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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  April 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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idea, they said yes, i'm going to let it rip. [ sound of gunfire ] >> good shot, back to you. jon: charles watson, that is our "fox reports" this palm sunday april 10, i'm john scott, thanks for joining us. ♪ ♪ [music] trey: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america" we begin with fox news alert russian forces leaving kyiv, preparing for a full-scale assault on eastern ukraine, it may determine the course of this war, which has already destroyed parts of ukraine, taken thousands of lives and is light the russia -- isolated russia from the west of the world.
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boris johnson walked streets of kyiv and vowed to send military department to help ukraine defend itself, last week there were peace talks, that seems like a memo, russia tapped one of the most brutal military officials, known as the butcher of syria to oversee the invasion, we go live on the ground in ukraine with griff . >> we're getting reports that ukrainian media saying there were loud explosions heard in kharkiv in eastern area and down in southern black sea coastal area. russia has a new commander. after failing to take the capital they put alexander
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devonikov, he is known as the butcher. that is as new phase begins, we know that russian forces are regrouching to the donbas area, looking at the convoy of russian forces headed to a city in central what looks like next phase of eastern fight, after we saw a key airport in struck. the desperate, port to get civilians out of the eastern and southern areas conditions. -- continues, it is made more difficult after the attack on the train station. head of international red cross here in ukraine had this to say. >> many consequences, people are more in fear and despair, this is one of the problems, they do not dare to take the train any more,
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this is really difficult, we see them more moving more and more private cars by roads. reporter: this comes after a surprise visit by u prime minister johnson walking the streets. boldly with president zelenskyy, as they talked about more financial and military aid tune of 500 million, the ukrainian forces that have been training in the u.s., since the invasion again, they were already there, are now complete in their advance technical training, their training included on the switchblade drones, those ukrainian troops heading back to the battle feel here. trey: thank you for jeopardizing your own safety to bring us the information we need, stay safe.
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joining us now congressman mike who served in uniform and now serves on house arms services committees, the atrocities seem to be increasing in ukraine, peace talks are a distance memory is there any prospect left for peace? >> you are about to see a new phase of the war, the russians are rearm, refitting under the. >> you eurn the. under the. the new general they will come back with a vengeance, putin will level eastern ukraine. was talking to a number of veterans on the ground, fighting alongside ukrainian special forces. a lot of groups that were heroic in afghanistan have shifted to ukraine. and the frustration level is through the roof, they may
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be getting javelin missiles but they don't get the battery for launchers, they are running out of fuel, putin is targeting the fuel depots. they are not getting supplies they need to take the fight to the russian military in depth, they need to be targeting their logistics right now as they regroup. jake sullivan said we'll help them fight to a stand still, to hell with that, to hell with negotiating and peace table, we need to help them defeat the russians, drive the russians from the ukrainian oil, if
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this continues to a stalemate, putin will keep taking more and more, 5 or 6 years from now lick his wounds and we'll be right back at this. we have to help zelenskyy win, but that is not the objective of this white house. trey: is there any level of -- that might spur them to do more. >> helping zelenskyy win is not their objective, it is fear of escalation from putin, there is no ultimate, do barely enough to help zelenskyy, but we're letting putin set the ceiling of what type of aid we give them. but let's look in contrast to morris johnson, who -- boris johnson who is on the ground, walking alongside zelenskyy, british
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prime minister and he is announcing anti-ship missiles, that ukrainians have been asking for. they are delivering massive armored vehicles. the u.k. stepping up, joe biden needs to step up. trey: i know that u.s. cannot be the world's police officer, i heard that when i served in the same body. >> agreed. trey: but not just police help it is also average of day folks who see actions of dedeprivety and say that is enough, you have nuclear sights that are at risk, at what point do they say, maybe we can't reason with putin? >> you are right, here is the thing, putin doesn't want a war with nato, any
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more than we do with him. deterrents is a two way street, now that we've seen just how bad the russian military is, he couldn't take on 30 nato nations plus the united states, let's give the ukrainians everything they need to win to win this fight. now let is settle into a stalemate where they continue to lose more and more and more of their country over time. trey: thank you congressman, thank you for your service and coming on, on a sunday night. >> thank you. trey: former acting secretary of department of homeland security chad wolf weighs in on the boarder crisis economies next on -- next on "sunday night in america." ( ♪♪ )
