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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 25, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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jim, just heard kamala speaking about human trafficking. serious issue. perhaps they can employ the administration's supply chain strategy to shut it down. text me any time. number is always going to be there at the bottom. email me and always remember one thing. i'm waters and this is my world. tucker is next. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. nancy pelosi is even more agitated tonight than usual. on a conference call just hours ago pelosi demanded that her members vote immediately on a piece of legislation she says is critical to our national security. the bill she's talking about affirms the central importance of national borders. of course it does. without a boarder you can't have
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a country and nancy pelosi firmly beliefs that. she believes it so strongly she's directing the biden administration to develop an urgent new plan to keep the border secure. not just secure but in the words of the new legislation, section 208, involumable. impossible to brief. that's quite a border, bulletproof. why wouldn't it be? when it comes to border security she isn't messing around. are you surprised? you may have misunderstood. pelosi isn't talking about the u.s. border, one that's open. she's talking about the ukrainian border. it's called the defending the ukraine sovereignty act. its purpose is to guarantee ukraine sovereignty, intelligence and integrity. we would love to is them here but no, we'll have to wait. ukraine is ahead of us in the cue for secure borders. when we were kids growing up in
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the united states, what was good for the russian colony of ukraine is good for us. as our oldest and most chel rished ally, held by the ancient bonds of friendship ukraine comes first. it has to. when caravans of undocumented russians appear on the ukrainian border the united states doesn't sit by. they swoop in with deadly weapons to push these people back. we'll send missiles to the ukraine if we have. in fact, we have already, billions of dollars worth. but wait a second. isn't undocumented immigration a good thing? doesn't immigration increase diversity. the blessed source of all beauty, power and strength? sure. most of the time it does. but not in the ukraine. ukraine exists with the exclusive purpose for ukrainians. people who look or speak differently, people from other places, say, different religions are not allowed in the ukraine.
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period. that's nancy pelosi's position. ukraine is one place nancy pelosi wants to keep racially pure and is willing to use lethal force to do that virtually everyone in congress agrees with her. so does the white house. here's the national security adviser explaining when undocumented foreign nationals arrive in the ukraine they will be killed. >> why should americans care about what's happening in ukraine? >> because it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations, which is that our borders should be inviolate. our sovereignty respected. >> tucker: our borders should be -- our sovereignty respected. of ukraine. it's interesting to note that jonathan has no revel experience for the job he holds. at one point he was a "washington post" reporter. most recently cashing into a private equity firm paying approximately half the federal tax rate you are. good for him.
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but one thing jonathan has learned along the way is that ukrainian borders matter. if you cross without permission you will be droned into the next life. kamala harris strongly agrees with that. here's harris threatening would be russian immigrants. >> the bottom line is that we have been clear and consistent for quite some time. that we expect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the ukraine, and we expect that russia would do the same, and any aggressive action taken by vladimir putin will be met with severe consequences. >> tucker: severe consequences. the understatement is chilly. that woman is bloodthirsty. try to cross the border and we'll take out your entire caravan. claim asylum? i don't think so. one toe over the line and you're dead. those are strong words but kamala harris appears to mean them. she probably does, but again you should know that she's not
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talking about our border in the u.s. she's talking about the ukrainian border. what's the difference? ukrainian by contrast is a place the pentagon is willing to defend. watch. >> 8,500 u.s. military personnel on heightened alert. is this the ceiling of military personnel that the administration will be committing to this conflict, do you see? >> it's what we're talking about today, it's about 8,500 on heightened aall right but as i said yesterday we're not going to rule out other options. our job is to provide evidence to the president and commander-in-chief and we'll continue to do that. i certainly would not rule out the possibility that we could be putting additional forces on heightened alert in the coming days and weeks and maybe even moving troops around europe that are already there, to bolster and to reassure some of our allies on the ground, on the continent. >> tucker: wait. we're only sending 8,500 american troops to protect the ukrainian border?
