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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 26, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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. we were competitors whenit he took over for larry kingor and he actually does a great show. it's interesting as soonti as hw walked off wouldn't do the apology. that morning show went from the firstho to last for him.that's t all right.he that's all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr so you never miss. an episode.k yo thank you for making this show possibleu forho. y in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham's b next . we'll see you tomorrow night. i'm laura ingram and this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . losing your voice. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> now it's been a very bad week or so for the local media.e you had w disney standing with the radicals and now we're we're looking at disney stock this morning, senator . it's down another 1% after losing fifty billion in market0 value in the month of march, stock is falling out of bed as a result, the netflix run
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by uber lefty reed hastings that's struggling the streaming service netflix today reported a loss of two hundred thousand subscribers in the first quarter of the year.re0,00 it is the first time in a decade that netflix has reported a loss of subscribers and it said the company's stock plunging by twenty five percent in after hours trading. and for cnn plus it's now cnn negative three hundred million dollars. they got 10,000 subscribers th. imagine the hubris of thinking that something people don't want for free that you're going to charge money. it now turns out not enough to pay extra cash to watch the same people they don't want to watch on a regularar cable shocker t. and now twitter. it's an elon musk fans. to can you believe it now he literally had to come up with forty four billion dollarss to make a stand for free speech. so i don't know his philosophy
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seems pretty straightforward about a public art form that is maximally trusted and t and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization. a good sign as to whether there's free speech is is is someone you don't like allowed to say something you don't like? the casee, then we have free speech and it's annoying when someone you don't like says somethingng you don't like. that is a signat of a healthy functioning free speech situation. >> that's what our founders and of course that'sved the oppositeand othat of what tr has become.e. jack dorsey turned it into a digital version of kind of like a college campus with different speech rules for conservatives and liberals. i know that well fromi the nineteen eighties at dartmouth. well, we hope all of u this changes under new leadership. that
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now all these developments show that the left censorious control of the media, it's looking shakier by the day and it's no coincidence that the less control over washington is also getting shakier. even progressive strongholds etti, in new york are getting fed up. new mexico, hispanics or even turning to the gop and governors who actually o govern in the bestf interest of their states on crime uncovered on the economy doing pretty well. we'll have more with governor desantis at our special live town w hall in orlando on thursday at 10 p.m. eastern. so set your dvr for that . but the point is if the democrats are confidenton in their policies and then their futurefi, then feel confident and would welcome vigorous debate, but they aren't and they don't. democrats know biden ismo a wobbly messcr, that theirto policies are going to lower your standard of living and they knowin that they are n
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about to be shellackedab in november, probably in twenty twenty four as well.obvi so obviously they're not going to change their policies. soously theyey crime, the borders and inflation is only going toly get worse g. this means all that's left is their coordinated effort to silence their opposition. the elites from politics are setting the stage urging their proxies in big businessing to step up to do with the first amendment prevents governmentnt from doing censoring opposingng political views. ourse they of course they branded dishonestly right as disinformation or misinformation or harmful and then they sendon out one of the slickest con men of all to sell it. no one tells us that the window is blurred. all we i see is a constant feed of content where o useful factul informationn and happy diversions and cat videos blow alongside lies conspiracy theories, junk's quackery, ck
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white supremacists, racist tracks, misogyny, screeds, and over time we lose our capacity to distinguish between fact and opinion and wholesale fiction. did he say fiction like the fiction of russian collusion or maybe the fiction t that the laptop washe in hunters or what about that ? my favorite fictionvo if you lie your health insurance, you can keep it. matt , remember the left has always been jealous of the way the eu, by the way, can staveve off dissent and of course the eu just passed a new law that will end protectingme the establishment from any serious challengesnt in the future. again, they're using their big cech as their servant in censorship, citing the very important work of setting up policies and procedures to tackle hate speech and combatt
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misinformation. and the queen of misinformation and dissembling hillary clinton, of course, tweeted i her support naturally she and all her partners and political a corruption want a version of the digital services actve from the eu here in the united states. now clinton's idea ofof democracy. i'll tell you what it is here it is d when i they win it's democracy when they lose it's not. and of course c the rules will never apply to them. no, trump was blocked from twitter for questioningro the twentym twenty election. so why wasn't hillary blocked when sheck questioned a twenty sixteen outcome? how about stacey abrams and georgia who still questions the fact that she lost her governorship with fauci flag on youtube after he lied about masks? or what about when they they all claim that the vaccine f could stop the spread of covered by now we all know
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what these terms like hate speech and anti science and disinformation really mean. they mean traditionalists, especially populists and social conservatives sprprwe will havet the same rights to free speech as they would have that say maybe yale or swarthmore. in other words, they'll w be silenced or repeatedlyre suspended for refusing to give in to the accepted view ofe the establishment at the time. and here's what you can bank on . aoc is never going toer be punished. going t liz cheney is never going too be punished. and of course the ccp online,ey i think they are going to ao be punished in a way it's only those who disagree on key issues with political royalty like biden and the clintons. obama and bush, they'll be punished. remember, fauci wasl just an extension of all of them. he was a creature of o the bureaucracyf in love with china imperious and full of himself.
