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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 27, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> bill: if i was invited by the egypt president to go and do that you bet i would. >> dana: it is legal. that was a great segment. but -- >> bill: i do remember that segment. maybe some day we bring it back. >> dana: i like that. it was an "america's newsroom" special from way back. harris faulkner is up next, "the faulkner focus". >> harris: truth revealed in video that is exclusive to fox news. we reported last summer that secret nighttime flights were happening. children who had crossed the border were being shuttled to united states airports. the biden administration tried to hide it all. now an incredible revelation. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". a group of contractors making shocking comments about the secret flights. sending migrant children from the southern border to a
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westchester, new york airport over the summer. >> harris: the government is betraying the american people from those contractors. one source with immigration and customs enforcement satisfy they've become travel agents for illegal immigrants. the former westchester county executive running for governor of new york with this last hour. >> this is about a broken immigration system. a federal government that is completely off the rails and out of control and lying to us, not giving us the most basic questions and answers to those and we have a right to know. and it's that simple. the federal government literally is breaking the law. breaking the law and they don't care. >> harris: that's the part that
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we want to dig into. yes, they weren't telling us and being transparent but what about the law? arizona attorney general mark brnovich is in "focus." let's begin with bill melugin reporting at the border in texas, bill. >> good morning to you. that body cam footage very likely to say where is the transparency with the movements? it's out of westchester county new york from august. what you are seeing is a government-chartered flight landing on the tarmac at an airport there and migrants start getting off the airplane. a local cop shows up supposed to be doing security there and starts asking what the heck is going on here? asking the government contractors who are these people and what's happening? a snippet of that conversation from one of the contractors. take a listen.
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>> meanwhile we have been witnessing our own mass release of illegal immigrants. the video we're looking at we just shot in brownsville yesterday. what you are seeing are more than 50 single adult male migrants dropped off and released from ice custody. ngo is walking them across the street in downtown brownsville to go to the bus terminal. many of the migrants had ankle monitors on. many hiding their faces from our cameras and an ice source told me these discrete releases have been going on since spring of last year. he told me ice has been releasing some migrants with misdemeanor criminal records
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including assault, dui, drug possession and illegal reentry. i reached out to ice to ask about that and guys, if we can pull up the live image now. we were tipped off this morning an ice bus would be stopping at san antonio airport. we sent a camera crew there to film it and you are seeing it life. another ice drop-off at san antonio airport of single adult men being released from custody now. it is happening every day. there was a drop just like this yesterday. what you are seeing is this the american airlines terminal at sanitary airport and ice contracted bus. ngo will help out the men and getting on planes to go wherever they want in the country. you see some single adult females in the group as well. the mass releases continue to happen. we've seen it in brownsville and now we're seeing it in san antonio. it goes in the face of what the government has been telling us
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that these releases would largely be just family units or children. doesn't appear any families or little children here. these are all single adults dropped off by ice as the mass releases continue. >> harris: thank you very much. i want to keep these live images on the screen now as i bring in mark brnovich arizona's attorney general. we are covering it live and your opportunity to get the thoughts with the breaking news. mostly male, some women in there but all adults at these mass drop-offs. this one in san antonio, texas, at an airport. bus loads. attorney general. >> harris, i think my first reaction is outrage. i'm a first generation american and this is a nation of immigrants but it is nation of the rule of law. the constitution has to mean something and the law has to mean something. the biden administration is unilaterally destroying this country. i look at this and think it is
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anarchy, chaos. we are subsidizing and decriminalizing people entering this country illegally. it breaks my heart. at one point i thought the biden administration wants to abolish ice but they want to abolish our entire southern border. we'll see more crime in the country because of that. we've already seen a record amount of fentanyl and methamphetamine coming into the country. people will die as a result of the biden administration's policies. >> harris: talk to me about the law. that really is the bottom line here. you have people like your family previously. my mother was a descendant of haitian immigrants. you come here legally and go through years and years of doing the right way and right things and then you see this. the law is the bottom line type deal it is supposed to be. blind to emotion or whatever is driving this. >> harris, if you disagree with the policy you can change the
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law. what the biden administration is doing, this is why we have sued them numerous times is disobeying the law. we have a lawsuit because the biden administration refuses to deport people deportation orders. that means people with criminal records, people accused of crimes, convicted of crimes are being released into our community. not only in upstate new york but southern california from washington to yuma we're seeing the consequences and we'll continue to feel those consequences. i don't say this light heartedly harris but at this point mayorkas is the most incompetent of all the biden administration cabinet officials. that says a lot. why isn't chuck schumer, cartel kelly from arizona demanding accountability. if he can't do his job and undermining the national security he should be impeached. >> harris: you are talking about an administration breaking the law and calling for impeachment and all of it is something that fox news has been pressing the white house about for months.
