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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  February 22, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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day? we bring in anywhere from 5 to 12 million barrels a month. still do. last, andy asks how do you control the panelists when they take too much time on a subject do they have an ear piece where where a producer can tell them to wrap it up. yes they do. they try not to. they being like horses they get it thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. i did not wrap up in time. jesse watters a couple seconds late. >> jesse: i will dock it from the next show. thanks, bret. we start tonight with a fox news alert. ukraine is on edge as russian tanks and military equipment have been rolling into the region. this comes as urk is seeing an uptick in violence along its eastern border with new reports of casualties. fox news correspondent trey yingst is in ukraine and he is here with the latest. what else going on, trey? >> jesse, good evening, today russian lawmakers voted to support a request by president putin to use military forces
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abroad. now, the move is once again raising questions about whether or not putin will launch a full-scale invasion into ukraine. earlier the russian leader spoke extensively about these separatist controlled areas of eastern ukraine that he chose to recognize last night. saying his decrees apply to the constitutional borders of these regions. this is significant because it means that putin is recognizing land that is currently controlled by ukrainian forces. >> as long as there is an ongoing conflict by this decision we are making it clear that, if necessary, we intend to stand by our obligations. >> overnight military equipment started rolling through done dod luhansk. this is being spun as a peace keeping mission by the russians. make no mistake here in kyiv this is seen as coordinated invasion into ukrainian territory. violence continues to erupt
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along the line of contact with a power station taking a direct hit earlier today. three more ukrainian soldiers were killed since last night. now today i spoke with a ukrainian defense minister and asked him about the military presentations for this country, he didn't go into detail simply responding we are ready. jesse? >> jesse: thank you, trey, stay safe sought there. as putin makes moves, our leaders are struggling for answers. joe biden spoke to the american people today and seemed detached. >> russia has moved troops closer to ukraine's border with russia. russia's naval vessels are maneuvering in the black sea to ukraine's south including amphibious assault ships. missile cruisers and submarines. russia has moved supplies blood and medical equipment into position on their border. you don't need blood unless you plan on starting a war. >> jesse: this does feel like a war has begun. it didn't take long for americans to feel it in their bank accounts.
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global economy shuttered. and oil is close to 100 bucks a barrel. gas prices up nearly a dollar a gallon since last year and thist you, was today. and it is just the beginning. >> defending freedom will have cost for us as well and here at home. we need to be honest about that. we're closely monitoring energy supplies for any destruction. this will blunt gas prices. i want to limit the page to the american people are feeling at the gas pump. >> jesse: biden says he has a plan. i hope it's better than his plan to crush the virus. right now, looks like putin gets ukraine and we get higher gas prices. we at "jesse watters primetime" wanted to know what the american people thought about this jump at the pump, so, today, we hit the streets.
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♪ ♪ what do you think about these high gas prices? >> i think they are ridiculous. >> they are ridiculous. >> insane. >> too expensive. >> it's a lot. >> [inaudible] for us. >> it's horrible. it's 5.29 near here. i can't afford that. >> how much does it cost to you fill up your tank? >> my tank? 80 bucks. >> over 100. >> about $100. other places cost about 50. >> $60. >> $110 for regular. >> russia just invaded ukraine and the gas prices are going to go up big time. what's joe biden do? >> resign. >> you think about the people living in america, that's it. >> we definitely have to quell it because if this keeps happening, we are going to have to park our cars. >> he is going to do these sanctions on supposedly, right? russia? but that's not going to help us any because the prices are going to go up. >> the gas prices are already up a dollar under joe biden. >> way more than a dollar.
