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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 6, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: a fox news alert. a massive group of 10,000 migrants set for the united states today, the caravan is expected to swell even larger as it moves north and could be the largest group of illegal immigrants to arrive at the southern border yet. you are watching "fox and friends first." i'm carley shimkus.
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>> todd: i'm todd piro. as title 42 remains in lim bo, this message straight from the migrants themselves. >> you promise the asian community he will help them, he will because of title 42, have us having real asylum, now we need him to keep his promise. >> todd: brooke singman live in washington with more on the caravan. brooke. >> brooke: border officials and states are bracing for what could be the largest migrant caravan ever to make the journey to the united states today. this includes people from latin american countries and some from india and africa. local residents are concerned what this surge might mean for them. listen. >> it's been going this way so
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long, you almost get numb to it. it is nonstop. we knew the county law enforcement could not deal with, city law enforcement could not deal with, the numbers are too great. >> brooke: 70% of the caravan is made of women and children. according to data, there are 2300 minors and it will be a migrant-family exodus and former acting dhs secretary chad wolf says the growing number of migrants coming to the u.s. is direct reflection on the biden administration. >> it shows this administration continues to emphasize and encourage the crisis that we see on the border and there is no end in sight. we look to the future, look toward what can be done at the border, this administration is trying to pull down title 42. >> brooke: in april, u.s. border
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patrol officials reported 200,000 at the border. they will release data very soon. >> carley: thank you. listen to this. the u.s. and south korea issue response as north korea recent ballistic missile test into the waters off the korean east coast. the south newly elected president is vowing to be tougher in response to provocation by kim jong-un regime. >> todd: political statement on guns ahead of the n.b.a. finals. both head coaches wore t-shirts that said end gun violence. golden state crushing boston, evening the series 1-1. game three in boston on wednesday. >> carley: tampa bay rays players declining to wear pride night gear during saturday's
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game. the team debuted special uniforms in support of the lgbtq community and players were given the choice toopt out. pitcher jason adams says all fans are welcomed and loved and their uniform was a safe-based division. >> todd: and incomed nascar cup series race in double overtime. >> joo logano, the penske ford mustang winner in st. louis. >> todd: logano taking the checkered flag and ross chastain -- unacceptable after separate collisions with denny hamlin and chase elliott. a mother and her baby run over by a teen driver out on probation. >> carley: she and her son
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thankfully are okay, she is disgusted by the way george gascon is handling this case, more from the mother and national outrage over weak crime policy coming up next. >> have you noticed when the conversation centers on crime, there is never accountability with judges or prosecutors. >> talk about reforming police, how about reforming the entire criminal justice system. it all . u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. what happens when performance...
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>> todd: welcome back. this video absolutely chilling. look at that. mother walk nothing venice, california, a driver plowed into her and her baby. >> carley: now george gascon is backtracking his claim he agreed with the driver's light sentences. ashley strohmier has details. good morning. >> ashley: that teen will spend five months in juvenile probation camp after plowing into the mother and her son with that car. that is all thanks to george gascon's office. george gascon's office calling the final sentence of five to seven months in that youth camp an appropriate resolution. this happened on august 6, 2021,
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george gascon's office says the sheriff's office agreed, but sheriff villanova said that was false, sheriff's investigators would never be okay with sentencing in this hit and run case. hold them accountable. the same day george gascon's office walked back their statement saying need to correct our statement lsd was not involved in the decision and were not the investigating agency in that case. the mother taking aim at the dz. george gascon's office has taken no time to ask how we're doing, that is because he doesn't care. lawmakers weighing in, blaming the liberal da's for the rise in crime. >> in big cities where the dz has been prosecuting criminals until it is a shooting or violent crime and letting criminals back out on the
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streets and inevitably what you see are higher rates of crime. >> ashley: the teenager was convicted of poisoning a girl's drink and sentenced to juvenile detention camp. prosecutors describe that camp as less strict than military school and tougher than a summer camp. back to you guys. >> todd: not much. the fate of san francisco d.a. bodine. crime has riz know since bodine has been in office. elizabeth nang joins us earlier. >> 64% of san francisco democrats want him out, the drugs and homelessness is rampant. homicide is up 36% from 2019. >> todd: boudin labeled it republican tactics, you heard
