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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 31, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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ok >> todd: it is january 31st. the southern border is open. the world knows it. we learn the majority of migrants crossing into the us from mexico are from distant nations like russia, and not triangle countries or mexico, you are watching "fox & friends first." >> hello i'm anita in for carley. the shocking development as border control agents confront the homeland security secretary accusing the biden administration of making their job nearly impossible. we are joined by ashley with the detail on this.
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good morning. . >> two russians got to an inspection agent. in the past. migrants were from mexico. now, it shows a change in immigration, pointing to the public: they attached an uptick in crime to the border. senator tom cotton says biden cares more about the ukraine border than our own. >> joe biden and carmela harrison seem o care more about ukraine's border than the southern border at a time we had 2 million illegal immigrants crossing the border, which is like adding the entire population from nebraska. >> you all will remember this vehicle as migrants flooded off
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a plane in the middle of the night. >> ut don't want to be somewhere where spot lights exist. we don't know where we are going. >> well, now, republican representative is urging the halting of illegal immigrants by plane saying: >> meanwhile majorca had another exchange with border agents over biden's policy, take a listen:
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>> and the former acting d.h.s. secretary chad wolf said he's never seen border patrol agents push back on leadership. but know that is he can't defend what is going on because of the policies of the administration. >> todd: thank you. hour from now the u.n. security council will meet to try to kerb russian aggression against the ukraine diplomatically. the kremlin is calling the talk a p.r. stunt. despite pentagon press secretary warning could happen at any time. congress is preparing the mother of sanctions if russia attacks. >> you have a choice, diplomacy. or conflict. >> there's absolutely no pressure, there'll be a strong move to invoke the sanctions.
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>> todd: a vote on the sanctions could come this week. is vladimir putin will respond to the proposals from the us and n.a.t.o. when he considers it necessary. americans need to pay attention to how joe biden handles the situation with russia, listen. >> this is a disastrous domestic situation. facing a grave foreign policy situation. and there's very little prudence involved. and that is a big, big problem. while we are holding over the voting rights act, nothing to do with voting rights and the rest of the marxist agenda area, none of it anything to do with the strengthening the united states military, national security and ultimately self preservation, none of it. if we had a real media in this country you'd under what is a taking place overseas. >>.
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anita: to the supreme court where republicans are crit sighing the president's clumsy handling of appointing a new truz. >> todd: they want joe biden to have factors other than race and gender. brook has more on the process of replacing steven brier. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. as joe biden is facing scrutiny over his handling of appointing the first supreme court justice, polling data shows how americans feel about the process. an abc poll shows 76% of americans want the president to consider all nominees rahless of rates. the poll sows 23% want him to follow through on his promise to appoint a black woman to serve on the supreme court. republican senator had concerns about how the president had managed this process. listen to this.
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i believe diversity is needed in the supreme court of the way the president handled this is clumsy, the way the president made his pledge, jeopardised the whole process. >> reporter: republicans criticized the process. the left raised the question who will replace season brier. >> it will be fair, deliberate and we'll be timely about it. this is a lifetime appointment to the highest pond in the land -- appointment in the land. this is in the hands of the president as it should be. >> reporter: later this morning dr ben carson joins the show to discuss his thoughts on joe biden's handling of the supreme court. >> todd: thank you brooke. time is 6 minutes after the hour. another damning report about
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hunter biden buried before the 2020 election. what we are learning about a probe into his chinese business dealings. >> and border patrol agents speak out against biden's open border policies, we talk to an illegal immigrants and congressional immigrants about plans to restore law and ord. -- law and order.
