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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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learn all about president trump's greatest achievements during his first term. that's why we're giving away the kids going to president trump for free. this one guy will help your kids to understand everything president trump has already accomplished for america. what's more , it's sort of a very special gift model that includes the three kids magazine and a free video lesson to learn more in order visite gifts until just three trump guides .com that's retail guide .com m and good evening and welcome tucker carlson tonight. so much drama. you can't say we're notghgh a learning a lot though. and one topic we've learnedal a lotly about over the last year is russia. and the reason we've learned about it is because w russia isr joe biden's number one favorite topic of conversation. joe bidenon talk about russia fr ever meaning in his case for up to four minutes at a time which at this stage is joe biden's version of a filibusters.
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you may have asked yourself when will joe biden ever stop talking about russia will very soon, actually . in fact, he seems toe be losing his train of thought right now. but don't worry, he'll be back to it. russia is a very comfortable topic for joe biden.ta he enjoys talking about it much more than talking about, say, inflation or crime or fentanyl deaths or about how halff the population of haiti appearsa to be showing up in floridath in leaky boats. thoseos stories may interest yoy since you live thi in this cound but not joe biden. despite appearances, biden doesn't actually live here in his head . joe b joe biden is floating high above the sea azoff swoopingso in over southeastern ukraine like a botox superhero just to make sure everything's okay with his little buddies. the ukrainians joe biden to protect her that way. but he's also at the same time a scholarr and a teacher, not a credentialed educator like the doctor he's married to. joe biden didn't go too community college in delaware for a doctorate in diversity studies. he's justty a civilian. but biden can still lecture with the best of him. if you signed for his info to russia is bad class c this semester, you will not be
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disappointed. professor biden knowspp that material cold. so what have we learned so far ? well, first and foremost, russia is that's the name of the course the entire syllabus actually it may be the only fact you willy c come away with after months of heavy coursework, russia is bad. learnu n th that the exam now te clear, we're talking abouter russia here. n we're not talking about the soviet union. there's a difference. and joe biden's been around long enough toou knoww what tht difference is. he's seen it firsthand. the soviets wantedd peace. joe biden told us thated repeatedly in the seventies and eighties russia, nt by contrast, just wants war . the russians are warlike people inherent russians are driven by blood lust. they have tiny brains. me their breath smells like herring. they're always drunk off and on d aftershave household cleaning products on sunday mornings when good people are still sleep at home with their families, your average russian will still be lurking through the dark streets, leering through bloodshot eyes, trying to subvert somebody else's democracy or conquer a peace loving neighbor antichild russians
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. it's what they do. but if there's one thing you absolutely must know about russia, you're going to navigate this world. that thing said on february2, 16th, 2020 two vladimir putin is going toad invade our closesi ally in the world, ukraine. so write that down. d february 16th. 202020 two ukraine invasion begin. that'sine sion a day joe biden n very clear about that . h so the intel agencies, of course are stenographers in the news media as politico put quote, russia willl start a physical assault on ukraine as soon as february 16th. multiple us officials confirmed a physical assault. but this won't be your typical physical assault like the kindbw you've experienced in the new york city subway. no, according to politico, this physical assault quote could be preceded by a barrageat of missile strikes and cyber attacks. so these are just gang members. they're russians. the daily maile confirm tool politico is reporting quote putin has decided to invade ukraine on wednesday. read the headline brits and americans told to get out
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now a that same day, the mirror in london let us know they hadth seen vladimir putin's planning documents and operation. ukrainian democracy was already in motion quote russian invasion of ukraine set for 3:00 a.m. tomorrow with missiles and tank attack. so february 16 twenty twenty two is definitely the day the music was going to u die in ukraine. everybody knew that , but weirdly nobody thought to tell the president of ukraine who iso an obedient puppet oft the united state department you might think would have heard the news. but no, he had he was baffled. he said this quote we are toldh that february 16th w will be the day of the attack. we'll make it a day of unity. the relevant decree has already been signed. on this day we will hangna national flags, wear blue and yellow ribbons and show the world our unity. that was president zelensky. dd now keep in mind, in addition to being a puppet of the british administration, a president zelensky of ukraine was also at one point a lowls grade comic of some kind.e.
