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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  February 14, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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place. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. i left a lot of time here to tee up this next show. "jesse watters primetime." have you seen it? it's really good. jesse? >> jesse: thank you. and if i have said anything offensive, bret, it was a deep fake. >> bret: there you go. >> jesse: thank you. ♪ ♪ the. >> jesse: i'm sure you all saw the super bowl, close game, talented young quarterback down to the last drive. in the end there could only be one champ so congrats to the l.a. rams for lifting the lombardi trophy. like all games, it wasn't without a little controversy. there was a missed pass interference call on the bengals big touchdown to start the second half, maybe. did they call a tiki tach pass interference on the bengals to set up the last rams touchdown?
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preble. these things can go either way, but they usually even out in the end. the officials had a good game. they let them play, which isn't always the case. >> that's a misconduct. that's a warning. >> that was an accident. come on. >> we are sweating like grease monkeys out here. >> jesse: what happens if the refuses don't throw flags on one team. what if they only penalize the bengals while the rams march up and down the field, even worse, what if the rams part are in evidence up with one of the teams. seems totally unfair, right? that's certainly what happened with the 2016 election. the revs of our political system, the media, the fbi and intelligence community not only failed to keep hillary clinton in check they can a nationwide together. country still dealing with the consequences. hillary refused to accept the results of the election.
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>> trump knows he is an illegitimate president. i do think that he knows that he is illegitimate president. [applause] >> because of that. >> he is. >> he is very insecure about it. look what he is trying to do now. part of the ukraine scandal that is slowly coming to light is he is trying to figure out how to say no, no, it wasn't the russians even though our intelligence community and everyone who has looked at this said yeah, yeah, it was the russians. he is trying to say no somehow it was obama-hillary, whoever. >> jesse: hillary has been unable to move on, now we know why. she is just sticking with her story. you can't change an alibi. this weekend, special counsel john durham dropped a bombshell report. they don't call her crooked for nothing. durham's team filed in court. and if there was ever any doubt that clinton was behind the russia hoax, that's officially
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gone. durham's document show that hillary clinton hired people owho hacked into trump's home and office computers. before and during his presidency. and planted evidence that he colluded with russia. yeah. you heard that right. hillary broke into a presidential candidate's computer server and a sitting president's computer server, spying on them. there, her hackers planted evidence, fabricated evidence connecting trump to russia. thin fed that to the media. her own email scandal. then when trump beat her she used this hoax as an excuse for losing. this launched a criminal investigation aimed at taking down a sitting president. hillary clinton broke the law to frame trump as a russian trader. the media, the so-called umpires
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of our democracy went along with the frame job. for years, they backed up whatever lies hillary was spewing about donald trump. >> the president is a russian operative. >> it this cloud of russia collusion will hang over him wherever he stands. >> it does look like he is listen to putin more than american intelligence. >> about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia wants. >> thes about is basically a russian op. >> jesse: whether some real information came to light like the fact that the steele dossier was as phony as my eighth grade girlfriend who supposedly went to another school, they doubled down on their denial. and they trashed john durham's investigation into their own lies. listen. >> the biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. they spied on my campaign. >> there no real evidence of that. >> of course there is. it's all over the place. >> no. >> leslie, in spite of my campaign and they called -- >> -- donald trump and william barr promised durham would
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expose huge corruption but he hasn't done that. >> apparently ongoing concerted republican and pro-trump project to try to turn the investigation of the russia scandal into some kind of scandal itself. >> oh, no, okay. wait until the durham report comes out and then nothing happens and they move onto the next conspiracy theory. >> jesse: the media failed to police hillary the dirty cop of politician as she pushed an insurrection. the left loves to memorialize january 6th as an attack on our democracy. but if that's true. then what's this? the russia hoax and the three year mueller investigation did more to undermine faith in our democracy than january 6th. look at the impact it has had on our country. the credibility of the fbi and the cia shattereds, federal prosecutors at the department of justice no longer trusted. a presidential campaign was broken into, was spied on. and who knows how the russia
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hoax affected that race. the 2018 election was interfered with. the mueller investigation hung a dark cloud over those midterms. costing republicans the house. the nation was guide divided our foreign policy was affected. it led to arguments that ruined quite a few watters family holidays. durham's probe has cost 10% of what mueller's has. and with less time and resources he found the smoking gun. was mueller trying to find answers or was he covering the left's tracks? we know the answer. muller was a mop-up job. and he was just there to tee up impeachment. according to durham's filing, this hacking of trump dates all the way back, you ready? to 2014 bell well before he came down that golden escalator. john ratcliffe has revealed that hillary's motives to frame trump were no secret.
