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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 26, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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right. that's also why nancy pelosi announced she is going to run for re-election for the 18th time because how bad would it be for the biden administration if she, along with 29 other people chose not to rerun for office. sean, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> todd: i missed this. >> carley: i missed this too. but we're back and with that "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> shocking video shows the mass release of migrants into the u.s., bus load after bus load. >> all mostly single adult men. those men get to use their arrest warrants to airplane you have to show i.d. >> the police officer shot in harlem has succumb to his injuries. mora 27 years old. >> internal documents reportedly showing multiple scientists were told to suppress their beliefs that the virus originated in a wuhan lab. >> that was a devastating
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report. a cover-up that is at least as damning as any i have heard of in the last few years. >> u.s. and its allies prepare for war both actual and economic. >> we don't believe that mr. putin has made a final decision. we still think there is time and space for diplomacy. >> couple of jaunts for ice cream, joe hasn't spent much time out. >> let's see, um, he, um, he would say he doesn't have enough free time on his schedule. ♪ it will be ♪ baby just let it be ♪ if it's meant to be ♪ it will be >> ainsley: well, it is meant to be that we are back in the studio. it is january 26th that we are back together. it's been -- it was a few weeks we were out. and. >> steve: working remotely. >> ainsley: it is really nice to be back. i saw that carley and todd are back, too. >> steve: just in time because, according to the weather forecasters, this weekend, here in new york city, 1 or 2 feet of
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snow could fall. and there could be 50 and 60 or 70 mile-per-hour winds. so it looks like it's going to be a lot like winter. >> brian: it will be hard to car jack. that will be good news. >> ainsley: that's true. >> brian: carjackers might be out of luck unless you were going to take a 4 wheel drive car. >> steve: people will start stealing snow blowers or as you referred to them yesterday snow throwers whatever you have got. >> ainsley: he makes his wife do it with a shovel. >> brian: monday through friday it's all her and then saturday and sunday. >> ainsley: you stay in bed and don't leave the house. >> brian: i don't like the snow. >> ainsley: do you have your show so you have to come in for that. >> brian: that's true. she will have to shovel the driveway early. >> ainsley: you got sundays. >> brian: got to get to the train. >> ainsley: can you do it sunday. >> steve: far away from the snow on our very, very southern border, you know, how many times have we heard this administration say look, the only people we are keeping here in the united states women, children and families.
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we are allowing them to stay in country via title 42, which was from the trump era. and had been very effective. and so it's like, you know, it's just women and children and families. just women and children and families. yesterday on our southern border in brownsville, our reporter, bill melugin was there at that bus stop and suddenly there is a u.s. government contracted bus and i don't see any women or children or families. do you? >> ainsley: no, i don't. and they have these bracelets on their ankles. they are getting out of these buses in this parking lot in brownsville, texas. they are walking into this unmarked office with black tarps set up that say border patrol dropoff. then men are coming out and getting in taxicabs and taxicab drivers are taking them to the airport and our fox news cameras were there and they caught it all. peter doocy asked the white house what was going on. listen. >> why is it large numbers of single adult men are being released into the united states just hours after being
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apprehended at the southern border? >> well, i'm not sure the specifics of what you are referring to, peter. what i can tell new terms of what our policy is and how we are approaching the border is that we continue to be under title 42. migrants who cannot be expelled under title 42 are placed into immigration placement in an alternative to detention program in the interior of the united states. sometimes that meansts to othere united states to move to different detention facilities where they wait for next steps in the immigration process. >> brian: if title 42 is still in place and supposed to turn around according to mayorkas all single males and they're all single males, instead getting into the interior, where they can use their border patrol paperwork to get on a plane, reportedly. now, bill melugin went on in that report to talk to some of the migrants. and where are you going? i'm going to los angeles, i'm going to miami. where are they going to go? we know this: the a.p. is
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reporting that mexico has all-time high in remittances which means when they come here to work, let's say they are not unto unsavory activity, sending back to the tune of $50 billion. 5% of mexico's overall economy. so this is a flat out invasion. and, don't worry, the vice president of the united states is going to handle it she is going to the root cause of the problem honduras. >> brian, you mentioned the fact that the tsa currently allows illegals or migrants to use immigration warrants, where they are essentially arrested as i.d. to fly via -- everybody else has got to show your driver's license. they can just show their arrest warrants. not criminal warrants. but immigration warrants. so that is why a number of republicans, two house republicans, including nicole malliotakis and rodney davis, who is from illinois, have introduced the crime doesn't fly act, which would prevent people from actually doing that bill
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melugin and his producer actually followed people -- followed the taxies, talked to them. where are you going? well, one was going to houston. one was going to atlanta. somebody else was going to miami. and there they get carted off. the way this works is the federal government, you know, to wash their hands of it, they have got a deal with the city of brownsville, hey, okay, once we apprehend these people, you take care of them. and that's why the city of brownsville then has deals with ngos, nongovernment offices, organizations that is to say like catholic charities. and they are the ones who say hey, you want a covid test and these people say yes or no. they don't have to have them. one of the interest things is, one of the guys who got out said you know, i crossed this morning. i paid a coyote $2,000 and so did all of my friends here. and just a number of hours later, after they came across the rio grande, there they are, going to the airport. >> ainsley: some of them are allowed to call their family
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members, find out where they live and that's where i'm going to buy my plane ticket or the government going to buy for me. biden made the decision not to enforce these laws of the land. every other american. anyone who is a citizen, we're not allowed to choose which laws we are going to obey. do you know who is hurt by this? the taxpayers. what happens is joe biden is dumping them all over our country in various states. he is facilitating this and taxpayers are responsible. tucker carlson talked about the hypocrisy. we will protect ukraine border but not our own. listen. >> we're allowing foreigners who came here illegally in violation of our laws, which are unenforced by our current government, which is undermining democracy by its refusal to enforce those laws, those people get to use their arrest warrants to get on airplanes while you have to show i.d. meanwhile, again, can't say it enough, i will stop after, this congress is doing everything it can, pulling out all the stops to send more money to eastern europe to protect the borders of
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ukraine. it's like it's not even real, but it is real. >> brian: it's real and being ignored by just about everybody. i just can't believe it president biden who has never been down there in his 50-plus year career understands. i'm sure he is getting reports until they totally shut him out for everything is allowing this invasion to take place. at the same time yelling at 4-year-olds to put masks on. kicking college kids out of school because they won't get a booster shot. you are allowing over 2 million illegals to come to our country. some getting ankle bracelets. some sinking in. fentanyl tirade suburban communities and environments. you look the other way and sit there and blitz and berate american people for not doing what you are doing. and by the way, this would be terrible without the back drop of a pandemic. and i just don't understand, you think this is a big deal you? look at texas? can you imagine what california is like with a governor and mayor who love this and welcomes this and gives healthcare to illegal immigrants?
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these -- this probably makes texas look sanitized. >> steve: it was last night on the laura ingraham show that senator tom cotton said he wants to hold the biden administration and secretary mayorkas accountable for violating the title 42 court order. he is going to actually to -- sounds like is he thinking about taking them to court. regarding those images, you are thinking okay who at the government is saying these people can go? border patrol says they are not involved. but bill melugin and his team had an ice source review it and they said it looks like an ice release. >> ainsley: city of brownsville says it's the office of the emergency management through fema which is federally funded. they transfer these illegal migrants to their final destinations. that's exactly right. when you look at that though, they are not telling us this thankfully fox news was there and bill melugin was there and caught this what else is happening that we don't know about, that we haven't caught on camera to tell you about? we know about these secret
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flights in the middle of the night, dropping people off in various cities. you have -- where we have pennsylvania, we have. >> brian: long island. >> ainsley: long island we know about. and florida we know bvmentd we will put them on buses and take them to delaware which is where joe biden grew up. what else are they're he doing we don't know about. they are supposed to be following the law. title 42 is supposed to send them back to mexico. >> steve: where are the women and children in those images. >> brian: there is something going on there. and it's unsavory. and just don't blame the ice officials. they are subjected to the leadership that's put in place by the administration. mayorkas. people say fire mayorkas. is he getting his marching orders from his activists to put them there in place. he knows how to do the right thing. don't get mad at ice officers. they have to do what their leadership tells them. plus, they have been gutted. so this is -- it's just a series of events and if you are border patrol, you have a safe space here. if this there can be some whistleblowers to come forward
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and tell us the details of these stories we would certainly love to hear it. >> steve: that's why tom cotton talking about coming to court. have the court force the biden administration and force mayorkas and department of homeland security and everybody else to enforce the law. because, right now, they are being very selective about which parts of the law they feel like enforcing. >> brian: tucker carlson is going to be expanding on in this morning. he has something on george soros coming up. it's dropped on fox nation. but he is going to be expanding on this. comparison he gives with ukraine. how we are trying to keep their border in place. compared to what we're doing at our southern border. and that is come one, come all. >> ainsley: all right. coming up next, a new york council woman sending condolences to the families of the two slain cops and to their accused killer. the enraged response from police. >> brian: unbelievable. jen psaki once said the president doesn't have enough time to think but he did have time to stop for ice cream yesterday. he had nothing on his schedule. it was totally empty.