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so he was kidding. that was a joke.edia, but in the americann isan that there are no jokes. humor has been banned forik several years now in this point and we're likely to hear a joke on a russian news broadcast that on american television, which is pretty amazing if youam think about it. things have changed in case the readers of teleprompter on our tv channels did not get this joke at all. so here's the coverage c they produced. >> this is cnn breaking news. we're>> back with more onbr the breaking news just out of ukraine. president zelenskye. saying ukraine has been informed that this wednesdayor the 16thay will be o the day of the attack. ukraine's president zelensky addressing his nation today about reports intelligence picked up that actual date for an attack of wednesday, telling them w that he is told that february 16th will be the day of the attack.. president's zelensky saying that his government has been told february 16th will be the day of a possible attack
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today. defiant ukrainians celebrated a day of unityan. there had been reports and intelligence warnings that today, february 16thh might be the day of the invasion. of course, that's up toim vladimir putin. >> will ukraine be ready with vladimir putin? they didn't get it was a joke. u sos it put us in a very weird position where suddenly we were being lectured on humoran by eastern europeans. think about that for a minute. >> zelensky staff issued a statement explaining that actually he was kiddinghe. so some of these outlets had to update the reporting that they were clearly annoyed with zelensky quote, ukrainian leader makes confusing joke about russian invasion harumph new york magazine. but here's the funniest partew f there was no invasion february 16 . 2020 two was yesterday. nothing happenedd. vladimir putin did not invade ukraine. now joe biden noticed the lackio
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of an invasion.owledge it. he didn't acknowledge that . he didn't sayay a word today he was back on television assuring us onceel again the invasion is coming. >> how high is the threat ofn this right now it's r very high very low because they have not had they have moved into the south and moved more against number one . number two, we have reason to believe that they are engaged i in a false flagn operation to have to go in every indication we have prepared is the same attack, the same for you. and i'm not going for i have no plans to call slgelatoti their finaln.. w soho here's a guy who's literaly wearing a mask outside assurings us that he's sane and on the ball enough to know when putin is going to invade ukraine. but of course he's gotten it wrong.
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what's going on here? well, the most obviousla explanation is the mostna it's the most obvious one doddering old joe biden knew even beforede he was seen i wasre widely considered a in washington has been played by vladimir putinma who may be evil but definitely is not stupidy. o if putin bluffed an invasion of ukraine to make biden lookcu ridiculous, it worked. maybe there was something else going. maybe putin still plans to invade ukraine. it's hard to know.w. butt as you just heard joe biden doesn't know because he refuses to talk to the russians. the russians are too immoral for joe biden. that's saying a lot coming from a former credit card lobbyist who helped run america's most corrupttp r state. butt according to joe biden, vladimir putin is not someoneec you can ever talk to becauseauou he put bounties on the lives of american troops in afghanistan. how does joe biden s that happened when he got it from the very same people who spent all lastth month o telling us that putin was going to invade ukraine on february 16th here? rep our new report says that russia
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offered afghan militants m bounties to kill u.s. soldiers administrations non reaction. cnn massina reporting cited a source asserting that the cash rewards did lead toea coalition casualties not so long ago in a land not so far away, there was a republican party that would have confront russia for putting bounties on the heads of u.s. soldiers to say nothingng of putting bounties on american troops. it's unbelievable. i mean, he has still yet to say anything about president usd,ec about bounties on american . >>psps so t the most discredited people in the world weighingg in with total certainty on the most important topics. if you were to.if y sumou wer un the moment we're living in , that's how you describe it. everything that is toldev turned out to be untrue. they were lying. why were they lying aboutue that ? well, of course. , to keep us in afghanistan forever. why would they want to do that , you ask? we weren't achieving anything. obviously the second we left the taliban took over and
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became one of the best armed militaries in the entire region . we were doing wasn't working but they didn't want us to leave. they willing to lie to t keep us there. why?y? well, we don't have any special intel, but we're thinking maybe the defense industry, s profligate campaign donors may have had something to do with it. here'so richard blumenthal off connecticut explaining that actually ukraine needs a lot more lethal weapons from raytheon. watch. impressedmiply with how resolute and determined people of ukraine are. they are courageous, they are steadfast and they're going to fight in the streets their neighborhood feels if we give them the arms that they need. and that's why i've also urged the javelin missiles, the stinger missiles to combat their tanks and their aircraft . so that guy who lied about his war service is pretty excited at the thought of ukrainians fighting and dyingtht in the streets. thesehe people are so ghoulishe and of course they're promotingt war not to maintain a democracy