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back in october you may remember this because you and i attorney general talked about it. we were in disbelief it got handled this way. peter doocy was pushing for answers from white house press secretary jen psaki on those secret flights with little children who had come across the border illegally taking them to airports all over the country. let's watch her response back then. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to florida and new york in the middle of the night? >> well, i'm not sure it's in the middle of the night. let me tell you what's happening here. >> bill: 2:30. 4:29 a. m. >> earlier than you might like to take a flight. >> harris: was she joking? that's what she thought at the time. now we actually know the federal contractors, attorney general, feel like they are travel agents. for illegals in the country no matter what age they are.
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>> it is crazy. you know i'm arguing a case next month in the supreme court of the public charge rule. the biden administration is providing taxpayer benefits to people that have entered the country illegally. unlike a lot of previous waves of immigration where people had to assimilate and couldn't rely on government benefits, the biden administration is upsending all of that and because the democrats in d.c. want to essentially socialize our economy and i think this is part of that effort to undermine american society. it is really inconsistent not only with arizona values but american values. it is mind-boggling. the toughest question people are getting asked that entered this country illegally is not whether they're on the terror watch list or whether they want a king or double bed in their room and where they want to go at taxpayer expense. >> harris: i want to say this. as we were hearing the federal contractors caught on that body cam video, we could hear them say we don't want to attract
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the media. we don't know where we're going. this was clandestine. how illegal was it? >> don't the left like to say democracy dice in darkness. the biden administration is systematically lying to the people, who will you believe, joe biden or your lying eyes? they are manipulating the public, harris. it breaks my heart to see what is happening in d.c. with chuck schumer, cartel kelly and joe biden and secretary mayorkas. >> harris: you are going after them with the law and we'll be watching you do that and cover every second. vice president kamala harris is in honduras today south of the border marking her second trip to central america. remember, she is the border czar and in charge of dealing with finding and solving the root causes of illegal
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immigration. basically the reason so many people want to flee to the united states she is supposed to be dealing with all of that. she told them not to come. that didn't work. critics also going hard on the vice president for going to the southern border only once so far. she went to el paso, remember? the problems were not along that stretch then. during her visit to guatemala in june the v.p. told would be migrants don't come to the united states but the guatemalan president said he didn't hear that directly from her. a.g. >> vice president harris wants to send 300 million of our taxpayer dollar to central american. i will save the biden administration that money. it is a great country because the rule of law means something and the constitution means something and we have to have a system that doesn't get
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overwhelmed. that doesn't incentivize people breaking the law and coming here illegally and getting government subsidies. it is shameful that secretary mayorkas won't meet with us, won't talk to law enforcement in arizona. kamala harris, the attorney general of california refuses to talk to us as well. >> harris: the vice president will be in honduras for the inauguration of their new socialist president. good to see you today. thank you for being in "focus." house speaker nancy pelosi says she will run for reelection but her political party will it back her for a leadership position again? so far the answer to that question is crickets and we have this. >> what the district attorney is proposing -- his policies benefit nobody. it is not the district attorney's job out there to turn the law to where he or she
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sees fit. >> outrage is growing in new york city and pressure growing for the governor to remove manhattan's new district attorney. will she stand up to his soft on crime policies or cave to the left? joe concha in "focus" next.