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>> carley: we are back with a fox news alert. breaking right now. a milwaukee sheriff's deputy is shot multiple times while chasing a suspect. authorities say the deputy is conscious and breathing. multiple agencies are conducting a manhunt for that suspect. we will bring you more as it comes in. developing right now, president biden says he will consider personal sanctions on president vladimir putin if russia invades ukraine. direct u.s. sanctions on foreign leaders are rare but it comes as
3:17 am
the state department says russia is showing no signs of deescalation. nato allies now putting their forces on stand by and reinforcing eastern europe with more ships and fighter jets. parents in loudoun county, virginia, are once again getting loud over school mask mandates that defy the governor's orders. listen. >> yesterday my daughter mask school and [inaudible] she is 11. >> give the children and parents the right to chose for themselves. >> carley: parents at the meeting also protesting over sexually explicit books in school libraries. major league baseball legend david ortiz is voted into the baseball hall of fame. >> national baseball hall of fame. [cheers] >> yes. >> carley: big poppy the only player to cross the 75% voting
3:18 am
mark necessary to be enshrined. in their final year of eligibility, all-time home runs leader barry bonds and curt schilling not voted in. >> brian: keep conversation. >> ainsley: because of the steroids. >> he went from 180 pounds to 240, barry bonds. here's the thing. used to stla conversation. now you have the all-time hits king pete rose, is he on the hall of fame. the guy won more cy young awards than anybody. hall of fame. more home runs than anybody on the hall of fame. someone has to have a discussion with former players, historians and writers and decide what's going on. because bud selig presided over that entire era and he allowed this to happen. he got in on the first ballot. >> he did test positive, i think was in 20004. >> steve: ortiz. big poppy. the thing was that was supposed
3:19 am
to be an aanonymous sample and it was not. it was publicized. he was tested after that and a never tested positively. and that's why. >> ainsley: what do you mean anonymous sample. >> steve: they weren't supposed to identify the players by name. >> brian: doesn't mean he didn't do it. popular and red. broke the curse. >> steve: the others not going to make it. >> ainsley: carley and todd back in the studio. saw carley a moment ago and now turn to todd. is he going to be talking to us about america's crime crisis. new york city mourning another hero in blue after that second officer shot in harlem dies after that ambush. they are calling it execution-style if you watch the video that the cops were wearing. >> steve: right. and the mayor of new york city says everybody should be able to see the actual point of view body cam video who t. shows you the problem cops are up against. the city's crime crisis shows no
3:20 am
signs of slowing as a gunman is caught on camera opening fire inside a hospital in the bronx, hit a guy who wound up going from the er to the or. >> brian: crime in america is one of the top issues on everybody's agenda. todd piro joins us with the latest. dodded to yeah, steve, ainsley and brian, a diswrak update the second the nypd officer shot in that ambush attack in harlem has died. wilbert mora succumbing to injuries after for days. his partner jason rivera died on the scene on friday. mora's family donating his organs to save multiple lives in a final act of sack fights. the president of the no, police benevolent association writing quote officer mora showed us what it means to carry out our mission with courage, skill and humanity. his sacrifice will guide us as we continue that mission but we cannot succeed alone. president biden calling new york city mayor eric adams to pledge support as violent crime plagues this city. >> the president also reiterated his commitment to serve as a
3:21 am
strong federal partner for new york city and other communities grappling with the increasing gun crime we have seen over the past two years. >> todd: did you see this? chaotic video demonstrating the absolute severity in the situation in the big apple as a man pulls out a gun and opens fire in er waiting room. police say the gunman tracked down the victim at the hospital and opened fire after an argument. the victim was hit in the arm is expected to recover that suspect took off. meantime, in atlanta. police arresting a suspect in the shooting death of that 6-month-old baby boy. police say 22-year-old decasey little got into a gun fight with another person causing a stray bullet to hit the baby when he was in the car with his mom in a car seat. little was recently released from jail and on probation for assault charges. grayson's mom will join us on "fox & friends" next hour to discuss her son's tragic death. and steve, ainsley, and brian, when you read the details of that story as a parent, you
3:22 am
can't help but cringe and wonder how that mom goes on. >> ainsley: i can't imagine what she is going through. >> steve: just so random. all right, todd, thank you very much. here is the cover of the "new york post" this morning as that second police officer died from his attack. his organs saved his life. the police commissioner tweeted out that mora died yesterday. he was a hero three times for first of all choosing a life of service. and secondly, for sacrificing his life to protect others. and finally, the third time for giving life, even in death, through organ donation. >> ainsley: one of his neighbors said even police aren't safe. so what hope is there for the rest of us? and one of the police officers said you can't help but think of yourself in that situation. it could be any one of you was. >> brian: so, you would think -- you pretty much know how to act. it's got to be a sense of mourning, a sense of loss for
3:23 am
the city and because this violence is allowed to reign we are all doomed. not for kristin richardson jordan she says this my deepest condolences to the family of officer rivera and officer mora and get this the killer. his name was lashuan mcneil, lives lost to broken public safety and mental health systems that spare nobody. harlem stands with the families of the fallen and we will not stop fighting for a safer world for all. so she actually put in the same tweet how the sorrow of the loss of the killer, the assassin who not only shot the cops, but once down went and executed both of them because the second officer was pretty much -- his fate was complete when he left that apartment. so, for her to write that, think about that and plush that. >> ainsley: she a council woman. >> brian: she will probably get
3:24 am
reelected. >> ainsley: democrat socialist council woman. >> steve: her district is the district they're from. that's what's so gulling. she ignited a firestorm on friday just hours after the two officers were shot, she tweeted that she was worried about a community garden, after the shooting occurred in her district. obviously, the law enforcement community is outraged at the action of council woman and a tweet picked up by the "new york post" from a bronx police officer said how could she mention a coward, cold blooded murderer in the same sentence as two heroes. a brooklyn detective said i find it disturbing to see the perp's name in the same of the two heros who are not even buried yet. >> brian: eric adams came out yesterday and said here's my plan going forward. adjust bail we form no cash bail
3:25 am
not working out. make all the cops live in new york city? that's really. >> steve: give them a raise. >> brian: have plain clothes unit out there. the city council has said oh yeah, eric adams adjusting the non-bail law nonstarter. trying teens as adults when they're murderers that's not going to happen. that's a nonstarter. plain clothes unit rolls out they have body cameras on. unless they have do a great job hiding it under cover cop infiltrating into potential criminal situation. evaluating problematic neighborhoods, wearing a body camera. so, good luck with that. >> ainsley: does he address. >> brian: he said this is a part of the new look, plain clothes unit. and you can't pay somebody $35,000 a year as a rookie cop and say go live in new york city. you might as well be sending them to a soup kitchen or a shelter or her. >> steve: that's why if they wanted to make the officers live in new york city, they got to be able to -- because some live.
3:26 am
>> ainsley: he has only been in office for a few weeks. i really hope that he cleans up new york city. but, there is -- we said it before. that question mark next to his name because so far, we're not -- we don't know. the d.a. is so soft on crime. hopefully they can work together and really clean up this city. but, i will believe it when i see it. >> steve: fingers crossed. believe this when you see it. every morning we receive from the white house a schedule essentially for what the president is going to do. today is he going to get the presidential daily briefing. that means is he going to read something. and look at is something. and then he is going to talk to some ceos about build back better. is he going to push that. and then sign an executive order. sign a piece of paper. so, what does he do all day? that's what jen psaki was asked by a member of the press corps yesterday. and i think, you know, she was trying to come up with an answer. a diplomatic way of saying what the president does. and this is the best she could
3:27 am
do. watch this. >> the president has nothing on his schedule today aside from the pbd. can you shed any light on how he is spending his day? >> u., well, let's see, this morning i think he had some policy members, also a pdb meeting. he, um, later this afternoon, i think is doing some remarks review. there's some days that we spend some time doing internal meetings and discussions with policy experts, with policy leaders, um, and that's what's happening today. he would say he doesn't have nearly enough time, free time on his schedule because it is packed no matter whether people see him or not. >> ainsley: we keep hearing them say that he has so much on his schedule. he needs more time to sleep. >> steve: to think. ains ains we have heard recently first we heard it from kamala harris in that interview and heard him a few times say i'm going to go out. i'm going to go mingle with the people. i'm going to get out more. i'm going to leave the white house more. well, he did, he went down a few
3:28 am
blocks and got some ice cream yesterday. tweeted out a picture holding a waffle cone with two scoops. he said if it's above freezing, then it's ice cream weather. >> brian: right. that will certainly make everyone feel better knowing the president is on the job and brings us to this poll it from the pew research people. they asked americans, america's ratings the president biden's characteristics 6 out of 10 like him. 59 percent said he is intelligent. 38% say he can manage the government effectively and 37% says he is a strong and decisive leader. if i was to pick strong numbers for the country, i would like it reversed give me a strong leader that's a little less likeable. someone decisive that can handle the job. that kind of scary. but the american people still like the president personally but they are not like the job performance. >> ainsley: because he clears his schedule. last week he had a press conference on wednesday. he spent the entire weekend before in delaware vacationing or, you know, being away from the white house. and then had nothing on his schedule on monday or tuesday.
3:29 am
and i'm sure he has someone write the speeches for him. >> steve: they always say before the election, which of the candidates is the person you would want to go have a beer with? and for a long time the joe biden number has continued to be, you know, he has good likeable numbers. he tries to present himself as just a regular ordinary joe. but the really damning number in that gallup poll was before the election, a majority of americans thought he could manage the government and now only 28%, he is down 14 points in one year. can he manage the government? america says by a majority, no. >> ainsley: well, is he liked by putin, probably. is he liked probably by china and by north korea and he is probably liked by the taliban. because we saw what happened in afghanistan. >> steve: man o man. that's some of what is happening on this wednesday morning. coming up 6:30 here in the east.
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coming up next we will show you and talk more of this exclusive video of migrant men entering brownsville, texas going into that office and then getting on into taxies heading for the airport. heading all across the country. a former border county sheriff on the illegal migrants now being sent all across the government thanks to the biden administration. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor.
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steve exclusive fox news video by bill melugin and his team capturing the moment dozens of adult migrants in the country illegally, presumably, are transported into our country and released in brownsville, texas. you can see federally contracted buses from ice dropping off the mostly male migrants at an unmarked office. our cameras were also there sunday when migrants left that same office and were picked up by taxies and taken to the airport where they flew all over the country. one guy is going to houston. somebody else, atlanta. somebody else miami. former carroll county sheriff clint mcdonald's joins us now. sheriff, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what do you make of this in the administration said, you know, we are sending everybody back except women and children and families, i didn't see any women or children and i couldn't del if there were any families in that number of people who got out of that bus.
3:35 am
>> yes, we work with many administrations over the years. and this is a policy decision made by the administration. this is not a failure of our men and women on the united states border patrol. this is just a policy change. and that's what we're seeing as they have to do something with these people to get them away from the border because of the high media presence and watching what's going on. so, they are shipping them all over our country and the people of the united states are the ones paying for this. >> steve: yeah. you said, you know, for the most part it's a policy change. the biden administration has different policy than the trump administration, and you say, you know, law enforcement, people of america caught in the middle of a political fight. >> absolutely. and it's saddening this is not the first administration that has used catch and release.
3:36 am
this is just an administration policy and our men and women, like i say of the united states border patrol were well on their way of doing a great job of securing our border just a few years ago. and now as the policy changes, they have to adapt it and move along. >> steve: yeah. sheriff, i have got to show when i go into my walgreen's to identify show my driver's license if i want to get a package of sudafed. now apparently these migrants who are in the country illegally can use their immigration warrants as i.d. with a tsa to fly anywhere they want. what do you think of that? >> well, again, the american people are the ones that are suffering from this the most. we have to follow the laws and we're allowing people to come into our country that do not have to follow those laws. >> steve: i know that you serve along with 33 other sheriffs down along our southern border. the feeling of frustration is like we're here to enforce the
3:37 am
border. the border is something people should not be able to get through unless they are in the country legally. are you feeling frustrated, you and the other sheriff? >> well, it's just a sure magnitude of the numbers of people that having to deal with each and every day trying to do their jobs and protect their citizens in which they were elected to protect. and they are having high-speed chases. they are having go out and recover bodies. >> steve: yeah. we are losing our men and women of law enforcement families, so this is touching everyone in ways that we're just not accustomed to this. >> steve: joining us from junction texas this morning, sheriff clint mcdonald's. thank you for your service and thanks for getting up early today. >> any time, thank you. >> steve: you bet. thank you, sir. all right, straight ahead. what did dr. fauci know about the origins of covid-19 during the early days of the outbreak?