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that is ukraine. ukraine is a not a democracy. it has never been a democracy n in its history and it's not now it's a client state of the biden administration. it's a place in which opposition media and opposition political candidates are completelydiic shut down. but the government is not a democracy at all and it's insulting. otthey suggest otherwise. but people like that and many people in washington are pushing ukraine toward war .ar so we're sending them weapons and then making it very easy for them to use them. they told us now for months that any preemptive attack by ukraine actually isn't real. if you see ukraine using theses, weapons. no, says tony blinken, that's on aggression. >> a it's a false flag attack by russia. russia plans to manufacture a pretext for its attack. this could be a violent event that russia will blame on ukraine or an outrageous accusations that russia will
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leveled against the ukrainian government. we don't knowent. exactly the form will take. it could be a fabricatedca so-called terrorist bombing inside russia, the invented discovery of a mass grave, a stage drone strike against civilians or a fake even a real attack using chemical weapons if they're doing it, use chemical weapons but it won't actually be them. it'llil be those diabolical russians from going aftershave once again, there is zero evidence that any of this isue true . this is clearly some sort of. intel op that's being filtered through the state department and the media and. but yety' for months now u they tell us russia is definitely in a manufacturingy pretext for ukraine invasion. finally a loan ap reporter bravely asked how do you know this ? and the immediately accused him of working for putin is prettye much the only reporter who asked a question like that .
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and there's a depressingir irony to that .th matt taibbi put it very nicely this morning in a piece w on subste that quote a big reason we're supposed to be an improvement over putin's russia ,taibbi wrote, is that we don't use the news media as an instrument of information warfare. atat least russian reporters don't have much choice being conscripted for this duty. what'sut the excuse of westernes broadcast cia gibberish on command? well, that's a very good question and the answer is they have no excuse. joe kent has lived with the sad consequences of lies likee these. he's a formerem member of a the army special forcesrm. he's also running for congress in washington state. of course we're rooting for he joins us . thanks so much for coming on . so nobody on this show is pretending to know what russia's going to do ordo what ukraine is going to do. but our job is to spot lying and it's very easy to spot it in this story. r no,he absolutely. this is the same rhetoric the iraq war .o it'sc really tragic to see
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that our elected officials are ruling class. our national security so-called adults in the room have learned absolutelyclna nothing that we learned over the past two decades of continuous combat, especiallyly the lies that got us into a war in iraq. o so just thank god right now weis have independent journalists, we have social media, we have the work that you're doing nd peoplen call these out and call them out for their lives because right now biden's political machine is willing to drive us into a war to divert from his failings here at home at the behest of the military industrial complex. you know, i've heard peopleel describe the intel community as the fourth branch of government. i thought it was anen overstatement. then i see mouth breathers like tony blinken just repeat see ite talking points clearly directly from the cia briefingy. reporters do the same talk show hosts do the same. poor old joe biden has no idea what he's saying, butre he's repeating the same lies it does feel like a lot of our foreign policy is controlled by people we didn't vote for in the inv intel community. it really is. and these so-called intelligence experts, they're completely and totally uncreative. they'reth not offering any actul
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solutions. all they're saying every time there's a problem ath is that we just need to go to war at t the behest of the military industrialhef complex when what they should be doing is offering ground truth and saying, hey, we have otherth options here. we have economic power that we can use. they should beey doinge doing eg to prevent us from going to o war as opposed to everypp time defaulting to the onet thing that has never worked and will be absolutely a destructive for not just our country but for every country. and that's war . yeah, you lost your your wife l in war. os so i think you know a lot about this topic. i hope that more elected officials will start saying what you just said. joe , thanks so much for coming on tonight. thank you . so canada's descent intoot total tyranny continues tonight . one of the organizers ofgh the freedom the convoy has just been arrested and what pretextual disagreeingst with justin trudeau no longer allowed. plus the pause that refreshes. finally, sam is back . america's favorite judge, magistrate, doctor face offr. just want to thank you for
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right. call 800 people zero two one zero four oh .
