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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 28, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. this is "the story." pete hegseth, joe concha are standing by as police officers line the streets of new york city to mourn slain officer jason rivera, killed in the line of duty a week ago. >> we love you, please always protect us. big brother is very proud of you.
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>> wake up, baby, i'm here. the little bit of hope i had that you would come back to life just to say i love you or good-bye one more time has left. >> trace: just heart wrenching statements. officer rivera and his partner were are one of many shot in the line of duty this year. in just the past 48 hour, three wounded in this broad daylight shootout in houston. another shot in a chaotic encounter in milwaukee in which the suspect stole the officer's squad car. in st. louis, a young police officer now clinging to life shot in the stomach while pursuing a s.u.v. believed too be connected to a murder. with us now tim stitch a county councilman chief in st. louis.
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we're not going to give the name of the st. louis police injured that was injured. do you believe he's going to survive? >> trace, it sounds promising right now. it was not promises when he was wheeled into the hospital. the hospital doctors did a tremendous job but he's not out of the woods yet. >> trace: our best to him, this is from the new york sometimes last summer. critical to read this. it says a survey of 200 police officers indicates that retirements were up 45%, resignation, 18% in the period between april 2020 and april 2021 when compared with the preceding 12 months. you look at those numbers, chief, you look at what many are calling a war on police, this is not going to help rebuild our police departments across the
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country. >> absolutely not. as those numbers are pretty staggering, we're not able to back fill those positions. i know in my former department alone, about 1,000 -- there's more than 75 vacancies and having little interest in having individuals join our department. i know that's going on around the country as well. this will continue to increase, this lack of wanting to get involved in law enforcement. there's a really good sole reason for this happening. it's called reformed prosecutors. that's what we're seeing in the st. louis metropolitan area and around the country. >> trace: we hear that again and again. i point not just to this war on cops, the targeting of police officers, buts will respect level. i point things out during a vigil for officers jason rivera and wilbert mora who died in the line of duty, during that vigil, six police cruisers had their
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tires slashed. it's a lack of respect that we're seeing a cross the country. >> that's true. in st. louis, our two officers that were shot in the line of duty happened in ferguson. my office is outside the door with the shooting happened. really this started in ferguson. a lot of this started in ferguson. as you remember, the michael brown situation. i'll have to tell you the situation has not improved. >> trace: lastly, chief, i want your take when you read things from black lives matter saying because police officers are shot does not make them a hero. what do you think when you read things like that around the media? >> how could anyone see that video from houston and not say the officers chasing this guy down were not heros? they were wounded and still chasing the individual down. to say they're not heros is tone
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deaf is what that is. >> trace: chief, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: also with us, pete hegseth and joe concha. he's a fox news contributor. one thing that i found interesting, pete, i was going through the numbers today, in 2021, 73 police officers were killed as a result of felonies. 51 of those were shot. you look at that and you read the next stat. it says that is the highest number of police officers killed since the attacks of 9-11. it is stunning, pete. >> it is stunning. if you watched this ceremony today, you did not have a dry eye. you had a much deeper
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recognition of the reason why these men and women serve in this case, this man and the wife that served with them. these people have been dehumanized during a defund movement that has demoralized the police, yet elevated the criminal and feel like the streets are theirs. there's no consequences because of radical d.a.s and the widow pointed that out and got a standing ovation. policies matter and the police are bearing the brunt. if a day like today doesn't make you understand that, you're on the wrong side. you're pro criminal. >> trace: i want that sound bite and i'll get your response, joe. this is jason rivera's widow talking about alvin bragg. watch. >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore.
