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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  April 25, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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quickset does it for us today pray thanks so much for joining us thanks to our guests and panelists. i am sandra smith we will see again tomorrow for america reports on the fox news channel each weekday 1:00 p.m. eastern time. have a great week everyone, we will see you next fox next time on life, liberty, and levine. >> without was an alert tonight ukraine officials the u.s. secretary entity blinken and lloyd also met with zelenskyy today and kyiv. lloyd austin is a genius when he was head of centcom called isis a flash in the pan i thought were just be helping ukraine question a good evening kevin buckley next revolution. so tonight we have just learned the president of france is going to stay an officer of the five-year site may not like micron you may not agree with his policies he was an interesting fact. at the end of his second term of
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the 49 years old 49 years old at the end of a second term you see where this is going doing here by contrast we have a president just told us over and barack obama is running in 2024 at the end of his second term, biting would be 86. biden is not a young 79 now. eighty-six. cannot imagine obama's thrilled about judging by how he responded to by the somewhat tragic attempts to get his attention at a recent white house event. fact that does not seem to be a single democrat anywhere who is practically thrilled about it so what is going on here? the truth is it's a sad political game. democrats are terrified about the midterms a job to add to their problems with presidential cabot are jockeying for position before november and so they have dribbled out this ridiculous pledge that literally no one believes. but it is not a game actually it is our country. the idea that biden will be the
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right choice for american 2024 is not just absurd comments frankly offensive here is 24 reasons why. one, biden's office he seen out now, just like how bad it is when he is in public in gnosis on on display imagine how bad it is in private when he is supposed to be in charge of making decisions? and then imagine how bad it would be six years from now. everyone can see america desperately needs up positive vision to strengthen our economy and society strong leadership, who seriously thanks biden is capable of any of that? three, he is eight week corrupted machine politician who stands for nothing. his pushrod on everything by whoever holds the power to his party. right now that is the far left. that brings us to number four, the fact it totally undermines our democracy to have a president who runs as a moderate rules as a radical. the figurehead for far left extremist agenda five, china our
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number one enemy the brutal authority on the hunt for world domination were seriously going to put feeble biden up against the most determined foe we've ever faced? six but must not allow biden to further destabilize the middle east either. he has alienated traditional allies and made the entire region more dangerous now he's about to let iran get nuclear weapons, absolutely terrifying. number seven, working americans have already been crushed by inflation as real wages collapse. biden is a stubborn refusal to acknowledge his own policies help because they probably means he cannot possibly solve it. he is wrecking the economy he will only make it worse. domestic energy, trump gave us energy independence as every day goes by we see how important that is. unbelievably even now biden is dogmatically, implacably hostile to u.s. energies number nine, the order total chaos permanent
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crisis. hurting our economy and society imagine what a laughing stock america would be how badly the rule of law would be undermined by another term of the border. ten, biden regime fascist assault on america's values, branding political opponents domestic terrorist, pushing censorship of anti- regime speech criminalizing parents who challenge democrat ideology. moving on, number 11. does anyone think the biden family corruption stories going away? what an embarrassment when it come from the president of the united states tried to enrich himself and his family and corrupted business deals with a hostile foreign power. and 12 the crime wave isn't quite bad enough already thanks four more years of biden would make it better? thirteen, biden look to cut our defenses, just the right thing to do will we have dictators invading other countries and china tried or places of the world superpower.
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number 14, taxes paid biden's latest budget would land america with the highest taxes of any developed nation, insanity when working families are struggling in so many are not even working at all which brings us to the next point. number 15 the labor participation rate it is the lowest since 1977 the department and the height of the pandemic locked on biden's policies are keeping people out of work as an economic and social disaster. sixteen, biden boast about being the most pro- union president ever yes and that is the problem. he is bypassing congress introduce antiworker rules. number 17 public sector union specifically with public school system obsessed with indoctrination is a disaster for equal opportunity and social mobility. perpetuate systemic racism but biden backs it. number 18 biden promised to unite the country to end this uncivil war.
