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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  March 15, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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going to continue. tomorrow on "special report," reaction to the address, the congress by ukraine's president, thanks for inviolate us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and more than ever unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. jess thank you so much, bret. that was a great tribute. ♪ >> jesse: joe biden and vladimir putin share something in common. they are both running into some problems at home. and both men are using similar tactics to hide the truth. we expect that from the russian president, not our president. but start in russia. putin can't keep a lid on reality during a war. this is 2022. the dam is cracking. check out this news editor who crashed a live broadcast to let the russian people know what's
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been going on. more on this in a moment. but, putin has run into resistance everywhere so he is cranking up the propaganda to levels we haven't seen since 2014. when he invaded crimea, he putin kinis started popping up all over the beaches. russian women were seen sporting putin bikinis to push patriotism and show support for russia's interest. and now putin is looking for new sources of disinformation. russia is paying young russian tiktok stars to push his talking points. the videos follow the exact same script like a kremlin press release, actually. watch.
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>> where did putin get this idea from? well, maybe he was watching the biden white house. for the last year, the biden administration has been using idiotic tiktok videos to push, for instance, vaccinations on kids. >> bing bop are you vaccinated? >> yes, sir. >> hey, yep. >> did we get it. >> we got it. >> hi, my name is cooper and this is a day in my life as a white house intern. >> we have come a long way in our fight against this virus. we have vaccinated 106 million americans. are you getting this all down? >> don't worry queen, all are here. >> things are gotten pretty bad politically for joe biden since then if you can imagine. so he asked actual teenagers for help, that's right. he invited 30 tiktok stars to a zoom call for a briefing on the war in ukraine. well, the real goal was to push partisan government propaganda
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and the kids actually did it. >> we are seeing the united states sanctions on russia work. russia's economy is in free fall, the ruble is at its lowest point. >> a no-fly zone is more equivalent to boots on the ground military action. >> the type of action would escalate the war further and cause far more damage. >> russia is one of the top three producers of oil. putin is starting this horrific fight between ukraine and russia. nobody want to work with him to do international trade. people war and limited resources prices are bound to go up as well. >> jesse: instead of inviting american energy ceos to a white house meeting, you know, to figure out what the hell is going on with gas prices, joe is inviting teenagers over for a little propaganda party. the kids are very easy to manipulate. and biden knows that. so instead of fixing problems, biden just gets puppets to point fingers. tiktok is full of kids making
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stupid videos, swallows tide pots, putting pennies a electric socket or setting things on fire or just dancing. ♪ dancing queen ♪ young and sweet ♪ only 17 ♪ >> jesse: the president is using a dance app. for disinformation and tiktok is owned by the chinese. chinese communist government controls a large stake of the company. even biden's propaganda is made in china. maybe the reason biden is turning to teenagers to push his little propaganda is because the mainstream media won't do it for him that much anymore. remember nancy pelosi told the press they needed to do a better job of selling the democrats' agenda at the end of last year? well, clearly they didn't listen. hosts aren't falling in line like they used to anymore. watch.
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>> if you look at the numbers, inflation really started to rise almost exactly when biden came into the white house. >> 'putin thought trump was really that supportive of him, why didn't he invade when trump was in office? that's at least worth asking that question if you are not locked into one intriangle jent thought. >> apparently saudi arabia won't pick up the phone for the president of the united states you know what? you can say what you want? but this would have never happened to donald trump. >> jesse: when joe doesn't have the media to say nothing is his fault he uses child allege tores. what type of topics were come up on this tiktok zoom call besides ukraine? , the russia hoax. >> the best antidote to disinformation is the truth. if you look back at 2014 and frankly even 2016, when russia
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invaded ukraine and then in 2016 when they, you know, of course hacked our election here, it -- we did not do that, right? we did not -- we did not [inaudible] information. >> but biden couldn't even convince all the young kids to sell that. one of the young guys on the call with the white house told "the washington post," quote: the overall tone of the briefing was too soft. and that officials dodged hard questions. felt like a press briefing for kindergartens. and speaking of kindergarteners this white house has a history of using them. >> my mom was a scientist and i just love the idea of exploring the unknown. >> we just haven't figured out or discovered yet. wait until they see the moon. i don't know what it is about those craters on the moon.
