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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 26, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> bill: it was the assumption. peter and percy spend lot of time in central park and there are dog walking areas there and illegal contraband. >> dana: i don't care if you smoke pot or eat pot whatever. just put it in the trash. >> bill: i have a great story after the show. >> dana: "after the show show". "the faulkner focus" is next. here is harris. >> harris: the blue runs red today. nypd officer wilbert mora didn't make it. the nation watching new york city how it will deal with the targeting of cops. the mayor with desperate words to protect them all. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the nypd announced mora died yesterday. his body was taken to the medical examiner and officers
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were there. he was critically wounded on friday after a shooter ambushed them and two other policeman. jason rivera also died that day. the third officer shot the suspect who is also dead. the cover of the "new york post" capturing the anguish people in nyc and throughout the nation feel today. here is former new york city police commissioner ray kelly. >> it was obvious this individual wanted to kill cops. there was a warrant out for him. he wanted to kill cops. i think it is -- you can say it is a product of the demonization of police that we've seen for the last several years. they've been vilified and blamed for everything. >> harris: in "focus" jason chaffetz fox news contributor. sergeant clyde boatwright from
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the maryland police. alexis. >> this morning again the nypd grieving the loss of two of their own officers as the state of new york renews calls to go after illegal guns. take a look at this. the new york governor here and mayor eric adams in new york city talking here discussing how police from nine states in the north will team up for the interstate task force on illegal guns to go after illegal gun traffickers. gun violence is destroying families and communities. >> we have normalized the carrying of guns in our city and our state and in many cases in our country. we have no longer made it taboo to do so. >> he is calling for the release of the body cam footage that took the life of the police.
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a council woman is offering her sympathy to the shooter. she tweeted my deepest condolences to the families of the two officers. lives lost due to broken public safety and mental health systems. kamala harris tweeted earlier today that she is praying for the nypd. the vice president calling the officers heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice. yesterday president biden saying he was saddened by the loss. officer rivera's funeral is planned for friday in new york city. the office who passed away yesterday will be laid to rest next week. >> harris: a scathing rebuke of prosecutors. a quote from the "wall street journal" editorial board. the people who should be forced the watch the video are members of the city council and legislature in albany. their campaign against police have created a far more dangerous city where criminals are sprung without bail to
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commit more crimes. police are treated as if they're the cause of public disorder. a measure of justice for the dead officers would be the lasting shame of these anti-police politicians. jason chaffetz fox news contributor, former utah congressman. sergeant clyde boatwright president of the maryland fraternal order of police. great to have you in "focus" today. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: i want to start with you, officer boatwright. your job is mighty today. as the nation watches what happens in new york, what are you telling members of the fop in your state? >> we're having direct conversations with our members trying to keep them encouraged, trying to let them know it is only the vocal minority that are against them. the silent majority of the folks in our communities really support the police. but we have to keep our officers focused on the task at hand to provide safety and security for our communities.
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>> harris: is it too fantastical, too polley annish the people who support cops could become loud? peacefully protesting on behalf of blue? >> it's important to have these people who support us to be heard by our elected officials. what we are seeing now is the, in 2022 and recent times that cancel culture is one of those things that is prevalent in our communities allowing those that those who choose to demonize police officers to be heard more than those who actually support our police. i'm looking at police motorcades throughout the country. we had one here in baltimore city where people were lining the streets and stopping their cars on highways standing an overpasses showing support for police. their voices are not heard by our elected officials.
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>> harris: we try to show them as often as we can and we unfortunately have the gun for 2022 our ribbon of loss and four officers across the country so far have died by gunfire in the line of duty. you see another name added to this. the last time we did this before the end of the year there were 60 names on this ribbon of loss. jason chaffetz before we move on to a victim that, wow, it just gets more heartbreaking. i want to get your top line thoughts having heard what sergeant boatwright thought and what you think is driving this. >> sadness does not even begin to touch how heartfelt america feels about these officers. these are two officers in their 20s who gave their lives. and i have to tell you what, what's infuriating on the other side of that is the fact you
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have politicians who won't stand up and do what they need to do in order to support those officers. and you have prosecutors who won't prosecute the very people that these police officers continue to bring time and time and time and time again in for prosecution. and these policies have consequences. the department of justice is handing out grants to community organizers essentially that aren't going to solve the problem. you need officers with guns, with training, and with the public support. i believe the public does support them but our politicians in these democratic cities are absolutely totally 100% failing our officers. >> harris: let's move to this. a 6-month-old little baby in atlanta, georgia, is one of the victims of gun violence this week. grayson gray. look at him. he was killed by a stray bullet monday riding in the car with his mom.