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he did the exact opposite demonizing americans who disagree with him he cannot have four more years of biden's intolerance divisiveness and hate. number 19, america is built on the idea of decentralized power this is the most centralizing in our history control everything from washington d.c., we have to reverse the destructive madness not make it worse. twenty, this administration is a chaotic mess of immature and incompetence. their mishandling the pandemic more people died under trumpet even though they have vaccines and treatments surrendered to the taliban killed 13 of our service members, hundreds of afghans. thousands stranded, millions now starving. america's reputation destroyed and of course directly connected to the incompetence, number 21. look at the people biden appoints, mediocre machine politicians totally failing to get to grips with the issues in transportation, energy of course
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the border. number 22. , although there's one thing the biden people really are good at, vacuous ideology signaling that is a response nearly everything totally undermines people's faith in government. number 23, biden seems to have no interest in the america beyond democrats voting blocs we desperately need to revise rural america support small towns, promote conservation and her beautiful natural environment and finally, number 24, four more years of biden? come on man. did we leave anything out? social reasons why biden 2020 would be a disaster fund outlets bring in our first guesstimate former u.s. treasury department assistant secretary public affairs and host of the monica crowley podcast, it's monica crowley so once we've seen each other great to see you tonight. do you think of anymore reasons that i captured there surely be get to probably 100.
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[laughter] >> you did a brilliant job there, steve it's great to be with you. that was a very thoughtful and thorough comprehensive list of all of biden's failures. i would add one thing to that list. a lot of people assume this is sheer incompetence that biden has always been a hack and now he is a hack with severe cognitive challenges. i would add it's actually even worse than that because what we are now facing is a deliberate destruction of the country. most normal leaders when they go down a certain policy path and that path is simply not working whether the policy themselves are feeling and/or if they are highly unpopular. in both cases now we are seeing that across the board. normal leaders will actually course correct. they will attack in a different direction if only because they want their political survival. they want to remain politically
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viable going into the next election and the one after that. what you have seen from president biden and the team around him is zero course correction. they have not changed one bit. whether it's on the economy, the white open border, the catastrophic withdrawal from afghanistan, the iran nuclear deal. everywhere you look the american people see a historic catastrophe and yet there is no change of policy. so that tells us the every policy action they are taking is a deliberate. it is designed to undermine and ultimately dissolve, destroy the foundational principles that we've always made this country great. with its economic freedom, individual liberty, you name it. not national sovereignty put all this is by design. it is completely intentional. and another six years of this presidency would really put the stake in the heart of america. steve: nicely put. if we take a state back it's
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reminding meet you and i have talked over the years about this populist movement in the rejection of the establishment. would biden was elected there is this smugness we got rid of this populism the establishment people are going to realize they want good governance and so on. it is complete rubbish even in the french elections she didn't win but she massively improved that movement is growing. here in america you say he was the leading figure in the republican party? supported it's donald trump. the populism is the response to the elite failure and the continuing to give it legs with their failure. >> yes exactly right. we saw with brexit which began in december of 2016 for then the election of donald trump. we saw with the reelection of victor or bonn and hungary, he split that has been in existence for quite a while it is less
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conservative versus liberal right versus left the real split is the elite ruling class versus everybody else. now, when she had back and she did a great job of reinventing yourself but is not enough again this time. the french are more resistant to the populist movement sweeping the west than other countries. but the populist movement those of us who are normal citizens of the west and really appreciate in value are at liberty's international sovereignty, those movements have not gone anywhere. and to the contrary actually they have strengthened. and they are growing and expanding and that is why greasing the ruling class last out in all directions including censorship. president obama calling for extreme censorship they know they cannot win without controlling the narrative. if they control the narrative they can control people they can control the outcome they need that because they know that most
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of us now are onto their policy failures, we are onto their power trip and we are on to their grand project, which is the great reset of the west to a more collective and socialist kind of a model we are rejecting it wholesale. >> monica, well so great to produce the all the connections and lay it out so clearly, really appreciate it great to see you tonight, thank you. as we saw one of the most glaring self created crisis is the continuing catastrophe at the southern border which they are not just willfully refusing to fix but planning to make worse listen to what's actually happening. drug seizures represent a fraction of what is actually getting through. u.s. customs on fennel seizures at the board of last years and 2019 with trumpet secure the border they seized about 3100 pounds of fentanyl. and joe biden's first year in office, that number rose to 10,000 700 pounds than triple
