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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 24, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> shannon: hello and welcome back to fox news @ night's continuing breaking news coverage tonight. i'm shannon bream in washington. we continue to cover the devastation in a small texas town where 18 children and two adults had been killed in one of the deadliest school shootings in our country's history. we have team coverage tonight as we have been throughout the day. bill melugin is reporting from the ground in uvalde, texas. bret baier here to offer his
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perspective on the perspective and aftermath. chad pergram is exploring reaction from capitol hill and laura ingraham has more we continue with -- laura ingal has more. we continue with trace gallagher. >> reporter: the shooter is identified as 18-year-old salvador ramos. police say he was a student in the high school in uvalde. some of his classmates say they've not seen him in school for two years. he reportedly shot his grandmother who is said to be in critical condition. ramos then fled in a vehicle and apparently was involved in some small minor car crash or incident near robb elementary school. police say he left vehicle, went into the -- left his hisvehicle and went into the school and started firing, killing 19 students and two adults. the victims were likely
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seven, eight, nine, maybe 10 years old, they were third, fourth and fifth graders at the school. the border patrol tells fox news correspondent bill melugin, an elite tactical border patrol agent entered the school with a tactical unit entered the school and shot and killed ramos. the border agent was also injured in the leg we don't know if it was a gunshot or shrapnel. other shooting victims were taken to hospitals in uvalde as well as san antonio. their conditions are unknown tonight. uvalde authorities say the school district has four resource officers, but it appears none were on the robb elementary school campus at the time. the district also says the schools have fencing to keep people out, but the fence around robb elementary appears to be no more than four, maybe five feet tall. and this shooting is very similar to the worst primary
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school shooting in u.s. history in new town, connecticut, where adam lanza shot and killed his mother, stole her gun, went to sandy hook elementary school where she worked, tried to use her gain access but shot at the window. the students in robb elementary school in uvalde were two days away from summer vacation. >> trace, thank you very much. let's bring back special report anchor bret baier. one of the things, of course, we're watching for tonight was to hear from the president. we have that, and now it seems the political conversation has already begun. >> yeah, i think there's a lot of frustration. i don't think you could single it out to whether you're pro-gun control, anti-gun control. i think there's frustration this continues to happen. we as a society can't let
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this continue to happen and yet it is. how we solve this will require all sides, republicans, independents and democrats with commonsense solutions. we're not there yet. the president's speech tonight, as we said before, started out with a lot of empathy, but then it quickly turned to kind of bubble up that frustration. now, for him politically, he thinks that fires up his base and really gets people motivated, but it drives part of his critics crazy and away from him. >> yeah, and there seems like there should be a lot more to the conversation. if we're going to get people down, regardless of party, to sit down at the table, mental health issues, red flags. seems like there are a lot of things we could be discussing. we had the guests on who talked about hardening these schools as targets. you talked with folks tonight, too, on your show that there are concrete things we can do. if we're going to fight about budgets and those kinds of things, it seems like the president would have that conversation as well. >> exactly.