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grayson is the third child killed this year in just atlanta alone. his mom this morning. >> when i opened up the back door he was slumped over and at first i thought he was sleeping and then i saw all the blood on his clothes and basically the bullet had gone through the trunk and then right through grayson. i still am having a hard time getting his blood off my hands. i have moments where i feel like i'm fighting through dry cement but i have my moments where i'll look at his favorite bear and smile and remember that grow up, make better life choices because the rest of the world cannot become your collateral damage because you had issues. the rest of the world has had to find a way to deal with our problems without gunfire. you have ruined lives.
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you have put fear in people that don't deserve it. this child had the opportunity to be anything he wanted to be. you don't know what you just took away. >> harris: powerful words from that mom. the suspect by the way has been arrested in that killing. jason, i come back to you because i know that you have a lot of anger and focus on what you consider to be the cause of the crime. you mentioned prosecutors but there is one man with a lot of money and a vision for this country that maybe is creating or helping to create more of an attitude against police and certainly making life easier for the criminals. >> yeah, well, i am upset at joe biden and i am upset at kamala. these people control billions of dollars and do you see them going out to support these officers? do you see them going out there? no, you see them going out there to bail people out as fast as they can through
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cashless bail and getting people arrested out on the streets as quickly as possible. i don't see the emotional support. i don't see the heartfelt support for our officers. and you know who is loudest and should have the loudest voice is that mom? that's as heart wrenching as it gets. she can't get the blood off her fingers for goodness sake and just lost the child. make the guy who killed that baby make an example. make everybody on the streets upset and concerned and those would be perpetrators scared to death that if they fire that gun they are going to go to jail for life. >> harris: i know you started with the white house on all of this. george soros is someone you also have put some venom toward because that's the money man that i was talking about. >> yeah, george soros has
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funded these. they targeted these races and got these people in a political position to make these decisions that are devastating to the prosecution of criminals. these are people that are committing crimes. >> harris: i want to get back to sergeant boatwright with this new video shows extreme the crime problem has gotten in new york cities. one of the reasons why i would imagine, sergeant, that people watch new york across-country. there goes the rest of the country. surveillance footage shows a man with a gun going into an emergency room shooting and injuring one person before running off and a brazen robbery on manhattan's east side. >> this dude is -- i can't believe i'm seeing this. this guy just filled his two
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bags up with everything in rite aid on 80th and 1st avenue and walking down the street like he is gucci. >> harris: you saw the security officer standing there. i have often read there is only so much they can do. your thoughts. >> yeah, crime and violence in this country is going unabated. new york will start to see what cities like san francisco has seen where businesses are starting to close because they can't keep up with the amount of merchandise that they are losing for these criminals coming in and wiping them out. crime is unabated. at some point we have to get ahold of these prosecutors and have them get tough on crime. you have to get tough on minor crime because if you follow broken windows policing, that model seems to work. it is a proven model. the broken windows theory, you
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clean up the small stuff and then the big stuff will follow. i think that new york city and other cities like it like here in baltimore, we need to get back to a form of plain clothes policing. it is effective and can be done constitutionally. >> harris: do you think your leaders hear you? >> i think what's happening is that the crime is starting to be so out of control that they are starting to have no other choice but to pivot from their previous position. >> harris: wow. it is so interesting to get it from two different perspectives. always helpful to have you in "focus" both of you. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: a private rescue organization bringing home a group of americans still stranded in afghanistan five months after the biden administration's disastrous exit from there. what exactly is our federal government doing for our citizens and allies still there under taliban rule? and then there is this. >> the only reason we're dealing with all this
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provocation is because of afghanistan showed the world that joe biden is weak and weakness in one area increases aggression if other areas. >> harris: the president's approach to the ukraine crisis not satisfying republican critics as you just saw there. as the white house says a russian invasion is now imminent. senator tom cotton of the great state of arkansas in "focus" next. mm. [ clicks tongue ] i don't know. i think they look good, man. mm, smooth. uh, they are a little tight. like, too tight? might just need to break 'em in a little bit. you don't want 'em too loose. for those who were born to ride there's progressive.