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>> i do think morale is at a low, i do thing we are losing too many agents. if we continue to do the job that we signed up for... >> hard to say that. >> it's exactly what is happening. you are allowing... >> todd: border control chief and the ff secretary getting an earful from fed up border agents in texas as the biden administration releases illegal migrants into communities. anita: o barn and joining us is ms administrator e born and raised in mexico come engine 1996. let us start by your reaction to the video played. what do you think of the way the border patrol agents pushed
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back. >> thank you for having me. i'm a proud border patrol wife. they have the right to be upset and earning. i 100% support the border patrol agents. part of of their manpower is processing 2 million illegal immigrants that across the boarder. i understand the frustration, they are supposed to be protecting the borders, the focus is an processing the 2 million illegal immigrants. they have the right to be upset and angry. >> one thing that happened is many americans and the agents - is a released video, showing migrants released into the homeland. take a look. >> what is the big secret. everyone nose it's happening. again, you are married to a
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border patrol agent. how does it make border patrol agents feel, basically meaning all the hard work and effort done to secure our homeland is undone like that by the president of the united states in a snap. >> absolutely. this is not what they signed up for. that is the reason why they have the right to be upset and frustrated. and the least that we can do is listen to them. what they have to say. they are the ones putting their lives on the line every day, our job is to line to them. we have weak borders and administration, what is happening in south texas is not just affecting south texas, it's affecting everyone, that is why it's important for everyone to get involved to find a solution to the crisis that continues to happen because they have stopped talking about it. and i'm glad that this came out
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and is now being talked about on the news because it was quiet. no one was talking about the border crisis. we need the awareness, it has not stopped. >> it's being talked about on our news. fox noose. it seems most of the public are being shielded. i have seen it in a couple of other place, what can you authorise a congressional candidate. why do you think the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about this. does it seemed like they are protecting what is going on? >> that is exactly what is happening. washington d.c. is full of people with experience, but lacking commonsense. south texas needs a real representation that understands that people here of south texas, here we have people in washington d.c. that are voting like new york. we are pro god.
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pro life, pro family, and we are all about hard work. that is not the democrats party real representation. our values align with the republican party. and that is why i'm running as part of the congressional candidate. >> todd: in light of the uncomfortable exchanges, will the biden administration change course or will they continue down the path that will ruin the sovereigty of the united states of america. >> they are going to continue. nothing is going to change under the administration, and that is why the midterms are so important. the biden administration, we must take away some of that power. that's why it's important to people to get involved. we have an election, and need stronger people to win in november. anita: myra, congressional candidate. thank you for joining us,
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appreciate it. >> thank you so much. have a blessed day. anita: the pentagon is threatening sanctions against russia that could impact american pocket books, while the world watches what happens with ukraine, north korea has just conducted its largest missile test in years. >> todd: not good. nigel farage tells us what we need to hear from the white house to counter these global threats. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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>> one of the things about sanction, once you trip that, then the return effect is lost. we have been very, very clear that we'll look at sanction, and economic consequence, the likes of which we have not looked at or considered as far back as 2014 >> anita: the pentagon threatening russia with sanctions as the us security
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council threats to confront the pentagon over the border. mr farage is here to discuss all this. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. russia says the u.n. security council meeting taking place is a us stunt. doesn't sound like putin is taking it seriously nor is he threatened by it. what are we expecting to happen at that meeting. >> not much this honest truth. and, the us's leadership role in the western world is in doubt. what happened are not just the taliban taking over or the atrocities, the fact that it happened unilaterally without consulting colleagues that fought besides them for 20 years opens a question of trust.