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listen, we just went through a time where we have allocated and passed some $53 billion to ukraine, an important expenditure in geo political terms for the u.s. in the words of the president, the administration and republicans on capitol hill, but the critics would say, hey, listen, why not use some money somewhere to do something with schools? it's been more than 10 years or almost 10 years since sandy hook and we just haven't seen that change, so i think there's going to be efforts. i think senator schumer has already put some gun control measures on the calendar, but the votes haven't changed and even this horrific night, um, is not probably going to change the politics dramatically. it is going to change the sentiment, and listening to some of these reports of families in that civic center and the cries and the wales as they get the final -- wails as they get that final news and they've been waiting hours to not hear
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from their kids, it's just -- you can't even imagine it. you really can't. >> shannon: it seems especially cruel just this waiting and not knowing what is going on with their children. the president did as he often does when -- i interviewed the first lady on the campaign trail when he was first elected about the loss of beau. she talked to me about how there was a time she actually couldn't deal with her faith. i mean, she felt like how could god allow these things to happen? she had a big struggle after the loss of their son but that they both eventually came back and are very strong in their faith. we get the reports nearly every weekend he's at mass and finds great comfort in that. seems like faith is a big constant for him and something he wanted to offer to the nation tonight as well. >> we heard some of that before where he talks about your chest being ripped out and a black hole and you feel like you could just crawl up and just to hear
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your previous guest, the pastor, talk about his own loss and how god helped him through that, that's where our focus should be tonight. there's going to be plenty of time to debate the politics and the nuisance of what possibly can happen, but something clearly has to happen. we are the only society in the free world that has this number of shootings and kids seven, eight, nine -- i just saw a picture of a 10-year-old who just had an awards ceremony who his mom went to the awards ceremony. two or three hours, how would she know she would never see him again? >> there were awards given out this morning! their children won an honor roll award or something else. there's beautiful pictures of these babies this morning at the awards ceremonies and going off to school. um -- >> it doesn't matter if you're a republican or a democrat. you can say enough's enough. you could still say it. it's just the solution of how to get there. >> right, there has to be some way to come together, because no sane person wants
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this to happen to any family ever! and we talked tonight already about the push on joe manchin to get rid of the fillbuster to push through specific things but it sounds like there is enough that they can get together on the hill and have a conversation about that there has to be common ground issues that they can find. is there the will for it in your estimation in an election year? >> it's really tough. it's tough to do big things. we're always one election away from doing big things or making big solutions. i will say joe manchin worked with pat toomey from pennsylvania on what seemed like a commonsense background check bill that didn't get off the ground. there will be other efforts, bipartisan efforts. and we'll see. maybe there'll be something that combines a lot of different things that people could sign on to. anytime you get to comprehensive legislation, that's usually a downer for capitol hill, um -- >> shannon: hard to do anything sweeping and as we continue to note, the shooter was already in
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violation of breaking state laws, federal laws and multiple things that led to this despicable event tonight. bret, thank you very much for stick around with us. >> by the way, primaries, the alabama senate race going to the runoff as we said from the board. >> shannon: mo brooks and katie britt. >> still coming down to the wire in congressional 28, texas. >> shannon: that's a big one. >> it's just a few hundredboats votes. we're awaiting on the -- few hundred votes. we're awaiting on the final districts to see if cuellar pulls that out against cisneros. >> he's the only pro-life democrat left in the house as you mentioned earlier. he's been raidser raising a raucous with the border -- he's been raising a raucous with the border with the biden administration. >> the hispanic communities along the border have voted overwhelmingly for cuellar. >> bret thank you for the coverage tonight. >> you bet. >> shannon: chad pergram
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is tracking another side of the story for us tonight. hello, chad. >> reporter: shannon, lawmakers shocked at another mass shooting days after the massacre in buffalo. >> there's nothing more evil than violent criminals targeting children and especially young children. right now, all of us are just grieving horrifically at yet another act of evil and mass murder. >> reporter: g.o.p. texas senator john cornyn describing the slaw slaughter as unimaginable. democratic senator chris murphy represented newtown, connecticut, in the house and was a senator when a gunman shot up on -- shot up the elementary in 2012. he commandeered the there are no on the senate for hours. now an emotional murphy pleaded with his colleagues to act. >> what are we doing? why are you here? if not to solve a problem as
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existential as this? this is inevitable. these kids weren't unlucky. nowhere else do little kids go to school thinking they might be shot that day. >> reporter: murphy says uvalde much like new town will ever be the same. murphy worked behind scenes for years to try to broker a compromise on gun control legislation but fell short every time. g.o.p. indiana senator mike braun says senators shouldn't focus on guns but mental health. >> we have a red flag law back in indiana, that was probably something on the fedex shooting that didn't work right. we need to refine it and find the commonality and try to go from there. >> reporter: this comes as democrats are trying to launch debate thursday on a bill to prevent domestic terrorism in the aftermath of the buffalo shooting but expect the g.o.p. filibuster. >> can you imagine how they would scream that democrats
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were soft on terrorism and yet they're doing exactly the same things themselves? it's hard to believe. >> reporter: house speaker nanci pelosi says the children killed in the shooting will never experience the joys of graduation, chasing a career of their dreams or falling in love. shannon? >> shannon: chad pergram on the hill, thank you, chad. many more questions than answers surrounding the tragedy at this hour. let's get insight into what law enforcement officials investigating this mass shooting are likely looking into tonight from former las vegas police lieutenant randy sutton and former tucson, arizona, police officer brandon tatum. gentlemen, thank you, both, for being with us on a very difficult story. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for having us. >> shannon: ok i want to play something from the vice president harris tonight. >> every time a tragedy like this happens, our hearts break and our broken hearts are nothing compared to the broken hearts of those families. and yet it keeps happening.