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>> president biden: i'll be completely honest with you, it is a little like reading tea leaves. it all comes down to his decision. look, let me conclude by saying
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there will be enormous consequences if he were to go in and invade, as he could, the entire country. if he were to move in with all those forces it would be the largest invasion since world war ii and it would change the world. >> harris: he said he would be completely honest and then cut himself off. wonder what he was going to say? president biden warning putin of enormous consequences if his forces invade ukraine and then he said the russian leader is hard to read and no one really knows what putin will do. critics say putin is not worried about president biden. >> this administration has been very clear on how weak they are. what you look at is putin's intention was never to go to war. it is not popular for russians to want to see their troops go to war. he doesn't have the money to do it. but he is willing to do it if we can win something and he
8:21 am
smells blood in the water. >> joe biden has been a wrecking ball when it comes to national security all of his fricking life. >> harris: tom cotton of arkansas the member of the armed services and intelligence committees. great to have you in "focus." i don't know if you heard lindsey graham but a wrecking ball is harsh, or is it? >> it's not harsh, harris, bob gates, secretary of defense for george w. bush and barack obama wrote 10 years ago joe biden has been wrong about nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue for four decades. now you can update it and say he has been wrong for five decades. not much question that joe biden's first year in office when he was weak and conciliatory and appeased vladimir putin has contributed in large measure to the crisis we now see in eastern europe. >> harris: we saw this president really mess up the exit after the end of the war in afghanistan. military did a beautiful job
8:22 am
the best it could and gave up lives trying to get people out of there. the president, no, if he messes this up with russia, what is at stake? >> well, fundamental american interests are at stake whenever our adversaries around the world see something happening like what happened in afghanistan or what could happen with an invasion of ukraine and realize that they can push and threaten american interests and america will not stand up and defend our interests. so what happens in ukraine, for instance, has direct bearing in the western pacific where china might decide to go for the jug lar in taiwan or might continue to cheat on trade deals and take american jobs and shutter american fact reese. so much of america's interests and security and stability in the world depend on how our adversaries view the president of the united states.
8:23 am
unfortunately after a year of joe biden, most of our adversaries see uncle sam with a kick me sign on his back. >> harris: you and i have been talking for months about bringing americans home and you promised when you can talk on the record and tell us what some of the journeys have been like. meanwhile, it was definitely eye opening on this program yesterday to hear from the pentagon spokesperson admiral kirby openly saying how much more work they have to do to get americans home. those who are still trapped inside afghanistan five most after biden's disastrous withdrawal. now nearly two dozen citizens and legal residents are finally home safely but not thanks to the federal government which is what kirby said they could do. but thanks to a private nonprofit group project dynamo. a tampa-based rescue organization has helped thousands of americans and green card holders get out of taliban-controlled afghanistan since the united states left.
8:24 am
yesterday in "focus" i pressed john kirby on this very issue. >> we absolutely share the concerns of so many americans and some of these nonprofit and ad hoc groups that are coming together to help us identify americans and siv holders, allies, afghan allies that still want to leave afghanistan. you're right. the mission there is not over and we're continuing to work inside the state department task force to help people get out of afghanistan. >> harris: are we still relying on the taliban? >> this isn't about relying on the taliban but working with these aid groups and helping identify people that need to get out of afghanistan and getting them out. >> harris: the taliban are not helping us do that? >> these people are still getting out. we know we have work to do and here is the department of defense, we know we have a moral obligation. >> harris: i hear you but i didn't hear an answer to the
8:25 am
question. are we still working with the taliban? >> this isn't about working with the taliban. >> harris: it is, though. it talks to the desperation for getting people out, senator cotton. >> harris, first off i want to commend project dynamo. they did a great job in this instance, several other organizations and veterans and generous philanthropists are trying to get people out of afghanistan. it is telling we have to undertake this through private means. not the united states government protecting its citizens wherever they may be in the world and that our government misled us in late august you will recall that joe biden and tony blinken and others were saying the number of americans is down to just a couple hundred. maybe less than 100. well, we've now seen hundreds of americans and green card holders evacuated from afghanistan since the end of august when the last of our troops left. it is clear that the government
8:26 am
was trying to minimize the scale of the fiasco in august and ever since then they simply want to turn the page. they don't want to have this in the news. they don't want the american people focused on the historical debacle in afghanistan that has a direct contributing factor to vladimir putin's position to invade ukraine or iran and its proxies attacking our friends across the middle east or china becoming more aggressive as well. when our adversaries saw what happened in afghanistan, they realize that joe biden was not up to the task of meeting their aggression. >> harris: and in addition to all this you said we were led to believe the mission was over and to hear admiral kirby admit on this program that no, no, no, the mission is not over. just hit them with the facts. it is not an opinion that the mission isn't over. people are still coming home and as you pointed out, it's hard to get them back.