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since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. instead of helping students get back in the classroom, the school boards spend their time renaming schools and playing politics. schools that weren't even open. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and maliga. our kids cannot wait any longer for new start. >> we cannot pacify crime. a crime is a crime. his policies benefit nobody, nobody. they don't even really benefit the criminals. i'm still trying to wrap my head around what he is possibly thinking. >> we need justice for our police officers not just in new york city but across the nation. it is not a district attorney's job to turn the laws the way he
8:19 am
or she sees fit. >> harris: people in front of microphones and people in the streets. new yorkers having a huge reaction. they want to feel safe again. protestors gathering outside the home of liberal district attorney alvin bragg outraged over soaring crime amid his lenient policies and the new york governor hochul says she won't bow to the pressure to change the lax bail laws but is looking into it. >> if reforms are needed based on data gathered i'm willing to have those conversations. i don't feel just because people for political reasons want the individuals that you are quoting here today want me to give an answer, that's not how i operate. i don't cave to pressure. i do what's right based on all the facts that come before me. >> harris: wow. she should take the subway. oh my goodness, the crime in the city is bursting. in places where people gather
8:20 am
and have to get to work. what kind of data is she looking for? radio host and comedian joe piscapo putting the governor on full blast. >> the new manhattan d.a. who says you have to let criminals on the street. that's his mantra. let criminals go. again these killers and i hope that he changes -- he changed his tune a little bit yesterday. i don't understand why the governor of new york doesn't remove this guy. she has the ability to shut him down. >> harris: joe concha, fox news contributor and columnist for the hill. joe, just your top line thoughts. >> my top line thought is i took the train into penn station a couple of days ago and penn station all right is not the nicest train station in the world. i'll grant that. years ago when i used to take the train there every day i never gave a thought to am i
8:21 am
safe here? in penn stations, governor hochul, go there sometime and you tell me how things are going. it really does -- you don't recognize this country in that place. i stepped over two bodies. i wasn't sure if the people were alive. homeless people are there all the time but they were on their face down. you can't believe that this is new york city. the greatest city in the world. so yeah, look, i know that the president is going to be coming to new york next week, harris, to meet with the new mayor, eric adams but he has to denounce governor hochul and her rhetoric or the manhattan d.a. he won't of course. you look at the three biggest speeches of joe biden's life. victory speech after his election win and inauguration and you cannot find in any of those transcripts any mention of the need to beef up police and their forces all over the country. any mention of the urgency to address skyrocketing violent crime in cities and towns across the country.
8:22 am
the need for police reform is what he has talked about. he has been an absentee president to -- where does he declare as commander-in-chief no more, this ends now. whatever resources you need i'll provide them. i'm certain that republicans would join him on that effort if he made that sort of declaration. >> harris: it is unbelievable that officials are not even talking about this and that governor hochul can say i'm waiting for the data. the homicide numbers are exploding. the violent crime in the city is so painful that the new mayor, eric adams is saying i'll reinstate the homicide units that the last guy deblasio disbanded. he is suddenly now reacting to all of this. of course he has only been in office for less than a month. at first it didn't sound like he would go against the manhattan liberal d.a. now i mean look, you can't ignore it. new york city right now and i want to bring this into "focus"
8:23 am
because it is live now. they are honoring two fallen officers wilbert mora and jason rivera who both died after responding to the domestic call in harlem on friday. mora clung to life for as long as he could and passed away on tuesday. rivera died at the hospital on friday. a procession for officer jason rivera ahead of his funeral which is scheduled for tomorrow is happening right now and it comes after hundreds of people came out to the 32nd precinct to pay tribute last night including officers, firefighters and neighbors who shared personal stories about officers rivera and mora. remember, they were both in their 20s. rivera 22, mora 27. rivera had just gotten married and posting videos talking to young people making their dreams come true. he was following his purpose and trying to be a motivator for young people to choose the
8:24 am
right path. and i'm wondering if we can show this now because i know we have access to aerial. the hearse is making its way to the city as they pay tribute. what you have to see is all the stopped traffic and you'll see it. the firefighters that are lining the overpasses and the people who have come out, citizens who have come out in reverence. it is heartbreaking to think these officers were ambushed and that the list, joe, grows by the day now of officers being harassed and targeted and ambushed and attacked and we pray for their survival. they don't all make it and that's what this day is about as we remember. joe, i ask you to step in here because you see the media
8:25 am
coverage. we should be wall-to-wall. you shouldn't even be able to find any place where we aren't seeing this today because this affects all of america. this is about safety and security as you were just talking about. >> you think about how young officer rivera was. he was just a baby when the planes hit the twin towers on 9/11. he was 1-year-old at the time. at 22 to say i want to be a police officer in new york city and particularly where he was shot in harlem. that takes such bravery and such nobility and maturity and you are right, this should be wall-to-wall coverage as far as honoring these officers. not just in new york, harris, in ferguson, missouri, or washed washington, d.c. and chicago. cops are being targeted by being vilified by those in the media. mostly peaceful riots. we are reaping what we sewed
8:26 am
when we made cops the bad guys. more are resigning and retiring because they're sick and tired of being betrayed to hurt their own citizens. the numbers governor needs to know. we report them every day. murders 25 year old. homicide records were broken in 16 skes including yourself in new york city. you want numbers? there they are. stop waiting, start acting. >> harris: this is saint patrick's cathedral in new york city awaiting the hearse as officer jason rivera begins his journey home. the funeral is tomorrow. we wanted to show you this in the heart of new york, not far from where i'm sitting broadcasting the news. the city has come to a bended knee now for these officers. joe concha, thank you as always for being in "focus." i'll move to this. the continuation of what we
8:27 am
face. a deputy in houston, texas, was gunned down just days ago and now we're learning the suspect is an illegal immigrant and what we know about his background is sparking outrage plus this. >> i do think it will gin up their base but galvanize conservatives going into the election. >> harris: supreme court justice breyer's retirement giving president biden a crucial opportunity, perhaps a win something that he can talk about that's positive. some democrats say they believe it could be the political jolt he needs. republicans are gearing up for a fight they hope will fire up their own base. power panel next.