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not even the members of the service. i know you're tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. >> trace: she was heart breaking and compelling, joe concha. you look at what is happening around the country. what do you think of when you see a widow speak like that? >> i think of what her life could have been, right? the children that they could have raised together. pete is right. this isn't hyperbole. another cable news network on their media show tried to tell us this is exaggerated, this is hyperbole. crime is not a big problem. poll after poll, more than eight and ten americans say they're deeply concerned about crime. it's a top issue for voters with inflation. the president is polling in the 30s on approval on this issue. try to find one speech, one,
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where supporting police officers and law enforcement is the central theme? where is "60 minutes" on this, by the way in look at the editorial pages of "the washington post." one on trump worship. one on president biden, it's time to end the death penalty. another one about the cakes of britton are hot on boris johnson's trail. nothing condemning the police shootings, nothing talking about crime and what we need to do to stop it, not just adding more police officers, but da's that enforce the law. the american people are very well-aware of this issue and deeply concerned. you have a media mostly apathetic about this. they cover it, but not with the vigor and passion that they do so many other topics that don't matter to the american people. >> trace: there's a great example this week, a 16-year-old, walked out of a new york jail in the bronx
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yesterday. posted the $250,000 bond of which he had to post $15,000. 16. charged with shooting a new york city police officer and he's walking the streets today, pete. >> the d.a. should have to answer for that. today is a moments when you don't control who goes to the podium. she spoke truth. you know who else needs answers? mayor adams. he has a honeymoon period or go along with what is happening so far. this is pro criminal. when donald trump used to say law and order, he was criticized for simplifying it. that's what we've taken for granted when our streets from peaceful and people that shot cops stayed in july. our southern border which used to mean something and today does not.
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the things that we took for granted, we can't take for granted anymore because of the radical policies of the left. let's pray that people cut through the media and go to the ballot box and vote for something different. >> trace: you shoot a couple and walk the streets, we have issues. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> trace: for the first time, a clear posture from the nation's top brass on a possible russian invasion of ukraine as moscow gives new indication they're gearing up for blood shed. republican congressman michael waltz after this. >> if russia chooses to invade ukraine, it will not be cost-free. in terms of casualties or other significant effects. veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call.
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>> trace: you've sign this. a storm that could explosion into a bomb cyclone. yes, there is such a thing. it's about to hit the northeast and impacting 75 million americans with up to two feet of snow in some areas. will nunelly has more on one of those spots. i love cape cod but this is not the time to be there. >> hang on. we're in the impact zone. this beautiful landscape is going to change dramatically in the next 12-24 hours, this is the area that we're talking about, seeing 18 to 24 inches of snow. it's going to be incredible. let's talk about the different hazards at play for an area like this. we're talking about 70 miles per hour wind gusts here, coastal flooding concerns and the snowfalls coming in. the gigantic snowfall totals and also in the boston area seeing
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this winter storm warning as well. 74, 75 million people right now as we speak under some type of winter weather advisory or winter weather warning. it's time to get off the streets. we're seeing people, long lines at again stations, filling up their cars. a substantial impact for this area. another concern that we're going to be tracking closely here is the amount of power outages that are possible. you have the 60-70 miles per hour wind gusts, oh, man, more concerns. so everything you're seeing right now, going to be covered in feet of snow by the time we're here in the morning. fox news, fox weather lined up to keep you covered. make sure you download the free fox weather app. we'll be here to keep you informed. trace? >> trace: back to you as the news breaks. thanks, will. the other big story, big breaking story of the day a rare
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joint appearance from the top military leaders afarming an attack against a nato ally is an attack against all. >> it does feel different. in terms of what we've seen in the past of russian exercises et cetera. this is larger in scale and scope and the massing of forces of anything we've seen in recent memory. the cold war days are when we saw something like this. >> trace: russia has expanded its military build-up to include medical materials, presumably to treat casualties. in moments, michael waltz that warns putin is trying to rebuild the soviet union and ukraine is not tend. mark meredith with more. >> we heard from pentagon officials that outline not only where things stand right now but how dire and deadly things could get if russia were to ultimately invade ukraine.