8:27 am
great for dynamo. >> and as i said at the time, too, joe biden screwed this up coming and going. we left behind hundreds of citizens, thousands of green card holders and their families but evacuated a lot of afghans who had no connection to the united states at all who pose a danger if they were brought to america. we saw that recently one afghan evacuee was convicted of child sex abuse in a federal court. i fear we'll hear more of those stories in the months and years ahead because joe biden screwed it up coming and going. he left behind many people who deserved to be evacuated and evacuated many dangerous people who didn't deserve it. >> harris: that's what happens when you cut and run. our military would never decide so do that. ukraine and russia. what has to happen now? >> the hour is very late. vladimir putin has watched joe biden for a year appease and conciliate with him and why he thinks he can get away with the
8:28 am
invasion of ukraine. nothing to do with ukraine joining nato or that is not happening. ukraine doesn't have a plan to join nato and we're not conducting exercising. vladimir putin's desire to reassembly the russian empire and create non-democratic states around his country. why does he think he can go for the jug lar in ukraine now? he has seen president biden's performance over the last year and thinks he can get away with it. >> harris: thank you for being in "focus" today. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: ask the president what time it is and he might tell you it is time for ice cream. delicious. crisis on crisis on crisis and president biden spends a day out on the town with the press in tow, delicious. plus the debate over masking our children in schools is now reaching a boiling point. parents in virginia go
8:29 am
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8:35 am
board members got an hearful. the governor said yesterday one in five schools are defying his order and at least seven state school boards have filed lawsuits against it. david spunt with the news in washington >> good afternoon. this meeting was in loudon county, virginia, outside washington, d.c. and the mask issue was not even on the official agenda. though it did not take long for that issue to arise. seven school districts in the commonwealth of virginia are suing over governor youngkin's executive order arguing a law passed by the virginia legislature just last year which mandates masks in schools is righteous, just and he cannot overturn it. we spoke to parents on both side of the issue last night. >> if you want to keep schools open this is literally the smallest inconvenience we could do to keep schools open. there is a pandemic, it is real. it is happening.
8:36 am
i would like to get rid of masks but i want to keep the kids in school and this is how we do it. >> a group of students who refused to wear masks in school argue they were quarantined unnecessarily and parents are furious. >> they are discriminating and bringing us back to the 60s. it is not right. >> youngkin this week told parents and students to listen to the school officials even if they aren't on board with his parents choice philosophy and out with a new op-ed in the "washington post" for the sake of our future generations we need to recognize the damaging impact of mask wearing on some children. experts suggest masks can hide visual cues and reduce students abilities to hear teachers clearly. we got an update from one of those parents last night saying their students are being quarantined in high school for not wearing a mask. harris. >> harris: quarantined. that's a nice way of putting it.