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so justin trudeau is now the unchallenged dictator ofed n canada. democracy has been canceled in that country, trudeau declared martial law. our state department saidour ththingst about this would suggest they're in favor of it, which should tell you a lot. trudeau has begun orderingof the arrest of his political opponents. at fox'ss chris gallagher is tracking that for you personally. and one ofse those people, tucker , a is chris barber. he has been a trucker for twenty eight years and is an organizer of the freedom convoy tonight he was arrested in downtown ottawa while walking with friends. he did not seem surprised. is we in fact, he told his friends to call his wife and to postarrest his arrest o on social media. here's the thing. we don't know why he was arrested. he is in jail, but there are hundreds of other protesters in downtown ottawa that are still free. even police have notthat f saide what chris barber is wantedrhe for, but here he isre h on tucku twock weeks ago watch. wewe were the ones like
10:22 pm
the frontline workers, like the medical workers, like law enforcement. ofwork right from the start this pandemic and all the way through it we were we were heroes back then and now we're w zero. so we've decideded it's time to put our foot down updates on his arrest as they come in . >> meantime,an the canadian government is not only using powers it has neveras used, it's expanding those powers for the first time ever. canadian pm justin trudeauhe implemented the emergencies act, giving him control over travel, the right to assemble and now ordering banks to freeze the accounts of the freedom convoy. no due process, no warrants, nor nothing. remember lasthe week when a gofundme account supported the truckersgo and it raised nie million dollars and then was quickly suspended? well,$9 m m those donors decided too fund the protest using cryptocurrency. so the canadian government is now using anti money laundering antiterrorists financial rules to crack down on cryptocurrencyn ,ordering financial firms to freeze. walletsour crypto
10:23 pm
linked to the truckers so far they've frozen eight hundred seventy thousand dollars on top of the nine million already locked. finally, t it's worth noting the biden administration is also targetingra digital curreny by appointing a crypto czar and having the fbi form a digital currency unit. the hope is to target cyber attacks ransomware groups that demand their fees in bitcoin tucker . amazing story. just got a thanks so much. yep, so the economic part of the story gets too little attention. our entire financial system, the financial system of every country in the west is based on the idea that politicians can't arbitrarily take all your money away if you sayn' something they don't like. that's why our banks workkthat' that's why the world puts its money into american banks and canadian banks. a that british bank,nd ifks that changes, is introduced just changed. it. an the whole system rocks on its axis. this is a bigig story. we're going to have it for you d in great detail tomorrow night. in the meantime, someet good nes . hillary clinton spoke at
10:24 pm
the new york state democratic convention. entie's a lot of speculationte he's preparing a third presidential run. we want too go on the record early as supporters. we fully support hillary clinton as she runs for president. so in the name of promoting hillary clinton's w next candidacy for president to share you some excerpts of her speech here is hillary clinton making some highly original points about voter suppression and insurrection. >> watch. when the republican party officially in racist violent insurrectionat as legitimate political discourse when storming the capitol, assaulting police officers a, trying to overturn an election are being normalized. we are in uncharted territory. republicans are defendingry coup plotters. they're curbing voting rights at precisely the moment when democracy needs champions, when
10:25 pm
we should be standing together against autocracy. so it really was as she put it,i it was an attack on our democracy. an attack on our norms. give that lady a daytime msnbc show. but shouldn't she besh the democratic party'ses presidential nominee once again, maybe you're not fully convinced. >> we're going to show you a few more clips. hillary clinton has spentll her last five yearsar off honing her speaking skills. here's hillary clintondi responding to the news that herg campaign spied on donaldca trump and the white house..t >> watch. and we can't get distracted whether it's by the l latest culture war nonsense or some new right wing lie on fox or facebook, by the way, they've been coming after me again lately. in case you y might have noticed, it's funny the more trouble trump gets into the wild or the charge is and conspiracy theories about mee seem to
10:26 pm