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so i think we all know and have said many times with each other, enough is enough! >> shannon: brandon, as bret said a moment ago, you can say that regardless of what your political party is, if you don't care about politics at all, enough is enough. what can we do, then, to stop this from hitting another community? >> i think we have to focus on what exactly happened here. what was the lead up to this young man going in there and shooting these people? i don't think we can compare the same situation here as in buffalo, because we don't know the motives, but we do have to sit down and come together and stop making it about politics. i feel like president trump -- i mean, president biden and some of these other politicians are making this about a political stance for the midterms. gun legislation is not going to work here. you can add as many laws as you want to the books and if a person does not care about killing people, which is the highest crime he could have committed, he definitely don't care about the gun laws. if he did not get it legally, he could have stole
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it -- or he could have had the gun stolen and did the same thing. so legislation is not the issue. we need to focus on getting these young men help and also when there's red flags that present themselves, we need to have avenues in which we can deter the individuals from committing crimes like this. they need to get mental help. there's a lot of things we can do coming together focusing on mission instead of focusing on politics. >> shannon: randy, seems like there's so many things we should be invested in whether families, communities, the young men who seem to be wildly, um, you know, deviant from what is acceptable behavior and let astray by things that are toxic and poisoning. we have a lot more to learn about this case. it is so fresh and we don't know tonight, but i know that we've learned a little bit more about the border agents who showed up and took this man out. so i know that you have said that the rules for engaging these shooters have changed over the years. are we doing better or worse in stopping these things in process in. >> i'd have to say we're
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doing much better as far as the tactics being used. you know, policing is always evolving. you take situations that take place and then policing leaders, look at those tactics and see how can we improve them? i want to point something out, shannon that the only safeguard that is really something that we can count on is having a police officer in the school. you know, we've seen actually over the defunding police movement, we've seen school districts removing the school resource officers and officers from the schools because of their political leanings and that is exactly the opposite of what needs to take place. a police officer in a school means a safe school. and i think we should be concentrating on protecting our kids. the officers who engaged
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with the suspect were brave. they -- many were off duty when they actually came to the school and they were willing to place their own lives in jeopardy in order to safeguard the people in that school and i think that's something that really needs to be noted. i just received information that the teacher who was killed, her husband is a district police officer. >> shannon: i mean, and they're heroes. you guys have served and we know what we ask of you as a community as acivilized community to walk into these situations every day. brandon, there were reports this shooter was wearing body armor. that happened with the buffalo shooter as well. what additional complication does that put for a law enforcement officer, whether they're already stationed at the school or showing up as these brave people did today? >> yeah, as we see in the buffalo shooting, it could make it extremely complicated if a person has
9:17 pm
body armor depending on what ballistic capabilities. if the person has body armor, they can avoid the penetration of rifle rounds. that'll be a huge element that will hinder law enforcement from taking action against the person and being effective. this is one of the reasons why i feel like the people on the left want you to demilitarize police. i don't think that's a god solution. we need police officers -- that's a good solution. we need police officers to be very equipped and capable. if they encounter a suspect, someone that's got a high-powered rifle and has body armor on, they can combat the suspect and get into the position to save people's lives. i mean, i want people to understand this, i was on the s.w.a.t. team with tucson. we trained with the border patrol tactical unit. those are the baddest guys on planet earth. they're well-equipped to defend just about anyone in the entire united states of america because they're well-trained and well-equipped. these are the things we need to have available to law enforcement officers all around the country. i willcy -- i will say this,
9:18 pm
i really hope we could give the teachers the ability to carry a gun so therefore in a situation like this, they don't have to run and hide and duck and throw books at people. they could actually defend these students in the case they have to. so there are solutions to the problem. i hope we can get to those solutions in a bipartisan manner. >> shannon: every state has a different, you know, patchwork of regulations regarding those things. brandon and randy, thank you for your service to our country in uniform and for your time tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: reaction also coming in tonight from sandy hook, connecticut, and the people and communities who have been devastated by previous school mass shootings. senior correspondent laura ingal taking a look at that for us tonight. good evening, laura. >> reporter: shannon, today's events bring up the worst memory for the parents who have already lived through the worst nightmare hearing their children were a victim of a school shooting, and today's reaction was swift from those who know what it's like to get the news no parent is ever prepared to hear.