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again evening president biden's not even made in america. "saturday night live" dumped on the stunt. >> thank you for coming and answering your nation's call in a time of need. >> sure no problem. >> i'm 12 i. >> i want to thank my press secretary. >> i suggested it as a joke and then it actually happened. >> people are saying this is a first war fought on tiktok which is tough for me because i'm the land line of presidents. >> the sad reality is, this isn't funny, it's insulting, also, the similarities between american left wing ideology and russian statism is pretty striking. we showed you this video before. russia arresting people in the media for speaking out against the kremlin now. vlad created a law to ban people from spreading what he calls fake news. does that sound familiar?
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democrats in the media spent the last two years advocating for that. they have been consistently trying to silence conservatives and call anything they don't like misinformation. the liberal media has been calling for a silencing of fox since russia invaded ukraine. because apparently if you ask questions and raise issues outside the mainstream, it must mean that you're the enemy of the state. or now even calling for the justice department to go after tuck and tulsi gabbard and shut them up. >> what tucker carlson parrots every night on fox news, what tulsi gabbard is spreading is actually helping putin get away with criminal acts against innocent ukrainian civilians. >> i think doj and the same way that it is setting up a task force to investigate oligarchs should look into people who are russian propagandists and shilling for putin. that being if you are a foreign
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asset to a dictator, it should be investigated. >> they used to arrest people for doing stuff like this. >> jesse: every american should be wondering why our white house and our democratic party seem to be mimicking putin's propaganda style and seeking out ways to silence free speech. what exactly are they afraid of? tulsi gabbard is a former presidential candidate and former congresswoman of hawaii. tulsi, it is striking when you see putin propaganda and you line it up against biden propaganda. do you think that we're at risk of kind of moving in that direction right now? >> we are moving in that direction, jesse. your question there, what are they so afraid of? they are afraid of the truth. they are way frayed of even a single voice coming out as challenging the power elite,
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questioning them, daring to hold a dissenting view and they are afraid because their arguments are so weak that they know they will not withstand the light of the truth. and this is why we are seeing not only fill most of the mainstream media, very vigorously defending and mush pushing the biden propaganda, it's not enough, they are going to youtubers, they are going to tiktokers, it's not enough that they also have google and big tech basically working for them and with them to control what information we see and what information we don't see. none of this is enough. because they won't stop. and it's not just the biden administration. it's not just democrats. it's the power elite. it's the neocons and neo libs working together to make sure that every single voice in this country, anybody who has got a platform is spowding their narrative that they want people to see and hear. their propaganda. and this is what is so dangerous about the place that we are in right now. as a country.
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where this idea, this principle, this foundation of freedom of speech. freedom of expression is directly under threat and under attack. you are right. it's not so different. what is happening here is not different than what is happening in russia. where you have state tv and state controlled messaging across the board. this is where we are at. jess it worked so well for them during covid. if you questioned anything, they wanted to knock you off social media, they wanted to get you in trouble because you were seen as a danger to other people. now they are trying the same playbook with the war in ukraine. if ask any questions. if you say hey maybe the no-fly zone is not such a great idea or express any sort of reservation about launching into a land war in asia, that's now something we are not allowed to debate. do you think that really shows how weak their arguments are? because if you are confident in your argument, you know, hey, let's hash it out. we are measures, let's debate this? we get the best idea and put it
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forward. isn't that how it is supposed to be? >> that's exactly what our founders had in mind for this country is the strength of this public discourse. the town square. people being able to argue and debate and actually their ideas and their views and maybe finding hey there is strengths here and weaknesses here let's come out with the best possible solution that serves the best interest of the american people and our country they are afraid and afraid to argue substance one position or another because of the weakness of their position. instead of saying let's have a dialogue debate and discussion, they instead immediately resort to name calling, smears character assassinations silencing and censorship. that's not who we are as america and that will undermine our democratic republic if it's allowed to continue. >> jesse: i agree. american people are not
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obstacles. that's what they think we are. we are not obstacles. tulsi gabbard, thank you. >> thanks, jsy. >> jesse: let's turn to senator josh hawley member of the judiciary committee and armed services committee. well, your reaction. >> let's start by saying this shows how incompetent president biden is, jesse, that now he is asking teenagers to do his job for him. think about that for a second. this is the president of the united states. it's bad enough that he is going around begging dictators to give us oil because he won't allow americans produce our own energy, now he is going to actual teenagers and begging them on a chinese owned social media app. to do his job. i have never seen anything like this. you cannot make this stuff up. secrecy jess what do you think about the china angle here? we went over to the chinese and we asked them hey, can you stop russia from invading? here is the intelligence. and then they just shared it with the kremlin and now we are using their technology which people think they are using to
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spy on us to push our own propaganda. what is going on in the white house right now, senator? are you worried? >> i am worried. and this is a white house that is fundamentally unserious when it comes to the china threat. they don't understand the china threat. they haven't taken it seriously. and, listen, i tried to get tiktok banned in this country until it was sold to american company or another company that was walled off from beijing. the truth is beijing has a back door into tiktok. all of the data that tiktok collects on you if you use it, the beijing government, the communist chinese party can see it and use it this isn't an app. that anybody ought to be promoting let alone the president of the united states. so, it is incredibly irresponsible. it is like him sharing our intelligence with chinese officials, which he apparently did. so i just -- it's a pattern here where this white house doesn't know what's going on. they blunder from one chaotic moment crisis.
