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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 10, 2022 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> next day's propane tanks on the subway system. next day, on the subway system, you can't do that. >> laura: okay, the woman was selling mangoes. how do you go from propane tanks to mangoes? that is it for us, green matters on the website. get it. >> carley: a fox news alert, the manhunt for escaped murder suspect in the alabama jail bar accused of sneaking him out comes to a shocking end of act. former corrections officer vicky white fatally shooting herself in the head after a high-speed chase. ends with the rest. who are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday, carley shimkus. >> todd: i am todd piro and the fugitives caught in indiana after an 11 day manhunt. casey white in custody right now will be sent back to alabama.
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>> there is a retribution process and obviously he is waving that to be done and we can get him back here in the next couple of days. and we've got to initiate that process to the governor's office and that can take several days to a week. >> todd: weeks away from standing trial for the 2015 stabbing death of connie ridgway. he could face the death penalty if convicted. the victim's son here to speak out on "fox & friends first." but first we go to jackie ibanez with all the details, jackie. >> good morning for a nationwide search for alabama corrections officer and escaped inmate ends in a car wreck in indiana. casey white who was slightly injured gave himself up. the place a vicky white shot herself in the head dying in a hospital a short time later. she helped the convict escaped after engaging in a romantic relationship with him for years.
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despite the circumstances, the committee will mourn her death. >> in spite of all she did and there is no excuse for what she did, in spite of that, she was family. and our employees will take it hard to. >> carley: u.s. marshals were tipped off by indiana car wash and recognize the fugitives on s survey video. >> the windows are down and the doors are unlocked. my first thought, it could be this guy from alabama. they leave together. >> casey white remains in custody in indiana after surrendering at the scene. the investigator say that escape could have been in the works for years. vicky white would often communicate with casey white, no relation, while he was in prison. a few months ago, he was sent to the jail. she over saw it and stand trial for 2015 murder. vicky white quickly sold her home for cash and announced her retirement to law enforcement after telling her colleagues she
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was taking casey white for a mental health evaluation. 6'9" man walked out of jail. white was already serving 75 year sentence for violent crime spree in 2015 that included the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend. multiple stolen cars and the execution of a pet dog. he also confessed to the 2015 stabbing death of 59-year-old connie ridgway. ridgway son, austin, will join third show a little bit later this morning, back to you guys, carley. >> carley: wild and tragic story, jackie, thank you. authorities say three american victims who died last week and a mysterious incident at a sandals resort in the bahamas. michael and robbie of tennessee were found dead at the resort on friday. the pair owned a travel business which specifically promoted sandals resorts. vincent was also found dead in a separate room. his wife was airlifted to a hospital on the island before
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being transferred back to miami. she is in stable condition there. we are still awaiting confirmation what caused the death this morning and we will be talking to two guests at the same resort right now on their honeymoon. >> todd: just a horrible situation. protesters outside of the home supreme court justice samuel alito overnight. >> carley: the latest demonstration after they pass a bill around-the-clock protection for justices family. joining us will live with the detail brooke singman. >> good morning, guys protest protesters making their way to samuel alito's home yesterday after staging demonstrations outside of the home. the chief justice john roberts and justice brett kavanaugh over the weekend. [chanting]
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because the senate taking action yesterday and proving a bill with personal security and other protection from the supreme court justice and their family. white house press secretary jen psaki singh yesterday the biden administration condemns violence from protesters but stop short of the justice private home stating she has not seen violence taking place. but there was violence sunday when pro-life organization was firebombed by pro-abortion activists. the madison police chief condemning that attack. listen. >> there is no place in madison for any type of hate speech from in a type of violence or in a property destruction. speak with the president of wisconsin family action saying those attackers picked the wrong group. >> their ultimate goal is to destroy us. they want us to go away. they want us to be cowed into
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top silence. i'm telling you they picked the wrong group if that's what they want. because this has made us stronger. this has made us bolder. we are not going to go away. we are not going to be quiet. we are speaking truth. we are helping people. >> guys back in d.c. the senate to vote on expansive abortion rights bill, which is expected to fall well short of the need of votes but senate majority leader chuck schumer says he wants every senator to go on record with their vote, carley, tied to. >> carley: brooke singman live for us, robert charles former chief secretary of state for georgia and former naval officer. great to see you. on the same day the senate passed a bill that would provide around-the-clock purity for the supreme court justices, house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement and said "we have heard extraordinary english and the communities. we have been moved by how so many have channeled their righteous anger into meaningful action." planning to march and mobilize
