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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 22, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ >> carley: what will eventually be a sunny orlando, florida, i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: i'm joey jones. >> carley: you did a great job on "the five" yesterday. fox is making great use of you being in new york, you are usually in georgia, right? >> joey: i was just in orlando, that is where this color on my skin came from. it is honor to be here, haven't done this show before, getting up early and reading headlines is a lot of fun. >> carley: if you have to wake up in the middle of the night, good to do it here, looking
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forward to something fun. texas governor greg abbott sending 10 buses of illegal migrants from lone star state to washington as republican governors brace for a major surge. >> joey: white house is on clean-up duty as president biden confuses title 42 with his effort to reinstate the mask mandate for travel. >> carley: alexandria hoff has more. good morning. >> alexandria: when the president was asked about title 42, he brought up the department of justice, which seemed strange, doj had not been mentioned on the issue. here is what happened. >> are you considering delaying lifting title 42? >> president biden: no, what i'm doing is continuing to hear from my -- there will be an appeal by the justice department because as a matter of principle, we want to be in a position if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need
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title 42 that we be able to do that. there has been no decision on extending title 42. >> alexandria: that was confusing in the wake the president had to issue this statement. i want to clarify in comment of the conclusion of my remarks, i was referring to the cdc mask mandate and there is no department of justice action on title 42. his call from both side of the aisle to keep title 42 in place and they want to extend that, some doubt the administration wants a solution to the crisis. here is a take, listen. >> i think the main thing with this administration, they do not have a desire to stop this. this idea that i think a lot of you, you hear a lot of people talking about do this or that, they don't want to do this. they want as many illegals to come in as possible, they
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campaigned on this. >> alexandria: to illustrate how states will be impacted. governor abbott sent ninth and tenth bus to dc, they arrived here yesterday. and mayorkis is concerned about lifting title 42 on may 23rd. axios is reporting he voiced this privately with members of congress. >> carley: thank you. biden administration is -- military aid to ukraine as the war-torn country attempt to beat back the offensive in the donbas region. >> joey: matt finn is live, what you got? >> matt: there is a package for ukraine to continue to fight and protect itself, the package includes in part 72, 142 artillery round o rounds and ghost drones. today is good friday for
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orthodox easter and sunday is easter. condemning vladamir putin, zelenskyy saying putin has little regard for christians because he -- the truce. >> the most sorrowful day of the year, everything you can do in life will weigh less than prayer, except for one, defending homeland, defending brother necessary arm and battle. >> the standoff between -- >> carley: all right, we appear to have lost the shot there, we will get back to matt finn, if we can get him back, this is hugely important and one major thing yesterday, president biden pledging additional $800 million, a lot in heavy weaponry, which is something that as ukraine enters this next
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phase of the war, they desperately need the weapons. >> joey: yeah, talk to cory mills and he owns a defense company and brought weapon necessary for people or materials and the concern people are talking about, we can spend $800 million, can we get it to places that need it, places like mariupol, just a few people are left fighting and what can we do to help the people out. >> carley: great point and bret has been in ukraine and harped on, he sees it on the ground. we are spending billions of dollars -- >> joey: 3 billion now. >> carley: in weapons to ukraine and he says the situation near po upon land is very different than the eastern portion, troops there have much less and the question becomes how does the u.s. handle that situation and the pentagon has come out and said it is not really our
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responsibility to get those weapons into ukraine, that is up to the ukrainians, how do you feel about that? >> joey: two things at play. one is actual fighting on the ground and fate of ukraine, the other is that larger geo-political of when russia fires long-range missile to eastern ukraine, are they sending a message to zelenskyy or everyone else, us included. as someone who served, we might need to put troops on the ground, a lot of red flags come up. >> carley: putin says he will not go into that steel factory, that last strong hold in mariupol, he will -- >> joey: block it off. >> carley: not even a fly can enter, which is -- that is what he's doing, not pulling back, essentially say, we're going to starve you out. certainly need our help. mariupol is an important part of ukraine, if they capture it,
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then they can connect the donbas region to crimea, which would be a big goal for vladamir putin to accomplish. >> joey: absolutely. >> carley: arizona governor declaring a state of emergency -- fire is spreading fast. as of thursday afternoon, wildfire burned 20,000 acres and remains zero percent contained and the fire is expected to get bigger as 50 mile per hour winds are expected later today. >> joey: meteorologist adam. >> that fire and region dealing with dry air, low humidity, anything sparked today, wide area talking about potential for fire weather and looking from new mexico, running up into colorado, these are where the air is driest and winds are strongest. stretch back toward the west and that is northern arizona, where
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the tunnel fire is. conditions are right for wildfires throughout this region. no surprise, when you talk about conditions like this, we have red flag warnings, fire weather across the region stretch intoing texas and up into colorado and toward the east. what they need would be a round of rain or humidity and what you are see suggest dry conditions across the southwest. unfortunately, that will continue here for a little while. the only other thing we're watching, it will be a warm one here as we wrap up the week, temperatures, a lot of heat piling up, running up into the middle 80s, record-breaking highs today, paying attention to wildfires, in the east, nice day. >> carley: did you see this shocking video displayed on johnny depp's defamation trial? we have depp's drunken tirade and disturbing text messages coming up next. >> joey: and elon musk has a plan to keep the twitter
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takeover alive. it comes with a risk. dr. kevin roberts of the heritage foundation is breaking it down for us next.
