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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  May 9, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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actually looked at it. physically in louisville and gave me a call and i said i think we're there. >> steve: you made history. absolutely. congratulations to both of you. eric and rick. you're kentucky derby winners. >> ainsley: fun to watch. >> brian: bring on the preakness. >> all right. >> brian: see you tomorrow. >> fire and vandalism an a browe life group's headquarters. police investigating that as targeted arson happened in the state of wisconsin on monday morning. hope you had a good weekend. a lot to get to. i'm bill hemmer. >> dagen: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." it was a soaker of a weekend in the northeast. a lot of other people had great weather. we'll get our week started on the right foot.
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the fire -- a chilling message sprayed on the side of the building. if abortions aren't safe, then you aren't, either. >> bill: churches brace for a threatened mother's day protest. pro-choice protestors gathered in cities nationwide and outside the homes of supreme court justices saturday night. >> dagen: in a statement yesterday a white house officials defended the fundamental right to protest but said the president condemns violence and vandalism after criticism like this from senator ted cruz. >> it was shameful the white house refused to condemn violent protestors threatening the families of the supreme court. it is disgraceful and joe biden used to be chairman of the judiciary committee. joe biden knows it is disgraceful and literally threatening the lives of these justices by the mob they are
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unleashing. >> mark thiessen. >> the white house doubled down on peaceful protests and warning protestors not to intimidate. things did get ugly over the weekend. take a look in madison, wisconsin, somebody threw a molotov cocktail causing damage to the house and tagged. the president of the group wrote on facebook apparently tolerance that the left demands is truly a one-way street. violence has become their answer to everything. now the white house on sunday reiterated that the president believes americans have a quote fundamental right to protest but protests must be peaceful and free of violence, vandalism or attempts to intimidate. all of which he condemns in any case and a white house official
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telling us just this morning that the president is strongly condemning this particular attack. while some other democrats are also now speaking out. >> no one should be threatening violence against a security justice and member of congress. i've had protests by my house in public service. any threats of violence are beyond the pale. >> protests happening outside the homes of justices and catholic churches have for the most part remained peaceful. more protests are expected later this week and mitch mcconnell is hinting that a push for a national abortion ban is quote possible if republicans win back the senate in november. the pressure continues to mount on democrats to do something in response. back in washington here a procedural vote to codify roe
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v. wade in the senate is expected to fail this week because democrats don't have the vote. >> let's bring in marc thiessen. nice to see you. take you back to friday. clarence thomas. >> happy birthday, dana. >> bill: enjoy it. clarence thomas was quoted saying we're becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes not living with the outcomes we don't like. we can't be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. the events from earlier this week are a symptom of that. we can't be an institution that can be bullied into giving you the outcomes you want. that is a bit repetitive there but you get the point. let's begin, marc. >> clarence thomas is right. you have chris murphy saying i've been protested in my home and other places. he is a politician, a united
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states senator and so he is supposed to be responsive to public pressure. supreme court justices are not and it's illegal to protest outside their house. it is illegal to protest near a building or residence occupied or used by a juror, judge, witness or court officer with the intent of influencing that judge, juror, witness or court officer in the discharge of his duties. the protests meant to intimidate them, what they are doing is tampering with a judge. you can't tamper with a witness or with a -- you know, a juror and you can't tamper with a supreme court justice. the biden administration, the justice department has a responsibility to tell the protestors to disburse or they will be arrested. they can't protest in front of the house. >> they said there is a fundamental right to protest. you bring up a good point there
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is a law against that and we are a nation of laws. the justice was talking about that. on to the politics of it. the congressional ballot has republicans way up. if you look at this here in april it was republicans, democrat split 45/44. now it is 49 for republican to 42 democrat. that's a significant difference. amy klobuchar thinks that this issue of the roe v. wade decision will be decisive in the elections. >> if we're not successful, then we go to the ballot box. we march straight to the ballot box and the women of this country and the men who stand with them will vote like they've never voted before. >> what is your assessment of that idea? >> the democrats keep saying the supreme court is on the ballot and it doesn't work out for them. a reason for that. which is first of all, for people for whom this is an important issue it energizes
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conservatives more than liberals. a 2019 maris poll that asked people who thought this was an important issue to their 60 to 40 thoit was important to their vote. there was a new cnn poll 32% of people excited about the election would be happy if it was overturned and 20% angry. that makes sense. one, conservatives care more about it than liberals do. and two, victory is energizing and defeat is dispiriting. if the court does overturn roe v. wade conservatives will have the wind behind their backs and go into the states and try to push more 15-week abortion bans like the one in mississippi and democrats and liberals pro-abortion will be on the defensive. it makes sense the conservatives will be more energized than the left.
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>> bill: jen psaki deflected but it will come up again at the white house this week and see how her successor answers that. what they did in new york later today they went to st. patrick's cathedral downtown and had a rally but a big turnout in foley square in downtown, manhattan, is fine. do it there but not the home of the supreme court justice. thank you for your time. to be continued. thank you. >> the state department is monitoring the investigation into the mysterious deaths of three americans at a sandals resort. we're tracking the story from miami. >> there are no signs of violence here, not even any blood on the scene. that's important to be reminded
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of. convulsions were apparent on some of the victims with first responders. early signs of this investigation are starting to look toward the direction of cause of death being either toxic or environmental. >> it all started day before yesterday where there were some signs of individuals presenting to the clinic with nausea, vomiting and symptoms. they were seen to and subsequently discharged themselves. subsequently the doctor found three individuals on one of the hotel properties here and pronounced dead at the site. >> you are familiar with sandals resorts, very popular. the commercials are on tv all the time billed as a luxury all inclusive resort in the most scenic caribbean locations.
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one person said maybe the air conditioning in the units could be to blame. one is a man from birmingham, alabama, his wife is the injured survivor. sandals resorts issued this statement. nothing is more important to our resort than the safety of our guests and we're actively working to support both the investigation as well as the guests' families in every way possible during this difficult time. the resort remains open and the royal bahamas police force is still investigating, as it has been from the beginning, reiterating no evidence of any foul play here. the state department also monitoring this situation and the mysterious unexplained deaths of three american tourists in the bahamas. >> lots a curiosity on this story. >> bill: meanwhile the manhunt continues for a fugitive
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convict and the woman who helped him escape. video showing her hours before they made a run for it. >> senate seat on the line in north carolina. one of the candidates will join us ahead of next tuesday's primary. >> bill: russia bombing a school inside ukraine. vladimir putin goes public yet again with claims of nazis in kyiv. >> very soon there will be two victory days in ukraine and someone won't have any. we won then, we will win now. riders! let your queries be known. uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool. -seriously? -denied.
