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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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driving when they get a crack t in their windshield. ld he wouldn't take his car just's anywhere so he brought it to safely. we replaced the windshieldsh and recalibrated their cars and safety systems. so features like automaticed emergency braking for workin properly i don't think they are safe. we're safe like you now let me take your seat like replace. this is a fox news alert. i pollsn have just closed in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. there's a very intensepe primary underway there on the republican side, you may have heard primaries in fours other states are wrapping up moment as well. we're going to have the up to the moment election results throughout the show and of course to fox news. but first, good. evening and welcome tot. tucker carlson tonight. last may, a 17" year old highle school senior payton gendron received an assignment in his economics class. drsignthe assignment asked whato you want to do when you retire? he answered commit murder suicide again. his teacher immediately reported his threat to
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authorities who sent him to the emergency room for a psychiatric evaluationlu. gender was there for just twenty hours as he wrote later in his diary, quote i got out of it because i stuck with the story that i wastory getting ouf class and i just stupidly wrote that down. that's the reasonown. i believe i'm still able to purchase guns. . t he was lyingng general's intention to a commit mass murder was, as he later wrote, quote,s not a jokee . i wrote that downwn because that's what i was planning to do and he was taking gendron was mentally ill this classmates knew that gendron made strange facial expressions and said odd things m in class. last year he showed up for f school for a full week wearingul a hazmat suit, boots, gloves, everything recalled another student. police and school administrators understood perfectly well the gendrontors potentially dangerous. that's why they sent him too the psych ward even his ownve parents must have knownso that something was very wrong. gerrans diaryme describes how hs bury a cated him he had beaten to death in the
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garage and then beheaded with a hatchet on saturday. e payton gendron, as you know, finally did what hehe said he would do. he committed m mass murder. he opened fire on a crowd of strangers in a buffalo supermarketof. he murdered ten of them.d so how did the adults around him let this happen? in a country with functioning leadership, we would be askingin that question. the science of mental illness were certainly there. the people in charge miss those signs or didn't take them seriously enough, weren't paying close enough attentione, in this case they didn't fix t it. they let a killer slip through . so what did they do wrong with payton gendron and how can we learn from it? we should learn from it if we want to prevent more mass murders. but that's not at all what our leaders are asking hardly. instead they're asking the onlyt question that ever occursio to them how exactly can i benefit from this ? how can i leverage this tragedy to my advantage? how can otherto m people sufferg make me more powerful? it didn'tfu take long forde joe biden to findn a way. bidenuf flew to buffaloo
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this morning to speak about what payton gendron did. there have a been a number of mass murders since biden became president. some of them have been racially motivated a little over a year agoo a, in fact, there was even another supermarket massacre that happened to have the same casualty total. a syrian bornri man murdered ten people in boulder, colorado even use the same caliber rifle that patrón gendron brought to buffaloo. but joe biden didn't bother to fly to that crime scene. he didn't go to any of them. in fact, biden went to buffalo today because he thought he could blamehat his political opponents for what happened there, which of course he promptly did watch. >> and other nations ask me heads of state and other countries to ask me what's going on , what inin god's name happened on january six ? what happened in buffalo? what have to ask january six and the buffalo massacre. so how was a political protestde capital related to a murder spree by a demented teenager
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in new york state over the weekend? what do those two events have in common and who exactlyhe are these unnamed heads of state who are connecting these nonconnected events in conversations with joe biden? you may haveede wondered that , but don't ask because it's not meant to be asked. it is instead a dream sequence. it's a rhetorical device meantve to connect everything that might challenge joe biden and bunch all these things together in the same repulsive c moral category. january 6th,at mass murder, the bubonic plaguee, it's all the same. it's all bad. and because it's bad, joe biden informed today after two hundred and fifty years we're going to have to spend the bill of rights to begin with .with te the bill of rights begins with the freedom ofed speech. you can't prevent people from being radicalized to violence. b we can't address the relentless exploitation of the internet to t recruit and mobilize terrorism ,the relentless exploitation of the internet to recruit and mobilize terrorism. a okay,ny but can anyone show has
