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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 28, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> trace: lisa boothe, michael starr hopkins, thanks. we appreciate it. >> thanks. >> trace: that is "the story" friday, january 28, 2022. as always, "the story" goes on. i'm trace gallagher. have a great weekend. see you back here monday at 3:00 p.m. "your world" starts right now. >> thank you. fox on top of two storms bearing down. more than 70 million americans bracing for a winter wallop here with while u.s. general mike millie, chairman of the joint chiefs warning russia could strike ukraine with little notice over there. welcome. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. a jam packed "your world." for to that potential storm brewing on the russia and ukraine border. mark meredith has the latest after we received a briefing today. mark? >> good afternoon to you. top pentagon officials are
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warning that any invasion of russia and in to ukraine could have dire and deadly consequences for the 40 million people that call ukraine home. we heard as you mentioned from the defense secretary, lloyd austin and mark milley, both men urging russia to deescalate the situation and try to make things better to bring some peace to the region. however, both men also talked about what could happen with the 100,000 russian forces on stand by. >> conflict is not inevitable. there's still time and space for diplomacy. >> there's many people and highly dense population centers throughout ukraine. the war were to break out on a scale and scope that is possible, the civilian population would suffer. >> the u.s. say they offer support to the ukrainian
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military. the white house says they're also open to potentially providing more commission support to ukraine. there's been a lot of concern about its economy because of the threat of an invasion and its potential conflict. we're also looking at what this could mean for u.s. troops. the pentagon says there's no troops going into ukraine. but there's troops that would be deployed to assist nato. the majority of them are coming from places like fort bragg in north carolina and fort campbell in kentucky. while there's talk about what russia's military has been up to, the build-up, we also heard from the pentagon about what ukraine's capabilities are. they have 150,000 active service members, more on reserve and the forces are better in the last several years. they still need help when it comes to military advice. the equipment that the other and other countries has been sending
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their way. >> sandra: thanks, mark. and now the kiev. president zelensky holding a news conference saying there's no need to panic. to greg palkot. he's in kiev with more. greg. >> that's right, sandra. it's been an interesting news conference with the ukrainian president today. more on that in a moment. just a few other developments in the region. a build-up of russian troops, planes, hardware continues. new reports of su-35 fighter jets of russia landing in neighboring belarus. now we're talking about something like 125,000 troops encircling this country. president putin has ignored demands that nato back away. the response came in a written statement that was delivered to moscow this week. russia said today that they won't attack and we heard lloyd
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austin says he doesn't trust putin. president zelensky tried to tamp down fears of an invasion. he didn't see any immediate worry. >> the risk is that there's too much of them. that there could be any provocation and the probable escalation could be triggered. accidental provocation or nonaccidental. >> sanctions shouldn't wait. that the u.s. and others should put them in right now to try to stop russia. also that he needs more aid including military aid right now. still gave a bit of a knock to the biden administration complaining about the beginning of u.s. and other countries, families and diplomats. the quoted, sandra, they're jumping ship and they're not the
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titanic. not yet anyway. >> sandra: greg palkot on the ground. now greg millie has russia has the chance to attack on ukraine with little warning. is the u.s. ready? retired colonel basketball mcginnis has more. we've seen russia building up the troop level as we now enter the end of a week where we've been following this so closely. what you believe right now are the chances that vladimir putin decides to move in to ukraine there? >> yeah, putin has been waiting 30 years for this. after the fall of the soviet union, they were embarrassed.