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>> you you need a reset and you just got one. politically speaking it couldn't have come at a better moment for this white house and this democratic party.
8:33 am
>> we can now say i will fight the good fight and i am going to get this nominee. >> this could be a real jolt, i think, to rank and file voters. >> harris: hum, they sound chipper. democrats hoping for a political boost on steveer breyer's retirement plans see it as a clutch opportunity to help president biden rise above his so many crises to some extent. republicans are on to the plan and they are ready for a fight ahead of the mid-term elections. >> they are trying to use this to distract from what is their failed agenda. the american people are all concerned with inflation and crime and covid and crt and the wokeness and the lockdowns and mandates and russia and ukraine. now they are trying to do this. they do think it will gin up their base but it will also galvanize conservatives going into the elections.
8:34 am
>> harris: imagine all the pressure on the outgoing justice breyer with all that going on. peter doocy live at the white house for us. >> democratic lawmakers and liberal activists have been looking for some kind of hope that maybe they won't lose the house and senate come november. and they think maybe they found it. listen to what the leader of the abortion group -- pro-abortion group is telling axios. we've been anticipating a tough fight and frankly a significant loss at the supreme court. being able to have a win on this nomination and support the president's pledge to nominate a black woman supreme court justice is the kind of motivation we need now to keep up the fight. but republicans looking to retake control of the senate have activists, too, vulnerable democratic incumbents in states like arizona and new hampshire will be under intense scrutiny when it comes to backing biden's pick. john cornyn adds there will be immense pressure from the
8:35 am
radical left to replace justice breyer with a partisan who will legislate from the bench. i hope president biden will not cave to their demands the way he has on nearly everything else over the past year. the timing of this announcement in january does have some scotus experts scratching their heads, though. >> perfect timing for them, right? maybe not perfect timing for the justice himself. >> it is what the white house wanted. maybe the dark money groups are trying to push him off the bench was let's seal the deal and make sure it goes public. >> within an hour we expect to see president biden deliver remarks with justice breyer by his side and it is interesting and in contrast with what we've seen in recent years and supreme court retirements this is not going to be a big event with lots of family members or friends of the justice. it will be a very small event in one of the smaller venues in the west wing the roosevelt room. >> harris: that's interesting.
8:36 am
sad for him, right, for justice breyer all those years he served and he gets scooted out the door. it -- i don't know if it gives biden the look he wants for a victory by trying to mix it up with all the gender boxes he is checking so on and so forth. progressive squad members pouncing on the news. representatives jamal brown and pressley calling for president bide tone follow through on his promise to nominate a black woman. the demographic i was mentioning. cori bush i would love to see a black woman named to the u.s. supreme court. identity is important but it is not enough. power panel now, caldwell fox news political analyst and former dnc press secretary.