12:18 pm
the top military brass say they believe president putin has yet to make a decision on a potential invasion. the same officials say they're watching every move. >> he clearly last that capability. there's multiple options available to him including the seizure of cities and significant territories, any russian attack and incursion to ukraine would not only ignite conflict but violate the bedrock principals of national sovereignty. >> all week long we've seen military supplies arrive from several countries including the united states, the pentagon rejecting critics that say that the aid has been arriving too slowsly. they pointed to $200 million in aid done in december. meantime, the pentagon has outlined what u.s. troops are on alert to deploy to eastern europe. they're just on alert at this
12:19 pm
point. they have not been activated. the men and women would be coming from across the country and providing aviation and logistical support. many coming from fort bragg in north carolina or fort campbell in kentucky. one thing that we heard from pentagon officials, they believe a diplomatic solution is still possible. but it was also very interesting to hear as they outlined what kind of a war could look like. ukraine, 40 million people live there. and the direness of this, what would happen if russia were to invade. trace? >> trace: they say diplomacy is possible but have never seen a build-up like this mark, thank you. florida congressman michael waltz joins me now, a former green beret commander and services in the house armed services committee. thanks, commander. i just want to ask you about the troop build-up. 8,500 troops from fort bragg, from fort campbell. are you surprised they have not
12:20 pm
been deployed as of this hour? >> no. if you understand what the the troops are intended for, they're part of what is called a nato response force, which is a rapid reaction force that nato has on paper. but it's never fully been exercised in all of the countries that are part of nato contribute troops to this thing or promise troops to it. that's what these troops were alerted to do. the problem with it is that the nato response force has never been used and it takes a unanimous consent from all 30 nato countries to be able to activate and utilize it. i don't see the germans getting on board or the turks or a number of other countries. so again, i think we need much more of a bit lateral support between the united states and ukraine rather than whole reliance on nato because they're compromised because they're dependent on russia,
12:21 pm
particularly germany, the largest economy for its energy needs. >> trace: that's a fair assessment on the other side. the other side, secretary of defense lloyd austin talked about the troop build-up from russia. listen to this. >> as we look at that number of troops and that amount of hardware that is sitting aboard a region, it far and away exceeding what we typically see them do for exercises. so it's very concerning. >> trace: it is concerning what do you think? >> well, i think the additional piece is that is concerning on the build-up, it's not just the numbers but the types of troops. many of them are from the russian reserves and national guard and their sole purpose is occupation duty. that does lean us more and more towards a full invasion. what i would have liked to have seen today from secretary austin and general milley is, one, a
12:22 pm
statement that water going to accelerate lethal aid and the types of lethal aid that we're sending are not good enough. they need surface to air missiles, anti-ship missiles. they need more sophisticated weaponry. they've been asking for it. i was in ukraine a month ago. they've been asking for it for months. we need a greater sophistication than what we're proceeding. secondly, a clear state after russia invades, we will continue to support a ukrainian resistance. that is not boots on the ground. that is supplies and resources and lethal aid. it's only if putin decides this could turn into a bloody quagmire for him, that he's not just going to roll through there with an easy invasion. that we make it clear it's going to be incredibly difficult militarily, not just economically. do i think we could alter his calculus and hopefully deter him invading in the front end rather than focusing on how we're going
12:23 pm
to respond on the back end. >> trace: they're getting more than blankets. the "new york post" writes -- >> trace: your final thoughts. >> well, look, the germans have not lived up to their commitment of 2% of their gdp to spend militarily. we saw thankfully president trump step in and say enough is enough with the nord stream 2. ironically, the biden administration on the one hand lifted sanctions. lobbied against sanctions in congress just two weeks ago. but now its saying the nord stream 2 pipeline will never come on line. they're going further to stalk to talk to the qatarrys about
12:24 pm
supplying their gas. i can't understate how bad energy policy is driving the train here. every time we fill up our cars, every time oil goes up, putin gets richer and bolder. that's bad for our country. >> trace: it's notable that germany gets half of their natural gas from russia. >> i don't see them getting on board with sanctions with that dynamic. >> trace: a very real concern. president biden in pennsylvania right now facing a nationwide crime crisis. cries of a cover-up at the southern border and sliding support in his own party. lisa boothe, ari fleischer, sean duffy, all of them, just ahead. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology
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make your home a place like no other. ♪ feel stuck with credit card debt? ♪ move your high-interest debt to a sofi personal loan. earn $10 just for viewing your rate — and get your money right. ♪ >> trace: a live look in pennsylvania. president biden in the battleground, a state he carried over president trump by a razor margin. he's talking infrastructure after a major bridge collapse in pittsburgh. >> take stock of what we have accomplished together and look forward to the opportunities that lie aled for pittsburgh and america if we continue to do our job. from day one, every as i have taken to rebuild the economy has been guided by one principle. make it in america.