3:38 am
newly surfaced email raising a lot of questions. hear from a w.h.o. adviser on why we need to know what happened in china. plus, paying up to pack heat, the woke city that could charge gun owners a gun fee. how does that work? stick around. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york. ♪ ♪
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3:43 am
reveal scientists link from the cody lab and censored themselves and jamie metzl joins us with more. >> we have interesting because there are four virologistst got together and sent an email to dr. fauci. this was january 2020. basically saying it looks engineered. but then they changed their tune in february. what happened? >> well, we don't know. and that's the big question. certainly there were -- there was a lot of ambiguity about pandemic origins in those early days. and as we all know, there is a very real possibility that this entire pandemic stems from an accidental lab incident. but, from late -- between late january and early february of 2020, the tone shifted of those scientists who were raising big questions internally and then the world, and led by some of these scientists started to con ed tocongeal had to come from ne
3:44 am
and couldn't come from a lab. i don't know there is a possibility maybe they got additional information or data in that intervening time but it doesn't look all that likely based on what we have seen. so that's why we need to be asking questions about where does this come from. we need a fuller bipartisan investigation into pandemic origins. it doesn't look just at what we knew but also china. china is where this pandemic started. we know there was a massive cover-up starting early on in china. and we need to get to the about the of everything, not just as some kind of fun activity but because our safety and security and that of future generations depends on it. >> ainsley: yeah. i want to tell the viewers exactly what that original email said in january. it features potentially looked edge needs genome inconsistent with evolution theory. then on february 1st one of those four virology justs said oural southeast clearly show that sars cov 2 not a
3:45 am
manipulated virus. i watched bret baier's full report on this. he has a 12-minute report on it i'm sure you have seen it. there are implications that some of these people or maybe their organizations were being paid. can you follow the money here? >> i really don't think it's about money. a lot of the scientists in america and some scientists outside of america are grant recipients from the u.s. national institutes of health. but what i do think looks likely is that these scientists and other experts were coming together raising possibilities but the very idea that this may have come from a lab seems so toxic and so dangerous that i think they shied away from it. i don't suspect that this is about money but i do suspect there was a much -- it was a much grayer situation with very real possibility that it may have come from a lab whether engineered or not, or t. it could have come from nature
3:46 am
rather than presenting that ambiguity in the public. they had private ambiguity and public certainty about the origins. and that was a real problem and, again, that's why we need to look deeply at these questions now. >> ainsley: that original email was sent to dr. fauci. people are were asking what did he know and why are they so resistant to find the origins of this virus. do you think we will ever find the origins? >> i certainly hope we will. but, having a bipartisan national investigation and a comprehensive international investigation primarily focusing on china is our best bet for getting to the bottom of this. right now, for example, there are no secure whistleblower provisions so if a scientist in china wanted to share information, they couldn't do so in the safest possible way. >> ainsley: that's true. >> they know they wouldable in grave danger. we need to have a process for investigating. we can't not investigate and then say we'll never know.
3:47 am
>> ainsley: jamie, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> ainsley: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. the models are looking like we are going to get some snow, right? >> janice: yes, absolutely. looks like a coastal storm. all of the big cities affected potentially friday, saturday and sunday. the cold air is in place for much of the country. look at this 30 in dallas. 24 in memo fuss. minus 4 in chicago. wind chill feels colder than that especially across the midwest. see some snow over portions of mexico, texas and oklahoma. we are watching some showers, maybe some thunderstorms moving into florida. and then this area of low pressure classic set-up as we go through friday and saturday. we have got that cold air in place and a very strong area of low pressure. this will be a nor'easter and this is really the best set-up that we have had so far this winter for a coastal event. along the i-95 corridor. it looks like we are going to
3:48 am
see at least six inches from d.c. up towards new york city. hartford, boston, portland, so this is a big deal. most of the snow is going to come on saturday, which is good plus. because we won't be on the roads, hopefully headed to work that day. but it is the tale of two computer models battling it out euro model saying a blockbuster event for the i-95 corridor and then we have the gfs here saying you know heavy snow for some of those big cities but a little more offshore. bottom line is we are still refining the forecast, ainsley it, does look like quite a doozy for some of the big cities on the weekend. >> ainsley: which model is usually more accurate? >> you know, both of them have their good qualities, i will say i'm pretty confident at least six inches for the big cities. >> ainsley: wow, okay. thanks, janice. well, still to come, nancy pelosi is running for
3:49 am
re-election but her push to stay in power has some saying it's going to hurt the democrats. but, first, it's what made america great. brian takes to us ellis island with a look at how generations of immigrants started their journey to becoming americans. ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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3:53 am
♪ >> brian: for the past two years fox nation what made america great series up to 40 with some great producers to put together different things about our country's past which makes us the great country we are. and new season drops today. and one of the features, i think you guys will really like is ellis island. it's amazinged from the 1890s up to 1954. that is where immigrants came. maybe your relatives specifically, in order to try to become americans. there are actual pictures so many of them are in the museum. the process looks like it did years ago. i had a chance, they allowed me to miss "fox & friends" to get there before it opened a few weeks ago. i went there with the back drop of the statue of liberty. here's a look of what you will see if you are smart enough to get fox nation.
3:54 am
>> this is our staircase at ellis island that we know millions of immigrants went down. can you imagine the feeling of a new immigrant who passed the test early on at ellis island and was about to go into our country. >> what's remarkable is this was the path that was paved with gold in people's mind and their vision and it was what our founding parents and envisioned that a new sojourn through this not knowing where they were going to go. i remember my grandfather who came through ellis island and walked down this staircase told my father when it was 10 minutes before the close of a vote, vote leon my father said no, i'm tired. you are a citizen by chance. i'm a citizen by choice. go across the street and vote. he said it's a privilege. it's your responsibility. these steps were the beginning of that journey. >> brian: the historian with us from the parks department and then michael immigration
3:55 am
attorney immigration historian mentioned also a mayor of englewood, new jersey, just to go -- he also got famously got john lenin his papers. to be able to walk through the is steps where his relatives were to see the museum, lee iococca led the effort to refurbish it and at a time in which we always talk about immigration, this is when it was done right. >> ainsley: how did you feel when you were walking down those stairs and visiting the museum. >> >> brian: pretty amazing. >> this is the process. get off the steam ships on 10 days. all of a sudden walk right up. make sure your family is healthy and standing up straight. doctors are walking and checking you out online. get through. when your papers are up there, is anybody sick they go into the sick bed. if you have a problem, you have a limp, they say you are going to be a problem for our country, what will you do when you get here? i'm a carpenter, i'm -- do you have any relatives? and if your answers are right you go through. if not you go to a courtroom or you go home. go back on the ship contractually and go back to your country. think about those moments.
3:56 am
>> steve: absolutely. i have been able to trace some of my family's ancestry with some of those online tools. and it's really cool because the picture from that page of the ledger from ellis island pops up. here was your great, great grandfather and he was a carpenter and he came from ireland and the other side of the family came from sweden so it's able to -- you are able to put yourself back in their shoes in 1910 and you think about how far your family. >> ainsley: sometimes they have the paperwork. and can you see their signature. >> brian: absolutely. i think you guys are going to love it i know i loved doing it what made america great. new season. ray kelly with teddy roosevelt. police commissioner and first generation immigrant what he did to reform it that's coming up in two hours. >> ainsley: all right. more "fox & friends" coming up. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology
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you know i don't like seafood. [collision beeping warning] [silence] how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking — one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads. chevrolet. ♪ >> emails show anthony fauci covid leaked from a lab as early as january 2020. >> we know there was a massive cover-up starting early on in china. we need to get to the bottom of everything. >> bret: house speaker nancy pelosi now says she will run for re-election. >> at stake our democracy. >> tsunami sweep her out with 40 or 450 seats to spare. >> shocking video massive release of migrants into the u.s. >> bus load after bus load all mostly single adult men. >> shipping them all over our
4:01 am
country. people of the united states. >> couple of jaunts for ice cream. joe hasn't spent much time outside. >> let's see, um, he, um, he would say he doesn't have nearly enough free time on his schedule. >> today, david ortiz becomes the fourth dominican born member of the national baseball hall of fame. >> yes. [cheers and applause] ♪ fancy like applebee's on a steak night ♪ got the steak with the oreo shake ♪ with some whipped cream. >> steve: an applebee's was smart to use this in their commercials as we start this hour of "fox & friends" from new york city on this wednesday. i just got a message during the previous commercial break very excited the u.s. postal service has notified me that my four covid test also arrive by 9:00 tonight. >> ainsley: really? >> steve: millions of people applied for them now because the postal service is working with
4:02 am
them to get them out, they send you a tracker which is great. the problem is and bill hemmer pointed this out on his show yesterday. he got his yesterday. and turned over the boxed covid tests are made in china. >> ainsley: haven't got my notice yet. i think i use my junk email account. >> ainsley: applebee's that song and cheers song. a lot of things applebee's a lot of things to hum. >> ainsley: they a good menu. >> steve: they do. >> brian: wait for table sit in the bar. i sit in the bar. more on that later. internal documents national institutes of health raising new questions about what dr. anthony fauci knew about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. griff jenkins is live with the documents on obtained by fox news featured on "special report."