8:37 am
i believe it's segregation, am i wrong about that? they're sequestered from each other. >> it's what these parents are arguing. >> harris: let's get into it now. in new york a judge has granted a stay in that state's lawsuit over the covid-19 mask mandate. it means the mandate stays in place while the case is appealed and the schools must once again enforce it. 14 states now have mask mandates as we've seen a surge in omicron cases. jimmy failla host of fox across america on fox radio. jimmie, your humor is always cutting. this is a serious topic i know from experience your callers on radio are calling in about. you are navigating this both as a host and a parent. >> and as a parent. it does infuriate me and i'm cranky i don't want your audience to think i ate the wrong thing this morning. we're abusing kids. let's be clear about that. every one of these mask
8:38 am
optional decisions like glenn youngkin made in virginia does not deny any parent the right to mask their kid first and foremost. if you believe the mask works you shouldn't care what my kid thinks. but we know when it comes to putting masks on kids as we do here in new york, okay, they are doing this with very dubious data. there is an old saying in the legal profession if you have nothing you pound the table. they are very much pounding the table when it comes to mask use. no one speaks to any specific set of data that says yeah, the masks are really helping these kids. cdc itself just admitted less than two weeks ago that cloth masks aren't doing almost anything against the omicron vair yanlt. we do know they're doing plenty to arm kids when it comes to them engaging in the learning process whether it's a visual cue from a teacher that might be a smile or scowl that tells them they're doing bad and i can tell you my kid in his district after two years of masks got one day yesterday, a one day reprieve where they
8:39 am
were going maskless waiting for the judge to rule. this kid was pumped. it takes a lot to get my kid excited for school. if you don't believe me you haven't seen his report card. >> harris: as you were talking something flashed into my head about the division that's being done between children and heard me with our reporter moments ago. i think of the word segregateing. quarantine is if you're positive and keep you away from people. not wearing a mask is segregating you from the rest of the crowd. look, little ones struggle keeping the mask up. i don't know how much the mask even helps in that particular environment in some age groups because who is going to police that and help that child? then they are touching the mask all day long and touching their faces. it's the opposite of what we want. >> we have undoubtedly turned students into hall monitors. we have kids now persecuting
8:40 am
other kids. >> harris: worse than that. if someone says you'll kill your neighbor you have turned student against student. worse than a hall monitor situation. >> you didn't know my hall monitors. we have pitted students against each other. there is no way you can take a 20,000 foot view of the pandemic and not concede americans are fighting each other so much harder than we're fighting the pandemic. that's the frustration here. we're fighting to fight now. it is disgusting. >> harris: thank you for stopping by and being in "focus" for a few minutes on a hot topic. i appreciate it. social media hotter than fire after this cnn anchor compared covering the trump administration to physical abuse against him. nancy pelosi announcing she will stay in her seat for now. thank you very much. she is going to run again. some democrats say they need new blood now.
8:41 am
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>> harris: house speaker nancy pelosi says she will run again in november shutting down months of speculation. however, some on the left want the long-time democrat leader who will turn 82 years old in march to march on from
8:46 am
leadership. and form a new congress. >> i firmly believe that it's time for new leadership in the house democratic caucus. i think it's time for new leadership throughout the democratic party. not only do we have to get younger but we have to be more vibrant and have to be bigger and bolder ideas to bring in a new generation of voters. >> harris: this comes as yet another house democrat has announced retirement bringing the list to a whopping 29 either retiring or seeking other office making democrats hopes to hold their razor slim majority even lower. low hopes. many are forecasting a red wave in the mid-terms and recent fox polling shows republicans are favored in their handling on a host of issues including national security, border crime and economy. power panel now, matt gorman former nrcc communications
8:47 am
director. desirae. i will start with you. if you are under water in the polling that's one thing. but just as a whole biden and the democrats but for nancy pelosi she is able to step away from all that and raise more money than anybody and has been speaker twice. should she run again? >> speaker pelosi is a powerhouse leader. we spoke before about her energy and how great she is at fundraising for other candidates. i think there is sometimes a bias with women who are running for congress or running for reelection when mitch mcconnell is about the same age. >> harris: wow that's interesting. she has made history. she is done it twice. matt. >> look, this is mana from heaven for republicans. we can tie to you and the unpopular policies you represent.
8:48 am
i believe that announcing for reelection is not the same as serving. so i don't believe she will be in congress a year from now. most folks i talk to believe she will resign her seat sometime after the november elections. look, if you announce that right now you immediately become a lame druk. the fundraising drives up and the negative democratic narrative. it doesn't behoove her to say she won't be there a year from now. >> harris: eventually sometime your party will have to come up with the next line of stars who can raise money and have successes in getting other people hired or elected. who might that be? >> i think the democrats have a great bench. we've heard a number of names including hakeem jeffries and others. we have a deep bench. leadership is strong and democrats are good at raising money. for myself from experience i know.