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eliz heart attack eng say they are backing his recall. >> carley: philadelphia suffering six shootings including a mass shooting on a busy street saturday night which led to three dead and 12 injured. police are investigating this fight as the start of that shooting. >> carley: all those bullets flying. retired philadelphia police officer and president of the protect our police pack is here. nick, good morning. looks like a fight may have opinion the reason this shooting broke out, but looking at footage of people running for their lives, this took place on one of the most popular streets in philadelphia. should people in philly feel safe anymore? >> no, don't feel safe. do not come to philadelphia, you
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are not safe. the progressive district attorney, gascon, boudin, crime rates soaring. shootings last year, 2300, another record and we'll surpass that this year. we are breaking the wrong records. homicides, we will break that record again. every week, we could fit the mass shootings, we have one every week, philadelphia is out of control, 50 people shot last week, prior weekend, not mentioning this fight. two gentlemen, not gentlemen, two hard-core criminals, violent criminals walk up on one man and jump him. i don't know what one guy was waiting for, he should have started running. the criminals are so emboldened by the district attorney, he doesn't prosecute, let's them
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out early, should be in prison, should be waiting court trials, letting them out with bail or no bail or dropping charges. the criminals are embolden to act, such a crowded area, popular destination, there were gaggle of police officers in full uniform, 15 yards away. it wasn't like they didn't -- they knew they were there, that is how crazy the city of philadelphia is. >> carley: this street is heavily manned by police and still these things keep happening and you bring up fill da. he said this tells philadelphia legislators, it is time for action and bring common sense gun regulation to pennsylvania now. what is your response to that? >> he wouldn't know common sense if it hit him on the head. that guy is stacking bodies.
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if he wasn't district attorney, a dozen people would be alive today. he is a disgrace, he should be keeping violent criminals in prison and getting them off the street, he wants to be a defense attorney, go back to defense attorney work. you don't have this program or should experiment on the backs of citizens of philadelphia. we are getting killed. you are killing people and the tourist industry, restaurants and businesses downtown. our police commissioner who is a fraud is in over her head, their big plan is to shut down on center stage for several blocks each way, no traffic or congregating. we have businesses suffering because our leadership is lacking in philadelphia and our mayer is a lush and a loser, spineless and sits in his office because he is a waiting duck, waiting to get out. he went to reeducation test for communist. >> carley: your frustration is understandable considering
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philadelphia has had 211 homicides just this year alone. >> another record. >> carley: you have to wonder how many people committing violent felonies are repeat offenders? >> mostly all of them, larry krausner has killed a lot of them. these guy shoulds have been in prison and they are out here robing and car jackings are explodeing and no one is talking about why, they are juveniles doing it. juvenile can go out and someone point a gun and be back on the street in five or six hours. there are no consequences, they are getting put back on the street and that is why crime is exploding, most are under the age of 18 and none of them were nra members. >> carley: this shooting that took place on south street is getting attention, the night
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before, there were nine separate shooting incidents and in one a pregnant woman was murdered and doctors by the grace of god were able to save the baby, but now the baby doesn't have a mother. we played the sound bite saying we need to reform the criminal justice system entirely, he says, what should the criminal justice system look like? these types of incidents never happen again. >> i'm all for criminal justice reform, we have to look at in the '90s with bill clinton and joe biden crime plan that put minorities in prison for nonviolent offenses for 30 or 40 years. we need to do something about that, i believe president trump did. we need to prosecute violent criminals, they need to be put in prison. get drug addicts help and treatment they need right now
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and it is an absolute -- beyond words. they are shooting heroin by the dozens in the streets, you can see this, it is terrible. it will keep going. >> carley: you got to get the criminals off the street because it feels like the criminals, there are feelings and opinions being considered at higher rate than the victims themselves and that needs to change. >> criminals are victims, yep. >> carley: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. take care. >> carley: this question, can democrats recover from this before midterm. 80% of voters say the economy is deciding factor for them and things are not looking great for the white house. >> todd: biden's friends tried. the administration policies, lower gas prices, talking to joe concha about that next.