12:29 pm
like we used to. no one knows that better than all the folks in pittsburgh. that's why it matters so much. making it in america. that's what built this city, the steel city. the arsenal of democracy since world war ii. pittsburgh knows the consequences when we ignore the backbone and fail to invest in ourselves, fail to invest in our people. some of you have been around long enough to remember how this city lost 100,000 steel jobs between 1970 and 1990. i was raised when i moved from scranton, my dad department have any work. we moved to delaware. a town was a company town. not a single steel worker there now. by the 80s, more than 3/4s more
12:30 pm
than -- the steel industry was shuttered. so you know, to build a truly strong economy, we need a future made in america. that means using products, parts, materials built here in the united states of america. means bringing manufacturing back, jobs back, building the simply chains here at home. not outsourcing abroad so we have better jobs and lower prices here. it means betting on america's workers. it takes the federal government that doesn't just give lip service to buy in america but takes action. that's the approach i've taken from day one. now we're beginning to see the results. we learned this week after my first year as president of the
12:31 pm
united states has the fastest economic growth in nearly four decades. [applause] along with the greatest year of job growth in america history, 6.4 million jobs created in one year. instead of losing manufacturing jobs, since i've been in office, america has added an additional 367,000 manufacturing jobs in america. good paying jobs. the highest increase in u.s. manufacturing jobs in 30 years. last week the ceo of intel came to the white house because he wanted to support the build back better initiative and to also let it be known two of your neighboring senators were there, portman and brown, a democrat and republican from ohio. he came to announce the semi won
12:32 pm
ducter campus outside of ohio that will create 10,000 jobs. 7,000 in construction and 3,000 in permanent jobs. i was joking. i said i may need a job. he sad the average salary is $135,000 a year. folks, the key is these jobs are manufacturing essential products. stamps made in america. semi conductors, they're small computer chips that power everything in everyday life. we used to own not only the pattern but the technology and the production. your phone, your car, your refrigerator, your washing machine. hospital equipment, the internet, the electric grid. so much more depend on these chips. so this is going to create thousands of additional jobs.
12:33 pm
helping build more american products. for example, you know, inflation is a problem, which i'll speak to in a second. it's real. a lot of people are being hurt by it. guess what? 1/3 of the inflation in america is the consequence of the cost of automobiles. a third. why? the shortage of semi conductors. they can't build them. therefore the ones that are not being build cause the price of those that are being built to go much higher. this announcement helps fix that problem. three days ago, i called a meeting in the white house of ceos from general motors, ford, hewlett-packard and others, mary barra announced to the white house, a $7 billion investment in michigan to manufacture
12:34 pm
electric vehicles creating 4,000 new jobs. that's on top of the announcement by ford investing $11 billion in electric vehicles. creating 11,000 new jobs. today right here in western pennsylvania, the union pacific railroad is announcing the largest purchase of battery locomotives in all of history. by the way, guess who is supplying those batteries? general motors. folks, i want to tell you, it matters. it matters a lot. the company will build these locomotives with wlab tech. they're a classic pittsburgh manufacturer. they're based here in pittsburgh. these locomotives will be build
12:35 pm
in eerie at the same plant that thomas edison biltmore than a century ago. not only will they be running here at home, they'll be exported to canada, australia, creating more good paying jobs. folks, in the process, reducing climate change, creating jobs here in western pennsylvania. as i said, good paying jobs that you can raise a family on. my dad said all you need, a family needs a little breathing room, a little bit of breathing room. so many people don't have it now. also means something else. means that right here in pittsburgh, the future is being built on the foundation of this city's storied past. an announcement like this