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wild stuff. senator josh hawley thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> jesse: remember how this whole ukraine thing started a few years ago? the man who discovered hunter's laptop is on the run now. he is afraid for his life and he joins us next. ♪ where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? does it float off into the clouds? daddy! (frustrated grunts) you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go. it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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burisma brokering deals with sketchy foreign agents and setting them up with secret meetings with his dad who was vice president? was he saving 10% from the big guy? we don't know what we do know is that joe did threaten to withhold a billion in aid from ukraine unless they fired that ukrainian prosecutor looking into burisma, his son's company. luckily for us, we have been able to connect the dots to all these revelations that came out of the laptop from hell. that laptop that had been dropped off at a computer repair shop in wilmington, delaware. before the owner of the shop john paul mcisaac saul all of hunter's dirt and took it to the feds. the feds did nothing with it, of course, they were too busy framing trump, so he called rudy. and the rest, as they say, is history. but now mac is paying a heavy
4:22 pm
price for it as soon as it leaked he became the target of death threats and his store was getting vandalized almost every night for to the point where mac feared for his life and had to have an officer parked right in front of his house every night. things got so bad that isaac had to flee from wilmington, delaware, leaving his business and his life behind. now he is on the run. john paul mcisaac is joining me now from an undisclosed location to tell us what went down. it's crazy we were just talking about how are there is all these wild similarities between russia, the united states with the propaganda and the cancel culture. almost like you are not even living in america? >> well, thank you, jesse, for having me on tonight. yeah, i will tell you, it's definitely not what i grew up in civics class.
4:23 pm
this is not the country that i expected when i went to the fbi i was expecting to completely different outcome than what has happened. and i have seen that across many branches of government and agencies. >> are you scared for your life? >> i was, it's hard to remain scared for so long when then you replace that with frustration and then a drive and motivation to fight. so it's -- i wouldn't say i'm scared. i'm cautious, but i'm not scared. >> do you think these crazies that have come for you, do you think they are just crazy people that were, you know, triggered by this left wing misinformation and politics or do you think there is actual players in the business that don't want to see you do your thing initially and
4:24 pm
most recently being will labeled a russian hacker that set everybody off. most people were talking about how the criminality of what i was involved in or i was being a criminal or i was engaged in criminal activities or engaged as a agent for russia. i get it, it's a free country, people can scream and shout all they want. it's when they come into the shop and without a computer that's when i get a little nervous or when i got a little nervous. >> jesse: seeing all the news about ukraine and knowing the laptop and all the things you have seen and heard over the last couple years, what are your thoughts on the current situation? >> it's hard to tell. i mean, last time ukraine was in this -- or close to this kind of situation, joe biden was in charge. and now he is in charge again.
4:25 pm
and last time joe or at least hunter profited greatly off of his dad's direct involvement with ukraine. i think this time around, joe needs a distraction more than he needs money. >> jesse: do you think this was engineered as a distraction or do you just think this is kind of happened because of vlad and this rush to war? >> oh, i would hate to think that the ukrainian people would have to suffer the way they are suffering now because joe needed a distraction, so i would hate to think that. >> jesse: i think joe needs to step it up and calm things down over there apparently they won't take his calls. so, that's a problem. well, thank you very much john paul mac isaac, you are a brave guy and we wouldn't have known a lot of this corruption if it
4:26 pm
wasn't for you, stay safe. >> thank you for having me on your show. i appreciate you taking the time and letting me keep my story going. >> jesse: thank you very much. russia wants to take back alaska plus my plan to save ukraine.
