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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  February 1, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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carrying that whole mental health mantra into the professional sports world. i think it's wonderful. can't wait to see what he does with it. >> love it. all right, you guys. we are going to scoot out of here. "america reports" is now. >> sandra: as you just heard, nfl superstar tom brady officially retiring after 22 years in the league. the future hall of famer confirming it earlier today and trace, the reaction you were having, only i could see, future goats, something to be seen, we'll definitely have more on that coming up. >> trace: the goat hanging it up. brady thanked the city of tampa, buccaneers ownership, fans and coaches, thanked his agent, his trainer and his family, but guess what, he did not mention the patriots, the team he played on for 20 seasons and won six of his seven superbowls. >> sandra: quite the snub.
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>> trace: that is a snub. come on. those are the years he became the goat, didn't have a word for them, maybe he will later on in the day, sandra. >> sandra: can't wait to dig into that in just a bit. meanwhile, fox news alerting off the top of the hour here. america's crime crisis, the paternal order of police slamming the white house and press secretary jen psaki. nation's largest police union saying the increase in violent crime is no laughing matter. hello, and welcome everyone, i'm sandra smith in new york. great to be with you trace. >> trace: trace gallagher in for john roberts. critics accuse her of laughing off the crime crisis. union chief says it's nice she feels safe in the white house but not everybody is feeling safe. at least 16 cities set records for homicides in 2021 and dozens of police officers have been shot so far this year. we have team cox coverage.
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charlie hurt with his reaction in moments. >> sandra: sad state of affairs when you point to the numbers. first to jacqui heinrich at the white house. we have dug through the numbers, showed them to the viewers, it is a real thing happening in cities across america. have we heard anything more from the white house in response to the police union? >> nothing new as of this moment, sandra, but the briefing will be later on this afternoon. we'll keep an ear out for anything out of that briefing. the press secretary, jen psaki, this stemmed from her saying that the white house unfairly in her view gets a bad wrap from fox news on crime. >> on fox talking about soft on crime consequences, i mean -- what does that even mean, right? so, alternate universe on some coverage. >> that did not sit well with the country's largest police union, its president writing i think it's wrong, very wrong for
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jen psaki to suggest violent crime is no concern or laugh it off, pr he tending violent crimes are some other reality will not help victims. she owes them an apolicy. the white house is responding by calling out house republicans for circulating that podcast clip that sparked the criticism and cutting off the rest of her sentence. multiple white house staffers took to twitter, and tweeting why did house g.o.p. deceptively edit out saying the lie we don't take crime seriously could not be farther from the truth. the same reason they cut jen calling out their members for voting for additional money for law enforcements: >> were you speaking personal, or a reflection of the priorities of this administration. >> the president has been a long time advocate addressing crime, never for defunding the police, justice department has increased
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funding, put in place for strike forces. >> that does not seem to be working. nationwide, 73 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2021, the highest since 1995, with the exception of 2001, following 9/11. and at least 16 cities last year broke records for homicide rates. on thursday president biden to heading to new york to talk to the mayor, after the nypd had to bury two of their finest killed in the line of duty, sandra. >> sandra: i was wondering if you would have a chance to follow up on the question from yesterday, especially with the police union president calling out remarks saying it's no laughing matter. i don't believe we have a seat in the briefing room, i was reminded this morning that covid protocol, not all the reporters are in the room. >> we are still at a 14-person maximum, so we don't have a seat
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today. we will on thursday but we'll be listening for questions on crime because you saw the violence come to washington, d.c. last night. a deadly shooting and a manhunt in the upscale neighborhood of georgetown. expect there might be some questions, sandra. >> sandra: a lot of the g.o.p. criticism is lack of the white house calling out the soft on crime d.a.s. you heard the widow in st. patrick's cathedral calling out the d.a. here in new york. jacqui, thank you. we will not see you in the briefing room today but watch for jen psaki and whether she gets a question on that a bit later on. thank you. trace. >> trace: as jacqui mentioned, a wake is underway for the second police officer killed in the ambush attack last month. 27-year-old wilbert mora was shot in the head inside an apartment in harlem. mora underwent two surgeries but never regained consciousness. live outside st. patrick's cathedral, we saw the tragic scene last week with officer
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rivera, what does it look like out there today? >> the second wake in less than a week, trace. you just said it, it is a cold and solemn day. the casket of fallen nypd officer wilbert mora arriving at st. patrick's cathedral this morning, where thousands of new york police department officers as well as new yorkers from the general public are given a chance to pass through and pay respects at the wake for the 27-year-old. you know, mora was shot alongside his partner, officer jason rivera in an ambush while responding to a domestic violence call a block from their precinct. they were killed by a man with a lengthy rap sheet, convicted felon, police say he used a .45 caliber glock pistol stolen in baltimore, and equipped a high capacity drum magazine and loaded semi-automatic rifle
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under his mattress and the guns the focus of new york city mayor eric adams who met yesterday with the city's five school districts. adams wants d.a.s to prioritize prosecuting gun crimes. at that meeting, controversial manhattan d.a. alvin bragg who champions legal policies, but now go after gun possession and gun crime. and president biden will talk about federal cooperation to fight gun trafficking but no indication they'll talk about bail reform or d.a. policies critics say are the crux of the problem. >> this is a great city, i'm the biden of brooklyn, i love the fact the president is coming here. we have a joint task force together that they meet every day, fbi, atf, department of justice, in the same room, nypd. he's coming to see the seed he
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planted. >> a funeral for officer mora here tomorrow morning and he heroically saved five lives by donating his organs. trace. >> trace: brian, thank you. houston is also mourning the loss of a fallen police officer. corporal charles galloway was laid to rest today. the 12-year veteran was shot and killed during a tragic stop by a man living in the country illegally. galloway, just 47 years old. suspect had been a fugitive for more than 25 years, including wanted for murder in a different country. sandra. >> sandra: thank you. let's bring in charlie hurt, "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor. brutal, story after story, police shootings fresh off of that officer, we are still mourning his loss here in new york.
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and jen psaki says somehow her words are being twisted and the g.o.p. did not get it right and did not include all of her words, but people can decide for themselves what they heard in that podcast, here it is, jen psaki. >> and then on fox is jeanine talking about soft on crime consequences. i mean, being what does that even mean, right? so, there's an alternate universe on some coverage. what's scary about it is a lot of people who watch that. >> thoughts on crime consequences is letting criminals back out on the street, not having consequences for committing crimes and allowing them to be on the street and commit more. and that's happening. >> absolutely. and you have the sitting vice president who during the summer of all of that mayhem, all the riots in which people were murdered and businesses were torched to the ground, you actually had her raising money to get people out of jail from doing all that stuff so they
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could get back out on the street to do it more, and add on top of that. two years of the vile dishonest talk about the police and sees the crime rates going on. might be right with the alternate universe but that's the one she's living in and alternate from the universe she's living in is reality. these numbers do not lie. you know, we are not making this stuff up. you can actually -- it's fbi data, it's data provided by local police departments that show the murder rates are going up, rape is going up, violent crimes are going up. and they are all going up under the biden administration and under these specific policies by joe biden and democrats that are again as you pointed out soft on crime, letting people back out, not forcing criminals to face consequences for -- for the
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crimes they commit against other people. >> it's just heartbreaking and you mention all of that, and add to it police morale at an all time low. we have police on the program often who tell us it's the case. it's tough to recruit in this environment, let alone retain your police. that is why you have this reaction from that major police union saying this. i think it's wrong, very wrong for jen psaki to say violent crime in the country is no concern and laugh it off. she may feel safe in the white house, but not everyone feels safe in their workplace and a great point. new york city and the c.e.o.s of major american banks are having a hard time for people to leave the home and the safety of the work environment, they fear coming into the city because they don't feel safe. that is a real problem.