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>> joey: welcome back, shocking video and disturbing text messages take center stage during johnny depp's third day of testimony in the defamation trial against ex-wife amber heard. >> carley: marianne has more. >> marianne: attorneys confront johnny depp with a video of himself, footage taken by heard and surfaced in 2016 shows johnny depp cursing, smashing cabinets and pouring a big glass of wine. watch. >> did something happen to you this morning? i don't think so. you want to see -- i will give you. here is crazy. oh, crazy. >> marianne: depp admitting to
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sending obscene text messages, let's burn amber, let's drown her before we burn her. focusing onlines of cocaine and depp passed out on a couch after taking opioids. amber heard claims johnny depp head butted her in 2015, the act resdz -- tearing up. depp insists he never physically assaulted heard. >> i was trying to restrain ms. heard, if she's trying to still move around and kick at me, it is not impossible for them to bump. >> marianne: heard's attorneys are painting johnny depp as an abusive -- >> carley: thank you. using collateral, elon musk is
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making 46.5 billion tender offer for twitter, that might happen. joining us is president of heritage foundation, dr. kevin roberts. >> carley: this is part free speech, free business, what does this tender offer mean and where do we go from here? >> mr. musk and god bless him for doing what he's doing, bypass board of directors potentially, from business point of view, he's giving the opportunity to individual shareholders to participate in his buyout of the company. we were frustrated in the last several days when the board of directors gave him the signal they were not willing to negotiate, thereby breaking their for duty, this is musk ratcheting up the stakes on behalf of free speech, we should
2:16 am
not be happier. great move for business. >> carley: putting up $21 billion in ecwit and he secured financing from morgan stanley, bank of america, barclays, this puts the pressure on twitter. what ends up happen something >> i've been optimistic from the beginning and a lot of us at heritage were frustrated when the board came back and they own a small fraction of the company themselves, basically not performing their duty well. so my optimism rest in two things, the first is elon musk is an extremely persistent guy. i think this is the american dream, his taking over twitter. second thing, from business point of view, your first quarter, what this will do, allow individual shareholders to participate. if you are a sharehold sxer seen the price of twitter go up 40%
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based on his original offer, it is no brainer you participate. we are going to see twitter be taken over by musk and his team and i think ultimately we'll see free speech restored. >> carley: getting to the free speech, elon musk says twitter is de facto town square right now, so rules should match free speech rules of the united states. ever since he said that, he's become public enemy number one on the left and in the media, sometimes the two groups are interchangeable. historically, journalists and democratic party have been champions of free speech, what is going on here. >> the underlying part of your question is so good it speaks to the frustration that americans across the political spectrum have and it is that free speech used to not be a partisan issue, but to your point, radical left has taken over the democrat
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party, they are in bed with big business and big government, all that to say this is a great win for restoring free speech to the town square, we do need to think about twitter and other social media platforms as places free speech happened. even though i lead the largest conservative policy organization in the world, i don't think twitter has to be explicitly conservative, just be objective and honor free speech and i encourage mr. musk to add former president of the united states, donald trump, considering vladamir putin and the taliban remain on the platform and he does. >> carley: who do you think elon musk's for twitter is? there are complicated issues and stumbling blocks he will face if he takes over this company. >> there are two quick things, first is he's going to allow free speech to exist, it is
2:19 am
crucial for that to happen in same way universitys and schools used to be neutral platforms. i think there will be innovations of all people he will bring to the platform and has a lot of shareholders excited. in the next week or two, we will see this break in a big way for him, twitter and all of us even if we're not on the platform. >> carley: dr. kevin roberts, great to see you. another member of kamala harris's team heading for the hills, this time it is her chief of staff. cnn is shutting down just one month before it launched. >> joey: joe concha tuesday might be most -- in media history, he joins us live right here next. let's go on the open road with a safe stay! now get double best western rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast!