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the international fellowship of christians and jews is on the ground in ukraine right now responding to this devastating crisis. the current situation here is very critical. there is a great concern for the more than 200,000 jewish people who desperately need food, medicine and emergency supplies. your urgently needed gift of only $45 will help rush food, water, medicine and emergency supplies for one suffering jewish family in ukraine who has no where to turn. the fellowship has been working here on the ground in ukraine with our trusted partners for over 30 years.
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4:32 pm
dozens. the shelling of the capital has become more systematic the buildings left for burning wrecks. meanwhile a little bit of a relief for people in the port of mariupol 20,000 people fled cars along the humanitarian route. some 400,000 remain there with barely any vital services. 2300 are feared dead. talks today between ukraine and russia described as difficult. and here in lviv, there was a solemn funeral today for four soldiers killed in the stepped up missile attacks on targets here in the west. shelters busting with refugees and hospitals filled with wounded. incursions by russian forces feared from the north. the mayor of the city telling us they could win if they had more help. finally, jesse, i would like to add my own condolences to the families of fox news cameraman
4:33 pm
pierre and sasha. pierre and i worked together for more than 20 years. he was a great cameraman. he was a suburb journalist and he was a dear, dear friend. he will be sorely missed. back to you. >> jesse: yeah, our thoughts are with pierre and sasha. thank you very much, greg. the russians are showing no sign of slowing down. putin's spin doctor ohleg is now demanding reparations for, quote the damage caused by sanctions. the russian is calling on the united states to hand over alaska and california's fort ross which was a former russian coal lone back to putin. a russia state tv host doubled down threatening those who sanction russia with nuclear attacks. we know russia's tv pundits get their talking points straight from the top. so how serious is putin about taking back alaska by any means?
4:34 pm
well, joe biden is on his way to brussels next week for a big nato summit where he will read a speech someone wrote for him and hopefully biden doesn't sell alaska back to the russians. but biden's folly is expected one way or the other. as we know, he has been wrong on every major foreign policy issue over the last 40 years. he is expected to announce more than a billion dollars in military aid to ukraine tomorrow which is good. providing them with more javelins and stingers, which they desperately need. but maybe we should send lori lightfoot instead. we saw how she handled the italians. maybe she could show the russians who is boss. remember, she has got the biggest blank in chicago. those were her words. meanwhile, ukrainian president zelenskyy's coming to the slow realization that his country was never going to get a seat at
4:35 pm
nato's table. >> ukraine is not a member of nato. we understand that. we have heard for years that the doors were open. but we also heard that we cannot join. it's a truth and it must be recognized. >> jesse: shortly after these remarks, poland called for a nato peace mission in ukraine. quote: protected by armed forces. sounds like a recipe to drag nato into full blown war with russia. this comes as the capital is slowly being surrounded and russia's navy is barreling down on the key ukrainian port city of odesa. satellite images show a fleet of at least 14 russian warships charging right towards the city. but the people of odesa aren't backing down. they are strapping up, barricading their streets and are ready to defend every inch of their homeland. >> do you think can you hold back this russian offensive?
4:36 pm
>> sure. we have already shown since 24th that we are holding back and we kick some ass, sorry. we kicked some ass. >> jesse: general jack skeen four star general and fox news strategic analyst. what do you make of this polish idea for an armed peace keeping mission? do you think that shows a united nato or not? >> it's an idea that's not going to work. putin is not going to tolerate nato forces on any dimension coming into ukraine. that would lead to a war. i mean, putin is determined to collapse this country. he is not even going to tolerate a humanitarian relief more mariupol, as well-intentioned as it is. even if it was driven by the u.n. and why is that? the simple reason is putin's army is struggling to defeat the ukraine military. we have been watching it now for
4:37 pm
close to three weeks. but where putin is succeeding is he is attempting to defeat the ukrainian people by slaughtering them. and slaughtering them in those cities. he is not going to let relief take place of what, for him, and this is something we have to accept, as horrible as it is, slaughtering those people is indeed a military objective for him. he believes by doing that it will force the collapse of mariupol, the leadership will eventually collapse, it will force the collapse of kyiv. why does he know that? because it has worked before in check that in 2,000 and also for a couple of years in syria. this is the russian way of war. so these other ideas as well-intentioned as they are, are not going to work and putin will not tolerate them. >> jesse: we have a short window, general, before the capital is surrounded.
