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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 31, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> and the latest twist in the back and forth over the boundaries between free speech and censorship, spotify announces it will display a content warning on any contact discussing covid-19, after a top podcast or spread misinformation. i am kayleigh mcenany, joined by emily compagno, leslie marshall, and fox news contributor fox nation host and
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retired marine bomb tech and joey jones, happy monday, everyone, the popular streaming service had a warning in an attempt to curb recent calls to censor them and move joe grogan. who they have a $100 million multiyear deal with. the popular host of the joe rogan experience has faced criticism after skeptics of the covid-19 vaccine. backlash began earlier this month when nearly 300 medical professionals wrote an open letter requesting for the podcast to be removed. and music artists such as neil young and joni mitchell taking their songs off the platform and protest. prince harry and meghan markle also have a deal with spotify are also pressuring the company. joe rogan breaking his silence just yesterday. speak of the problem i have with misinformation especially today is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation just a short while ago are now accepted as fact.
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i'm interested in telling the truth and finding out what the truth is, but i'm interested in having interesting conversations with people that have differing opinions. >> kayleigh: harris, he makes a compelling point, he wants to get a different opinion and he hasn't entitled to do that. your thoughts. >> harris: i look at this the same way that twitter sticks stuff though it meant sticker on my stuff, with the things that are actually happening as a journalist and they just don't like the fact that oh, yeah, you mean there is an investigation into -- and they are looking at hunter biden. they will take you down and sticker you and cancel you. i wonder if this is not the same road that spotify is now willing to walk down. because it will cost them. it will cost them more than the people who lead the platform, one might daughters asked me who neil young was, and i used to live in minnesota, so i was like -- and then i realize that she just
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knew that things were changing because she saw it on her phone, my 15-year-old and she said why would they try to keep one guys questions out, isn't that what you do? crickets, because yeah. i asked questions. i'm not joe rogan and he has not me, don't get it confused, we bring up different things, but we bring up some topics that are considered to be those things that people are not always comfortable with us asking about, does spotify have the kite somatic type of fact-checking to be able to say what is informational and what isn't? that would be my question to them. you know that they want to sticker me for asking that. we will wait. >> kayleigh: and we have seen twitter try to go into the fact-checking realm, their total disparity. it joe grogan, the most powerful part of his 10 minutes response to this was this portion where he talked about so-called misinformation. let's listen. >> eight months ago if you said if you get vaccinated you can
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still catch covid and you can still spread covid, you would be removed from social media. they would ban you from certain platforms. now that's accepted as fact. if you said i don't think cloth masks work, you would be banned from social media. now that's openly repeatedly stated on cnn. if you said i think it's possible that covid-19 came from a lab, you would be banned from many social media platforms. now that's on the cover of "newsweek." >> kayleigh: joey, that's a point, you would be banned for saying all of these things that are now accepted as fact. >> joey: in the words of the greatest southern rock band of all time, i hope that neil young remembers they don't need him around anyhow. what neil young -- taking himself, if you can't tell by the way i'm dressed, where i'm from, come on. but neil young is taking himself out of the conversation instead of saying, hey, joe rogan let me
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come on your podcast and talk to you about why, he has chosen to step out of the conversation by taking himself off of spotify he just assures and more people have no clue who he is. this is an antiquated rock star who had a chance to be relevant again not by being a part of conversation, but by protesting in a way that is cowardice in my opinion does not move you anywhere. that does not move the conversation. i think the doctors that go on the joe rogan podcast is a same grain of salt of that pontificate on twitter about the knowledge they do or don't have. in a grain of salt i mean the part of the conversation, it is a piece of the puzzle. up to me and the doctor i trust, the one that i go to to decide what is best for me, that's a very american thing and i think that that is all that joe rogan has ever advocated for. nothing about his podcast leads me to believe he is a against any of these things, but what he is for that scares people to death is critical and