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to make their voices heard. thank you for your powerful commitment to caring on the fight for the right of all americans." is that the message that house speaker should be sending? >> so my view is an court of appeals for the night surfing come i think it is very irresponsible, carley. i will tell you right now, usc 15 oh seven, a law that says don't move to intimidate or otherwise placed in danger federal judges. i think the notion the white house and this speaker somehow is willing to fan anger is a bad choice. having said that my think your prior comment was actually an excellent one peer that is, sometimes when someone tries to intimidate you, they will move you away from a moral position that is legal based. people become stronger in that position. i think encouraging anger is a bad idea, and it is illegal to go after a justice or his family
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or her family at home here that is just an appropriate. >> todd: robert there are two elements of lawbreaking as i see it. when what you mentioned 1507 and like you said you cannot intimidate a justice of the supreme court. but also what happens to the leaker? there will be a debate as to whether or not a legal i am of the opinion it is. one comedian has a completely different take and laughs galore on nbc. watch. >> i would like to find out who the leaker is so i can make sweet love to that person because that person is a hero to me. okay? and if the leaker, a lot of people say it could be a conservative if the leaker is a republican. if i get pregnant during our lovemaking i will joyfully abort the fetus and let them know. [laughter] >> todd: robert moving past the depravity of everything she just said, does the left
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understand and appreciate the ramifications of what they would lead to if they got rid of law the way they want to? they sort of condone lawbreaking at every opportunity. in my opinion, robert, it will lead to the degradation of civil society. what do you think? >> i think you put your finger on something profound and true peer that is ultimately when you go to undermine the legitimacy of the supreme court. if you intend to disrupt that institution for your own purposes, as winston churchill said in effect, you are debating the alligator and hoping it would eat you last pair of the bottom line is you are undermining civil society in the same way. you are dead on, todd, absolutely right. >> carley: let's talk about ukraine and we don't use the term bipartisan but two big things happened yesterday. the first one president biden find this lease bill to make it easier to send weapons to ukraine. then congress is moving towards
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to pass a $40 billion ukrainian aid package. how much of a game changer are these two things for the war? >> yeah, so i mean in many ways i would say putin has crossed the 49 pc rubicon a irreversible decision peer of the stronger of the west's and the more unified the west is first of all the stronger ukraine becomes particularly talking artillery and defensive weapons that put them in a position of regaining lost ground. but the bigger thing is ultimately that the west has to hold together this kind of aggression is medieval. and i think it may or may not be a game changer but incremental increase. >> todd: finally, robert several books on u.s. navy leading program to provoke outrage last year were quietly removed from updated list released on friday. here's the list, of course, number one for antiracist, the
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new jim crow by michelle alexander and minorities in politics by jason pierson's in. why did the navy finally wake up to welcome, robert? >> well having been a naval intelligence officer for ten years, first of all most of the reading is recommended and should be recommended and has to do with war fighting and not navy leadership. you know, sexual identity and crt, but i think maybe they are coming around to the fact there is a wave in america today. that wave, you can see it in school boards and political activities. you can see it in polls, people are saving time out we would i'mdone with this. i want disney and others go back to reality. i want society that respects itself and respects its history. i think that is what navy is doing. you know what we put these books on prayer book reason but we will pull them off. >> carley: robert charles thank you for joining us this
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morning on a wide range of topics. listen to this republican senator demanding to know if the justice department official with links to hunter biden has recused himself from the ongoing tax fraud investigation against the president's son peer that official nicholas mcquade formally worked with hunter biden's attorney at a multinational law firm. senators ron johnson and chuck grassley writing "we specifically raise concerns mr. mcquade worked with hunter biden's criminal attorney until he was hired by the biden administration. this association with a conflict of interest, yet the department has failed to provide adequate responses." >> todd: joe biden is like misinformation's are a long history pushing long claims of the campaign to russian banks. 2016 nina jankowicz retweeted a statement from hillary clinton's campaign "this is serious, people." the claims at the center of
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special counsel john durham, michael sussman. the court is seeking emails between clinton's campaign, and other. in helping the campaign spread the data about drums link to a russian bank. the democrat party has gone way too far. >> is it not with amazement how far the democrat party. this is not your grandfather's democrat party anymore. so much for the marketplace of ideas. they have decided that they will determine what disinformation has but my point is this: we had a $32 million mower investigation to see of collusion between russia and trump. there was. if they can't admit that his disinformation, how can they possibly do the job of losing misinformation? that is not a job you can do. >> todd: orwellian and un-american and house judiciary
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has new disinformation so her to testify. >> carley: at the white house is working around the clock with baby formula shortage and storms across the country to ration formula they come by each day which is ensuing panic. >> i had an infant baby girl and she eats ten times a day. every grocery store around me, that shelves are completely empty. >> there is nothing more scary for a baby especially with special needs. there is no replacement bouncing from formula is really harmful for their gut health. >> carley: parts of the country are seeing out of stock rates as high as 50% with the national average sitting at 40%. >> todd: it is a real, real scary issue. in the meantime, west virginia redistricting two republican and comets against each other.