get worse. as you can see, facebook and fox is picking on the girl again. it's called misogyny. she break the glass ceiling? of course we're rooting for c her to our dismay, she did not commit to running in twenty twenty four , but she did promise to help the democratic party as much as she has in thes pasthe. they will do nothing to invest in our schools or make college more affordable. they'll ban books butut do nothing about guns. they'll make it harder for people to vote but easier for big corporation to bust unions. they'll let polluters trash our environr' and let donald trump trash our democracy. that's why i intend to work my heart out to elect democrats up and down the ticket this november. so what you're watching really is a triumph of emerging technology. that entire speechhn fact. everything inside hillary clinton's brain is a product of
10:27 pm
artificial intelligence that was written by a.i. software. maybe that's why you may have heard some of it before. work now?ra clay travis is the man to ask. he was once an active democrat,l even volunteered for bill clinton's reelection campaign. we're going to talk him down as undecided for hillary. he's the founder of kick , the host of travis and buck sextoned joins us . >>y so are you rooting for clay travis? well, look, i think it's a sign of how bad things are for democrats right now, tucker , that hillary really might be their best option in twenty g twenty four . now she's going to get crushed, but sheut might be their best option.. i mean, think about've gj you've got joe biden who would be eighty two years old and he's almost incapable of speech now. i can'tho imagine in three years how he's even going to be on the campaign trail. you've got kamala harris who maybe is the least popularth politician in the history of the world, which is something ever you've got mayor pete, who i think is still on paternity leave, tucker .ni
10:28 pm
butty if he's on paternity leave right now, by the way, he's also incapable of getting any black support and no one wants to talk about it.ow remember he went down to south carolina in the primary and got like two or three percent of the vote when joe biden they decided jim clyburn did to make him the nominee who doe they have? i really think i'm not even being crazy about this . i think t hillary is going to be the choice. in fact, tucker , hillary isac o excited about getting this opportunity in twentyck twenty four that she's already kicking herself that she didn't bail out the bluen' erm attempted murder in louisville herself. right. i mean, her and if you look at what's going on right now, they're all ready stifling stories about her on facebook. e you can't share the fox news story about the durham investigation that effectively appears that it is going to y prove that hillaryap clinton'sg campaign was actually spying on donald trump just like you couldn't share all of the hunter biden stories from a
10:29 pm
the new york post and fox and everywhere else, even though we now know that that's true . and so whenly you analyze i this situation t, i think they'e going to toss hillary out theree and i think she's going to get destroyed because here's the real question, tucker , and i'd love to hear youul think about how the democrats are going to spin this if biden doesn't run, it is sexist and racist by the democratic party's own standards. if kamala harris isn't'tis the nominee. c soro at least if they gogo with hillary they can cross off the sexist part. it'll still be racist but should only be half wrong and half worthy of condemnation. i think that's that's an incisive point. i guess my one disagreement would be on hillary herself. maybe when voters discover how oppressed she's been.e i mean, she seems obviously t like this sinister entitled, you know, rich e lady who said everything handed to her got a senate seat because her husband was president. but when people learned everyone's picking on her because she's a girl, don't you think like oprah she'll become
10:30 pm
very popular? well, look, i mean, that's that's our calling card, right? but she's going to get beaten in the oppression olympics by kamala harris. kamala harris has got race, right? i mean, if you if you have the pyramid of victimization lined up, which defines everything in the democratic party right now, kamala harris is at the apex,pe right? i mean, she is the ultimate victim as a black woman. and if she is not allowed to be the nominee after being vice p president, then hillary clinton will be racistar. now again, shee can slide on the sexism angle, but i don't see how she gets past r being racist underac democratic party ideologues idiology right now.s i think h so i think look, as much as i think hillary would be the candidate, i thinkla that kamala harris is going to o racism her to death and there'sw just no way for her to be the nominee. >> i don't know how she pulls it off. it's kinduc of amazing to seeo someone do that to her after watching her do it to others. it's amazing. yes. the rich white lady callingic other racists hillary clinton. excellent. see you tonight . thank you .