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," the number of unlawful immigrants entering the u.s. is in the records, estimated there are more than 2.5 million unlawful southern border crossings since president biden took office: that about the size of houston, texas or chicago, illinois. many believe they are the consequence of the campaign rhetoric. of joe biden and kamala harris, they encouraged people to come across they did. most country believe we should know who is coming and for what purpose, most believe there should be a process for entering. that is logical and emphasis needs of this country, most americans are wondering why
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the people who have been waiting and followed our laws have been denied entry. the pandemic a rules put in place that would stem the flow of unlawful migration, but they are now being relaxed. what about the root causes of migration? what has vice president harris down about those root causes. american people are welcome, of those in danger. but americans do not like chaos. or fraud, or being taken advantage of. to the extent this administration does not get that, i'll bet that message and others will be delivered loudly come november. >> joining us now former acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf. mr. secretary, thank you for joining us. can you give us a sense of
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the size of what is happening in the border? what you think will happen in the coming spring and summer? >> trey, we're seeing a crisis like never before, there is always policy disagreement on border security and immigration enforcement from republicans and democrats. but today with the open-border nature of what is on the border is nothing that we've seen before, we have 180 to 190,000 illegal apprehendtions a month, that is 14 months now, with title 42 removed at the end of may you will see the member continue to rise. what getting lost is this national security threats and public safety threat, border patrol officers, i was in souse security this week. and they -- i was in south
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texas this last week they say 80% of their resources are no longer on the border, they are inside border patrol facilities processing individuals. i can't tell you how dangerous that is at the end of the day that we don't have the officers who are trained to secure the border, out there securing the border but inside of the facilities processing more and more individuals into the country. trey: mr. secretary, i want you to listen to jen psaki, then react on the other side. >> we agree that immigration system is broken, it should be addressed, we should do more to fix it democrats, moderate whatever they fall, republicans, of any flavor who want to work with us on that, we'd love to do that. trey: she is asking for help. mr. secretary, she wants to work with you, what advice would you give her? >> well, i would say, they
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broke it. the biden administration broke an effective immigration and border security regime that was in place at end of trump administration, they gave them the playbook to tell them what is work, you saw illegal apprehension numbers lowest they have been, they threw that playbook out and broke the system, i would recommend go back to the effective programs and policies that work, you don't need congress to acting that would be nice, but in the absence of that, you can do thing, administration has the power to solve the crisis today, they won't make the hard decisions, they won't do the difficult work of deterring, illegal activity on the border, but they have gone back for whatever reason to failed catch and release program. that we know does not work. >> you mention the title 42,
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explain it and the change. >> public health order, we put in place in march of 2020. at height of covid-19, it said we should not be apprehends thousands of individuals in choice border patrol facilities, that has been in place, administration now said in may 23, they will remove title 42. border patrol has been able to remove individuals from the country within 15 minutes of apprehension with fight title 42 about 90 thousand times a month. you will see it come end of may another 80,000 individuals released. border patrol, that is the last tool in their tool belt. we had un-- they
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stopped border wall construction. they are not utilizing the remain in mexico program. border patrol we heard from them, they are frustrated, there is no strategy in place to deal with this crisis when title 42 goes away. and they are left wringing their hands, they have been in the thick of it for 14 months, they are asking, when will there be light at the end of the tunnel. trey: mr. secretary, i hope you join us in coming weeks and months, i believe this problem will unfortunately get worse before it gets better. >> all right, thank you. trey: up next, media was not interested in hunter biden for almost two years, but now "washington post" and "new york times" find religion, sort of. what changed. we break it down next on "sunday night in america." >> tech: cracked windshield? make it easy and schedule with safelite, because you can track us and see exactly when we'll be there.