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independent thinking by americans exercising their freedom and anyone who would advocate to take those podcast down are absolutely scared, they are scared of the truth not lining up with their own moral vindication, and i will tell you this, what joe rogan's policy, that was a compromise between him and spotify. the idea that he will put out a statement and allow spotify to put their tag on there, that's because the audience is too big for them to lose him, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease, the neil young's are being louder, but joe rogan's audience is more effective, and as far as that goes i don't have a problem, but i hate that he had to do anything in response to doing his job. >> kayleigh: joey jones for the win this morning, winning all kinds of points by citing leonard skinner, my husband text me during the sound bite, tell joey jones i love his jacket. you know who is not bringing it, who is not bringing it is a guy
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named prince harry, let's take a listen to this. >> going on the first memory, because that's one that i don't understand. but you can find a loophole in anything, laws are created to protect people, right? i just also want to say about the first amendment -- it is bonkers. >> harris: how do you not understand it? >> kayleigh: he has concerns and he is first amendment, leg silly? >> leslie: i'm probably going to get canceled, before a commodity and after i'm done, people tell me fox should fire me on a daily basis. i feel your pain. so here's the thing. i don't really listen to anything that harry and meghan markle say, so sorry, they jumped upon and won't let the baby see grandma, it bothers
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me just to go. on the other side is a talk show host for over 30 years, i have an opinion on this, okay? i have had the opportunity to interview some really uncomfortable people, holocaust deniers, members of the kkk and i make a decision not to, probably because i was just tired at that point, but another because i always felt i had a responsibility that my listeners could be unlike joey, because he did a great thing, you say i take it with a grain of salt, so do i, but some people don't end there in lies the danger. neil young, joni mitchell, and possibly foo fighters have a right to put their music on whatever platform they want. i don't like censorship, but i also don't like information that could be dangerous if people don't take it for what it is an alternate opinion or a grain of salt. >> harris: my first assignment as a journalist in greenville,
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north carolina, was to go that first week to a kkk rally. and people actually talked with me, which nobody in my newsroom would believe that that would've happened. i'm glad i did those interviews. we are americans, we aren't always going to think the same. it may be something in the exchange of those conversations would bring forth even better information and conversation. you can't cut it off at the point where you think people aren't grown enough to hear it or you don't like it. >> leslie: i disagree when it comes to our health. >> harris: did you hear what i said? i went to a rally in this skin, people gave me interviews. >> leslie: the kkk weren't giving you medical advice, harris. >> harris: no, they were giving me some life advice, and that certainly involve my health, but i hung in there and to those interviews were watched. that's when i am saying. i don't think that those should
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be stickered either. i'm so old and my career, they can't really sticker me. >> kayleigh: i am with harris on this argument, but emily, why is it that those censorship only cuts one way always, where was the censorship for the russia story that was misinformation? president trump going to st. john's church, that was not truthful, the inspector general said that or bounties on the troops in afghanistan, where is the censorship and the misinformation label when he goes the other direction? >> emily: because the political culture of the far left has allowed them to think that they can get away with censorship without being labeled as such, let's go back and look at the playbook, it first started with hate speech, so they falsely argued that it is unconstitutional, not constitutionally protected, hate speech, then putting everyone into it, and he graduates. it gets bigger. and now it is just information
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that makes you feel uncomfortable, and now the label is disinformation and misinformation, and i think about it that glenn greenwald argued is that that term has a lot of last to see. it's like terrorism or "pornography" so in their echo chamber they can get away with dumping a whole bunch of stuff into it. and they have created the culture that is that they are free to cancel into fire and to terminate come to censor, but without being called out for what it is, which is indeed censorship. i just heard this way a ad for hulu that a show joe rogan's on that explores the intersect of media on privacy and more that i find ironic, so he is not going anywhere, and just with everyone's anecdotes, president of a federalist society in law school long time ago in the early 2,000 ands, my role on campus was to bring the other side. whenever we had a presentation we got to turn it into a debate and i got to bring the other
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side and back then it was actually acceptable, that was discourse, that was conversation coming all of mention that apparently neil young and the like are just afraid about because they are going down that black hole of complete extinguishment. >> emily: a great debate. >> kayleigh: spotify has to choose between harry and meghan and joe, go to joe every time. our fallen colleague jason rivera, one new york city actor was more upset that the streets were blocked off for his funeral. unbelievable, that's next. >> we do not need to shut down most of lower manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly. mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight?