9:19 pm
sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, was the site of the deadliest mass shooting at an elementary school in u.s. history. it happened on december 14th, 2012, when 20-year-old adam lanza stormed the school, shot and killed 26 people before killing himself. 20 of them were young children between the ages of six and seven years old, six were adult staff members. as the news of the mass shooting at robb elementary school in texas was making headlines, sandy hook promise offered words of support for the community in connecticut that went through an eerily similar situation when a gun man shot and killed his mother before driving to the school and shooting his way into the front entrance. sandy hook promise releasing a statement on social media which reads we are devastating about reports that multiple people are dead including children. our hearts are with the families and community as this tragic story unfolds. the sandy hook promise is a nonprofit that was founded
9:20 pm
and is led by several family members of those who were killed in the sandy hook shooting. the goal is to protect children from gun violence. connecticut u.s. senator chris murphy who came to congress representing sandy hook on tuesday begged his fellow lawmakers to pass legislation addressing the nation's gun violence problem. congress has been unable to come together in favor of substantial gun violence legislation since the collapse of a bipartisan senate effort in the aftermath of the sandy hook massacre. >> sandy hook will never, ever be the same. this community in texas will never, ever be the same. why? why are we here if not to try to make sure that fewer schools and fewer communities go through what sandy hook has gone through? what uvalde is going through! our heart is breaking for these families. >> reporter: and this is the 27th school shooting this year. that's according to education week which has been tracking school shootings since 2018, and according to its reporting,
9:21 pm
there have been 119 school shootings since they started keeping track. shannon? >> shannon: laura ingal, thank you very much. our extended coverage of the shooting in texas continues next. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside and play with my daughter. i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry. clearchoice changed my life.
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>> shannon: tuesday's school shooting tragedy in texas sure to reignite crucial conversations all around the country about what we can do to try to make our schools safer. let's discuss that with former fbi special agent john ireally and mocanaday. -- and mo canaday. >> man traps, series of interlocking doors in the
9:27 pm
school entrances that are trigbyrd a trip wire. trip wire could be a gunshot, broken glass, manual switch torched by the school employee and it traps the shooter like a rat and when he's trapped like a rat, we're buying time. >> shannon: john, how practical is something like that? >> shannon, it's very practical. there's a lot of technological solutions that are available for deployment in schools. for example, a notification system to let everybody in the school know what is happening and simultaneously notify the police what school and where in the school the shooter is. that technology is out there and we need to implement it. >> yeah, mo, what can we implement with the technology we currently have that is, um, you know, you hate to say cost-effective because every life is completely priceless. and of the deepest value. i know for convincing people to pass budgets and install things in schools, how do we solve that in a way it utilizes something that is
9:28 pm
practical and available now? >> well, there are really four things on my mind in terms of what we can do and one of those is around the idea of i'm going to say target hardening which is involves a lot of these security technologies, and some of those could be very helpful. but they also have to have good policy and procedure around them. i think that, you know, some of these incidence should be driving us looking at more of these type technologies, but i think we also have to couple that with understanding the human element of this. we need carefully selected, specifically trained s.r.on's to counter some -- s.r.o.'s to counter some of these issues. they can do it they've done it there are a number of things we can do to improve the situations in the school environment. >> john, i know one of the things a lot of folks have brought up is single entry and exit point when you have a school with hundreds of thousands of kids you think about something like a fire or some other tragedy going on. how can we use something
9:29 pm
