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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  May 11, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> steve: all right. clay travis joining us today from the panhandle in florida. check out what is clicking on outkick at he's in a beautiful spot today. >> data suggests the president's plan to lower prices is falling flat on its face. face plants, sorts. >> dana: good morning. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." this is not the number that the white house wanted but probably is the one they expected given the president's speech yesterday. new inflation numbers shows prices are up 8.3% from a year ago higher than expected but also a tiny slight drop from the 40-year high we saw in march. >> bill: one thing that's not
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dropping is the price of gasoline. national average hitting $4.40. some states approaching $6 a gallon. >> dana: that's having a big impact on american families. average household will spend an extra $5,000 this year on gas and groceries alone. >> bill: stock market dow coming off four straight days of losses amid concerns the federal rate hikes will trigger a recession later this year. >> dana: yet the president insisting this is not his fault. he is instead pointing the finger at republicans and what he calls their ultramaga tax plan. the architect of that plan calling the attacks a disingenuous attempt to distract. >> there is nothing that the president said that is in there. what i said is let's get people back to work so they have skin in the game. he was supposed to give his ideas on inflation yesterday. what was the ideas? everybody's else's fault but his. >> bill: larry kudlow is on
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deck. first to the white house, edward lawrence has the numbers and reaction there. >> hotter than expected. the white house likes to talk about core inflation, that went up and coming in hotter expected without food and energy prices in there. this is across the board. talking about airlines leading the way, shelter, rent, look, eggs up 22.6%. chicken up 16.4%. milk up more than 14%. utility gas up almost 23%. new cars up 42%. airline fares up. biden is calling on congress to spend the social spending plans and seeing millions of barrels from the strategic petroleum reserves to help inflation now. that hasn't worked. new record highs. diesel fuel is at a new record high today. so when i pressured the white
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house on the issue, they took no responsibility for their policies. listen. >> pandemic was going on before he took office. fighting this historic pandemic front and center for his agenda we know and every -- economist will tell you has been the main reason. >> the president is trying to transition his economy and his is a better way. >> president biden: that is the ultra maga plan put forward by congressional republicans to raise taxes on working families, lower the income of american workers, threaten sacred programs that americans count on. >> most republicans rejected the tax raising tax portions in that plan. now the president saying that if you like what you see with the economy, don't put republicans in charge. back to you guys. >> bill: edward lawrence with the news from the white house. >> dana: let's bring in larry
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kudlow. you watch the numbers very closely. let's hear your reaction to this number coming in at 8.3%. >> the first reaction is it's a stronger number than what wall street consensus was suggesting. and by the way stronger inflation number is a theme. it is now what, 15 or 16 month theme and it will continue. no let-up in the inflation rate. i want to note a couple of things here. food prices are skyrocketing really out of control up 12% at an annual rate for the past three months. 9.4% overall. the cpi itself in the past three months up close to 10%. 9.9% at an annual rate. if you take out vladimir putin, energy and food prices, you are still up about 6 1/4% which puts the lie to what president biden was saying yesterday.
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i mean, this is going to be, you know, buckle your seat belts. this is a problem. the problem is not going away. you get higher base from last year, the comparisons are a little tougher but you are still running over 8% overall. the short run numbers, as i said, almost 10%. so that tells you the trend line is going to be very, very difficult. food and energy difficult, gasoline difficult, diesel difficult, and one point i want to make it's not just energy. as a hallmark of a virulent inflation rate, what you see in these cpi indexes, all prices, virtually all prices are rising. not just some individual prices, but all prices. and that's what lifts up the index to these rapid monthly increases and yearly increases.
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we have a problem. >> bill: turn away from the economics and look at the political perspective. the president yesterday was softening the beachhead. some of the things he said and his language depends on who you ask, i won't predict it. by the end of this year some say it will increase next year. there is a bit of a tell in some of that language yesterday. however, there is also this. call for eight from that same speech. >> i think our policies help, not hurt. think about what they say. the vast majority of the economists think this is going to be a real tough problem to solve but it is not because of spending. >> bill: that last point is the point to debate because they are going to go to their end days saying that what they did a year ago did not matter. >> well look, they can say it.
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the president played a blame game yesterday. he won't own any of these problems. and he is coming back with more spending. look, you look at a democrat and republican economists a year ago predict rising inflation because of huge social spending, aggregate demand increasing. deficit financed, too much borrowing and too much money printing and you have the war against fossil fuels at exactly the wrong time. so what i heard yesterday from mr. biden is more of the same. his progressive agenda. he wants to continue spending. he wants to continue environmental restrictions on fossil fuels and pipelines and virtually every other infrastructure. it will kill roads, bridges and tunnels and stop wind turbines and he wants to raise taxes.