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the amount. that has translated directly to tens of thousands of dead americans tens of thousands direct consequences democrats open borders ideology. this is not some unforeseen accident. it is what biden promised. so what in fact to make sure that we immediately surged to the border. >> as usual the response to the problem they created is to make it worse. they announced they would lift the trumpet era pandemic restrictions title 42 the department of home and security would lead up to 18000 migrants entering u.s. custody a day pay that is half a million a year. then last week it was reported there thinking about delaying it, why? because democrats argued another huge surge of the board it would cost them their seats in the midterm and after that it was reported no, actually so going to look vital title 42 because of pressure from the progressives. that is how incredibly
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consequential policy decisions are made by this totally shambolic government on the basis of how effective america, but how it would affect democrats they do not care about human trafficking, drugs or anything else in the real world. as usual it's a public light weight charlatan it's all about politics not policy utterly pathetic. meanwhile, as a texas national guard soldier now presumably drowned in the rio grande at desperate people are exploited by ruthless smugglers the young girls are raped american's in the tens of thousands, the democrats call their open borders insanity, compassionate. how dare they. there is a nothing as cruel as the far left fox news contributor sarah carter. we've talked so much about the border and it just gets worse. those pictures and bill had more pictures again people literally, i don't know what to say it goes
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from bad to worse and now they're going to make it even worse. >> you know, steve it is gut wrenching i agree with monica crowley wholeheartedly there is no course correction for this administration. in fact they're going 100 miles an hour speeding down the road to disaster. i've been at the border might build my colicky does phenomenal work there i've seen the horrors of what happens on that border trade today there is a family who has lost a loved one, 22-year-old specialists from the texas national guard. he is a grandmother and grandfather who raised him are now suffering his loss because he decided, as a hero to take its own risk his own life by diving into the rio grande to save the lives of two people that were drowning. and now he has disappeared but i know the dps is just on the phone with them before coming on the show, texas dps said they are still searching for him that got texas wildlife, parks and wildlife out there everyone is
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still looking, border patrol they have not been able to recover his body yet. i am hoping for the best but it is terrible. we see that everyday on the border with young girls, young children, men and women drugs go across the lice loss of life in america. there are no words to express. i now biden's own party is turning on him. his own party is turning on him with this. especially those in the communities like henley the congressman, kyrsten sinema, mark kellyanne others are saying stop this don't remove title 42. this is going to get far worse. steve: when they say that the far left says no, no, no you've got to keep it where the progressive activist it's total chaos it's unbelievable. what are you hearing? you think they will lift it what you think they're going to do? >> i thought they might put a stop to it with the pressure that is coming from the border. but it is really a tossup right now, steve. we really don't know if the bi demonstrations going to do for there is a recent report that
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possibly the biden administration was going to kyiv into the special interest groups and resend it title two that be may 23. i've got to tell you coming from biden's own dhs the warning is 18000 people plus a day pouring into the country. you're going to see more deaths. to go to see more concerns prevent people from all over the world crossing through panama right now, i'm getting reports of people from afghanistan come from somalia, from china making their way through panama, to the dorian gap coming the way up through mexico. this is not just about central america and mexico dealing with those issues this is about an open border policy that is calling out to everyone in the world including our enemies and creating a national security crisis for our country and humanitarian crisis for everybody else who is being trafficked by these horrific drug lords and human traffickers spread so with president biden wants to do the right thing, if the democratic party wants to do the right thing they're going to put a stop to it right now before more people lose their lives. because specialist bishop
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evidence should be on their own conscious right now. he wouldn't would not have had to jump in that water, right questioner. >> exactly. just looking at his picture there it is so heartbreaking. that is just one story that exemplifies the whole, as you say it's a humanitarian disaster. sarah, thanks for that. what a disaster it all is it is just heartbreaking. please stay with us will see later on in the show. now, for another quick reminder of the biden regime complete incoherence and lack of serious substance, the summer of 2020 president trump made a huge move to boost our economy for the long-term. a slow but technical not too many people people notice it at the time but we did. this week the president and his team made similarly big positive policy moves, scrapping environmental regulations and been stifling our economy since 1917. to get infrastructure built it is a massive long-term jobs boost. judy who else noticed a question are combined in the far left
12:19 am
climate extremist to run today's democratic party this week guess what they did, they reversed trumps moves imposing even more red tape on new roads, pipelines and other infrastructure in the name of their extremist climate zealotry so literally in the same week biden is a wheeled out to tell us how they're going to building more infrastructure, more quickly they passed new regulations that will make sure we get less infrastructure, more slowly. what a total joke.