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it is double. it's definitely double. >> what has he been doing wrong? >> everything. maybe he could wake up. >> we have a whole list. >> he is focused too much on big ideas and his legacy and less on what's hurting the individual consumer every day. >> he needs to really focus on what's going on over here as far as inflation, prices, everything is going up. i don't think biden is really focusing on the real issues of what americans need. >> how much more can you take? >> i think of it now. that means i didn't take a lot more. i'm [inaudible] >> if that happens i'm taking a bus or a train. >> not much more. and i guess the rich don't have worry about these things. >> any message to joe biden about the gas prices. >> focus on america and forget
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about everybody else. >> take care of america and all americans. >> don't let the gas prices go up. >> get them lower we don't believe in russia and ukraine. can you definitely leave office that would be great. >> jesse: people don't care about russia or ukraine the way the europeans do. we care about our money and our borders and our safety. we just want biden to do something for us for once. not as donors not the allies and his family members. just once for us. he is begging the saudis to throw him a bone and pump some more oil. but they are standing by their new friends, russia. and giving us the middle finger. so joe is running out of friends and options. he spent years telling us he was putin's worst enemy. >> fact is that i have gone head to head with putin and made it clear to him we're not going to take any of his stuff. >> putin knows if i am president of the united states his days of tyranny and try position intimidate the united states are
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over. i'm going to stand up to him. is he a bully. >> that's just tough talk. that's all that was. the minute joe got into office, he dropped sanctions on russia's pipeline to germany. and he killed our pipeline from canada. >> i have been opposed to nord stream 2 from the beginning. but it only has -- it's almost completed. by the time i took office. go ahead and pull sanctions now, i think counter productive in terms of our european relations. they know how strongly i feel. and, um, i hope we can, um, work on how they handle it from this point on. >> jesse: biden also signaled to russia that a minor incursion into ukraine may not really be that big of a deal. remember? >> russia will be held accountable. if it invades and it depends on what it does. it's one thing if it's a minor incursion and we end up having
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to fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. >> jesse: vlad noticed that he noticed how we left afghanistan without honor and expertise. putin decided to invade ukraine after witnessing that mess. putin telegraphed his imperialistic desires, george bush saw it obama saw it now it's happening under joe biden. he went into georgia. crimia, and ukraine. but the media blames this latest invasion, you guessed it on trump. and we'll get to that a little later in the show. russian troops have already invaded the pro-russian regions of the ukraine. so how much further into the country are they going to go? and will russia go into poland or the baltic nato nations? and at what point are we going to start sending large numbers of americans to nato countries? well, according to the "new york times," it's already started. with biden sending a thousand
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thousand to 5,000 american troops to eastern european countries with the potential to increase that number 10 fold if things deteriorated officials said. those 5,000 troops from the 82nd airborne division have already been deployed to poland where they are bracing for the worst. and prepping to process thousands of refugees who, i'm sure, biden will fly right here into america. but if biden increases their presence 10 fold, that means we may have as many as 50,000 troops in eastern europe on high alert. so if putin continues his dream of patching the old soviet empire back together, are we prepared to risk our sons to fight a ground war in eastern europe? over a nation like estonia? that's a very legitimate question and it's not an easy one. nothing against the wonderful people of astonia, i mean, that country has the same population
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as maine. we have a treaty, i know. if article 45 is triggered, what happens? are americans behind this in 2022? at a certain point when do the nations of germany and france step up and police their own continent. biden is running out of time. lucky for us he has one option left. he can call in the one man out there with long-time experience in the region. someone who knows the ukraine inside and out. someone who knows european energy policy and has done big business with moscow. ladies and gentlemen, i think it's time to deploy america's top diplomat hunter biden. here now maria bartiromo, host of mornings with maria on fox business. all right, maria. what should the america -- i know, we are just teaysing. what should the american consumer expect in the next
4:11 pm
couple months if this thing keeps going sideways the way it looks like in europe? >> well, look, jesse, that for having me tonight. i think that we all should be expecting much higher oil prices. markets react immediately to uncertainty. and typically what they do is either push prices higher or push stocks lower. until they understand what is exactly taking place. and i think what we see taking place is vladimir putin keeping joe biden guessing. keeping him on the ropes. look, we have seen really no response from the united states the executive order that the president put in place last night largely meant putting sanctions on companies that already are sanctioned. those two major banks are already facing sanctions from the crimea invasion back in 2014.