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he said to his nation that he intends to bring back the ukrainian empire. he sees a weak united states, a divided united states. he sees a new government in germany, and he sees the balance of the european nations looking at their naval and not over the fence at what moscow is doing. and then of course, you know, president xi in china will basically celebrate what mr. putin might do with ukraine. he needs similar support if he went in taiwan, which would be in the near future as well. >> those are two major threats that we face as a nation and the globe is watching. as far as the conflict not being inevitable as you heard from the joint chiefs chairman today as well as the defense secretary, you believe putin made his mind
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that there is still a path through diplomacy? >> well, mr. biden as well as mr. austin did not want to speculate to the psyche of of vladimir putin. mr. putin is and old kgb hand. he knows how to roll the dice. he knows how to take risk. he sees this as a vulnerable time for the west. you know, if we had acted, sandra, back in the spring of the last year and provided some meaningful armorment like air defense systems to the ukrainians, then what we're seeing with the arrival of su-35s into belarus would not be as disconcerting. that is a marker, an indication that they're getting serious. they have ukraine surrounded from belarus to the north, to the east with 100,000 people, the black sea fleet as well as crimea to the south and of course maldova with a regiment
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on the west. i checked the weather in ukraine. it's good armor weather. they could roll tanks quickly across eastern ukraine and take kiev in a matter of a couple days. >> sandra: we're left wondering what that means for troops. president biden says he won't send troops in to ukraine but there's 8,500 at the ready to assist nato. that is where things as we heard again today stand. appreciate it, colonel. thank you very much. >> trace: thanks, sandra. >> sandra: to the more immediate storm impacting 76 million americans, a bomb cyclone set to wallop the east coast. we're talking two feet of snow in some areas and the travel nightmare already beginning. we're on it. plus, the inflation storm hitting all americans. why dozens of popular products could cost you more. when can consumers expect some
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so you can put dieting behind you and go live your life. head to now to join the over 2 million people who have found the right way to lose weight and get healthier with golo. >> sandra: a major winter storm set to slam the east coast with heavy snow and high winds this weekend. rick reichmuth has been tracking it for us hour by hour, minute by minute. what is coming our way, rick? >> we've had to like at it hour by hour, minute by murder. the models are getting in better alignment. we've talking about the coastal storms coming across the interior. it's not that much away along the coast. this is one for the big cities,
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certainly boston will be pummeled by the stop, maybe getting into the top ten kind of storms that they've ever seen in history. also notice down across the mid-atlantic and interior sections here as well, we'll be watching for really big snow accumulating. sorry about that. across the interior section. the southern appalachians, we'll have six plus inches. the third week in a a row that we've had know in the south. we've had snow flurries. it's not the main event. the main event is down across parts of florida and going to rapidly strengthen during the next 12 hours. the overnight hours. by the time we get to tomorrow morning, we're going to have the storm right across parts of the mid-atlantic. it's a saturday daytime event. so it's a day storm. you'll be asp to watch this. because it's a weekend, hopefully people with stay inside and try to enjoy it. >> sandra: blizzard warnings in effect from the mid warning across the northeast on the
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coastlines. snowfall totals looking to be a little higher than we initially forecast as well. watch what happens with this future track. most of the coast by tonight seeing the snow throughout the overnight hours. it's really by the morning, new york city, you'll be seeing the meat of this symptom. tomorrow night, it's gone. we'll be fully done with this storm by the time we get to tomorrow night. lighter know in the mid-atlantic, ohio valley. across coastal new jersey, long island, we'll be talking some spots there well over two feet of snow. sandra? >> sandra: that is something. i was taking that in. thanks, rick. he will update as the day goes on. massachusetts bracing meanwhile for blizzard conditions and could see a historic amount of snow in some parts of the state.
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robert ray joins us now. you're there, robert. there's predictions that boston could see its biggest snowfall ever. >> yeah, this is going to be an intense next 24 plus hours. anymore gloucester, massachusetts. that's about 30 miles to the northeast here in thing, boston that you just mentioned behind me. a very calm atlantic ocean and everything is going to look different tomorrow. white-out conditions where i'm standing right now. potential from two to three feet of snow. the blizzard conditions. did you know 700 miles of the eastern coast are under those potential blizzard conditions tomorrow that means 35 million winds or above. we could see up to 70 miles an hour winds.