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>> i think he is in a frame of
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mind in which he doesn't believe he can afford to lose. >> bill: william burns warning that vladimir putin may double down in the second phase of the war in ukraine. here he is in moscow after he said the invasion is necessary, timely, and the right solution. that is not all he said. matt finn joins us from lviv in western ukraine. hello, matt. >> we're here on the ground in ukraine. there has been a sense of dread for today, monday, may 9th. there is a victory parade in red square. there was fear he might do something before or on today's date. he did give highly anticipated speech today during the parade. he said that there was -- forgive me, there was familiar rhetoric about this war referring to ukrainians as
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nazis multiple times and claiming ukraine, nato and west were creating a threat on russian's border and that they had to invade ukraine because they were backed into a corner. >> we sawmill tear infrastructure being wrapped up and hundreds of military advisors working and modern weapons from nato. the danger was increasing every day. russia preventedly rebuffed the aggressor. >> the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine arrived to the u.s. embassy in the capital city of kyiv. the next step in resuming a full american presence in the ukraine capital after the first lady met with ukraine's first lady since not being seen in public since the invasion. dr. biden said she thought it was important to show the ukrainian people that this war
6:19 am
has to stop. there is no let-up in the violence in ukraine. they say russia bombed a school yesterday leaving at least 60 people feared dead. the school in a village in eastern ukraine was being used as a bomb shelter. in a separate attack ukraine says an 11 and 14-year-old boy were killed. notable during the speech vladimir putin did not declare war. there was speculation he might. he also did not call for any type of general mobilization. that is notable, bill. >> bill: a lot to go through. matt finn nice to see you. >> dana: let's bring in general jack keane former army chief of staff now chairman tt institute for the study of war and fox news strategic analyst. i've been dying to hear what you think. in the lead-up to this may 9 celebration, a national holiday. military parade, putin is there. a lot of anticipation of what he might say. he didn't really say much. what do you think of that? >> it's a surprisingly
6:20 am
temperate speech. happy birthday and the best to you. yeah, most of us thought that so much more would come of this speech than what did. i think the general, their number one military general and probably the best general in a generation that russia has produced. he visited last week and got down to the tactical level to give you a sense of where he was, and i think maybe for the first time putin got a firsthand honest reflection of what is really taking place. and the challenges that the russians have on the ground. but the speech is characterized by more what he didn't say than what he did. he didn't -- as the u.k. defense ministry thought he was going to declare war in russia and go to full mobilization. did not happen. also he didn't claim victories
6:21 am
over anything like mariupol or kirson or try to politicize them into being political republics and didn't talk about intensifying efforts inside ukraine nor he threaten the expansion to nato. he certainly used the ukrainian nazis backed by the u.s. and nato as the reason to go to war. the last thing was there was no veiled threat of the use of nuclear weapons. so yeah, i was surprised by the speech, to be frank about it. but i think he may be for the first time have his feet planted on the ground in terms of what the challenges are that they are truly facing. >> dana: super interesting analysis. president biden is irate that was the word used, at these leaks coming out about united
6:22 am
states intelligence helping the ukrainians to destroy russian ships and maybe other things as well. you were at the pentagon. a leak like that would certainly be upsetting to you as well. do you know anything more about how this happened? what a leak like this could possibly do to get us to direct confrontation with russia? >> it is an unfortunate leak by somebody in the pentagon. we've seen it far too often not just in this administration but certainly in the previous administration and it does damage. just as the leak we're dealing with with the supreme court. it damages the institution. in this case the leak damages our national security because the pentagon is not even admitted to any of that. it could be an exaggeration. the good thing is we're providing intelligence to ukrainians. that intelligence is having an impact. that's a good thing. the people who are involved in that process just keep their mouth shut about what that
6:23 am
truly is unless a defense official or president wants to release that information. the president has every right to be frustrated and irate about it. >> dana: do you expect anything more from putin today or do you think that will be it? that he will let that stand given so many people thought he would actually be more full in his comments or have we seen the end of it today on may 9th? >> i don't know. i suspect when he has the international media focusing on him and certainly the speech was for consumption by his domestic audience and particularly putting it under the umbrella of world war ii this conflict against nazis again as justification for it, i suspect that he was going to make a policy change he would have done it at that speech so it remains to be seen. >> dana: interesting. general jack keane thank you. day 75 of russia's war in
6:24 am
ukraine. >> bill: thank you, sir. we'll keep an eye on it. the fraud in covid relief was enormous is what our fox news investigation reveals. how about $1 billion in one program alone? plus parents struggling to deal with the nationwide shortage of baby formula. we'll talk to one mother. how does this happen? >> it has been a nightmare. every few days hunting for baby formula. every grocery store around me, the shelves are completely empty. thousands of veterans are turning their equity into an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 loan. it lets you borrow all of your home's value so you can get at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. rates are still near record lows, but are starting to climb. call newday right now.
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as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning through our grow up great initiative. and now, we're providing billions of dollars for affordable home lending programs... as part of 88 billion to support underserved communities... including loans for small businesses in low and moderate income areas. so everyone has a chance to move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. >> bill: 9:30 in new york. massive fraud in the paycheck protection program. federal investigators estimate $100 billion in covid financial relief wound up in the wrong hands. david spunt is on track for that at the department of justice. >> fraud is a concept dating back thousands of years.