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he blamed excess profits. he blamed poultry companies and blamed oil and gas companies making too much money so they'll look after that. there has never been one single charge -- specific charge on that business. and then he wants to increase taxes across the board on corporations and successful earners and confiscate wealth, unrealized capital gains. come on, here, the tax hikes and the environmental restrictions are suppressing the supply side of the economy. not enough goods, okay? and the spending increases the demand side of the economy. too much cash. so that's a combination everybody knows this dana perino knows this, too. if you spend more than you can produce, well, prices have to go up. and the obvious solution is to
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spend less and produce more. and create incentives to produce more across the board. he is operating just the reverse. i want to say this. i know it may sound partisan but i have to say it. this is a progressive agenda, okay? it's called the big government socialist essential. central controller. disdain for the workings of the free market enterprise system and it has gotten him in trouble. so you look at your polls and only about 1/3 of the people approve of his performance on inflation and the economy. 2/3 disapprove. it is a complete collapse of the progressive agenda. >> bill: thank you. progressive for now. wait to see what happens toward the end of november, right? >> ultra maga, where do i sign? i want ultra-maga. >> bill: you want that name tag. >> dana: i can't take it. >> bill: see you at 4:00 on fox
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business. thank you very much. >> dana: i have so many people emailing me the "wall street journal" editorial board with the headline. president costanza takes on inflation. biden tried to get ahead of wednesday's inflation report with a speech rehatching his well worn proposals to raise taxes and boost subsidies and here we go, increase regulation. he should take seinfeld's advice and do the opposite of his every political instinct. i'm sure angie perino is laughing. >> bill: there is venting of a fury over the supreme court leaked draft decision that could overturn roe v. wade getting a show of support. far left democrats welcoming the protests outside the homes of supreme court justices and churches. hillary vaughn picks it up from the hill. >> some democrats on capitol hill are not shying away from
6:11 am
their support of pro-abortion protestors that have been showing up at supreme court justice's homes interrupting church services to send a message to the high court. >> bottom line you don't condemn it. you think the protestors should continue to be outside supreme court justice's homes and interrupt church? >> i get interrupted and protested all the time. i welcome it in many ways as long as it is not violent rhetoric talking about physical harm and all those kinds of thing. it understands it happens. we're in public service. >> this supreme court said then protestors should be able to get right in people's faces. now they're he renting barriers to try to keep protestors as far away from themselves as possible. i think it's fundamentally wrong. >> there is a law on the books that prevents people from doing
6:12 am
that. some progressives are defendened the law breaking behavior. >> i think they should be prosecuted for breaking federal law. >> what is the federal law? >> u.s. code 1570. you think it's okay for these pro-abortion protestors outside -- >> supreme court judges have heard a case, they themselves have said it is protected by the first amendment for people to protest. >> outside of a house? >> protest outside of everywhere. >> more protests are planned for today. the pro-abortion group ruth sent us is planning a walk by wednesday showing up at supreme court justices homes' today. they are only targeting the pro-life republican appointed justices on the high court and plan to show up today at their door steps. bill. >> bill: good hustle there. i think the law specifically
6:13 am
says intimidation as well. hillary, thank you on the hill. >> dana: south carolina senator tim scott ripping treasury secretary janet yellen for saying denying women's access to abortion increases the odds of children growing up in poverty and needing assistance. >> roe v. wade and access to reproductive healthcare including abortion helps lead to -- >> did you say that ending the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate? a guy raised by a black woman in poverty i'm thankful to be here. >> fox news alert now. elon musk saying trump should be back on twitter. even old jack has a change of heart. what this means for the battle over free speech. >> dana: living under russian
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occupation in ukraine. trey yingst a close look how people in one town are trying to survive the brutality of putin's army. >> bill: a week from yesterday you get a major primary battle in the key battleground state of pennsylvania and a new fox poll shows just how close this race has become. home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now. if you've been living with heart disease, reducing cholesterol can be hard, even when you're taking a statin and being active. but you can do hard. you lived through thirty-seven red-eye flights
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>> bill: fox news alert. it happened an hour ago. 18 people injured including 15 students in a multi-vehicle crash involving a school bus in north carolina near charlotte. they say the bus was 40 students on board was heading to school when it collided with a dump truck and another car. wow. details still coming in and we'll bring them to you as soon as we get them from north carolina. >> dana: take it to ukraine.
6:20 am
our team returned to outside the capital where civilians are picking up the pieces from the destruction of russian bombing. one woman tells us her husband was tortured and killed. others recount being stuck in their basement hiding from the onslaught. trey yingst is live in kyiv and got the story for us, hi, trey. >> good morning. while much of this war has shifted to eastern ukraine, residents on the outskirts of kyiv are still trying to recover from russian occupation as they put their lives back together. she picks up debris outside her home. a few weeks ago she returned here where the body of her husband was found under the rubble. he was shot in the back of the head. his hands were tied and his fingers were shot off, she adds. inside her kitchen where the couple used to prepare dinner together the window frames are
6:21 am
stained with blood. up a narrow staircase she flips through photos in their bedroom. i think it was valerie's birthday, anna recalls, looking at images as she continues to process his death. i was asking him to join me and leave here but he didn't want to. what more can i say? this is my fate. every resident of this town has a story to tell. some escaped and returned to find their lives in pieces. others hunkered down amid the gunfire and incoming artillery. down the street from her another man chops wood outside of his garage. he spent a month living underground. we follow him down a metal ladder and into his cellar. he points to cans of tomatoes and peppers he survived on during that time. speaking slowly, his face
6:22 am
illuminated and he talks about the uncertainty was a horrible condition for my soul. today as ukrainian forces recapture territory outside of the second largest city of kharkiv they're encountering similar scenes of death and destruction. >> dana: trey, thank you for bringing us these important stories. >> bill: so many stories from there. indiana police releasing dramatic dash kam and body cam footage of the chaotic moments before they captured the double murder suspect casey white after his car crashed and former corrections officer vicky white shot herself. steve harrigan live in florence, alabama where casey white, all 6'10" and 300 pounds of him is back in that state. good morning. >> it was some dramatic dash kam video in indiana. takes place moments after a
6:23 am
marshal's vehicle rammed the getaway car into a ditch and flipped it. that cadillac had casey white at the wheel. vicky white alongside him. officers put casey white into handcuffs. vicky shot herself in the head with the handgun the moment the vehicle flipped. she died at the hospital. autopsy said suicide. casey white brought back to alabama in the middle of the night for a quick arraignment. under heavy guard. he was quickly taken from here to a state prison 100 miles away. he will continue to serve his 75 year sentence and faces a new murder trial next month. really a sense of grief here among the people who work with vicky white for 17 years trying to figure out why she would run off with an accused murderer. law enforcement officials say casey white showed no sign of regret. he said he was hoping to end it all in a shoot-out with police. >> members of the u.s. task
6:24 am
force basically rammed the vehicle and pushed it into a ditch. we later found out had they not done that, the fugitive was going to engage in a shoot-out with law enforcement. >> he said that he was probably going to have a shoot-out at the stake of both of them losing their lives. they used four different vehicles. the final vehicle they found wiggs, $29,000 in cash, four handguns and ar-15. >> bill: steve harrigan, thank you in alabama. >> dana: george gascon's woke policies on the heel of a couple of controversial cases as the recall campaign against him is moving along. >> if you can have somebody who can charge a stage, attack a performer with a knife and only receive a misdemeanor imagine what that says for what
6:25 am
criminals can get away with as they look to take advantage of george gascon and prey on innocent victims.