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think about how he and others worked to discreditcr and silene with the help of his facebook pals. so many amazingly brilliant doctors, even physicianstr who treated hundreds of covid patients successfully. we have gone into an arena or an era of what i call the normalization of lies so anybody can say whatever they want completely fabrication, completely conspiracyy f theory and it's okay and it's notot really okay. butit's people are so used to it now it's become as i say, the normalization of untruths. now this from a manal who normalized putting masks on toddlers and still refuses to speak the truth about natural immunity. police the besso i thinkia the left wing media figures whose sole purposegu in lifere s to viciously slimeco conservatives. it's great whenvati they're telg
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us that we need stories framed properly. i think we need to look to reputable news organizations that are not driven by outrage . i think we need to, you know, n take a step back and make sureew we know who we're getting our news from and make sures that things are framedak correctly and not just buy intoe things that feed into our or the point of views that we already have odious creature liberalism and globalizedio nation are failing miserably. inflation, supply chains, foode, prices, crime, the border, the party in power and the never trump who want to revive the old gop are meanwhilean trying to hang on to power by shutting down free speech. they're using tiredh. old euphemisms to justify their actiontify if they trulyar cared about democracy, human rights, civil rights and preserving civil society, they would be resisting china every step ofte the way. but of course they're just doing the opposite.e..
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>> this is now this is now and has always been about money and power and who controls the information flowls as well as those voices. they refuse to quiet and that's the angle. joining me now is ezra of the publisher of rebel news. ezra, forgive my voice tonight . as we mentioned in the angleond the eu agreed to this new regulatory regime this weekend . expect we'll look at the crazy thing is even a decade ago liberals and leftists, they believed in a debate, but now liberalsel, leftists, globalists, they want a platform you and if they can't, the platform you they want to censor you. they've created this whole facty checking industry. it's there's no such thing w asa scientific fact check. they're just relabeling their rebuttals as some sort of i don't know, above the fray n
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umpire that's neutral. now we could normally ignore themor but in the eu and they have plans in canada p and it might come the united states to these fact checkers. their resultsun get implemented either by facebook, twitter, instagram to ban someone who doesn't meet the fact checks or we're seeing in europe and in canada too, they can take away your rights to speak in canada. justin trudeau is bringing in a journal license. you've got to hold on to your first amendment in the united states to make sure that doesn't take root there. well over msnbc ozora, they're suddenly concerned about the possibility of big tech censorship. now what if you own all ofou twitter or facebook or what have you, you don't have to explain yourselfav. you don't even have to be transparent. you could secretly ban you couid candidate or all of its candidates, all off its nominees or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else. and the rest of us might not
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even find out about it till after the election. hazra, the mosque news turns them into pretzels on their own logic about disinformationn, misinformation on the other side. yeah, that's called projection because we know for a fact facebook, google, youtube, etc. have algorithms that boost their allies t media and boost r throttle media. they don't like mostt of the time we don't really notice it sometimes like when the new york postnoik or twitter account was suspended whenhe they published t e hundred biden laptop storyry . sometimes we all noticed it butb most of the time it's veryy subtle. and by the way, this is not a secret if you ask youtube they boast about it. they say that even twitter's current ceo i think is about to be sacked. he said that free speech is one thing but he believes in determining how much attention different voices get . nt. ea parag agarwal so for about five years now, all the social media companies
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have admitted that they boostst their friends, throttle their enemies. most of the time you don't eveni know it's happening. you might think you have freeut speech on facebook, but no one is reading you because b they blockedec you. well,er here's how the aclu responded to my move. they said while elon musk is an aclu card carrying member and one of our most significant supporters, there's a lot of danger having so much power in the hands of any one individual. ezra, what they care about marke zuckerberg getting involved in the last election. i mean, he hadast he h a lot of. how about the soros? does he have any power? this is ridiculous. well, especially in the media. jeffrey bezos, one of the world's richest men owns the washington post. carlosch slim, the richest man in mexico, owns the new york o times. pretty muc pretty much every majorh media company in america is the plaything of an oligarch and it's even twitter. before elon musk bought it, youe had a saudi prince. in there.