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can we trust joe biden to work with allies, it's ironic. america is back, actually, america was isolated, we are not sure whether we can trust them. very an idea of what could come out of this. the continued expansion of n.a.t.o., and european union to the east has genuinely been seen by vladimir putin, as a provocative encroachment act. i'm surprised when i saw the other day, when it was hinted that if ukraine wants to join n.a.t.o., that's fine. all that will do is inflame intention, and i would very much like them to say today no, ukraine will not be joining n.a.t.o., but if you do, after us putting forward this act, this genuine act of goodwill. if you do then invade. we'll take tough penalties, strategically it will put us in a clearer position. whether the americans has the
2:23 am
trust in the room remains to be seen. >> anita: that is an interesting point. a lot of people wondering what can stop vladimir putin, we heard mr kentucky derby talking about sanctions. let's listen to what one us senator had to say about sanctions. >> vladimir putin is like the big bad wolf. he is how faring, puffing and has the capacity to blow ukraine down, he's aaccountable to no one. we need to sanction russia before an invasion, not afterwards. >> anita: let me get your thoughts on that real quick, then i want to turn to another topic. >> there's one problem with all of that. that is that germany's entire industry, the car manufacture and everything else is ut areally dependent on russian gas. you can put in sanction, he can bite back and hurt europe. that is the americas that is
2:24 am
the geopolitical mess the west has got itself into. >> it's a bit of a mess. >> north korea, testing more myles in january than all of 2021, including the most powerful one in years, we saw that yesterday. what is your take on that. >> you have china. taiwan, north korea missile testing - that we haven't seen for a long time. putin massed on the border. none would have happened if donald trump was still in the white house. it's a breakdown post afghanistan of america's leadership role in the west allowing our enemies to flex their muscles, we are in a bad place, what the biden administration needs to do. i repeat the point. it needs to win back the trust
2:25 am
and their allies. >> they must try. mainlyingel. thank you for your talks. we appreciate you coming in this morning. talk. >> todd: aneat area, john kirby dismissing concerns of wokeness in the military. >> i think a lot of it, quite frankly, is driving a stake through a straw mat, this argument of wokeness in the military. i was in the military for 30 years, things like diversity and inclusion makes us a better military, we conduct better ideas. more unique perspect tifs. someone's perspectives that might make us smarter on the battlefield. >> some lawmakers tom cotton raising concerns about moral. whistleblowers complained about pentagon diversity training. >> 25 minutes after the hour, tens of thousands across the
2:26 am
north-east after the monster storm. more snow may be on the way. >> senior metrologist is here with the go. weather forecast. and it's a chill any one. >> for a lot of folks including florida, waking up to freeze warnings, for central florida, north florida. look at the snow cover, look at that across the rockies, and the upper mid west. 30 inches of snow. boston was hit with over two feet. parts of long island. this one certainly was a big impact across the great lakes, we have a big know as well. here is the new measure maker. stretching from the rockies, up towards the great lakes and the mid west. this develops wednesday to thursday. widespread area, not just the snow, but the freezing rain, and heavy rain where we have
2:27 am
the warmer temperatures along portions of the mississippi valley, here is the snow fall quite a bit. getting into the upper west and midwest - this is wednesday and thursday we'll keep up to date but you need to monitor the forecast. we have a threat for flooding for part of south texas. houston area. we could see several inches inches of rain, prone to flooding. lots to talk about, and the warm temperatures acrossle plane states. that will be short lived. this thing is keeping us in business, to get your latest forecast. i'm glad i'm part of it. >> todd: and a quick update to the nation, they have been waited with baited breath. i did not have to use lee to snow plough the driveway. >> anita: your snow plough man,
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does he calls himself mr plough. >> no, just lee. i didn't need him. i'll be quite i love janice's green dress, it's my favorite colour. >> nice to see you too. anita. thank you. >> anita: moving on, a black lives matter call tore action, inside an elementary school. we show you some shocking lessons talked to you, kinder gardeners in the name of social justice. >> todd: and spotify didn't cave when neil young wanted joe rongen's podcast pulled. but now a change this policy after a famous couple wanted the policy changed. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i,