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all day today here in gloucester, i've been out and about and looking at the city and talking to people. this is a fishing village. this is one of the original seaports in the u.s. let's listen to what one fisherman is doing to prepare. >> usually couple down mid storm and check on the boat. make sure that we put a bucket on the exhaust. that's good. there's a lot of -- a little bit of worrying. >> they are worried. talk to restaurant owners. one says she will stay open throughout this. the hotel behind the camera, they have two weddings here today of 180 people plus. they're concerned. they have backup generators that they're going to go. when you look at a potential for two to three feet of snow in blizzard conditions, this might
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be a tough wedding scenario here saturday. also, if we look at travel conditions across the country over 3,500 flights have been cancelled already. that's according to our partnership with them. so anybody trying to get in and out of the east coast or the mid-atlantic, probably going to be tough road tomorrow. the conditions will start to deteriorate tonight around 11:00, 12:00. by tomorrow morning we're going to be looking at a serious situation here. potential for power outages and people hunkers down we hope hand staying safe. >> sandra: that's why local leaders are suggesting to stay home. i can imagine the brides staring at the weather saying this does not look good. just please stay safe. you as well, robert. great to see you. good stuff as always. personal, precise, powerful. go to and
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>> sandra: emotions running high in new york city for the funeral of a slain officer. a massive show of support. what will it take for the tragedies to finally end? we're back in 60 seconds. move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪
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continue to rise this year, which could lead to more hikes. add kraft heinz warning of hikes for their most popular items. lydia hu has more. >> we're talking about the food staples that are found in many american homes. kraft heinz says they're grappling with inflation and forcing the company to hike prices in march. prices on things like oscar mayer cold cuts, sausages, velveeta cheese, maxwell house coffee is going up 6.6% velveeta to 30% on turkey bacon. kraft heinz said the entire food industry is facing on going and unprecedented global supply shortages. this is in no way unique to
1:25 pm
craft heinz. the list prices of our products continue to reflect the costs of our products. sandra, it's true, it's not just kraft heinz. fast food is also getting more expensive. mcdonalds, prices went up 6% last year. the burger chain is squeezed. it's a similar story for little caesars, the famous hot and ready pizza. it's going from $5 to $5.55. domino's is facing the same issue. they're shrinking the number of chicken wings that come in the carry-out deal going from 10 to 8 and keeping the price the same, $7.99. the food industry is battling for customers, trying to maintain a work force and protect margins. the price hikes we've seen now are not likely to be the last. >> sandra: thanks, lydia. let's go to bill johnson, the former ceo of heinz. welcome, bill. it's not just your former company raising prices.
1:26 pm
we're seeing this across this board and could see higher prices in the near future. >> no, you will be seeing higher prices. no question about it. the thing that people have to remember, most of these companies are pricing up simply to plain taken profit dollars. not margins. so there's going to be enormous pressure coming from the market about margins and additional pricing taken to protect margins. i was on this show in late october. i told neil at the time that i thought november would be the inflection point. i think i was right. to me, the disappointment here is that the fed has not reacted appropriately and this won't improve short term with the mcdonald's announcement, the service industry which has been lagging behind the goods industry is starting to feel it. that's in products that they sell and the services. my own view, in is exacerbated until we get to the supply chain
1:27 pm