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>> and of course here in washington where you've heard most of this rhetoric, anti-police rhetoric led to, clearly led to violence in this country, the people that are spouting this rhetoric are all protected. they have guards, they have their own special police force that protects them. they do not face the front end of the crime the way regular normal citizens do, and i have to say there are two things that change elections, that force massive change elections. one of them is economics, personal economics, and the other is personal safety. and when you see that sort of blythe dismissiveness, like jen psaki, that leads to massive changes in electoral politics. >> sandra: and she's welcome to come back and tell us where she stands on, we have an open invitation, fox does not have a seat in the room, we'll see if
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we gets a question on it, a follow-up after the police union's remarks. we'll be watching for that. i keep mentioning that, i can't believe we can't get to back to normal in the white house so everybody can get a question in, that usually sits in the room. still limiting reporters, even if they are vaccinated and wearing masks, so fox's jacqui will not have a seat until thursday. peter doocy, i think he's in there on friday. >> the police unions, we focus on the police unions across the country are going after democrats for continuing this whole thing, the guns, guns, guns, when they say listen, people are pulling the triggers and people who should not be on the street and maybe it's time we focus more on the criminals, at least for a short time until we can get this thing under control. meantime, president biden taking credit for a growing economy but would it have been better, even better if he did nothing at all?
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andy says yes and he will tell us why. plus this. l>> imagine how uncomfortable you would be if you had 100,000 troops sitting on border in the way these troops are sitting with ukraine. >> sandra: ukrainian civilians gearing up to defend their homeland on their own, while the white house considers sanctions against moscow. is that enough? general jack keane is on deck, he'll join us next. life can be a lot to handle. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty of magic in all that chaos. ♪ so different and so new ♪ ♪ was like any other... ♪ real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> sandra: russian president vladimir putin saying the u.s. and nato have ignored russia's top demands, but he says he's open for more talks with the west.
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america's top diplomat holding talks earlier today with his kremlin counterpart as russia's military builds up troops along the border. supplies and fire power along the ukraine border continuing to build for days and weeks. team coverage now, general jack keane is on that just ahead. but first, steve is live in kyiv ukraine where former soldiers are training civilians how to use firearms, steve. >> sandra, it's become a cottage industry. and if you look at things on paper, as things stand now, it's a tremendous mismatch, russia spends ten times what ukraine does on its military, three times the number of tanks, four times the number of men. so on paper it looks bad for ukraine. they need a lot of help. they have gotten more than $2.5 billion in military aid from the u.s. over the past eight years and more aid is coming in. but you do see a lot of ukrainians doing what they can to try to train themselves for potentially upcoming major war. a lot of former soldiers are in
10:20 am
on the training. what was once a hobby is for some a big business. one trainer. >> voice of translator: what i'm asked most is what kind of rifle do i need to defend my home. >> a lot of people who you see out there taking the training are young men. young men who have grown up in a completely independent ukraine, and asking why they have doing it, they see the 100,000 russian troops along the border as a threat of life or death. >> we all try to be prepared in every way we can to defend our country. this is really, really important. >> the government is behind training militia, defense department as well. they are trying to build a force of 100,000 civilians to try to defend their villages and towns in case of a russian invasion. sandra, back to you. >> great reporting there, thank you. trace. >> trace: more on this, bring in our senior strategic analyst,
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general jack keane. russia has sent a written response to the deescalation proposal, talking about being engaged in more talks. does that tell you that putin is trying to resolve this, playing for time, something else at work here, general? >> no, i truly believe we are in the diplomatic phase here. two pathways that have taken place. one is the u.s., nato and russia and exchange of written proposals and possibly some areas to negotiate on, and those areas are likely having to do with offensive missiles in nato countries and in russia, also nuclear missiles that russia has and the united states building that capability back up as a result of pulling out of the star treaty and military exercises, etc. but then the other path going on is the french, germans, ukrainians and russias met last week, and will
10:22 am
meet the week after next, and that is another diplomatic effort as well. so i think that's where we are, we have the russian -- excuse me, we have the beijing olympics starting this friday for a couple of weeks and then if nothing is resolved diplomatically by the end of the olympics, the end of the month, if put kin would do it, he would do it. the ground is still frozen. >> you see the diplomacy process is still in play here. it's a bit confusing. you have president zelensky saying the u.s. needs to tone down rhetoric and then the fact that he's training his people, right, training his people, asking for more weapons. still it feels like from zelensky's point of view he feels it's more imminent than we believe. >> well, yeah, i mean -- from his perspective, he certainly wants to hold on to his people. he doesn't want any panic to
10:23 am
take place there. he also doesn't want his economy to tank on him, which would put it considerably more pressure on his people. so, he's exercising a leadership role that i think is somewhat commendable, and certainly to see the crane yan people out there, civilians going through some training, don't take this lightly. if you read the russia lesson learned as a result of the incursion in eastern ukraine in 2014, the russians admit they were not able to accomplish all of their military objectives because of the resistance they ran into with the ukrainian military not as well-trained as it is today, but thousands and thousands of volunteer civilians that were out there as part of that resistance. so putin is not taking that lightly. he knows if he takes this country, trace, that he will be fighting a protracted insurgency from the ukrainians for as long as there are russian troops on their soil.