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david mckinley and alex will face all for a single seat in the house of representatives. the candidates received endorsements from democratic senator joe manchin. ashley moody by donald trump who won the state by 69%. president biden will unveil his plan to fight inflation later this morning but treasury secretary warren with volatility in the stock market because the sky high praise price. >> carley: rich edson live with more, rich, good morning. >> good morning carley and todd we haven't seen inflation is high in united states since rick springfield and blondie hit the top radio and joe biden his second term in the united states senate. now, president biden will unveil a plan later this morning to address rising costs. in march, the government said prices were 8.5% higher than a year ago. gas was up nearly 50%, use cards and trucks up 35%. airfare rose 23%, furniture and
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bedding 16% more expensive and grocery price is 10% higher. the president says he has a plan to address this. >> my top priority is biting inflation. and lowering prices for the things they need. we will keep working to fight inflation and lower cost to all american families and a lot of other things as well. >> republicans have blamed increased government spending. the administration has pointed to russia's invasion of ukraine with an impact on cost especially food and energy. the secretary janet yellen says "washington is unprovoked in ukraine and further economic uncertainty. the u.s. financial system has continued to function in an orderly manner although valuations of some assets remain high with compared to historical values." the federal reserve has steadily increased interest rates to curb the price increases. the stock market doesn't like that. major american indices were down yesterday.
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the dow jones lost 2%, s&p 500 fell about three and a quarter percent, the nasdaq fell 4%. we will have more on the white house plan next hour. todd and carley back to you. >> rich, call me about jessie's girl when you find out more about inflation. there it is. >> carley: thank you, rich come appreciate it. let's head on over to rhode island where students and their parents are absolutely furious the school board for getting rid of honors classes in the name of equity. >> i'm not going to sit through a school district that will not give my son a chance to fulfill his dream. >> i can understand why these english classes are being eliminated. is english less important than math and science? >> it takes real data shipped to admit you messed up. give it a try. >> carley: we will take him inside that fiery coming up. >> todd: that is part of the big show lined up for you.
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pennsylvania lawrence jones, you know what today is pure look at your calendars. don't go anywhere.
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>> todd: welcome back. fentanyl a leading cause of death in america and the crisis is hitting college campuses across the country. two ohio state university's recently died after overdosing on fake admiral laced with the internal peer a died of an overdose december 2021 and she joins me now. thank you so much for being here. our condolences to you and your entire family. what happened to your sister? >> thank you. she was out in breckenridge with a group of her friends appear they were all going to a concert together prior to the concert, they decided to do some drugs and on the sleep from that time until the next morning, we don't know exactly what happened. she went to bed seemingly fine, but she was found dead in her bed the next morning. it took about eight weeks for us to get the autopsy report and at
1:24 am
that time it did confirm that she had fentanyl in her system and they ruled her death and an overdose, fentanyl overdose. >> todd: just horrible. these numbers are frightening, fentanyl poisoning the leading cause of death 18-45. we have been focusing on covid and covid's number 4 for the age group that basically fentanyl is double, are white house khmer country khmer leaders truly appreciate the size and the scope of this epidemic? >> >> i don't think so, i don't think so. >> todd: i mean, if they did with think they would do something to drop those numbers and be vocal about it as they are about other things on that list. but the amount owed for internal needed to kill someone is so small. it is like a salt shaker and a few grains of salt but what do you want people to do to keep
1:25 am
themselves and most importantly their families safe? >> i think for anyone that does partake in drugs whether frequent drug user, first-time drug user, you have to assume what you have in your hands is lethal. and test your product and have nora kim available and call 911 the second something seems off. and for parents, i urge you to have a serious conversation about this, about what is going on. show them a grain of soul and let them know this could kill you. let them know that now all drugs are being laced with fentanyl. again it could be that one time use. the parents are sitting there thinking, "oh, my kids aren't doing drugs and i don't need to worry about this." i could tell you they could be peer pressure to try something that one time and that one something could be fentanyl here their life could end there. >> todd: you think what's
1:26 am