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actually, we could send a lot more. they are all poised to secure the sacred ukrainian border. you may be wondering how does that commitment compare to what the pentagon is willing to deploy to our southern border. let's see. on the map here. it's exactly 8,500 more. because there are no troops, no american troops heading to our southern border. that may seem distressing but in a way it makes sense. ukraine needs the troops. they haven't been invaded yet. we've been invaded and we lost. we've been defeated and like all vanquished nations we're being treated with humiliating contempt by world leaders. in this case by our own leaders. custom border just released the invasion going on. last month the feds encountered close to 180,000 illegal immigrants and foreign nationals whose identities we can't know on the southwest border. here. all living here now.
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how many people? to put into perspective that's more than the three previous decembers combined. in the last calendar year more than two million foreign nationals swept across the mexican border unimpeded into this country and now live here. that's a lot of people. many times the population of boston, atlanta, denver, pick a city. in one year. you know what's it's more than? it's a lot more than the russian army has amassed on the ukrainian border, something people are hysterical about and it's not people coming in illegally. it's the drugs they are bringing. record amounts of narcotics. narcotics that are driving the single most deadly drug epidemic in the history of this country. you probably know someone who has had a loved one die. not just to habitual drug users "people" using them recreational, fentanyl, and they are dead. thousands and thousands. more than a hundred thousand in one year. who is doing this? the cartels. they are killing far more americans than putin ever could
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and they are doing it with the help of the biden administration. in the meantime we've got two million more than new people living in this country. who are they? we can't say for sure. no one knows who they are. that's part of the problem in an age when the rest of us are followed and surveilled and show your medical papers. here's facial recognition software. we can't prove who they are. don't let them lie to you. we do know they are coming from all of the world. fox's bill -- has been virtually the only person in the american media to keep track of what's happening here. here's part of what he found. >> video from a law enforcement source shows a single massive group of about 400 migrants who crossed illegally into texas on wednesday night. border patrol photos show the size of the group with the sector chief himself saying this was no coincidence. it was orchestrated by criminal elements for money. the night before, the exact same thing happened. photos from border patrol show another group of 400, after they
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crossed illegally into eagle pass tuesday night. here in the rio grande valley we embedded with texas dps as they track down runners in the brush looking to avoid la hoya, texas. two people in the group were from china. >> tucker: he's still there. we'll go back to him in a moment. this is an ongoing assault on our national sovereignty. on our territorial integrity. the things we've been hearing for the last month are so vitally important in the ukraine. how does this happen? who is the vladimir putin in this morality tale? that would be joe biden. this has all been allowed, nailed, and encouraged by joe biden with help of big corporations and left wing nonprofits. recently it was bragged to cbs news, we've fundamentally changed immigration enforcement in the interior and we're continuing, "for the first time
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ever our policy explicitly state that noncitizens unlawful presence in the united states will not by itself be a basis for the initiation of an enforcement action." what does that mean exactly? this is the guy charged with enforcing immigration laws, laws that he's not created, he's in the executive branch, they don't create laws but here's the guy charged with enforcing them bragging that he's decided to ignore federal laws. these are the laws that congress was elected to pass. oh. thwarting democracy. pay no attention. vladimir putin is the one that threatens democracy. everything is fine in this country. we're doing what you elected us to do. they aren't even trying. facebook is not a threat to democracy. how excite? zuckerburg funds the department party. he's a good guy. but facebook is encouraging this invasion, too. it helps users share information on how to cross the border illegally and how to break our laws. do then courage users to cook
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meth? here's how you make fentanyl. here's how child trafficking can make you millions. those are crimes, too. we can't say that they are doing that. they are encouraging the breaking of federal immigration law. we're not guessing about this. facebook admitted it recently to the attorney general of state of arizona. "we do allow people to share information about how to enter a country illegally or request information about how to be smuggled." about how to be smuggled? facebook is helping people who want to be "smuggled?" in addition to being totally evil these people have no self-awareness. imagine saying something like that uber drivers are picking up illegal migrants from the border. we know because fox news spoke to one driver, "i'll just get a notification of a pickup. head down to the location and there will be a group of 20 plus immigrants waiting." if they were betting on child