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you had mega investors. i think blackrock either massive socially progressive activist investors had shares that never bothered the left. ey they like their billionaire oligarchs. this is the first time i've heard the left be concerned about billionaires controlling the media and i love it. t and i hope elon musk lives up to his promise about free speech. i think he will. i think i'm worried about his ties to china, but i like him. yeah, the china thing really t worrieshi, but we'll be watchin. >> thanks, ozora. i've never spoken my son.ab i've never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do t with their business period. but new reporting casting major doubt on whether joe biden was telling the truth theres . according to the new york post, hunter biden's closest business partneres, eric sherwen, made at least 19 visits to the white house and other official
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locations between twenty nine and 2015. one of those visits included a sit down with the then vice president joe biden in the west wing. schwerin met with various close aides of bothva joe and jill biden at key moments in his life when he was striking multi-million dollar deals in foreign countries, includingg china. here now is the journalist who broke this story, miranda devineke, new york post columnist, fox news contributor and author of laptop from . miranda, this is the first time i think i've seen joe biden'see namen in one of these accounts. tell me what we could perhaps glean from this information. hi, laura . >> hi, laura. i think what we can glean is that hunter biden's business business. it was a biden family business and his father and at times his stepmother jill biden were w intimately involved and knowledgeable. and you can see that justerly this small sliver of that business you see eric
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schwerin and his closestnn business partner going, to the white house at least we really found in twenty sixteen as well. when you add that into the mix two dozen times. and he met with aides of joe biden really quite often you put down the name of an when you're actually going to see. the top official. so we don't know how many of those times he met with joee biden. the laptopknow fromm is that eric schwerin had w signature privileges over one of joe biden's bank accountspr that he shared with his son hunteriv o. we also know that he was involved in doing joe biden's tax returns. he got a tax check from joe biden and he deposited in a bank account and then he wroteom another check to hunter from that bank account. itit was a very incestuous situation and soo it just makes it even more difficult to believe what joe biden said
12:17 am
during the election campaign repeatedly when he said he knew nothing about his son hunter's overseas business dealings. now the white house is stillg dodging this issue. miranda, here was a moment in the briefing today. there were 19 visits too the white house while the president was vice president by senator biden's business partner. routine one with the vicene president. you will understand why. that business had access and what those meetings were about.t. i don't have any information s on that. i'm happy to check and see if there's any more comment. miranda, how long can she continue to dodge this ? i guess until she is d a contributor, a liberal person at work? well, look, actually that was an unusual take from her . normally she just stonewalls and says underbite as a private citizen, it has nothing toat do with the white. that was a more conciliatory tone maybe because the question came outut of left field literally from pbs and not frome fox or the new york post that she's always sort of snarly to. but she did say that she would
12:18 am
come back with some informationn . so you know, that may be the first time that the white house actually addresses the hunter biden problem instead of just, you know, sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches because at some point they have to grapple with this problem is there and the grand juryaw in delaware is looking into allr of hunter biden's, you know,al alleged business nefarious dealings. while we can't we can't wait till we findinra wai more abouto miranda, great to see you. thank you . and remember, ififat youch can't watch us live, make sure to set a serious record on your dvr so you don't miss us every weeknight at 10 p.m. now we have some breaking news tonight . the state of missouri was among three states that sued the administration over itstl move toe end title 42 earlier this month. they just scored a huge a victory. missouri attorney general eric schmitte vss will be here in mos to reveal. hi, i'm christina. you may know me from flipping houses, flipping.