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the cia, fbi, the doj, and even obama himself were briefed that the russia hoax was a clinton dirty trick. but they all went along with it, didn't they? ratcliffe believes that there is more than enough evidence for, quote: multiple indictments. is who could be next. are james clapper and john brennan next on the chopping block? they did a pretty good job of trying to throw us off of hillary's trail. listen how they responded when former attorney general william barr said in congressional testimony he believed trump was spied on. >> well, i was very disappointed in what the attorney general barr said today about spying. when he was referring to the investigation, that was predicated, certainly, and that the fbi was trying to understand exactly what the russians were doing. >> both stunning and scary. i was amazed at that and rather disappointed that the attorney
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general would say such a thing that you know, the term spying has all kinds of negative connotations. and i have to believe he chose that term deliberately. >> jesse: feds usually circle the wagon around other feds. who anies what's going to happen to those two clowns. this a level of corruption not seen in american history. this is more brazen anthony than the watergate break. in hillary's hackers broke in, planted evidence, then got the feds to try throwing a president out of office. isn't it time she faced the consequences? [chanting lock her up] >> jesse: has the time finally come? are we witnessing the end of the clinton dynasty? one of the five families of the democrat party, looks like hillary played her last get out of jail free card while bill
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felt the wrath of the me too movement and lost his pilots wings from his days on jeffrey epstein's lolita express. hillary clinton was on those flights? >> numerous times. >> jesse: on the flights that bill clinton was on with jeffrey epstein, the stewardess or stewardesses, many of them were under aged were dressed as candy stripers? >> correct. >> and they were. >> 26 times, i believe. >> back of the plane? >> beds, bedroom, yes? >> jesse: even clinton's phony charity foundation has been exposed as a pay for play scheme. sorry, chelsea, but i think your parents have left you high and dry. here now senator ron johnson homeland security ranking member i don't think hillary is going to prison. i'm just putting that out there. senator, tell us your reaction to what you saw on this did you
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remember filing if there is anything new we need to know about. >> well, jesse, for many years now, i have always felt that russia hoax was just one intelligence community diversionary operation to basically cover up what they had done during the 2016 campaign. ever since peter strzok released the paige text the one i highlighted written in december of 2016. after the election before the presidency. and it reads: think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. scorned and worried and political, they are kicking into overdrive what were they worried about? i always felt they were worried about their wrongdoing, their conspiracy during the 2016 campaign and then beyond that what president trump endured he basically endured aen an
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internal coup during the four years. foreign phone calls leaked to the media. this has been a massive conspiracy, internal coup and the spirits. co-conspirators look what they have dragged our nation through for the last five years. this needs to be exposed, the truth needs to be told. the american people deserve the truth. and these people need to be held accountable. and do you know who really needs to be held accountable. the primary co-spirits is the mainstream media. i don't believe they were just simply duped. i think they were complicit in this. they continue to be complicit in this. i'm facing right now in wisconsin a run for re-election. the democrat party they make something up, the mainstream media picks it up. and runs stories on it. >> jesse: yeah. >> we are up against powerful forces, jesse. americans must awaken to this and maybe a good start here would be with john durham is uncovering because we couldn't get to the bottom of it i had to
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subpoena the fbi i didn't get a fraction of it. i asked gina haspel. chuck grassley and i wrote a letter. we listed a full page of documents that we needed. she wouldn't even return our phone calls. we got nothing out of the cia director. she wouldn't return the phone call of the president pro tem of the senate. that's the contempt that these co-spirits held congress and the american people in. >> jesse: there has to be some accountability here. this suspect worse than anything i have ever seen in my brief time covering politics. but just looking at history, this is much worse than watergate. i know they like to say that on other channels. worse than watergate. but this actually is. so thank you, senator johnson, for pursuing the truth here and hopefully the american people are fed up and we will get to the bottom of it. >> jesse, just real quick and let's face it, the silence in