12:36 pm
doesn't happen in a vacuum. in manufacturing resurgence we're seeing today is no accident. takes local leaders, federal leaders, foundations, businesses, unions, universities. all pulling together. requires a mindset like you have here in mill 19. here's what i mean by that. generations ago, mill 19 used to roll out ten inch steel bars. today it rolls out the most advanced robotics, 3-d printing and artificial intelligence. they're rolling out the future. the federal government provides funding from everything from basic research to great universities like carnegie melon to supporting partnerships that helps businesses western pennsylvania get in the game in the first place. like the businesses here in mill
12:37 pm
19. the work is made possible by funding from the commerce department. they partner with engineers and researchers from carnegie melon university that design the manufacturing equipment. creating technologies that work alongside workers instead of replacing the workers. in fact, carnegie melon and the aflcio are teaming up to make these technologies, make sure they're designed to support workers. another organization here called arm institute. that is a public private partnership funded in part by the federal government to help robotics, technology move in to the marketplace and to help train workers to build, operate and repair robots so working folks right here can take on
12:38 pm
good paying jobs that companies like wlab tech are helping to create. thanks to the american rescue plan, the first major bill in march, my commerce department is investing an additional $1 billion in local efforts to strengthen regional economies throughout the country. some of that money is coming here to western pennsylvania. in support efforts here at mill 19. helping spread manufacturing technology, robotics and create more jobs across the nation. you all get it. the bottom line is this. it takes all of us working together, all of us working together to get this done. that's finally beginning to happen. when the federal government invests in innovation, powers up the private sector. creating new technologies and industries and new jobs, good paying jobs.
12:39 pm
these are the kind of investments and partnerships that help us build a made in america future. we can't slow down now. we can't slow down now. we know what happens when we stop investing in the future. places like pittsburgh. decades ago, we used to invest 2% of our gross domestic product here in america. research and development. today we invest less than 1%. the united states of america used to be ranked number 1 in the world in investing in the future. now we rank number 9 in research and development. china was number 8 three decades ago. today they're number 2. other countries are catching up fast. we can and we must change that trajectory. we have an opportunity ahead of
12:40 pm
us, the house and senate, the united states congress and the united states senate are working out a bill that is going to provide an extra $90 billion for research and development, manufacturing all the elements for the supply chain. help create more partnerships like you have here in mill 19. secretary armando has been helping lead this effort. she knows who it takes. my expectation is this will be a bipartisan effort like the infrastructure law. by the way, regarding the infrastructure law, we brought together democrats and republicans led by senator casey and senator lamb and other members of the delegation here, the democrats, along with republicans to do something about infrastructure. now just 74 days after signing
12:41 pm
that law we're already making dangable differences. for highways, parts, airport, rail, high speed internet, clean water, clean air. that includes 1.6 billion over the next five years for pennsylvania to repair its bridges. as i said earlier, more than 3,300 bridges across pennsylvania and over 7,500 miles of highway in poor condition. also means jobs replacing lead water pipes so families in ten million homes and in 400,000 schools and child care centers can drink clean water, not lead-based. jobs. jobs providing labor and infrastructure making high speed internet available and affordtial everywhere in america. cities, suburban, rural areas.