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winning helpless and blinding diseases and fighting blindness . big. we are continuing to prepare tot implement the lifting of titleve 42 and there are some you notedw who are very vocal about how they would like to see t it extended. there are n some who are veryee vocal about how they would not like to see that happen. he >> so that's ann important discussion that will be happening over the coming days and weeks, she said a mouthful of nothing there. all right. breaking tonight asououhing shes reportedly preparing for a more aggressive defense of his titlee
12:24 am
forty decision. biden d and his administration were just dealt a bigmi blow and a lawsuit brought by twenty one republican led states. us district judge robert summerhays, a trump appointee, said in a notice h filed a few hours ago that he will indeed grant a temporary restraining order blocking the end of title forty two at the border that allows for the immediate expulsion of migrants at the border for the reasons off covid health emergency. missouri attorney general ericou schmidt was one ofri the men leading today's effort. he joins me now. mr. attorney general, now despite this victory, it's temporary g. it's a temporary restraining order. you say the fight continues. explainhe fight the posture her. yeah, so missouri, louisiana and arizona originally filed this action to prevent joe biden from ending title 42 , which was a very successful measure under president trump to help control the flow of illegal immigrationf
12:25 am
. the border put that in contextxp for about 50% of the expulsions are related to title 42 . sof if you get rid of title forty two right now t, you're going to see about eighteen thousand people a day. that's an estimate that is a massive number. ea it'sse certainly an increase. there's no good time do to doe that . but certainly right now you're going to see a seasonal surge anyway. so our states broughthtan this t action. it was supposed to be , you know, expire on march 13th, which is what we're going to have our preliminary injunction. but the biden administration signaledbidedminng they were goo get rid of it before then. so we sought the temporary today. ing order i mean, the level of lawlessness here isro unbelievable from this administration. it's a completely open bordermi. so it's up to the states to push back . that's what we did. so we got a victory today, which is good. but we'll be back in court b on may 13th. yeah, attorney general schmidt,: senator elizabeth warren, i thinkizab her comments have kd of given up what their strategyu here really is, which is to break the border and then push massive amnesty watch title for to it's notot consistent with or
12:26 am
values and it doesn't keep us safe for the biddington, s frustration is putting plans i in place to deal with people who are asking for amnestyr. and humanitarian relief at the border. but keep in mind we need comprehensive immigration reform and that's something all the democrats are on board for. what does that really mean?ea mr. attorney general? well, it means that they wanto to let tens of millions ofom folks come here illegally over biden'satese four years that could be 30 b million people. that's the state of texase. that's five missouris of people coming here illegallys fi sent on midnight flights around the country. the democrats right now are playingow are for keeps. they want toth pack the they want to hit states of the union. they want to federalize our s and now they want to w add a whole texas of illegalho immigrants to this country. so it's up to the states to push back . that's what we're doing. butt we're this is shocking andk is the playbook which is to open the border and provide
12:27 am
amnesty. they're not even out there saying the quiet part out loud now, laura , and it's it's really disgusting. anyy republican or so-called moderate who supports this pathe should never be seen s in politics again. okay, mitt romney, the all of the so-called moderates, they will be on the side of the democrats on this. i promise you, mr. attorney general, leave it up to the good states. thank you so much. we put taxes and tariffsch on china and tookin in hundreds and hundreds of billions billions of dollars out ofid my administration could be about to makeen things easier for the ccp deputy national security adviser duleep singh said tariffs imposed by the trump administration may have given the administration some negotiating leverage, but these tariffs serve no strategic purpose. furtherrp suggested they were partially to blame for our current inflation woes. iddi you've got to be kidding me. here is arkansas senator tom
12:28 am senator , you and inato predict they would do this very thing and they have enoughe republican senators i think who are terrible on the issue of china and they o know who thy are to go right along c with this. what can youan tell us tonight about this move, potential move? well, laura , first off, it's so silly to blame these tariffs for inflation. these tariffs were in places almost from the beginning of d the trump administration when we did not have inflation. it's kind of like blaming o inflation on so-called putin's price hike when the price gas was increasing well before vladimir putin invaded ukraine. bin ithe next thing they're goo be blaming inflation for is a lack of unicorn tears to fuel our cars aroundf the country. but unfortunately it's part the pattern you see with the biden administration continuingg to try to conciliate with china to turn the other cheek, not pursuing, for instance,ui the likely origins ofnghe the rhinovirus and the yuan
12:29 am