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>> todd: ugh. nationwide average gas prices this morning clocking in at $4.86 a gallon, that price more than doubling since president biden took office. >> cheryl: just hit another record high, that is not good for biden who is fuming over his low approval rating. alexandria hoff has more in washington. >> alexandria: for most americans, their ability to make ends meet will influence how they vote. inflation is an extremely or very important issue. still senior economic advisor to the president told john roberts this. >> one thing we've seen come from the american rescue plan is resilience to this recovery,
2:24 am
john, i have reporters calling when delta hit, omicron hit, putin went to ukraine saying will that derail the recovery. we've seen resilience and that has a lot to do with the strength of the american recovery act. >> carley: economists say the american rescue plan fuelled the current inflation crisis. here is senator john borosso on that. >> the president has a plan to fight inflation. it is not a plan, it is an embarrassment. for a president to say that, at the time of record high inflation for prices, gas, groceries, he deserves an f. >> carley: blame does not fall solely on the president. listen to what he said. >> the other path conservatives
2:25 am
put together doesn't speak to inflation, it is raising taxes on lower and middle-class families, making political hay out of the real challenges families are feeling and going to war with mickey mouse, very clear difference in strategies here. >> carley: republicans have not put forth a tax plan just yet. buttigieg added, the patrolium reserve has made a dent and tax prices continue to climb. >> carley: thank you. oh, boy, talk about a headline that is not aging well. back in 2020, "washington post" shot down concern the president's policies would increase gas prices claiming instead another potential move by biden will reduce demand for gasoline and put downward prices on prices. >> todd: we have our expert, joe concha, fooks news contributors, joins us now. what experts did the author of
2:26 am
the article speak to? i must say every expert we had on said energy is going to rise, gas prices are going through the roof. >> joe: he spoke to those friendly to the administration, the "washington post" never endorsed republican presidential candidate in his history. never once. "cranking up require oment automakers to make more fuel-for the incentives will reduce demand for gasoline and put downward pressure on prices," one of the worst predictions since the titanic was deemed unsinkable. the biden administration insists stopping expansion of the keystone pipeline and halting drilling had zero impact on gas prices, it is simply not true and poll after poll shows republicans, democrats alike
2:27 am
over whelmingly want americans to be energy independent. this team in washington through actions, doesn't appear to feel the same way. i paid $78 to fill my 16-year-old acura, before the weekend with gas. when this president tries to blame putin's invasion of ukraine for gas prices, they ignore the fact dpas prices have been going up since the president took office 17 months ago. the current party in power, when november midterms come in, 150 days from now, they will pay a price, the americans feel gas prices and food prices and everything they pay for going through the roof and some cannot afford it, guys. >> carley: switch topics here, this is interesting story, woman named rebecca jones said she was fired from the florida state health department because she refused to alter covid-19 data.
2:28 am
turns out she lied about that. here are some flash backs of media headlines when she first made that claim. the cosmo magazine says rebeck jones tried to warn us about covid-19. whistleblower went against the administration and could be a win for all of us. npr had a headline, florida dismisses scientist for not altering data. the "wall street journal" is taking the media reporting to task, frequent phenomenon is flurry over alleged scandal on examination turns out to be false. what is your reaction to this? >> joe: wow, we've seen many of those and the editorial board is right. this underscores what a threat republicans see ron desantis, what a threat he is.