6:30 am
when the pandemic hit the united states two years ago the fraudsters came out in droves and as of today, many of them are still on the run from authorities. the department of justice estimates that at least $100 billion in covid relief loan funding earmarked to help small business owners make payroll was stolen by fraudsters. >> i think people made a conscious decision we'll get the money out and if there is fraud we'll chase it later. not an acceptable model. >> fox news sat down with michael horowitz who is also the chair of the pandemic response accountability committee. >> one of the most basic forms of trying to stop this fraud and verify the identity of the person who is applying, what we found was that basic steps to determine identity weren't undertaken. second, the treasury department has a do not pay system. turned out 57,000 loans were
6:31 am
paid out in those first few weeks to individuals who are on the do not pay list. third, check against the deceased individual's list that the social security administration keeps. >> since ppp was ended, hundreds of arrests have been made by the f.b.i. >> you couldn't rule out we're at the $100 billion mark? >> i can't rule out the fraud could be in the tens of billions and some upwards of 100 billion dollars. but it is too early for me to tell you how high that number is going to go. >> two of the most brazen instances of fraud are out of los angeles. it was a family affair in one case. according to court documents rich & his wife adopted fake identities and security at least $18 million in ppp loans. they are alleged to have used their illegally obtained loans to purchase gold coins, luxury
6:32 am
watches and homes in the golden state before their arrest in october 2021. richard was sentenced to 17 years while his wife was sentenced to six years. both are awaiting extradition. according to official filings in another case, andrew pled guilty to securing 8 1/2 million through fraudulent claims and used the money to make risky stock market bets while gambling away hundreds of thousands more at casinos in las vegas. a hearing for his sentencing is scheduled in july. >> he selfishly took it literally out of the mouths of babes. >> nancy is the owner of a small business that helped feed infants with medical issues. she was denied ppp loans multiple times and ultimately had to downsize her vital business. >> they took it out of my patients' mouse, my pocket, my employees. that's not okay. >> it was a widespread problem
6:33 am
from the start of the program. >> the inspector general of the small business association raised early warnings about the hundreds of billions of dollars in covid relief loans the administration was tasked with disbursing. >> i don't believe that a proper control environment has to be sacrificed at the altar of speed. >> we believe transparency is the best disinfect ant. >> the department of justice has multiple probes underway bill and dana. the number of investigations is expected to grow. >> bill: david spunt, thank you, department of justice. >> dana: for more on this fox business correspondent is on set with us. people are frustrated with government anyway. maybe they will think there is a little fraud but $100 billion? that's the lot. >> i covered this from day one and i said it was bound to happen. even the legal stuff was
6:34 am
somewhat fraudulent. here is what i mean. when they prioritize loans, they pryor advertised it to financial and brokerage firms, law firms because they had better credit, they had less sort of -- they had less expenses and could pay back the loans easier. these were firms that were not shut down. brokers were making a ton of money during the pandemic. the fed was lowering interest rates to zero and a lot more. that meant less money to those restaurants and people that needed it, daycare person that you just interviewed. so this was fraudulent even in the legal stuff. plus they threw so much money at it at first. the whole notion is in defense of the government was let's get the money out there and worry about the fraud later because we locked down the economy. i think the biggest problem was they probably should have locked down the economy. second biggest thing they shouldn't have thrown mon at it. if you lock down the economy
6:35 am
you throw money at it and pay later and that's what's going on. >> bill: this is just the beginning is david's point. new york officials are accused of spending it oh critical race theory. and federal pandemic aid helped texas pay for its border crackdown. >> you can see the border crackdown as being more pertinent. >> dana: than critical race theory in schools. probably because the federal government wasn't doing their job. the president is going to try to talk about inflation tomorrow. scheduled a big speech. we don't know exactly what he will say. people are dealing with food increases across the board, meat, milk, poultry, all the things you buy every day are way up. gas prices again up to $4.30 a gallon. people are feeling it. >> avoidable scenario.
6:36 am
these guys literally threw gasoline on a smoldering fire. meaning these guys, biden threw massive spending when we didn't need it. the best stimulus package was coming out and the vaccines. the economy was getting better and just wanted to spend and spend. why? he wanted to be more transformational than obama. this has been out there and well-known. the other thing is the other cynical part with jerome powell kept lowering interest rates, printing money. because he wanted to be reappointed by biden. so when you put all that together that's literally taking a smoldering fire of inflation and throwing gasoline at it. now i will say there is a very narrow path to escape what will be likely an economic slowdown, maybe a recession. very narrow path. putin could turn around and say hey, i want out. oil prices could go down, you know, that net good for our economy and better for
6:37 am
inflation. china could somehow reopen fast and spur demand for our products but that's a double edged sword. if they come back immediately oil prices will go up. remember, the path out of a recession and markets coming down is extremely narrow. just be careful. >> bill: i always think especially for middle america, the weekend is when you see this. families that are together, they are moving around, they are on the road, and every time they are pulling into the gas pump it is another $110. >> we were in queens. my mother-in-law said can you imagine $6 a gallon for gasoline and we're like yeah. it is -- middle class and working class it is a killer and that's why the only solution to this -- i hate to say it like this but it's true -- chemotherapy. tough and grueling but the only way to get this out is through
6:38 am
pain. i hate to say it like that. we'll have to go through an economic slowdown, maybe a recession. if you think about it, inflation is in some ways worse than a recession. you are working really hard, wages aren't keeping up to price increases. then you stop buying and cause a recession. the longer it goes, the higher the inflation goes, so you almost have to kill it at its source soon. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: thank you. >> dana: people want to know. you give us straight talk and we appreciate it. thank you so much. stick around for this. >> dana: we saw one of the biggest upsits in kentucky derby history. rich striker won. he wasn't even in the derby until friday after another horse was scratched. the colt had just one previous win in his career. can you believe it? >> bill: no, i did not.
6:39 am
but if you loved horse racing, even if you don't, go back and watch the aerial shot from nbc where it starts at the top of the third turn and you will see that this horse found a way to find the opening time after time after time and i just hit the after burners, right? >> dana: pretty cool. >> bill: rich strike is rich. on to the preakness in two weeks. >> dana: do we have time for this one, guys? okay. here we go. this is sportscaster thinks he is talking to one guy but talking to a different guy. watch here. >> patrick, formula one television in england, yeah, i don't know if they can hear me up there. patrick, okay, it's not patrick and why he ignored me. what is your name, sir? >> harlow. >> i thought i was talking to somebody else. sorry about that. >> bill: how about that? >> dana: he thought it was patrick mahomes. that probably would have happened to me trying to cover
6:40 am
sports. >> bill: striking similarity, i would say in order to concede for the reporter. that was then and this was from earlier today. watch. >> this is about putting parents and americans and citizens back in charge. it is what we stand for and what america first is about. >> bill: north carolina republican part of a crowded field in north carolina for the senate seat. one opponent is former governor and he is coming up live. remember when nfts were the not new thing to buy? not so much today. cheryl casone on fox business to whatever happened to that idea? exploring the heart of historic europe with viking, you'll get closer to iconic landmarks, to local life
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fanduel and draftkings, w two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
6:45 am
>> i'm tremendously grateful to president trump for his endorsement. the opened the cleared the path for a lot of others to support me. double digit number of sheriffs. the lieutenant governor who is very popular in north carolina. the national border patrol council. senator ted cruz.