lab. and regrettably there arela stil a lot of republicans in washington and around the country who think that china should be primarily a trading partner, not confronted as our number one enemy and the gravest threat to america's o prosperit, freedom and safety in the 21stam century. well, i think the needle on the issue of china is moving when you look at some of the public opinion polls, even whether people will be willing to spend more money to have goods not t coming in from chin. the numbers are surprisingly strong because, you know, peoplesi scared of free trade, free trade. here's a recent poll. do you support the u.s. government using trade remedies on china strongly support 40% somewhat support.. 33% opposing is only 10%. so to me this is a bipartisan issue that the republicans can continue to grow support among minorities and others who know that americans need american made goods here
12:30 am
to have american jobs and a middle class that things with economic law. i agree with and i hear it all across arkansas so many arkansans have reason to support cracking down on china ,whether they're rice farmersar who have had their genomese stolen, whether they look at the university of arkansas and see a professor who wasof charged for beinges a spy with china, whether they have kids in the military or in japan or southre korea or jut on a ship in the western pacific, christians who are worried about persecution of their fellow religionists throughout china orpe sometimess just outright liberals who look at what's happening in places like hong kong or northwest china h or china is persecuting religious and ethnic minorities. thereeeses are a lot of arkansans who want to crack down on china. that's a message that i suspectm resonates in every other statees as well. and i wishh more politicians in washington listen to it. and senator, all these people who say that they're worried about democracy and they're worried about civil rights
12:31 am
and a civil society, but allev they want to do every step ofer the way is to make money forne china and to make money for themselves. i don't understand how are you pro democracy and pro china makes us senator. thank you . all right. here's a clue for tonight's withinside segment. it's going to be revealed at i the end of the show. the answer? shere's here's a hint which pair of masked biden administration buffs badly needed acting lessons? tweet meneed your guesses atnd ingrams angle and we'll see if you it get it right at the end f the show. but up next , which world leader would rather party than take joe biden's call?pelosi cod and nancy pelosi could be planning our next act. >> raymond arroyo revealed that seen and unseen stator when it comes to a real estate agent, experience matters. the best agents know how to market your home or top dollar and navigate through a complex transaction and ideal agent. we created our smart solar system with top rated local agents to sell your home for as low as a two percent
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world war zone. this is los angeles 146 successful people who break the law are celebrating anur original suicide in los angeles streaming now on fox station. r hello, friends. michael youssef here. you know the butterly resurrection of jesus christ from the dead on the third is y after he was buried is the clearest demonstration that he is the god of power. i without his resurrection, there can be no power for living here and now or eternal life with him in heaven. when you come and experience the power of his resurrection, it's time for our cnn segment where we exposeex the cultural stories of the day. and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. all right, ray, at timesid the video can reveal the truth even about our political future.
12:37 am
yeah, well,ol and about who we are as a people or we're trying to get to a shortly. but this is the president todaye after that vote in france overnight that reelected emmanuel macron feel good about the french election. i tried to talk to him last nighti . we spoke to the staff, but he was attacked with our having a good time.s >>t laura , what does it say about the state of american leadership when an ally likee, france mccrohan of all people can't even put aside the champagne and speak to the leader of the free world? macron practically has a friend and family phone plan with putin, but biden calls and he's at the eiffel towerhe chugging champagne. k looks like everyone knows biden slipping. laura .is and this is the presidentnt welcoming the stanley cupe winners to the white house today. now bear in mind and listen closely the nhl commissioner's name is gary bettman. et >>tm the owner jeff, everyone
12:38 am
involved in this team, you know, and mary jane castor and they're not related. i tell you, i think commissioner gary bettman will be here as well. and atat the risk of stating t the obvious here, jeff,he the podium is yours here. they gave me a blue dot . now the staff is now telling w him read the words on the prompter, sir. orthen walk to your blue dot and smile, okay? and he's following. it's unbelievable.s he's now articulating the stage directions. i'm gary batmen where was robin ? our audience was laughing behind him. mayber as that hockey player bed him to the right of
12:39 am
his shoulder it looks like a weathertech a puck in the mouth and b here he's like god ,why would he looked like he was enjoying himself? actually looked likeer a comedy show. now, laura , with so much choreography at the white house, you c can hardly blame biden for acting outfon on occasion. you know, how you occasionally read about individuals wandering out of a memory care unit. yeah, into the woods, fore instance. well,ds f you tell me what this white house video complete with lousy edits looks like to you. i'm going to weou absolutely ned to reduce our emissions and stop global warming. if we're going to keep a lot of our forests, what can we c do most conservation keeping these, parks expanding on the parks. i was thrilled to hear about your executive order t and just your passion in matters. we've got a shot now we haven't had in a while. well, thank you so much.uc well,h. i hope i see you again. >> now let me get back to
12:40 am