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>> i am in this nightmare that i wish i never had. bullets rage in anger, hurt, and sad, mourn, although i gained thousands of blue brothers and sisters, i am the loneliest without you. i know you are looking at me and beside me telling me i can do this, and i am trying. trust me, i am. but i did not prepare for this. >> emily: heartbreaking words from jason rivera's widow, the 22-year-old and his partner were killed a little bit over a week ago shot in an ambush as they responded to a mother's call for help in her lung. the city played one final goodbye to its officer. but not everyone was supportive, one new york city actress was
9:18 am
annoyed that streets were closed for the funeral. >> we do not need to shut down most of lower manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly. they tell people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason, and we don't shut down the cities for them. >> emily: former actress as she was fired from her theater company because of that as well as a coney island teacher was terminated after he put on an instagram story "may 30th, 2020" sub drives into a crowd of protesters and then he put a coat of the funeral and said ideal conditions for rep or prosody. he tried to backtrack, but they said you are held to a higher standard of public service and we stand with our officers, they said. >> joey: really quick, i just want to say that i consider this a win for the acting company, i don't remember the name, but the company that the actress supposedly work for is easy in
9:19 am
this day and age to defend the people when you are on the side of liberal arts, that's where we have gone if you are on one side or the other you support the police or you take the murderers, that's a narrative over the last couple of years, so i want to say kudos to the company that got rid of her. kudos to the school board they got rid of this teacher who is >> emily: hate, that is the first step in healing our country is taking accountability for those that would spew hate under some guise of social injustice. to give you a contrast someone like this actress, i spoke to jw cortez who was a marine, nypd officer on a hit show for the wb. he is an actor and a philanthropist and he works with a organization now with the ramos foundation, those are the kind of people we need to celebrate today it can discern their day job from something like this. >> emily: that's right, and ambushes on law enforcement have a 300 percent in the last year as a direct correlation between the social vilification backed
9:20 am
by officials and the deaths of these officers, leslie. >> leslie: as a liberal i am a pacifist and against and the threats violence or anyone's life, you don't speak ill of the dead if nothing else in respect to their family. we heard the widow of that officer. the president of the united states and the majority of my party and myself included do not support the phone the police and do know that the majority, the overwhelming majority of the police officers do a great and a dangerous job. i think that these liberal theater companies, and the liberal school board did the right thing, because at the end of the day this is not about liberal or conservative it's about the right thing to do in the wrong thing to do, it is wrong to speak so harshly up for someone who is killed in the line of duty. if nothing else for their family, especially for their children, it is hurtful and again, it's harmful and it's
9:21 am
unacceptable. and i'm glad that these people lost their jobs over the remarks. >> emily: i agree with your point of view but i disagree that the party feels the same way, we have seen an absolute waste of defunding the police under guise of reallocating resources. we have seen an absolute acceptability of vilifying these guys on social media -- >> leslie: let's talk about resources, you have 1:30 $8 million at the doj's sending to local law enforcement to assist. >> kayleigh: that is not going to accomplish anything. leslie, that is not going to accomplish anything. >> leslie: going to new york to not only talk about gun violence, but to allocate more money to put more cops on the street in the cities in the states in these towns. i wrote about this last week at, you can't just have this be about gun control. i keep saying it to my party and i think the president actually
9:22 am
looks at the article, because that's what he is doing. he's not only putting more police on the street but putting money into programs to help communities combat violence not just focus on legislation taken more guns, legal guns off the street. >> harris: can i say one thing about that? with the legislation it said you can use this money for those purposes, now the president has to come back all these months later that things have gotten worse in mostly democrat-led cities and put more force behind that, please use this money for those things. but leslie, you and i both know you can't replace an officer who has been around for 20 years with what that money will buy in an environment where it is hard to recruit cops right now. the dollars are not the same. the dollars are a suggestion. but it is the actual getting out there and as the president of the united states and not just disavowing, but strongly saying, do not tear down the cubs in america! we need them.
9:23 am
>> joey: that's right. >> kayleigh: he is not doing that and he has not done that, i wrote down the streets of d.c. in the summer of 2020 after the protests turn violent and i saw building after building a c.a.b., all cops are and i won't use that curse word on television. what was candidate joe biden doing at the time? asked if he wants to redirect funding, he said back absolutely. it so he plays fdic with the thief on the police movement, he has not called them out, he was asked point blank, jen psaki on this network, are you going to call out the liberal d.a.s? and she said no, we will not. so they have done nothing to stop this crime wave and you say throw a little money and talk about it at the administration, i'm sorry, that is not an adequate response. >> leslie: putting in legislation and meeting with the mayors to see what the problem is and proceed in the individual cities, the problem is that same
9:24 am
across-the-board when it comes to crime, los angeles and new york are two different cities. >> harris: there d.a.s are very similar. >> kayleigh: is a year and, this is the number two issue to voters, so all of a sudden you see the crime wave and it's going to go to new york city, i'm sorry, you had 13 months. >> leslie: i don't agree with that. spew on this is the same president called for a couple of days to abolish i.c.e., he has been absolutely missing in action, they have yet to see one red cent, but it's a drop in the bucket for the last support they have on all levels. unfortunately, we are out of time. coming up, the white house is responding to news of migrants being flown or bused into the u.s. as border patrol agents call out their cheap and in exchange over the migrant surge. >> i've been doing this job as long as y'all -- >> it's that? >> it's as good as to do nothing.