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and they don't even know they have it. conventional starvation diets don't address insulin resistance. that's why they don't work. now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. . >> anita: welcome back, president joe biden is set to meet with the nation's governors, a poll showing most americans disapprove with the handling of key issuesry president joe biden. alexandria is live with more detoilets. >> the first lady and president takened the national governor's black tie dinner. today they'll meet an individual level. it's a tradition that is looked forward to, adding this on
2:33 am
covid 19. >> i think we need to move out of the panic mode. we need to handle this to make sure that we condition with our normal lives, for my state and other governor, we want to make sure testing is there, and we have access to the therapeutics. >> that's where the federal government needs to step up. >> the federal government has been amplified. you have the florida and new hampshire governments that had their own tests. texas is building a wall. governors are forced to step in where the federal government has dropped the ball. here is new jersey democrat phil murphy. >> we are not going manage this to zero, we have to learn to live with. this please god. there's not a significant wave, every time you think you have it figured out it hug bles. >> the late is abc news poll
2:34 am
shows president joe biden is struggling nationally. 56 of registered voters decision approve of the handling of the economy. 69% disapprove of the president's handling of inflation. 64% disapproved of how the president handled crime. crime is something on the local level. president joe biden travels to new york city to meet with the new major eric adams to discuss rising violence. >> anita: thank you so much for that report. good to see you. well, during last week's powerful police tribute to slain n.y.p.d. officer given rivera. anti-place activists took to social media to share distain. actress jacqueline gudron took to tiktok to complain about the traffic caused by the traffic. and in an instagram story,
2:35 am
retired n.y.p.d. lieutenant joins us with a message for these two they are the minority voice. the acts res and teacher have been fired. >> todd: a denver elementary school hosting a black lives matter for kinter garden and first grade students in part teaching them to reject the nuclear family. great to see you, instead of math and scirnings what we learnt at school, and the stuff that you are supposed to learn, here is what the kids are supposed to learn, these are principles used for the b.l.m. teaching - restorative justice.
2:36 am
transdefend are, queer affirm of course - how is any of this appropriate in any school, much less for kindergarten and first grade opportunity. >> yes, this is black lives week of action in schools. this is one of dozens of schools across the country doing this instead of as you pointed out things we expect our children to learn. centennial elementary, where this is taking place, 31% of children score at or above proficiency in maths and reading. student have a finite number of hours, every hour that they spend working on these where they are not making up a learn loss. children deserve better. as for the concept of black villages, here is what it said assist, disruption of the western nuclear family dynamics. why would anyone want to disrupt the nuclear family.
2:37 am
>> that's a great question. why would anyone want to get into issues of racist schooling: children have internalised bias. that's why they feel they need to shove these things down our children's throats. these are issues that parents should be deciding, this is not what we send children to school to learn. issues of transgender, they are sensitive topics. it's not something we want our children, who are kindergarten and first graders, 5-6-7-year-olds, who still believe in the tooth fairy. it is objectionable on a lot of levels. >> todd: my kid is not even two. she plays with egg cart jornings and things it's a toy -- cartons, and thinks it's a toy. it's not someone edged by. this is what schools are teaching us: colorado state
2:38 am
university, offering 17, not one, not two, but 17 different campus resources to help students affected by a free speech event. i'll read this to you. here are the things offered to the students. office of equal opportunity, multicultural counselling. incidents of bias reporting, and i love the last one - victims assistance hotline. way kind of weak adults are we creating it we think we need a victim assistance hotline for students who are subjected to free speech. >> it's deeply concerning, i use to run an organization called speech first, over violating student first amendment rights. what worries me, it violates students. you need to be worried about links like that. rather than be resilient, working with the real world. you meet people.
2:39 am
do you deal with that constructively, or do you curl up in the corner and cry. using resources to encourage students to view every human interaction is dangerous for us as a society, i don't want to work with those people or hire those people or marry people that work that way. >> why, why is this apping. >> it's a great question. it's part of spaption party culture -- participation party culture, we need to prepare our children to prepare for the real world. to be realistic and get up when they need someone. god forbid the students have their mind changed by someone they disagree with, it's not an adversarial relationship. and colorado is setting children up for failure.