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anyone ever shown that this specific case, payton gendrone, was quote recruited and mobilized by the internet? we'll know. in fact, no, by his own account he was mentally ill. he snapped. t he'd been planning this for a long time. he did what his diseased brain commandedra him to do. the internet did not make him do it. d he did it himself. but even had been, quote, radicalized by what he read on the internet w. what then exactly? many havee been radicalized by what they've read . pol pot was radicalized by reading das kapital went on a murder spree. he killed more thanan a million people should be banned. that book should we ban all books, all internet sites, quote, radicalize people? what exactly is joe biden saying here? well, he's saying that thanks to what happened in buffalo over the weekend, you no longert have any rights at all, including the most basic, which is to read what you want. after nullifying the first amendment, joe biden moved tors the secondt the venom of the haters and their weapons of
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war violence, the words and deeds that stalk our streetsnd, our stores, our schools, this venom, this violence cannot be they story of ourof time. but there are certain things we can do. we can keep assault weapons off our streets. we've done it before. >> t so because the mentally ill 18 year old used a specific rifle to commit these crimes, you can't have that rifle, y no. joe biden's bodyguards can havee that rifle. so can nancy pelosi's and of course they do. in fact, you pay for it all,u but they're important and you are not. so you can't. soso because the people in chare fail tore protect shoppers in buffalo, you're not allowed to defend your family despite the fact you may believe your family is every bit as important as joe biden and his family, nancy pelosi and her family. bute they're not as important. so we're going to defund the police and disarm you. that's how it works now. j sorry.oe and then t joe biden got to
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the main point of his speech, which is that people who criticize his immigration policies i are responsible forou the violence he saw in buffalo. here's the president united states explaining that he that through the mediad and politics the internet has radicalized, angry, alienated, lost and isolated individuals in the falsely believings that they will be replaced. that's the wordth replaced by te other. and i condemnd thosei who spred the lie for power, political gainin and for profit. >> so you lock the country down ,lock kids out of their schools for two years, force them to get quote educated on the internet. but it'sst, someone else's fault that they're quote alienated. they've been hearing about the great replacement theory. you've heard a lot aboutot the great replacement theory recently. it's everywhere in the last two days and we're sorye i sure exay
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what it is.ha here'st what we do know fore a fact. there is a strong political component to the democratic party's immigration policy. we're not guessing this . we know this and we know because they have said so. they've said it again and again and again. they've written booksey h on iti and monographs and magazinett articles. ss they bragged about itlyon endlessly. they talk about it on cable news constantly c and they say out what we are doing this because it helps us to wini elections. that's not something you said once. it's something that gloated abouts again and again and agan and we think that's wrong. cas and in case youe doubt, here they are. the wave is africanus. yeah, it's right. it's you know, it's a pacific island that is made up of those who've been told that they are not worthy of being here. it is comprised of those who are documented undocumentedl in a couple of presidential cycles. you'll be on election night, you'll be announcing that we're calling the thirty eight electoral voteses of texas for
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the democratic nominee for president. it's changingng,. it's going to become a purplelu state and then a blue state because of the demographicse. the demographics of america ared not on the side of the republican party .s the new voters in this country are moving away from them. instead, they're moving to be independents or to even voten on the other side, an unrelenting stream ofti immigration nonstop, nonstop. folks like me who were caucasian of european descent for the first time in twenty seventeen will be in an absolute minority in the united states of america. absolute minority, fewer than 50% of the people in america from then and on will be white european stock. that's not a bad thing. that's as the source of our strength screenplay clips of them saying it you're the deranged conspiracy. not evenot the funniest part ise