4:03 am
griff, what do they show? >> that's right, good morning, guys. what did he know? when did he know it? that is what bret baier is finding out. and it's putting dr. fauci in a really uncomfortable spot. emails obtained by fox news in this investigation shows scientists, including fauci, were warned the virus may have originated at the wuhan lab. now, let's go back to the earliest days here in the timeline. january 2020. almost exactly two years ago from today. fauci is told his nih branch has been indirectly funding the lab. four days later, a noted virology just dr. christian andersen tells fauci covid looks engineered according to notes on that call nih director francis collins is quoted saying do not write a paper at all on the
4:04 am
topic. it's unnecessary. citing concerns it could cause great potential harm to science and international harmony with china. by february 4th, just four days later, five researchers who were all on that call published preliminary findings omitting beliefs that covid was likely the result of a lab leak in wuhan, which, by the way, china denies and some say they have been trying to cover up from the beginning. >> there is still no independent scientist or doctor or even a real team from the w.h.o. that can go in and find out what the origins of covid are and the chinese communist party wants to make sure that will never happen. >> griff: china, still to this day denies that theory and refuses to cooperate with an international probe. meanwhile, "special report" continues their investigation tonight. brian, ainsley, and steve? >> steve: they do. griff, i have got a question for you in the "special report" report you know, stops complicated for this to occur in
4:05 am
nature. sounded like a number of the scientists were thinking, you know, it's obviously started in a lab. but then, they all change their opinion, to some, it looks like there was an effort to suppress what actually may have happened if it did start in a lab. the question is, who would they be protecting? would it be fauci, whose group funded some of that stuff in wuhan or china? >> griff: well, that's great question. and maybe we will find out a little bit more from bret tonight. but the obvious answer would be that it's not only protecting china, but it is protecting the scientist research funding because it's important to note as "special report" pointed out last night fauci and collins, the nih director control many of the research funds that go to some of the scientists that are on there. and that report that was published by the way weren't
4:06 am
just american scientist researchers, it was also australians and british. so you are talking about research funding that is an international matter of concern. not just here in the u.s. >> steve: crearksz all right. griff, thank you. >> ainsley: we just want answers. we don't want this to happen again. we want to know where it was developed and why the story changed. why one minute they are saying it looks engineered and a month later they are saying. >> brian: french scientist resigned from the wuhan lab. they said their procedures and practices were just too shoddy. and the question is why were they going out of their way to make sure and shut down, including with social media, we know he was actually expiring and communicating with mark zuckerberg on facebook on a regular basis along with bill gates whoever day that goes by we have more questions about his background. why were they incapable to shut down anybody that brought this up? and now we are allowed to bring this forward because so much
4:07 am
evidence is here. now you have communications with anthony fauci involved. as "special report" reveals and i think this is the most electrifying line in the report, the -- there is the -- they suppressed the report over concerns of how the public would react to news of possible chinese government involvement. we now have at the higher reaches of our government, let alone business people care more -- let alone our sports leagues who care more about the perception of china than they do about the health and safety of americans. we have been sold out by to our chief enemies, economically and now militarily. how anthony fauci still has a job is beyond me. why doesn't democrats or anybody who is nonpolitical as concerned as we are about this? >> steve: we have got to get to the truth. that's one of the things that senator rand paul has been trying to do. and that's why, you know,. >> brian: nobody else. >> steve: he and fauci are going back and forth and back and
4:08 am
forth. he talked to clay travis and clay travis podcast was not allowed to be on youtube. you we talked to clay later on. you were talking to jamie metzl at the world health organization a while ago. >> brian: still is as an adviser. >> ainsley: we asked about shifting tone why they changed their tune, listen. >> between late january and early february of 2020, the tone shifted of those scientists who were raising big questions internally. and then the world and led by some of these scientists started to congeal around an idea that it had to come from nature and it couldn't come from a lab. we need to be asking questions about where does this come from. we need a fuller, bipartisan investigation into pandemic origins. it doesn't look just at what we knew. but also china. china is where this pandemic started. we know there was a massive cover-up. starting early on in china. and we need to get to the bought of everything, not just as some kind of fun activity but because
4:09 am
of our safety and security and that of future generations depends on it. >> brian: jamie will tell you, he supports barack obama, worked for bill clinton. he leans to the left. nobody wants this story on other networks. josh rogin leads the charge. way ahead of the curve. even on this pandemic. end china and unsavory activity. cnn contributor. and "the washington post" columnist. he writes his column. cnn should be leading with one of the foremost experts on this. they don't want him on. because they don't want the story out. i really don't get it. why would you not want to lead the story about the number one issue in every country on the planet if you have your leading expert? jamie metzl should be like leading on all these other networks. the only people that wanted to hear what he has to say, not shape it, hear, it is fox. >> ainsley: right. you need to watch that entire segment that bret baier did. it's about 12 minutes long, i believe. you can watch it on it's worthy it. >> steve: absolutely. then you will go i wonder what
4:10 am
is the truth? >> ainsley: right. >> brian: why are they not telling it. >> steve: in addition to the fact that 12,000 people died of covid last week is now there apparently is a stealth omicron variant that they have detected in the united states and they call it stealth because apparently it's hard to detect with the pcr test which means that people would be infectious. you wouldn't know. not good. that's why we need. >> brian: cases are falling. with this variant rapidly. and they think within two weeks thoroughly turn the corner. and if it pass past is prologue the variant gets less severe. >> ainsley: a lot of parents at virginia are fed up with masks at schools. they voted for glenn youngkin the new governor of virginia and he said he ran on this, campaigned on it and now he is writing an op-ed about it's the parents' choice. the schools can't make mandate this virginia's parents, he says, can decide what's best for their children. he goes on to say virginia's parents have had enough with the
4:11 am
government dictating children, on the campaign trail i listened to parents and as governor i will continue to listen. school boards throughout the commonwealth should do the same. >> steve: absolutely. keep in mind, the reason he is saying that parents should have a say. because, famously, when he was running for governor of the commonwealth of virginia. it was terry mcauliffe during the debate said parents should not have a say. he says he is wrong and ultimately he won. the parents are still steamed because there are a number of localities, including -- there is glenn youngkin on inauguration day down in richmond. there are a lot of children in a lot of localities in the commonwealth of virginia where they are required by the local school board to wear masks. one of those places is loudoun county. they had a school board meeting last night. 100 people signed up to talk about their kids wearing masks. which was not on the agenda. now, 200 students in loudoun county schools yesterday showed
4:12 am
up not wearing masks. if you don't wear a mask, they don't kick you out, but they put you in the lunchroom or the gym or the library and they social distancing you from other kids if you are not going to wear a mask. that's what they're doing. they are not kicking people out. just segregating them to a socially distanced safe place. >> you listen to the governor. you listen to the mayor. you listen to the superintendent. what about your kids? this is what it sounded like last night with some loudoun county parents who are involved in the protest. >> why can't they allow parents to actually exercise allowed under governor junk's executive order? that's all we are asking. give us a choice. [inaudible] we are told to sit these grirls modern day freedom fighters and many taking their stand. >> brian: right. so we're going to look back at this generation of kids and going to owe them a huge apology which they probably won't accept because we scared them away from
4:13 am
learning virtually and then we put them in the classroom we covered up their faces. even though their teachers have been boosted and vaccinated and this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated we have heard that brilliance from the president and also in new york conflicting rules. because the governor comes out and says mask mandate endures. then the nassau county in new york sued and the judge says yelle, i don't think you can do that governor, you are wrong. in comes the attorney general, i guess, and says i'm going to stay the order. so they're revisiting it. people showed up with their kids without masks. superintendents and principals said put them on. the courts said leave them on. other parents said i'm keeping them off. so war that started reallied first time i saw this was in texas and florida. now we're seeing it in virginia and new york. >> ainsley: we got so many text messages because i have a young child during the show and one of my friends wrote she said my sister-in-law got to drop her daughter off at school, which is in lucas valley out there. she was jumping for joy. it was better than going to disney world there were tears
4:14 am
from some of the parents. >> brian: no masks. >> ainsley: this friend has a little child. i have never dropped my child off at school without a mask until yesterday. >> brian: wow. >> ainsley: some schools the police showed up. got some of those videos too. police were showing up because parents were feuding with the administrators because the administrators are saying we have decided you do have to wear a mask and they're saying but we don't, our friend at the next school doesn't have to why do we? so the police were there. >> steve: i want to meet this kid who said going to school is better than disney world. >> ainsley: the mom said that. it was the mom. >> brian: real quick, try to squeeze this in. 14 minutes after the hour nancy pelosi shocked many by coming out yesterday and saying even though it looks like she will be in the minority role, she has made a decision about her future. listen. >> our democracy is at risk because assault on the truth, the u.s. capitol and state by state assault on voting rights. this election is crucial. nothing less is at stake than our democracy. but as we say, we don't agonize,
4:15 am
we organize. and that is why i am running for re-election to congress. >> steve: wow. >> ainsley: good at organizing. >> steve: that would be her 19th term. what is interesting is, she is saying i'm going to run for re-election. she doesn't say whether or not she is going to run for speaker because in 2018 she said, you know what? this is going to be it. this is going to be it for me. people have tried to ask her so does that mean you are going to go ahead and. >> ainsley: there is no way she will give that up. >> steve: first of all, will she be in the majority. >> ainsley: that's true. >> steve: according to the magic 8 ball, no. there she is. >> ainsley: look at that picture. >> brian: a democrat, wants to see his party turn the page, listen. >> i firmly believe that it's time for new leadership in the house democratic caucus. i think it's time for new leadership throughout the democratic party. not only do we have to get younger, but we have to be more vibrant and bigger and bolder
4:16 am
ideas to bring in a new generation of vomplets nancy pelosi will go down in history as probably the greatest speaker of all times. there comes a time whether or not you are nancy pelosi or whether or not you are tom brady, that sometimes you have to hang up the cleats when it comes to, you know, being leader of your particular party or leader of your organization. >> brian: right. so she is going to do it again. but, as lindsey graham says, if she says i'm not running like paul ryan did, then she is a lame duck, no one is paying attention. she really had no choice choice. but she has 29 democrats have already said they are not trying to keep their seats. they are retiring. >> ainsley: latest from tennessee. representative cooper said i'm not coming back. 29 empty democratic seats. >> steve: as a leader though, what's she going to be able to do between now and the midterm? she cannot pass build back better as we know it and will not be able to as you look at all the people on the democratic side who said you know? i have had enough of that and he is not going to pass the voting rights or voting rules bill in
4:17 am
its current iteration. >> ainsley: she is organize. >> brian: get inside stock information and continue to grow her portfolio. >> steve: apparently that's okay. >> brian: for now. >> ainsley: whats what the phrase she always used. >> steve: negotiator. she wants to come back. >> brian: master of the news carley shimkus that's how we refer to her in the breaks. she doesn't want that. >> carley: that is so kind, brian, you are the best. thank you so much. turning to the crime crisis, and tragic update to bring you now. the second nypd officer shot in the ambush attack in harlem has died. wilbert mora succumbing to his injuries after clinging to life for days. his partner, jason rivera, died at the scene on friday. mora's family donating his organs to help save multiple lives in a final act of service. a wake and funeral for mora will be held at saint patrick's cathedral next week. liberal san francisco mayor london breed is proposing
4:18 am
$22.5 million in overtime funding for the city's police and fire departments. she says the money is crucial to public safety as the departments deal with a staffing crisis. but just one year ago she cut law enforcement budgets by $120 million. amid the defund the police movement. fox news exclusively capturing ice buses dropping illegal immigrants in brownsville, texas. it's an apparent violation of the trump era title 42 policy. a video shows dozens of single men entering an unmarked office. later taxies collect the migrants and shuttle them to nearby airports. several migrants telling fox news they pay cartel smugglers about 2,000 bucks to bring them into the united states. did you hear about this? a washington state school board voting to remove the to kill a mockingbird from required reading list citing concerns its racially insensitive. the book follows the story of a white lawyer defending a black man wrongfully accused of sexual
4:19 am
assault. the school board saying it's a very difficult book and we felt that some teachers may not feel comfortable guiding their students through it so another american classic, guys, not going to be taught at a school in washington state. more of the same. should come as no surprise. >> steve: we read that in sixth grade. thank you very much. >> ainsley: thanks, carley. 19 minutes after the top of the hour. when we come back, a heart breaking story that 6-month-old baby that you see right there in the picture dies after getting caught in crossfire in a drive by shooting. his mother joins us live as police arrest the suspect. ♪ ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ (coughing) ♪ breeze driftin' on by ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪ copd may have gotten you here, but you decide what's next. start a new day with trelegy. ♪ ...feelin' good ♪ no once-daily copd medicine
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>> brian: tragedy in every sense of the word in atlanta.