6:46 am
the list keeps going on. >> ted bun wants to win a big vote. pat mcrory is looking to win it. good morning to you. i know your opponent has the endorsement of donald trump. how much does it matter, do you believe, in north carolina? let's get you in there. >> time i.d. ted budd had done nothing in his congress. no record of accomplishment. the group is called the club for growth as j.d. vance said in ohio the club for chinese. they are spending millions against me on negative ads. i think it is backfiring. a pro-china group that is trying to further close manufacturing in north carolina by having great cooperation with china. so that same group is now
6:47 am
trying to buy the north carolina u.s. senate seat for ted budd. some people are tired of it. >> bill: here is the -- you've been big on the outside spending. ted budd $8 million. club mandel endorsed another candidate in ohio. what are the issues in north carolina? what we saw is ohio is republicans turning out to vote. whether it's enthusiasm, against the biden agenda or that race was getting a lot of national attention. >> inflation is the biggest issue in north carolina. last night i filled up my gas tank, went grocery shopping to buy my wife a nice filet for mother's day and the prices are overwhelming for the middle class and poor. biden's policies are bankrupting the middle class and starve the poor if this continues. turnout is very low because there hasn't been a lot of
6:48 am
national attention on the north carolina race. and -- we'll win this and we'll be like the kentucky derby and we have better odds than the winner of the kentucky. 37% of the voters in north carolina are independent and unaffiliated voters. i will get the majority of that independent vote and i think the conservative republican vote. they know my record of cutting taxes, improving efficiency, getting rid of corruption and leading the carolina comeback. i did just the opposite of joe biden. i actually decreased unemployment compensation to get people to get back to work in north carolina and it worked. right now joe biden and all of washington, d.c. keeps giving out this free money and that's causing tremendous labor issues in north carolina and inflation. i have a record of achievement. i don't need the endorsements. i'm running on my record of
6:49 am
conservative achievement and success. >> bill: did you want trump's endorsement? >> i did not go after any endorsements. i believe when you get endorsements you are beholding to them. i run on my record of conservative achievement and gives me independence in washington now in washington we need that more than ever. >> bill: we'll see what happens a week from tomorrow. 30% is what you need to get over the threshold to avoid a runoff. >> happy birthday to your co-host. >> bill: you bet. >> dana: thank you, sir. it seems like only yesterday nfls were all the rage. daily sales reportedly averaged 225,000 last september. this week it's less than 20,000. is the end already near for nfts? i doubt it. cheryl casone is here to tell
6:50 am
us. >> is the market collapsing? that question was posted by the "wall street journal" and a big topic of discussion last week. my colleague was there. from digital artwork to this tweet from jack dorsey, initial sales numbers were asounding for the digital creation sold with a certificate of ownership. the dorsey tweet went for 2.9 million. recently the owner tried to resell and didn't get a bid over $14,000. nft sales are down 92% from september of last year. so is the whole thing a bubble similar to the dot com crash in the late 90s? some bulls say no. >> nft market like traditional markets will undergo a correction period and then they will bounce back. as we start to see the industry start to mature and more users get educated and more organizations start to identify
6:51 am
how they can utilize them, to start to solve some of these problem sets that we see in traditional web 2 and 1 platforms. >> there is reason to be nervous. look at snoop dogg. a buyer bought one of his nfts for 32,000. trying to reset it for 25.5 million. the current bid is $210. >> bill: wow. >> that didn't work out so well. many major u.s. corporations dropped onto the nft band wagon. they've released their own nfts. they can afford to lose it. one of the reasons given for the fall in interest and prices of nfts, you talked about it with charlie, is inflation. that's up. as the fed fights inflation, which they do by raising interest rates, it makes any risky investment like tech companies or bitcoin or nft more risky. people are like let me back off.
6:52 am
>> bill: we have ntfs and we'll make millions. >> dana: they'll go in the crash. >> birthday girl. we should have made an nft of percy. >> dana: i think johnny did. >> bill: the headquarters of the wisconsin pro-life group set on fire over the weekend. what the white house is saying this morning about that. a baby formula shortage is getting worse. we'll talk to a mother trying to feed her own kid coming up. ♪♪♪ ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. the groom's parents? they just found out they can redeem rewards for a second honeymoon. romance is in the air. like these two. he's realizing he's in love. and that his dating app just went up. must be fate. and phil. he forgot a gift,
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6:58 am
this. there was a recall first, a plant got shut down. a lot of the formula companies say they're trying to speed up and doing 24/7 manufacturing but you still are having a hard time finding formula? >> i am. i have an 8-month-old a home and formula is her primary source of nutrition. she has two teeth and it's scary. i have had to go to multiple stores to find formula. amazon orders canceled. every time i have done instacart i hear formula is not available. we have been able to stay ahead of the game but stressful to not know if i'm able to feed my baby next week. >> dana: a friend said she doesn't know any mother not worried about this. i'm not a mom so i want to have you explain to people when a manufacturer of form what says it's okay to switch to another formula in the meantime, as a mom, what do you think of that?
6:59 am
>> i think that's hilarious. anyone who has ever fed their baby formula knows when you find a formula that works for your baby, that your baby is happy eating and can digest, you stick with it. you can't switch it on your baby. maybe some babies can but for the most part if you switch formulas it will upset your baby's digestive track and be up all night with an upset baby and your baby will be in pain and no parent wants that. we need the brands that we know our children can eat. >> dana: the states that have higher than 50% out of stock rate here. north dakota, south dakota, iowa, missouri, tennessee, texas. a lot of babies that need this formula. what is your bottom line hope how to get out of this situation? >> you know, i don't know. i would like someone to address this. we have had so many things have gone through. parents have been under so much stress the last 2 plus years
7:00 am
and now on top of everything else we're having to worry about feeding our baby and the administration, biden administration isn't talking about this at all. it would be nice if someone could say this is why it's happening and the steps we're taking to fix it and in the meantime here is how we'll make sure every mother in america can feed her children. >> dana: good luck on finding that formula to all the moms and dads out there. thank you so much, jenny. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: the nationwide manhunt for an escaped convict and former corrections officer suspected of helping him get away is in its 11th day. the two fugitives are armed and very dangerous. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> bill: almost like they had an inside job there. nice to see you today. something going on? >> dana: not really. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. hope you had a great weekend.