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they may not be the democratic party has decided that rather than convince you people who are born here that their policies are helping you and making the country better and strongere ,they will change the electorate again. they say that we're not guessing, but the funniest part is they may be wrong, actually judging by recent polling, it turns out your average salvadoran landscaper's politicsorli are ap closer to donald's trump's than they are to joe biden and nancyy pelosi. their basic calculation may m be completely wrong, but it's not even the point. there'snt nothing to do with who we're letting in something with race and ethnicity that's do n with two things. one , the purpose of the u.s. government is to serve american citizens, period. and two, you should never craft any federal which is to sayal nation wide policyy in order to help a specific political party that is by itself in isolation immoral. it doesn't matter what the policy is and that'sy exactly what they're doing. and again, they brage about it
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and not just democratic party politicians. virtually every media figurein on the left has been braggingg about this for decades. oh , it's our conspiracy theory really. well, here's anaur navarro from her time as a harvard fellow., this is what she wrote quote the demographic trends show that the minority vote in the united states will continue to grow in numbers and influence unless you're num under the influence of hallucinogens. it is hard to imagine future scenarios for the republican party can win national elections. that piece, by the way, is calleded old white straight male voters aren't what they used to be and quote. so let's see if you don't want people to be paranoid and angry ,maybewr you don't read pieces like that and rub it right f in their face and give themm the finger day after day. maybe that would de-escalate it a little bit. you think joe biden anna j navarro. but they're not the only two.en this has been the prevailing view on the left for a long time. here's a political piece from 2013. d g we should go on for hours, by the way. but herera says quote immigratii reform could be a bonanza for democrats. the democratic party , the piece saidoc, are quote pumping as many as 11 million m new hispanic voters into
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the electorate a decade from now in ways that could produce an electoral bonanzara for democrats and republican prospects in many stateses they now win easily. and quote again, as noted that calculation may be completely wrong. a lot of those people, the democrats are importing may wind up being deeply sympathetic to the other party because they're actually not white liberals. that's the secretnot l. but it almost doesn't matter how they vote. thinking about politics in those terms tha is immoral. that is wrong. you were gaming the system that is not democracy the opposite and they bragged about it for more than a decade. here's another example also from 2013, the center for american progress announced that quote ress, supporting real immigration reform that contains a pathway to citizenship tha for our nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants is the only way to maintain electoral strength in the future. oh , razorblade f right. replacement theory, anyone thesene people are lunatics. they're telling you what theirr strategy is when you noticeu
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they scream at you and call you a criminal. in twenty eighteen, the new york times published an editorial called we can replace thempu just in case subtlety is not your thing. quote right now america is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power terrified of being swamped by a new multiracial polyglot majority. right. okay in twenty twenty . joe scarborough real moral voice over at msnbc quoted this trumpism accelerated damage done by demographic changes and will harm republicans for yearswi. cs is i demographics is destiny and you want to sayny to that once agan they're wrong and if you haven'tro in a total electoral map recently, look at the districts the almost 100% hispanic districts in the rio grande valley that are bearing the brunt of our open borders. they're now red . so you're wrong, joe scarborough. but the fact w that you're sayig demographics is destiny tells youe d the great replacementhe theory is coming from the left. they don't think it's a theory
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. they think it's real."t in twenty twenty one , the washington post's jen rubin celebrated a report that the number of white people in this country was declining. even imagine p quote this is fabulous news, she wrote. now we need to prevent minorityi white rule by not talking like that . there any more divisive thing you could write? we could give you a million more examples. we're offended by this because it's wrong and we've said so. but for saying so. m according to carl cameron on msnbc today, we should be thrown in jail once you j got to watch out because the republicans have become t the purveyors of misinformation and when our two party system is broken like that , democracy is seriously in trouble. the president acknowledged that it's time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names people in jail,i maybe taking some names and putting people t in jail. who would those people be ? well, thanks. the senate majority leader chuck schumer of new york .r