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serious move on business and serious moves on minerals and mining. pretty much what vladimir putin is watch something a weak response from the united states we can do what we want to do. all this as oil prices move higher and our adversaries are empowered. i'm not just talking about russia but also iran. it looks like we are imminently getting back into an iran deal but they have been making billions in the black market as prices of oil skyrocket. russia as well. by the way, the united states is also reliant on russian oil. we have doubled our imports from russia in the last year. no question why president biden is begging opec and others to pump more oil, particularly the saudis as you just said spot on in your opening monologue. >> jesse: maria, are you saying that these big, big time
4:13 pm
sanctions that biden announced earliyier today with these russian banks we already had sanctions on them. are you serious. >> there were already sanctions on those companies and there are right now 8 companies, 8 russian companies sitting in investor portfolios that are sanctioned, are on the commerce department's entity list because of the invasion into crimea back in 2014. so, one thing that has not come up is the capital markets angle. what about pushing back on these companies that are russian companies that are investiture portfolios. capital market lever to pull and pulling the lever on oil is the most important that would hurt russia the most but we are not doing that either. >> jesse: and we know we are kind of in this jam, the europeans, especially, because they went all green. they got rid of the nukes. they stopped exploring for national guard. naturalgas and stopped coal. they are hooked on russia's
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pipelines and now going to get eastern europe carved up and can't do anything about it. does biden understand that? i don't think he understands that. >> i don't know if he doesn't understand or if he doesn't care, jesse. i mean, look, talking about, you know, canceling the certification of the nord stream it part-time line that wasn't supposed to happen until the summer. it's wiggle room to change the actual certification date which was in the summer. also, when you take a look at coal, which you just mentioned, russia is in business with china on coal. you know, you talk about the ccp falling into line with the biden agenda. it's not going to happen as it relates to climate change and getting rid of coal plants. russia is building up coal plants they just did a big agreement with russia to produce more dirty coal. meanwhile, the president is
4:15 pm
attacking west virginia coal which i'm told is actually cleaner coal than chinese coal. and the production of coal in russia. >> jesse: they have been tougher on joe manchin than they have been on vladimir putin recently. >> that's correct. >> jesse: maria, you want to talk about fox nation "killer raps." talk about that quickly. >> we have a great special dropped this week on fox nation. it is all about the destructive policies that we see on social media. look, on social media there are so many destructive policies that are working against children and we point those out because, unfortunately you go on youtube and you can find how to about anything ohio to, i won't even continue the sentence you know what i'm talking about, and this is led to depression, it has led to unfortunately parents say suicide. so we are taking a look at some of the destructive things online that children are faced with we
4:16 pm
are also talking about the potential for legislation. i spoke with marsha blackburn the other day. she said to me look she is expecting her bill along with richard blumenthal to come to the from for a vote to actually make social media accountable for some of the things that are out there. for example, real simple, all of these crazy challenges that you see. a challenge to swallow laundry detergent? a challenge to jump out of your car while your vehicle is moving to land on your feet and dance? a challenge to see how tight you can put a belt around your neck? these things are still out there and they're all over social media. so we are zeroing in on and also zeroing in on social media's role in the open border. and there you have got drug cartels using tiktok to lure in teenagers. they are basically saying here is $1,000 a head. be the get away car. no matter that these kids don't have driver's license. that's why they're basically
4:17 pm
jamming 10, 12, 13 people in a car so they can make 13 grand and then falling over and tipping over in a ditch and people are dying as a result. so there is all these indirect things about social media as well. called killer app. on fox nation right now. >> jesse: thank you so much. maria bartiromo we will check you out on fox business as well. thank you. all right. so what we know after this russia situation puts the culture war in perspective. another monologue next. ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them.
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>> jesse: sometimes a real crisis helps us focus on what actually matters. for years americans have been at each other's throats we have
4:22 pm
been trying to cancel podcasters and fixated on statues canceling comedians for jokes. arguing over the definition of a man and a woman. fighting these stupid little culture wars over, what? skin color? demanding attention because our feelings were hurt? the ruling class distracted us with shiny objects, kept us all divided bias these hoaxes. until one day we woke up and he we realized something who the hell care if someone's feelings are hurt when millions of us are being physically hurt millions are getting financially hurt. children are being psychologically hurt. the country was contract ised while the country fell apart plagued by crime, gas price pain, masks still on, cost of living up. and now it's all about to get even more expensive because a war could break out. the biden family got rich in ukraine but are americans going to get rich? no. we are going to get hurt.