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new icy hot pro with pro-level contrast therapy. rise from pain. steve: new sativa crate are more perfect publicity stunt from biden seine secretary state blanket and often met with president zelenskyy today in kyiv. too basically exactly what boris johnson did two weeks ago accepted nothing like as inspiring here to react florida congressman, what did you make of this, blinken and austin it's zelenskyy idling thing is been confirmed by our government it feels very odd. >> they probably think they confirm the visit would be too provocative to putin, to escalatory into offensive to putin sensibilities.
12:25 am
if congress leading the way multiple members of congress of god there it shamed into it to send some leaders fighting from day one. we of high-level visits like this measure, with the deliverables you mention bores of johnson he delivered antiship missiles the ukrainians have been begging for since last year end we have not provided he delivered armored vehicles we have not provided so what are they going to deliver? and from blinken's standpoint i would hope he is finally going to get serious about sanctions. cut off the russian oil and gas that are in all of our sanctions and go after the back doors with a china, with brazil, with africa i can go down the list. after putin's war machine so i
12:26 am
hope the trip would be all about but right now it's kind of radio silence regrets is very odd maybe it's not all that's a wrong term but it's entirely predictable with these people we saw before the obama people they sort of became a joke leading from behind that's the same team around it that is how they seem to think about stuff like were not really going to go out there, they really are they believe in this stuff. >> look when i was out there last year every single request ukrainians it made was met with a response from the white house to exploratory and provocative. they have food and demonstrating his newest most modern icbm that you can put a hyper sonic on it that can defeat our defenses and our response from the biden administration has been to hide our capabilities. peace is cap to by demonstrating
12:27 am
your strengths. by demonstrating we have a nuclear arsenal to and therefore you better not even think about using yours. but instead we keep giving putin more, more, more space to escalate and finally we have our defense secretary out there, let's give zelenskyy everything he needs to win. instead, steve we are helping him play to a type routine is going to gavel up everything he can in the east, go to the negotiating table, lick his wounds over the next four -- five years and then he's going to be back for more. we have to help zelensky win once and for all. >> exactly well said congressman great to see you as always thank you. now, here's an amazing recent story about ukraine it's entirely buried by the pro- china establishment media according to ukrainian intelligence, china launched a series of cyber attacks against ukraine's military and infrastructure just days before russia's invasion, which as we know putin delayed that xi
12:28 am
jinping's roof quest it would not rain on his olympic parade all this makes it clear china is in fact a co- aggressor in putin's war and complicit in his war crimes. further evidence of that any form of china state media defending russia's war crimes claiming there is definitive evidence these cores of mass graves in bucha were a hoax but let's turn out to those great champions of morality. the gowns be counted on the standard for human rights and progressive values the virtue signaling co2 a corporate america right now we know china is complicit in war crimes and genocide on top of carrying out very un- genocide have awoke a ceo tweeted release any statements but out some catchy # to rebuke dictator sheeting pain? they're pulling out of china because of their values bigwigs are still in china disney still in china apple still in china, starbucks, coca-cola, goldman sach's the whole rotten
12:29 am
hypocritical crew that will boycott georgia or florida or anyone else in america overt misinformation pushed by far left activists they're perfectly happy doing business with a brutal authoritarian regime that is now supporting and enabling some of the most despicable war crimes we have seen a more than 70 years. trust me think corporate america can't sink any lower they do. and here is the truth corporate america at russia boycotts the biden regimes endlessly trumped sanctions, none of it will make any difference unless a boycott and a real enemy, china. here's the reaction author of america's second how america's elites are making china stronger great to see and the way you laid it out i love your take on this. what do you make of this total double standard that the establishment and the elite apply when it comes to china's
12:30 am
involvement quick. >> for so long ceos thought what happened in china stayed in china and people would not realize the ways they were partnering with the chinese communist party. luckily that narrative is shifting and americans are waking up to but they have been doing in china over the last several decades. steve: will anything change its gruesome detail. but that's tangled up in every way do you see that changing quick. >> i do. in my book america second i'm optimistic of the bipartisan awakening from the situation from american elites in china and the ways they can push back.