like that that seems simple but could have other ramifications? >> you're right, you need more than one exit and entrance to get out of the building but control populations coming in. that's where the technology could come in to lock down entrances and exits and control them from one location to prevent the shooting from coming in -- shooter from coming in from the back of the school or wandering through different sections of the building. >> shannon: mo, what's your take on teachers being potentially trained and armed if that's something they choose to do. some gun control advocates say that's a horrible idea. would we ask a teacher to shoot a child or make the life-and-death situations? what do you think despite having the school officer there if it's not possible to have in every single school? >> there's a lot to consider with that. i've seen some agencies quite frankly do a great job in bringing back newly-retired officers, officers that are in still good enough shape and still
9:30 pm
have the skill set to come in and be brought back in actually with their credentials and trained how to work in that environment. i think that's one really good alternative. you know, when we talk about arming someone in a school environment, we sure better be prepared for the outcome of that in terms of making sure they're properly trained and they're prepared to potentially have to take a life. that's a lot to ask. >> shannon: it is a lot to ask, and, um, listen, we're asking a lot of tough questions right now in trying to find solutions in hoping there could be some meeting in the middle with something that will make a real difference. mo and john, thank you, both. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: coming up, we're back on the ground in texas with the latest from correspondent bill melugin who has been tracking this all day. he's got some updates." ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish]
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>> shannon: back to tonight's top story, the deadly mass shooting in an elementary school in uvalde, texas, that's left 19 children and two teachers dead.
9:36 pm
correspondent bill melugin has the latest on the ground tonight in uvalde. hello, bill. >> reporter: unfortunately we can now confirm this is the second deadliest mass shooting in a school in u.s. history behind the sandy hook shooting back in 2012. there are 21 confirmed fatalities here behind us at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, including 19 children and two teachers. take a look at this video posted to social media just a short time after that shooting took place. it alleges to show the shooter going into the school armed with a rifle. police have identified him as an 18-year-old local named salvador ramos. we're told he had a domestic incident beforehand and apparently shot his grandmother. we're told she's in critical condition tonight. he then drove a vehicle over here to the school, abandoned it, went inside the school and started shooting at children and teachers indiscriminately. take a look at this video of kids evacuating the school. it's important to point out robb elementary services 2nd, 3rd and 4th
9:37 pm
graders. these children are predominantly 7-year-olds, 8-year-olds, 9-year-olds and 10-year-olds. you can imagine the horror they experienced today. here is more video showing the massive law enforcement response. the big question is
9:38 pm
-- they airlifted a 63-year-old woman who passed away and a 10-year-old girl. they won't give any information on. i'm hoping its my granddaughter. >> you were telling me earlier your granddaughter didn't feel like going to school today. >> no. that's what one of my daughters told me. >> so she didn't want to go to school. >> she didn't want to go to school. >> what are you hoping right now, sir? i know you love your granddaughter. what are you hoping for? are you hoping for the best? >> i'm hoping she's alive. >> unfortunately that gentleman's experience right now is not unique. we spoke with the father of another 10-year-old girl here at robb elementary earlier this evening.
9:39 pm
he's going through the exact same situation. he hasn't had this evening . he's going through the exact same situation, has not had contact with her. she is missing. he is now fearing the worst. the mayor himself telling me two of his staffers informed him they had been told that two of their loved ones were killed in this shooting as well. but the latest update, a grim one on 19 children, two teachers dead here at raab elementary school. the shooter shot and killed by law enforcement sent it back to you. bill , thank you very much. so we're tracking two major stories tonight , the awful events unfolding at that elementary school in texas and pivotal primary elections in five key states. so let's touch on both the u.s. marshall and host of the next revolution, steve hilton. thank you both for being with us tonight . hi. i want to start with you with speaker nancy pelosi's statement tonight . in part she says for too long some in congress have offered hollow words after these shootings while opposing all efforts to save lives.