4:23 pm
big tech got rich during the lockdowns, did you? big pharma got rich and you got lied to by the cdc. they hid the data and pushed boosters for money. if you questioned this, you got canceled. so this political corrupt garbage it's over. that woke dog won't hunt. after facing real hurt from crime to covid to the cost of living, we don't care when someone's feelings get hurt anymore. people are shooting at us in the cities. they are starting to shoot in europe. biden could blunder us into a war there. just after coming up out of a snap recession and a pandemic we might get dragged into a war over a nato member that most americans can't find on a map? it's unbelievable. americans need to demand answers and fire every single expert. every single politician who keeps bungling us into crime waves and lab leaks and wars and
4:24 pm
recession. why the hell are so many smart people so damn stupid? joining me now michele bachmann dean of the robertson school of government at regent university. i usually don't get upset about much bachmann but i'm upset i don't see this going very well over in europe with joe biden in charge. do you? >> well, we saw his foreign policy genius displad displayed last august when he left 84 billion worth of the finest most advanced technical equipment on earth and he handed over bagram air force base to the chinese no, i don't think so a lot of people are real happy right now or have confidence in joe biden's foreign policy expertise. we know he has been a complete failure at the economy and if he brought his report card home now to dr. jill, she would be giving him an f on economy, f on
4:25 pm
foreign policy, and i think that's why republicans in america have about a 7% confidence level in joe biden. he has completely cratered with independence in this country. democrats don't even like him much. and the fact is he could turn this around on a dime it's actually pretty simple. because we know from reports that i saw the years that i was in congress america is a number one country in the world, bar none. we have more energy resources than anyone else. god bless america more than any other country. and president trump legalized american energy uction r. production only two years ago paying $2 a gallon for gas across the united states. now look what it is. it's as high as it been under
4:26 pm
2014 under the obama administration. this didn't just happen. this is intentional but the good news is, this is totally reversible. if joe biden would just decide to make america great again. jess he just froze oil and gas leases on federal prices and the saudis told him to go smoke one when he asked them to boost production. we will see. i think it's going to get a lot more expensive. michele bachmann thank you so much for coming on "jesse watters primetime." >> you are welcome. >> jesse: "jesse watters primetime" investigation next. the big business from profiting off white guilt.
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>> jesse: tonight we're going to following the money and expose people. these people call themselves anti-racist. you may have heard of ibram x
4:31 pm
indy. he says in order to be truly anti-racist you also have to truly be anti-capitalist. turns out he loves capitalism as about as much as milton freidman. kendi has made hundreds of thousands of dollars from his little white guilt shakedown just in april last year kendi was paid $32,000 for hour long lecture on racial equity at the university of virginia. that comes out to about 500 bucks a minute. in september, he raked in 43 grand from the university of wisconsin. 60 minute speech. a little meet and greet, anti-racist workshop, airfare and meals were covered first class all the way, baby. robin d'angelo the head haunch
4:32 pm
co-of it all got rich by calling whites fragile and crazy things like. this i will never forget asking a group okay what if you could just give us feedback on inevitable often unaware racist assumptions and behaviors and i will never forget this black man raising his hand and saying it would be revolutionary. and it's like take that in. i want all the people to just take that in. revolutionary that we would receive the feedback with grace, reflect and seek to change our behavior. that's how difficult we are. >> wow that's how big a hole we are. >> jesse: wow, jimmy fallon turns out making $728,000 a year. that's just in speaking fees. she is charging anywhere between 30 and 40 gs a speech. just an hour where she calls whites racist.
4:33 pm
and even makes money advising companies on white fragility and charging up $16,000 a sess so you may be asking who would pay for that? just so you get the idea? the bill gates foundation and amazon are some of her biggest clients. they are buying racial protection maybe not sure we don't know. maybe they like to be called racist. then there is nikole hannah-jones the creator of that 1619 project. blame her for the critical race theory thing in schools. so just so happens she has a $25,000 speaking fee. show up for an hour, you give her 2 5g. just last year she was paid $50,000 by the oregon state education department for two seminars where she criticized martin luther king's colorblindness. and these three are just the tip of the iceberg. there is a whole industry based
4:34 pm
on diagnosing and treating the existential crisis of racism in america. read a couple of books, take a few crt studies courses at harvard or vassar, learn the code words, do the work. acted you, too, can go around lecturing employees at fortune 500 companies on their lunch break and get paid handsomely doing it like many big businesses. and this is a big business. the critical race theory industry is a cynical one. the weight loss company doesn't want you to lose weight. they want you to keep buying their shakes. the cigarette company doesn't want you to quit smoking. big tech doesn't want you to log off. as long as the american public feels like it has to wash away its original sin of racism, critical race theory irss will continue to make money hand over fist and why mess up a good thing after you don't kill the
4:35 pm
goose while it's laying golden eggs. you don't stop drilling a well when it's still full of oil well unless you are joe biden. people like kinde and d'angelo aren't selling you a solution they're selling you a problem. it's one that can never be solved. that's the point, isn't it? they don't care if their teachings make the world more or less racist. they only care about line their own pockets. institute fellow and author of diversity delusion. i didn't understand they could get paid this much by calling people racists, heather. i should be doing this as a side hustle. why haven't i figured this out? >> well, leaving aside kinde's anti-capitalist hypocrisy you have to admire his genius in monetizing himself. the favorite charge is the $5,000 to spend 45 minutes meeting and greeting with
4:36 pm
wisconsin college students on top of the 40,000 he was already charging the school for the imagine any if i sense of his presentation. >> i expect him to start charging $500 per jim tressel fees e is billing himself out at 10 to 20 times the rate of top partners in corporate law firms and he doesn't even know anything. now, collectively paying out a -- millions of dollars to be harangued about racism is not the behavior of white supremacists. indeed, this entire industry is founded on a lie. there is not a single mainstream institution is not twisting itself into knots to hire and promote as many blacks as possible. anyone who works in a corporation knows this. anyone who works in academia in media in banking knows. this if there is not proportional representation throughout the economy the reason is the vast academic skills gap a black 12th grade reads at the level of the average white 8th grader.