issues and the work force strengthens again. >> sandra: the problem is inflation goes up, wages don't keep up. that's more money out of your pocket diverted away from the average american family. look at these prices. this is significant. you have to wonder at what point people curtail -- they change their habits and the demand is curtailed? high prices cure high prices. so are we seeing people change their habits in other inflation-ordinary times that we see people switch to generic brands, cut back. are we seeing that happen yet? >> not yet, sandra. there's a couple reasons. we're testing as an industry the elasticities that people are willing to abide by. secondly, you have a pragmatic issue. there's no products. the supply chain is so backed up
1:28 pm
there's not a lot of consumer choice. if you go to a grocery store, which is what people should do before they make prognostications, walk down the grocery aisles and you'll see empty shelves. until the simply chain keeps up, we're out of equilibrium. that will make consumers think about i'm going to continue to pay this money because what else am i going to do? the key thing, historically when we've had these bouts of inflation, private label brands have not been as strong as they have been. so as they get back in the supply and as things continue to improve and innovation standpoint, you're growing to see the consumer confront the reality. do i want to pay this price or should i shift to a lower price item. >> sandra: we've seen it from our fox digital team. they go to the stores and the
1:29 pm
carts that people are filling up are 50 to 75% more in prices. it's a tangible pain for the average american family. they're feeling it. great to have you here. >> economists don't account for that. they use their pce numbers and exclude food and energy prices, which is always crazy. it doesn't affect the normal person. >> sandra: i lump that in there with gasoline, oil prices up and gas up a dollar from a year ago. it's a costly trip to the grocery store. right? very good to have you here. >> certainly is. president biden on his way back to the white house after visiting pittsburgh after taking about the supply chain issues. jacqui heinrich is live with more. hi, jacqui. >> this is the unofficial start of the president's tour to sort of restart his messaging to go around the country and touts the administration's achievements
1:30 pm
and distract from the worries that has been plaguing it. a bridge collapse a mile away from here couple not be more apropos. relevant timing for the president. the focus of today's visit here at this location was research and development and manufacturing. it's a big focus of the competitiveness legislation the white house is pressing congress to pass right now. they're framing it as a tool to address supply chain bottle necks and create jobs. it comes in a tough political moment for biden. he's being dragged down by inflation. core personal expenditures rose 4%. axios said the growth we saw in 2021 won't continue in 2022
1:31 pm
because of fiscal drag. 22% of the people's income coming from government benefits. >> you know,inflation is a problem which i'll speak to in a second. it's real. a lot of people are being hurt by it. guess what? 1/3 of the inflation in america is the consequence of the cost of automobiles. 1/3. why? because of the shortage of semi conductors. >> the speech turned to the greatest hits of what we've heard from biden before. this push for the build back better legislation, which is still called in congress, making the same plug for it. it won't increase taxes and would bring down inflation. there was a new pitch that i noticed for this chips act. and acknowledgement that its bipartisan in nature and might
1:32 pm
give it a slot at passing. an interesting sort of pivot for biden to give attention to something that has gop support and might have legs. no chance to take questions. >> sandra: thanks, jacqui. have a great weekend. thank you. how about this for a money turn around after getting hammered most of the week? stocks rollieing big time today finishing the week up, making up for all of their losts. the dow and s&p 500 closed at positive territory. even the nasdaq with a 3% gain today was able to squeak out a gain for the week. investors shaking off inflation worries at least for the moment. is every state now a border state in republicans seeing the migrant releases and saying yes. how is the biden administration responding. to bill melugin at to border. >> and alejandro mayorkas visits
1:33 pm
the border here and 12 other states say his policies are a disaster. that story coming up after the break.