10:31 pm
hey, great to see you, tucker .r thanks for having me. h so you just heard reference to mayor pete booted, judge of south bend. he's now believegi not secretary ofstion the united states at a moment when our transportation grid is falling apart, try to fly commercially recentlyy. so are you surprised by this? well, we're not w now that we learned the details of a judge's tenure as mayor of o south bend, indiana. have a satellite for youai straight ahead. plus, the judgege and the doctor ready to buzz in forto final exam. coming up b, the supreme court s alexander hamilton called the least dangerous branch and the justices were to uphold the constitution to be 15% by secret money from liberals, the president and the defense by the advisers arrested amount money over a deal with them and some liberal a biden rubber
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10:37 pm
my god. he's mine too. he's everybody's doctor . and i want to know if he took any cognitive increasing drugs . i did a cognitive exam on the judge and she beat me. so i want to be handicapped. yeah, well, i didn't take any drugs. she beats all of them. okay, you all know the rules. you make the rules. you're a doctor, a judge. on but don't repeat them for audience hands on buzzers. i ask the questions firstti one to buzz in gets to answer this is critical. you must wait until i finishhe asking a question before you respond to it. you canor answer once acknowlede you by saying your name. every correct answer gets youevr a point every wrong answer subtracts a point fromm your total best of five wins. now keep in mind all questions are multiple choice and you have to wait until you hear all three choices before you buzz. are you ready? i want to make sure you'ree ready with those buzzers because last time i played the guy hit the buzzer beforeezz you finished and then he goter disqualified. nobody wasn't disqualified. one , you'vequ seen corruption in our system, judge. te you know how it works.
10:38 pm
all right. question one . and this is on the level okay, after an americanr health inspector was threatened in mexico by our cartel, our department of agriculture decided to punish the entire country by suspending alldesu imports of which mexican product was it a avocado's? was it b bell peppers? was it c tequila scoffers? yes. you say avocado. you don't think it was tequila, huh? no,r: we'd t know if it was tequila. what was the answer? let's go to the table. if you love guacamole to pay attention to us , stop all avocado imports from mexico untill further notice following a threat to an american safety inspector. yes,lo a i knew you knew that .i i know. but h i hid behind cognitively and we know you took the drug. you're just cheating everybody . you see that tape? i menora read it like it was l a landslideik in bangladesh. the gravity of it. oh , no guacamole. amazing question to build build-a-bear bear, which you may remember if you had smallt
10:39 pm
kids at one point has just released a line of drunkenon raunchy adult bears.ul they'ret dressed in nothing but boxers and devil horns. so the company is a name for this new collection. is it a after nrcc be my den or yours or c bear between the sheets i'm going to say>> my then or yours b i'm sorry doctor . you said brain. i cann transcribe this point. sorryuc i'm i'm sorry my the judges and i answer to a higher authority here. i'm merely a cog in a machine are saying that you hit it early and so it goes by default to the judge. oh my f my apologies for that weird i think look that's what they're saying this you know who this is justin ls it not so what is the you say c w yeah they're between the sheets firepelosi i don't care i one
10:40 pm
forget it. no you didn't win. you have to answer it. oh that was by far okay you i won by defaultef out. ll we're going to go to the tape and you'll be judged by the video. here it is. build-a-bear sets up a an adults only site and i'm not kidding that unveils an after dark collection of bears. okay, these valentine edition tarted up stuffed bears come in little outfits complete with champagne bottles . but the most disturbing feature is when you pass, the cursor over these after dark bears, their clothes disappear. ucker: all right. so judge jeanine, our, judges are saying some deeper moralec level you won because youau showed restraint, but technically you lost . you have zero points along with dr minutes. nono, that's what they're sayin. i you know, in of that's the end of it. you should ask me a question. just e just picture the frenchge
10:41 pm
judge at the ice skating i competition world. that's what we're dealing with . your questionsngmp, a security a guard at a museum in russia hass been suspended after he used a pen to draw what on avantgarde painting of three faceless subjects. was it a lipps? e wasar it b earlobes? was it c i's doctor lips? do you believe it was lips? i'm not sigmund, but this is. revealing. >>t's see if you're right. he was so bored he took a pen t and then he drew eyes on the faceless figures in this painting. valued at more than a million dollars happenedus in russia. fired.e's now being so we went underway. but let's consider that rorschach blot your perlis. okay, cryptocurrencies or sosc negative one . i'm not a math guy. we're on a question for okay. it concerns the new mayor off new york cityne, eric adams. he is a healthy eater.