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>> harris: the white house has a rebuttal after this footage of illegal immigrants being flown or bused around the united states, the white house official tells fox news "there are no such things as secret flights." it's leaked a video showing some border patrol agents are fed up. and the newest of all of these coming out today. some of them calling out their own chief over the illegal immigrant surge and the administration's policies to handle it. watch the heated exchange in laredo, texas, that have been on friday during a visit by homeland security secretary. >> we stay focused, we do the job that we signed up for, and we all signed up for, are
9:30 am
already. in the constitution. >> it's not hard. it may be hard for you to stay at home, but i've been doing this for 31 years. it's not hard for me to say it. i am committed to this organization, and i'm committed to each one of you. >> it seems like the policy is not. >> you are getting bogged down in the policies. >> we are trying to do nothing? it's the trying of doing nothing? this is nothing. you are allowing illegal aliens -- >> harris: so take that down in terms of your point of view, what are they arguing about? >> they are arguing about putting their lives on the line and eventually nothing coming from it. i will give you a juxtaposition. when i was in afghanistan i was ready to take part in the ied, it was hard and harder to do that when i realized the territory was taking it out of, we weren't doing anything to keep the taliban out of it.
9:31 am
i was going out every day risking my life, but it was not going to have any effect or slow the taliban down. watching the border pretoria patrol agent go out and risk his life everything today if they have policies that don't support that sacrifice, and i was one of the rebuttals was bogged down in the policy, yes, because the policy is undermining him. as far as jen psaki saying that these buses or plane loads of illegal immigrants are being sent to states around the country with all due respect, that's icing on the cake. that's a nonissue, because the true dishonor and a service is letting thousands of illegal immigrants across the border to begin with. they will take them wherever they want to go, the federal government does not even need to do that. so to stick on that as a denial, it's going against the border itself. >> harris: i had on kt mcfarland last hour, let's watch a little bit from her. >> the media is not covering joe biden unless they are covering up for joe biden and the administration has also just trying to pretend that there is
9:32 am
nothing there. the american people are seeing it for what they have in their communities and the lawlessness and the fentanyl crisis, they are seeing an unwillingness for the u.s. government to stand up to any of this. they don't want a political problem on their hands so they are ignoring it. in a democracy, the good news is you can't ignore it forever. eventually the government has to answer to the people. >> harris: and all the leaked video of the former deputy adviser to president trump, actually, and i want to go to you, kayleigh mcenany. the former president and kt mcfarland working on the dhs secretary working on a situation now that does not even look familiar because of the numbers of people that we are seen coming. it's like they are two different countries that they have resided over. >> kayleigh: exactly right, 2 million encounters on our southern borders, that is amazing. and if you think about the hidden nests, the secrecy of all of this. this is the greatest gamble so
9:33 am
far that the biden administration, i would actually put afghanistan first, but right beneath that one of the greatest scandals when republicans take the house, they better investigate, because we have only scratched the surface. we have the leaked video of the secret slice of those migrants arriving at westchester, and the video of the single adult male filed through an unmarked office, with a parking garage that was evasive and hiding what was happening from public view, and then you have these emergency intake facility is from last year there were housing children and the media had no access to you. this is just the surface of this, and these are republicans coming back into power next year coming a better make this priority number one finding out what has gone on, 2 million people at the border, you better figure out what is going on when you get power back. >> harris: katie told me that you have to have a secure border in order to be an effective
9:34 am
member of nato, we are stepping into the border countries around ukraine right now, leslie as russia is perched to invade even though they say, that's ridiculous, so they put 127,000 troops there, what's that for walk in daisies? but the reason i say that is does in our own border have to be secure at this point? >> leslie: yes, but we have to look at the data, the numbers show that arrested deportations are a record high in 2021 and this goes beyond any federal position, any president, and i said this during the term for administration as well, this falls into the lap of congress again and again, if we don't fix our asylum law, it's one of the reasons that people come here is the rabbits come to the border because they need to be out of the border and they need to go through. >> harris: do you know what you just gave us, the vice president and the president have been looking all over the
9:35 am
place for, a root cause, it does not immediately fix the problem that we are having. >> leslie: that has been the root cause for 27 years. >> harris: he is looking at governors right now, and when we went to them live, he was said it we will look at why people are trying to leave the country's income to the country. i mean you just said it. so now can we work on a problem of what happens when they actually get here and some of them are not here for those good causes? some of them are committing further crimes than just being here illegally in the first place? there is a line to stand in and do it the right of way, and they don't want to do that. we have to go. you know leslie and i could talk like this all day. coming up, msnbc tweeting then deleting, you know it never dies. an apparent political attack against conservatives, it's still there, just google for it. the not so nice and plainly partisan take of the post from the official account, i told, we have annexed. ♪ ♪
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>> kayleigh: president biden says he will keep his campaign promise to nominate a black woman, but 76% want him to consider all nominees. critics say the president's promise turns his nomination into a form of affirmative action. speaking of which, msnbc, they appear to suite a political attack against conservatives about the pick. the since deleted tweet read this way, conservatives don't mind affirmative action so long as the people hired fit their preferred demographic, the tweet was eventually reposted with a link to a blog post.