being passed around a party presumably teenagers, in all likelihood this stuff is not coming from the doctor's office. this is a legal stuff and be laced with something and if it is fentanyl, like you said it could be deadly like that. when you see what is going on the southern border with enough fentanyl pouring into literally killed the country many times over, what is your reaction in light of what happened to you and your sister? >> yeah, i mean, yeah, it is extremely infuriating. obviously, there needs to be stricter border control. i think this has been something going on for a long time now. and now, seeing all these innocent lives being taken way too soon. i mean, it is time something needs to be done, and it needs to be done quickly because i think, too, we have to remember we are in a mental health crisis. so combine fentanyl epidemic with mental health crisis, it is absolutely detrimental and
1:27 am
scary, very scary. >> todd: will set on all points, celine leaver, thank you for your time this morning and we apologize for your family's loss, thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you for your the opportunity, carley. >> carley: being accused of forcing for top nypd chiefs to take early retirement because they were white. the lawsuit claims bill de blasio push black candidates to replace them after retirement of cheese gomez in 2017. the suit obtained by the "new york daily news" the ex-mayor worried that gomez's departure would only exacerbate the demographic tensions. parents and rhode island accused the local school board of having an equity obsession to remove and honors classes. the public schools first implemented the leveling system of universal learning during the pandemic. few parents spoke up then because it was done for those
1:28 am
with learning disabilities but a recent board meeting, more than a dozen parents voice their outrage. >> my daughter who is a sophomore, who has lost out on opportunities, which now i'm learning could affect mayor scholarships for her which is a polling. >> i will not sit through a school district that will not give my son a chance to fulfill his dreams. >> carley: now another parent his daughter has flunked telling fox news digital "it took away in a kind of individuality or personalize education plan for kids." the school board did not respond to a request for comment. we are learning more about the americans mysteriously died while on vacation at the bahamas resort, but we still don't know what killed them. a couple on their honeymoon at the same resort right now will join us to talk about their experience and whether or not they are concerned for their own safety. >> todd: in here is what the community and one liberal city, more than 30 people using a life
1:29 am
rail as a homeless shelter. we will tell you where. the story with the video next.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert now, congress gearing up for a vote on $40 billion aid package to ukraine has a series of missile strikes pounded overnight. >> carley: matt finn and live lviv, matt. >> praised. >> president biden said they were a strong support nearly $40 billion ukrainian package and congress could pass it as soon as today. also president biden signed the new land lease program which allows the united states to quickly supply ukraine with weapons. here is president biden on that. >> i'm sending a bill to support ukraine and ukrainian people. the fight to defend their country and their democracy against putin and the war and it is brutal.
1:35 am
>> speaking of how brutal it is the southern port city of odesa in ukraine was hit with missiles monday night with three hypersonic missiles according to ukraine. a shopping mall and two hotels among the building flat and appeared those missile strikes were the same day putin gave a speech during a massive victory day parade in moscow once again calling ukrainian's and urging russians to remain loyal and fight for their motherland. but antiwar sentiment against russia is seeping through. in warsaw, protesters splattered russia's passenger to pull in what appeared to be red paint has the ambassador arrived at a cemetery to pay respects to red army soldiers who died in world war ii. and thousands of protesters arrested on victory day in russia yesterday and a pro-kremlin and the outlet revolted and briefly published a few dozen stories criticizing vladimir putin. and the acting u.s. ambassador
1:36 am
to ukraine has once again thought to our embassy in kyiv and we understand the embassy could fully reopen in a matter of weeks, back to you guys. >> carley: matt finn live for us, thank you. turning to this now, the americans found dead in a sandals resort and the bahamas last week. two were from tennessee and one from florida. the cause of their death is still unconfirmed. sydney rosenquist and chasen toth at that same resort. good morning to you both. what an absolute tragedy. sydney kuma what is it like at the sandals resort right now? >> right now, honestly, ever since we got here, we both feel like we weren't sure if it was because of the age of the people that we have seen here at the resort or just from, you know, what just occurred. but it seems to be very ghost
1:37 am
towny and pretty bad. i feel like what just happened happened there would be a lot more people here. >> carley: do you think people canceled reservations because this happened? that is understandable. >> yeah, either they were planning to come here and here that weekend or the following weekend and canceled after they got here and after the news broke out. they just didn't feel comfortable staying here anymore and canceled. >> carley: this is supposed to be the happiest time of your life and i'm sure it is, but are you afraid for your safety? >> you know, yeah, we are both afraid and we talked about the stuffing scary being here right now and it's a little uncomfortable for both of us because we just don't know yet. you know, i want to have this be the time of our life but it is kind of hard with the situation