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♪ ♪ introducing the all-electric chevy silverado rst. the only ev truck that combines: 4-wheel steer a multi-flex midgate and up to a 400-mile range on a full charge and the only way to reserve it is at find your future. find new roads. >> joey: welcome back. vice president kamala harris's office loses yet another staffer
2:24 am
as chief of staff tina forney announces she'll be leaving the administration. harris' office has lost 13 members since june of last year. >> carley: joining us on joe concha, before we get your perspective, the vice president released a statement saying tina has been a valued advisor and confident to me and tremendous leader from day one. she led our team during historic first year as we made progress rebuilding our economy here at home and our alliances around the world. what is your reaction from this? highest level staffer of hers to leave. >> joey: yeah, and you saw that wall of photos you showed before. it is becoming as predictable as sunrising in the east, talking about somebody leading kamala harris's office and we look at that "washington post" ranking that came out earlier this week
2:25 am
listing possible 2024 candidates and kamala harris was not at the top of the list, that instead went to buttigieg. when you are polling lower than your boss and you have likeability problem and issues with basic communication and performance on your job securing the border is going horribly, maybe people don't want to be on a team like that. i would be shocked if joe biden does run, he says he will, if kamala harris is on the ticket. she's that toxic at this find. >> joey: i have a theory, it feels like kamala harris disagrees with her boss as far as what her role should be, you look as early as her latest public comments yesterday or the day before speaking about space, looked severely uncomfortable. the words she's saying are not her words. look at people left, four or five people out of the
2:26 am
communication department, speech writers, what do you think the rub is, where are things going wrong? >> joey: i think honestly, kamala harris, joey, wanted celebrity part of the job and she loves that part. in the end, she didn't want anything done with the border, she compared -- what are you give thering to me, i agree with everything that is happening. yeah, there is severe disconnect between joe biden and his vice president. it is clearly showing now and again, i have never seen a vice presidency go this poorly and talking dan quail type of territory, this is infinitely worse. >> carley: joey -- >> joey: call me joe. >> carley: joseph, so many joes, great name. the network said cnn + was hyped
2:27 am
one of the most significant developments in the history of cnn will shut down april 30, one month after it launched. interesting messaging coming from the network on that front. >> joey: yeah, that is new management talking about the old network that thought this was a good idea. top cook lasted longer than cnn + and this was the most crap toftic failure we've seen out of any major media company and that is saying something, when friends and relatives are your only subscriber, that may be a problem, 300 to 500 million was invested for something that lasted 200 scars. who would pay to watch people they are barely watching for free on cnn. i know you will miss it and joey
2:28 am
will miss it, joes and joeies will miss it, we had 23 days while it lasted. >> joey: content is king and they didn't have it. >> carley: joe concha, we appreciate it. >> joey: thank you joe and he carl and he every name ending in y. >> carley: public is making a comeback in los angeles county. health officials reinstating the rules at lax and on buses, trains and ride share services, just days after a federal judge ruled against the federal mandate. l.a. public health director says the count seadhering to the cdc guidelines which the biden administration is fighting to get back in place. change of heart in philadelphia, ditching newly reinstated mask mandate, the city's mayor says the move is based on decrease in hospitalization and covid cases. one city going back to the mask
2:29 am
mandate, philadelphia, that is big news. when they reinstated that mask mandate last week, everybody said, what is going on here, this is even before the federal judge overturned the transportation mask mandate. you win, we will scrap it. >> joey: when i was growing up, i turned my hat backward, my grandpa would say, you don't know if you are coming or going, that is what the mask mandates are. all i know, i've got to fly out of new york to nashville and the airport i fly from and to will handle this very differently. >> carley: exactly right. when you think about the biden administration and the poll numbers and he is in the high 30s, low 40s, you just have to
2:30 am
oned /* wonder, appealing on a political level, why is this the hill he wants to die on. majority of americans do not want the mask mandate in place. it is appealing to the left wing and cdc saying they want to maintain power down the road 6789 americans don't want cdc to have the powers we lived through. >> joey: mask mandate, fossil fuel, there are things joe biden got elected on that are coming back to bite him pretty bad. >> carley: tenth bus of illegal immigrants just pulled into washington late last night and border crisis surges out of control. former democratic leader from california says she's on the brink of leaving her own party over failure to stop the chaos and she joins us next. >> joey: and nascar returning totalledega. we will check in with him next.