10:42 pm
talkshe a lot about what a healthy guy he is. at a press conference, mayor c adams said that heroin addiction is no different from being hooked on which food a cheese beat, oniona, rings orc bacon. dr. cheese, you believe it. and ass a physician, you're saying she's all right. tape food is addictive. you take someone from her and put them in onees room and someone hooked on cheese put them in another. you take it away. i challenge you to tell me the person doing 20%. wow. nice. very good. so cheese because it's fried and it's got it's got it's got a lot you have a dopamine surge. all the chemicals in the brain are there fat bacon. that's another possibility. i went to all the homeless people are strung out on camembert. i meanbi cheese if he doesn't like the major is not
10:43 pm
a question about that . we save the weirdest for last. this story is from hudson, ohio. the mayor of hudson, ohio just objected to a proposal that would have allowed ice fishing. the mayor said ice fishing ise a dangerous because of what a drunken fistfights b, illegal g gambling or c,, drugs,, okay, we're going to but for heaven's sake, let me just ask you, how could ice fishing where are you from anyway? . yeah, well, fishing well, i hear this guy i didn't quit right after thing. he thinks people go ice p fishing. then i got to warm c up so they bring the over . wait a minute. i'm dark voting for the drunken fistfights because you're there at the ice. you're bristlebird you to warm up your daughter. come on , let's go. let's see what the answer is. if you open this up to ice fishing while on the surface it
10:44 pm
sounds good, then what happens next year to someone come back and say i want an ice chanty. then that leads to another problem. whoa, amazing judge. >> you know a lot more about ice fishing than any ofore us er would have to. thank you . and as justin trudeau isus involved in that, right? yes, he is. and by the way, for your victory, you get a justin trudeau shirt and doctor are going to be sending youou one anyway. oh , great. we have won the trophy. thank you very much. thank you . v thank you . we love you. all right.ovy, bye bye. hey, congratulations. what makes my heart beat having everything i want in the place i love jimmy . i want to. that's good practical advanced
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10:48 pm
in american history since
10:49 pm
eight. >> that's eight hundred five point nine nine point two eight four generations. imagine that the real problem with our infrastructure in this country was that the roads hadha potholes in the bridges were falling apart. >> it wasas good adjudge of mckinsey and co. one of the first to know the real problem with our roads and our bridges in this country is the racist theory was
10:50 pm
in november. i'm still surprised that some people were surprised when i pointed to the fact that if a highway was built for the purpose of dividing a white and a black neighborhood or if an underpass was constructeder such that a bus carrying mostly black and puerto rican kids to a beach would have been in new york which was designed to low for it to pass by .us but that obviously reflects racism that went into those design choicest racist bridges. and we wanted to hear more from the transportation secretary. now he's breastfeeding today so he couldn't join us .ea butst we did want to know what his record on infrastructure. was while mayor of south bend, indiana. well, there's a website called real news michiana. it turns out according to their reporting, what judge does not have very good track o record when it comes to fixing roads is called keystone traffic initiative that he put into place as mayor of south bend reportedly led ton the death of an 11 year old boy . that initiative deactivated and non-essential traffic light
10:51 pm
and the boy wasas struck by a truck. casey hendrickson is the host of the burning suit in south bend, indiana, and we're happy to have him join us . casey i, thanks so much for coming on . and i wish we talked to you c earlier before joe biden madere this guy in charge of all of a our infrastructure. but what kind of a job do running the infrastructure of south bend? well, first of all, i woulde like to say that we're not going to apologize for him because i tried to warn everybodyvery about this when he was being considered for ambassador to china. that made sense, tucker .. tuck. but when he was the transportationon secretary, i think we laughed collectively my studio for about an hourr because he has zero success in infrastructure planning in south bend at all. everything he touched that dealt with transportation was a miserable failure, including smart streets whichil got tristant killed and he was warned about that . he was told that there wasas serious issues with there being no lights and people going to that bus depot at 7:00 in the morning. it doesn't get light until around eight o'clock in south bend t in the wintertime.
