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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 28, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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as always thank you for joining us. you make the show of possible. this friday night in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled ingram angle is next. will see you back here on monday >> this is the ingram angle from washington tonight. what is going on? he has become the master of detraction. he has all of the details in the friday follow-up. the streets turned blue.
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jason rivera was murdered in a harlem ambush one week ago. his partner was also shot. he died three days later. be brought thousands to st. patrick's cathedral. they all came to feel the combination of grief. >> i can't believe you left me. seeing you in a hospital bed not hearing you when i was talking to you today i am still in this nightmare that i wish i had never had. full of rage and anger. although again thousands of brothers and sisters i am the
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loneliest without you. >> towards the end of her remarks came a stinging indictment of the new far left attorney. >> the system continues to fail is. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you were tired of these laws especially the ones from the new district attorney. i hope he is watching you speak for me now. we promise that your death will not be in vain. i love you until the end of time we will take the watch your.
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>> so many heartbreaks in new york. those words from his widow it was almost too much to take. >> it's difficult to even hear this. i hope they hear what she had to say. this is what real new yorkers believe. her husband a person of color and they were scared about these laws. unfortunately everybody but the
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albany legislature just had to realize that these things need to be changed. they responded to the words from his widow. doesn't he realize that these policies of social justice wing policies that he has advocated for help contribute to this attitude of i can do anything to a police officer and get away with the? >> he probably would have dropped some of these charges against this guy. he was charged with just a gun. that's the type of prosecutor he is. he is telling us he isn't going to charge people with gun crimes
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it's just lip service. every single police action domestic violence with a response like this in a traffic slot has the potential of going self. we need to reconsider the risk of sending cops there in the first place. >> it's open season on law-abiding new yorkers. she is grappling with all of this at this time. they created a policing system with slavery and deep compassion not just for his fallen officers but also for the man the police said killed them.
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she is still for taking money away from these officers and law enforcement itself. >> she is a complete disgrace. she is somebody that represents this neighborhood. he is from northern manhattan. he is a constituent just like everybody else. this is a new low for some people that couldn't possibly go lower. people like this have no place in office. there are some decent people that i agree with. thank you for being here tonight
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in houston last night three police officers were shot by a man. this happens days after he was killed execution style. is here illegally and wanted in another country. how many other violent felons are stopping across the border? along with texas you just filed a lawsuit about the resettlement of illegals taking place across the country. texas obviously is not spared from any of this. we are proud to partner with the attorney general of texas. several other courageous state
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attorney generals filed a lawsuit with illegal immigration coming into the country. they are allowing these illegal aliens that are already here to bring in their foreign relatives to join them in the us. this is chain migration for illegal aliens. you are going to see as a result of this more crime more deaths and more devastation. all purposeful and intentional. this administration when it comes to the border is not just allowing this crisis to happen it is creating it in perpetuating it. expanding it for the sole reason that this is possible. >> we obviously talked about the
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drug cartels and increases in violence. some horrific violence and death you are being anti- immigrant and racist. we love our people. we love the people of this country. we want them to be safe. they don't deserve this. this is the point we must make time and time again. this is an attack on all american citizens. they'd disproportionately serve the nation in uniform in border control agents and ice officers. they volunteer to defend the borders and to remove illegal aliens. who is stopping them from doing that? >> he is waging war on the citizens and hispanic american citizens.
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this is part of the national family if you are a citizen living here as part of the community today illegal immigration is an attack on you and your family. he has repeatedly violated laws in the us. i think it's undermining the sovereignty. gets to million people at least they came into this country and probably a lot more. looking towards the midterm.
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when he visited pennsylvania earlier today at two of the three state a leading democrats kept him at arms length. earlier this month stacy skip the chance to appear with him at the big voting rights given. she was discussing her signature issue. she just doesn't show up. he doesn't need or want him anywhere near him in the campaign. >> i want every democrat to run as democrats that deliver.
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>> the question is who exactly is his constituency? >> he burned all the bridges. he campaigned as a moderate. he's alienated these moderates with a progressive agenda. he really was one of those progressive left-wing president 's. he has failed to deliver on his agenda. things like build back better trying to keep democrats at perpetuity. he has really governed quite poorly.
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and other house democrats exiting the party. 's house democrats exit list grows up to 29. announcing his retirement this week time flies in the democratic party. >> you know politics. this number is insane. to put this in context this is way more than we saw in 2010. they picked up 63 seeds in the house. is also tied with the record of the republican resolution. we have months to go until the. they may be trying to look at another seed and they can run for.
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it could be a bit better for them. what a crazy point. is a tsunami coming. >> they know a thing or two about elections. they have a warning about lurking too far to the left. six% of adults in this country identify as progressive. somebody like joe is closer to mainstream than people think. attending as if he isn't will not help the cause. >> the sliver of far left activists with a far left lean. they got stephen to retire and announced it earlier than he wanted to. >> they have an enormous amount of influence but what he has done as balloon himself up by governing so poorly.