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>> joey: welcome back, good morning. democrats struggling to hold on to latino support, leaving some on the left to warn about putting socialism over the american dream. including next guest former democratic leader of the state senate. good morning. >> good morning. >> joey: to get into this for a
2:35 am
minute, this is not embracing conservative, it is rejecting wokism. where does the thought process fall here? >> nowhere near it is right now, as a democrat, my message is extreme disappointment. i represent east l.a. and whether we are cuban american in florida or mexican american in south texas, nevada or california, we are sending a powerful message to the democratic party that enough is enough. we have choices and are looking beyond the democratic party that no longer represents values that we held as a party of j.f.k., a party of even president obama when he was more aspirational when he first ran. today's party is complete wokism run amuck. >> joey: you are in california,
2:36 am
every state has own culture, california is more left leaning and part of culture, what are values you talk about, democrat party values that are not represented by the squad or more woke agendas. >> in california, one of the most recent polls showed 51% of latinos support joe biden at this point. this is in one of the bluest states. the economy and approach to administration, language, my god, in california, latino community, we celebrate mother's day and two mother's days, birthing people lingo doesn't cut it for us, we are entrepreneurial people. according to small business administration, we find the fastest growing sector of small business owners are latinos. we are interested in prosperity,
2:37 am
we are interested. we value citizenship. we are a patriotic people. we are very much interested in ensuring the democratic party or any party stands for opportunity, liberty, freedom and ability to achieve the american dream, not to be given a handout, but to have a fair opportunity to achieve that dream if we hustle and work hard. >> joey: i have to be honest with you, everything you said sound like it came off the debate stage in republican primary in 2016. do you think latino americans that are entrepreneurial believe in small business and want the government to get out of the way. i'm from a town that is 78% hispanic, do you think they will vote for republicans come november? >> i think everybody is going to be surprised, creasingly over time, we've seen decline of latino support for top of the
2:38 am
ticket, starting with high of obama at 71% down to 59% in the last election for joe biden. increasingly latinos are understanding, we have alternatives, there is no stranglehold on the democratic party. the challenge becomes to the republican party to embrace values and embrace reality that our lives matter, our values matter and to reach out, we are basically free agents in the political game and i think the november elections is going into 2024 are going to change the political terrain in america. look to lat tinno vote and address what we care about, what we care about is what americans care about. we're not asking for anything special, we're asking for common sense, restoration of common sense in what america stands for and what anybody would want to see for ourselves and our
2:39 am
children going forward. >> joey: americans are welcome on my american team, i don't care which party, thanks for coming on today. >> thank you, it is an honor. >> joey: racing fans are revved up for nascar return to talladega as series airs this weekend on fox. >> carley: and lawrence jones is along for the ride, having breakfast with friends live in alabama ahead of the race and he joins us now. lawrence, you got breakfast and racing on the menu today. >> lawrence: you know i love you, do i hear joey jones, my cousin, in the other seat today? >> carley: you do. >> lawrence: he is just doing it all. this is a big event, a lot is happening in the country today, we'll talk with our friends for breakfast. they will be preparing for talladega, the big race right
2:40 am
outside of birmingham. we'll be talking with them all day getting their thoughts on news of the day, what is happening in the country and they'll have a lot to say in alabama. >> carley: absolutely right. have you looked at the menu? do you know what you are going to be eating and specifically we should talk about something more serious than food, too, what sort of topics do you think are on the mind of the folks in alabama, as well? pick your poison which you want to answer. >> lawrence: i'll get to both of them. i always do biscuits and gravy, they are known for french toast. the owner still makes it everyday, no one knows the recipe, i got to try it. number two, the big thing is economy, inflation, what is happening at the grocery store or gas pump dochlt they think joe biden is doing a great job and what is happening at disney? a lot of folks passionate about this, we'll get into this and