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-approved! -[ altered voice ] denied! [ normal voice ] whoa. >> bill: 9:30 in new york. markets opened. futures higher, lower and now trending in the positive area slightly. all this reaction to the new inflation number. it showed prices up 8.3%, which is higher than expected. they were expecting the number
6:31 am
8.1%. it matters because you're paying more for just about everything. as investors react we'll see how the markets go as of today. a bit of a see-saw. or a bungee cord jump. >> dana: you follow the market closer than i do. i've noticed the market piece of that and the inflation and what it is doing to people picking things up off grocery shelves, seeing the price and putting it back. it has tough decisions for people. >> bill: filling up the gas tank. pennsylvania apparently is up for grabs is what the new fox poll tells us now. three candidates next and neck within the margin of error for next week's primary battle on the senate side. colin reed is a former spokesperson for governor chris christie. i want to share more info here. call for number one. among those extremely interested, kathy barnette 25%,
6:32 am
oz at 22, david mccormick 21. undecided is 10%. there was another number that said the undecided number was 18% but that is an aside. what is moving in pennsylvania do you think, colin? >> you nailed it. it is a jump all down the stretch run and look, the republican field has been -- a lot of attention on it due to the outside personalities and the money spent but ultimately the strongest steel is forged through the hottest fires. whoever becomes out of that primary will be well positioned to take on the general. one of the things that's getting under reported is what is happening on the democrat side where the democrats are poised to nominate a guy named john fetterman, a bernie sanders supporters in 2016. pennsylvania senate race in the general will be close. republican presidential candidate has won it once since 1988. it will be tight.
6:33 am
pat toomey ran a good campaign in 2010 and he won by two points. he won by a tighter margin in 2016. it will be a tight race but whoever comes out of that primary field will have been through the battle and tested and ready to roll. >> bill: here we go now. barnette not a lot of people hear about her. she is making a move right now. we'll see. a lot of this is a momentum play. now call for number three. the trump endorsement of dr. oz, are you more supportive of oz or less? i tell you what, colin, i don't know what this means, all right? more support 37, less support of 22. no effect 37%. make heads or tails of that. >> the former president's numbers are very strong among republican voters, no doubt about it. the challenge for him and anyone is whether or not that strength can blend to candidates when he is not on the ballot. we've seen it time after time
6:34 am
after time candidates will show up for a president, whether it's barack obama or donald trump and they don't show up in the mid-term election. ultimately voters right now face a barrage of issues. we have inflation at 40 year high, gas prices at all time high. southern border uncontrolled. the endorsement anyone that counts in that litany of issues. voters have a lot before them and when you've got the president of the united states his plan to control inflation being compared to george costanza from seinfeld. >> it says the former president like anyone else will win some and lose some. ultimately the candidates matter. campaigns matter, what they are talking about matters. this election coming up in november once we're through all the primaries will be a referendum on the current president, not the former president no matter how badly
6:35 am
the white house wants to change that narrative because of all the things not going right. when republican operatives were coming up 10 years ago we were told compare people to jimmy carter. now joe biden is making jimmy carter look good. the party in charge gets blamed when things aren't going well and the white house knows it and trying to change the subject. i don't think they will have that much luck. >> bill: great to see you today. interesting analysis, colin reed the dc. >> dana: l.a.'s county progressive d.a. gascon under fire surrounding a child molester serving only two years in a juvenile facility because when it happened he was two weeks from turning 18. now he is charged with first degree murder in a separate case. she is a transgender woman.
6:36 am
this case brought a lot of attention. we had the tape of her calling her father and saying gascon will get me out of this. now with the new development what do you make of it? >> good morning. you know, nothing that has happened in this case should be surprising because when you have a district attorney like george gascon who only represents the interests of defendants and criminals, this is what is going to happen. people like tubbs will get the minimal treatment by los angeles county and basically we have to rely on real law enforcement agencies like another district attorney to handle these types of cases. when you have the fox guarding the chicken coop, why are you shocked when the chickens are all murdered. that's what we have now. we have a district attorney who purposely represents the defendants. well, the defendants already have a defense lawyer. they don't need a prosecutor also representing them.
6:37 am
>> dana: i thought this was interesting. the original prosecutor of the tubbs molestation case said very rarely is tubs in compliance with anything. the gascon administration is like a second defense attorney. there are two defense attorneys in the room right now and nobody representing the victim and public safety. i assume you agree with that. >> 100%. look, in our adversarial system we have a prosecutor and we have a defense lawyer. my father was a public defender so i honor, respect the defense side. i think it is important. but you need to have a prosecutor in the room that is actually defending public interests, public safety, and defending the rights of victims. and we don't have that right now in los angeles. >> dana: tell me a little more about this case because it is interesting. there is a case against a smith accused of murdering her
6:38 am
4-year-old daughter facing a 25 year sentence with the state three strike law. gascon is trying to take two of the previous strikes and make them misdemeanors so would that mean there wouldn't be three strikes? >> that's the other issue going on. not only do we have george gascon protecting defendants and not holding them accountable, he is refusing to follow the laws of the state of california. our association, the association of deputy district attorneys actually had to go to court to force him to do his job to enforce the laws of the state of california. three strikes is a very popular law. it was passed in 1994. it was again reaffirmed in 2012. and he refuses to follow that public policy. again, we shouldn't be surprised. he is a defense lawyer. he surrounds himself by radical public defenders. they write his policy so again,
6:39 am
nothing is happening in los angeles is shocking because really what is happening in l.a. is what is supposed to be happening when you have a defense lawyer who is running the largest prosecutorial agency in the united states. >> dana: fascinating and worrisome. i remember when three strikes was passed and reaffirmed in 201 and he is not paying attention to that. thank you, eric. a beautiful morning there in california. >> bill: the women of afghanistan suffering yet another crushing setback under taliban rule. michael waltz will talk about it coming up. elon musk says donald trump is welcome back when he buys twitter. guy benson has a lot to say on this and guy benson is on deck. you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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>> dana: musk's plan to bring back president trump's twitter account. jake dorsey said it was a business decision. it shouldn't have been. we should evolve as necessary. i stated in that thread and
6:45 am
still believe that permanent bans of individuals are directionally wrong. guy benson is a radio show host and fox news contributor and he is here. what do you think of that? >> it's an interesting line from jack dorsey, right? like he had power over this. it was his decision to make and i like self-reflection and looking back and saying maybe we could have done things differently. there are a number of people in mar-a-lago and elsewhere saying where was this thought process when you actually did it? >> bill: no doubt about it. this is far from a profile in courage, right? i just -- if i say that maybe i'll get banned today. where was jack dorsey a year and a half ago and now he is chiming in. he wants to make sure that musk gets the deal on. they're in on it together now. >> dana: let's watch this. >> permanent bans should be extremely rare and really
6:46 am
reserved for accounts that are bots or spam accounts. i don't think it was correct to ban donald trump. i think that was a mistake. it has alienated in a large part of the country and didn't stop trump from having a voice. >> what a lot of people wondered fine, twitter has their rules and guidelines and they are entitled to make those and enforce them. the enforcement seems constantly bizarre and hypocritical and unevenly applied. how can authoritarian governments have their official accounts out there tweeting things to the world when they don't allow their own populations to have twitter or see an unfettered internet? >> dana: or promoting the destruction of israel. >> but donald trump who was the
6:47 am
president of the united states of america, whether you love or hate him, that is what happened in 2016. to ban him for any number of sins, fine, but then the other world leaders who ban their own populations from looking at the internet, they are allowed to spread actual propaganda and anti-semitic and communist propaganda? that rubs a lot of people the wrong way and elon seems to have a more enlightened view of this saying it doesn't make sense. >> dana: there are principles you should live by and he would live by them. >> bill: put the ministry of foreign affairs from russia. they are spewing propaganda every day during this war. musk said he should acquire in 2 to 3 months. by the end of the summer. he owns it. but he was bemoaning the fact that trump is now on truth social and was suggesting that we lost a huge part of our audience because of the decisions that were made before him. >> he is not wrong about that.