10:24 am
he knows that in the back of his mind. >> i've got about 30 seconds left here, general. i'm wondering if you would advise the biden administration, if in fact putin is waiting for the olympics, some time here, should they put the sanctions in place now to kind of let the russians feel the pinch of what it's going to be like. >> absolutely, we should have done it weeks ago. he brings 100,000 troops up to the border, undermines, spins up nato, he should have been held accountable for, much less to deter him from invasion. we have to stop this nonsense. we should hammer him when he puts the world in that kind of a crisis mode. he must pay a price for it. >> trace: general jack keane, always good to see you, sir, thank you. >> great talking to you, trace. >> trace: and a great point, sandra. now we talk about the sanctions being targeted toward these
10:25 am
elite russian oligarchs, right, so the people are who the richest in the country maybe there is some impact and maybe it can kind of slow things down as you go toward and beyond the olympics. >> sandra: and general keane said it before and said it again, seems to believe if it's going to happen, it will happen after the olympics are over. all right. trace, the president is touting what he says has been a strong historic year for the economy. >> we know the difference this has made in jobs last year, the greatest job growth in american history. >> sandra: he continues to point to what he says are very positive numbers on the jobs market. but andy says there is a lot more to it. he'll join us next. >> trace: tom brady makes it official. the goat has retired. he had a lot to say on instagram but it's what he did not say getting a lot of attention. ♪ don't you forget about me ♪
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>> trace: fox news alert, it is official, legendary quarterback tom brady announcing his retirement after 22 years in the nfl. brady denied earlier speculation over the weekend that he was calling it quits, but this morning he made the announcement in a lengthy instagram post. the senior correspondent is live in florida. phil. >> trace, what a difference one good night sleep makes, it is now official. suspense, intrigue, obsession with it all is over after 22 record-breaking seasons. the goat, tom brady, greatest of all time quarterbacks for the nfl has announced it is over and he is done. posting on instagram this morning he writes, this is difficult for me to write but here it goes. i am not going to make that
10:31 am
competitive commitment anymore. i have loved my nfl career and now time to focus time and energy on other things that require my attention. brady is married to former brazilian supermodel and they have a boy and girl together, brady also has a son in a previous relationship. all factors he has mentioned previously. and lastly, my wife giselle, and children, jack, benny and vivy, family is the greatest achievement, and response from roger goodell, he inspired fans around the world, a privilege to watch him committee and have him in the nfl. we thank him for his many contributions to our game and wish tom and his family the best in the future. include most touchdowns and passing yards ever in the nfl by a quarterback.
10:32 am
five-time super bowl m.v.p. he took his team, mostly with the patriots, two years ago with the buccaneers to the super bowl. and 20 years with the patriots and the past two seasons with tampa bay, he mentioned several times in his instagram post, not mentioning boston or patriots nation once and that has inspired a little bit of angst up in new england. jonathan hunt mentioned something yesterday, trace, about the chargers, i can't recall what that was. >> trace: they are not there, so -- we are just going to leave that alone. phil keating live in miami. thank you, and we should note, sandra, brady has now come back and thanked the new england fans. one of my closest new england patriots fans just sent a note saying look, love, love, love tom brady. very disappointed first time around that he did not mention the fans that supported him for 20 years, nine superbowls, six
10:33 am
of which he won. i get it. >> sandra: he could have tried to make nice with that, with this statement he just put out about 38 minutes ago, thank you patriots nation with a heart, i'm beyond grateful, love you all. i think the snub is still, yeah. >> trace: he goes to canton number 12 for the patriots, not as a buc, so he will be in the hall of fame as a patriot and he should have acknowledged them. still great, greatest of all time. >> first year as president of the united states had the fastest economic growth in nearly four decades. along with the greatest year of job growth in american history, 6.4 million jobs created in one year. >> sandra: president biden taking credit for the economic recovery over the past year. the recent poll shows voters are not that impressed how he's handling the economy. biden cites g.d.p. growth and
10:34 am
positive job numbers. the next guest argues they don't tell the whole story and economy would be better off if andy had done nothing at all. great to see you, andy. you've been talking us through this, and larry kudlow has said this is a strong recovery. and if the biden administration would step out of the way it would be stronger. seems you are making a similar case, but do you deny that there has been some good economic progress over the past year? >> well, i agree 100% with what larry said. look, of course there was going to be good economic progress. we shut the economy down. when you measure g.d.p. it's against the prior year. well in the prior year, state governments across the country, republican and democrats shut their economies down. everybody knew it was going to recover this year. but if you look at g.d.p. dollars, you look at the
10:35 am
trillions of dollars we have in the country in g.d.p., 19 trillion in g.d.p. in 2019, with like 5.3 trillion in spending during 2020, and then another 2 trillion that the biden administration has spent in 2021. g.d.p. only went up to 19.4 trillion, 2% higher than it was pre-pandemic. so trying to claim recovery based on the economic policies is absurd. >> sandra: interesting move, we can all agree with that. you broke that down for us, and arthur herman is talking about the political consequences, hudson institute fellow. he writes, really interesting piece, says in 1932, frankly d. roosevelt called those left stranded by the great depression the forgotten man. today the great confinement has created a nation of forgotten
10:36 am
americans. a political earthquake will be coming. whether the political class realize what is happening or will they be swept in its wake. such a great point. andy, have you seeing signs that democrats are waking up to this massive inflation crisis that almost every american is frustrated with? >> no, they are not waking up to it and can't admit the cause of it. you've got president biden out there trying to blame everything under the sun, from people that make beef to -- whatever he can think of, when it's really driven by his economic policies, economic policies, including the $2 trillion he spent at the beginning of the year is really what has driven this incredible surge in inflation in the united states. look, the media and the democrats can't change course. they criticize the one person doing what the federal government competently could do during the pandemic, which was try and come up with a vaccine, and they continually criticize
10:37 am
republican governors like governor desantis in florida doing what state governments should have been doing, opening up the economies as soon as they possibly could. after criticizing those two individuals, trump and desantis, how do they try to recover, they can't recover because they cannot advocate doing what needs to be done. >> sandra: it's written on the walls for them, that this spells political trouble for them. you look everywhere, every headline, outlet, cnbc this morning, the country is angry, democrats are going to get crushed in the midterm election. worst inflation since 1982, and trouble for democrats. it's out there. they can't run from it. we'll see, obviously big political implications. but obviously something the american people are dealing with daily. great to see you, thank you. >> trace: support is now growing for a group of truckers challenging vaccine mandates. why their gofundme page is
10:38 am
closing in on $10 million. plus this. >> i don't care if it's black, white, chinese, green, yellow, as long as the american people, not one side, but all the american people, that's who the best candidate is. >> sandra: president biden big meeting at the white house this hour, meeting with political leaders from both sides of the aisle. dick durbin and chuck grassley talking about who he will choose to be the next supreme court justice. so will his pledge to nominate a black woman complicate matters? andy mccarthy will join us on that next. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home
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okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: a gofundme page for a group of canadian truckers demonstrating against a cross border vaccine mandate is approaching $10 million. canada requires unvaccinated
10:43 am
truck drivers to quarantine for 14 days. david lee miller has more on the story we have been following closely. >> for the fourth straight day truckers demonstrating in the canadian capital of ottawa are calling on the government to end the vaccine mandate. mostly peaceful protestors blocked the city by honking horns and roads, and some desecrated the flag and canadian monuments. some protestors have left but some will remain until the government gives in to their demands. thousands of miles away near a major border crossing between montana and alberta, another group of truckers is staging their own demonstration and disrupting traffic. now it's a rallying call against other covid-related government restrictions. >> mandates now going on in canada, it's infringing a lot of people's movements and freedoms.
10:44 am
>> i understand the pandemic has taken lives but no reason to lose my freedom as well. >> the prime minister denounced the demonstrators as a fringe group and will not meet with them. >> freedom of expression, assembly and association is cornerstone, but not nazism and desecration of war memorials is not. it's an insult to memory and truth. >> 90% of canadian truckers in line with the country's general population are vaccinated. and even if the canadian government drops the mandate for truckers, u.s. regulations would still require proof of vaccination to cross the border. >> sandra: trace. >> trace: any moment now president biden and vice president harris will meet with top senate judiciary leaders.