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than never, sometimes it is too late. when it comes to credibility of new york and dc media, i suspect it is just too late, something has changed. but keyboards the "new york times" and "washington posts" can now all of a sudden type the words hunter biden? why. why now, joining us now host of media buzz, howie. you can take people to when the news was breaking in 2020 as it relates to hunter biden and media response? >> that is a good place to start. luke at way that most news organizations mocked or minimized or blew off hunter biden lop lap -- laptop story, and twitter blocked would not let people share information even in privacy messages was nothing
4:27 pm
short of a major league embarrassment. now "new york times" and "washington post" say, guess what, i'll give them one clap for getting in the game. but what took long. >> i like to ask the why. john, i spent weekend john ratcliffe, he was telling everyone this is not russian disinformation but adam schiff was telling him it was, for some reason, the media went with the russia-disinformation. but why? >> the media didn't trust the trump administration, at that point they wanted donald trump out of office, by and large. not all journalists, but joe biden of the the great hope to restore the democrats in
4:28 pm
power, now he not so popular, we have active federal investigation of president's son, the reason now we're belatedly seeing some get in the game, some are still ignoring it, a couple wrestling with gee maybe we should have done something. is that i think a concern, a fear, that they may wake up one morning and grand jury in delaware may have indicted hunter biden on charges of tax evasion or illegal lobbying or money laundering, all looked at, he may not be charged. if they have been silence on it, they will look really bad. also i think there is a little bit of the blow back from what was once portrait just a right wing media crusade, they got embarrassed in fact, if it was donald trump jr. with
4:29 pm
similar allegations, of course,. trey: you mentioned grand juries, they need probable cause. so for those who are not trained in journalism, what is the standard for deciding whether or not something will be covered, just covered? >> rand jury investigation are secret, that is violated all of the time, with leaks. but you have a prominent person, a president's son would qualify, everyone has known for years hunter biden has a lot of personal problems. it say story, you could put all caveats but "new york times" say suddenly paid more than a million in back taxes, that sounding
4:30 pm
potentially incriminating, but to pretend is didn't exist, it is not just russian disinformation excuse. this is a nonstory a writer for the atlantic said they are not interested. some still have blinders on. some are belatedly recognizing the news value, this is the son of the president of the united states, looking back it would be exhibit a about why media and social media credibility just keep sinking. trey: we need a bold and fair stress, thank you howie. thank you for joining us on a sunday night. >> appreciate it. trey: up next, some democrats, some in media and very small people who hide behind fake names on social media are outrages that a republican senator didn't
4:31 pm
vote for a democrat supreme court nominee, next on "sunday night in america." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in my family it took one generation to go from segregation to the supreme court of the united states, it is the honor of a-time lifetime to have this chance. trey: this week senate voted to confirm justice ketanji brown jackson, joining us now the top republican on senate judiciary committee chuck grassley from great state of iowa. this is an amazing journey justice jackson has been on. but there have been republican nominees that have pretty amazing life stories too. i don't believe that generated a lot of media our democrat support for them. >> looking at gorsuch, kavanaugh, barrett, one democrat voted for one, the rest was all democrats
4:37 pm
against, i don't know why people should be surprised that this is the other way around when republicans come. but there say big difference, look at kavanaugh, they had him how the democrats treated him, you didn't find republicans treating justice jackson the same way, we didn't get down in the gutter like they did with kavanaugh. trey: chairman not a single democrat voted for now justice amy coney barrett, to us she was justs historic, i am left to conclude there is a double stand ard on who the left will celebrate and not celebrate. >> this republican is looking forward, we're looking for someone that wants to interpret the constitution according to the original intent of the writers, and interpret a law
4:38 pm
passed by coming of united states, leave their own opinion out of it, in case of justice jackson, i wrote the first step act, i know it didn't have retro activity in it she read it to have retro activity in it and gave someone a lighter sentence because of it, things of that nature, she sentenced people at the lowest level in the cases which child pornography. we had good reasons for not wanting her on the supreme court. and we need to be proud of her accomplishments, there is no doubt about her credentials, but we want people who will be strict constitutionists. trey: did president biden -- i know you ser
4:39 pm
served together, did he consult with any members on the judiciary committee. do you have any input? >> we didn't get into names but he did consult with durban and i about a week after breyer's resignation was stated. i can't say there was no consultation, but we didn't speak about this person or that person. trey: senator, i knew you when i was there, you have been in the senate for 41 years, you one the most gentlemanly people in pew private and public, it just seems the confirmation process has changed so much, has that been your experience. will we get back to the days