6:48 am
however, my question is this. trump has said publicly he is not going to come back to twitter. he has truth now. that's his baby, that's his realm. if you want trump tweets go to truth social. does he have the discipline to stay off of twitter? can he resist the siren song of those millions of followers and -- >> dana: and driving the media crazy. >> and driving people to truth social via twitter. like an i'm back slam dunk tweets. he could direct people to his own and i would be surprised if he sticks by the plan of no more twitter to me. i think he likes it and it benefits him in a number of ways. >> bill: that would be one heck of an nft and watch the tail
6:49 am
number on musk's jet. when he lands at mar-a-lago. >> bill: there is new outrage on the nationwide shortage of baby formula. biden administration accused of not taking the issue seriously as it should. we'll check in on that. how the white house is defending the protests at the homes of supreme court justices and trying to turn the tables on republicans in the process. >> it is an open effort to intimidate supreme court justices. it is illegal, improper and should be condemned and it will lead to bad places. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime.
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6:54 am
>> bill: time to say goodbye to the ipod after morneau 20 years apple says it will discontinue production of the last and only model it sells. currently ipod touch available while supplies last. pick a color, dana. that device helped transform how we listen to music.
6:55 am
>> dana: i had a hot pink one. >> bill: still have it? >> dana: probably somewhere in that drawer. very annoying drawer. >> bill: everyone has that drawer. i have my original ipod. it is awesome. >> dana: i didn't get one until after i left the white house. all i did was listen to talk radio and news and everyone had to give me ideas. i had to get cool. exactly right. there is also this. new jersey supreme court has granted parole to the man convicted in the brutal murder of a institute trooper five decades ago. he had previously been denied parole eight times. the governor and state officials are slamming the decision. we're live in the new york newsroom with the details. >> a lot of people are upset about this including new jersey governor phil murphy said he is deeply disappointed. democratic governor saying anyone who takes the life of an officer should remain behind
6:56 am
bars. this man was sentenced to life in prison serving nearly 50 years behind bars after police say he shot and killed a new jersey state trooper in the 1970s. now the new jersey supreme court ruling that the man born will be released from prison. the court overturning the previous ruling finding that the probation board never had proof that he would commit another crime if he was released. the new jersey state troopers fraternal association says it takes away justice for the fallen trooper and his family. >> bill: gut wrenching is not even a strong enough term for what the court has delivered today. to the forester family, to the new jersey state police family, and law enforcement across our nation. every man and woman that puts a uniform on has been disrespected by this decision. >> it started here on the new jersey turnpike back in may of 1973. these are pictures from the
6:57 am
scene that day. investigators say he and two members of the black liberation army were stopped by police and there was a shoot-out. 31-year-old new jersey state trooper forester was shot and killed today. the young husband and father lost his life while trying to protect the community. black liberation army leader fired the first gunshot at police that day. she was convicted of murder and escaped from prison and hiding in cuba and the first woman to ever be on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list, still on the run decades later. the man's attorney says he is expected to be released in the next week and plans to live with his daughter in brooklyn. >> dana: development in that story. thank you so much. now a fox news alert. inflation barreling ahead soreing 8.3% from a year ago and remaining near a 40-year high. president biden saying his policies aren't to blame. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana
6:58 am
perino. >> bill: i'm still here. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> dana: not allowed to leave. >> bill: harry truman said the buck stops here. president biden pointing the finger elsewhere at republicans, covid, putin, supply chain, all this as americans struggle with record high prices at the gas pump and the skyrocketing costs for everyday good. larry kudlow last hour weighing in on that. >> buckle your seat belts. this is a problem. the problem is not going away. you know, you get higher base from last year. the comparisons are a little tougher but you are still running over 8% overall. >> dana: mark short is standing by with more on the growing backlash against the administration. lucas tomlinson is live at the white house this morning. good morning. >> dana, inflation may have eased a bit but close to a four decade high. when president biden took office inflation hovered around 1.5%. today it's 8.3%.
6:59 am
>> president biden: challenges have been further hampered by the onset of delta and omicron viruses and have all seen and felt it. this year we have a second cause, a second cause. mr. putin's war in ukraine. >> i think our policies help, not hurt. >> today another record high for the price of gasoline. $4.40. the price of gas up nearly 50% from a year ago. even bigger spike with diesel fuel now $5.55. truckers rely on that to ship goods across the country. the high costs of fuel is one reason the prices have soared. the price of diesel up nearly 78% from a year ago. record setting inflation outpacing wages meaning americans -- rick scott slammed the president saying the white house policies from green energy to the 1.9 trillion in quote covid relief is what many
7:00 am
have led to the skyrocketing inflation and price increases. president biden slamming an economic rick scott earlier and the florida senator responded. >> there is nothing that the president said is in there. i said let's get people back to work so he has skin in the game. he was supposed to give his ideas on inflation yesterday. sit everybody else's fault but his. >> president biden will fly to chicago and drive an hour south to illinois to visit a local family farm to discuss the high price of goods. dana. >> dana: farmers are taking it on the chin as well. thank you so much, lucas. >> bill: want to bring in mark short former chief of staff to vice president mike pence. welcome back to our broadcast today. i want to show you a couple of things here. call for two. this is the biden approval on inflation. 67% disapprove. that's a tough number to overcome. here is the back and forth a little bit about whether inflation is transitory or not.