7:01 am
investigators releasing new surveillance video, here it is. former sheriff deputy vicky white before she helped the escape. the sheriff is urging vicky white to call 911. >> get out while you can. >> dana: we're live in alabama with more on the story. charles. >> good morning, bill and dana. i spoke to the sheriff here and he tells me today they are expecting to get back the escape vehicle allegedly used by vickie and casey white. once the vehicle is in their possession he says they will begin determining whether the vehicle actually had mechanical issues for was purposely abandoned. the ford suv in question was discovered last friday at a tow yard nearly a week after it was deserted at the side of a rural
7:02 am
road. it is possible the company improv iced from -- improvised from there. >> it was a week ago, over the week plenty of time to recover from that and settle back down. we are not sure. >> what is clear to law enforcement is the lieu owe had a jail house romance of sorts and a lot of planning went into the escape. vicky white was inside a hotel pacing and looking around hours before she walked casey white out of the county prison. the hotel is where she said the night before and near the location where she pre-positioned the getaway vehicle. the u.s. marshal service is asking the public to be vigilant released these photos
7:03 am
of vicky white and casey white, some of which the tattoos are affiliated with a white supremacy group and the $95,000 that vicky white got from the sale of her home that could be helpful. more so to law enforcement who tell me they are waiting for the duo to poke their heads out and begin spending the cash. >> dana: thank you so much. how far could they have gotten? is vicky white in danger? we'll have a lot more on this. we have nancy grace coming up. >> bill: first a pro-life group's headquarters in the state of wisconsin was the target of a firebombing this weekend. police are investigating the incident as arson. white house press secretary jen psaki tweeting this just last hour quoting now. president strongly believes in the constitutional right to protest but that should never include violence, threats or vandalism. judges perform an important function in our society and they must be able to do their jobs without concern for their personal safety.
7:04 am
mike tobin picks it up from chicago today. what happened? >> well, bill, deep blue madison, wisconsin, the headquarters for an anti-abortion group has been vandalized. evidence shows an attempt at a firebomb and threatening graffiti. the fire started just before 6:00 a.m. local time so no one was there and no one was injured. 6:00 a.m. sunday morning. a molotov cocktail was thrown through a window and failed to ignite and another fire started nearby. graffiti says if abortions aren't safe, you aren't either. the number 1312 that indicates where the letters acab fall on the alphabet meaning all cups are vulgar word goes there. the president of the wisconsin family action blames left wing politicians who tolerated violent protests and said for the left violence has become the answer for everything. >> i'm very sad for them that they are so angry and don't have more productive ways to spend their time and energy
7:05 am
rather than trying to harm us. >> republican wisconsin senator ron johnson said the attack the abhorrent and condemned by all. the white house also weighed in with a statement. president biden strongly condemns this attack and political violence of every stripe. the president made clear through his time in public life that americans have the fundamental right to express themselves under the constitution whatever their point of view but that expression must be peaceful and free of violence, vandalism or attempts to intimidate. universal condemnation for the vandalism including statements from wisconsin's democratic governor tony evers and planned parenthood. back to you. >> bill: thank you, mike tobin in our midwest bureau in chicago. thanks. >> i am the byproduct of a rape. my mother was 11 years old when i was conceived. my father was 21. i was not just a lump of cells. as you can see, i'm still not just a lump of cells.
7:06 am
my life has value. >> dana: abortion has become a key voting issue for the upcoming mid-terms. a debate last week in pennsylvania where our next guest is running in the republican primary for u.s. senate. the primary is coming up soon, kathy barnet. a lot of people thought you were very brave and as the leak >> i am so grateful our nation is at a point where we're having this discussion. i don't think there is any discussion more important than how we as a nation view life
7:07 am
and i shared my story because of my story had the opportunity to save even one life, how could i not share it? my life was valuable then. i was a person then. i took no part in how i was conceived and yet there i was. and so i'm very grateful that our nation is having that discussion. i believe most people in america are grateful. especially on our side of the aisle. but i condemn what the left has done. i do not believe biden has been clear in condemning violence. i believe they have been weaponizing it without much thought about the lives that it could potentially destroy. >> dana: yesterday we celebrated mother's day. you are a mother yourself. given that tough beginning to her life. she was only a child when she had you. how did she go on in her life? what became of her circumstances after that? >> as you can imagine, you
7:08 am
know, when something so horrible is inflicted on someone so young, that changes the trajectory of their life. i have never glorified how i was conceived. i have a 13-year-old daughter myself and i can't imagine someone inflicting such harm on my baby girl. and yet there i was. and the harm that was inflicted upon my mom happened whether they aborted me or not. the wrong was still inflicted upon my mother. today i get the wonderful privilege of taking care of my mom. she has had a rough start in life. and, you know, has not always made the best decisions, but i am in large part a direct result of my mother, who i am, where i stand, what i'm doing is because of her. and i am my mother's joy. so i'm very grateful that the adults around my mom saw value in my life. >> bill: we found top issues for voters nationwide.
7:09 am
maybe this reflects what's happening in pennsylvania, concerned about the future in the u.s. 87% inflation and 87% democracy. there was the poll out. oz at 18. mccormick at 16 and you at 12. we are doing our own polling but we found in this poll 39% of pennsylvania voters are unsure. hum. that's an opportunity i guess you could say. >> well yeah. obviously, right? we still have eight days to go. eight days feels like an eternity for me right now but another poll came out last night and i am in second place just a little bit more than 1% away from dr. oz. everything you listed and the poll you just provided on what americans are unnerveed about, it is true. most know that something has
7:10 am
gone fundamentally wrong with how our country is being governed and we are not the same people we were in 2020. we have learned some things coming out of these past two years with democrats primarily putting their foot on our throats, on our children and businesses and people are looking for true, authentic voices. america first voices. that's the reason why someone like me is doing so well. i spent less than $2 million in 12 months and my two primary opponents have spent over $60 million. solely because americans are looking for something different. they are looking for real fighters and real america first individuals. >> dana: kathy barnette we're watching and counting the days. eight days. we'll be here on tuesday following all of that. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> he didn't claim victories over anything. he may be for the first time have his feet planted on the ground in terms of what the
7:11 am
challenges are that they are truly facing. >> bill: we shall see. general keane after vladimir putin called the ukraine war the only right solution. not the only thing he had. a defiant speech for russia's victory. >> dana: the sudden and mysterious death of three american tourist as a bahama resort. >> bill: unexplained outbreak of hepatitis in kids that killed five children here in the u.s. many others needed liver transplants. dr. marc siegel on the medical mystery today. use your va benefits to turn that equity into cash while rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow $60,000 or more for home improvements or just put it in the bank. the newday 100 va cash out loan.