12:31 am
so focus on the corruption american look @-at-sign one —- ceos versus chinese-americans there's a lot of regulation against former us officials henry kissinger madeleine albright, names that are big picture names in dc to leave office and then go lobby for those working morning china. and has to change in hollywood when so many are entangled with the communist party that is detrimental to us interest. steve: why can some law and watching now do think people are angry about this. >> they should be and speaking out is important also i will make a very serious please don't take out your anger against chinese-americans.
12:32 am
you're really giving beijing a win if you do that because you allow beijing to say chinese people globally we are the only ones who can protect you. society against the regime and the party but make sure it's not chinese-americans. steve: when you put like that it's incredibly important and most people do see this incredibly deep connection between the establishment here. you reveal that in your book so i think we have to fight back harder and you are a part of that i appreciate meeting you and encourage everyone to buy your boooo
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steve: feels like nothing can stop the tailspin using historically low polling numbers is close to losing one of the most prized voting blocs because of the article latinos across the country rejecting the democratic party with their book ideology but completely out of touch with working-class voters we have seen a big shift in the latino vote for the republican party 21222020 democratic latino support went down eight points while among republicans went
12:38 am
up eight points that is a 16-point swing there's even a bigger shift for me against the democratic party helping us understand how this plays out is from the california state senate good to see you again talking about school choice you really help to put the story in the forefront. do you feel as if the democrats get it or are they trying to do anything from what is slipping away? been cannot think the democratic party is listening they have gone so far left that basically we as latinos don't recognize the party anymore it has suddenly lost the moral compass the basic common sense. actually think it's too late for the democratic party to turn around but it has been doing the past several years. steve: what are the
12:39 am
specifics? >> latinos, take a look for the economy. this economy is crushing as we are seeing the loss of energy independence and gas prices are killing us, latinos are the fastest growing sector of small business association and we believe in school choice. that will give them when we support and celebrate not only one mother's day but we have two mothers days some across the country whether cuban-american in florida are mexican-american in nevada or here in california we are seeing a tremendous shift to say enough with the two woke party that's more interested in identity politics but has forgotten what it was supposed to be to really meet the needs of the poor and oppressed and the working-class voters also
12:40 am
we very much believe in the citizenship we are patriotic community we've seen the defunding of the police did you know here in los angeles 50 percent of the lives hurt with crime were latino so we don't believe in the defunding of the police and so many far left democrats have been calling for and they lost us. >> . steve: the way they constantly denigrate america i am one of them. i am an immigrant and a new citizen we love america we are here because we love it don't tell us that america is terrible and racist. >> right. we very much believe in the american dream to have the opportunity. of course we would like to see a fair comprehensive immigration reform that we value citizenship and believe
12:41 am
in this country if you look at the word debt you will see the names for those who have stepped up to serve the country and that's the way it will be so they are free agents so will the republican party step up and offer us a fair platform to continue the mass exodus out of the democratic race. steve: that is the key question let's get you back on and talk about that side because it's important not just to enjoy a the problems the democrats are experiencing but to do something positive in response. great t
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steve: finally thanks to this
12:47 am
judge with the anti- science federal mask mandate but out of its murder misery now the experts say of course nobody should be wearing it spent they can also hand out free came n-95 because these high quality mask if you where one where a high-quality "one nation" not be wearing a class mask thinking they are well protected. steve: did you hear that people should not be wearing a class mask but yet exactly that's what some of us were saying two years ago when experts like that were accusing those who questioned the effectiveness of pushing medical misinformation and as they lecture the rest of us they showed they knew they were lying do you remember this protest from napa valley last summer where the rich
12:48 am
donors lounged around but the only people of color serving champagne all forced to wear masks they knew the cloth masks asked why they did not wear them at the hair salon have been dinner with the french laundry or at the nightclub masks for the working-class not just the ruling class and then as part of this new the despicable elite as they are then finally the madness is over which reminds us just how important our constitution really is the decentralization of power checks and balances but those bureaucrats cannot stand it just as we pry away the power grab the desperately tried to claw it back and then to
12:49 am
progressive cities that still require masks and now in the attempt to save face and then to appeal with the cdc says it is necessary for the public health cloth masks necessary for public health these people have so discredited themselves it is clear the cdc is not necessary for the public health. the cdc was once known as the world leading public health agency. what a joke. and the public health bureaucrats hate the fact nobody trust them anymore former cdc director on npr. >> what we have seen over the past few years is partisanship infecting individual measures
12:50 am
like vaccination and public health measures. steve: so part of that destroyed those that you have done it on your own. and then to be unjustified micromanagement of our lives. if people want to keep wearing their masks, whatever. that is their right. just as long as they never lecture the rest of us ever again about believing science when it comes to covid or climate or anything else. exactly as it is their right to make their decision is our right also. that's what the constitution guarantees. it was a fitting end to the week of humiliation for the failed medical establishment when felt she talked about how terrible it is a judge has the temerity to overrule them. >> we are concerned
12:51 am
unequivocally the public health decision it is a cdc issue. he literally declared he thinks he is above the law and that kind of arrogance that most likely created the pandemic in the first place. recklessly commissioning gain of function research and wuhan. breaking the rules. when mel fauci and all the other arrogant bureaucrats who cause so much pain and death and destruction be held accountable?