7:01 am
watch. >> i don't think we're about to lose control of inflation. we've had several months of high inflation that most economists, including me, believe will be transitory. see another year in which 12-month inflation numbers remain very uncomfortably high. the potential for continued volatility. >> you said the inflation outlook remains uncertain. what does that mean? >> bill: who knows what? >> dana: no comment. mark, what do you make of all that? >> well, dana, i think clearly the administration is looking to shift blame because they have such little to trumpet as far as what they've accomplished. a disastrous energy poll syracuse inflation at 40-year high and you saw the president's polling numbers begin to decline precipitously
7:02 am
with the surrender and withdrawal in afghanistan. now you are faced with a situation that was once considered transitory and an acknowledgement it's here to stay. their policies are doing nothing to alleviate the problem, dana. even the current bill to support more aid to ukraine, the biden administration is trying to put more covid funding in. if you keep spending the way they've been spending with over 6 trillion in spending overall in covid relief you'll keep driving inflation. their energy policy, you all remember a month ago when they said we'll do a million barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserve and stop gas price increases? as you said we're at an all-time high. totally cosmetic. their policies are continuing to stop domestic production. frankly, guys, we're really lucky it is not worse. the lockdowns in china have capped what could be much higher energy prices. when the lockdowns stop this summer you could see these energy prices go significantly higher than they already are.
7:03 am
>> dana: let me ask you about this. biden yesterday has this new phrase that i can't stand, okay. he says it a lot. take a listen to him here about what he thinks about the republican's agenda. >> president biden: i want us to be crystal clear about the problem. there are two leading causes of inflation we're seeing today. the first cause of inflation is a once in a century pandemic. not only did it shut down our global economy, it threw the supplies chains and demand completely out of whack. this year we have a second cause, a second cause. mr. putin's war in ukraine. >> dana: that's what he said initially and then this is what he pivoted the try to blame republicans and their ultra-maga agenda. >> the ultra-maga agenda. their plan is to raise taxes on 75 million american families.
7:04 am
the maga republicans are wanting you to be frustrated by the pace of progress that you'll hand power to them so they can enact their extreme agenda. >> dana: the delivery itself doesn't feel like there is a lot of passion behind it, right? passive. does this idea of the blaming republicans and trying to basically label them as ultra-maga, will it work as all or is it grasping at straws? >> i think you're right. it doesn't seem genuine when they are trying to say it. they know that they're the ones that have created this problem and try to deflect as much as they can and they try to point out rick scott's tax increases, keep in mind it was the biden administration last year that was proposing record $2 trillion in tax increases in the build back better plan. who actually is the one trying to drive for tax increases? it was the democrats. there wasn't one republican in the house or senate that voted for those tax increases.
7:05 am
an effort to deflect here and again the deflection is because americans are unhappy about inflation and some of the polling we've seen from our anti-tax coalition, 90% of americans are somewhat or very concerned about inflation. so they know that problem is not going to leave between now and november. the gas prices we just discussed will not alleviate. people are upset what they're seeing on the world stage and lack of leadership from this administration. at this point all they have to do is try to shift blame elsewhere. >> bill: mark, thank you and we'll see if the strategy works. he has largely not blamed republicans to this point in his presidency. the last two weeks something changed. thank you, marc, for coming on today. marc short. you have michael goodwin. >> dana: he said biden isn't fooling anyone. inflation is his thought and no solution to fix it. went on to say biden's dire economic predicament says why
7:06 am
dems will attach to the roe v. wade matter. they're trying to gin up the anger machine. i felt like when he was doing the speech yesterday, the president doing the speech. delivery is really important. he is an understated kind of guy unless he gets angry with whispering. yesterday speech felt very wrote. i don't think he believes it himself. >> bill: an election in six months. things are changing in the political framing of the white house's position. >> dana: on that front there is a brand-new poll out, a tight three-way race in the pennsylvania race with dr. oz, barnette and mccormick. they're neck-and-neck and it's super close with less than a week before voters head to the poll 1 in 5 voters remains undecided. bryan llenas joins us live. i imagine the candidates are scrambling to get the undecided.
7:07 am
>> there is a new leader in the pennsylvania gop senate primary, dr. oz is now up ahead with 22% of republican primary voter support followed by businessman david mccormick with 20% and political commentator kathy barnette at 19%. they're all within the 3% margin of error. the surge of support enjoyed by dr. oz and by barnette particularly her. she is up a whopping 10% compared to her support in march. dr. oz is up 7 percentage points compared to march and mccormick is down 4%. 18% of that number is significantly less than it was two months ago when 31% of voters were undecided. barn net's surprising surge comes at a time when half of gop primary voters say they've never heard of her or don't have an opinion of her. >> my opponents have spent well
7:08 am
over $60 million in the first four months of this year on this race. i spent less than $2 million over the course of 12 months. this huge surge in support is truly believe as much a story about the people of pennsylvania as it is about me. >> something that has seemed to help barnette is her link to state senator doug, the frontrunner to win the republican nomination for governor and have endorsed one another. the poll finds 62% of voters say the most important factor for voters far and away is picking a candidate who can win in november. president trump's impact on this race is interesting. i know we've touched on it and there will be more coming up on the show. >> dana: i want to ask you about this. there is a lot of money being spent. kathy barnette said less than $2 million. a wide gap between what she has spent and the two frontrunners. >> a massive gap. part will go back to the trump
7:09 am
situation. i think his endorsements on this is going to have a big effect. we'll see. i think the fact that 47% of the voters have never heard of her can play well or play not once they get to know her. i think this is really going to be a close race and we'll see. >> dana: close there in pennsylvania. thanks for following it. we appreciate you. >> bill: things changed dramatically in the ohio and pa. west virginia last night alex mooney won his primary race against david mckinley. two republicans face off for the same house seat due to redistricting. mooney was endorsed by former president trump. mckinley had the backing of the state's governor jim justice and senator joe manchin. here is mooney after his win earlier today. >> i hope this race, my race shows that republicans want republicans to control the spending. the out of control spending is causing this inflation and supply chain issues, lack of drilling in new lands.