9:41 am
joey jones, i saw one twitter user save real back with the interns, i think that they are right. >> joey: it's pretty embarrassing for nbc to tweet this, but i'm not really fired up over this, because it is exactly what i expected. i mean, this is a party who uses identity politics to keep the ball under their tent, because they don't have much room to offer them, i think we want to look at intersexual politics, where is the native american nominee, perhaps no root in the country is still depressed today like native americans are, on reservations, but the problem is that's not really what it is about. it's about justice making things right with groups of people and not convincing people that they are still victims when perhaps they aren't, it's convincing people that it won't let them succeed when perhaps it actually promotes their success now. i don't have a problem whatsoever with people being
9:42 am
represented equally on the supreme court. i don't want to be the only reason people are there, so more opportunities to say did they deserve it more? but whoever in the nominate the limit lack nominate it is, it will be a fight incident and we will see the fight for this person which is really sad about this. >> kayleigh: jonathan turley pointing out that you would've eliminated a lot of justices that the movement appreciates because of the test that you have, you would've eliminated ruth be ginsberg, thurgood marshall, oliver wendell holmes. would've eliminated a lot of people that the left really appreciate. >> harris: maybe there are some voices we are eliminating in this process too, i love the way joey jones put it, this is not about representation, you can do that in many ways, and we want to have representation of diversity of thought and a whole lot of lanes of diversity at the
9:43 am
highest court in the land, but we really want are a bunch of people who can do their job so well that we might not know exactly how they vote or what they think personally, but actually focus on a law. you know, when you say that you are going to at this point in our history, and let's register the change that has been made since the civil rights era it's people like to say we are not where we used to be, well, the justice's saying it's actually true, so if we look at the higher pool of people, let's do that fairly and are not the only person saying this, abc news showing 63% of americans say everybody should be in the pool of possibility, pick the best candidate if it happens to be that the person is black, female, whatever it is, by the way, why not an asian female? because that does not check the political boxes that the present and is checking on the campaign trail. i could talk a lot about this, but that is the most offensive part of it to me.
9:44 am
>> kayleigh: absolutely, and icons of the court like thurgood marshall just because you want to have a race and gender based test, interestingly just an ancillary point i want to put out on the way out. "the washington post," reporting that the white house knew about this retirement since last fall and that was a closely held secret, but i always surmise that maybe in fact it was the white house that leaked this, we began the hour last week talking about really a terrifying incident in russia and there is a lot of reporting to that end and all of a sudden, might as well been someone in the white house, emily. >> emily: unfortunately i think it's pretty transparent why this was leaked at that time, i feel sorry for justice breyer whose legacy was tainted by the president fumbling and mumbling in putting somebody in this box and reducing them because whoever he nominates i'm sure will be an incredibly accomplished individual, but that will be all lost for that box that he is shoving that person into.