2:29 am
an investigation by inspector general michael bennet found this whistleblower's allegations were untrue based on evidence. one study found new york, new jersey, california, failed in handling of pandemic because of lockdowns and policies. florida was among the best because it opened beaches and businesses earlier than other states. desantis was dealed as death santis and now his policies appeared to be the right way to go. states like florida, the governor there is overwhelmingly popular, if he runs for president and donald trump does not, it sure as you were born, carl and he todd, he will be the nominee based on his performance in terms of running florida. run florida like you run the country, we might be in good shape. >> todd: joe concha joining us. thank you.
2:30 am
>> joe: good transition and pivot. >> todd: senior meteorologist janice dean is here. >> carley: you said that in front of joe. how about a tie? take a tie. >> janice: we had big flood nothing florida over the weekend because of the tropical system that was not nammid. it is named now in the atlantic, named alex. rainfall totals close to 15 inches for south florida, miami, close to foot of rain, key largo, nine inches, it doesn't take a named storm to cause a lot of problems, here is alex now, it is swept off the east coast way out in the atlantic, not going to affect anyone. it will move out to sea, which is where we like them to go. our first named storm of the season, there is your frequency, june, july, august, really september or october we hit peak season, expecting an active one. if you live along the east
2:31 am
coast, florida and gulf coast, be on alert this san. there is current temperatures, it will get warm across portions of texas with heat advisories 100 degrees in the areas and with the heat indexes, south texas and west texas with temperatures 109 in del rio, that is early. we could hit records. >> janice: keeps you up to date, happy monday. >> carley: happening right now in one state, dozens of methodist churches refending religious beliefs when it comes to lgbtq community. >> todd: tax on guns, critics say that is not very. >> not a law will stop the shooters when we have people who are responsible for enforcing laws who don't do it. >> todd: cheryl casone is here
2:32 am
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2:36 am
up by basically continuing down the path of business as usual with them. that is not going to fly new majority in the congress. >> carley: promise to open up investigation into the origin of the pandemic if republicans gain majority in the midterm. >> todd: children as young as six months old could start receiving covid shots before the end of the month. >> we know that many, many parents are eager to vaccinate youngest kids. we expect vaccinations will begin in earnest as early as tuesday june 21 and roll on throughout that week. >> todd: is that necessary? doc, is it necessary? >> look, for kids with a special medical condition, todd, i would say it is a good idea if they have not had covid in the past. for vast majority of kids, it may be there, but not
2:37 am
compelling. look at the fact, 75% of kids had covid back in february and omicron has been ubiquitous since then. 80 to 90% of kids have already had covid, talking about immunizing kids who are already immune, for a lot of people, that does not make sense. >> todd: pfizer 85% effective for kids, moderna 37% effective. why would i give my kid something that is only 37% effective? >> i think a lot of people will ask exactly that question and that level of efficacy is transyents, studies done in the short term period after receiving the vaccine, which means protection against the infection will go down the drain
2:38 am
after a matter of months. if you look at the existing population immunity and low efficacy of vaccines in children, a lot of people say no thank you. the american public is not onboard with the cdc and their recommendations, only 30% of 5-11 year olds have gotten the vaccine, what does that tell you? kaiser-permanente says 18% of parents plan to get kids 5 and younger vaccinated. the numbers reflect the fact 18% of people have been listening to the fearmongering, inflated numbers of covid-19, hospitalization and young people the cdc puts out including covid infection when they come to the hospital for another reason. those numbers are used for the risk and benefit ratio of getting the vaccine and
2:39 am
listening to headlines long covid is dangling out there and could attack your child, no different incidence of long covid than longhaul symptoms after any other infection done in the lanset. >> todd: parents not willing to give the kids their vaccine, they are probably vaccinated themselves, they are not anti-vaxers. are you confident enough clinical trials have been done with regard to kids or are kids going to be test subjects? >> i i do feel good about the dosing level of these vacs seens, it is small, three micrograms compared to what an adult may get. bigger question, have enough kids be included? you can't make a conclusion from small group of secretaries about