2:40 am
so. >> todd: couldn't agree more, appreciate your time and insight. anita to you. >> anita: well, police say the woman who jumped from a new york city high-rise have beauty clean and former miss usa cyrus christie. she was -- chesl. >> e kryst. she died at the scene and posted a message saying: she left a note at the scene leaving everything to her mother, but not a reason for the suicide. so sad. the head of america's largest teachers union is backpedalling after promoting an op ed ripping concerned parents as racism. plus, the president's son is forced to turn over financial statements tied to business dealings in china. sheryl got the report on hunter
2:41 am
biden's legal troubles.
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>> i'm looking forward to the show, there's a full roster of guests, we'll talk about the super bowl. the latest with ukraine, and a broel between spotify -- brawl
2:45 am
between spot fire, neil young and joe rogan. spotify made a move. more artists head for the heels hills, what it means for you and i. look at all the people pledging to go on the show. newt gingrich. the latest an lawedin county yi as the teachers find fought there's a hot line to report them if they teach critical race theory, all this in 15 minutes as on soon as we get lawrence jones out here, and ainsley and lawrence fill engine for steve. back to you in the studio. >> todd: when you pulled out the packets. i thought there would be a dramatic reading of the packets. >> these are a series of things that happen, the blue card, behind is the background. not a lot of drama. the drama takes place when the people answer the questions on the card. >> anita: it will be the best
2:46 am
show ever. >> i don't remember guess is as good as mine. >> anita: good to see you. hunter biden and his associates reportedly receiving grand jury subpoenas not long before the election. >> todd: we go live with the details, when it comes to hunter we go hmm. >> what was that again, exactly. the noept reports -- new work post says biden junior and two associates received a subpoena for bank records. issued from the delaware attorney-general's office as his father ran for president. more needs to be example. >> people want to see it as a hunter biden problem or a corruption problem. when you look at the ornalins, we wanted to look at the deals hunter had in china, and figure
2:47 am
out who opened the doors making it happen. >> hunter did not comment. but confirmed that he's under investigation for possible tax fraud. >> cheryl. i know you have more information on the whole controversy with joe rogan and spotify, there's a famous couple involved. who is it. >> what i need now is a flowchart to explain the story, it keeps goings, spotify responding to the joe rogan nounsing advisory labels will be applied whenever covid is discussed. a statement released saying in part that the advisory will direct listeners to their dedicated hub, provides updated facts and information shared by scientists, positions, academics and public health authorities, prince harry, and meghan markel are weighing in saying we have continued to express concerns to spotify to
2:48 am
ensure change are made to the platform. we look to spotify to make this moment and recommend continuing our work together as it does. joe rogan responding overnight. >> the problem i have with the term misinformation, specially today. is that many of the things that we thought of as misinformation a short while ago you now accepted as fact. eight months ago if you said if you get vaccinated you can catch covid and spread covid. you would be removed from social media. now it's accepted as fact. >> remember rocker neil young demanded they be removed. >> todd: i live my life through the prism of will harry and meghan approved and if they don't. i decent either. that's not true. >> hannah jones made $55 grand after speaking at a university of wisconsin event.
2:49 am
here is the kicker to honor martin luther king. hanker jones to reflect on the work of martin luther king, discussing racism and slavery. she was paid to speak to campus media and attend a reception. there's a lot of backlash against her using the platform of racial injustice to line her pocket books. >> not a bad gig for her. thank you so much. great to see you. >> good to see you too. >> anita: reportedly a lawsuit if transgender swimmer leah thomas is barred from compete peting at the n.c.a.a. swimming championships, according to a women that heard about the spons from university d administrators. thomas qualified to swim at the championships, taking place march 16th through the 19th.