4:37 pm
do not possess partial mastery of math kills. that's the problem that we and people like kinde should be talking about. the problem is not racism but they have made it taboo to talk about these issues. the only allowable explanation is racism. as you say, jesse, it's incredibly lucrative lie. >> jesse: horace, do you think so the companies and the colleges know it's a little bit of a shakedown and they're just like, you know, buying some protection or do you think they actually want to feel guilty and they want to hear it for 40 to 50 gs a pop? >> there is no doubt that we are flag-waving culture where when you highlight issues of race people think they are going to have to stand up and salute smartly. here is my problem is, this isn't anti-racism discussion. this is racist discussion. if you listen to. so nonsense and a lot of it is nonsense that these presenters
4:38 pm
bring to the table, it includes things like assuming certain things about people solely because they are white. and solely because they're black. we used to call that bigotry when that was done instead of recognizing that people are individuals. now, it's lucrative for these individuals to do these things, but, it would be lucrative, too, if this were 1920 for david duke to do this. the only difference is most people of good sense and goodwill understand they shouldn't say that and they shouldn't pay him. >> jesse: like assuming i'm good at squash because i'm white. not very good. all right. thank you, guys. the media has found a villain in the ukraine situation and it's not putin. right back. ♪
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>> jesse: for four years the only words the media knew were trump and russia. >> the president is a russian operative. >> this include russia co-collusion will hang over time. >> will american intelligence. >> we're about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia wants. >> the presidency is effectively a russian op. >> jesse: of course that was all bull. and if you needed any more proof, just look at what russia did before and after trump took office. they took crimea under obama and they are invading again now that biden is in the white house. but i'm confused. wasn't joe biden supposed to be the adult in the room? the strong leader with decades
4:44 pm
of foreign policy experience? wasn't he the guy that would clean putin's clock and hold him in check? biden spent a month doing everything he could to stop putin from invading and putin invades anyway. but the media has found the true bad guy in all of this. and i think you know who it is. >> why didn't putin do this during the trump administration because he thought trump was weakening ukraine especially on these grounds. the problem of ukraine being unfortified dose back several years and much of the fault lies in the trump administration. >> go back to the trump years because that's when ukraine became so politicized. there was one call in particular that so-called perfect call that trump had, you know with zelenskyy which, you know, certainly tell graphed to the kremlin they could do with wanted with ukraine that america would not stand up. >> so why are we listening to these people? joining me now co-host of "fox &
4:45 pm
friends weekend" pete hegseth. all right. pete. it's clear the russia hoax is officially dead. that doesn't fly here now. but they are confused because the media wants more. wants war. they like war. they think they can be tough. fantasizing and fetishi zemplet. i have never seen the media so confused on what to say, you? >> pete: no, i haven't. they want to talk about the war, you are right. they do fetishize it don't have to cover the domestic side of joe biden's presidency not to mention afghanistan. and when you look ultimately -- i'm a simple guy on stuff like this. you laid it out in 2014 that was obama, that was crimea. now it's 2022 and now it's eastern ukraine and that is biden. it was 2018 and 2017 when donald trump said you shouldn't do this
4:46 pm
whole nord stream 2 thing. not a good idea that you would be dependent on russian oil vladimir putin is going to use that as leverage and they go ahead and kill the keystone xl pipeline and approved the very pipeline that makes europe more vulnerable. here is the reality. the vladimir putin lives rent-free in the minds of our media of the american media. no organism. no entity has done more to spread russian propaganda and to prop up the strawman that is vladimir putin than our very own media. and donald trump was happy to troll them on it as he continues to do to this moment because they can't resist it and they will obsess over it they know at the end of the day when you look at the facts, you know, remember cnn likes to talk about an apple is an apple. you look at the facts. the reality is under the weakness of obama and biden, vladimir putin took advantage. and he saw a peer in donald trump who is unpredictable and willing to defend american interest and he backed away from
4:47 pm
that. >> jesse: we are not blaming the american presidents for putin doing what he does. putin does what he does but, it's stupid to blame donald trump when he is the only president to not oversee a russian invasion of another country. pencil pete thanks as always. >> pete: thanks, jess. >> jesse: what the heck is aoc doing? ♪ ♪ new vicks convenience pack. dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. vicks super c is a daily supplement with vitamin c and b vitamins to help energize and replenish. dayquil severe is a max strength daytime, coughing, power through your day, medicine. new from vicks.