4:40 pm
of overwhelming confirmation votes. >> i can tell you how we get to with we are, not sure about how to get back, between 1789 and 2001 there was not any sort of filibusters about people going to supreme court, and schumer got democrats together in farmington, pennsylvania, brought in lawrence tribe, they decided we'll start taking judicial philosophy into correction, the first african-american woman, janice brown, that was going to be appointed to the dc circuit court of appeals, she did get there a couple years later, but they filibusters her because republicans could not have a possibility of putting first
4:41 pm
african-american woman on supreme court, and estrada had 7 culture votes, he could not be to dc circuit, because republicans might put the first hispanic on the supreme court, it has been down hill since, i'm sorry to say. >> are right. i wish more would remember, thank you for joining us on a sunday night, look forward to seeing you soon mr. chairman. >> thank you, trey. trey: fox news alert out of dc. judge ketanji brown jackson has announced she supporting south carolina senator tim scott in his bid for reelection and likely support him for president. >> not a person watching tonight actually believes that. no one believes justice jackson is supporting tim scott, for senate or the white house. they have different views on
4:42 pm
the role of the federal government, the size and scope of federal government, how to improve the justice system, she is a progressive, he is a conservative, that is why he didn't vote for her last year, and for the supreme court, that is politics, support thoses with whom you are philosophically aligned. it makes perfect sense to most people, what makes no sense is, the left experience when tim scott announced he would not vote for justice jackson. why? why would he vote for someone he is not -- aligned with. then the left tried out the same tired tropes they always use when it comes to
4:43 pm
tim scott, cathy griffin laid in with her normal lack of vo -- vocabulary. and questioning tim scott's race and his blackness and appreciation of history. is he supposed to support someone simply because she is black and historic, is that the rule? tim scott is black and historic too, that does not garner him any support from the left. help us understand that. the left does not vote for tim scott, they say, the ugliest things about him, tell us what the rules are? clarence thomas is black and historic, but i missed the good authorities that left etinged him
4:44 pm
during less latest hospital stay. they were not inlated from criticism or targeted, ben carson was black when he was nominated to be secretary of hud. that didn't people front democrats from voting against him, including a black democrat senator. tim scott treated justice jackson the same way he does every judge, making his decision based on judicial philosophy. why would you expect him to support a liberal nominee. >> cory booker done vote for ben carson that is fine, i didn't expect him too, but senator booker wasn't, and isn't and never should be called the things that tim scott has been called. this is a strange world we live in.
4:45 pm
he can't be a black republican or a black conservative, to joy reeves of the world, you come to south carolina you brave summer heat going door-to-door to elect tim scott because he is black and historic, confident you can lecture us on the needs to support justice jackson, otherwise, shut up talking about tim scott. and quit expecting him to do the very thing that you are never willing to do. joining us now former texas congressman, former cia officer, author of brand-new book, american reboot, will hurd. it is great to see you. we served on two committees, you were always prepared and thoughtful, you took your worker isiously.
4:46 pm
-- seriously, refresh my recollection, did you get a free pass in texas when you are up for reelection eel. >> of course not. trey, the hypocrisy is obvious. this is one reason why i think republicans have opportunities in future elections, with black and brown communities, i represent a 71% latino district. the left said there is no way a black conservative could represent a latino district, i got elected three times, this is our opportunity the left has taken for granted black and brown communities are we talk about education and preparing for kids for jobs that don't exist today that is our opportunity, and far left will wake up one day and relize the mistakes they
4:47 pm
have made. trey: our country is 50-50, your district is 50/50, what did you learn. >> i learned, i talk about this in my new book, our audio and video have to match, i am glad i had role models and mentors like you who did that, what you say need to be reflective in the things you do, that is how i got elected, i recognize way more unites us than divides us. representing a district like mine, i said the same things in super conservative districts that i said in super blue districts it resonates with people, folks are interested in putting food on the table, a roof over their head and taking care of people they love, when you focus on their issues, you will be able to
4:48 pm
trans end the letter litter -- letter off your name, you could grow coalitions, we have been focusing too much on extreme, instead of growing coalitions, we have an opportunity in republican party to grow coalitions went black and brown communities and other communities of color in the country. trey: you served way before you got to congress, cia officer. your friend should love you, your enemy should fear you that sounds simple and profound, how do you see that play out in ukraine. >> zelenskyy is a appreciative of help we have given but said there is a lot more that united states and nato allies can do, and vladimir putin is not afraid of us. he is continuing this invasion of ukraine, continuing to escalate the death that he is leveling on the places.
