, stone, navarro, scarino and jordan. the former president of abc news is going to help the 1/6 committee produce a prime time hearing for the public to see. the committee is promising new information and new evidence never seen before for millions to watch on prime time thursday night. >> dana: thank you for the report. appreciate it. >> bill: thank you. do you like quiche? i got something for you before we go here. >> dana: hit me. >> bill: it doesn't get much better than this. >> dana: oh, gee. >> bill: the annual cheese rolling race return to the u.k. after a pandemic hiatus.
8:00 am
this chase cheese wheels down a hill. >> dana: that looks like the mad scramble to get a show on the air. "america's newsroom" team at 4:00 a.m. >> bill: it's all rolling downhill. >> dana: we went uphill today. great to be with you. see you later on "the five". "the faulkner focus" is up next. here's harris. >> harris: even people on the left have had enough maybe. voters in perhaps america's most liberal city have the chance to kick out a powerful progressive district attorney. he is not the only defund the police pro-criminal type prosecutor. that rotten course of action is the creed of a growing list of liberal d.a.s which could be shown the door. i'm harris faulkner. democrats are basing for a reality check as chesa boudin faces the recall vote


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