10:45 am
meeting is a key step for the president to name the nominees to fill the seat of retiring justice stephen breyer. andy, always great to see you. kind of reading through the dick durbin interview he did yesterday off camera and does not seem like he thinks republicans are really planning a gold line stance here. you see some of chuck grassley's comments, the ranking member, he does not seem like, he's also the same, does not seem like republicans are right now willing to put up a lot of resistance. do you get that feeling? >> andy: i do and i think it's sensible politics, trace. they can't really stop this, the reason it's done now before the midterms is both i think the biden administration and justice breyer in terms of who his successor was going to be wanted the democrats to be able to be in position to put as strong a progressive as they could find on the court. so the republicans are not in
10:46 am
position to stop this. they don't want to look like they are opposing a black woman nominee because of the familiar politics we would hear if there was too much opposition to that. so i imagine what they will do is try to use this as an opportunity to make an argument in the midterm elections that biden is putting progressives on the court, other than that, i don't think they think they can stop it so it's not a hill they want to die on and it's a situation you have a progressive replacing a progressive, so it's not going to change the ideological make-up of the court. >> trace: what about the president boxing himself in saying he will nominate a black woman. play this from senator ted cruz, he thinks it's offensive. >> there are black women who are very talented jurists who may
10:47 am
well be the appropriate nominee, but when biden starts out by saying he has a quota system, he diminishes the achievements of those african american women. >> trace: and some other legal professors have echoed that, andy? >> andy: i feel like casey stengal and the 62 mets, can anybody play this game. all biden had to do was say there's a rich tapestry of well qualified impeccable candidates, i'll study them and choose and then wait two weeks and name a black woman. and that's better for the nominee, better for the process, you know, no one is saying that -- nobody with common sense if we could take race out of it for a second, no one with common sense thinks the best way you pick the best person for a job is look at only 7% of the
10:48 am
applicant pool, right? so, they just, they did not have to do it this way. they shoot themselves in the foot so many times, hard to imagine. >> trace: polls show three-quarters of the country want him to choose from everybody, and you can't get three-quarters of the country to agree the sky is blue. thank you for coming on, appreciate it. >> andy: that's true. >> sandra: supply chain crisis hurts businesses across the country but there may be a silver lining. some companies working on bringing back manufacturing to the united states. >> trace: covid vaccines for infants? could be happening soon. that story just ahead. living with diabetes? glucerna protein smart has your number with 30 grams of protein. scientifically designed with carbsteady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes. glucerna live every moment
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with your next pizza? dominoes is now tipping its customers to pick up orders instead of delivery. the pizza chain will give customers three bucks in-store credit any time they order online and pick up the meal. the company says the deal will help relieve stress on the short-staffed employees. sounds good unless you have to spend five bucks to get to dominoes to earn the three bucks
10:53 am
they give you in gas. >> sandra: gasoline is expensive, tough to get workers, tough to keep those employees, they'll pay you to make the delivery now, right? all right, trace. there may be a silver lining to the supply chain crisis. live instead a manufacturing plant an hour north of philadelphia. tell us. >> the stuff they would make overseas, sandra, in china, stuff like tinker toys, for example, it's coming back to the u.s. i'm going to ask michael, head of the company called the rodon group. why is it coming back now? >> so much stuff with supply chain, companies have realized they need an alternate supply chain, redundancy, flexibility and politically unstable china is not a place to be. >> you are making plastic parts.
10:54 am
>> lip balm containers, see these at target, walmart, used to be in china, but 40 million now. >> look at the manufacturing jobs, transportation, electronics, medical products, in fact, that's what you are making right here, is this a medical thing? >> these are medical components for test kits, these come together and you put in the assays in the middle of the two things, put them in the readers in hospital doctor offices. >> and the shipping costs, used to be what. >> 2, 3,000 a container, when i started less than that, earlier now down to 12 to 15,000. >> when you figure the cost in, it's cheaper to make it in america, even though it's also patriotic to make it in america. >> patriotic capital, what it is. what you have when you have manufacturing in the u.s. are high paying jobs, high skilled
10:55 am
jobs, in a very great environment and more reliant and ourselves. self-reliance is a wonderful thing. >> sandra, you may not see a ton of people here, a lot of robots, but the jobs, high paying jobs, high skill jobs, guys that work here, 100 grand, six figures? >> almost all of them make over six figures and have been here years and years and years. 120 people, highly skilled, working 24/7 to make millions of precision parts every year. >> sandra: i love it. if the tv thing doesn't work out, i'm going to work. >> sandra: patriotic capitalism. guess what, that is america. businesses find a way to innovate when facing tough challenges like the supply chain crisis right now. good luck to him and congrats. he's making it happen. >> trace: i think the tv thing is working out. new at 2:00, the fbi director out with a new warning that the cyber threat from china is more serious than ever.
10:56 am
now beijing will take center stage this week as the olympics get underway in beijing. is the u.s. doing enough to get tough? ohio republican brad wenstrup will be our guest. and brian kilmeade, and econ panel just ahead. veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you use your va home loan benefit to get more. more cash, more savings, more peace of mind. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. up to $60,000 or more. veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> sandra: here beg we go,. > sandra: expecting jen psaki to take the podium any moment now, will address reporters as she has been taking heat for seemingly dismissing concerns about rising crime. even apparently laughing about news coverage of it. >> trace: we'll have more on that but the nation's capital the center of a murder in an upscale neighborhood. we'll see if jen psaki has anything more to say now that
11:01 am
crime is hitting so close to home. >> sandra: "america reports" rolls into a new hour. great to be with you, trace. >> trace: trace gallagher in for john roberts. we'll be watching for the white house briefing but begin with the news breaking now. >> sandra: and this fox news alert, word from the head of the fbi that the threat from china is more brazen and damaging than ever. urgent warning coming with the opening ceremonies of the beijing olympics now just three days away. fbi director saying it includes the potential for major hack attacks while the world is being wowed by the olympic events. >> trace: the communist regime that has locked up and tortured more than a million ethnic minorities, is getting ready for the spotlight again. sponsors and the olympic committee are turning a blind
11:02 am
eye to the loathsome human rights record. first more from david on the warning that china could be looking to attack. david. >> this is big but really no surprise. while russia may be grabbing headlines with respect to the situation in ukraine, national security experts and law enforcement experts agree china poses a much greater threat to the united states than russia does at this time and it's been that way for a while. right now preparations are underway, olympics to take place in beijing in a few days. fbi out with an urgent warning of cybersecurity. urges athletes to keep personal cell phones at home and use a temporary phone at the games. and also distributed denials of service attacks, ransomware, malware, phishing campaigns,
11:03 am
disinformation threats, and when successful, china may be able to disrupt the live broadcast, impact public or private digital infrastructure supporting the olympics. last night at the reagan library in california fbi director addressed our national security and discussed the biggest threat and you guessed it, china. >> china's government has the global reach and presence of a great nation but it refuses to act the part and too often uses this capability to steal and threaten rather than to cooperate and build. that theft, those threats are happening right here in america literally every day. >> the justice department where i am, top officials reviewing the china initiative to stop espionage in the united states.