4:24 am
6-month-old baby shot to death by a stray bullet this week while riding in the car with his mom. fleming gray is the third child under 6 hurt by gun violence in the city this year. grayson's mom kerri gray joins us now kerry, i can't imagine what you are going through. 3:00 in the afternoon you are going shopping and this happens. can you give us an idea what your day was like where you were going. >> i apologize. >> i wasn't expecting to see those pictures come across the screen brian brian no, i understand. >> kind of took me back a minute. excuse me for a movement yeah, we were on our way to a market. just in the neighborhood. and i was driving up the hill and, you know how you get people that, you know, think you drive too slow, think you drive too fast and they want to speed around. that's what i thought the first car was doing. he just kind of wizzed by me.
4:25 am
well the second car as i was pulling into the parking lot, i saw a gun come out of the back window and so -- you know, initially kind of like flinched a little bit but i knew i was going into the parking lot. and he was trying to get around me. so it was more of a -- like a fear like a ooof. when my friend got out and got in the store. i jumped out to check on grayson. he was my only, my first. i'm a little paranoid when certain things happen. and when i opened up the back door, he was slumped over and at first i thought he was sleeping and then i saw the blood on his clothes and basically the bullet had gone through the trunk and right through grayson. >> brian: oh my goodness. so then you rush to the hospital. they are unable to save him. and the suspects get away.
4:26 am
have you given -- i mean, the randomness of this crime, the time at which it happened, how have you been dealing with all of this? >> i have his father has been a rock. his father showed up immediately. we just happened to be in two different places. so, he came with me, stayed with me. held me -- you know, held me up when they gave me the news. i mean, i still am having a hard time getting his blood off my hands. i have my father flew in by the grace of god, caught a flight immediately that very same day and was here by midnight. because i don't have any other family here. so, between my family, mother, father, and then his father, i have had a pretty good support
4:27 am
system holding me up. i have moments fighting through dry cement but i have my moments where i will look at his favorite bear and smile and remember that he would spend the morning, you know, cue, because he was learning how to walk and crawl. >> we have analytical. he was a smart baby. a fun baby. he was very laid back. >> we have just unusual as the doctor put it he was an unusual baby. he had already been through so much in his short 6 months that the fight in him was one of the best things about him. it was beautiful. >> brian: what was he fighting
4:28 am
through? >> um, well, he was born -- he came home from the hospital at . we were not sure what caused our issues during labor, but he was an emergency c section. everything was, you know, happened right away within, you know, an hour. he was born. his heart rate started to drop rapidly and they couldn't get it back up. so then he had some -- he has tummy trouble. he had asthma. but he caught up very quickly. and he got to where he needed to be at his age heightwise. weight wise. and he just -- he fought silently. he would just -- when he was teething, he didn't sit there and cry and whine and. i mean, i got so many compliments on how well behaved he was. he just sat there. >> brian: the mayor yesterday
4:29 am
said alongside the chief the children are bearing the burden with their lives. i'm here to ask and demand that this stop right now. this has happened to other families. this brutal loss that you are experiencing. that everyone who sees grayson is feeling. what is your message out there to those who would commit crimes like this, including the suspect who they have captured and if it's the right guy, has a huge criminal past including some type -- form of child abuse. what is your message out there. >> grow up. make better life choices. because the rest of the world cannot become your collateral damage because you had issues because i'm sorry to say, we have all had something we have had to deal with growing up. and the rest of the world has had to find a way to deal with our problems without gunfire. we have been able to use words. even fists at some point or be the bigger person and walk away. but i'm telling you, we cannot
4:30 am
be your collateral damage anymore. you have ruined lives. you have put fear in people that don't deserve it. this child had the opportunity to be anything he wanted to be as intelligent and as strong as he was, just like his father. just like his grandfather. he had the ability to be anything, just like these other children, you don't know what you just took away. these are our future. these children are our future. and you are killing it. slowly because you made a poor life choice. so make better choices. >> brian: he took grayson's life in the process. there is just no excusing it. i appreciate you telling your story. >> thank you. >> brian: i appreciate your desperation and message. we would like to help because obviously what you are going through. we can't help emotionally but
4:31 am
you can help financially. we can find information on how you help seeing on the screen right there ray. he was only 6 months old. i would like to thank you, kerry for telling his story. weave will not forget him. >> thank you very much. >> brian: we'll be right back. inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what's that? xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye
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4:35 am
♪ >> steve: we are two years into the pandemic and many americans are still confused because the guidance keeps changing and the information keeps getting updated. that's why dr. marc siegel wrote a new op-ed addressing the covid, fact, fiction and fear on he joins us now to drop down some common covid myth. doctor, good morning to you. there is so much has changed over the last two years. because the science is updating, and, you know, this omicron thing, it doesn't work, rather the vaccines don't work. and so people are going, what do i do? well, steve, that's where the fear comes from, doesn't it in the fear is coming from the idea that the messages are changing
4:36 am
what works, what doesn't work. what are we still in this thing? let's start with the first one, which is actually the vaccines do work. but they work differently than you may have been told. here's how they work. they are 90% effective. i mean 90% at keeping you out of the hospital much. from keeping from you getting the severe illness. that's been studied in the united kingdom, here in the united states. the cdc finally came through with that data. kaiser permanent, 90%. i had a example in op-ed dr. james hodges from texas way over weight 67 years old e got covid despite having the two shots and then he got omicron despite having had the booster. you mate say wait a minute, the vaccine didn't work except he is in a very high risk group. he never ended up in the hospital and with omicron he had a very, very mild case so the vaccine works. >> steve: absolutely. for people who got the shots. 12,000 people died last week. those are people who didn't get the shot and they died of omicron, right? >> omicron for the most part,
4:37 am
some still from delta who have been in the hospital for from for a prolonged period of time. the point is there is something called uncoupling. people have said israel has 80,000 new cases yesterday. yes, but 20 deaths in israel. ireland the same thing. denmark the same thing. united kingdom the same thing. and new york city by the way, the same thing. my hospitals are not having people filling the icus because there is a high vaccination rate here in new york. >> steve: meanwhile, here is another myth, mask mandates will end the pandemic. it depends on the mask, doesn't it? >> well, first of all, it depends on the mask. secondly, i think the government has been spending way too much time mandating everything it comes across as bullying. masks haven't even been studied against omicron. we don't know how well they work. why don't we start with we don't know and the chances are they do something. and the chances are that a kn 95 or a better mask works better than one that is a cloth mask. we have studied cloth masks.
4:38 am
they are hanging off people's faces. they are not working. the idea of the mandate is not public health. it's politics. i do recommend masks in close quarters with a lot of people? yes. i recommend them. if i start with the stick, rather than the carrot, i'm going to get a lot of people turned off, and that's the mistake here. >> steve: sure. millions of americans have gotten omicron, you know, over the last five weeks or so. one of the other myths is people who have recovered from covid recently still need to get vaccinated. i think i know the answer because in your op-ed you say that if you have got it, that counts as one shot. >> right. that's just to give people an idea out there. one shot. it depends on my patient. but i am so angry at this issue that the government has not yet ever accepted that you got over covid. you have some immunity. i want you to be able to go back to work. i don't want to give you a booster right away, steve. because it's not medically correct. we have to count the antibodies that you get from getting over covid. other countries do. israel does.
4:39 am
the european union does. at least one shot. and maybe down the road weeks down the road i'm going to give you have another vaccine. >> steve: toward the end of your op-ed you summarize you say the fastest and safest way for us to exit the pandemic soon is for many of us to get vaccinated and boosted and all of to us voluntarilily comply with at least some mitigating strategies. >> correct. let's look at this in terms of tools. not in terms, again of punishment. what tools do we have? well, we don't have the monoclonal antibodies. we need paxlovid which i'm hearing great things about. we do need masks in close quarters and yes, everybody gets vaccinated and omicron is everywhere but it's mild. in new york it's gone down. united states today the case numbers are down. we are heading out of this thing. everybody pulled together and recognized the difference between science and politics. we are talking science today, steve. >> steve: that's why we are listening to you. and a lot of people are not listening to the politicians anymore. dr. siegel, thanks for making a
4:40 am
couch call today. >> my pleasure, steve. you look great. >> steve: thank you very much. he is saying that because i had omicron. now i have recovered. all right. up next, u.s. troops are on high alert as russia conducts new military exercises. pete hegseth is next on the crisis unfolding overseas on "fox & friends." ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles.
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you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. worries of war in eastern europe as diplomacy stalls and russia conducts new military exercises. meanwhile ukraine just received another plane full of military hardware from the united states and here to react is "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth. good morning to you, pete. >> pete: good morning, guys, good morning. >> ainsley: so russia held military drills. they deployed more forces and fighter jets to belarus. what is your reaction? what do you think happen. >> some sort of seizure of
4:45 am
terrain inside eastern ukraine seems likely. vladimir putin has made the calculation. he has stared down joe biden. he understands what he is dealing with he watched what happened in afghanistan. he understands american weakness. frankly, he likes american democrats. remember the seizure of crimea 2014, obama administration? he believes he has three years of runway. the biggest problem putin has are domestically. politically the people have lost faith in him. there is a lot of corruption. there is a lot of poverty. income is a problem there. so he knows he needs to do something. ultimately the question is what do we do? we send some weapons. that's fine. there is not much appetite for american boys to take part in something going on in eastern ukraine considering the fact that joe biden won't even defend our southern border. and the sovereignty of our southern border. when i see administration officials talk about the sovereignty of nation states and how sacrosanct that is yet they woefully allow us to be wide open, it's a big question whether nato is relevant enough.