8:49 am
>> harris: i keep hearing hakeem jeffries. mention another name, two or three? a bench usually doesn't have one been much person. >> we have a number of people. the progressive black caucus. congressman adam schiff. we have a wide variety of talent and people who are serving right now who can serve the party very well can strong leadership skills, amazing energy and excellent fundraising. >> harris: a little talking pointish but that's okay. do they have to be far left or are there any moderates you like? there are some other people out there who maybe aren't as far left as the ones you've mentioned. >> the democratic party is a big tent party. we have everyone and we welcome everyone to the dance. >> harris: wow, matt. >> that big tent must not reach arizona or west virginia. over in the senate they are --
8:50 am
the big tent might have a few miments. i don't believe the announcement was a coincidence. it will take the heat off the 29 retirements. and so look, i was through this in 2018. one of the most sure signs where a party is headed is the number of retirements. losing races isn't fun. being a minority isn't fun. you go out on your own terms. a flashing red light for democrats as we head to the fall. >> harris: i want to get to this quickly. despite serious crises at home and abroad president biden is taking me time. jen psaki assured reporters he was taking care of business as well. >> the president has nothing on his schedule today aside. can you shed any light how he is spending his day? >> well, let's see. this morning he had some policy
8:51 am
meetings. a pdb meeting. later this afternoon i think he is doing some remarks review. he would say he doesn't have nearly enough time, free time on his schedule. >> harris: the president needs time to think and why he goes to delaware 30% of the time so far. what did he do yesterday afternoon? deliciousness. he bought a kamala harris coffee mug at a local shop. enjoyed some pricey ice cream. tweeted about it. then told the press to go home around 3:00 p.m. lid on the day. he is done. social media users lit him up. one said while crime wreaks havoc on our communities and russia prepares to invade ukraine and the border crisis president biden went shopping and ate ice cream but remember he is overachieving. >> please send ice cream to russia and distract them from
8:52 am
invading ukraine. destroying the country while eating ice cream, savage. we can nitpick, right? we can kind of get really petty. we can do all of those things but sometimes you have to bold face say it. what is going on here, matt? >> first of all it's 30 degrees in washington right now. why are you getting ice cream when you need a parka to go get it? number two, those tweets are pretty on the mark. you have russia ready to invade ukraine and joe biden is getting ice cream. i can guarantee putin is laughing at him right now. and inflation is higher than it's been in quite a long time. that ice cream cone probably cost about what a gallon of gas is right now in most places in the country. that's rising. it is a misplaced priorities by the biden administration. >> harris: i don't think that anybody begrudges the president
8:53 am
for taking an ice cream break. but the most public thing he does when he has a lid at 3:00 p.m. and didn't do much else he told his staff i'm out. it isn't that he is enjoying ice cream, desirae, that's the transparency i don't know if americans were looking for. >> i will address your question. jenny's ice cream is a small business that started in central ohio. some of the best ice cream you'll ever taste and we're thrilled to see the president of the united states have a couple scoops of ice cream from a company that was started right here in central ohio. i'm happy to treat you to that. president biden has been very busy working on infrastructure, trying to pass voting rights legislation. their districts are rigged under republican obstruction. >> harris: you are talking about jenny's ice cream i would assume.
8:54 am
right. thank you very much for the offer. we didn't really get to the point there but i will get to it now unfortunately because we have more violence against police officers. a fox news alert now. police today arresting the suspect that they say they believe shot and killed corporal charles galloway in houston, texas. it happened early sunday morning during a traffic stop. fox news on the story and we continue to be. casey stiegel has the latest now. the breaking details. >> this is just developing. authorities proudly proclaiming that they now have got their man so the manhunt that has been underway frantically is officially over. 51-year-old oscar rosales arrested in mexico across the border from del rio, texas, 350 miles or so from the metro area where the crime was committed this past weekend. we don't know much more. we say they expect to extradite
8:55 am
him to the united states and it was a joint venture between mexican and u.s. law enforcement. >> harris: casey stiegel with the latest on that. of course our ribbon of loss continues with yet another name added to it this hour with police officers killed by gunfire in the line of duty. it has been a focus this hour. "outnumbered" after the break. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa.
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>> harris: it we have a lot of breaking news this hour, let's begin here. secretary of state antony blinken is set to announce the show down the brush over the ukraine and that will happen at any minute, following a meeting that he is just data. so we should start to get some information coming forth. the united states embassy in the ukraine is urging american citizens to get out now, think the situation is deteriorating and could get worse at a moment's notice. i'm harris faulkner and you are watching "outnumbered." i'm joined by my cohost


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