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we now know schumer to send a letter to our bosses here at fox news blaming this show forer the mass murder in buffalo as well as several other mass shootings in recent years . according to chuck schumer, this show spreads, quote, dangerous rhetoricc needs to be pulled off the air immediately in the name of public safetyme. again, chuck schumer is a federal official. he is the leading democrat in the united states senate and he is calling for media censorship. now, therese was a time like maybe 18 months ago now woulde be considered a directth violation of the first amendment. now we hear it every day. let's throwrst them in jail. we wanted to hear more from chuck schumer about this . wefrom invited him on the show tonight as we always do because he is a coward. this is the only media appearance probably in history he's turned down but we upgraded. shelby steele is a senior fellow at the hoover institution and the writer ofow what michael brown shelby steele joins us tonight. thanks so much for comingoove o. as noted, i think that the democratic theory about replacing the electorateor is t
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actually wrong. i think they're not getting thit what they think they're getting which is kind of amusing. but the whole notion is offensive to me. shouldn't the purpose off a government be its only real purpose is to please and enhance the lives of the people who live there ofts citizen. indeed, indeed. at times they seem to have no other no more arrows in their quiver to fight with the struggle with and so they're reduced to sort of scraping around for these forap actually these tragedies like what happened in buffalo as something that you can you can turn from from tragedy to power. i think i think it's ultimately probably always very often about power and whatever narrative or scenario grabs power is is what they do no matter whether it makes logical sense or notththse. a
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but an awfully high cost.t h i meanig it does feel like the social fabric is fraying. the country's really volatile. you can feel it just walking o around. it's really obvious. so a and so into a country like that to throw something likee this into say see, they hate you so much they'll kill you seems like a pretty reckless thing to say indeed.nd is reckless to say and i'm not i'm not altogether sure what what it is that makes them skip over reality. it's so, so happy to skip the reality that these sort of fantasy charges that they make but they obviously get nowhere . they're they're they're a at this point they're quite they're almost willing to dohi anything. they seem to have very, very minimal scruples about how to move forward in american life at this point. my own little humble opinion is
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is i've written a good bit about it. is that one of the great forces of one of the most powerful forces in american life today is white guilt and guilt. pusser you have to seem to be going against your own self-interest to to gain an expiation that redemption, that white guilt basically seems to long forng. and it i seems to me that the court in thatht and at this poit and itss it's taking us nowhere you can't resolve guilt. you can't accept you can't o in your church. i mean itgi does seem like organized religion is a much healthier outlet for impulsese like that . absolutely. that's where we're the human a condition always goes is tolw religion as we should. yes, it is. that's one the reason there
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and human beings do that all over the world. butt the left in america there's not doing that . they're there spinning outg another sort dream vision, dreamscape to sort of rewrite part of the problem that i h think it's happened to the left is that they have now they'veec become exhausted. omtheir ideas have have gotten we've been driven by those ideas now sincesi at least the sixties. they failed unrelentingly. i mean, they failed with thel kind of absolute precision and that that that's where they're at. they're desperate. yeah. >> tucker: yeah, and there is and there's a nihilism in the face of those failures. i think it's a really insightful point.sightf shelby steele, i appreciate your coming on very much. ul poippthank you . thank you . y soou we heard today from the president you don't havers a right to defend yourself because some lunatic committed
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an atrocity in buffalo over the weekend. colion uavs been defending the sacramento for quiteio some time. he joins us tonight with reaction to what he heard and more hehe. thanks so much for joining us . what did you make of the president's remarks today that it was ridiculous if youic really put things into contexta ,keeps talking about this idea war weapons war , an ar w 15 and how we need toio banned him. but he doesn't mention the facth that in the charleston shooting the guy used a handgun and he hp killed nine people there. day so at, the end of the day, this overzealous focus firearmsd and what guns he used didn't use. what we should be talking about, is the ability to empower people to defend themselves when things like this ariseau because clearly no, somebody is dropping the ball with respect to making sure d they get through the get throughys the system to the point where a they actually pick up a gun toel do this even thoughl they have w the preindicators to tell them that , you know what this personas has a mental problem that's probably be looked into. so since they don't do that , allow us to have the ability too protect ourselves yourself.