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>> bill: fox news alert. russia celebrating victory day over nazi germany in a big military parade in red square. putin said his troops are
7:17 am
fighting for the motherland. trey yingst is in kyiv with the story. nice to see you. hello. >> bill, good morning. russian president vladimir putin spoke today in months moscow but made no major announcements about ukraine. it took place in red square to mark the world war ii surrender of nazi germany. with more than 11,000 troops marching and military equipment rolling through the russian capital he made no declaration of victory and didn't announce broader mobilization of forces and he said ukraine threatened nuclear war and take crimea. >> you are fighting for the homeland and its future. so no one forgets the lessons of world war ii so there is no place in the world for nazis. >> russian troops and leaders participated in smaller parades and events inside ukraine in
7:18 am
places like mariupol and also that southern city of kierson. they walked through the streets there and 2,000 ukraine soldiers are holed up underneath a steel plant and continues to take fire after ukrainian officials confirmed all civilians were evacuated over the past several days. these developments come as fighting continues along the eastern front lines. in the northern see of kharkiv they launched a counter offensive to push the russians into their own territory within days according to recent analysis. what we see in is east is a war of attrition. they continue to file missiles into the country but not making progress on the front lines. >> bill: trey yingst. >> dana: two music icons performed for ukraine troops in kyiv. watch here. ♪♪♪
7:19 am
>> dana: they put on a surprise train station. he prayed for peace saying it's a fight for all those who love freedom. a littleby, they are growing up in nigeria hiding from soldiers and the soldiers are playing u2 and she said how could we hate each other when we all love u2. that was a line in the book. >> bill: three americans dead and one in a hospital at a sandals resort into bahamas. toxic substances may have leaked from an air conditioning unit. dr. marc siegel. good morning. i've heard a ton of theories. freon in the a.c. i didn't know it could till -- kill you, the mini bar. where does your mind take you?
7:20 am
>> first of all, good morning, bill and happy birthday, dana. you are an incredible person and thank you for all your kindness over the years. onto this story. you know, this is evolving, bill. we are going to get an autopsy result today from one of the people. so that will answer a lot of the speculation. what they are looking at now is the water heater, air conditioner and propane to see if carbon monoxide poisoning is possible. the nausea, vomiting and convulsions that they all had could be a lot of things. something in the mini bar, could be there was methanol in there. i don't think freon is likely because i don't think it would cause the neurological problems but i think carbon monoxide is possible. the woman airlifted to miami
7:21 am
would be getting oxygen. neurotoxins have been seen in certain situations and pesticides and seen contamination of mini bars. it all bears examination. i think the carbon monoxide is the lead theory now. >> bill: remember the dominican republic three years ago 10 americans died linked to the mini bar, right? >> that's right. this may be a really fancy resort. it is incredible. they don't control where the alcohol comes in from the mini bar. absolutely could be a bootleg situation. they can tell that. they can tell that on the autopsy and tell carbon monoxide poisoning. we'll have the answer today. >> bill: cdc is looking into 100 cases of unexplained hepatitis in kids including five that resulted in death. why is this happening and what concerns you when you look at 24 different states that are
7:22 am
reporting cases? >> first of all, on the positive side we aren't seeing a rampant spread. even if it's a virus. i do believe from my sources that adenovirus 41 is involved but it may initiate something and the inflammation caused in the liver is what is causing 14% of the kids to need a liver transplant. which is a shocking amount. i think the virus is involved. but if the virus was spreading around widely you would see a lot more cases than this. that's on the positive side. the severity worries me and theories bear examination. one is that these are very young children locked down and didn't get exposed to viruses the way they normally would have. that theory has been around a long time. now they get exposed to virus us they haven't seen and may have an immune problem reacting to that or maybe the virus mutated. the liveers are being looked at from the united kingdom my sources are telling me sit a lot of inflammation in the
7:23 am
liver. we have to figure out what is initiating it. for parents out there very unlikely. nothing to be panicked about but in the lookout for yellow eyes, for pain in the belly, for fever, for fatigue. >> bill: doctor, thank you. dr. marc siegel, that's a mystery, too. thank you for coming in on monday. >> we'll solve it, too. >> dana: gas prices are rising again up 13 cents in the last week. big box retailers are trying to ease the pain at the pump and corner the market. tell you about that and a new study on the long term consequences of remote learning. we'll break it down with former education secretary bill bennett up next. ♪ what did you learn in school today, dear little boy of mine ♪ ♪♪♪
7:24 am
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>> bill: average gas prices up 13 cents in the past week. costco and sam's club are trying to corner the market. is it working? they are lowering their prices. >> it seems to be working. the line has been consistently growing throughout the morning. if you are a member of costco or bulk retailer when you go shopping you normally stop by to get gas. a good deal. people are coming here just to save for the gas itself because prices while they are up and continue to go up. taking a look at the national average today we're looking at a price of $4.32. that is so close to our record high. it is why people are lining up at the costco. we were here this weekend seeing the lines costco costs
7:30 am