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's acting as if he has some sort of mandate when he hardly has a majority in the house. he doesn't have the numbers to try to get these big progressive policies done. what he has done as alienated independents and moderates. do you think joe cares what they have to say? absolutely not. he is toxic in the state. he created a scenario where he does not have any friends or power left. they have months to get this together and i just don't see it happening. a really been trying to push to nationalize this election. not because he has the numbers to do this but because they are trying to make this illegitimate >> they are going to help pro-democracy candidates. thank you so much. >> has a set up these fanatics
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are running our schools and bullying parents and students into submission. will they concede? we will explain this coming up next.
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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recently have you noticed this?
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the media has been trying to move democrats off their mandates. now that they have seen political followed they want to avoid. first in the atlantic and finally the new york times has relented. let these kids take off the mask 's. otherwise i fear that this masking will pursue and definitely. but the bullies running the school districts are not listening. in maryland they just announced the return of virtual learning in the creation of pods. parents can have kids in little subgroups that parents want their kids in class. unit neighboring prince george's county these masked mandates are not going away. the schools ceo has said i don't think the offramp is going to exist.
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bethany liberals are beginning to put up the white flag. some are seeing the follow-up of their own children. but why is larry who is supposedly supposedly a middle-of-the-road republican allowing these far left county executives to destroy these kids execute education? >> i have been hoping that he would step in him and a number of issues. this county has gone so far to the left while the state is going back on this ramp to normalcy. what people love the boat trump and love about this new governor
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is that they fight. they fight for what is right. hogan is just another one of these new republicans that care more about being right and being nice and personable. getting on the sunday show than actually doing their job. >> if you care about case counts they are plummeting in washington and in montgomery county. but instead of having metrics they pledged to meet weekly to assess the necessity of deregulation. i've said this a couple of years ago now. they will never give you an objective metric.
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have yelled them both as two. they finally admitted that they think masks in public places not in schools public places but they think that masks in target could come off at the end of february. they have decided that 185% of these counties are vaccinated that is when they could take the masks off. they're constantly changing the metric and that is the problem. >> they want to sit in their fuzzy slippers at home. as long as they have the monthly paycheck i don't care. may be don't yell at them but maybe just participate lots of ladies and other friends.
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a sign of a true bully is when somebody finally stands up to them they try to inflict more pain. after a small rural school district voted to defy the states universal mask mandate the oregon department of education retaliated. they have been denied over the federal relief funds. this candidate for governor is now taking money away for relief that could be used to keep the school queen. disinfected. y? >> it is an honor to be here and it's a true irony of the progressive left.
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they are freezing federal funding to these small schools in rural oregon. there is no boundaries for the leaders in oregon. we are on a cultural war front. we are the next virginia. somebody has to step out there and stand in the breeze. my school district said we've had enough. they have a news alert that said the masks don't work and it was difficult keeping the kids in masks after that. and how do you argue with a good science? the medical team is saying they don't work so why are we still wearing them? >> it's not about the masks.
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it's about making people listen. i need to highlight something and an interesting point made when it comes to school district regulation. the school district has successfully remained open during the 2021 school year without a single case of this being traced the classroom. you have done a fantastic job but the state doesn't like you. they want you to hurt. they care so little about the kids. >> we worked with the state legislatures to get a small rural exception so we could scale to start off the pandemic. we have decided to stay open kindergarten through 12. we looked at all the science we
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made great decisions. we have good judgment and we showed the state that the schools can safely stay open and the entire weight of the government came down on my head. i did not roll over. we have a duty to serve with students committing suicide. we have drug epidemics going on. for my community and school board i was not having any of this. we are the ones that pushed back on the governor. she was forced through a long series. >> we get the picture. you did the same thing that south dakota and nebraska did. we congratulate you and thank you for correcting me. jill has a new distraction.
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minnie mouse gets a makeover.
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americans racing for a mastiff storm. the governor of rhode island new jersey new york and maryland all requiring states of emergency. thousands of flights have already been canceled. so much wind expected in parts of new england. the republican is asymptomatic. the head his wife test negative. this makes 67 members of congress testing positive since mid july. she is going to isolate him to work in the meantime.
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back to more ingram angle. >> of course it is friday. that means it is time for friday there was a lot of personal news coming out of the white house this week. >> the white house staged several of these events. we are going to get to them shortly but it's moments like this that help explain the white house strategy. >> i was driving that i don't know. i think the press thought i was crazy.
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a real breakthrough began last year. jim farley. >> i'm looking for a job. >> after this display executives from probably hoping for something of initiative. they've watched operation distraction. it kicks off in georgetown as we watched this together. it's usually a weekly outing possibly to the grocery or the mall go.
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visiting a shop buying some ice cream. this is the same boutique brand that she keeps in her freezer. that's an interesting parallel. he's the only one actually getting out. these reservations are down 59% from two years ago. other cities experiencing double-digit drops. >> don't you notice this so many of these iconic restaurants with all of this money to save them. it is terrible.