4:38 pm
and we had on general keith kellogg last night who suggested and i agreed with we should be saying maybe some patriot surface-to-air missile systems or at least the s-300s the russian made batteries. because that way they can intercept these missiles, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, they can shoot down fixed wing aircraft. don't you think we have to get more of those into the country, the stockpile in the ukraine running really low and they are having to ration them in the east. but if we could get some missile batteries, you know, into the capital at least, that could really protect that hostage crisis that we're about to see within the next two weeks or so. >> yeah. two types of defense systems for our audience to understand. there is the stinger missile system and other ones like that. and they go out about 3,000 meters. so that's not very far.
4:39 pm
and an aircraft has to be fairly low for them to deal with that but it's a very effective weapons system. and when the russian does a lot of gravity bombing, they are not guided by g.p.s. they have to get low. so they're vulnerable. that is a very good system. but when you are dealing with missiles, ballistic cruise missiles and also dealing with high performing aircraft dropping g.p.s. bombs from altitude what the stinger cannot defeat that so that's when you need a more sophisticated defense system that is controlled by radar and has command and control. i don't believe we will ever give them patriots because there is things in our patriots we don't want them to have. but there is su 100s, 200s, and 300s that they have been asking for, jesse, and we haven't been giving them in the degree that we should. and they know how to protect it. because they still have some of their original systems alive. and that would absolutely have a
4:40 pm
significant impact on these air bombardments of the cities. for the life of me, i don't know why we are not more aggressive with doing this. i mean, the mission for us and nato is not to prevent world war iii or an expansion of the conflict. the mission here is to save ukraine. >> jesse: right. >> and help them defeat the russians. that is the mission. so we should be all in. everything that they need to include the migs. >> jesse: and the antimissile battery. i mean, those are defensive weapons technically. so i mean what are you afraid of? >> absolutely. >> whose are necessary. all right. we got to get that up to the white house. it takes joe a little while to figure these things out. thank you very much, general. >> yeah. great talking to you, jesse. thank you. >> jesse: thank you. joe biden is putting america on a diet. that's next. !
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>> jesse: americans are starting to feeling the impact of this inflation beast. the cost of just about everything is up, energy, meat, paper towels.
4:46 pm
for some americans, the cost of living is unmanageable. think about it. if you are a big family who was already living paycheck to paycheck before this crisis, how are you going to keep food on the table now? take a listen. >> right now almost $100 to fill up my tank. >> going to the supermarket, things are almost double the price. it's getting a lot more difficult. get cars for people that i know is trying to get cars. a lot more everything is more. 100 percent. >> what was a dollar is now $2 or a dollar 1.50. >> i was actually talking to my manager where i work and how that may possibly impact transportation prices for tickets and fares, trains. >> goes up to 6 or $7 then is it even affordable for you to even go to work. >> it's all a surprise. and it hits you. it's like hitting your pockets.
4:47 pm
it's making you mad. >> jesse: inflation it is making that guy mad but it's making the rest of america skinny. the "wall street journal" interviewed a retired airplane mechanic this week who put it this way, quote, uncle joe has put us on a diet. i like to have a steak once or twice a month. i can't do it now. the biden administration's only solution to these high gas prices everyone just go electric. but evens that is more expensive now. turns out tesla is hiking its prices. a base level model is now 57 grand. don't worry, even if biden is dropping the ball, congress is focused on what's important. like today the senate passed a bill to make daylight savings time permanent across the united states, which we support but, seriously. also today, the biden administration announced its support for the crown act of 2022 what is that? well, the bill would prohibit
4:48 pm
discrimination based on hair texture. okay. dave ramsey is the host of the dave ramsey so. what do you think, dave? >> that's depressing, isn't it it in the island of misfit toys at work up there oh my gosh. man, i just came back from the gas station a minute ago filling up my truck $100 almost my goodness. dave ramsey almost went in debt. it's bad out there. i will tell you, man, people are scared. and, you know, when you fill up your car and when you go to the grocery store and you are starting to see these inflationary numbers, it is really scary. and people are having to really pay attention. tighten their budget. actually do a budget. they are having to cut out a lot of things. and this is the result of increased labor cost. you know, we wanted this universal wage and now we pay people $20 an hour at target and so guess what? those items on the shelf at target now include that cost of
4:49 pm
labor. and that's part of this inflation. and that was caused by this labor disruption from biden bucks setting people on the couch not doing anything bribed off the couch back into the workforce and cost of labor has gone through the roof and reflected in all of those goods and services. and then, of course, is he messing with the supply on the oil all in the name of green policy agenda. and, you know, you cut the dadgum supply off, the cost of -- the price goes up. it's a supply-demand curve seventh grade economics. drill in my backyard, dude. let's wring it get back to domestic production again and sustainability where this country can stand on its own auto two feet without having to depend on russia for our gas and our pumps. >> jesse: dave, obviously you did not watch the tiktok video and you don't get that this is all putin's fault. how could you not have paid attention, dave? >> ha ha, i guess i was asleep during economics class.