20 cents less. 4.22 per gallon over 20 cents cheaper than the new jersey average price of 4.47 per gallon. other retailers like wal-mart are trying to entice americans with cheaper gas announcing recently that wal-mart plus members get 10 cents off per gallon at their over 14,000 gas stations across the u.s. the push someone needs to sign up for a membership when you look at the trajectory of these prices. >> there is a possibility that the national retail average price hits $5 a gallon. that all depends on the ability of the oil markets to come up with alternative supplies to russian oil. >> now, bill, he said the government has done a little bit to increase oil production. private production is up to 700 rigs. that's a 60% increase from this time last year. we're looking at high prices to expect an increase of 5 to 10
7:31 am
cents this week. >> too high. >> dana: there are new concerns how long term school closures are affecting students. harvard study finds kids in high proffer tee school districts that were remote for much of the last school year lost a half year's worth of learning growth. let's bring in bill bennett former secretary of education. bill gates talked about the stunning learning deficit. watch here? >> k-12 we have a learning deficit that will take us a long time to erase that. sadly, it's a deficit where the inner city is where it is almost two years. suburban schools less. private schools in some cases, like my kids, almost no deficit at all. >> dana: mr. secretary, your analysis on that. >> it's an interesting study
7:32 am
out of harvard quoted "new york times." comes to conservative conclusions. the years 2020 and 2021, the academic years kids remote learning lost on average 50% of their gain in mathematics. lost 50%. the kids who were in school lost 20% because they weren't in school the whole time. everybody was shut down for a while. it was much better to be in class in person than learning remote. second, the kids who wekids in high poverty areas. big cities, run by democrats. that's where they put the hammer done and shut the schools down largely because of union influence. and the kids suffered. and this is a terrible thing. one of the more interesting things that people haven't talked about in this study is this. when they looked at the kids who went to school and went back to school late in the fall
7:33 am
of -- in the fall of 2020 and stayed through 2021, the worry about covid didn't materialize. those kids in school did not have higher rates of covid than the kids who remained home. i hope we have learned this lesson. >> dana: let's show everybody virtually what you were describing. the learning loss in math. you can see it goes way up. for all schools. then you see poverty levels got worse and the schools closed down and you mentioned the union influence and high poverty areas, you see they were closed 13 weeks compared to eight weeks at other places. i want to get a sense from you about what it means for a kid like that to lose half a year's worth of math. what does it mean for their life? and why isn't the administration's hair on fire trying to figure out a way to
7:34 am
try to help these kids catch up? >> that's a great question and what about the parents' hair on fire in those communities saying these democrats, these liberals have failed us yet again? high poverty kids losing 50% of their math very serious. not sure they can recover it. but you have to try summer school and everything else. but, you know, this is what happens when you have bad policy and when you run in a panic situation. so let's remember it for the next covid or whatever comes along. kids are not carriers normally and they are much safer in school and they learn more. that also frees up their parents to do their jobs. hope this lesson is learned. >> dana: if you are out there wondering about your kids see if there are summer programs. private organizations are trying to do good work in this
7:35 am
area. thank you so much, mr. secretary. see you soon. >> as always. >> bill: democratic senator chris murphy out of connecticut on "fox news sunday" weighing in on florida's new sex education law. here is some of that exchange with bret baier. >> this effort in florida to target gay kids in schools, i just think it is mean spirited and something that i had not seen from the republican party. >> i want to interrupt you. to target gay kids? schools? the bill is about not talking about sexual identity from k-to third grades. it isn't targeting ids. >> it is. it is sending a message to these kids. >> did you talk about sexual identity as the kind gartner with your kindergartner? >> the law sparked debate
7:36 am
between lgbtq groups and parents. >> dana: extreme warning for twitter as elon musk gets ready to take control. what he tells workers to expect. churchs spending mother's day on high alerts over demonstrations on abortion rights. what church leaders are saying. ? you sell high commission investment products, right? (fisher investments) nope. fisher avoids them. (other money manager) well, you must earn commissions on trades. (fisher investments) never at fisher investments. (other money manager) ok, then you probably sneak in some hidden and layered fees. (fisher investments) no. we structure our fees so we do better when clients do better. that might be why most of our clients come from other money managers. at fisher investments, we're clearly different. ...the tower cam for a - hey! folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like - looks like you paid too much for your glasses. ...who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best -
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7:41 am
>> dana: elon m*untion is laying out plans for a major makeover of twitter saying he plans to clean house and go on a hiring spree. while some workers are threatening to quit, a lot more folks are looking to get hired. kelly o'grady reporting for fox business on this. hi, kelly. >> yeah, as many current twitter employees express frustration over musk's take over. he wants to double down on software information and security and design emphasizing he will hire managers with deep technical expertise. it won't come without slashing head count. he shares with investors his intent to shed hundreds but hire in those areas. it could have over 11,000 employees by 2025 up from 7500
7:42 am
today. he shared a warning with current and potential staff tweeting, work expectations would be extreme but much less than i demand of myself. and that's not surprising. musk is looking to achieve lofty goals. it raked in 5.1 billion last year he is forecasting to go to 20.4 billion by 2028. a huge jump. he is known for missing his targets. all of this musk is facing a laundry list of opposition and now you can add the russians even. the kremlin threatening to hold him accountable for employing star link terminals to the ukraine military. he said if i die under mysterious circumstances it has been nice knowing you. >> dana: that is not funny at all and he apologized. thanks, kelly. ♪ thank god for abortion.