12:52 am
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that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. ♪ ♪ >> steve: let's bring in this week's closer. ♪ ♪ that is sara carter and she is back with us. listen to this house speaker nancy pelosi slammed the federal aviation administration in notifying the u.s. capitol police about the planned demonstration during the washington national games with the evacuation of the u.s. capital saying "faa failing to notify the flyover is outrageous and inexcusable. then she thundered, "someone should be held accountable for this outrageous and frightening mistake."
12:57 am
a bunch of politicians having to hang out in starbucks outrageous and frightening. i don't remember nancy pelosi to be held accountable for biden's disastrous afghan who killed service members. it is revolting all theseof politicians care about is themselves, sarah. >> you know nancy pelosi's hypocrisy in the hypocrisy of the lawmakers on capitol hill are not lost to the american people. the american people are not stupid. these lawmakers that livee on capitol hill, remember nancy pelosi's wall protecting the lawmakers from the people and building that wall? there were 13 marines killed in afghanistan. i'm so glad you brought this up, but what about abby aids, the 20 plus passholders as well in the people that were standing there when president biden turned over kabul to the terrorists, to the
12:58 am
terrorist. he basically turned over kabul to the terrorists and gave them list, of who we were trying to evacuate, planes being rushed and filled up with people they didn't know who they work. i was sitting on the phone along with many others listening to families cry and tears as they were trying to come out of afghanistan. now, what do we have? we have working as the administrator of interior. he was on the fbi's most wanted list with $10 million award out for the terrorist. now, they are running the nation with the weapons we left behind. $83 billion in weaponry, blackhawks, night vision goggles, m-16, were self that we couldn't send to ukraine. so her hypocrisy is not lost on anyone. she will feel it and she will feel it really good from november because they will be a home run. it will be a home run with the republican party.
12:59 am
>> steve: that is reassuring thought but no one paid a price for that. there was no attempt to clemency. and she hasn't said a word about it. biden the perfect president no, i'm not minimizing it, okay, whatever, it is bad that it happened, but then she is pondering about somebody not being helder accountable when it is her. it is so offensive. >> it is offensive. she is very angry right now with the faa.he she is angry they were not notified. be just as angry, be balanced, be angry at president biden who basically abandon afghanistan. >> steve: exactly. >> steve: across the board acmade the world look at us as weak. we see what is happening with china, ukraine and vladimir putin and all based on decisions made by the biden administration early but no one is going to hold those special investigations, those special councils or go on
1:00 am
to oversight with that. but we need to. we need to bring peace to the >> steve: and we can talk about accountability dave there whole time. the one thing this thing with covid. unbelievable. thank you, sarah, thank you for watching.o don't forget to set your dvr and we will see you next time on "the next revolution." ♪ ♪ >> our ability to track the weapons going in and as you know we don't have any forces on the ground. so that is difficult for us to do. >> hundreds of millions of dollars of assistant not only to ukraine but surrounding countries and displaced two refugees. literally every day as we speak. we never come empty-handed. >> carley: a fox news alert antony blinken and secretary lloyd austin speaking out after meeting president zelenskyy in


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