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trafficking, which some of it is what they are, they are parts of illegal immigration, maybe someone can wake up and do something about it. you're seeing people rotting in solitary because they trespassed object capitol but uber and facebook are helping people violate federal law and no one cares? no one in congress is investigating this? sounds like sedition to us. but they are busy. they are sending millions of dollars of weapons to ukraine to help with the border. the pentagon is not sending troops our border. they are sending them to the ukraine border. that's virtually uncontested in washington. here's mitch mcconnell who poses by day as the leader of the opposition in the senate. >> what i've been hearing since then is encouraging. that they are prepared to take steps before, and uncourage. , not afterwards. i've not been near the news this
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morning so i'm not sure what additionally may have occurred, but it appears to me the administration is moving in the right direction. >> tucker: yes. it appears that way. if the direction you want to move is to completely change the population of the country for political reasons. let two million people in, in one year, people whose identities you can't confirm, whose intentions you don't know, who are bringing with them record amounts of narcotics that killed over a hundred thousand americans, if that's the goal, then you're on to something and moving in the right direction but if the goal is to have a first world country where the law means something, we're moving in another direction. whose side are you on? i think we know. whose paying for all of this stuff? you are. the american citizens are paying for it. the united nations, which takes billions in u.s. tax dollars is paying for it, too. giving up cash to illegal migrants headed 40 our border and the investigation for the center of immigration studies found the u.n. has been handing out cash debit cards to u.s.-bound illegal aliens and giving them advice on how to
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claim asylum, how to make a mockery of our laws. we don't respect ourselves enough to stop. this once they get here authorities do everything possible to make sure they stay. the biden administration tried on day one to stop all deportation. the administration is continuing to abet criminal behavior, allowing illegals to use their arrest warrants as i.d.'s in airports. you try that. can i get a housing subsidy, food stamps, free healthcare and a flight? sure you can. you're from another country. americans don't get that here's another report from bill. >> tsa confirms to fox news that the agency is allowing illegal immigrants to use arrest warrants as i.d. at security checkpoints and airports telling us in part, "for noncitizens and non u.s. nationals who do not otherwise have acceptable forms of i.d. for presentation at security checkpoints, the s.a. may also accept certain
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dhs forms, including i-200, warrant for the arrest of an alien." >> tucker: you can't just repeat this often enough. not that it will change anything. it won't. it's just a tv show but we want a record of what's happening right now. history is rewritten. unfortunately by the victors. and the details disappear but we think the details are important. we think we all should be allowed to know why this is happening, and how it's happening, so just to restate, we're allowing foreigners who came here illegally in violation of our laws, which are unenforced by our current government which is undermining democracy by its refusal to enforce those laws, those people get to use their arrest warrants to get on airplanes. you have to show i.d. meanwhile, again, you can't say this enough, we'll stop after this, congress is doing everything it can pulling out all the stops to send more money to eastern europe to protect the borders of ukraine.
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it's like it's not even real but it is real and bill, day after day, proves that it is. he's one of the only journalists in the country covering the undeclared invasion of the united states. he joins us from the border tonight. >> bill, thanks so much for coming on. what's going on down there? >> tucker, good evening to you. if you're wondering why happen to be standing in front of a random parking garage, it's where we've been watching the federal government mass releasing single adult illegal mail immigrants. just this afternoon we were watching as bus load after bus load of these migrants were dropped off at this parking garage where there is a small unmarked office that all of these migrants went into. what you will notice is they are all single adults, almost all of them single adult men. there are no families. no little children there. that raises eyebrows because single adults are supposed to be expelled via title 42. it gets crazier. look at this video we shot on
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sunday. exact same location, exact same situation. more migrants being dropped off by federally contracted buses at that same little office. they go inside. once again it's all mostly single adult men being released. so what we start seeing is all of a sudden, taxi cabs start pulling up to this building. they have got black tarps set up outside so people can't see what's going on inside but we see these taxi caps pulling up and some of the migrants come out from the building and get into the taxicab. we were curious and we started following the taxi cabs. we followed them, they went to the airport about 20 minutes away from here where though migrants bothered airplanes to go where else around the country. we talked to a couple of them. they said they were going to atlanta, houston and miami. we'll send it back to you. >> tucker: unbelievable. thanks so much. brit hume joins us now, he's a fox news political analyst. thanks for coming on.