7:10 am
>> bill: west virginia lost a congressional seat. down to two. mooney ran away with the race in west virginia. nebraska meanwhile the trump endorsed candidate lost. he is out of that competition. >> dana: i wonder if there is a thing about congressional candidates supported by trump winning their primaries but in the states the governor races maybe not so much. you look at georgia with the president's candidate way behind. and in nebraska. it is a theory i've been coming up with as i've been sitting here. check this out, too. >> under normal circumstances, you would see a decrease in crime in this city. but the same criminals are continuing to come out in our streets. committing violence over and over again. >> dana: new york city mayor adams sounding the alarm on rising crime after an nypd
7:11 am
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>> dana: taliban reimposing harsh rules on afghan women forcing them to be covered from head-to-toe and accompanied by a male chaperone when out in public. afghanistan keeps getting worse under the taliban. let's bring in michael waltz, former green beret commander as well. "wall street journal" went on to say after its disgraceful withdrawal the biden administration has a duty to help americans and allies left behind keeping the world's attention on taliban abuses is an essential part of that duty. they have a lot on their plate, i understand that. they don't talk about this at all. congressman. >> no, it is shameful. we remember the promises of taliban 2.0, the more moderate taliban, the good terrorists that will help us against the bad terrorists. if you just look at the plight of women they can no longer even show their face, they can no longer leave their home. they can no longer get a job. the taliban have replaced the ministry of women focused on
7:18 am
taking care of women's issues there with the ministry of virtue and vice. even if you -- a poor woman levels a sexual assault allegation or rape allegation, they have to bring a witness in order to be able to level the charge and we have heard crickets, zero, nothing from this administration. it is shameful. it is despicable and i will hold joe biden and the people around him accountable. on behalf of those women but also on future american soldiers that will have to go back to deal with this terrorism problem. >> dana: the girls are also not able to go to school. that was a promise that the taliban broke as well? >> oh, they promised the world, right? and the biden administration swallowed it hook, line and sinker. we're seeing their true colors and listen, where women thrive in societies around the world in civil society politics,
7:19 am
business, terrorism doesn't. and where they are oppressed you have a massive terrorism problem. we just heard yesterday from the intelligence community to the senate that we are on a ticking time bomb in terms of isis developing the capability to be able to attack us again, as by the way they commit these atrocities against women. >> dana: nine months since the disgraceful withdrawal. we'll continue to be on top of it and follow that. also congress is expected to try to pass some ukraine aid. here is jim jordan from ohio on that yesterday. >> understand how bad the situation is for the ukrainian people what they are going through. i also understand what's happening in this country with record levels of crime, border that's wide open. >> dana: the debate as you see it as the aid was requested by president biden. it looks like even nancy pelosi wants more than the president asked for. >> look, i understand representative jordan's concerns. i have the same concern.
7:20 am
we have to be able to do both. this administration can secure our border, can make america energy independent again and also can support the fight for freedom in europe and we can't go down the slippery slope of allowing putin to take ukraine, the baltics and so on and so forth. look, at the end of the day, dana, we're debating right now $800 billion defense budget. i think $40 billion for ukraine is a good investment. at the end of the day our number two adversary is being stymied and bled militarily. for those of us, me included, that want to focus on china, the ukrainians are taking care of the russian military for us. and we ought to support them. >> dana: do you think now the ukrainians are getting the weapons they need to actually be successful? if their goal is to push the russians out completely, do
7:21 am
they have what they need to do that? >> they are getting what they need to fight russia to a stalemate. they'll need more sophisticated weapons to go on the offensive. the biggest thing they need that they aren't getting is a consistent in ukraine training program like we had before the invasion. they need that and we need to go back to that as our embassy goes in, we need to send small amounts of advisors in to help them with logistics and training. the other thing, dana, i would call for a humanitarian corridor into odessa. i don't think we appreciate the food crisis with half of the food that goes into africa and the middle east coming from ukraine that we're about to face worldwide, we have to ghetto december yeah open and get that wheat, barley and other food out. >> dana: hunger leads to uprising and can lead to other
7:22 am
things when hunger takes old. thank you, representative waltz. >> daughter who is a sophomore lost out on opportunities which now i'm learning could affect merit scholarships for her. >> i won't sit through a school district not to give my son a chance to fulfill his dream. >> bill: parents saying a school board's obsession with equity is hurting their kids' future. what the board is doing and how families are fighting back coming up. parents growing increasingly desperate over a shortage of baby formula. we will hear from someone who says it could fuel an unprecedented political firestorm.
7:23 am
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom ♪ ♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ a rich life is about more than just money. that's why at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner so you can build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. >> dana: nypd cop shot in the arm in a shoot-out. we're learning the suspect was awaiting a sentencing date for a previous gun bust. new york city mayor eric adams blasting bail reform after the
7:28 am
incident. >> you ask yourself he pled guilty in december 2021. why wasn't he in jail? people want to ask why are we pushing for reform? that's why. >> dana: david lee miller has the latest on the big apple's crime crisis. hi, david. >> hi. mayor adams sounding like many new yorkers demanding to know why a convicted felon was out on the streets until last night's shooting with cops. shortly before 11:00 p.m. in the bronx police say two officers tried to stop 25-year-old smith. his photo was obtained by the "new york post." a brief chase ensued. smith was fatally struck in the head. the officer was hit in the arm. treatened and released. there was a stolen 9 millimeter handgun. none of it would have happened if smith was behind bars for an earlier conviction. the mayor described in detail
7:29 am
some of smith east criminal history. in march of 2020 he said smith out on probation for another crime was arrested after jumping a turnstile and cops found he was illegally carrying another gun. 20 months smith remained out on the streets. then in december of last year he pled guilty. again he remained free awaiting sentencing that was twice postponed. he was due back in court for that sentencing next month. mayor adams is demanding an end to new york's revolving door of justice. >> who the hell will protect the innocent new yorkers in this city? that's the question we have to ask ourselves. it is time for us to stop spending our energy protecting people who are committing crimes and violence. >> the mayor commended the officers involved in last night's shooting and calls on
7:30 am
new yorkers to support the police. he defended what some critics have considered to be his overly aggressive tactics trying to reduce crime. in the words of the mayor, our city deserves better. dana. >> dana: david lee miller, thank you. >> i'm not going to sit through a school district that won't give my son a chance to fulfill his dream. >> like to understand why english honor classes are being eliminated. is english less important than math and science? >> it takes leadership to admit you messed up. give it a try. >> the school board meetings are interesting. families pushing back against a rhode island school board for getting rid of honors classes. bill jacobson lives in rhode island. you had some students in this school district. a lot of people of rhode island live in the community and pay higher taxes to get access to these schools. what's the objective of the school board do you think, here?