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the media is revealing and i'm going to need a lot of help. so ron johnson for if you want to get to the truth. i will get to the truth. ron johnson for >> jesse: thank you, senator. >> also here tonight tulsi gabbard former hawaii congresswoman who was smeared by hillary clinton as a russian asset so now looking back you have been smeared as a russian traitor. the president donald trump smeared as a traitor. how does this make you feel that it looks like we are finally finding out where it all started. >> what is being revealed here, jesse is the truth hillary clinton and the power elite in this country manufactured this russian collusion lie actively undermining our democracy and stoking the filers moving us into this new cold war with russia. the damage that they did to the american people our democracy and others around the world is immeasurable. it's impossible to measure and
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it leads us to this point where we sit today where we have people who were integral in making this happen. people like jake sullivan now holding very influential positions of power and shaping our countries' foreign policy. what they are doing is telling the american people, they are telling us saying hey, you have got to be ready to go war with russia or other countries to, you know, spread democracy to protect democracy and, yet, they are actively undermining our democracy here at home. this is their hypocrisy being exposed. and the american people deserve accountability. hillary clinton and her warmonger fers need to be held accountable and jake sullivan, who is in a very influential position now in the biden administration's white house. he needs to resign immediately for his role from this. >> >> jesse: and what was jake sullivan's role in this fraud it's been documents where he was one of the key voices in add vo a vo indicating russian
4:15 pm
collusion lie and a lot of the things being exposed now through this special counsel are pointing to his role alongside hillary clinton and others in propagating this lie to the american people. >> jesse: big of an attack on democracy was this hoax? does it stack up to watergate. in does this stack up to januar? where would you put that in context? >> i think would that we are learning more as this information is being revealed. i think there is probably -- there probably is going to recently what the special counsel filed recently how they used a tech company that had a contract with the white house to monitored white house. in order to create this russian collusion lie so that hillary clinton motivated by selfish ambition and desire for power. this is incredibly dangerous for our democracy. and it's continuing to go on this. is not just something in the past, this is ongoing. >> jesse: tulsi gabbard, thank
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>> bret: want to know how we know democrats are nervous about getting wiped out in the midterms. they are finally talking about issues you care about. >> nothing less is at stake than our democracy but, very important in all of that is what it means personally to the american people to their kitchen table issues. what unifies is the -- is the empathy that we have for america's working families and the priority of meeting their
4:21 pm
needs. lower costs theirer paychecks. lower taxes, all paid for by making everyone pay their fair share. >> jesse: maybe should remind nancy of something that her policies created the issues we're stressed out about over our kitchen table. a kitchen table that cost $100 more and took four months to arrive from china. politico had a piece today which laid out why republicans feel great about the upcoming midterms. reason number one, democrats aren't really addressing top concerns, especially inflation. number two, swing voters aren't buying what democrats are selling, americans just don't care about biden's build back better january 6th. and enthusiasm is through the roof for republicans. they are outraising democrats for the first time in cycle. democrats are so desperate they are sending aoc to dance her way
4:22 pm
across the country. hoping her moves will gin up a little enthusiasm for candidates in very deep texas. i'm not really sure if that's working though. all of that explains this new polling out of cnn which says more than 50% of democrats would support any other candidate over biden in 2024. democrats know this ask a sinking ship and they are scared. a lot of republicans have every reason to believe they will run the table in the midterms. here now nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch and "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth. all right, ladies first, dana. am i getting over confident. >> thank you, good see you. >> jesse: you too. >> it's really hard to not get overconfident this seems like it's going to be bigger than the she lacking in 2010. i will never forget when returns came in it was a she lacking it bass a grade school beat down
4:23 pm
that democrats received in 2010. this is shaping up to even be worse than that i don't like to get too far ahead over the skis though because republicans are really great at messing things up at the last minute. but, think about this. i mean, we are being lectured jesse by a many would. remember when everyone was locked down and we were all scrounging and nobody could go to the restaurants and nobody could do anything, but nancy pelosi was living her best life going to the salons and eating like $10 a pint pew teak ice cream from one of her two subzero freezers and she wants to lecture everyone else about kitchen table issues. i really think since barack obama was elected. they have started, the hostilities with blue collar workers. they are not just hemorrhaging white blue collar workers. this is going up across the board. it doesn't matter the ethnicity, hispanic, black americans, anyone who is in the blue collar industry is having a tough time with democrats now, particularly this administration. and these people talk like they don't understand what causes inflation. they don't realize that you can't just dump money into the