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i think there are all kinds of views on foreign policy that could be potentially legitimate. but i have to say the irony of the united states funding the defense of ukraine's borders even as it surrenders its own is something at least the media should mention every once in a while, would you think? >> you would think and i'm not sure you didn't overstate a little bit how the u.s. is trying to protect ukraine's borders. >> tucker: billions of dollars in weapons. >> we're sending weapons, that's for sure. the situation, though, on the southern border, it seems to me, is quite striking. it is the problem that the administration is making no serious effort to solve. and it is the news story that nearly all the mainstream media is making a very serious effort not to cover, and so that's sort of where we are and that's why bill is down there, with a story
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all to himself. under normal circumstances you would say that's a reporter's dream to have an exclusive like that where day after day, he's shooting exclusive video of all these things happening down there. manifestly against the law, about which very little is being done, the texas border, the texas rangers and other authorities down there, are overwhelmed. so is the u.s. border patrol. this is something the administration could be doing something about by greatly bolstering the police presence on that border. it's really not done so. it isn't trying, and i think there are two reasons for it. tucker, one is ideological. liberals believe these people are crossing the border after these wretched-hair raising trips through mexico are among the downtrodden people of the earth. i think they are, and they serve our compassion and sympathy and never mind the law. and the other view is, the belief i think that these people will come here and they will vote democrat. i think recent indications are, that hispanics in america
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broadly-speaking may indeed end up not voting democrat but that's an issue for another day, i think, as far as these democrats are concerned. >> tucker: and partly because they don't like open borders more than anyone else. i don't think anyone wants this and i have to ask, if you allow two million people to break federal law, real law, what incentive does that give the rest of the population to follow any law. the normal person would say i try to follow the law, i love the country, i want to be a good citizen but as long as everyone is not following the law i'm kind of an idiot for following the law. no? >> i think it's demoralizing to the public, disturbing particularly to people who live in those regions near those borders, in those states and particularly ones who are close to the border. it also may be a signal to our overseas adversaries that we're weak which is something we're worried about now. we're worried about what china is doing in its area, in the far east. we're worried about what russia
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is doing. we're worried about what others are doing. we're worried about north korea. well, i don't see how this behavior toward the situation on the border could be construed as anything other than a display of weakness. >> tucker: that's right. brit hume, thanks so much for that. appreciate it. >> tucker: this story came out yesterday. it's hard to believe it's real but it is real. a new report explains that the capitol police department has been spying on members of congress. just like the secret police force would do in a third world country, and on the people who visit their office without telling members of congress. is that legal? we have the details straight ahead.
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>> tucker: so for the season finale of tucker carlson originals we traveled to hungary, a country of about 10 million and spoke to the prime minister. the episode is called hungary and the fight -- and it couldn't come at a better time. if you're watching what's happening now with our foreign policy establishment totally focused on a far away country like ukraine as our border is
5:27 pm
overrun an our country transformed this is something you'll want to watch. the deep truth is, it's not hard to secure your building. all it takes is a fence, a dog, and a couple of guys. they care about life in hung gary and for that, they are hated more than anybody. >> birth rates are declining. that's true in this country as well. it's true in europe the populations are literally disappearing. most governments ignore this trend or instead import new citizens from the rest of the world. >> we don't like the approach because we don't like to offer our personal life. we would not like to leave this country to the migrants. >> tucker: hungary has addressed the problem directly with a family policy. how to convince hungarians to get married and have children?