12:42 pm
so nobody is left behind. nobody is left behind. you know, when -- pause for a second. think about how many times during the period when covid was so bad and still not good but we're getting there, when covid was so bad and schools were closed, you'd ride by mcdonald's and see families in the parking lot. so the kid could use his or her computer to tie in to the internet out of mcdonald's or any other fast food restaurant. this is the united states of america for god's sake. what are we doing? what in god's name are we doing? we've announced major investment of 858 million to modernize the montgomery lock in northwest pittsburgh. >> trace: there you have. biden talking about the economy there in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
12:43 pm
reminiscing about the big steel town it was in and out of the days of world war ii. he is continuing to build up his build back better plan which as we know right now is stalled in congress. meantime, back at the white house, a new response to video that we showed you here of my grants arriving at an airport outside of new york city and a federal contractor talking about the secrecy of the operation. peter doocy has an update on the migrants being released into the u.s. peter, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. this afternoon i have been in touch with white house officials that have been watching this video that we've been running of these flights that are resettling migrants from the border to interior u.s. states. what i'm hearing from this white house official, there are no such thing as secret flights. the video footage your network has been running endlessly is from six months ago in august,
12:44 pm
which jen and others in the administration addressed this then too. not new or news. the footage is of unaccompanied minors being transferred. rick scott of florida says that's right, your tax dollars are being used to charter private flights in the middle of the night to take illegal aliens all across our nation. it's a disgusting misuse of our taxpayer money and must end now. a white house official is insisting any and all single men at the border are tracked with a electronic ankle monitoring bracelet or similar technology. tens of thousands are not reporting to their immigration hearings and that is according to the department of homeland security. >> why let them in to the u.s. unsupervised in the first place? >> again, we have a stringent
12:45 pm
protocols and process that's we implement here that includes expelling individuals that come in under title 42, given we're still in a global pandemic and includes those that do not show up will be subject to the repercussions of that. so that is the policy we're implements from our homeland security department. >> the president and vice president's warning to the minors, do not come is not being followed because these migrants keep coming. trace? >> trace: indeed they do. peter doocy live at the white house. thanks. let's bring in ari fleischer, former press secretary for george w. bush and sean duffy. fox news contributors. welcome to you. ari, we're going to get to more on the border and the crisis down there and what is happening with the male migrants. i want to go back to the president's speech in pittsburgh where he's talking about
12:46 pm
inflation and that cars are responsible for a third of inflation, which i've seen no evidence to support that. what do you think about this? if the economy was so good, wouldn't his numbers reflect that? they're anemic. >> number 1, his flub aside about calling conor lamb, conor lamb, that will cause controversy inside pennsylvania. but i thought, trace, the rest of his speech was good. this is the kind of thing that joe biden should be talking about. economics. basic kitchen table issues. if he were talking about this instead of the green new deal, instead of calling republicans jim crow and appease bernie sanders, if he spoke bread and butter economic issues, he would have been better off. the economy is not strong and covid is dragging him down. if he had been a president that
12:47 pm
talked like this all along, he would be in stronger shape. >> trace: i want to move to the border. we're showing videos from yesterday and two and three days ago of the male migrants being put in ubers and buses and cabs. it's disingenuous for the white house to say it's old news. >> the problem is, they're not going to the mountain top and singing about their policies saying we're letting everybody in, they don't have a court date, they don't have to appear. we're flying people in broad daylight. they're not doing that. they're trying to hide this because they know the american people disagree with just letting anyone that comes from the border in to the country and flown at taxpayer expense wherever they wish. americans don't approve of this. this is why they're trying to hide it from american people.
12:48 pm
jen psaki says this is old footage and old news. the policy has not changed since when this happened. it's continued through. this is new footage. it underscores it continues to happen. >> trace: and ari, they're getting on the planes with warrants issued to them from ice. the issue is because they don't have identification. the reason they don't have i.d., nobody knows who they are. i want to play this sound bite from vice president kamala harris and get your response. >> the strategy that has always been clear. we've been clear. the work we need to do is work that we manifest over a long period of time. certainly not overnight. the problems that we need to address are problems. the solution will not happen overnight. >> trace: its not going to happen overnight if you go to
12:49 pm
the border and leave it open. >> trace, that local airport is my airport. that's the westchester county-owned airports. the question that jen psaki should have said are the flights ongoing? the answer is yes. the flights continue to come in here to the white plains airport here in westchester county. i have no idea if they're going to west chester or new jersey. many of them are going nowhere. they're going where they have relatives. that's how the system works. they think they can say it exists this way and on paper everybody knows. once they get here, most of them are home-free. very few are sent to any facility. they don't show up for their dates in court. even for the ones that later commit crimes, we have sanctuarities that won't do anything about it, this is a democrat wish list. they want these people to come to america and they're fine with them coming illegally. >> i spent years in connecticut
12:50 pm
and used that airport many times. sean? >> yeah, there's no coincidence here that you have an open border, people flood in. the same time, democrats say we want no voter i.d. laws. we want everybody to vote. don't show an i.d. those two things are connected. they can't win on the policy so they're trying to bring a new set of votener that doesn't have to bring and i.d. and participate in elections. >> trace: a new poll out this week suggested that president biden is hemorrhaging support from within his own party. lisa boothe when "the story" continues.