2:40 am
rare events. when i say rare events. myocarditis, less likely it tends to happen in children under 12. safety profile is likely there, when the cdc recommended boosters for 5-11 year olds, they did it on data from 140 children. people are saying that is not enough to give a booster to my kid. >> todd: not at all. thank you, we appreciate it. carley. >> carley: the united methodist church facing a major rift over changing lgbtq policies. 70 churches standing up for their belief breaking from the main body after reform allowed gay marriage and gay members to become clergy. umc allowing churches to lead
2:41 am
for reasons of conscious, 70 churches represent 9% of the congregation and their exit will take effect at the end of this month. here is a question. is biden administration turning to china for help with inflation at home? >> we are leeking at it, the president has asked us on his team to analyze that. >> carley: cheryl casone is here to help clarify biden's latest plan. >> todd: and i've done research on this, americans have a need for speed. "top gun maverick" roars into theaters across the country. >> all due respect, sir, i'm not a teacher, just want to manage expectations. >> what the hell? >> good morning. >> todd: take a closer look at this summer's biggest blockbuster, do not go anywhere. ♪
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>> todd: great that we were able to get the band with wedding season and all. the biden administration
2:46 am
thinking about -- >> carley: help or hurt the united states? great question there. cheryl casone from fox business is here to answer it. good morning. >> cheryl: i tell you here, basically that could be a good thing in the short term, but a bad thing in the long-term. basically we have general armando on and she talked about the biden administration could be looking to lower maybe temporarily lift sanctions the trump administration put on china. take a listen. >> we are looking at it, the president asked us to analyze that, we're in the process of doing that for him, he will have to make that decision. >> cheryl: this would reverse tariffs put in place under
2:47 am
former president, in the past, she has praised tariffs that were put under trump, they were saying she said they were effective against china. talk about changing her tune. >> todd: yeah. meantime, democrats and taxes are a match made in heaven. >> cheryl: democratic congressman beyer. mark lavine says the rise in mass shootings is the democrat's fault at the end of the day. >> the same elite defunding police departments, slashing budgets, trashing cops, lying about racism, that ruling elite, we're going to rely on them to have more power? ladies and gentlemen, there is not adamn law in this country they can pass that will enforce
2:48 am
against shooters. >> cheryl: to be clear here, some ar-15 style guns would end up being priced out between $5 to 20,000. >> carley: a lot of angry people at the airport this summer. >> cheryl: i'm sure there is, may be here all summer. post covid traveling has rebounded. there is a labor shortage and the industry needs 14,000 pilot positions filled over the next decade. michael santora reacting last hour. >> we have a challenging summer due to staffing issues, it is a lot to train to go into it, it takes time. >> cheryl: well, delta planning on cutting 100 flights per day from early july to early august. jet blue had been reducing
2:49 am
schedules. >> carley: thank you. speaking of flying, "top gun maverick" top spot at the box office for the second week in a row after the film broke records last week. >> all due respect, sir, i'm not a teacher, just want to manage expectations. >> what the hell? >> good morning. >> carley: the movie set a record for biggest memorial day weekend haul. it has so far brought in a worldwide total of over half a billion dollars. >> world war ii veterans gather nothing normandy to honor 160's,000 troops from the u.s., uk, canada and other nations who stormed the beaches on d-day 78 years ago today. right now, dozens of world war ii veterans are at the memorial
2:50 am
cemetery paying tribute to the u.s. service members killed in battle that day. another group of veterans gathering yesterday at the pegasus bridge, one of the first sites to be liberated. the entire world would be different if not for the brave actions of those men and women. >> carley: we can't thank them enough. largest migrant caravan -- for our border as soon as today. is the white house doing anything about it? that is the question. >> todd: we'll get to that in a moment, let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> brian: a lot is coming up, supreme court getting ready to issue decision on most controversial you could imagine for example, senator mike lee on future of roe v. wade. a thief is arrested 46 times, do
2:51 am