11:04 am
the warning from the top officials do not have specific instances or examples to cite but say things could obviously change in a matter of just seconds. >> trace: david, thank you. >> sandra: brad wenstrup, ohio republican and member of the house intelligence committee. thanks for being here. you have been warning of a potential attack or attacks during the beijing olympics. how concerned should we be now that the fbi is flagging this? >> i'm glad to hear christopher wray and speaking to america, hopefully people understand the threat china is. they are getting more brazen and more agregious. they will hack, involved in the universities, steal intellectual property, try to engage with politicians and it's a stage to enhance in propaganda and also i believe it's one of their biggest intelligence-gathering gold mines they could ever hope for on an international level, and that's why we send a letter
11:05 am
to the olympic committee and like not only talk about perhaps telling people to bring a separate phone, a burner phone, we should be providing them with all the warnings the fire walls we can, be careful to email to anyone. go and do your performance and do the best you can, and get home safely. this is a country that doesn't really engage in freedom of speech. they don't really engage in freedom of the press, and so though you may be used to those types of things here in the united states, it's not there, and we know and countries like this and north korea, they may find any reason they want to arrest somebody. i think people have to be careful, it's a very aggressive regime, we see what they are doing in taiwan, they bully their neighbors all the time and we have seen even in my district they were in general electric aviation trying to steal secrets and with the fbi they were able to be caught. this is everywhere, and you had a piece earlier about supply chain and i want to address that. it's not only our military that has to find out where we get our
11:06 am
supplies, it's the entire country. every corporation, and you know, tinker toys, that's a nice start but we have things far more important than that. i'm glad they are doing it and setting an example. we have to know what we are getting what we have so the supply chain can be vibrant and not at risk from china. >> trace: and they are aggressive and as the fbi director and you said the bad behavior goes on and on and on. my question, there don't seem to be consequences, in fact, seem to be rewards. china is getting the olympics for the second time in 14 years. >> yeah, that's a problem. you see somehow politics is in play across the board, world health organization, seems like everywhere you turn. can't just be one place we can be avoid of all that, and maybe in the future we just need to have democracy games and democratic countries can get together and compete because what they are doing is using it for a lot of nefarious reasons and they will harvest and mine
11:07 am
as much information as they can about people and about their businesses, about their families, this is what they do, and unfortunately, they are very good at it. >> sandra: i want to get this in here, some fascinating interviews and guests suggesting that the i.o.c. is part of the problem, that they are ignoring the human rights abuses happening in that country. this is enes canter freedom joined us. >> they are sleeping in the same bed with china and yes, they are going to be a member of the genocide, people will remember what we are trying to stand up for is bigger than sports and bigger than basketball, so i feel like come out and say enough is enough. >> sandra: he says the athletes shouldn't go, there should be a full boycott and this yesterday, sister of an imprisoned uyghur on our program, speaking about the olympics actually happening:
11:08 am
>> these prestigious games, the olympic games, could be stained with the slave labor of my people. could even have my own sister as forced labor. millions of uyghur slaves used to produce the goods for beijing. is my own sister is making uniforms or souvenirs for the olympics. >> two examples of people speaking out. olympics is stained with the slave labor of my people, congressman. >> the international olympic committee could be the platform to really speak up for human rights, for the opportunities for people to reach their peaks rather than being incarcerated. they do forced abortions, forced sterilizations, human rights abuses go on and on in addition to what she just mentioned and the olympics are an opportunity to see people reach their ultimate goals and you have people that are being denied any goal in life because of the human rights abuses, and they
11:09 am
should be speaking up on their behalf and that is not taking place, and we can too and all the countries involved should probably start speaking up loud and clear, and i don't think president biden should try to avoid this. this is a time for this to be talked about. if they are the america that we have always tried to be. >> trace: and i wonder, congressman, if you can help me with this. when the fbi issues a warning cyber actors could be a brad range of cyber activities to disrupt these events, meaning the olympics, what exactly in your estimation does that mean, sir? >> well, that could mean a lot of things. it could mean that they don't like something that's being said and so they shut it down. it could work both ways. i mean, let's face it, in many ways we are at war. maybe a cyber war. it's not one if by land and two if by sea, and then the air, but this is cyber warfare and they would try to use it whenever they feel they may be deterred
11:10 am
and to push out propaganda and deny the right to free speech. a lot of ways they try to do it, i'm sure they have thought of many of them. >> sandra: congressman wenstrup from ohio, something you have been speaking out on for quite some time, and three days away from the olympics now. >> trace: nike has long been under fire for the close business ties to china, the attention going to the uniforms for the athletes to wear. the company is not telling fox news where the uniforms are manufactured, despite requests. once you declare where and we are not saying they are made in china, but once you declare where they were made, you have to dig deeper and you find out about some of of the labor practices and labor problems that has been troubling china
11:11 am
for many years and reflective on american countries who do business there, especially manufacturing. >> sandra: really interesting, teeing off on that to hear brad wenstrup reference back to the segment, an example of somebody that said the supply chain issues, can't get things from china, we'll innovate around that. a manufacturing facility in pennsylvania that's thriving. the problem is we have a lot of companies, toy companies who told us during christmas they would love to manufacture toys here but getting the employees to fill, to fill the manufacturing facilities has been a problem getting people to work, so we hope that there is change on that, we hope there's more manufacturing done here at home, maybe that's the silver lining of this crisis. trace, we are told we are inside the two-minute warning to the white house. dick durbin, chuck grassley, meeting with president biden about supreme court picks. we could be learning more in a few seconds. >> trace: and it's important to note when you have chuck grassley, the ranking member and
11:12 am
dick durbin, and talked to andy mccarthy earlier, about the fact listen, the problem is nobody seems to be really laying down the gauntlet. we have not heard any kind of -- any kind of rhetoric that shows the republicans are going to fight this tooth and nail. >> sandra: this is a pool spray, just happened at the white house, throw to this and see what they had to say. >> two friends down here, a lot of supreme court justices together, senator grassley and i, as well as senator durbin and worked with a lot of nominations overall, and supreme court nominations, and one of the president's most serious responsibilities and as i always said, and went back and looked at opening statements i made, apparently dick -- kind of means we must be beyond 60, chuck, i'm
11:13 am
not what it is, a little older. >> 15 or 16. >> i started way back early on, early 1970s. at any rate, what we are going to do, i've said before and went back and looked at some of the opening statements i made from justices over the years, that you know, constitution says advice and consent. and i'm serious when i say it, that i want the advice of the senate as well as consent, arrive at who the nominee should be, and it's -- there's always a renewed national debate every time we nominate, any president nominates a justice. because the constitution is always evolving slightly in terms of additional rights, etc., always an issue. and several schools of thought in terms of judicial philosophy,
11:14 am
and we'll see. but the fact is that i'm looking for someone who i can, this is not a static issue, it flows back and forth. and i'm looking for a candidate with character, with qualities of a judge in terms of being courteous to the folks before them and treating people with respect, as well as judicial philosophy that is more one suggests that there are -- constitution and the amendments mean something including the ninth amendment, and i intend to take this decision, make this decision and get it to my colleagues by the end of the month, that's my hope, and i'm looking forward to their advice in how to proceed and how the hearing will be conducted and the like. so, thank you very much, we are going to get a chance to talk. i want to hear from them today. thank you.