1:38 am
going on. >> carley: chasen, why did you guys decide to stay at the resort? >> we love the water. we were looking at up and stuff. we were wanting to go for our honeymoon and go somewhere tropical. with clear, blue water so we picked here. >> carley: sidney, how is the hotel handling this? have they been updating guests what is going on into the investigation? >> no, actually. when we first landed, we were both in the dark about what was going on. we actually wouldn't have known about anything, especially because we don't watch the news that often. so, if it wasn't for his dad that text him a link to an article about these deaths that just occurred, nobody is talking about a year, sure. none of this is informing the guest prior to arrival what the situation is going on and what
1:39 am
just happened. everybody is kind of just hush-hush about it. >> carley: wow! >> and since we got here, it's been great with the service. but had we not known through other sources, then i don't think we still would have probably suspected anything or known what was going on. >> carley: sydney kuma do you think hotel should be more communicative about what happened? three americans tragically and mysteriously died. >> i do think they should be more transparent. if i would have found out even from other guests and i wasn't told by the staff or other personnel month i would be shocked and super concerned and i'm obviously concerned now but i think they need to be open and transparent about what happened because i don't think it is okay to, you know, -- i understand they are trying to keep everyone calm, you know.
1:40 am
>> carley: i hear what you were saying and chasen, investigators are trying to figure out what happened. they are thinking it could have been a toxin in the air conditioner that leaked into the villas that affected these people so severely. dr. janette nesheiwat a fox news medical contributor. here is what she had to say about what could have caused their death. listen to this. >> it is vague, nausea, vomiting or something the eight that the doctor thought it was a bug or food poisoning. but definitely something that needs to be investigated because this is such a tragedy. it sounds like this could have been prevented. >> carley: are people at the resort talking about this? are there any, is there any sort of theory, working theory that you are hearing on the ground ab about what could have happened? >> the guests are talking about it every now andhen, somebody
1:41 am
is talking about it i don't want to say exactly because we don't know yet but what we have heard the two couples didn't know each other supposedly and they were staying in the same villa and split right down the middle and so they shared the same ac unit. and so we speculated when we first got here that it was a drug overdose or something but other guest to hear what they had to say and found out most likely probably something to do with the ac, we thought about you know, if it was food, more people would have been sick. >> carley: that is a good point. the bottom line is we still really don't know. has this impacted your behavior in any way or are you changing anything because of this? >> we personally are not as far as what this trip, the itinerary
1:42 am
for each date. and i was super concerned the second night we were here, i almost went to the front office and asked if we could transfer to a different resort just because i know i was super anxious and scared. you know, i know the plans and at the same time, i was on the very, very cautious side. but as far as what we are eating and stuff, we are just kind of still going wherever we want to eat. and still what we had planned to do. >> carley: chasen, how is your family handling this? you are from arizona and i'm sure your parents want you back. >> they both want us back. they both called us, you know, given us their concerns and stuff with us being out here. you know, there's not too much
1:43 am
that we can do right now so we are trying to take it day by day. and just keep calm and letting them know how we are doing each and every day. >> carley: congratulations on your wedding. stay safe and get home safely. chasen and sydney rosenquist, thank you for joining us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> carley: todd come over to you. >> todd: travis scott performs in public for the first time since ten people killed at his world festival in november. fans were charged up to $50,000 to watch scott's 3:00 a.m. performance. scott performing at miami's exclusive 11 night club on the same weekend hosted a major f1 racing event. the wrapper facing several legal battles after the extra world festival where hundreds were injured following a crowd crash. shocking new video shows homeless people in seattle using public transportation as shelter. seattle public transit employee
1:44 am
taking this video showing thousands of homeless people sleeping on a train. the spokesman for seattle said the video "new information." the spokesman said they walk through each train car at the end of the date to ask rioters to exit. >> carley: it wasn't new information to me. not what you want to see. >> todd: unbelievable. you cannot walk down the street safely in chicago but lori lightfoot wants to make sure you can get an abortion. >> chicago an oasis in the midwest and we've got to be ready. >> todd: if you think that is shocking, wait until you hear what new york democrats want to do. >> carley: plus, pennsylvania kathy barnette with a personal connection to the roe v. wade debate and she has here to share that story next. ♪ ♪