2:50 am
usa's swimming rules regarding thomas's eligibility are unclear. >> the stage set for a rams-bengals super bowl. rams becoming the first team to host a conference and a super bowl in the same season. l.a.'s unanswered 20 through the fourth. had a 20-17 win over their rivals. joe burrow, and the bengals coming back from 18 down. tough set. change in the o.t. glass. >> mcpherson. and cincinnati is heading to the super bowl. >> the cincinnati bengals, as i like to call them. kauing back to win with that walk off right goal. 27-34. they advance, in 33 years, i am sure mr hammer is one happy
2:51 am
man. we'll find out in 3 hours and 10 minutes. >> president joe biden is the first president to name a black woman to the supreme court. nearly all americans say they prefer a candidate with the proper qualifications. >> dr ben carson has a lot of qualifications and reacts live to the all out rejection of gender politics, next. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with ww, i lost 30 lbs and i feel incredible! i love the new program because the app does all the work for you. it's never too late to start. join today for 60% off at hurry, offer ends february 1st! shipstation saves us so much time
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or any other side effects. (man 2 vo) i am living longer with imbruvica. (vo) ask your doctor if it's right for you. learn how we could help you save on imbruvica. todd teachers union leader facing criticism after a tweet quoting an op-ed ripping active parents as race. >> yes, they keep using the "r" word. the delighted post saying - racist are showing up in groves to school board meetings threatening members. it is dangerous. the op-ed saying that the new
2:56 am
governor declared war on the education system in virginia. >> todd: joining us live former housing and urban development secretary dr ben carson. all a pleasure to have you on the programme. here is an example from one virginia teacher speaking out about this quote. someone's career and livelihood could been dangered it's scaring people to death. dr cars job, what are the teachers and democrats so afraid of. >> it's interesting, first of all the governor recognises that as a government official, he works for the people. the people don't work for him. therefore he is able to listen to what the people have said. and as far as his teachers and
2:57 am
people who were concerned. they need to recognise and we all need to recognise that there's nothing to worry about it you are not doing something wrong. it's only if you are doing something in appropriate that you are afraid to put a spotlight on it. >> todd: if i can follow up, i think you are right. isn't the solution simple - teach maths, science, english - the subject you are supposed to teach and don't inject crt and things along those lines that shouldn't be in a classroom in the first place. >> absolutely and allow the parent to have a voice this what is going on. one of the things that distinguished our country was the fact that we placed so much emphasis on correct education, i would invite some people to go back and look at the exit exams from the sixth to the eighth grade and see what kids
2:58 am
were expected to know. it was important for develop. it wasn't some of the social issues that we tend to concentrate on today. >> dr carson, when i turn to the supreme court, and joe biden's promise to appoint the first black woman to the high court. he had 12 candidates that he's looking at. a poll shows 76% of voters want the president to consider all possible nominees, all 12 or most of the president's top picks are qualified. many appear to have top notch credentials, let me ask you what is wrong with making the courts more diverse. >> it is so encouraging to see that the vast majority of americans want to do things literally, and are pushing back against these policies that are just race based.
2:59 am
and that are serving to divide our nation. they are not useful whatsoever. and, you know, it will be a matter of the people utilizing the mechanisms that we have, fair elections to put in place what we need. all the radicalism, waking people up, it's a good thing, it's darkest before the dawn. and i believe the dawn is coming. >> the president could have selected an african american woman without indicating that that was the reason. the majority of the american people would be happy. do you agree with that? >> without question. and, you know, it's unfair to whomever he passion, if it's an african american woman, because people will, from now on believe that they were not the most qualified candidate and they may well have been. now they are tainted. and that is unfair. >> todd: i agree it's unfair to that individual that has gone
3:00 am
through a long storied career to get to this point in all likelihood to have that hanging over their head. that's what happens. dr ben carson, we appreciate your time. anita, we appreciate your time. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. "fox and friends starts now." >> the majority of migrants crossing to the us are from russia and ukraine. >> our border is literally in crisis. >> russia signals that to bad guy that is they can push harder. >> bombshell evidence exposes the entire family with adversaries. >> it's not a question of corruption. we need to ask questions about whether they were


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