4:50 pm
[laughter] yeah,. >> jesse: that was joe biden's. >> it's a problem. and, you know, part of this is biden's fault. part of this is the flow through from the pandemic and everything else. but truthfully, all of this energy cost is all on the white house. it is policy driven economic nightmare. >> jesse: it sure is thanks so much. dave ramsey, check him out. while we have all been focused on ukraine, radical teachers have been busy messing around with our kids. ♪ unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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4:56 pm
senator attempts to wage warfare on the children in the classroom, watch. >> today is a teacher workday. that's what the shirt means, right, teacher workday shirt? the one with the booty on the front? this is appropriate. >> i usually love my job, but lately, the one driver that doesn't listen pretty much made it so i can't go to work. >> if you were bad for critical race theory, how would you continue? >> i will be gone, i guess. there is a teacher shortage, so i will find somewhere to to do the same thing. >> joining me as matt walsh, host of the matt walsh's show. they are throwing it in our face, is that how you feel? >> especially when you see how they are dressed and how they
4:57 pm
look. the teachers look like librarian but now they look like drug addicts and carnies. which is a total moral anarchy in the public school system. also the fact it is overrun by the leftist radicals because guess what, when you look at all the stuff happening on college campuses and the crazy marxist students and everything to console ourselves and say, give it to the real world and they will change. no, they came to the real world and became teachers. and this is what we end up with. >> jesse: they put it out all over social media, those criminals that commit crimes and take pictures of themselves with the stolen merchandise and put it on instagram. do you worry that the country is so focused on ukraine that the left is doing stuff behind our back? i just saw the other day that they just announced biden shattered more illegal immigration records. like he doesn't support anybody. nobody has been deported and he has not made any arrests.
4:58 pm
i worry about that. do you worry about that? >> i certainly do worry about it. of course, things happening around the world are always going to be important and all of that, but this is stuff that is happening right now. in the school system, we have 50 million kids that go everyday in these indoctrination cams, not just public schools but private schools are in a much better. you may be worried what is happening overseas in other countries, but this is happening in our country right now. the kids are being subjected to this every single day. for that, imagine sitting in a classroom with somebody like that every single day seven hours a day, five days a week for so many years. >> jesse: carnies, that is a good way to describe it, matt walsh thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> jesse: tempered text, we have jay from holbrook arizona when biden said he was the only guy to go toe-to-toe with putin, i guess no one told him playing footsie doesn't count. good one.
4:59 pm
marcia from erie, pennsylvania said does ukraine have a constitution? if so, the president has done more to uphold and defend it than ours has an hour is over 200 years old, go figure. jim from missouri, where has the squad been during this entire ukrain situation? that is a good question and we will have an update on that. mark from montana, democrat plan, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with stupidity. well said. we have jack from river grove, illinois, i question whether the democrats are in charge as i have yet to see the adults enter the room. elda, l.a., biden isn't going to cure cancer. he's going to cure obesity too. nobody can afford food anymore, and you have to walk everywhere because you can't afford gas. the biden diet. that is a very good line, the
5:00 pm
biden diet. doing less with less. i like that. stephanie, tampa, quires your hair so messy tonight? very tom cruise. don't offend my hair. remember the biden people just put out a bill about that. he can't discriminated against. check out "tucker," he's up next. ♪ ♪ >> ltuckerl0 : good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we keep detailed daily count and recheck this morning and believe it or not this week is the anniversary of the coronavirus. the first mast quarantine and american history. if you look back, you will be struck how much has changed since lockdowns began. think back to the america you grew up in. there are things you knew about it, it


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