4:24 pm
economy when you have record high rampant inflation and think that's going to solve the problem. there is no accountability. it's not paid for. they are not talking about reducing spending and we are all getting hit with it. >> jesse: i don't know if people are going to buy this when nancy starts talking about lowering taxes and public safety and rising prices? i mean where has that means been for the last 40 years? >> pete: i got it here is the midterm message, guys, we are going to run on lower prices and lower taxes because everything that happened for the last year and a half says that's exactly who we are as democrats. the kitchen table thing. sit around the kitchen table. how was school today, kids? are you still wearing a mask? did you learn what your gender identity is had radio you the oppressor or oppressed. how much did it cost for meat. how much did it fill to cost to fill #ur up gas tank. sorry we can't do anything about
4:25 pm
all the car thefts happening in our town because of bail reform, because of -- statuary changes to how many can be held in prison or in jail. and limits on pursuits of criminals. they literally said in the voice message they are releasing the criminals fast err than we can file the papers. this is a nonpolitical police department. this is what people talk about. i don't feel safe, my kids still in a mask. everything costs more. my border is wide open. and then what have the democrats really been talking about? what do they really talk about? january 6th voting rights as the people can't rote in this country climate change. they can't do of course donald trump all the way except when there is a story that you covered at the top of the then they got the guy in the top who can't string string a sentence together. >> in pete's neck of the woods around the kitchen table making a plan all right.
4:26 pm
dana, we have got to run. thank you, guys. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: the teachers union locked an 11-year-old student in a class set for not wearing his mask. and that student will be here. i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. it was a tragedy. with knockoff batteries, little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed.
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♪ >> jesse: last night's super bowl was a big middle finger to fauci. if you watched, the only masks you saw were the players face masks. california has a mask mandate. but tens of how far to sands of fans ignored the rules. liberal celebrities did, too. because if people can't recognize you, what's really the point of being a celebrity? even l.a. mayor eric garcetti fluted his own mandate. garcetti held his breath the whole time. who knows? his lung capacity is the tough of legends. >> just ask magic johnson. why are your children still
4:31 pm
being suffocated by masks? if 70,000 adults can pack a stadium in liberal l.a. without them? it's not about safety or science. it's never been about that. it's about power. students in illinois have a mask option. it's up to the parents. the student in a town of elgin did what his parents said he could. and chose not to wear a mask. and the 13-year-old kid was locked away like an old mop, watch. >> it is a law by governor pritzker to let me out of this room. you can't lock me in a room. you can't lock me in here. please let me out. >> jesse: are we locking kids in closet to slow the spread? joining me now the student in that video josh martin along with his mother nicole martin. all right, josh, no mask that day. who put you in that room? >>
4:32 pm
>> um, so, the principal, ms. kohlman put he me that room. >> how long were you locked away for? >> um, so they told me that i had rehearsed responses to go back to class. and they just locked me in there for the rest of -- for like maybe one or two days until i had my rehearsal and i knew i could tell the other students. >> they had you locked in there for, what 20 or 30 minutes? >> no, that was the second time. >> we're talking about. >> jesse: wait. you have locked up twice for not wearing a mask? you are a repeat offender? >> yeah. sorry. he was a little confused.
4:33 pm
>> middle school and abbott middle school. >> two different schools. >> two different schools you have been locked away for not wearing a mask. that's insane. has the administration, mom, has the administration contacted you and explained why they did this to your son? because under illinois law, it's your call if he goes to school with a mask, am i wrong about that? >> um, well, you are wrong, tony sanders says that they are still-they are not mask optional yet. they still have to wear a mask. and that day i had dropped joshua off on monday and he went into the office office, kept them in there until -- sorry. they kept him in there -- they locked him in the room, the conference room for like 20, 30 minutes. and realized it was locked.