you think they are soft on crime? lee zeldon will be here live, he wants to be the next governor of new york. newt gingrich will be here live, piers morgan will talk everything uk related and nancy grace is everything crime related and rachel campos-duffy on whatever is on her mind. we have a big show ahead, i just prove today and i implore you to gradually get dressed. back in a moment. ♪♪ you inspired the lexus es to be, well... more you. so thank you. we hope you like your work. ♪♪
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>> former director of intelligence john ratcliffe says there is more to con in special counsel's investigation. despite a jury finding michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. >> john durham's prosecution may have lost this battle but they are clearly winning the war, the most powerful testimony to come out of this was admissions boy
2:56 am
the clinton campaign that the trump-russia collusion narrative was in fact approved by hillary clinton. that's why i'm optimistic that not only will he be successful in some of the ongoing prosecution but can expand the indictments that he wants to bring. >> todd: rit cliff claiming the judge in sussmann's case not be being included in his trial. migrant caravan gathering in mexico could be headed towards the united states as early as today. and the group is reportedly expect to swell to 15,000 people by the time it reaches our southern border. >> todd: texas public policy foundation robert henneke joins us now. what should the biden administration being doing now to get mexico to stop facilitating this caravan? >> todd, carley, thank you for
2:57 am
having me. the biden administration should start off by reimplementing the trump immigration policies that were successful in securing the border at the end of the trump administration: by disincentivizing this illegal migration. biden needs to get tough against the mexican government. it's complicit in cooperating with the cartels to really facilitate these growing migrant caravans. the latest one being 15,000 persons coming from tapachula that is heading straight for the united states. the biden administration needs to tell them to stop and go back. >> well, here is one migrant who is sending a message to president biden. listen here. >> he promised the asian community he would help them. he will call title 246789 he will have us having real asylum. but now we need him to keep his promise. >> so you have the biden administration saying that their policies aren't causing a surge
2:58 am
in illegal immigration. i'm sure that doesn't surprise you. listen, we are all coming here because president biden promised that he would help us. >> announcements from the biden administration have been tourism advertisements to these migrants. you saw how well informed that person was on an issue that i represented 54 members of congress in the lawsuit opposing the cancellation of title 42. but every time that the biden administration, the white house announces these open border policies, it is seen as an invitation to the cartels, to these migrant caravans to double their efforts to come illegally into the united states and it needs to be stopped and shut down. >> todd: finally, gas prices as you know have officially doubled since president biden took office today. gas, on average, 4.865-gallon on biden's inauguration day gas was 2.39 a gallon.
2:59 am
yesterday gene spurelg did the sunday show circuit said it's all putin's fault and all omicron and delta's faulted? how frustrating is it for you somebody who lives in texas when you 4reur8ly have the oil underneath your feet there only if joe biden would let you unlock it? how frustrating is that? >> >> it's incredibly frustrating and so punitive to the works class and on fixed income where the working pickup truck of texas now costs over $135 to fill up. you see gas prices spiraling up 94% since president biden was national guard rated. but, you have the resources in the united states. remember, we were a net domestic producer during the trump administration. if the biden administration would just get out of the way and stop opposing oil and gas and direct his administration to do everything it can to approve more production, to approve the
3:00 am
permits that are being held up, to force the bureaucracy to stop dragging its feet, it's frustrating to americans who are being hurt at the pump. >> carley: yeah, we had rick cot toe, an economist on before we have 14% oil rigs taking oil out of the ground right now. a big problem. got to leave it right there. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: gas price us hit another record high overnight. >> carley: nationwide average $4.86. >> all part of biden's great advance session from $2 gas to $6 gas. >> three people killed, 11 hurt in yet another shooting in philadelphia. >> police have not made any arrests but now philly's district attorney is calling for immediate gun control measures. >> a mother and her baby run over by a teen driver out on probation. >> this is absolutely unacceptable. george gascon continues to put


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