10:21 pm
horrifying interview today with a young woman who was in the grocery storere and she crouched down and called on one one and whispered and said there's an active shooter, please come and the 911 operator said, why w are you whispering? because there'som a shooter and the woman got so annoyed she hung up on the woman in the grocery store and it sort ofca reminded you, you know, you can't expect help to arriv immediately. why can't you defend yourselfen or you can't? because at the end of the day, no matter what , even with the b best intentions in the worldso from the government, from police, so forth and so on , you are your own firstal responder. that's just the reality of it. so at the end of the day, from that perspective, allow me to f have the thing or the mostor effective tool that i need to protect that life because when it comes down to it, when i need somethingg to happenel within seconds, help is only going to be minutes awa. and that's right. the right of self-defense given you by god not joe biden and you can't take it away from deadly killingworth. thank you so much. so that what's the phrase used on tv hotly contested senate primary in pennsylvania has
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just come tova a close. polls have shut down for the night. we're goingwi to have the latest results from that election in just a moment. plus, the pentagonhe this classified never before on a first ofday its kind hearing on capitol hill. we'll have that for you a straight ahead. ♪what everybody's asking myself, what the hell is going on in 20 20% county voters elected to be the county's top prosecutor. if you want to really see what it look like no farther than georgia on our list of violent criminals along this los angeles into a war zone my neighborhood is turning into guy people are so about what's going on when he says
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offering starter packs of generic biographic visit wrex empty .com. this is a fox news alert.t. polls have just closedte in primaries in the state ofna pennsylvania. the senate race on the republican sideli and the governor's race polls have closed across the country as well. sosetr w of course we're going o tonight first thing to our friend bill hemmer who's at it is eaboard in tucker. good evening to you.rl it's early in pennsylvania. expect a lot right now at the moment they just started really counting ballots about twenty seven minutes to go yet about four percent of the vote in in pennsylvania. pittsburgh is in the west represented right here by allegheny county city, philadelphia, down here in the bottom right represented in the colornn green right now, which is checking in for dr.r. mehmet oz who donald trump endorsed just about two weeks ago. davidago mccormick, a slim lead right now. but again, it'ss early at foure percent of the voter' on the governor's sides, a lot of interest as to whether or not mastriano could turn the trick right now. but you're about three percent right now on the pennsylvania
10:28 pm
governor's race. so really too early right now, tucker , to get to get a firm idea mastriano 20%. he was considered the favorited here and lou barletta really went after donald trump earlier this week because he did not get his endorsement that went to mastriano. we'll show you another thing not here, tucker is pretty interesting in north carolina. this came quickly last. okay, let me go ahead and set the machine for you and the senate race in north carolina, ted, but was endorsed by donaldd trump a year ago. he was an easy winner. the ap called it within 15 minutes. so ted. but we'll go to the runoff against sherry beasley in i the fall. now i want you to if i can, tucker here. if you f go the far western part of the state, it's congressional districtta 11 . madison cawthorn is a first time republican representative from north carolina and he was endorsedca by donald trump and republicans in that state. clear that off here and just come here full for a second here. chuck edwards, , the state senator , okay, he's at 37% of
10:29 pm
the vote. hawthorne isn't breaking 30% right now in that race now still a little bit of a vote out there right now, but you're about just 49%. so you're t about halfway and this looks to be a pretty good result in the early hoursou of the night for chuck edwards and his challenge against maga hats and cawthorn. r in thom tillis, the republican senator in north carolina, endorsed edwards. h cawthorn, he did not go with cawthorn. a lot of republicans in congress when cawthorn to lose donald trump endorsed halter. and so we'll see whether or not that can make a difference tonight in north carolina. early be heres throughout the night. but you know what's happening in pennsylvania as theyt. continue to count in the meantime. back to you, tucker . bil bill hemmer, a lot on the line . thanks solo much for that . none of the day's other big stories. i think it is all say the house of representatives, the first congressional hearing on ufos in at least 50 years.