7:31 am
>> it's really quite astounding. i have living here for almost 30 years. my three children went through the barrington school system. my website is based here and never seen anything like this. they are trying to eliminate the distinctions that students have where certain students can excel academically and achieve high honors and doing away with that. they've done away with it in social studies. trying to do away with it in english and what everybody fears is they'll do away with it in math and science. we know it has been under study. that's really concerning people. this is a very high-achieving in terms of academics. our math team has won 23 out of the 25 state championships and nobody wants to see this happen. it is uniting the community across party lines against it. >> bill: interesting. can you win i guess would be my question. can you get them to reverse course? and where did this word
7:32 am
deleveling come from? >> well, i think it is something that can be won but it is being won on the ground by the parents who have kids in the school system right now. what's remarkable is that it is across party lines. over 500 parents signed an open letter protesting this and stating we are democrats, republicans, and independents. independents are half of the voters in the town. so it can be won. now the parents have awakened to this woke agenda and deleveling is just code word for it's often called equity, it is called other things but it is trying to prevent anyone from excelling because it might make others who don't excel academically feel bad. we know that's not true. it has always been a source of pride in this town that our math team does so well. our students do so well. a student doing well in a subject doesn't take away from another student. but it is this ideology of diversity equity and inclusion and this is the equity portion
7:33 am
of it which means everybody has to be equal. but parents don't want that. what they want is equal opportunity for their children but allow the gifted children to excel. so it is really infuriated the community. >> bill: one statement. the woman's name is katie novak the consultant on the deleveling issue. too many individuals in schools support oppressive and ableist structures where access to advanced course work is a privilege that students have to earn. how novel. this is not possible when we continue to track students in different levels based on antiquated models of school success. two things. a privilege that students have to learn. i really thought that was what it was all about growing up. and then this idea about antiquated models of school success. they are saying that your system is out of date and more. >> well that's the sort of
7:34 am
nonsense that they hired a consultant. only a consultant getting paid a lot of money would say that. they are trying to fix something that wasn't broken. parents say we were doing well. over 10,000 school districts in the country were ranked up until 2 or 3 years ago 189th. astounding. it was working in barrington. now we have slipped into the 300s and heading down. we were heading up and now we're heading down. there was nothing that needed fixing. there are these theories based on equity and everybody having to be equal, no one being allowed to excel and knowing made to feel bad if they don't excel. we're guinea pigs and people don't want that in the community and they're rising up against it. >> bill: we'll see if you can win in the end. thank you for explaining your case and we'll see how it goes. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> i have a serious situation
7:35 am
here. my pilot -- i don't know how to fly an airplane. >> what is your position? >> i have no idea. >> dana: an incredible story, a pilot suffers a medical emergency forcing the passenger with no flying experience to land the plane on his own. how this turned out and brand-new fox polls on the pennsylvania republican senate primary race. martha maccallum breaks it all down next. i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in years. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. (laughs) flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk."
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"experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. >> bill: stunning video out of north carolina on the outer banks. a house collapsing into the atlantic. offshore storms waves up to 15 feet high and that's what happened. beach front home falls in the ocean. a second house collapses. officials warn more homes may be at risk. continued storm advisories and a lot of beach erosion in the outer banks that extend far into the atlantic. >> dana: a passenger with no flying experience landing a small plane in florida after an emergency with the pilot. jonathon seary has the story.
7:41 am
>> imagine you are a passenger on board a single engine plane. you and the pilot on board. the pilot becomes unconscious and you have to figure out how to operate these controls. well, that's exactly what happened to a passenger on board a cessna 208 caravan flying the bahamas to florida over the atlantic and made this distress call. >> i have a serious situation here. my pilot has gone incoherent. no idea how to fly the airplane. >> what is your position? >> i have no idea. i see the coast of florida in front of me and i have no idea. >> bill: controllers on the ground instructed the passenger who had no prior flying experience to take the yolk or the plane's control wheel, keep the wave level and follow the coastline until they were able to locate the plane. then robert morgan, controller with experience as a flight instructor, gave the passenger step-by-step instructions over
7:42 am
the radio. morgan tells wpbf tv i knew i had to keep him calm. point him to the runway and reduce the power to descend to land. >> really, this was nothing short of a miracle. i've been a flight instructor since 1988, i believe it is. teaching someone how to land an airplane is by far the most difficult thing involved with flight training. >> wpbf reports once the plane was safely on the ground the passenger and controller gave each other a big hug of relief. the unconscious pilot was taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown at this time. dana. >> dana: an incredible story. so glad it turned out well. thank you. sometimes those stories there is not always a happy ending. that was good to hear. you imagine yourself in that situation. you want to live so you want to try to figure it out. >> bill: quick learner. 18 before the hour.
7:43 am
let's reflect on last night now and try to figure out, dana, where are we going, america? pennsylvania is anyone's game. new fox poll shows three candidates neck-and-neck. margin of error is in play for next week's senate primary. martha maccallum, anchor of "the story" 3:00 p.m. eastern time with us now. on the screen, oz, mccormick, barnette neck-and-neck. jump ball? >> this is interesting, right? and why we play the game. 18% still undecided. this race -- i also think what you see in a race like this is people start to get interested toward the end. they start to pay attention. they start to learn more about the candidates. you see this thing tighten up as it is now and then i think the undecided is a group who is probably engaged and still watching this whole thing and trying to figure out where it will go. it is very interesting to see the trump factor, right? what we're watching through
7:44 am
every one of these races whether it's nebraska, ohio, west virginia or one other we can't think of right now. >> bill: nebraska, west virginia, ohio. >> dana: texas. indiana. >> but in each case we're seeing a variety of different outcomes for the trump-backed candidate which tells me that, you know, people take a variety of factors into all of this. in some cases they might look at a candidate and say this person is actually a little more trump values than the person that he is backing. >> dana: we saw that in our poll, the fox news poll that just came out last night. trump's endorsement makes you more supportive or less supportive of oz. 37% more supportive. no effect was 37%. this one, what matters most to you when you choose a candidate? can the person win in november 62%. is this person really from pennsylvania? interesting question you have
7:45 am
to ask, right, 35%. strong trump supporter 27%. i think it is a net plus. if you get the trump endorsement you have a seal of approval. possibly more money and turnout machine that can really help you. might not help everywhere but i think if you get that you look at vance in ohio it helped him. >> absolutely. generally we talk about the fact endorsements don't matter. the trump endorsement matters and we see it in all the numbers. it is the only human being people can say you can ask that question of. does the trump backing matter to you? we've seen that joe manchin didn't have much of an impact in west virginia with his candidate. as it has been with president trump all along, an unusual different situation when it comes to a trump endorsement and i think it matters. i think we'll see something interesting coming out of pennsylvania. we'll get a look at what potentially happens when two candidates are split and there