5:28 pm
that's a major concern of the government. >> they want to conserve hungary. they know there won't be any hungary if there are not plans right now. >> it's simple. reward people who would like to have children. >> if we have a young couple and they want to raise children together they can get a credit without an interest rate. it's quite a large amount of money. it's 10 million, like $3,000 u.s. dollars. you don't have to pay it back if you have three children. >> and they are willing to violate free market dogmas for the sake of defending the country. >> pay off your student loans if you have three children. we have a full consumption. lifelong, from personal income tax paying for mothers who have four children. she also gets a housing subsidy. if you want to buy a car, a seven seater, if you have three
5:29 pm
children or the third child is on the way then they are eligible for this support. >> tucker: again, that's the season finale of the document series, hungary versus soros. the fight for civilization. you can string it for free at conduct capitol police are spying on members of congress, including donors and constituents. attack on a democracy, anyone? we know this from a piece in politico, kind of an amazing piece, it shows that capitol police intelligence is connecting -- collecting information on citizens with lawmakers including people who would "cast a member of congress in a negative light."
5:30 pm
according to who? the house sergeant in arms originally created an insider threat awareness program to identify "employees who lose their compass." secret police, anyone? that's what this is. kelly armstrong relating north dakota, we asked him days ago, are you doing it? walker denied it. apparently lying. why is he still there? congressman armstrong kelly joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> if you didn't know any of this was happening, and i certainly never would have guessed it in a million years, it's shocking. did you know, and how do you feel about it? >> i didn't know. and i think it's important to recognize they are doing this, and secret surveillance on american citizens without probable cause is never okay and it's surely not being done for security reasons. if it was being done for security reasons it wouldn't -- they wouldn't be worried about casting us in a negative light and they would be coordinating with our offices. so then the question becomes why
5:31 pm
are they doing knit how much information are they keeping? who are they giving this information to? and what's the real purpose of this program? >> tucker: let me answer that. >> republicans intend to find out. >> tucker: they are doing it for pelosi. she gets the information, of course. he works for her, and i hope republicans, you know, they -- i mean, you can't have this in a democracy, can you? >> you absolutely can't. i think it's important to recognize that without the bravery of rank and file members of the capitol police in good reporting we probably wouldn't know about this. but it is a leadership change. it started last fall. and obviously got brought into full swing after january 6 in the spring, and they are literally collecting all kinds of information on our constituents, our donors, our supporters, i mean, you have to sign a book if you come into the capitol. we don't know where that information goes and they are obviously doing it to our constituents and meetings that we're having at home. listen, it doesn't matter who
5:32 pm
you're meeting with. if police are spying on you without probable cause that's a terrible thing but it's even more chilling when people are redressing their grievances with members of congress. that's one of the things our country is founded on and this is really scary and it's really inappropriate and i stand by what i said in the article. whoever is in charge of this program should resign or be fired. >> tucker: it's interesting, i'm sure the irony hasn't escaped you that this so-called democracy on january 6 has been used as a pretext to actually undermine democracy by spying on elected lawmakers. >> absolutely. i don't even know what that means, those who have lost their compass. that's the kind of innocuous statement that allows for a pretext to collect for more information than any judge or court would allow and it's surveillance on our constituents. everybody should be offended and everybody should be outraged by this. >> tucker: i hope you convince kevin mccarthy to shut it down because it's not acceptable.
5:33 pm
congressman armstrong, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: across the country colleges and universities, many of which are going out of business, are mandating coronavirus booster shots before they go bankrupt. one student talks about this, joining us next. d think retiremt would be the last thing on my mind. hey mom, can i go play video games? sure, after homework. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. what's the wifi password again? cool. thanks. no problem. voya helps me feel like i've got it all under control. because i do. oh she is good. voya. well planned. i will bless those who bless you well invested. well protected.