10:30 pm
that hearing, pentagon officials acknowledged that american aircraft, military aircraft have nearly collided with ufo on at leastit 11 separate occasions. so it's a national security problem at the very least, the director of naval intelligence, scott bray also released never before seen footage ofor what appears to be ufo. this was spotted by navy personnel watch. b wey share with you the firstre video that we have here today which shows an observation in real time. there it was that's in many casess that's all that a report may include in this video. u.s. navy personnel recorded what appears to be triangles, some flashing recorded several s off the coast ofit the united states. this was recorded whileth a u.s. navy ship observed a number of small unmanned aerial systems in the so real that's been determinedon
10:31 pm
beyond discussion at this .. we're topics the pentagon was not interested in talking about. for example, are fo these objects a threat to the united states? wouldntagon excuse me not say whether or not they'veil changed their military capabilities in response to these encounters. have our encounters ave our with apes alter the development of our either our offense or offensive or defensive capabilities or even our sensor capabilities with 65%5% we should say, by ths way, this hearing was pretty bipartisan. probably the first thing the wee seen the two parties cooperate on in a long time. good for the pentagon would not sayno whether these objects are a threat to us , but today they did concede that these cannot possibly be manmade objects. watch. doan we have an example? can you cite a specific examples of an object that can't be explained as having been humanavin made or natural? the example that i would say that is still unresolved that i think everyone understands quite well is a 2004 incident
10:32 pm
from from nimitz. so that incident from 2004, the head of naval intelligence referred to is what is known as the tic-tac ufo chad underwood is the former navyho pilot who filmed that footage. he joins us tonight. mr wood, thanks so much for joining us . you're welcome . when you hear officials concede that these objects are not manmade, they're not russian orr chinese, we don't know what they are. does that surprise you? ? it doesn't really surprise me. it'ssu it's more of a when we when we capture these encounters, it's just reallys it's unidentified. it's flying and it's an object . you're just kind of in the right place at the right time in my case, it was off the coast of california and so it was just kind of by chance. e but i believe that these hearings are important for the public to understand and i'm glad that they're
10:33 pm
happeningad and so that they're not being classified. they're being unclassified from the dod and congress. i think that's important for the people to know in this in this era. seems like this is the headline. maybe we're underplaying it. u.s. government knows these.s. objects are not foreign military aircraft. so that leaves how manyar optio ? well, not just one , i guess. what do you think the u.s. military its leadership is worried about this and how do you think they feel non manmade objects flying an intentionalio violating apparently the laws of physics like what'spa their view of this ? yeah, i , i really don't think that by default it's a national security risk. it's just that's just going to be truth. however, these objects have not been behaving any way that's
10:34 pm
hostile right. or anything like that that's that's going to pose a direct threat to our cities bases and this is more of a not just a national security risk. it's a global existential risk. yes.skr: yes. or c or a certainly i don't even know if we know it's a risk. i know that we know that it risks our hierarchy a bit. human beings are not the most advanced life form in the universe and that we have videoi evidence proving that like that's not a huge thing. otit seems like one to me. >> yeah. and you know, i think in the last will my encounter wasas almost 18 years go. and so that's when we started to develop really high levelev sensors, both radar and fleer, forward looking infrared that we could track, capture and track these objectsts and it's happened on the west coast,, what's happened
10:35 pm
on the east coast and i don't know if there's other nationsat that have captured these these objects as well. and so it's it's very interesting. but you know but i'm glad it's beingg knowledged by yes. the pentagon and congress. it's very important. well,nt i agree.. ot and you know, a lot of pilots have not come forward as you have to sayaw a what they saw ae don't know if you've been attacked or derided as crazynn r whatever , but i hope s anyone who said that to us apologize because you've been vindicated. we ol appreciate you coming c on tonight. you're welcome . chatwoodom thank you .lc you're we spoke to chad underwood at length for our documentaryth the ufo files. you can find it now on fox c nation. pretty goodanind . so the united states senate just advanced a 40 billion dollar aid package for ukraine because they've had a border.s problem like us that still is one step closer to a championship idf the same
10:36 pm