2:41 am
have breakfast, as well. >> joey: you're at barbecue restaurant, breakfast time, if you can get alabama white sauce, that is their barbecue sauce, hope they have some there. when you talk to people in alabama -- >> lawrence: joey, as a texan it pains me to try it. >> joey: on a turkey leg, dpa ga has been a hotbed state, alabama hasn't been as purp nel their politics, are people in alabama, you have breakfast with them, are they excited to go vote this november? i think turnout is a big part of this. >> lawrence: it is going to be a heated race and same thing for alabama, it is all about turnout, the president has a lot of crisis he's dealing with from the border to crime to
2:42 am
inflation, what is the main issue that matters to people of alabama and the country at large, that is what we'll be talking about. >> carley: catch the geico 500 airing on fox. have a great morning. bye. former president obama has tough criticism for tech companies, watch this. >> people are dying because of misinformation, we see that our new information eosystem is -- >> carley: some say the former president has spread misinform himself. >> joey: and video shows mike tyson punching a fellow passenger on a flight. >> carley: cheryl casone joins us next. shhhh. i think she's still awake. don't worry.
2:43 am
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when it comes to tech, everyone wants the next best thing. now with xfi complete from xfinity, you can get updated wifi technology with the new tech upgrade program. plus, protection from cyber threats at home and now on the go. so staying up to date is easier than ever. you look great by the way. right? unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. only xfinity will upgrade your tech after 3 years for a more reliable connection. get that and more with xfi complete. upgrade today. >> carley: president biden is in seattle today to push his climate agenda and he has no plans to address the city's surge in violence. >> joey: voters so fed up 67% say they are considering moving out of the city. cheryl casone from our sister
2:47 am
network fox business here with details. >> cheryl: good morning to both of you. the president is heading to seattle for earth day today, doing fundraising while there, of course. expected to talk about his administration's economic success, despite sitting at 8% right now. he will not talk about crime later today during any events, despite the city reeling with aggravated assaults up, homicide up 44%, robbery up 30.5%, local officials say the government is failing the city. >> quite frankly, this administration has really had difficulty navigating through this criminal justice issue. we need to make sure our elected officials are handling situations where they are holding criminals accountable. they are failing to do so. >> cheryl: biden will appear with governor ensley and
2:48 am
expected to discuss plan to lower prescription costs. again, not a word about crime in the city. >> carley: former president obama is making news today. >> cheryl: yeah, the former president pointing the finger at big tech and companies as a problem when it comes to disinformation out there. listen. >> people are dying because of misinformation, we see that our new information ecosystem is turbo charging humanity's worst impulses, close to first amendment absolutist. regulation has to be part of the answer. >> cheryl: the former president was speaking at stanford on that clip, he singled out the tech industry, which i find interesting, seems to be repeating theme for him. >> joey: he took a lot of money from netflix and netflix is not doing so well. >> cheryl: got paid a lot of
2:49 am
money for that speech. >> joey: mike tyson throwing punches. >> cheryl: this is wild. legendary fighter mike tyson could face felony charges, he was seen punching a man on a plane. watch. >> hey, mike, come on. >> cheryl: yeah, he was all smiles @ event at a nightclub unphased, the man was harassing and threw a water bottle before the incident, we'll see what comes from this. >> wild situation, cheryl casone, thank you frchlt actual flight to political one, disney on virge of losing special status allow them to operate like their own government for decades. here to react is a walt disney employee running for congress.