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the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> tucker: we want to thank you for watching this show. other stories ignore . >> tucker: in case there are any geniuses left on the internet, a friend just sent this tweet. the regime's next military adventure invading russia in winter. perfect. back to our country now, universities are forcing students to take yet another coronavirus injection before they can go to school. at the university of chicago, and this is rare on campus, some students are fighting back, in a very principled and articulate way. the editorial board published an editorial in which it said chicago must end its booster
5:39 pm
mandate. we are not lab rats. the editor-in-chief of the paper, we're happy to have her join us tonight. thanks for coming on. i would urge viewers to read your editorial because it's better than what you read in a lot of american newspapers but summarize for us the case you made against being forced to take these injections. >> first of all, thank you so much for having me. it's such an honor to be here. you summarized it well. thank you. my editorial board and i are speaking out demanding that the university of chicago and its unethical anti-science booster mandate, our editorial board of nine editors, all signed it. the primary author was eden -- and she did an amazing job, and what we outlined very carefully in the editorial is that there is just no excuse for this
5:40 pm
latest mandate. it's absolutely absurd, and one of the worst parts of it is that it imposes a caste system within our university. doctors and select scientists are exempt. some of the world's leading doctors and scientists don't have to get this jab, including those who are experts in immunology. meanwhile, students and professors and others are being told that in order to participate in this community that i so love, that we need to get yet another jab, enough is enough. >> if we doesn't speak out now, >> we're calling on us to help us end this. >> i think that's what you're defending.
5:41 pm
civil rights, human rights. >> people believe in choice and fighting the man. have they rushed to your side? held you aloft? >> no. no. >> they have not. and sadly, so many people are so very afraid, and they think if they are sheep now and they just follow along and they follow the rules this will all go away, and the saying is, this covid theater is never going to end if we don't fight back now. >> tucker: audrey, you're brave. i hope we see you again. >> thank you so much. >> here's something weird. covid rates are skyrocketing in the very highest vaccination rates, including denmark, australia and israel. alex has been covering this almost alone on sub stack. he joins us now for his reporting. >> alex what is this? >> we're at a very dangerous moment, tucker, and i'm not exaggerating. i think this is probably the most important appearance i've had with you in the last two
5:42 pm
years. it is completely clear now that the vaccines don't really work at all against omicron. in these highly vaccinated and highly boosted countries, rates of infection are incredibly high and rates of serious disease and death are also rising. the israelis are predicting they are going to have more serious cases than they ever had at the peak last year. and the idea that we would solve this with another booster is just off the charts insane. i have not said this to you before because i'm pretty careful and i'm pretty careful with the data but these vaccines, these mrna vaccines, mrna covid vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market. no one should get them. no one should get boosted. no one should get double boosted. they are a dangerous and ineffective product at this point against omicron despite they make your body make that you -- it's not the omicron spike. earlier today tony fauci said
5:43 pm
we're not going to give people mono cleanly antibody first generation products because they don't work against the omicron spike. the same logic applies to these mrna vaccines and giving people boosters, even in the very short term, knocks down infection rates there is a boomerang effect and that's what they are seeing in all of these countries. we're at dangerous moment and these products need to be withdrawn. >> tucker: you say they are ineffective and that's demonstrable to anybody who lives in this country. anyone who has had covid, most of them are fine but when you say they are dangerous, what do you mean by that? >> there was a jama paper today that shows rates of myocarditis, which is a heart inflammation that can be very dangerous and can affect people of any age but myocarditis in young men, college age people, especially men, it is 50 to a hundred times as high as the background rate after the second shot. there is another issue here, which is -- when i say there is danger, there is danger and the
5:44 pm
danger is dose related. that's a general rule in medicine. the dose makes the poison, and giving people more mrna that's going to make them produce spike protein that doesn't, you know, match the current spike protein of sars covid 2 is useless, and is likely to wrong foot their immune systems. there is a problem with the efficacy and the immune response and there is also just a problem with the dangers of the vaccine themselves. if these products were being brought to market now against omicron, they would not be approval, okay? so pfizer is trying to fix that by saying, we're going to have an omicron variant mrna product in the next couple of months, guess what it's very likely there will be a new variant by then. okay? so they are going to be chasing this and they are going to be injecting somebody with a variant that doesn't match forever and the results are likely to get worse and worse. just look at the chart of what's