4:49 pm
this case, our friends are not loving us, and our enemies are not fearing us, this needs to change. you go back to former administration with former head of iranian quds force, he was responsible for date of many americans servicemen, and when he paid the ultimate price, a lot of folks said oh, my god something bad will happen there will be a response, there was not, then at that time we stopped sees the iranian quds force not as active as they were, when you have a foreign policy, that you know that is based on making your friends love you and enemies fear you it starts with understanding and knowing who your friends are and who your enemies and be clear. trey: he won in a 50/50 district here, is black and historic but does not get a
4:50 pm
free pass in any of his reelections, writes about it on american reboot, will hurd thank you for joining us. >> thank you. trey: up next nearly 30% of all missing women are people of color. they only get 7% of the media coverage, rebecca howard will tell us what we can do to help change that next on "sunday night in america." welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ here, you can save up to 25% when you bundle your home and auto. if that's what you're into. click or call for a quote today. (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," black women make up 6% of country population, but they also make up 34% of missing persons in america when black women about missing their cases are rarely covered by media, our next guest lived this her niece disappeared over 20 years ago. we're a nation that wants to help, but we can't help if we never know about it thanks to media companies audibles story tellers, things are beginning to change, rebecca howard, it has been two decades. >> you know, i think at the beginning when i started
4:56 pm
pitching media who were ignoring to make a story. and remember this is early 2000s. on heels of stories like lacey peterson. later, natalee holloway. laurie hacking, there was you would think that that point in time that there was an epidemic of missing white women here, it was to exclusion of young women who looked like my niece tameka, young black women. at first i was -- my back ground is media relations, i began pitching story as straig facts, we were trying to get as much information as we could to bring her home safely. after several months of really getting nowhere, i chairman made pitch a little bit -- i changed my
4:57 pm
pitch. the direct result of laurie hacking going missing during the summer who tameka was missing. i knew i had been pitching the same producers. it no affect, i started asking why we're we ignoring them. tamika became a symbol of gwen called the misses while women syndrome, if i a time media started to tackle that story. with the gabby petito case that i think that media has fallen back to the same
4:58 pm
pattern. it really showed me there is a lot of work to still be done. trey: you know, i am convinced it helped find her perpetrators and bring some justice to you and her family, it is necessary even when it doesn't result in the person returned alive, correct? i think you would agree, it helped in her case? >> absolutely, 100%, one of your biggest tips came from tamika featured on america's most wanted. that yielded one of the biggest tips, you know, you prosecuted her killer, trey. in addition to that, when you have a missing loved one, when you have producers from cnn --
4:59 pm
and msnbc and fox news calling to get more information, it pushing it. i to believe that it would have taken us longer, it was 15 months before we had a resolution. it would have been longer without the attention we evenly got. trey: rebecca. we have about 45 seconds, you tell people that have someone they care about missing, what to do, what agencies can they use? >> i think one of most critical organizations that has been started is black and missing foundation, if you have a -- or anyone out there supporting them, this is critical to helping the
5:00 pm
families hopefully have resolutions in their cases. >> rebecca, you are the reason that tamika's case was solved. i believe that, it is wonderful to see you again, i am sorry we met wait we did. god bless you and thank you and good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is next. ♪ ♪ mark: hello america. i am mark levin, welcome to "life, liberty and levin." let me tell you a story. when i was in elementary school, 8 or 9 or 10 years old, i was a safety, i don't know if they still have those. you would wear a white belt, over your shoulder across the


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