9:45 am
>> kayleigh: absolutely, just ahead, is at the end for the football legend? we in tampa bay hope not, conflicting reports after espn says tom brady is hanging it up for good after 22 seasons as some fans focus their anger on his supermodel wife. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪
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9:50 am
top nfl reporter said the seven-time super bowl champion was retiring after 22 seasons. the story was off and running. but tom brady's dad says no final decision has actually been made, we have not heard from tom brady himself, it seems that the tampa bay buccaneers say it is news to them, agents push back on the story and some reporters did not go to the source. i am going to go with the source of the biggest fan i know of tom brady and the bucs right now and that is kayleigh mcenany. >> kayleigh: that is me. look, harris, tampa bay and the mek in any family have been all over this over the weekend. i am having lunch with my parents, the news that tom is retiring, my dad is heartbroken, and here is my daughter with her tom brady jersey on, and then we find out, oh, wait, maybe it's not true. tom brady has brought us a lot of joy here in florida as a super bowl victory, and i just
9:51 am
hope it is not true and i do wish justice breyer would have pushed back on the retirement news in the same fashion. >> harris: wow, leslie. >> leslie: i'm from boston and we have a little team called the new england patriots, maybe you have heard of them, and when tom left us for you, kayleigh, we burnt the brady jersey is. and a lot of people in boston blamed the wife, go figure, blame the woman, blamed her for the move, said she liked warm weather being from brazil and south america, no joke, and a lot of people mad that he would not go that one more super bowl with the patriots, but tom brady did say prior to winning the super bowl before he went to tampa, he did say he wanted one more super bowl won. he did have that, now he has more wins possibly ahead of him, i think it was the speculation, but from a journalistic perspective, very bad and you cannot cut and paste, you do the due diligence and find the source, you don't trust the
9:52 am
other sources that are putting that out there unless you have done your homework and check them out yourselves. >> harris: i lost the bet to tell bill hemmer because of the bangles on the chiefs, so i watch a lot of football, and i know what kind of season that tom brady had. he could and anytime he wanted and we will always love him, but i also know that you don't have to be a fan of whatever team he has on, i love the fact that he brings all of himself when he shows up. what an example, right? but i also know that he has some things coming if he keeps firing past the end of this week were saying that he might play, so i don't know, to put asunder to this point? >> joey: i guess he would call it internal conflict, coming back for him, exactly, i don't know that he needs money, i think his wife makes more money than he does anyway, i don't know that money as a motivating factor, i know that he took a pay cut to stay in new england and keep winning championships,
9:53 am
that paycheck will pay for itself. i one thing to say, it's rare in sports we get talent or an individual not only so talented, but so hardworking that they transcend a sport itself, and when we do, i would love for that individual like we have seen wood chipper jones here at the break to get a farewell tour, a gear that everybody knows he is retiring so that when he comes to their city they get to go buy the ticket and watch him play that last time. so for the fans of the nfl, i hope that tom brady plays one more year and gives us that farewell send-off, because he deserves it and we do too. >> harris: that was so sweet. more "outnumbered" in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> move over, there is a new burglar bay stealing hearts. british police posted a warrant alert for this convicted burglar and quickly overrun with thousands of comments from admirers, so many the police had to shut it down. shut down twitter, facebook, one woman said if i find him can i keep him? another saying did he break into houses or did he break hearts? you remember jer where i meeks, the original jailbait, now on to a successful modelling career. maybe that is what is in store forfeit felon or burglar bay. >> i don't know, and i hope not, first, you cannot judge a book by its cover, but personally ladies and joey, waiting to hear joey's opinion, but i like my men with a little color and no rap sheet, so i'll pass on this one. >> joey, i don't mind a conviction, no problem.
9:59 am
joey. >> a little color and no -- i love that. leslie, that's pure honesty. listen, you know, an old adage that good-looking people are more successful by human nature. if he's that good looking and resorted to burglary, he must be pretty stupid or pretty pathetic. i hope justice is served and the other good looking guy and the corner that is not a burglar and gets some of the same attention, maybe a school teacher or fireman. >> ok, kayleigh, how hysterical, the cops are trying to do their job, burns down the internet. >> hilarious. a side-by-side of joey jones and jail babe. >> can we do that? >> joey jones will beat him anyday. there we go, there we go. joey jones has the camo jacket, nailed it, nailed it, joey. >> look at that camo.
10:00 am
a guy wearing camo gets all my time. take my time, joey. >> times like this a lot the internet puts forth is hideous, but i love these moments, personally. >> we never got to the crime he committed. >> just burglary, stealing everyone's hearts. "america reports." >> the u.s. and russia facing off at the u.n. security council. debate focussing on putin's aggression toward ukraine. rare occasion the u.s. and allies publicly discuss the actions of another permanent it. >> russia dismisses it as a public relations stunt. moscow also used the meeting to claim publicly that nato is threatening its security. more on this later in the hour. >> but first, a fox news alert at the u.s. border with mexico, immigration officials are about to miss their own deadline to


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