4:46 am
it's nato's fight on the continent of europe how they stare down europe. is he going to move because he knows joe biden and ultimately our track record after afghanistan. >> brian: do you think this big push now on the right to get a hearing going on the afghanistan withdrawal the biggest debacle in the history of american military, do you think the republicans have to wait to see if they get the majority to make any progress? is there any sentiment on the left to get some answers yet? >> pete: boy, i don't see it, brian. they are very good at locking shields at the minimum. and if they did, they would put parameters around it to try to make it hey, let's have a discussion about the 20 years, which we should have, by the way. having been there right in the middle of those 20 years, it was evident in 2011 and 2012 that we were building a house of cards that was doomed to fall. i think a real committee hearing, a real oversight with teeth would have to come with republicans in control. forget if it's seen as partisan or not. you have to get the right people there at the day as to ask the right questions about what they knew, when they knew it and how
4:47 am
much information they had if you really want to get to the bottom of it. >> steve: reporters wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on regarding russia. and at the state department on monday ned price, the spokesperson, was asked, you know, with these things going on on -- with ukraine and russia, he said he doesn't see a connection between what we're doing there now and the ugly withdrawal from afghanistan. can you sprain to him why there is a connection? >> there is a connection because the people that watched the most, debacle of our withdrawal was our enemies. not just islamist enemies thasks reverb rated around that nation. straw men like xi jinping and vladimir putin. if they want to make moves in their interest like seizing ukraine for resources and energy. like seizing taiwan they will do it when they know america is impotent. if we have a symbol of impotence right now in the united states,
4:48 am
it's unfortunately our commander-in-chief. they know that they know there is no one at the helm. and they will make a move. afghanistan taught them that. >> brian: right. if they're able to get to ukraine as much as people don't want to get involved there. look out, the baltic state, they will slowly but surely reconstitute the soviet union. >> pete: that's exactly what they will do. >> brian: underline the importance of this and doing something. it's a helpless feeling, pete. thank you so much, we will make sure to watch over the weekend even if you have to deal with will. >> thanks, guys, appreciate it so hard. >> brian: so hard. >> ainsley: check in with chief meteorologist janice dean fox weather forecast comparing the models. a big storm coming in, right, janice? >> janice: yep. the northeast is preparing for a significant nor'easter that's going to bring, i think, at least six inches of snow from philadelphia all the way to boston. we have got the wind chill here of minus 20's, minus 30's in the midwest. dangerous to be outside yet another day for parts of this region for millions of folks. also watching the potential for
4:49 am
parts of snow for pars of sex and oklahoma. rain for the sunshine state and then we get into friday and saturday. and area of low pressure that will develop off the east coast and bring measurable snow, maybe even blizzard conditions we think overnight friday into saturday and sunday. a very significant storm. where exactly it sets up and brings the heaviest snow, we still have to, you know, hone in on some of these computer models, measurable snow of at least 6 inches plus some of these big cities along the i-95 corridor. bottom line is stay tuned. if you live across these areas, and we will keep you up to date as we get closer to impact time on the weekend. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. >> steve: brace for impact. all right, j.d. >> brian: all right. i'm going to zip in my liner. i will be ready to go. up next, changing covid guidance causing confusion in everybody's classroom. a student joins us live after she was told to go to the library or go home if she didn't wear a mask.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> a 16-year-old student out on long island which is in new york says that she was told to work from the library or go home
4:54 am
after showing up to school without a mask on monday. this is mass confusion as the state reaches a boiling point. a new york supreme court judge overturned the governor's indoor mask mandate on monday, but then an appellate court granted a stay which means they still have to wear their masks during the appeals process. the student and her mom tina join us now. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> you showed up without a mask. the same later in the afternoon on tuesday. you show up tuesday morning without a mask and what happens? >> i showed up with a note that my mom gave me basically stating that mask wearing was now unconstitutional at that time. under her discretion and because of my constitutional rights, i was not going to show up to school with a mask. basically i walked into the door and i was about to enter the school. the security guard stopped me. you need to put a mask on. i handed out the note that i had
4:55 am
to give it to her. she just looked at it, and she didn't even open it. she saw it in my hand and was, like, i'm not going to look at that. that's not my business. you either grab a mask or you get out of the building. i told her thank you, have a nice day. i met up with some parents and students with similar experience that were standing outside the school. i called my mom. one by one, more parents and students showed up and we had a little protest outside. >> what is your reaction? >> i was a little surprised that they did not even allow her into the school and they would not even look at the note. you know, that's fine. we waited outside. the administration took them several hours before they even came out the talk of the parents and the students. they probably came out around 10:30. we will there until 7:30. their compromise was that they would allow the students who did not want to wear the masks,
4:56 am
which was their constitutional right at that moment in time, that would allow them to enter the building, but they had to stay segregated in the library. they would have zoom access to their classes. they would not be able to leave unless they had an escort to go to the bathroom or the cafeteria. >> what happens today? will you show up at school? we wear a mask? >> i whole idea -- the reason i did this is because the law was unconstitutional. now that the stay was granted, i understand that it is the law. all that i'm trying to do is abide by the law. i don't want to follow something that is unconstitutional. if it is constitutional now, i will listen to it. >> we were all excited when that ruling came down. thank you so much for being with us. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes.
4:57 am
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feel stuck and need a loan? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan. earn $10 just for viewing your rate — and get your money right. ♪ >> video shows dozens of migrants being released in the united states. busload after busload. those people get to use their arrest warrants to get on airplanes. you don't have to show i.d. in atlanta. police arresting suspects and shooting deaths of that 6-month-old baby boy. >> the child had the opportunity to be anything you wanted to be. the children are our future. >> breaking new questions about what dr. anthony ouchi knew about the origin of the
5:01 am
coronavirus pandemic. we need to get to the bottom of everything. future generations depend on it. u.s. and its allies prepare for war both actual and economic. >> they are down joe biden. he understands what he's dealing with. he believes he's got three years of runway. joe hasn't spent much time -- >> let's see. he would say he doesn't have nearly enough -- ♪ ♪ >> it was so appropriate the longest time that it burned down then i got another. but now, it is so appropriate and it is newsworthy that we are actually in the same studio. that is why we are pumping in our studio show with our buggy shoes. >> it is good to be back. it is so good to be back.
5:02 am
i have heard of a lot of year viewers to say it's back to be back together on the curvy couch. when you operate remotely there is the slight satellite delay. anyway, welcome to our number three of "fox & friends." that's playing in our friend. he joins us live from his remote location. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> all right, so we want to query you about something that our guy on the southern border notice. we've heard that the administration is only letting women and children and families in. but he saw a whole busload and then another busload of just young adult men from a government contracted bus going into that parking structure. and then they are released minutes later hopping taxis, go to airports and fly around the united states of america. some of them can use their arrest warrants as i.d. at an
5:03 am
airport. a lot of people are going, you can do that? when is tsa going to allow me to use my sears card to get on a plane? [laughs] >> if there's ever a consequence from going from donald trump to joe biden, this is it. and it's not good for the rule of law. it is not good for the people who are being smuggled into america who have a terrible life, the tragedies, the sexual assaults, the abuse -- >> legal hispanic community who sees people flooding across the border illegally doing what they could have done but didn't because they want to follow our laws and we welcome them here for that. you know, i read that the number of people to tainted december was approximately 180,000, a record. that is the size of the city of fort lauderdale, florida. that is the size of the city of chattanooga, tennessee. this is what is happening under joe biden. he is letting in cities of
5:04 am
people who are not supposed to be in america, coming here illegally and looking the other way. he wants it to happen. >> no other american gets to choose which law they are going to obey. it's different if you are an immigrant. >> why is it that large numbers of single adult men are being released into the united states just hours after being apprehended at the southern border? >> i'm not sure the specifics of what you are referring to. what i can tell you is what our policy is and how we are approaching the border is that we continue to be under title 42. migrants who cannot be expelled under title 42 are placed into immigration proceedings. one of those avenues could be placement in an alternative detention program in the care of the united states. sometimes that means moving migrants other parts of the united states to detention facilities where they wait for next steps in the immigration process. >> why are they being so secretive about it? why don't they just tell us what they are doing?
5:05 am
he goes and catches it on camera. we know about these secret flights in the middle of the night. >> people told him, where you going? i'm going to miami. i'm going to atlanta. they were free. they weren't going to a detention center. is like a game of tag. they made it to america and tag america and they are free. when i watch that exchange yesterday. it struck me that there are times when the white house, the pinnacle of information gets perfect briefings about what is supposed to happen. totally divorced from what's really happening on the ground. i suspect customs and border patrol agents would pull their hair out if they thought the white house thought this is how it was working. the reality on the ground as you make it to america, by and large, you have made it inside. you are free, and we don't know where you are. that is the reality. it wasn't like that under donald trump. this is the rule of law. i say this to you as somebody
5:06 am
who is very pro-immigrant. i'm a first generation american. my mother is immigrant in this great country. she came here legally. you cannot come here and make your first act in a legal one. joe biden is allowing people to do that instead of doing what donald trump did in enforcing the border laws. >> that's the major story that no one else cares about. i don't understand it. i don't think she knew the report wasn't expecting the report. you are the expert in that area. i want to talk about crime and punishment in new york. if you look at all the studies, they ask people what they are concerned about. right after inflation is crying. it doesn't seem to be on the president's radar. especially what's happening in new york city. the new mayor has a new police chief. next thing you know, five cops have been shot in the second one died from the sunday shooting. he passed away from his injuries. his organs were actually used as donor organs for others. he is still saving lives even after he passes away at the age
5:07 am
of 27. listen to this city council worker. just to show you what we are up against in the city, and the same district in which this took place, listen to this tweet. it goes like this. "my deepest condolences to the families of officer romero. the one that just passed away. and sean mcneil broken public safety and mental health systems that spare nobody. stand with the families of the fallen i will not stop fighting for a safer world for all. that means she probably pass it through a communications division. she thinks putting the killer in the same sentence as the cops is okay. speak out right. this is the madness we are in now. this is what's happening when you abandon morality. and you try to find justifications for the killing of the police. there is no justification. there are times that we need to have a system that helps people
5:08 am
who have had difficult upbringings. we are compassionate americans. when you kill a cop, the book needs to be thrown at you. in the back of sentence, that is simple. that is all. for anybody in public life to express 72 a killer, that person should be thrown out of office. >> lives were changed because of it. one of them just got married. brian had a great interview with a mom, a heart-wrenching interview with this mom down in atlanta. she is the one, the mother of the 6-month-old. the child was sitting in the backseat. of the bullet goes through the trunk and hits her baby. she gets out of the car to check on him. and he is leaning over and she sees the blood on his little clothes. a little portion of that interview. >> make better life choices, because the rest of the world cannot be calm your collateral damage because you have issues. i'm sorry to say, we all have something we have had to deal with growing up.
5:09 am
and the rest of the world has had to find a way to do with our problems without gunfire. this child had the opportunity to be anything he wanted to be, as intelligent and as strong as he was, you don't know what you just took away. these are our future. these children are our future. and you are killing it. speak to some of these liberal the as and prosecutors are protecting the criminals are not the victims. that mom's life is changed forever. >> when the d.a. started the chains of the roast essay felonies are essentially misdemeanors, they let all this start to happen. criminals don't make a distinction between this type of misdemeanor and this type of felony. they say the door is open in the system is easy. this is a huge moment for republican candidates, independent candidates, different types of democrats to go into america's major cities and say, we are the ones who are going to bring change.