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>> sandra: to the southern boarder. 13 state attorneys generals suing the biden administration. there's no such things as secret flights in response to videos of mass migrant releases. bill melugin has more. >> sandra, alejandro mayorkas was in laredo texas earlier today visiting border patrol agents. we shot his schedule. it's not public. take a look as he was shaking hands and going on a tour there fronting with front line agents. he did not make himself
1:38 pm
available to fox news. we got plenty to ask him. meantime, take a look at this video. attorney general of texas ken paxton hosted 12 ags from other states here in the rio grant earlier today to discuss the border and what they see as a massive problem with the biden administration and their policies. many of those ags saying their constituents are fed up with what's going on down here because what happens here also makes its way to their states. take a listen. >> the american people are tired of a president who ignores the rule of law. they're tired of being lectured about borders across the world and don't pay attention to our border here. >> what you're looking at here is newly released video of a
1:39 pm
smuggler in denton county, texas. inside the dump trailers were 59 illegal immigrants being smuggled and hidden inside. the driver gets off the road, goes through, bails out on foot and you'll see from the video, all the migrants start spilling out, jumping off and trying to escape. it goes on and on. the 59 illegal immigrants try to get out. the driver got away. i'm told all of the illegals were taken into custody. back out here live, we've been showing you live images of single adults released in mass. they only expelled 59% of single adults title 42. >> sandra: thanks, bill. dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas maintaining that they're enforcing the law, but do these
1:40 pm
mass releases tell a different story? texas department of public safety chris oliveras joins us now. did call secretary mayorkas has yet to join back. they maintain that they're following the law. we see these images that bill just showed up. we see the images of planes landing in the dark of night. no information about them in suburban, new york. do they tell a different story? >> good afternoon, senator. it does tell a different story. the data shows that. just what bill melugin touched on as far as the 59% that were expelled for title 42. there's thousands being released in the country. over 175,000 apprehensions. several hundred were deimportanted under the policy.
1:41 pm
it's not making an impact. especially what the men and women of dps are doing. we saw 59 illegals that came out of that vehicle. we deal with that constantly. the data shows what is being put out by the federal government right now. >> sandra: it's amazing to hear the governor say if we're not going to get the federal help we need, if the biden administration is not on board, tackling this crisis, then we're going to take this into our own hands. the governor says we already are. is what does that mean for resources knowing that you've got your hands tied and you're overwhelmed at the border? >> sandra, i was present at that border conference. we spent some time with the governors, the ags and hear their concerns. the ags mentioned this not only
1:42 pm
affects the state of texas but the other states. the fentanyl goes to other states. operation lone star was launched in 2021 because the president didn't take care of the border. the state provided resources with state troopers and national guard. that's what we've been doing. the numbers show the impact that we're make manage trying to security the border. >> sandra: thanks for doing your job and thanks for what you do. the governor blaming tik tok for human trafficking and the crisis at the border. thanks, sir, for your time. >> sandra: what if i told you some on the left think president biden needs to move harder to the left? of course your buick parks itself. that's so you.
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>> sandra: biden isn't moving far enough to the left? some progressives are saying he's not pushing hard enough for the left agenda. what to make of that? more from gianno caldwell and
1:47 pm
crystal knight. crystal, i'll kick this off with you. we continue to see sinking pole numbers. are there clear signs that are democrats are beginning to distance themselves from the president because of it? >> absolutely not. what we saw with the fox news poll, 72% of democrats are still with this president and would vote for him in the election were today. the economy grew the largest since 1984. so while this talk and chatter may be good for hyperbole, it's not the actual reflection of the democratic party. >> sandra: interesting. gianno, axios is pointing out that there's democrats stiffing president biden as his poll numbers continue to take a hit including swing state candidates. many democrats and front line districts have stopped
1:48 pm
mentioning the president on their campaign account. they have noticed this starting september 1. so are we actually seeing some signs that these democrats are distancing themselves from an up popular president at the moment? >> i agree with that. ask stacey abrams about her scheduling conflict where the president was in her home state where she's looking to run. if you look deep in the numbers, you see less than 30% of americans want to see joe biden run for re-election. this is not someone that the democrats want to attach their hopes too. he's been a failure. point blank, period. for those that choose to see it a different direction, they're not just facing reality in the face. >> sandra: we have up on the screen, biden's approval rating on the economy. 41% approve. 58% disapprove. he continues to slide them. those that think the economy excellent or good, 27%.