2:50 am
jose, good morning, great to see you. you work for disney. you're a conservative and support governor ron desantis, what are your thoughts on this situation? >> thank you, carley for having me on the show. a lot of controversy and a lot of people in the media say governor ron desantis is going after disney, it is the other way around. disney has been going after the laws and governor desantis. you got to read between the lines, they said their goal was to achieve that goal, they have to get rid of republicans in tallahassee, including the governor and we upon can't allow that. i brought something to show you, i have a picture here, picture of my daughter. she's four years old, i'm a father, i would do anything to protect my daughter. i know the governor is a father, as well, has three young children and will do anything to protect his children.
2:51 am
i applaud the governor for having the backbone to stand up to corporations and protect children in florida. >> carley: this political dispute is about what critics call the don't say gay bill. disney says they doll everything to fight it. you know this legislation like the back of your hand, what is really in this law? >> well, basically says you can't talk to our children about gend er identity. i wouldn't want a teacher asking her, what are your pronouns are you a poi or girl today? that is absurd, it is sad it's gotten to this point. disney stock is going down. a lot of people have asked, why are you speaking against the company, you worked for them. i love the company. the fact of the matter, if i were to lose my job, i could
2:52 am
find another job. i can't find another country. people that should be on the chopping block should be board of directors, ceo and the chairman. they have a for duty to protect stockholders and they have forgot about that. they are protecting feeling of small minority. >> carley: quickly, i got to get this last question in. you're conservative and work for disney, the disney executives were pressured by a group of progressives in the company, how split would you say it is? do you think most disney employees feel they want to fight the don't say gay bill or what is the political makeup of the company really? >> yea, the people fighting are really a small minority, the vast majority are parents and grandparents and there are members of the lgbt community alongside us saying what the company is doing is wrong.
2:53 am
>> carley: interesting perspective. thank you for joining us. growing number of democrats want to keep title 42 in place. there are doubts about ending it, the president is caving to the left again. >> joey: lara trump joins us next to discuss. . .
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ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> carley: border agents and at least 20 fellow democrats are warning president biden of the consequences of ending title 42. but it doesn't seem like he is listening. >> joey: fox news contributor lara trump joins us now to discuss. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> joey: tell us your thoughts. >> all of it is so crazy, honestly. the hypocrisy is really staggering. you look at the fact that, you know, you have title 42 that you
2:58 am
have the cdc and the administration saying covid is over, we can get rid of title 42. while basically in the same breath telling us all that they're going to fight to reinstate the federal mask mandate for americans, none of it makes sense. it's all crazy. and, guys, nobody actually thinks that title 42 is doing anything to prevent the spread of covid. it truly has nothing to do with the pandemic for most people saying same place. it is about the fact that it is just about the only measure that our border patrol agents have stopping people from just completely overtaking our southern border. it's just about the only tool left in their chest. and so, yeah, i think it's nice to see more democrats stepping up to the plate and saying maybe we need to take another look at this. but, perhaps, instead, they should be demanding that we enforce the laws we currently
2:59 am
have in america. man, i hate to remind joe biden the democrats and the entire administration, it is illegal for you to just walk over our border in america, no matter where it is without going through the proper channels. but that is what they are allowing to happen. and you think about how bad it is for the third of the women that are sexually assaulted coming up through our southern border. what about the kids? i thought the democrats cared about the kids. how many 2 and 3 and 4 and 5-year-old kids do we have to see just sent by themselves up through our southern border in the border patrol right now is poised to start receiving 18,000 people per day. if we heard that number per week, we would have that's crazy about a year and a half ago. now that's coming up per day. it's absolutely frightening. you cannot have a country without borders. and so, yes, some of these democrats are worried about their seats. but we need to start seeing people stand up and say let's enforce the law. >> carley: and president biden
3:00 am
is under water in polls on immigration and 26% of support among hispanic voters according to the latest quinnipiac poll you have to wonder why politically he hasn't changed his policy position. we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. happy friday. >> thanks, guys. >> joey: take care. >> carley: great seeing you on "fox & friends first." >> joey: so much fun. >> carley: with that, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> first of all there is going to be an appeal. >> the white house forced to clear up remarks made why president biden yet again. >> answer was about mask mandates but the question was about title 42. >> david bonola. >> the handyman accused of killing a new york city mother and leaving body in a body bag appears before a judge. >> was involved in a on again off again affair. >> ron desantis pen stroke away from


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