4:34 pm
and he started banging on the door. and jiggling the handle. >> i took the video first. and then i started doing that and then i went -- there was two doors. i went to the other door. and the other girl was yelling at me. she was standing in front of the door telling me i can't come out. and eventually i just said i was going to call my mom. because there was a phone on top of the shredder. i told them i was going to call my mom and they weren't saying anything. so i as soon as i said that the door gets unlocked. and then i went to the principal. they made me sit in the principal's office and then they told me it was monday, last monday. and they told me to stop coming wednesday in school suspension. yep. >> jesse: all right. well it sounds unbelievable. american kids are now being put in cages it seems like. it's crazy, especially if the governor of the state says it's an option. that should overrule the school district. but what do i know?
4:35 pm
all right. we have got to run. josh, nicole, be safe, be wise. and you know, do your thing. we have a lot 6 love for you guys. >> thank you for having us. >> jesse: thank you. mexican drug cartels involved in cannibalism. a viewer warning ahead. now, she uses a capful
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♪ ♪ mexican cartels are run by bloodthirsty savages. literally. we just got our hands on video of a mexican cartel hit man eating the heart of a rival gang member. warning, footage is graphic. you can see the gangster feasting on a dead man's flesh,
4:40 pm
his chest ripped wide open as the do you know mockingly offers the man a taste of his own heart. this video was released the by the gilisco cartel as a win in dares. this is what they are trained to do. young mexicans lured into cartels by the promise of power and fast cash. then they are enrolled into terrorist schools where they are taught to how to dismember bodies and ultimately eat the parts. this they refuse they are killed and eaten by the next recruit who can stowm it. here now derek former dea special ops division director. all right, derek, this is disturbing. is this a religious situation or this some sort of terror strategy? what's your understanding of what we're seeing here? >> so, jesse, we're dealing with here the cartel new generation held by reuben, is he a ruthless evil person. is he trying to show the world
4:41 pm
he is the most powerful cartel. is he battling out for market share with the cartel formerly headed up by chapo and thought chapitos his kids along with garcia they are running the cartel. a battle of like using social media, propaganda to just show the world they are most powerful and dominant cartel. jess jeffs like those isis videos where they do disgusting and depraved things, blast it all over the internet. and they gain street cred so to speak and strike fear in the hearts of their rivals; is that right? >> exactly. self-trying to assert to the world he is the most powerful cartel leader. is he trying to recruit. it's a very effective recruiting technique and, of course, they are making billions of dollars around the world. but this is why we have been so vocal about the declaring the cartels as terrorists because they are using the same type of, you know, techniques they have
4:42 pm
drones now, they are dropping t 4 explosives on rivals. they are using ieds. so this intimidation and these tactics have been going on for years, jesse, ever since the wall was declared in 2006 president calderon the cartels are trying to outdoing doo each other. propaganda war like the terrorist organization. it's no different. >> jesse: it's disgusting that we have human cannibalism on our southern border and we are not doing anything about it all right, thank you so much, derek, we really appreciate it. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: a valentine's day day quiz next. kind of a hard turn. with our favorite fox couple. how well do they know each other? ♪ ♪ your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs,
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>> jesse: as you may have heard today is valentine's day if you haven't you are probably in trouble. celebrate love and a lot of great couples here at fox. we thought it would be fun to bring two of them together and test their love connections with a little game we are calling marriage matchup. meet the first contestant met
4:47 pm
1997 on a flight from denver to chicago where they sat next to each other and talked the whole time. they have been married since september 1998 the one and only dana perino and her husband peter mcmahon. all right. >> thank you. >> jesse: very coordinated in pink off to a hot start. our next fox favorite couple met on a dating app. and they just got married in may. kat timpf and her husband cam. who knows? who knows who better? we don't know. but they are the newlyweds that were just letting the audience know they are up against it all right. we separately asked all four of you the same set of questions and your job is to guess what answer you think your spouse gave. okay? each correct answer is worth one point so both sides can earn up to 2 points per question. and obviously whichever couple ends up with the most points at the end of the game wins and the team with the least amount goes home in tears. are you guys ready? >> i guess.