1:49 pm
so while he likes to tout the commit performance under his presidency, people don't seem to be feeling it. >> listen, make no mistake, the economy is not in the best position right now. the president has to, you know, accept that and face it. the party is still with him. folks are behind him. he will come out out of this rut, if you will, stronger in the mid-terms. the failure is on republicans that refuse to bring the build back better bill to a vote on the floor. that's some of the challenges that this administration is facing. >> sandra: democrats having to answer amongst themselves for that. this really stands out to me. just three in ten americans are somewhat or very confident that biden can bring the country closer together. this about a president that promised to unite and bring the
1:50 pm
american people together. he can't doubt that he's getting that done. at least his first year. >> the idea that he would bring him together sounds like a headline from an onion article. he's been a very divisive president. he called peter doocy a son of a -- as you know. this is not a president who is ready to unit america, this is a president that is unhinged and focused on left-leaning progressive policies that the american people don't stand with. he's lost independents and continues to lose democrats and never had republicans. his a disaster of a president. >> sandra: having a tough time keeping some people happy. he's going into his second year. we'll see what happens. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: thousands showing support for officer jason rivera. for leaders pushing policies soft on crime. did the widow of officer just put you on notice?
1:51 pm
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♪ >> in emotional date in new york , the city morning jason rivera in his funeral service earlier today at st. patrick's at the cathedral. he called out his little called out the mirror on his soft on crime policies. hi brian. >> officer jason rivera just 20 to years old, his life cut shor but today remembered by the nyp and the city frankly as someone who devoted his life to and dreamed of one day becoming an officer and realize that dream. yet just been married in was
1:56 pm
just beginning his life. he was eulogized by the city's mayor as well as the nypd commissioner heard really the images of the procession and downtown new york, down fifth avenue, se of thousands of cops with something to behold, the speeches inside we're moving, but dominique, his widow callin out the da over his what critic they are soft on crime policies was striking great wisdom. >> i know you are tired of thes laws. especially the ones from the ne da. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. but i promise, we promise, that your death won't be in vain. >> the da was in attendance whe she made those comments and whe that was wasn't a standing ovation, he released a statemen later saying he will prosecute those who prosecute who target
1:57 pm
police officers with violence. >> brian, thank you. with crimes out of control, right law-enforcement undersea trade six officers shot and the last two days alone. what needs to be done to put a stop to it? joining us now, ted williams. that is tougher any of us to keep it together listening to the officers widow their speaking from the church. but they show of support will last until many of our minds forever. lining the streets of new york city, the men and women in blue. it was a sight to see. >> it certainly was a sight to see. and you have to be moved by the detective first class rivera he was officer rivera, but he was promoted to detective
1:58 pm
first-class in his his home-going here today. his widow said something i have to agree with and she said, dominique said we are not safe, and she's right about that. we have had law-enforcement officers shot or killed all ove this country. next week, they are going to be burying an officer wilbur mauro the partner of rivera. we in houston had three police officers shot yesterday. we had a detective corporal should we say charles galloway who was killed in texas and there is one common thread here sandra. most of these individuals who have committed these crimes against these officer have a criminal record. i want to say it one more time. they have a criminal record. we need to be asking why and
1:59 pm
what are we doing in society where we let these scumbags bac out on the street so they can harm innocent people as well as kill wonderful wonderful police officers. >> a heartbreaking image as the widow took the folded flag from the officers outside the church there. leave us with a final thought o optimism, this great country, w will see what's happening and w will learn. we will hopefully make things better. a quick final thought you? >> my thoughts are hard that i to my hat off and i salute thes wonderful officers who make the ultimate sacrifice for their community. god bless them and god bless their family and god bless this country. >> absolutely. ted williams on just an awful day for the city as we mourn th loss of that officer.
2:00 pm
to your point, that's image of those police men and women filling the streets here. it was a silent moment and obviously as number one and we will remember we will get bette and we will support them. i will see you monday back un-american reports. the five start right now. ♪ >> hello, everybody. i am jesse watters. gil turner, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is the five. at sea of blue shoeing at the honor and support police officers who were under siege i america right now. across the country, cops are being done down every single day . six law-enforcement officers were shot in less than 48 hour spread today, in the


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