10:52 pm
so you can't see children crossing the street and people at these hit roundabouts, especially in front of the hospital for a long time. and this is supposed to be the pedestrian friendly revamping of downtown south bend. >>ou soo look, this is a new shs we 1% we want to be fair.k so i just have to ask you the question. did he make the roads less racist though he obviously made them more dangerous. but did he become more equityy oriented as mayor? i supposeeas that's a great question. he's increased people's commute by about 13 minutes or so and is would say he probably made it more racist considering the demographics surrounding downtown south bend, tucker , because what he didunto is he effectively increased response time from first respondersin and there's some high crime areas around there that would primarily affect minorities in south end and he's actually made it a lot worse for them to get aid fromde first responders before. wait, you're telling me that ao guy from mckinsey spends all his time yammering aboutut how much he loves black people, but that actually hurts them peo wheny he has a chance? a go figure. who knew?
10:53 pm
it's weird. t here'suc the thing he tucker bot judge and his his party have b been talking aboutee how sbn hae been systemically racist forbe as long as i've been here. there hasn'ten been a republican mayor since before i was born that has been common council is dominated by democrats. if sbn is a systemically racist city, it is because the democratic party made it that way t. you t know, they used to say that about montgomery, alabama too. ha monand they were right. i sure appreciate your coming on , casey. thank you so much.h. and again, my apologies for not talking to you earlier. it would have been helpful. no,n i appreciate the time. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back .ri in an all new episode of tucker carlson originals, george soros, the billionaire currency trader who has spent decades waging a kind of war one unlikely country is fighting back . that country is hungry. watch as tucker goes one on
10:54 pm
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you go. russia accuses the u.s. of trying to provoke war and they are calling this an attack on the city of new york . we talked to a couple of them and they had just crossed illegally in america. before we go tonight , we want a to address an ongoing controversy. there has been some outrage in the finalddngng exam community over dr. siegel's bugs in tonight's's did he buzz early or not? well, we've consulted our judges, accountants, arthur andersen and nasa and we have this video review for you. here it is first or see their twin sheets. i'm going to say my then or yours b i that's the right tape. but you have to trust us on this one. dr. siegel, bust early. take our word for it. we're like justin trudeau. we're in charge now speaking justin trudeau tomorrow a new president has been setbe in canada. if the government doesn't like your political opinions,. g
11:00 pm
they seize your bank account. b what does this mean foran the u.s. financial system? tit means something, that's for sure. in the meantime, we are out of time. we'll be back tomorrow night at0 8:00 and every weeknight the show that the schwahn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and especially groupthink at the best night with the ones you love. here's the great sean hannity all tucker and thank you . great show. welcome to "hannity" tonight as canada's freedom convoy rolls on the media mob how doxing harassing, threatening americans who donated money toon the peaceful protesters in the convoy standing up for freedom so much for the cause of c freedom, right? imagine if conservatives did this to the donors of osei antifa or the group blm. now meanwhile, an activistct in the united states get this triedta to shoot and kill a kentucky mayoral candidate, walked right into a a the offic started firing. he wasas just bailed out w of jl after his hundred thousand dollar bond was posted by the0 b group black livesat


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