the white house and seeus your other friends. mr. biden, that thing had more jump shots than a tick tock video. tlaura . i mean, they were like he's picking his nose and then he's holdingseoldi. it's crazy.te the white house released that video. why h ? i have no idea. breman it kind of look like at the end of sound of music when captain von trapp iss looking at mariah and the silhouette kind of i mean, they look very friendly. i mean, it was just a little lean in there that was quite all right with a very generous yeah. and do not make fun my voice because then i'm being i'm being paid back to making y fun ofou you losing your voicee when you lost your right. i've been there. i've brutal. all but remember with the midterms looking so bad for the democrats, here's some other video t surfaced over the weekend. rupal announced a new season of his drag race show and he announced a special guest star who may be laying the groundwork for her next
12:41 am
career move. >> there's one more legendary queen i want you to meet. what can i get a name in that is reportedly real? paul's tagline laura . now this may be the clearest r sign yet that nancy has b read the tea leaves and is about to trade that gavel for some dazzle. vel i thought she might start a boutique ice cream line, but we should have seen a drag show host future coming. she has appearedw on rupal show before and she's not unfamiliar with , let's say, dramatic makeup techniques. you remember her use? well, paint maybe it could be i mean maybe it can a cookie dough drag or something. i don't know what she might want to call the ice cream, but i'm sure there's something there now. it's frightenings so. that was i think the most disturbing video of the day was meat akihito kondo, the japanese man who married
12:42 am
his love in twenty eighteen only raymond. she's a hologram. h we'll hear whyer are ready for it. he is t notry the only one . there areth thousands of peoplel according to the new york times in japan who have entered into marriages with these fictional characters. in thishe article they say there are tens of thousands of people globally who are committed and having relationshipsre with anime manga or video game characters. now mr. kondo says he is part of the sixto asexuals movement. i kid you not. he claims he goes on romantic getaways with his make believeak singer wife and she makes him happy. this laura, is toxic virtual reality at its height. reali i'm sorry thesety people need virtual mental help. e this iswe why i hope we can dispatch some of them immediately. this is really a scary story you have to know raymond. isno it i mean it's not easy out
12:43 am
there, but is it that hardpa in japan to get a date? apparently t. i mean but she doesn't talk back , right? she doesn't talk back . so i don't well, she's in>> a little cage. she's a hologram figure. but this is when people enter this virtual reality nonsense,l- they get lost and culture and humanity collapses. they need help and we should help them. ndp castle, call your office. l all right, raymond, it's great r to see now a former high school football coach was fired after he refused to stop praying h on the field after his game. now he finds himself atle the middle of a supreme court o case over religious liberty. >> he's here in moments. why are so many people turning to super rich bristol? because it would be bristol give you the energy and blood pressure support you want from real without the big case to the super beat. and i swear it gives me more healthy energy to keep up with my hectic schedule, which
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12:48 am
heather stand up to cancer and rally wants you to reduce your risk for cancer. go to take a healthy stand. joe kennedy was a beloved football coach at bremerton high school in washington state until he was fired not for anything untoward, but rather because after football games he himself would meal at the 50 yard line for a brief prayer. now the lawsuit that followed quickly thrust him into the middle of a religious liberty fight with his case today ending up at the supreme court, justices heard oral arguments in the case and focus on two specific issues whether a public school employee praying alone but
12:49 am
in view of students was engaging in unprotected government speech, coercing others. and if it was not government speech, does it still pose a problem? one of the first amendment's establishment clause. joining us now fired coach joe kennedy along with his attorney kelly shackelford, president and ceo of first liberty institute. joe , did you ever think this 10 15 second prayer would put you in the middle of a fight for religious liberty at the court? not part of thing away from it thought it would just, you know, eventually one day retire just to be known as a good coach . and that was it. kelly, i know justice sotomayor at one point said something like, well, what if it was like a hypothetical that was totally bogus? she said, well, i guess we have the or we have the audio, we'll play it. >> why can't the school fire a
12:50 am
coach who decides to put a swastika on their arm and go to the middle of the field and pray if someone comes up and says that's part my religion, put the school say no to them counterreaction? >> well, it's just bizarre. they have to go to outlandish hypotheticals to get away from the facts of this case, which is if coach went down, he would need to pick up a contact. he's okay. but if he goes down to a knee to pray, he's fired. that's clear religious discriminate and it violates the first amendment. and so what they've run to as a secondary argument is that well, you know, even it could be private speech and that could be a student or a coach. if if people are confused, they might think the government's endorsing religion will. that's crazy because in this case everybody knew that the school district was threatening to fire him for going by himself on a knee to say a prayer.