9:40 pm
it is time for all in congress to heed the will of the american people and join in enacting the house passed bipartisan common sense life saving legislation into law. steve, where do we go from here ? well, look, i mean, it's all very well for her to make statements like that . but i think, you know, she's guilty of the exact things she's criticizing others of right at this moment, which of course totally desperate feeling desperate for the people who've suffered directly and we all feel the pain because you know, those of us that children i mean, it's just so unbearable to think about this . but when you look at the succession of these in almost every single case you see and i think that's becoming apparent now when you look at the actual background of this , what's been going on with this individual there have been warnings all along the way. people talk about the need for new laws. it seems as if the authorities, whether it's law enforcement or others in each case didn't implement the existing laws
9:41 pm
properly. and so there never seems to be any accountability about these politicians constantly want to pass new laws. when are we going to actually demand that the people in charge of operating what we have now do it properly? and then secondly, i just say with biden with those remarks tonight , i mean it just was really shocking to me how quickly he tried to politicize the situation and talking about this like some kind of bystander. oh , why can't we do this ? why can't we? well, i you do something. he's supposed to be the guy who's mr. unity is empathy. why didn't he do something to bring people together to try get something done about this that actually recognizes there are really differing views on the causes of things like this ? it's a complicated issue. this is why you're supposed to be this the president's job to try and lead on this instead of that he's sort of standing there ranting and yelling and making a partisan point that doesn't hel athing. well, let's see there and i talked about earlier, it's really hard to get anything done in an election year, especially when it's heated as this midterm. but is there an opportunity
9:42 pm
here for the president to say i'll sit down with anybody who has ideas and let's get something done? yes, but i think we also have to be realist and . i think the president is i mean ,he's been in politics for a very long time and he knows what it's like coming up against the gop when it comes to legislation on guns and that is that sorry there in the palm of the nra. look what texas tried to do and this is where we have the second largest massacre and the deaths of all these little souls today just just horrific when we look at the red flag laws that we even had, people like lieutenant governor dan patrick was a huge conservative and the governor governor abbott himself who wanted to pass it couldn't get anywhere when you when you try to have any kind of a background check so you don't have you know where you can control more . so stranger to stranger purchases. i mean, these are just two examples where i would disagree with steve in the state of texas and other states in our nation where things could be done. and when you do want to talk
9:43 pm
about unity, americans are united regardless of party overwhelmingly on universal background checks. that's something that should have bipartisan support, but it just doesn't. the issue of guns and gun control is not just a partisan issue, it's an emotional issue and it just constantly hits a wall . yeah. and the shooter tonight as we continue to note, brooke, multiple state and federal laws with respect to possession that gun around your school, murdering people and all kinds of other things. so i agree with you that there are lots of discussions to be had, including what led up to this and how we can get better at that . we're just about out of time, guys, so i don't think we're going get to the primaries tonight . but if you could tell me one race that is the most interesting or important to you, if you give it to me quick, we'll give you both a chance, steve and then leslie quickly. i'll just take a very quick point shot and people are looking at these races primarily the lens of like is trump winning or losing all his candidates, winning? i think the real point here is that the gop as a whole is implementing a trump policy
9:44 pm
agenda that's winning regardless of who he endorsed or didn't endorse. his ideas have really captured the gop. leslie, quickly, i would just say quickly that what we're seeing in these races, this is the division between the trump and reagan republicans. and i think when we look at like camp in georgia, i don't think it's a referendum on trump. i think a lot has to do with name recognition and how happy people are with incumbents in these states. and i would say good to see very strong turnout across the country in these primaries. i think that's positive to get out and vote. all right, stephen , leslie, thank you both very much. thanks, john. thank you . coming up on a day like today that is just gut wrenching. we need some guidance and frankly, you are probably looking for some hope. well, pastor greg laurie is next to offer some you could only one thing to laugh or to be pretty sure someone someone's barbecue a buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue rocks
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more than you think. visit bonaly .com today. some important races on this primary election night in texas and beyond, including a progressive challenge to the last pro-life congressman left in the house democratic caucus. fox business correspondent greg trimble has the latest tonight from laredo, texas. good evening, grady. good evening soon and as expected, this race between incumbent congressman henry cuellar and progressive immigration attorney jessica cisneros is extremely close.