time joe biden suddenly decides to invade africa has, send trooo to somalia. what isli going on exactly? and does anyone ask your opinion? has served the united states military great cost. he joins us to assess after the break. romania present to the rescue. sharon stone nuclearizes 100% and the never ending but for me and welcome to the new york and st. media. no, today let's say your car needs a new car like an alternate. you could get just the one part of the typical auto parts store or for the same money at rock auto .com get the alternator plus the belt and tensioner. you'll need to do the repair
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10:42 pm
pretty much ground zero. you can't afford to fill your car. , there's no baby formula. we're going toor spend three trillion dollars fighting russia without a vote. it is excited about this , of course, the people who are selling the weapons and that would includellin retired four r general barry mccaffrey, the left wing general who for some reason taken seriously. he just tweeteds this image of ukrainian air is quote nailing russian aircraft. this is a problem. im that image is not from ukraine. it's from a video game called arma three. - it's not a video game. prepare barry mccaffrey, of course. max boot is a war expert retweeted so excited for a video game and that's how they understand war as a videothatta. ot but it's not just happening in ukraine. we have now invaded africa too because maybe that's what countries do and they can't fix any of their own o problems. they just decide to fix the world's problems with guns. joe biden just authorizedze military to deploy hundreds of special operators inside somalia from somalia is
10:43 pm
reviving that war after the last president withdrew our forces from somalia. withdre what exactly is going on here?w joe kent is one of the few people who is brave enough to say so as a former member of the army special forces, he's running for congress in washington a state. we're going to say out loud we're hoping he wins. he joins us tonight. goodof to see you. so first too the news.ins. first, to they have behind the scenesho that telling anybody agreed to spend trillions fighting this war against russia. was therere a vote on this thati missed that you missed? no. no one asked us , tucker . they just in theea dead of night said that they're going to send to russia.dollars only fifty seven courageous members in the house. and then we have 11 courageousse members in the senatena that actually rejected this funding. but then we haven members of congress, we have members of the senate, members of the national security apparatuss openly saying that we are at war with russia and our goal ism some form of an ill defined regime change and they're willing to risk world war three to make it all happen. but no one's asked the american people there's no congressman, r
10:44 pm
there's no senator that signedn off on these these provocations. that's gone back to their district and explain too the american people that , hey, we're going too go to war and here's where it's going to costo and you get to vote on it. none of vot that'se happened. this just showsws how little these people actually respect us . what it's unbelievable. and atva some point they will bankrupt the country. i mean, money is not infinite. we're running out of in ti most people are running out ofr in their household budgets. bud. they have no sense of that they have no sense of that at all, i guess. yeah. none whatsoever. or really i think the thing is they could just care less. that's the biggest thing. they don't care that we can't even produce enough formula to feed our ownie babies right now. they don't care that there'stu actually a clearly defined security threat happening every day on our southern border. mexican cartels, a foreignrg terrorist organization is pumping sentinel enough to kill every single american twice over into our country. and we're going to take some of our best s special operators and we are goingcr to deploy thm across the world because that's just the easy button. an old war that all the funding codes are already-i
10:45 pm
defined for.x the military industrial complex knows exactly how to fundd that one. and joe biden and the midwich in his regime can look tough. s they're going after terror as opposed to actually trying to secure the american t t peop. they don't have any respect for us . that's a very clear i heard the eyepatch guy from texas, yesterday said that if you complain about the effects on the american ibout economy, e quote pro russia. are you pro russian? not p whatsoever. concha? i really want the warar in ukraine to stop. be moving t we should be moving towards de-escalation. but it is i one 100% is legitime for every citizen right nowiz to look at our l representatives over thewhat are you doing? why are you sending ourre money over there? and we have thesese very real problems right here. everything in government or in leadership comes down to priorities. and if our leaders cannotpr prioritize our citizens, those leaders must be removed.d.that that's exactly why i'm running for congress is exacco. god bless you and youn can explain it. unlike so many republicans, whichex i i'm grateful for.hich joe , thanks for coming on tonight. thank you . thank you . dr. coming.