12:51 am
so it it really is bogus arguments. i encourage people to alora if they haven't heard, they can hear the argument we've got it tape. they can go to first liberty dog and to listen. and i think fascinated you know this because you were on the court but they can hear what happened today in the supreme court. we're very hopeful. justice thomas asked the first question as usual, it was a powerful moment, joe , as a former athlete myself and having had such amazing coaches over the years that bond between a player and a coach , how much do you miss that ? just as a personal issue aside from this ? i think you're going to win this case, by the way. but aside from that , how much do you miss that ? >> especially the first four years where i had the guy coming in it's freshman and i had all the other ones for, you know, one to four years and that first four years, that's an absolute killer and thank god we have the social media and i can still talk to them and we still stay in contact.
12:52 am
but i tell you, i've never felt anything like that before and i hope i never or anybody in america has to face that again. kelly, a cnn reporter, made a comment today about the case ,what the school district basically said that they feel like if they allowed this prayer, it would be akin to the school district allowing religious prayer. also worried a lot about coercion like young players feeling like, look, i've got to go pray with coach. maybe because they were too scared to say that they didn't want to or maybe they wanted the slot on the team. kelly, i don't know how many things she could have gotten wrong and one brief statement, but you can take a few off for me. well, this is the old argument we've been dealing with for a long time, which is if private citizens, whether they be student or coaches or teachers express a religious thought, the government wants the right to shut them down because they say, well, people could misperceive that this is the government pushing religion
12:53 am
and you know this law we've seen this for a long time. i think this is about to come to an end. this excuse that the government uses to take away people's first amendment rights, whether it be a student or a coach in this case, it's it's a violation of the first amendment. and i think the court was giving a lot of signals today that there really had enough of that while the whole lemon test, all of that has is a lemon, i believe two of the players who objected to your praying joe actually didn't you make them captains of a team? >> yeah, they showed extreme leadership and wanted to take care of everything under the sun and you know, that's what it's all about is being able to stand up for what you believe in and having that free exercise of speech and having communication with each other. jill kelley, thank you for taking this case all the way to the court. we'll be watching very closely. thank you so much. and our wit's end segment is next . my voice will be there to
12:54 am
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>> laura: okay, i made it to the end of the show with my boys. now to the segment, which pair of masks by administration bff really, really need acting lessons? here are some of the answers. jeff schumer and pelosi, the easter bunny and jill. and here is the big reveal. >> we are about to take a test ride on washington, d.c., electro basses. a we will have a lot more but these come from so i'm excited to see for myself. >> oh shoot, i'm running late. i really have to catch the bus.
1:00 am
>> laura: oh, my god. what happened to the bikes? by the way, just think of it this way. your tax dollars went to pay for that. you should just hire actors, okay? don't forget your dvr from a set of four "the ingraham ingle" overnight 10:00 p.m. one of thee big town halls thursday, governor desantis and orlando. see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> carley: it is official, elon musk striking a deal to buy twitter for a whopping $44 billion. he is promising to reduce censorship and make the platform "better than ever." you are watching "fox & friends first" i am carley shimkus. >> todd: celebrating a speech but the left my marianne rafferty with coverage this morning, marianne. >> good morning, todd and carley. now the elon musk,


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