5:45 pm
happened in israel in the last couple of weeks. this is a country that's 90% plus adult vaccinated. more than half adult boosted. these are the levels that the democrats would love to achieve in the united states. it's not just that it doesn't make any difference, it seems to be making the situation worse and it's impossible for me to channel that a fourth shot that a second booster is doing to do anything but, in a couple of months, lead to another boomerang, another synchronize wave that overwhelms hospitals because they are reporting that, again, in israel, that thai icu's are under immense pressure, so i don't know what the logic is right now, but i know that in any rational world every public health authority would be calling for an immediate halt to vaccinations, mrna vaccinations for covid until we know what's going on. >> tucker: it's just a completely scary thing to hear. and again, you can look up the data. it's on vaers -- >> we're lucky right now that omicron is not as dangerous as
5:46 pm
delta overall. if another variant comes, and we're wrong footed like this and it's more virulent, i don't know what's going to happen. but we should be trying to avoid, not trying to buy a couple of months so tony fauci can feel better and this happens again. >> tucker: thank you so much. >> thank you tucker. >> texas is one of the last free states. what happens when it becomes california? we'll talk to a man who is trying to prevent from it becoming california next.
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>> tucker: here's an amazing fact. illegal immigrants were arrested by authorities in the state of texas are actually more likely to remain in this country than when they are arrested by federal agents. that's reported from the houston chronicle. sounds more like california than texas. he doesn't want the state to turn into california. he joins us now to explain how he'll stop that. >> thanks for coming on. how are you going to stop texas from becoming california? >> well, hello, tucker, and hello, patriots. let me tell you something, tucker. this is the main problem that's
5:52 pm
affecting texas and really the nation. it's the culture war. the war of our culture. this is a battle for the soul of texas and the soul of our nation, and i can tell you we're losing this. for one simple reason. one main reason. that's because we don't have courageous republican leadership. look at what's happening right now in florida when desantis, as you know, florida was 50-50, republicans and democrats and once desantis won the democrats have given up on florida and it's redder by the day in. texas we lost control of the universities decades ago to the left. and now the left, of course, is training the teachers that go down to our government schools, and teach socialism, and we know that socialism always leads to communism and tyranny and the horrors are just unimaginable. they are teaching crt, marxist critical race theory, transgender ideology, porn in
5:53 pm
the school libraries, we even had drag queen story hours. this has got to change. this is where the left has winning. they have taken over the cities in texas. major cities in texas. our borders are wide open, for instance. we've got two million illegal aliens pouring into texas in the last 12 months. they are come from over a hundred different countries. our culture is at risk, and i want to change that. this all started, really started, the catalyst for this is when we let the left replace god with government. most things in texas are downstream of the governor's office, our virtue, our culture, and we can never have true liberty without a virtuous society. i'm going to make sure that we get prayer back, in all of our classrooms in texas. i'm going to make sure we get biblical studies in our junior highs. i'm going to make sure we take
5:54 pm
control of our universities with god-fearing patriots that believe in exceptionalism of america and the free market and capitalism and flush out all the communists and the socialists that are running the universities today. >> tucker: that would be a big change and a welcomed one. appreciate it. thank you. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: just looking back at the straight line up of the show we just did. pretty grim. our defense should be we have to cover them. it is still a little depressing. we will do our very best to do something positive and amusing tomorrow. a break on wednesday. anyway, we will be back tomorrow night. and here's the great sean hannity. >> sean: thank you. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple major stories including the ongoing border crisis. the biden administration, they are dispersing droves of illegal aliens all over that u.s. sara carter just spoke to a newly retired commander about the ongoing nightmare at the southern border. we will play this exclusive tape. obviously in shadow so that we can -- plus, we will detail the explosive allegations surrounding the biden family's very lucrative ties to the highest levels of chinese


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