11:15 am
>> sandra: and that's this. he says he wants the advice and consent, he said he's serious about it, he's got a bipartisan meeting there, obviously chuck grassley and dick durbin and they are going to discuss filling the vacancy on the high court. >> trace: and you go back and talk to people like dick durbin, back when amy coney barrett was being confirmed and how fast the republicans wanted to move and the democrats were critical, and asked yesterday what about the speed they want to move the nominee through, he said listen, we have to get it through, and the republicans did it and we are going to do it now. you see depending on who has the ball the appetite has changed. >> sandra: he wants advice and consent after he has seriously narrowed the field, right, by saying it will be an african american woman. ok. we'll continue to monitor that meeting, any news from it. and bring to you as we get it.
11:16 am
apple changed the world with the iphone and later the ipad. now out to change the world again. only this time by teaching preschoolers about their inherent bias towards other races. the apple curriculum on racial equity. >> trace: and still awaiting the white house press briefing. we will see if jen psaki has anything more to say after seeming to play down the threat of violent crime. it comes hours after washington was rattled by a shooting in the tiny georgetown neighborhood. we are live with the manhunt and we are live with brian kilmeade on his take on what jen psaki had to say. >> unacceptable in the united states. we have a responsibility to protect every american citizen, law enforcement officials need to be given the power to do so and prosecute to the full extent of the law. as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual,
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11:22 am
>> sandra: a developing story at this hour. covid shots for tots could be closer than you think. vaccines for babies as young as six months old could be available by the end of the month. jonathan is live in atlanta home of the c.d.c. what do we know? >> hi there, sandra. federal regulators are urging pfizer to apply for emergency use authorization with the f.d.a. for the covid vaccine for use in children between the ages of six months and five years. that according to the associated press citing a source familiar with the issue. it would start out as a two-dose regimen but a booster dose might be added after pfizer releases more data in march on whether a third shot increases protection against covid for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. the f.d.a. has given full
11:23 am
approval to moderna's vaccine for use in people 18 and older. shots have previously been administered under an emergency use authorization. this afternoon the c.d.c. published a study out of los angeles county showing during the omicron surge, 3.6 times the infection rates of those who were fully vaccinated with the booster. and hospitalization rates were 23 times greater for the unvaccinated. the protection was less dramatic for people who were vaccinated without a booster shot. nevertheless, according to the study, vaccinations still offered strong protection, both against infection and hospitalizations. back to you. >> sandra: jonathan live in atlanta, thank you. trace. >> trace: we are watching the briefing room for new developments as the white house finds itself on the defense after jen psaki's crime comments and seem to dismiss concerns
11:24 am
over the rise in violent crime. and seeming to laugh over news coverage of far left prosecutors going soft on criminals. the nation's largest police union is saying she owes some an apology, as crime creeps closer to the door steps of washington's rich and powerful with a murder and now a manhunt in one of the district's nicest areas. brian kilmeade with his reaction. but first, alex. >> deadly shooting yesterday evening in the heart of georgetown, a d.c. neighborhood among the country's most prestigious, john kerry, nancy pelosi, and as -- and a gunman shot and killed a 27-year-old man in front of dozens of witnesses on a busy street. a manhunt for hours on the
11:25 am
ground and by air where you could see they were illuminating homes during the search. the suspect is still on the run. >> we are not sure at this point exactly why he shot him. appears to be there was some type of altercation that may have occurred. >> just about two miles from the scene, press secretary jen psaki seemed to downplay crime under the president's watch. >> i'm sorry for people who feel they need to be critical, but the president is a long time advocate of addressing crime, never been for defunding the police. >> the national order of fraternal order of police issued a statement, wrong, very wrong for miss psaki to suggest there is not violent crime in the country. she may feel safe in the white house but not everyone feels safe in their workplace.
11:26 am
the she made light hearted comments in an interview last week. >> sandra: brian kilmeade, host of "fox and friends," and "one nation with brian kilmeade." off to a great start. waiting to see, the press briefing is happening shortly at the white house and i don't know, we don't have a seat in the room, they are still on covid protocol so you know, not all the reporters can be in the room at one time. so she might not even get a question on this, but certainly it should be followed up. >> a couple of things, any time there is an opportunity to do a poll what matters most, inflation and crime. you flip them back and forth. i know you 0 in on that. and beyond a shadow of a doubt, 22 major cities see a significant rise of gun assaults, aggravated assaults, domestic violence, and homicides across the country, ok. so, we have identified there is a huge problem. do we agree on that. the question is, what are you
11:27 am
doing about that? and what does president biden do about it? he does not say defund the police but what does he say. since the 1990s, he's not been tough on crime. since bill clinton was in office he was not tough on crime. crime rising under president trump, true. but anyone, including his bravest critics that did not think trump wanted to crack down on crime. he's not the mayor, not the police chief in seattle, not the mayor of chicago, does not do anything in portland, can't control new york city, but what he can do is say what do you need? i could give you federal troops, give you federal aid, what did he do? he jettisoned them in in seattle and immediately pushed back by the democratic mayor. this president has an opportunity, an opportunity to save what would be left of a decent 2022 election. when he appears with eric adams on thursday, talk about i want to pressure the democratic legislator, the democratic city council to get rid of no cash
11:28 am
bail, and the d.a.'s embarrassing the country, and horrible philosophies, and bodine ran on the premise i will not crack down on quality of life crimes, great. now they have no quality of life in san francisco. not what he thinks, what he does. not what he says, actions you will take against your own party. >> sandra: shoplifters paradise in san francisco. walk out of the store with something and not face consequences for it. jen psaki's words, put them out there, she was asked about it in the briefing yesterday. this is the podcast where she seemingly laughed off fox's coverage of the crime crisis. >> and then on fox, talking about soft on crime consequences. i mean, what does that even
11:29 am
mean, right? so, there's an alternate universe on some coverage. what's scary about it, a lot of people watch that. >> sandra: it's a real thing, soft on crime consequences. look at the great american cities destroyed by it. and by the way, you don't have to just watch here to know that's a problem. i mean, you can ask those polled that are extremely or very concerned about higher u.s. crime rates, it's at 81%, brian, i don't think you can get there by watching tv coverage of it. this is something that people are feeling every single day when they walk around the city and towns. >> a couple of things. she says a lot of people watch this, how about every news viewer is watching us. and if you take the other ratings and pour them together, they don't amount to people watching sandra smith and today trace gallagher and one of her points, well, i've put money aside in the rescue plan back in march, 1.9 trillion, there was
11:30 am
350 million put aside for cops. but the cops -- >> sandra: can you hang on live to the briefing room, she's being asked about it right now. >> and the attorney general will join with law enforcement officials alongside elected leaders, including mayor adams, governor hochul at the police headquarters to discuss the work that federal, state and local law enforcement are taking guns and repeat shooters off the streets. afterward, president biden, attorney general, the mayor and other leaders will meet with intervention leaders in queens to talk about the community-led work to interrupt gun violence. the president outlined the a comprehensive plan last year to tackle gun crime, historic funding through the american rescue plan, more cops on the beat and community violence programs, and creating economic communities and address the root causes of gun crime.