9:50 pm
it's within two hundred votes with are slightly in the lead right now, 90% of votes counted according to the associated press. this is an interesting race because it pits a moderate democrat against a pretty far left progressive who has the backing of the progressive wing of her party, including congresswoman aoc as well as senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. she came within four points of quasar in the 2020 primary now looks to be even closer than that in this runoff are on the other hand , he's been in office for nine terms now. he's pro-life, as you mentioned. he's also pretty hard on immigration that's especially important to the voters that i spoke to here in laredo, texas. but there's one big cloud hanging over his campaign and that is the fact that the fbi raided his home earlier this year, though he denies being part of that investigation. some of the cisneros voters
9:51 pm
i talked to shannon, brought that up. so we will see if that could be enough to tip the scales this time around. interesting race to follow. yeah, i can't believe how tight that one is tonight . we'll watch a grainy tremble. thank you . back to our top story, the horrific mass shooting at an elementary school in evolva, texas. at last check, 19 children and two adults killed in a terrible tragedy that can certainly shake your faith if you have faith. let's discuss how you deal with such unspeakable violence with senior pastor greg laurie from the harvest christian fellowship in california. pastor, it is so good to have you with us. and i thought of you today because of your calming wise advice but also because you have walked this path of losing a child. so what do we do with this terrible pain tonight ? i think what we have to do at a time like this is call on god . you know, the first question that comes to mind is why did god let this happen?
9:52 pm
i think we should give it instead to the what as in what should i do? and more specifically, who should he turn to? and the answer is god himself. you know, the bible says that he's the god of all comfort and yes, we had our son christopher who died 14 years ago in an automobile accident. when i heard that news, it was like time stood still and all the air was out of the room and i felt like i can literally die what it was in that hour of despair, i called to god and he was there for me and i would say this that any of the parents or families of these little children who died in this horrible massacre, i would say to you these children are safely in the arms of in heaven. and if you put your faith in , you will see them again. i know that doesn't take away the pain and the heartache, but it's just something that's really important to remember that they're with the lord and this is the hope that a
9:53 pm
christian has because life does not end at death. life continues on and for us who believe in , the afterlife is the presence of the lord and reunion with loved ones who preceded us , who died in faith. i was reading today about the funeral still ongoing in buffalo and one of the funerals yesterday and those people, too many of them great people of faith, you know, people who volunteer to churches and at food banks and care for other people. they were vulnerable just like these kids a day defenseless. and it's just hard for us to wrap our heads around how these communities began to even think about healing and having some sense of normalcy in a place where you've just been devastated by the worst possible scenario. you just have to cry and you know that is the most important thing. the depth of your sorrow is an indication of the depth of your love. and i think sometimes people
9:54 pm
bottle grief where they they tried to ignore it. but you need to let it out and specifically cry out to god the son escrowed you though i walk to the valley of the shadow of death, i will weevil because you are with me. i know some people say oh that's a crutch. christianity is a crutch. i would beg to differ. christianity is not a crutch. it's a whole hospital and it's for us who need god in . the bottom line is all this need god and i pray that all of us in america will be praying for those families who've lost their precious loved ones. it can never be replaced. and then we pray for our nation that we have a spiritual awakening, that we turn back to god again and this is not a time to go into our partisan corners and take shots at each other. this is a time to come together and try to bring comfort to these people and also to think god for your own families, your own children, pull them a little closer and be thankful
9:55 pm
that they're with you. yeah. and if there are those we need to make things right with . this is a horrible reminder. but we thank you , pastor, for sharing your own grief with us and your own story and your advice for us tonight. thank you very much. see you again soon. thank you , shannon. that is it. for our coverage from washington tonight , i'm shannon bream eks of relief with cytopoint. that's a lot more fun time, right max? yup. it's life-changing time.
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