12:51 pm
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12:56 pm
your thoughts? >> when you have kristen sinema and joe manchin blocking anything they have going forward, yeah, there's support that is lost. you have to look at jobless numbers and unemployment. infrastructure is being done. we talk about infrastructure work. now we have infrastructure term. thank joe biden for that. >> trace: you have to look at inflation and other things. some things are not looking rosy. if the numbers were good, if the economy was good, lisa, the numbers would look better. the hill says "stay the course is not an option for team biden. only a construction could help the president allow growing doubts that he's a strong leader that can rise above the tribal divisions what is required is a disciplined and focused effort to remind persuadable voters with i they backed biden in 2020."
12:57 pm
lisa, he's staying the course and bragging about the course. >> yeah, they're not going to get that from joe biden. i mean, trace, look at who wasn't at that event today. two of the top democrats in this state, the attorney general and the lieutenant governor. one is running to be governor. the other is running for senate. they didn't want to be at the event. they didn't want to be standing with joe biden. he's toxic. it's not manchin and sinema to blame, it's joe biden. thing about how dumb his strategy has been. they barely have a majority in the house. they have a 50/50 split. but joe biden is acting like he's got a mandate. he campaigned as a moderate wu governed as one of the most left winged presidents in history. he failed to overhaul the
12:58 pm
government. >> trace: james carville said -- >> trace: he is saying look, the whole party as gone way too far to the left, michael. michael? we lost michael. lisa. we'll get michael back. go ahead. >> yeah, democrats have gone so woke. they're pushing these limb seem liberal policies like the green new deal. we see a.o.c. illegally parking her $60,000 tesla outside of a whole foods as opposed to focusing on kitchen table issues. we've seen 29 democrats announcing that they're seeking other office. that is before the 2010
12:59 pm
mid-terms. that's tied for what we saw in 1994 when republicans saw 54 seats. we have months ahead, trace. that is a crisis for democrats. >> trace: let's bring michael back in. i assume he can hear us. james carville saying the party is going too far to the left, michael. your response. >> the party is moving to the left. that's not a bad thing. the party is supporting that we have access to healthcare, infrastructure, making sure that we have access to the things way say we're about. so at the end of the day -- >> trace: and making sure we're defunding the police. there's a lot of other -- >> come on. those are like token statements that were said two years ago by people that don't represent the party. let's focus on actually what we're trying to do. increase access to healthcare and increase access to education and make sure that everyone access to a living wage. that's what democrats are about.
1:00 pm
>> trace: lisa boothe, michael starr hopkins, thanks. we appreciate it. >> thanks. >> trace: that is "the story" friday, january 28, 2022. as always, "the story" goes on. i'm trace gallagher. have a great weekend. see you back here monday at 3:00 p.m. "your world" starts right now. >> thank you. fox on top of two storms bearing down. more than 70 million americans bracing for a winter wallop here with while u.s. general mike millie, chairman of the joint chiefs warning russia could strike ukraine with little notice over there. welcome. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. a jam packed "your world." for to that potential storm brewing on the russia and ukraine border. mark meredith has the latest after we received a briefing today. mark? >> good afternoon to you. top pentagon off


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