7:46 am
is the potential for one to come up the middle. basically oz and mccormick have been going after each other with the negative ads and perhaps that's turning off some people and then they are going, who else is out there? she is getting a look and some reporting that was her strategy along to hang back. she doesn't have the money or name recognition like oz certainly but i think this will be quite interesting. >> bill: who won the kentucky derby, rich strike, right? we mentioned five contests so far. one of the big keys is turnout. who is engaged? of the five contests so far, overall turnout is up 9% when compared to 2018. in 2018 it was a big turnout for democrats. democratic turnout is down 12%. republican turnout is up 24% in these five states. there is a fellow in texas with a name and tracks a lot of this
7:47 am
stuff is looking at the early voting in north carolina and apparently over an eight-day period since the roe v. wade leak came out he sees no change in democratic enthusiasm to try to vote in north carolina even after the leak from the u.s. supreme court. >> that factor of intensity is something that we all watch really closely to see who is engaged, who is fired up and who wants to come up to vote. it is in a mid-term election you'll get the other side who is most motivated and democrats not paying as much attention. we have so much focus on the abortion issue right now and rightfully so but what people care about it's pretty low on the list. number 11 i think it was in terms of people who ranked it first. >> dana: the senate -- chuck schumer senate majority leader will make all the senators vote on this and then you will have a political issue. >> one of the most important numbers on the second poll, 62%
7:48 am
who can win. i think that will be a big factor when you look at the race in pennsylvania as well. >> bill: 3:00 today. mike pence is on. what will you talk about? >> abortion, the election cycle and a little bit about ukraine which, you know, we are becoming more deeply entrenched in ukraine and i that i people are losing focus on it to some extent. we'll also talk to the former defense secretary about it. how deeply into this are we getting? $40 billion right in one fell swoop on top of $11 billion over the course of two months. the commitment of this country is enormous in this war. where is it all leading? we'll find out at 3:00. >> dana: we'll see you at 3:00. thank you for being here. having trouble finding baby formula? you aren't alone. parents across the country are outraged how hard it has come to feed their kids. the political fallout will be seismic. >> they looked for baby formula
7:49 am
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so tell us - what's your why? ♪♪ >> harris: new inflation numbers today. we're stuck above a record high and immediately you see food and gas get even more expensive. president biden not giving america a plan to fix it. instead he is hating on republicans. plus the white house and liberals actually calling for more protests outside the personal homes of conservative u.s. supreme court justices. and a new effort to protect free speech and crush the biden administration's disinformation board. senator john cornyn, tammy bruce, david asman. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you. here is twist of fate. a south carolina man accused of killing his girl friend died while he was trying to bury her. according to the edgefield
7:55 am
county sheriff's office he strangled the woman to death on saturday. while he was burying her body he suffered a fatal cardiac event. police initially arrived at the house when locals reported an unresponsive man laying in the yard while investigating they found the woman's body in a freshly dug hole. wow. >> dana: the baby formula shortage is hitting families across the u.s. our next guest wrote a scathing opinion piece saying it could create a firestorm unlike anything we've seen to date. if it doesn't our society is troubled beyond measure. let's bring in bethany mandel. this didn't just happen. you have been tracking it for several months. >> yeah. the abbott plant shut down in january and we've been having supply chain issues for months. senator jack reed, a democrat out of rhode island wrote an open letter to the fda and
7:56 am
biden administration a month ago saying what are you doing so this doesn't get to a critical point? here we are middle of may and we're at a critical point. >> bill: is that the plant in michigan, the abbott plant? what is it doing now? >> it is sitting there empty. it is claiming that everything is fine and they are ready to roll and they want to reopen operations. and they are waiting on the fda. that seems to be what's going on. >> dana: so if this were happening when i was at the white house i would have basically poured gasoline on my head and threatened to light a match if everybody didn't get on board. you have crises but problems come to you, you deal with them and why you have a cabinet. where is secretary and the fda commissioner and where is
7:57 am
kamala harris? she asked the question how dare thee with roe v. wade. how dare you not pay attention to the nation's mothers. you hear people say you should breast feed. why don't you just make your formula at home. that's not possible, bethany. >> no, it's not. i wish it were the case. i have a lot of experience doing this. it is not a faucet you can turn on and off when you are breast feeding. the make your own formula. it is pretty dangerous. the formulation is such that it has specific amounts of nutrients and minerals and vitamins. you can throw off the electrolights of babies and they can be hospitalized and hearing reports that's happening. people are trying to stretch formula cans with more water and they are disrupting the baby's electrolights. if you are trying to make it at home. the other danger is while you are keeping your baby alive,
7:58 am
you are creating deficiencies that are critical for brain development that they won't recognize until there is some damage done to their brain development and you will only realize that a couple months down the road. >> a very important point. you have allies, tom cotton is one. the shortage is a national crisis. he writes hitting poor moms and kids the hardest. fda needs to step up and be transparent and explain how to get production restarted and give parents a timeline. the biden administration needs to take it seriously. the piece you mentioned. you say political inaction should create a firestorm unlike anything we've seen to date. >> yeah. if you look at how angry parents were about school closures and we're seeing that reflected in the virginia governor's race and seeing it reflected in poll numbers around the country. if parents were mad about not sending their kids to school wait until you have parents running to six stores to coble together enough formula to make it through the next couple of
7:59 am
days. this is maddening and terrifying and it cuts to the core of a parents' fear like nothing else. and the biden administration's continual silence on this. silence from not just the biden administration but from most people in congress. this is not on the radar of anyone that could be helping the situation. and there is going to be a significant amount of anger from parents on that. >> bill: if it doesn't our society is troubled beyond measure. >> dana: another quick question. do you think america should be more willing to allow the importation of baby formula from other countries? >> so 46% of our baby formula is already coming from china. it is hard to say that we should import. there are a lot of really wonderful european formulas that i know people illegally import. they mail them here and it should be easier. the fda should make things easier and opening the abbott
8:00 am
plant and looking at other countries and ways to bring in formula. obviously domestically it's not cutting it right now. the chinese supply chain issue is such that we really cut off our supply. >> bill: you are a strong voice for the issue. >> dana: great mama, writer and talker. thank you. >> bill: we have to go. >> dana: we do. harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: he so desperately wants it to be someone else's fault. the inflation numbers out today have president biden trying to turn congressional republicans into the new villain. we've already seen him blame the pandemic and russian dictator putin for the nation's inflation crisis. biden cannot run from the facts, which point to his policies. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". the new inflation numbers from april show prices are up 8.3% from one


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