5:10 am
we're the ones that do care about your lives. this is a huge moment. there is nothing that mary's urban voters to the democratic party if that marriage can be broken. this is one of the issues that affects it deeply because of safety. that is the first thing people worry about when they wake up and go to bed. such a moment for people if they can care and go into urban areas and bring hope to people who desperately needed. >> when you look at the latest fox news poll, the top two items are inflation which many analysts claim on all the money that is flooded into the system. also the fact that the administration did not plan for recovery from the pandemic. now there are all sorts of supply chain issues. that's number one. number two is crime. and so, fast-forward to november when people think i am not safe in my house, and it cost $100 to fill up my truck. this is not what i signed up
5:11 am
for. >> that's kind of amazing that joe biden is bringing back the issues of the '70s, isn't it? i guess that's what you get when you have a president he was almost 80. he thinks back to the old days. those issues were gone under donald trump, weren't they? we didn't have to worry about inflation or crime. there was blm and nt for a but we didn't have to look worry about these things in our lives. they are back in prominent and our systems reflect this. that's why the democrats are in big trouble. >> i've got to add this. kyrsten sinema was essential for trying to keep the filibuster in place. they've got to get rid of no cash bail. the democrats said no, we are not getting rid of no cash bail. criminal court, the city council said we are not doing that. democrats are at war with themselves right now. and for the country, i hope that
5:12 am
kyrsten sinema and that joe manchins and the eric adams went out. >> joe biden is stealing a page from bill clinton. this is a perfect opportunity for joe biden to go after the liberal d.a.s. he needs to send a signal that is a different democrat joe biden. that's one of the best smartest ways to do it. why is he just winking? won't answer a question about the liberal d.a.s. >> interesting that you say that. there is nothing on the schedule. she was asked about that. she talks about the pdb. that is the presidential daily briefing. listen to what she says when they ask, why is it schedule always empty? >> the president has nothing on his schedule today. can you shed any light on how he is spending his day? >> let's see. this morning, i think he had some policy meetings. also a pdb meeting.
5:13 am
he later this afternoon i think he is doing some remarks review. there are some days that we spend some time doing internal meetings and discussions with policy experts with policy leaders. and that is what is happening today. he would say he doesn't have nearly enough free time on his schedule because it is packed no matter whether people see him or not. >> he is god, let me see. >> then he's going to the ice cream place if it's above freezing, it's ice cream weather. what is your reaction? >> i counted five problems in her answer. on the one hand, she's ducking and dodging. she knows they got caught. on the other hand, our answers are somewhat reasonable. the problem for joe biden is he's not a vigorous and he's old. so you add all that into the equation.
5:14 am
and it is a legitimate worry, how vigorous is joe biden? >> the one thing, he may be old in your estimation. and many. however, look at this. he is likable. 60% say it. [laughs] anyway, 60% say he is likable. 60% say he is intelligent. here is that cell. the third one down. can joe biden manage the government effectively? only 4 in 10 say yes. here is our leader for another three years. >> he is hemorrhaging everywhere. so interesting because the press was so easy on joe biden during the campaign. a study came out showing he got better press than barack obama during his first 60 days. afghanistan broke the dam and relay the press has been getting
5:15 am
much tougher on joe biden since then. and across the board. it is if the public was holding its breath hoping biden would do a good job as he was inaugurated. as things got bad, the public walked away from joe biden. it shows how weak he always was. he's a transitional figure. we should all stop with the myth that he's going to run for reelection. he has to put that myth out there because he doesn't want to automatically this quickly become a lame duck. none of us need to play along. it's going to be a wide-open field on the democrat side. he is not even doing a good job at being transitional. >> if they listen to you, there's a strategy. he seems unwilling to do it, because the ice cream place was open. he could have been doing that yesterday. thanks so much for joining us, i appreciate it. >> thank you guys. by the way, i looked it up. likable, you can spell it with or without the e.
5:16 am
[laughter] >> she's got spell check. >> i am a terrible speller. whatever. he got 60% likability before he called your son a bad word. five points docked automatically for that. he calls them to kind of apologize. still five points. all right, we've got to get some news here beginning with the fox news alert. an update on our breaking story. milwaukee county sheriff deputy shot multiple times after a traffic stop that lead to a foot chase. police say the suspect open fire on the deputy during the chase. authorities say the deputy is conscious and breathing. the driver is in police custody. police say the suspected shooter is still at large. developing right now, president biden says he will consider personal sanctions on president vladimir putin if
5:17 am
russia invades ukraine putative direct u.s. sanctions on foreign leaders are rare, but it comes as the state department says russia is showing no sign of de-escalation. nato allies now putting their forces on standby with more ships and fighter jets. the financial future of united airlines pilot is in question after she decided against the covid vaccine. telling fox news digital, she is on unpaid leave and is not allowed to get a new job due to a noncompete contract. united also blocking her from accessing her 401(k). she joined calls to dispute the mandate over the weekend, rallying in our nation's capital. they offer "noncustomer facing roles until it is safe to return to current positions. elon musk is a proposal for mcdonald's. the billionaire tweeting that he will lead a happy meal on tv if mcdonald's accepts does going as a form of payment.
5:18 am
it started as a joke featuring a dog. it has seen a steady rise in value reaching over $0.10 in april of 2021. the ball is in mcdonald's court. if you want to see elon musk eating a burger, i don't know if i want to. >> crypto, thank you very much. i should set that as your toss back? 18 minutes after the hour. conservative voices, senator rand paul. his comment on vaccine men dacians blocked by youtube. pay travis conducted that interview. how dare he? we will explain the outrage or try to.
5:19 am
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get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> voluntary vaccination has been overwhelmingly successful. it's never enough for these people. if you give into a mandate, if you give into the mandate for 10-year-olds, they will want to do 5-year-olds. if you give in to 5-year-olds, they will want to do newborns. that thing they are ignoring and people should be alarmed with is they are ignoring the comparison or risk factor of the disease versus the risk of the vaccine. this is really a crime. >> that interview with senator rand paul blocked by youtube. the latest crackdown on conservative voices. >> the senator made the comments on the clay travis and buck sexton show calling this act of
5:24 am
censorship madness. >> talking about the founder clay travis, we woke him up early. there he is live with us today. how are you, sir? >> i'm doing well. how are you? >> i'm great, i'm scratching my head. i can't figure out. you are having a conversation with dr. rand paul about something everybody across the country is talking about. so why not put it out there, youtube, so everybody can hear it? >> i think you are right. it is disgraceful in my opinion by youtube and also it's a fundamentally a rejection of the american marketplace of ideas. because whether you agree or disagree with dr. fauci's positions on the vaccine, you certainly should be able to hear from as you said a medical doctor who is a democratically elected member of the united states senate to help you
5:25 am
decide as he gets ready to run for reelection whether or not you agree with him. for youtube due to side, we are not going to allow this interview to be exposed to our audience, i think is a massive, massive issue in the united states as it pertains to our ability to have a more full and robust discussion of issues of national tension, particularly, when they involve people who are as qualified as a senator and doctor to be discussing the issues of national debate. it is a fundamental failure of youtube. it is a little bit scary as we continue to see the power of big tech to restrict what others are able to see. my kids, he did a great job with joe biden this week by the way. then they start off every morning, my kids are up right now. they hop right on youtube, and that is where they start their
5:26 am
day. that is where a lot of people get their news now. to restrict it is a fundamental rejection of the first amendment in this country and the marketplace of ideas on a larger level. >> you are going to make all of our viewers want to watch it. you posted it honorable. we did not hear back. speak to the hall of fame ballots were put out. for the last time, roger clemens had a shot. the cy young award and barry bonds the home run a leader out of eligibility. it david ortiz also has some questions about performance-enhancing drugs. did they do justice yesterday? >> no, they blew it. if you look at very bonded roger clemens, even before the official start of the steroids era in baseball, those guys were hall of fame ears. not only did they reject them, they should be in the hall of fame, they also rejected curt schilling who is 100% on
5:27 am
major league baseball hall of famer. he didn't get an entirely because of his political beliefs. at some point in time, baseball was all right with steroids across pitchers and batters. they were best of that era. schilling was one of the best of his era, too, in terms of being a hall of famer. i think baseball got it completely wrong. if those guys aren't in the hall of fame, than there really isn't a point in having a hall of fame in my opinion. >> it's unbelievable just because you don't do like his political views. he didn't break any laws. you don't like his political views. the other guys is more debate but it's unbelievable. we will check out if you don't mind. >> no doubt. have a great start to your day.
5:28 am
>> we have exclusive video showing migrant men being released into the united states after being captured crossing our border illegally. tucker carlson is coming up to react. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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5:31 am
your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from matching your job description. overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. >> we are back with some headlines. santa fe california is one step
5:32 am
closer to adopting up first in the nation gun ordinance. it would require most gun owners to pay a $25 fee and carry liability insurance. those in favor says it encourages responsible gun ownership. critics say it penalizes law-abiding gun owners instead of criminals. it will take effect in august if they get final approval. a slithering burglar is caught on camera at a gold exchange shop in california. the bandit crawling around for more than 5 minutes after breaking through drywall to get inside. the shop owner says the thief was able to bypass the motion detector until the very end when he ran off. he got away with over $15,000 in silver. look at that. my goodness. heart pounding video shows the moment a los angeles police officer saves an unconscious toddler's life. watch this. [indistinct]
5:33 am
>> the girls parents flagging down the officer who is able to clear her airway. allowing her to regain consciousness. paramedics taken the girl to the hospital. she is expected to survive. how about that video, guys, unbelievable? >> in their right place at the right time. she was choking. the police officer was there in the nick of time and saved her life. so hard to watch. >> my husband, too, in such a good idea. >> place, push, pull. it is saving so many lives. >> everybody get one. >> we have been showing you this exclusive fox video all morning. cameras capturing the moment busloads of illegal migrants. it looks like mainly mostly almost entirely male adults are
5:34 am
being dropped off in texas after being caught at the border. >> tucker carlson has been calling out the administration's double standard on the border. you said we care about more about ukraine's border than our own. what is your reaction to this? at one point in miami, one was going to atlanta. where was the other one going, to houston? >> this is the behavior of a failed state. you have no control over your borders. you are not really a country in the most basic sense. if you don't believe it, take a look at the legislation nancy pelosi is pushing right now that describes ukraine's borders as essential to sovereignty in the nation. if ukraine can't control its borders, people coming across unauthorized, if undocumented russians are crossing into ukraine, it's not really a country and the united states needs to step in and stop that. she is actually right. i personally don't care that much about ukraine because i'm not ukrainian. i'm american. if you apply the same standards
5:35 am
to this country, what would you call it? you would say we obviously lost the war. at the attack on people coming across, everyone of them might be a future level price leader. it's an attack on our leaders. this is not the way an actual country, you know, maintains its sovereignty. it is how it loses its sovereignty, and they are doing it on purpose. i don't know why no one in congress seems chuck schumer says of course you are going in washington what is their motivation for >> clearly, they don't care about the people who already live here, right? if you did, he would do everything you could to protect them. all it takes is gearing.