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go to and see how golo can change your life. that's . >> jesse: we are two months into 2022 it's been a long year, gas, criminals, expensive running loose inflation out of control. one thing clear americans stressed out. don't worry aoc doesn't have policy solutions for our problems but she has solutions to deal with stress. just dip your head in a nice bowl of ice. >> okay. 5, 4,. >> good job, good job. >> oh. am i supposed to do it again. >> yeah, supposed to keep doing it? >> how long. >> like multiple sets. >> okay. >> go for as long as you can.
4:52 pm
>> 3, 2, 1. >> jesse: you guys get all that? next time some deranged frozen guy stabs you outside a gas station, take a little dip, you will be glad you did. joining me now fox nation contributor raymond arroyo, all right, raymond, i think america should all have our heads in a bowl of ice right about now. >> jesse, my favorite part of that clip is when she goes oh, oh, like she is just swam the 800-meter decathalon or something. i mean, this woman, she is worried about inducing she -- she is a stress inducer. this is a stress inducer with lipstick every time she opens her mouth, democrats and republicans are reaching for the cold baath. -- bath.aoc as laura in2k3wr57e is the thought leader of the democratic party. joe biden is so infeeble so this
4:53 pm
wokeness that pal james carville has warned the democrats. this is going to destroy their prospects in this next midterm. this is why in the generic ballot they are down 12 points by letting aoc spot off about this is the last week jim crow is returning to the new yorker magazine and then she attacked the nypd for arresting thieves saying oh it's not them, it's the system that created them. give me a break. this is -- the only people who would be willing to accept this kind of leadership are people who should put their heads in bowls and stay there. >> jesse: thank you raymond arroyo, everybody. a gigantic bear won't stop committing crime. who is going to bring him to justice? that and your text messages are next. ♪ ♪
4:54 pm
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>> jesse: we have seen smash and grabs. we have seen home invasions and now the animal kingdom is taking part on the prime wave. a big, old bear is on the loose for us, california. and he's ransacking the heck out of cookies. breaking news correspondent, trace gallagher. >> because california come a lot more concerned about the buyer than there is for the dozens of homes he's broken into, ransacked and damaged. the bear is exceptionally known as "hank the tank" 500 pounds, 200 pounds heavier than most black bears and 400 pounds heavier than some. in fact, the wildlife refuge surge say stevie clear of's homes.
4:59 pm
would like hank to steer clear of people's homes, because he's getting so fat, they worry about his health, although hank's defense, he does move like a 30a small window but fish wild and life officials say trying to torment and bring sirens but no luck him of course they shouldn't have to deal with hank at all because he supposed to be hibernating but here is a homeowner so a very awake hank in the backyard, watch. >> speak why think it is hank the tank. >> eight, 10 pounds. i can't believe you are fat
5:00 pm
shaming the bear, unbelievably, thank you, trace gallagher. time for some text, global new jersey, a nonpolitical question. your hair is never out of place. what gel or mousse do you use? that is a trade secret. i can't tell you. tucker carlson is up next and remember i am jesse watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. since the day donald trump became president, democrats in washington told you a pay truck duty to vladimir putin. it is not a suggestion but a mandate, and treason, many americans have obeyed this directive with vladimir putin and maybe you are one of them. he is the central purpose of policies, the


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