11:31 am
the president's budget also doubles federal support for community policing, $300 million more for cities, plus another $200 million for community violence interventions, total of a half a billion dollars for the strategies proven to reduce gun crime. he's going to continue to urge congress to act on that. finally, the department of justice continues to step up their efforts to combat violent crime and gun trafficking, including through five strike forces launched last year in new york city and other regions. department of justice reported last week, efforts have resulted in thousands of guns and violent criminals being taken off the streets over the past year. but they will, of course, have more to say on thursday. kick us off. >> busy news back better -- >> sandra: she did make a statement right off the top, had not started the q and a. that she came out with, a prepared statement, and we did know the president was planning to travel to new york this week,
11:32 am
they announced that last week, giving further detail, he'll be travelling with the a.g. garland, meeting with local leaders on the ground including mayor adams of new york city. and talked about the allocation of funds we were talking about brian kilmeade about to the police. so that was -- i would take it as a response, or a follow-up to what we heard from her yesterday. >> trace: what she didn't say is important, she's criticized for not going after the soft on crime prosecutors across the country. they go after the gun problem, the guns, guns, and nothing about the people firing the guns who are back on the street because of these soft on crime policies in san francisco, los angeles, philadelphia, new york, etc., and that's where people are wanting the administration to acknowledge there's a problem out there. >> sandra: brian kilmeade is still with us. thank you for staying with us. reaction to what you heard. >> it shows it matters, that station, that horrible station, what does that even mean.
11:33 am
you led with the stats we were questioning all day and all morning long. so, we do matter. number two is what will he do besides meet with his favorite mayor going to that mayor, mayor eric adams, what will he do besides that? he has to turn around to the democratic governor and said no cash bail is not working. turn around to the legislators and the democrats, say find a way to crack down on crime and back these people up. until that it's just words and the american people, not democrats or republicans are not going to tolerate lives being destroyed and sitting there watching their rite aids being looted. it's not going to work. what do they not understand about this? it's not a tax cut or increase. it's right and wrong, it's not right and left. i -- i'm flabbergasted they don't realize this. even for the only -- even if it's only for their political benefit. >> sandra: and by the way, also issuing the statement and reminding everyone that biden is coming to new york after the president of the fraternal order
11:34 am
of police came out with a very strong condemnation of what he said was her, the appearance that she was laughing off crime being a real issue in this country. he said she may feel safe in the white house, one of the most protected buildings in the u.s. but not everyone feels safe in their workplace. he said the world we find ourselves in is dangerous and becoming increasingly more so. real quick final, brian. >> final thought is this. another officer buried on wednesday. why are you coming thursday, mr. president. come wednesday. why did you see a broken bridge on friday, go to st. patrick's on friday. we won't care about what the policies are, we will know where the heart is. that's what the american people would respond to. and if he saw what we saw last week there would not be giggling when the word crime came up on the station. oh, and she spoke, she happens to be a law and order judge. >> sandra: it's a real crisis and one driving a lot of business out of the city.
11:35 am
small businesses are having a hard time staying open, they cannot even call the police and have them show up, they are so inundated with calls and less of them. and major bank c.e.o.s say it's tough to get people to work in the city, and from home back to the city, not because of covid, but people don't feel safe on public transportation and working and walking down the streets in new york city. i'm sure you'll be talking about that on "one nation" on saturday. brian kilmeade. >> trace: a new report shows the damage from closing schools will not just hurt kids but will last a lifetime, potentially limiting where they can live, even what kind of card they can drive. lydia has the details on this. >> missed learning opportunities from school closures will cost kids $17 trillion globally in lost earnings over their lifetime, according to a recent
11:36 am
report from the united nations and the world bank. equals about 14% of today's global g.d.p. i spoke with a former member of the baltimore board of education. >> less prepared for the future, more poverty, going to be more people out of work, and therefore, potentially more social instability. >> the new estimate of $17 trillion far exceeds the $10 trillion estimate from a year ago. a sign that learning losses are snowballing and closures that continue nearly two years after the start of the pandemic are a problem. in the u.s., more than 7400 schools were closed to in-person learning, one or more days during the work of january 10th. and just last week, 2100 schools were closed for one or more days. we can look at flint, michigan, schools are closing there indefinitely to in-person learning, impacting nearly 4,000 students and in cumberland county, new jersey, middle
11:37 am
school and high school students will attend only a half day for the entire month of february to accommodate teacher shortages. now, the good news here, trace, is experts tell me these problems can be reversed but an emphasis must be placed on reopening schools and providing supplemental learning opportunities through after school and summer school programming, trace. >> trace: thank you. meantime, a school board in oklahoma is promoting racial justice guides to teachers that were produced by apple. and it targets kids as young as preschool. this raising a host of questions, including do kids barely out of diapers really need something like this? plus, why is apple in the business of creating school curriculum? with us now, author of "woke incorporated" and the for the coming book "nations of victims," it's kind of uncovered by the oklahoma council of
11:38 am
public affairs targeting kids pre-k through 5th grade and one of these things says, and put it on the screen so we have it, it says "racism is the marginalization or oppression of people of color based on socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people." why is apple now in the school curriculum business of kids who are 3, 4 years old? >> look, it's ridiculous. and i think that race consciousness does not end racism. teaching more race consciousness in the schools actually breeds and begets more racism. i have a 2-year-old son. many of you have kids, too. at the end of the day, kids don't see race at that age. they may see color but don't see race and i don't want my kids attending a school where their teachers are using addictive apple product, iphone or ipad, to teach them to see race in a way that they didn't before. and this is deeply personal to me. from here in ohio where i
11:39 am
attended high school and back to 2nd grade, i heard martin luther king speech for the first time when i was seven years old and it meant something to me, taught us not to see beyond the color of the skin but the content of the character and kids are learning not the american dream but the new american nightmare that tells you you are a prisoner of the color of your skin. i think it's going to have bad long lasting consequences and apple has some questions to answer why they are interfering. >> trace: it extends from that, vivek, the oklahoma council of public affairs noted one of the guide books links to a resource from the far left "southern poverty law center" and why is apple picking sides? i know tim cook is a liberal and kind of gone after, look, he wants everything done about january 6th, he wants nothing done about the antifa riots that happened all summer long in 2020, so the question is, why suddenly is apple just deciding to pick sides? >> so look, tim cook is a
11:40 am
liberal but more importantly, he is savvy. in china he does what he needs to do to win business in china, now in charge in the united states, knows who the party in power is, the biggest threats to regulation used to come for for big tech, from the left. same thing in china he's doing for the democratic party here in the united states by doing their bidding in a way that holds them at bay and stops them from ultimately regulating apple's increasing market power. he is a savvy guy. not his political views informing what is in the classroom, he understands he needs to stave off the threat top apple's power and keeping the democratic party or the c.c.p. happy, or any other party happy, that's what he's going to do. and the kids that suffer the consequences are learning the toxic ideology in the classroom.