10:46 pm
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10:50 pm
they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. that absolutely break my heart
10:51 pm
in the three six nine three six nine. so polls have closed in the pennsylvania senate primary and the gubernatorial primarybr threadbare is our chief political anchor u.s. forces we're going himself find out what's going on . hey, brett. hey, tucker . it's interesting to i watchhe the senate race develop. it's's early very early. if you look at any of these numbers, these are early mail in votes. so you see david mccormick doing well early d on , but we haven't even got to the same day voters wherere you're going to see the bulk of the vote in pennsylvania come in and that's where this thing will movewi on the democratic side, you see the lieutenant governor fetterman who's in the hospital had a procedure for a heart procedure, a pacemakeruc put in today successful. we'recece told he's running away with over the moderate conor lamb. so it lookst like he is l goingo win on the democratic side for the senate race, huh? so i mean, i can't remember a primary that's had more intensity. em this every dered
10:52 pm
day. i'm like us . a lot of people are watching this carefully. fair to say w. fair to say. and i think this might go late. threeow, these candidates heading again, we'reg very tight right now. it looks like mccormicks up. ar but remember, all of that is early vote. i think as you look in different places throughout o the state of pennsylvania, you're going to seef a lot of different pockets of votes materialize and the biggestes question is what former f president trump's endorsement really meanss . a lot of places like we sawan with events in ohio, it moved the needlece significantly. it may do the same for mehmet oz in pennsylvania and we're probably about a couple hoursm away from finding out if that's. true . last question. a third candidate in the race. you kindd of seem to come out of nowhere, at least for those of us who weren't paying close attention to kathy barnett, the polls going in . what are those just about her ? well, she was right there. she was actually in second place according to the polls heading in . but it depends on how she is
10:53 pm
going to get out the vote with her support. she definitelyel got some suppot late in the race and fore, the people they thought this was great because t they were going to split the maga vote, if you would, and mccormick could pick up the middle of the road. uoad republicans, conservative republicans, traditionali republicans. i don't know that that's going to happenwoing. i think she outperformed and wec could look at davidou mccormickg coming in third by the endai of the night again, we'll find out in the next couple of hours. we'll be watching. , thanks for that . you bet you. electio more news on this election night right here on maga. help us live longer. return the favor with fresh fresh fruits and veggies for the long haul. hello, i'm mike huckabee. schools in the media are
10:54 pm
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10:59 pm
by about twelve points. therepo is a lot of vote out, however, and the most populated part of the state southeastern corner here, tucker philadelphia and the collar counties around it. there'sia a lot of vote out here in allegheny county, which is pittsburgh in the west as welly . there's the entire vote out is is still out here in erie county e in the northwesternst corner still. so we are a bit early nowto in the evening. but dave mccormick has got to be feeling pretty good with the votes that have been tallied so' far on the governor's race. we checked with you about twenty minutes ago. donald trump endorsed doug o mastriano on the republican sideubli. gain a little bit of ground here as you can see right now, really neck and neck here about nine percent of the vote. so w this is going to go on fore a while now as a trickle in throughout the night tucker . and we will keep you posted momentarily. back to youp you p. osted.. we'll be watching bill hemmer in his natural habitat>> t. it's great to see you too. well, that's it for us .
11:00 pm
unfortunately, i've got more tob say, but time limits. we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. so sworn and totally sincere and hopefully cheerful enemy of smugness, groupthink, pomposity and all the other badt things. ve the litany that we t oppose have the best night with the ones you love. and welcome to hannity. and thisis is a fox news alert tonight we are tracking primary results in five different states. voting is still underways in the states of idaho and oregon. but at this hour the polls are now officially closed in kentucky, north carolina and in the commonwealthhintuck a pennsylvania, which is suffering a ton of election irregularities. we reported this hour in berks county a judge kept the polls open for an additional hour because of, quote, widespread problems they're having in lancaster county, a signifierin


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