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>> don't worry about small businesses. none of this matters. we have operation distraction part two. >> he is considering adopting a cat. she is waiting in the wings. this cat has moved into the executive residence. he got out of the shower and trip on the dog. there is going to be drama because that's just what's going to happen.
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>> the story is getting totally blown out of proportion. they are just giving her a new costume for the 30th anniversary disneyland paris. this is a cheap attempt for disney to push a licensing deal. they're always putting these characters in a different space. let's not lose sleep over this one. >> when you first told me about this you said it was a wardrobe transition. >> just a one month costume change.
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in national portrait gallery has announced the portrait of the nation honorees in 2022. according to the gallery's director they were chosen for their efforts to address social inequality. this includes josé. and serena williams. this is going to be a long wait. are they all going to have masks on? i think it's only appropriate. he is a colorful character and does a lot of things. i think they should all wear a mask. is this the actual portrait? >> the portraits have not yet been released.
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>> maybe we could offer our own renderings. lets make this real equity. we identify as painters. we can get working on this now. >> the left attempting to ban an american classic. going to battle against a racial arsonist. the details coming up in moments
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of course it remains one of the most important american literary works of the 20th century. she once declared this our national novel. why is today's left wanting to ban this from schools. they just voted to remove this from the ninth-grade curriculum. they are saying the students have shared their experiences and thoughts with the board. there are other novels that can teach similar literary things
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without causing further harm to the students. chewing me know cynthia garrett. the word iconic is overused in modern language. this truly is an iconic novel. in 2006 the declare this one of the most important novels of our time. all of it is what is going on here? >> her father was an attorney who these characters are loosely based on. 's of people that are invested in what happened in the self.
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we have all got through this together. ignorance is not bliss. education in my opinion is a 21 st century civil rights struggle. they woke up and got on the right side of the struggle and realized that what the democrats are doing is really trying to disguise this love and protection of us from feeling awkward in a cup students are saying their damage from reading a book. >> i had to tell you i don't know if you recall but i was in high school when this book came out. we were all shocked. we were all uncomfortable.
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it was awkward for everybody. i recall looking at my white friends and having less compassion for them because they were mortified. i find this to be something that is actually coming from teachers that are smart. i was sexually abused as a little girl. there are a lot of days i want to erase parts of my childhood. but i can't. now there are a lot of days where i wouldn't even want too. it taught me to choose victory and take responsibility for the fact that i need to get myself through those awkward moments. they don't want anybody.
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>> they don't want individual responsibility. they want the government to be the mother father and caretaker. it is great to see you tonight. after the death of george floyd university of chicago was going to fund entirely new department to critical race theory. they didn't think it went far enough so they put forth an even more insidious idea. the department of race. my next guest a professor at the school has been one of the few brave enough to stand up against the same that it promotes privileges and interpretations of history contemporary social institutions events externals the university predicated on an
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ideology as much as the subject matter. >> my argument is that a department should not be oriented around this. i think studying race is a valid and useful thing to do but i would want to see the department inviting speakers like glenn lowry. they would consider hiring somebody like a range of opinions and that is the ideal way to study race at a university like the university of chicago. >> i want to remind viewers that you have been a target of mob
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outrage. they canceled a lecture that you were supposed to get back in october on climate science? because of the opposition of diversity equity and inclusion agenda. >> it was a lecture on which planet might be able to have life on it based on climate. you are correct. >> you didn't think this was valid? >> everybody at mit is not guilty of this. it is just some leadership that made a poor decision. ultimately the issue was i object to certain aspects of this and that made me a criminal >> university of chicago i have so many friends that went to that law school. such an amazing academic
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institution with a rich history. what is going on? what happened to the free exchange of ideas? >> many of us are still fighting for the free exchange of ideas. we have 30 or 40 members all across the political spectrum that are trying to defend the chicago principals. institutions should remain politically neutral and of her but he should be able to express their opinion on anything. >> up next to governor of west virginia delivering a message to one of our least favorite celebrity snobs.
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>> last month, singer and actress and liberal bet midler described west virginia as poor, illiterate, and struck out. last night the state brought the governor delivered the perfect response. >> absolutely too many people doubted us. they never believed in west virginia. they never believed in west virginia. so from that standpoint, baby doll tell bet midler and all out there, get behind me. >> i'm sorry, that was funnier than pretty much anything that she has done. she used to be a funny standup queen but that was appropriate. everybody, have a wonderful weekend. spend time with your family and friends. cherish what you love about this country and all of those things. your us made street am scared is
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on laura proceeds donated to the center for american liberties founded by are great friends harm he dylan. they don't want me to wear this because it messes up my hair but my cozy freedom matters already. i get all the comments on this subject is on the website. all for good cause. it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld is next. >> so from that standpoint, baby dog tells bet midler and all those out there get behind me. >> i have kissed worse. >> greg: clap. it's friday. you should be happy. don't stop. happy friday, my friday happy people


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