5:36 am
it's not complicated. securing the border has been a prerequisite of every nation in human history since we had nations. not even nations. if you have a village or cave, that gave us were people who live in the cave. other people don't get to come in the cave and steal your mastodon beggars. they don't. it's not hard. other countries do it. all it takes his will. this is why they hated trump. he would show up with a basic overview. just build a wall. people are, like, that's crazy. that's crazy. walls don't work. really? it really is that simple. of course, lock your front door if you don't want somebody in your living room. >> you've got me hungry talking about mastodon burgers written i know you spent a lot of time in california. a super bowl is heading that way. now it appears, we have been talking over the last year or so about the terrible homeless process and problem in
5:37 am
los angeles and san francisco in particular. now it sounds like with the big game coming, they are trying to clean it up and essentially sweep those people under the rug. >> it is always the same theme. this could not be a clear illustration of how little the people who run california and loss and religious care about their own citizens. they are only cleaning up when guests come over. that is essentially what they are doing. i don't think this is an overstatement. they held pows at the hilton. every time a french crew would come over, they would beat everybody a month before and fatten them up deliver bit and prove that they were happy prisoners. that is exactly what is happening here. if you live in los angeles, you are tormented by this. this makes your life away where spirit there is a tent city in front of your house. this is a huge fact of life in a really distressing one for the
5:38 am
people who pay the taxes, the citizens. the leaders only deal with it when there's a football game? are you joking? they don't care about you. >> china, when they have the olympics, they tell everybody stop driving cars, clean up your act. i saw the invoices come in. the last time you were on and every time you were on, we ask you who your favorite is. those that remain the case? >> that is an eternal position that i have. when i look at this show -- these people get up early in the second thing i notice is they have amazing posture. slumped over like a smoker. >> i tried, i tried. >> amazing cost year. >> do when i'm on tv. >> soccer, stay with us. we have a preview of your brand-new episode. it's dropping today on
5:39 am
fox nation. >> i was hoping you would like the substance of the show, but he likes the posterior. >> unbelievable. dre kelly live as mayor eric adams unveils his plan to combat the city's rising crime wave. will it work? hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find a better life. it all starts with the most innovative technology. like the new miracle-earmini, available exclusively at miracle-ear. so small that no one will see it,
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>> welcome back. we were talking to tucker carlson who's got a new episode of "tucker carlson tonight." you've got so many shows. for this new one, tucker, you actually travel to hungary, and you talk about george soros with the prime minister? >> well, exactly. well, it's important to see how other people are doing things, just because you learn lessons from it. we go to budapest which is totally conventional beautiful
5:44 am
city. the foreign policy establishment of washington goes crazy and accuses us of fast as propping up authoritative dictatorships. hungary is an incredibly normal moderate country. it's america circa 1999 at the clinton administration. if you think that was right wing, your markers have moved a little bit. no, hungary is what we were 20 years ago. there's nothing radical about it at all. but they are doing what we're paying for ukraine to do which is try to protect their borders. a lot less military hardware than we are sending to ukraine. just a chain-link fence and a little bit of will, and they are able to control who comes in and out. if that is radical, i'm not really sure where we are. >> i know where you where, in hungry. here's your question to the prime minister about being an authoritarian. let's listen. speak out the success of
5:45 am
hungary's border and family policies has infuriated george s well as many other western leaders. >> known for his autocratic practices. >> staunchly anti-immigrant. >> a right wing authoritarian. >> george soros has joined forces with officials in the european union to undermine democracy in hungary. >> they are lovers of the global approach. they don't like the national identity. they are saying that national identity belongs to the past. you believe that they better than hunk areas about what they need. here in the e.u. >> wow. tucker, why -- why does george soros have a dog in this fight? >> they are now telling us that ukraine is only for ukrainians. speaking of an f no state.
5:46 am
no one else is allowed to come in particularly without documents. no russians. they are not ukrainian. but that is an outrageous standard for hungary. it's an unacceptable standard for the united states. what is the rule here. what countries are required to let the rest of the world in and which ones are allowed to have borders? i don't know who gets to make these decisions but there should be a single decision for everyone. hungary is applying a standard we applied 15 years ago. it's not controversial at all. it is the oldest entered in the history of man. they are now being denounced as authoritarian dictatorships. the biden administration dislikes hungary so much that they are working to affect the outcome speaking of undermining democracy of hungary's domestic elections in april. that is a good story i would say. >> it is unacceptable. he's part of that. that is his heritage. he is still menacing our system here.
5:47 am
an important show. we are all watching if that's okay with you. >> that's fine with me, in fact, i'm honored. >> it's always good to see you. i'm proud of all your success. you are doing great. >> sat up straight if you want posterior. viewers can unlock a free 30 days to fox nation, exclusively by going to tuckercarlson it will be great. meanwhile, this story. >> we will check in with our meteorologist for on fox weather forecast. >> i've got to be honest. it is a tale of two computer models. one saying we are going to get a couple of inches along the coast. the other one saying blockbuster event, over a foot of snow. stay tuned if you live in the northeast. we know that the cold air is in place as far south as the southeast. we are dealing with some snow in the forecast and parts of the plane states, new mexico, texas,
5:48 am
oklahoma. and some rain for florida. that will start to taper off. our area of low pressure is going to start to develop friday night into saturday. the bulk of the snow if we get the snow is going to happen on saturday and this will be a close call. it's going to be a coastal event. right now we are hammering out the details of where this area of low pressure is going to set up. as we were shown earlier, that they left two computer models. my husband was yelling at the television set yesterday saying this tells me nothing, this tells me nothing. i will tell you tomorrow, we will have a better idea. and i do think this will be a pretty big event for the coastal areas. fox for your latest details and i will keep you up-to-date. how about that? back to you. >> your husband may say those models tell me nothing, that's why he's married to you. you tell them everything. >> you tell him that, steve. >> call me. >> he doesn't need the weather
5:49 am
app. you are my app. meanwhile, as lawlessness spikes in the big apple, new york city's mayor is unveiling a brand-new plan to take a bite out of crime. will it work? ray kelly is going to join us live next. >> okay, let's check in for what's coming up at the top of the hour. hello, our friends. >> we will see what happens there. what do they know and when did they know it? fox news found out how many migrants crossed in the usa in december. billable report. parents, teachers, kids, and masks, oh, my. we will tell you what he said. president biden says ukraine invasion would change the world. senator lindsey graham on if biden is doing enough to stop that from happening. in this segment i mentioned last week on why my dog had to spend the night in the hospital. that's happening today. but you need to know to protect your pet from marijuana that is carelessly left around where dogs can ingested.
5:50 am
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>> the second nypd officers passed passed away. 27-year-old passed away at the
5:54 am
age of 27 undergoing multiple surgeries. commissioner praised him as a three times hero for choosing a life of service, first sacrificing his life to protect others and giving it life even in death through organ donation. unveiling his new plan to combat the city's violent crime by getting illegal guns off the street. ceo of -- joins us now. your thoughts about the horrific shooting on friday night. >> a terrible tragedy. it was obvious that this individual wanted to kill cops. he wasn't wanted by police. he wanted to kill cops. it's a product of demonization of police that we've seen over the last several years. they have been vilified and blamed for everything. this individual was antigovernment videos on his facebook page.
5:55 am
he had to uncle murder video that showed a cop with two guns. he was intent on killing cops. obviously, that is what he did. a terrible story, but it underscores also the dangers of police work. fairly routine assignment for police officers, they lose their lives. >> the mayors says, release this footage so people will know when officers had to deal with. are you for releasing this footage publicly? >> yes, i don't see any problem with it. the public seems to see lots of things on television every day. i don't think it would be particularly shocking. i think it is good to have the stark reality out there in public of what police officers face. this individual not only shot, but continued to shut when they go down.
5:56 am
if it wasn't for the work of the other officer, able to shoot him. it becomes dangerous very quickly, you know. it's a somewhat mundane ordinary situation. >> it was not the city you took over. the mayor wants to make some police reforms. he wants to visit cash bail, no cash bail. he wants to make all the cops live in the city. and number three, he also wants to give judges more control for these dangerous suspects. it looks like it's a nonstarter with the state legislature. >> yes, firstly, the first and the third thing are nonstarter's. bail reform, the issue of whether or not -- long discussed in the legislature deliberately said that we are not going to do that. 49 other states have that in the
5:57 am
available form effort. new york does not. i don't think that is going to change. they have the simple majority in the legislature. i think they will just ignore it. >> you are kind enough to give some of your time to help me with this series, what made america great. if somebody really was the first police commissioner of new york. an academy, set up accountability. no one has to tell you that. you used his desk when you work police commissioner. here's a little bit of our special. >> he put in bicycle patrols. he put in target practice, shooting ranges. he doubled the size of the police department in less than two years. the two years that he was there, he increased it by 1700 police officers. >> it was a major change. he was really the first reformer. at the badly needed it. >> he brought the process along.
5:58 am
he out the illegal immigrants living in conditions. that is part of the special of what made america great. they took down a statue right where we were walking on the front of the museum of natural history. this great america and great president is taking his stay in north dakota. what is your reaction? you grew up in that neighborhood. >> i think it is disgraceful. roosevelt is an icon. he should be a hero for everybody. it disparages his reputation and it shouldn't happen. he's one of the five best presidents that we've had in a consensus of history. i think it is totally unnecessary. we have to look at things in historical context. when the statue was put up, what were people thinking and saying at the time? it is very disheartening to see that sort of cave-in on the part
5:59 am
of the museum. >> they are coming for columbus next. your thoughts about that? they are coming for columbus next. >> oh, yeah, right. exactly. you know, columbus circle governor cuomo was -- i hope that continues with this governor. columbus -- we can always find flaws with people back in history. i think there is a columbus citizen salvation which is a terrific organization. i certainly hope they dig their heels. >> commissioner ray kelly, thanks so much. i appreciated. thank you for the special. missionary ray kelly, what made america great. you see two new episodes as a brand-new episode starts today.
6:00 am
i hope you'll check it it out on fox nation. >> fantastic. if you don't have it yet, go to and sign up. also, fox weather. to check that out as well. we have given you two things to do before you join us back here tomorrow. >> and tucker tells us to sit up >> bill: good morning. the anger is back boiling over last night in loudon county, virginia. parents confronting school officials over its decision to segregate students who refuse to wear a mask. it is back again, the debate continues in a furious way. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." this debate is not going away and ratcheting up as we enter year three of the pandemic. >> bill: love the red. it is january, right? >> dana: you have to brighten things up somehow. the decision to segregate students comes in de


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