7:43 am
thank god for abortion ♪ >> bill: this is part of the scene in lower manhattan. last week's leak of a supreme court document that indicates the court may soon overturn roe v. wade. the pastor at the scene of one of the protests over the weekend. thank you for being here. you were there. from what i read there were several i guess dozens of protestors there. what was the scene like? >> i've had a less eventful weekend to be sure. a monthly event we host called the witness for life mass led by a group of franciscan priests who offer mass for 200 parishioners and after the mass some stay in the church and pray and the majority would walk down the block playing the rosary where the original planned parenthood is located. they stay across the street praying the rosary. there are a handful of
7:44 am
demonstrators and voice their opposition to what they are doing. this was of an entirely different order. we had close to 100 demonstrators and the police were always present for these events advised us it would be in our best interest not to have the procession. they recognize many of the faces in the crowd as what they term professional agitators and warned that our safety and protection could not be guaranteed. >> dana: do you anticipate maybe the police have let you know that this will continue for next several weeks, maybe months? >> everyone is sort of on hooks waiting to see how the fallout continues. when the supreme court issues their ruling, what the ruling is. we've been doing this for over a decade every month rain or shine and we certainly intend to continue doing so and we hope the police are able to protect us so that we can express our faith and our
7:45 am
belief in the sanctity of every human life. >> bill: a couple things here. do you feel the need for more security based on what you have seen right now? >> right now we do, sure. police have been very good. we have private security all weekend. the vast amount of phone calls have been supportive and encouraging but we have received a number of threats to bomb the church, burn it down. very hateful and vile messages and so we are just on high alert to make sure that the church and our people are protected. >> bill: that issue at a higher level so to speak. what is the church's plan for if roe v. wade is overturned at the end of june, what is the church's plan for talking to parishioners and talking to the americans and across the street on the sidewalk that you saw this weekend? >> we're in this playing the long game. even if roe v. wade were
7:46 am
overturned. we hope and pray it is. nothing will change on a practical day-to-day basis in new york city. and we see that as a very unfortunate reality. we are not politicians. we aren't legislators. we're not in this for the political arena. we are here to change hearts. to promote a culture of life wherever life is cherished and respected. and part of the awful unfolding that we saw saturday outside of the old cathedral was the celebration of death. people cheering at grotesque enactments of baby dolls smashed on the sidewalks and it is my hope that anyone of goodwill on the other side of this issue who sees that might pause and say my god, what have we become as a culture? where has this led us? to rethink how it is that we foster the spebt for human life. >> dana: it was a great
7:47 am
question. maybe the last one would be as we maybe families try to navigate within their own families, what is the best way to try to listen with grace and express yourself with grace in a time when people are feeling as passionate and angry as some are on this issue? >> we always try to make sure that our monthly event is one of peace, civility. we do have someone unfortunately sort of hijack the event on what he tried to make it look like was our side of the issue engaging with the demonstrators and saying things that do not at all represent our position or point of view. and that was unfortunate. it makes our job that much more difficult. we want to make sure that civil discourse is civil and that this is a controversial issue for sure and one that has torn the country apart for decades and it is not going away any time soon. we hope cooler heads prevail and we can speak about the
7:48 am
issue with the clarity and calmness it warrants. >> dana: you have the calmness all around you. now we feel nice and calm and start our day in a better way. >> bill: foley square is nearby and another rally there. that's fine. you got a permit, show up. that's okay. this is borderline harassment and you saw at the supreme court justice's houses over the weekend. it's in the headline. >> dana: we hope to see you again. still to come. more on the manhunt for the cop and jail boss accused of helping him escape. the questions law enforcement has. >> what is up with vickie? is it a barricaded suspect? what's the mindset? suicide by cop? dangerous situation. i hope it goes down without incident. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it.
7:49 am
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>> far left protestors gathering outside the personal homes of u.s. supreme court justices and liberals are warning the world there is more to come. plus hundreds of millions of dollars, your money, went to covid relief and ended up stolen in the biggest fraud in a generation. and mothers are worried. we don't have enough baby formula. or you could call it the latest biden crisis. why? doctors are also saying don't make your own. we'll get into the facts. will cain, joe concha. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: the manhunt for two alabama fugitives continue. their presumed getaway car has been found in tennessee. law enforcement concerned the former prison worker accused of helping a convict escape might be in danger herself.
7:55 am
nancy grace host of crime stories. she might be or might be in on it. she sold her house below market value days before she disappeared. can you tie this together? >> yes, i can. the two are not mutually exclusive. she is in on it for sure. no question about that. but she is also in danger. this guy is a stone cold killer. he is dealing with a cream puff. look at her. she was a fourth time annual employee of the year. she has been in and out of jails, but still compared to him i learned a few things in the last hours. i have learned that the car they were driving orange taurus appeared to have had a flat tire. this woman planned and planned and planned. sold her home under market value. valued at $200,000, sold it for $95,000. way under market value. she had all the cash. she spent the night at a local
7:56 am
quality inn, parked her getaway car she bought with cash under an assumed name and they went straight to the car after she sprung them. appeared to have a flat. then they tried to spray paint it green. not that way when she bought it. that tells me their plan went sideways. it was in a rural area at an intersection. you think they planned to leave their car there? no. that tells me they may have been forced to go on foot into the rural area where they were to try to get to -- wait for it -- i-65 which takes you to i-69 and then i-75. you go from that area to detroit, to 75 to canada. she probably had fake i.d.s. they need to be looking at her devices to see if you can order them. you can get them in two days on the internet. that was not part of their plan. i also think they are armed.
7:57 am
she went shopping for men's clothes and sex toys before she sprang him. i just learned that in the last hour as well. >> bill: wow. that's a lot. i guess the other thing in there is maybe they got some help on the outside. and that's a possibility. one last thing. >> it's possible but don't you think somebody would have blabbed that? >> bill: maybe that comes out. she took him in for a mental evaluation at the courthouse that was never scheduled. >> that's right. that was her ruse to get him out and she said it to an underling who wasn't going to argue with his boss. i know this guy is on meds. is he diabetic, will they have to stop for medication? they also know when they had that flat tire, which we think it was a flat, they had to get transportation. they had to get to the interstate. so that would be where i was
7:58 am
looking. remember, there are two dead bodies connected to this guy, all right? connie ridgway and another woman miss shelton shot while he was in the home. >> bill: thank you. tips are on the line there. it is a good mystery and it continues. nice to see you, nancy grace, thank you. >> dana: thank you. we have a brand-new series on fox nation we are excited to tell you about. kelsey grammer takes us through our great nation and i spoke with him about the passion that drove him to join us to make this new show a reality. >> i have a long and sort of abiding appreciation for what people have done for this country especially our servicemen throughout history, particularly george washington i know we'reville filing him now for having them men of their time and yet they were men of great vision and so
7:59 am
we're doing our best to represent that and the heroism they're notable for. >> dana: they're available on fox nation. his patriotism shines through and the quality of the production is excellent. check it out. >> bill: well done. kelsey, thank you for doing that. before we go, a little something, something. ♪♪♪ born on this day 21 years ago today. >> dana: yeah, exactly. i'm great and grateful for everybody's well wishes and percy's face. thank you. it's a day to be full of gratitude. great family, friends. great health. there is all of those things, family, friends, health, but also to have work that i love,
8:00 am
that i am excited to do every day and being with you for the last year and a half has been wonderful, too. i'll see everybody on "the five" as well. >> bill: you are very lucky. a great partner and colleague and great friend. i see how many things you do for other people down the line. >> dana: same. thank you, thank you. harris faulkner is up next. >> keep abortion safe and legal. >> they want roe v. wade to stay. pro-choice protestors popping up making it personal. they went to the personal homes of conservative u.s. supreme court justices over the weekend sparking new safety concerns for those justices and their families. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". in one state, reaction to leaked roe v. wade opinion


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