11:41 am
>> the mantra, if you virtue signal now, the feds will not look deeper into the business practices and labor practices and companies you work for. is that the messaging you were seeing here? >> exactly right. arranged marriage between the large technology companies, and the left. it's more like mutual prostitution, each side gets something out of the trade and apple gets a more favorable regulatory environment, ultimately recognize 20 years ago it might have been a bad thing for big business, we are going to make it a good thing, especially technology firms as they use their market power. the people who suffer the consequences are everyday americans, children and the parents of the children sent to the schools. >> trace: i have to go, but the push back from the left saying schools are not teaching critical race theory and one of the examples, no, not teaching
11:42 am
critical race theory but you kind of get the point of what is going on in the schools. your final thoughts. >> one of the places i would like to see conservative activists let go of the critical race theory. i don't care what you call it, you should not be teaching kids in the classroom to see one another as oppressors or oppressed based on the color of their skin. may not be what derek bell taught at harvard law school, a liberal trope to say you don't understand what critical race theory is. no, it's a wrongful and hateful ideology and we need to move back to dr. king's version, seeing people not on the color of their skin but the content of their character. >> trace: great to see you, good luck on the book. >> sandra: the white house trying to get ahead of what is expected to be a dismal jobs heart the end of this week. our panel, econ panel is ready
11:43 am
to debate. there they are, after the break.
11:44 am
i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sandra: the white house briefing had a dismal jobs report for the month of january but critics say they are already
11:48 am
making excuses. welcome to you both. ok, douglas, i'll start with you first. in the warning from the white house they are making the case that a lot of the bad news will be because of the highly transmissible omicron variant. here is jen psaki explaining. >> the month's job report may show losses in large part because workers were out sick from omicron at the point when it was peaking during the week when the data was taken. >> fair explanation or excuse, doug? >> well, clearly preparing for a bad report and correct as far as it goes. but you step back, the larger point is the administration inherited a strong economy, growing at 6.5%. spent trillions of dollars and tons of regulations and generating the economy that's not growing any faster and has bad inflation problem. meanwhile, during the same year, did they anticipate another surge in cases, no. did they get ahead of the testing problem, no. come with a plan for masks or
11:49 am
broad-based acceptance to vaccines, no and then they want us to say it's not your fault the omicron cases hurt the jobs report. hard to buy. >> austin? >> well, doug is a friend of mine but a little confused on the numbers. as you remember, as the trump administration was going out it was not growing robustly, we were stalling out because of those variants. now i think doug is correct, they took their eye off the ball. we got overconfident a year ago thinking the virus was going away and then we got delta and then omicron. i think on a factual matter they are correct. this month is probably going to be pretty bad as a jobs number because of what was happening in the so-called reference week. but if you take a second step back, overall job creation in the 2021 year was extremely strong and it's certainly possible that if we could get the virus behind us and come
11:50 am
down off these peaks of omicron we could go back to robust job growth and they certainly ought to be hoping that's what happens. otherwise they are going to be in for a very long year. >> sandra: douglas it seems the administration wants to take credit for that but guys like larry kudlow, our friend who joins us often here, andy puzder who joined us last hour, saying no matter who is in power you are going to get the major snapback, after you shut down the country you'll get strong economic growth. we did. and he said if the administration and president would have gotten more out of the way we would have seen even more robust growth. this was puzder last hour. >> when you measure g.d.p. it's against the prior year. the prior year, the state governments, republicans and democrats shut economies down. everybody knew it was going to recover this year. so trying to claim credit for the recovery with, based on his economic policies is just absurd. >> sandra: ok, so i'll have you react to that.
11:51 am
i was just getting, looking at -- go ahead, douglas. >> i mean, look. first off, and growth in the first quarter of 2021, 6.5% and that's a factor, look it up. this economy was growing rebustly. the private sector had this, no need for the government to step in, they did and no good with it. learn that lesson. when you go to recover from a big recession like that, you are going to get a lot of jobs. not as many jobs this year, there are not as many job openings to fill. the real problems are on the inflation side, on the supply chain, disguised, people cannot go to work because of the virus. deal with the virus. >> sandra: i'll give you last word here, austin, cnbc headline, a million like this, 4.6 million more job openings than unemployed workers in december. this is still a real problem getting people to go to work. number of available jobs has topped 10 million for seven straight months now. before the pandemic began in
11:52 am
february 2020, the highest on record was 7.7 million. so, we have record job openings still. why can't we fill them? >> well, a, that's great. b, we have been filling a lot of them. as i say, the year 2021 was a record-breaking year of job growth. i think doug's 100% right, we have to get past the virus, deal with the supply chain issues. the thing about the trump administration was they started this snap back and then their mistakes led to a stall-out before the biden administration took over. biden must avoid that same problem. if they let the virus continue to rage and they do not get control of it, the same thing is going to happen. >> sandra: seems like things are getting better, people should be getting back to work. hope the job openings get filled. a lot of the businesses are struggling with not getting the workers through the door. thank you both. trace. >> trace: next, dramatic shootout caught on dash cam.
11:53 am
what cops are saying about the man who unloaded on the interstate.
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11:58 am
>> john: anyone who has driven on i-95 knows how dangerous it can be. bet you never thought there would be a risk from this. can you imagine? wild video of what cops call a road rage shoot out on one of the nation's busiest interstates. the man's attorney says the video proves he was acting in self-defense. the other driver fired first. police say the driver fired 11 shots through his own window before pulling over and calling the police himself. the other driver was never
11:59 am
identified. >> sandra: the latest fox weather forecast showing the snow dumping tonight. the mass single system stretching from texas north to canada. wow. huge system. it's set to sweep the country as it makes its way east. some of the warnings, chicago, kansas city, cleveland. you can see all of them involved winter storm watches in effect for dallas, detroit and new york. trace? >> john: normally a sixth round draft pick retiring from the nfl wouldn't make much noise but every sixth ground pick becomes the greatest of all time. tom brady made it first. seven super bowl titles, more than any other nfl team. brady hanging up his cleats. the goat is gone. julian edelman, former patriots
12:00 pm
receiver calling it an honor. and the new york jets say this better be real. the sixth round draft pick. he told the general manager said -- he was third string his third year and took over for drew bledsoe and the rest is history. >> sandra: great to have you here today. i'm sandra smith. >> i'm trace gallagher. "the story" stars right now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. this is the big story. we're watching this pentagon briefing. no world on strong language today from vladimir putin who has accused the united states and its allies of ignoring his demands for nato to withdraw from his sphere. >> principle rush concerns were ignored.


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