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it's fast. like, ready-for- major-gig-speeds fast. like riding-a-cheetah fast. isn't that right, girl? whoa! it can connect hundreds of devices at once. [ in unison ] that's powerful. couldn't have said it better myself. and with three times the bandwidth, the gaming never has to end. slaying is our business. and business is good. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. >> carley: welcome back. listen to this. the democrats in new york want taxpayers to fund abortion for out-of-state women including illegal immigrants. state lawmakers, republican program will cost $50 million every year and the program would cover everything from medical cost and travel expenses to child care and lost wages due to
1:50 am
an abortion. and democrat chicago mayor lori lightfoot also following suit to make diversity a "island of reproductive freedom." fundamentally, it reaffirms chicago as a welcoming city and it doesn't discriminate, and a city that will stand with women. chicago will be an oasis in the midwest. we've got to be ready. >> carley: she is pledging to dedicate half a million dollars for expanded abortion access in the state and called on mayors across the country to follow suit. >> todd: oh, wow! kathy barnette opening up about her pro-life views revealing that she was a product of that her mother says abortion was never an option. >> because i realized just to my mother was something so horrible was visited upon her. my mother was raped.
1:51 am
>> i would never abort you. that was never a choice for me. >> todd: candidate kathy barnette joins me now. thank you so much for being here and so brave of you to tell this story. and this was the moment you decided to share with the world. >> i decided before i got into politics early 2019 if my story had the opportunity to save a life, why would i not share it? i'm so grateful that i have this platform. i'm grateful even more that our nation is at a point where we are having perhaps one of the most important conversations. and that is how we think about life, right? and especially the life of some of the most vulnerable and some of the most innocent people among us. no matter how you cut it, i am more than just a comp of sales.
1:52 am
clump of sales, and i am truly a human. then, we have a serious conversation. this is more of what a woman may be thinking at that moment. there is a life involved. >> todd: in the meantime, there is other news. one front runner in your state for pennsylvania seated democrat backed by bernie sanders, a socialist i should say and elizabeth warren. she could be the next day oc. let's up on the screen some of her biggest hits. her name is summer and she is openly endorsing the redistribution of wealth, abolishing prisons, medicare for all, back in the supreme court and the list goes on and on and on. with all of this rejecting joe biden's policies come november, is the far left socialist really what the folks in pennsylvania want right now? is this a trend we should be watching for throughout the nation? >> you know what i think these
1:53 am
people are oblivious. i don't think they were spending much time with the voters here. i have been from day one started off at 900 miles a week on the road off the commonwealth. we are traveling over 1500 miles every single week. spending a tremendous amount of time with the people in pennsylvania. what they are telling me and what i'm watching is people feel very unnerved about the direction our country has taken. most of us realize something fundamentally has gone wrong with their nation and governed right now. when i'm talking to people. it is one thing utopia but something different to be living it. and what democrats sold the american people and specifically in pennsylvania is people are beginning to reject it and beginning to recognize utopia is not what it's cracked up to be or what they were told it would be. people talking about gas.
1:54 am
now we are talking about baby formula. people have real issues. they want those things are dressed. >> todd: i couldn't agree more. inflation is going to be what drives the vote come november and the biden administration doesn't get it under control and the next couple of weeks if not months, the tsunami will be real. kathy barnette, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your story with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, todd. >> todd: caught in a lie patrice kohler's admits she is the group's $6 million mansion r unofficial business like hosting her son's birthday party and celebrating president biden's inauguration. >> carley: not good. we will ask tomi lahren what she thinks about that and it is election day in west virginia, lawrence jones having breakfast with friends. we will check in with him. do not go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: you heard that animation, you know what that means, it is primary day in west virginia. voters deciding between two republican recumbents for one house seat. it is on, carley shimkus. it's upon us. you are watching fox news alert. i'm todd piro. >> carley: incumbents will face off for the house of representatives. mckenley received endorsement from manchin and moody is endorsed by donald trump. polls open at 6:30. we'll be talking to lawrence jones live in west virginia this


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