8:37 am
i will come to you first to kind of sum up what we're seeing now. i just look, they are replacing one democrat with another liberal on the u.s. supreme court. take it from there. >> with a dismal approval rating with african-americans joe biden needed something to offer up to the community. absolutely desperately needed. most folks who have been loyal of the democratic party has been saying of late what have you done for me lately? they're the reason he is president today. so this will be for him a great opportunity to actually put up a black woman on the supreme court. of course, it's not as great of a win as one may think. i don't think it will encourage many folks to come to the polls in the mid-terms. i'm talking about african-americans specifically to save the democratic party. democrats will lose. i don't think so. it doesn't impact their daily lives in the sense one may think. you are talking about
8:38 am
economics, you talk about the unemployment rate and the fact that black men aren't participating in the economy in the high numbers under trump. those are different. if you are still losing money with inflation as you know poor families are losing thousands of dollars due to inflation, then that is still an issue. from the standpoint of politics and elected officials being able to say look what he did for us it's historic but i don't think it will make a big difference in the mid-terms. >> harris: representation is always important. the list of things progressives say i quoted pressley, the list of things they want that person on the bench to do, those were american qualities. it doesn't matter your race or ethnicity. i'm confused how they are still a minority in terms of the political makeup of this supreme court. it's dem for dem. they didn't gain anything by it.
8:39 am
does it change the game for president biden? >> i think first with we have the recognize this is the first african-american woman nominated that will be nominated to the supreme court, harris. a victory for america and a victory for. >> harris: again, representation is important. >> and for democracy. aside from representation you need qualifications. there are countless african-american women who are ready to step up to the plate and become a supreme court justice. so whoever biden chooses i am optimistic and confident he will choose somebody that is moderate. they are not going to cave in. president biden will not cave in to the ultraleft. he will choose somebody that qualifies. look, i disagree with your guest because we've made progress. look, you know this. the numbers don't lie. 6 million jobs last year.
8:40 am
200 million americans vaccinated. that is progress. >> harris: before you go down the road of trying to help joe biden on this program we are talking about the u.s. supreme court. and whether that will actually help him. i do want to get to this >> it will help him. >> harris: breaking news is coming up, gentlemen, i will have to move away. i will have you back. jose you haven't been on the program in a while. >> i miss you. >> harris: we'll get together again. thank you both. the situation in ukraine is moving closer to the brink. the united states providing a written response to russia's demands. now they say there is little room for optimism. republican florida congressman michael waltz is in "focus" next. dream of homeownership more than veterans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month.
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>> harris: nypd blue at the saint patrick's cathedral as the casket of jason rivera arrives before his funeral tomorrow at the cathedral. breaking news fashion officer rivera is being honored today along with his partner who also died wilbert mora. rivera just 22 years old died after they were all ambushed. three officers total. one is still hospitalized in critical condition.
8:46 am
an ambush shooting in harlem last friday. you hear the bagpipes there. ♪♪♪ >> harris: the funeral for officer rivera tomorrow at st. patrick's cathedral. we'll continue to cover the story as well and give you details of officer mora's funeral as we learn them. violent crime is in "focus" on "the faulkner focus" because it is happening all over the country and we're losing victims who are civilian and officers. in houston, in fact, that city has become the murder capital
8:47 am
of the united states. already 38 homicides in just the first few weeks of 2022. officers today announced the suspect in the murder of charles galloway is an illegal immigrant with a rap sheet. authorities got oscar rosales in a mexican border town on wednesday. arresting him there. casey stiegel brought us the news as it was breaking. he has more live from dallas now. casey. >> we reached out to ice and they've got a statement so ice has confirmed to fox news that rosales entered the country illegally at an unknown date and unknown location. local reports say that 51-year-old oscar rosales had been in the u.s. for more than 20 years working as a mechanic. he was arrested in mexico yesterday and extradited to
8:48 am
houston and made his first court appearance last night. the judge denied his lawyer's request to set bond because there is more. the judge says that rosales was already on felony probation for a 1995 aggravated assault with a deadly weapon case. reps with the houston police union saying it is the latest illustration of crime spiraling out of control in their city. >> we are going out there every day doing what we need to do. the courts aren't doing their job. >> he is blaming the courts there. 47-year-old corporal galloway is one of 25 law enforcement officers across the country who have already lost their lives this year in the line of duty. according to the officer down memorial page six of most involved violence of some sort and we aren't even into february yet. houston homicide rate currently stands at 38. more than new york city's 20 and the 26 murders in los
8:49 am