4:48 pm
>> still nervous but yes. >> i think i'm going to lose. >> jesse: that's not a positive attitude. here gee. first question. what was your spouse's first job? >> dana: okay. spouse's first job. you know, that would come up early on in conversation. >> definitely. >> jesse: let us see dana perino? farm worker? i think so. peter? the question is, was it my first job. school, yes. >> air force but that was after i left school. >> we had pumping gas. looks like you argued your way. oh we forgot about that. >> you never told me you pumped gas. you pumped gas. >> i pumped gas when i was about 15, yes.
4:49 pm
>> jesse: 15 cents a gallon back then. all right. peter, what was dana's first job? >> selling norditrack. >> jesse: what was camps first t job. >> >> jesse: what about you, cam? >> a waitress. >> not exactly. >> jesse: we were going to give it to him. i did bring the food, also. [laughter] >> jesse: that's another story for another day. they have two points and you guys have one. next question. what's your spouse's best hidden talent and keep it clean, everybody. >> okay. oh, boy. >> jesse: best hidden talent. >> dana: i think i'm right.
4:50 pm
is he probably going to disagree. >> jesse: go ahead dana perino. >> dana: bowling. if you take him he will help you win. >> jesse: that's not a hidden talent. everyone knows is he a great bowler. >> jesse: that is incorrect. what is dana's? >> that she is a good cook. despite the kato. >> jesse: you were incorrect there incredible memory and helping make life decisions. >> it's not hidden. >> dana: i let everybody know. that's true. >> jesse: now to the newlyweds who are coming on strong. kat? spouse's hidden talent? >> i said making the bed good. he is really good at making the bed really fast. so that's why i don't ever do it. because it's -- i don't do as well as making the bed as he does. >> jesse: okay. so grammatical issues.
4:51 pm
way better after the making the bed. >> jesse: what about you? >> you can dais words. greg gutfeld fan. >> jesse: little he is so he tarik we were going with knowing all the lyrics to songs. >> sorry, cam. >> jesse: we goal to the last question because you guys are taking forever. we are going to go your spouse's celebrity crush? okay. who is your spouse's celebrity crush gutfeld is not included. you are not allowed to answer gutfeld. dana? >> dana: do you remember terry hatch everywhere from super woman? >> jesse: yes. that is correct. >> dana: i have known this since maybe the flight. >> quite possibly. >> jesse: that came out on the first. >> i think you are even prettier than teri hatcher.
4:52 pm
my real celebrity crush is dana perino. >> jesse: are we going to take that? >> dana: no. we are going to lose. >> my celebrity crush is dana perino. david beckham. >> jesse: correct. you know your celebrity crushes very, very well. the pressure is on. you guys need this stay ahead. celebrity crush, who is kat's celebrity crush. >> adam sandler. >> jesse: that is not correct. did is dennis rodman. >> that's not what i read dennis rodman lol, sorry. >> jesse: did not see that one coming. and you? >> i wrote me. yes. >> jesse: you could feel. >> dana: that counts? >> kat timpf is his celebrity crush. >> jesse: we are going to hear it but also blake lively. what is the score?
4:53 pm
do we have a winner? it's even. it's even. that is a god way. we don't want to do a tie breaker. that wouldn't be fair on valentine's day. >> did he say blake lively dennis rodman if you are watching give me a call. >> jesse: thank you guys very much. you are very, very much in love. vegan lunches. is it disgusting? we talk to children here in new york because mayor adams is forcing them to eat it.
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.50. or 5:05 killing my wallet. all right, tucker is up next. and remember, i'm watters and this is my world ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. if you watch donald trump closely four years in office and we did. it became pretty clear the more outland dish the claim that trump happened to be making the more likely it was to be true. trump did tend to exaggerate at times mostly about topics that didn't matter. how big is the crowd at 2016 inauguration? who cares? but on the big things, on


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