angeles. >> harris: quickly they are on track for 500 this year just based on the pace. if they don't do something different. if a miracle doesn't happen. setting records. >> crimestoppers said the most deadly year for houston was in the early 80s and they had 700 that year. when you look at being almost close to 500 if they stay on pace, i mean it is something we haven't seen in quite some time. >> harris: casey stiegel. thank you. the u.s. delivering a written response rejecting russia's security demands on ukraine and russia didn't take it too well. the kremlin says the response leaves little ground for optimism. as it moves ahead with new drills, military drills and adds more forces to the region. now the biden administration admits the road ahead is up to russia. >> at what point do you stop
8:50 am
playing russia's game and take preemptive action now? >> we aren't standing still as you know. we can walk and chew gum at the same time and very much what we've been doing. the work that we've done over the past couple of months in bringing allies and partners together around massive consequences for russia should it renew its aggression and the details on that. >> harris: that's benjamin hall pushing for answers. i was pushing for the same admiral john kirby. why let russia dictate and always be on the defensive? florida congressman michael waltz as a new op-ed on entitled putin wants to build a new soviet union and he won't stop with ukraine. congressman waltz, what do you mean? >> a lot of americans are
8:51 am
asking rightly so why is ukraine in our interest? why is it in our interest to take bold action here? i'm not advocating for putting american boots on the ground in ukraine but there is a lot more we should be doing to help them defend themselves. the reason it's in our interest is you just said the world just watched the taliban dictate the terms and the message everyone received is jihad has one, democracy lost. now they watch putin dictate the terms and just next week in the opening ceremonies of the olympics you are going to see putin and xi standing side-by-side talking about a new world order. why should americans care? we shouldn't just stand by and allow the old soviet union to get put back together again and putin has stated since 2005 that the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the demise of the soviet union and he intends to put it back together.
8:52 am
he is doing it on obama and biden's watch and they challenge the united states side-by-side with china. >> harris: what do we do about this? a statement from the white house press secretary jen psaki today talking about the visit of the chancellor schultz of germany. germany and russia having that cozy relationship over the nord stream 2 pipeline for energy for germany. look, they need to decouple that right now. what do we do? do we put pressure on our allies and we'll go after germany can you back out of that deal? we won't go after russia? >> >> i think we need to take a much stuffer stand with both germany and russia frankly. germany has not lived up to its commitment to pay 2% of its gdp towards its own defense. it has tens of thousands of american soldiers stationed there contributing to its economy. yet it sells out nato and its allies selfishly for its own
8:53 am
cheaper gas from russia, yet that really throws poland, eastern europe, ukraine under the bus and puts them under the thumb of putin. they aren't behaving like a good ally. we need to call that out. president trump did. he walked into the good old boys club in the g-7 and said enough is enough. i would like to see secondary sanctions on german companies if they don't take a tougher stand. they are also blocking any type of aid from going to ukraine which is unacceptable. and we need to be putting these sanctions on the table now and lethal aid on the table now and saying putin if you back down we'll lift the sanctions and hold back on the aid. we have no cards the play right now. biden has taken a concessions first don't agitate, don't provoke and how that is viewed in moscow is weakness and opportunity. >> harris: congressman waltz
8:54 am
google what the demands russia are. ask google for vaccines and everything else. you can do that yet what do we get? try and find that. they told us we might not threaten you anymore if you give us what they want. they don't want anything we would give them. they want ukraine and they want more than that. you served green beret and got into politics and told me before you were a congressman you wanted the representation and the voices that represent the american people on these issues. what would you say to the president of the united states right now as a former service member and now a congressman? >> look, our adversaries understand strength and they understand leverage whether it's the taliban or dictators in china or russia. and we have to exercise the leverage that we have. we have to put strength on the table and then once they back down, we'll pull that back. but sending strongly worded letters and mother may is is
8:55 am
only projecting weakness. that will invite aggression. at the end of the day it will affect our soldiers, sailors, airmens and marine and we need that on the ground experience making these and advising these policy decisions. >> harris: thank you. i always want more time. we'll bring you back. thank you. "outnumbered" after the break. and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you use your va home loan benefit to get more. more cash, more savings, more peace of mind. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. up to $60,000 or more. veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families, no bank, no lender, no one
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>> emily: a new video exposes evidence of a cover-up and the biden border crisis, with the federal contractor admitting on tape that the government is betraying the american people. this is on the third quarter shocker unfolds right in front of our cameras. i'm kayleigh mcenany, and this is and "outnumbered." am here today are my cohost harris faulkner and emily compagno, fox news correspondent gillian turner and former chief of staff senator mitch mcconnell and cohost of the


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