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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 25, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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it cost me more to cash it. [laughter] >> dana: tea. >> geraldo. >> judge jeanine: that's it for us, everyone. "special report" up next with bret baier. >> bret: all right, thanks, judge and jesse congrats on the debut ratings. >> jesse: thank you. bet. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight u.s. and allies prepare for war both actual and economic while ukrainian leaders urge calm and the kremlin bolsters what could be an invasion force along the border. president biden says there will be no american forces into ukraine enormous consequences if vladimir putin goes into that country a plane carrying american equipment and munitions arrive in kyiv today. third shipment of $2 million security package. fox team coverage tonight greg
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palkot in kyiv where the government is now saying it does not believe a russian incursion is imminent. we begin with white house correspondent peter doocy live on the north lawn, good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. president biden took ice cream parlor and retail shop. while he was there standing beside a rack of long sleeve t-shirts emblazened with ruth bader ginsburg made international news with a new assessment of vladimir putin. >> if he were to move in with all those forces it, would be the largest invasion since world war ii. >> peter: officials say it's coming. >> when we said it was imminent it remains imminent. >> peter: before a physical attack there could be a cyberattack on critical u.s. infrastructure according to a warning dhs officials are circulating to u.s. companies. >> we are always preparing for any -- any action that related to cyber or any other activity that any country could take. >> any biden order will be in consultation with nato partners. >> there is not going to be any
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american forces moving into ukraine. >> up to 8500 u.s. troops are now on alert for possible deployment to countries neighboring ukraine. >> i may be moving some of those troops in the nearer term. >> that is as a former ambassador to ukraine forecast a grim battle at the border. >> it will be very painful. >> we have bloody for russian troops. it will, of course, be bloody and painful for ukrainian civilians and military. >> the republicans want the president to preempt tently punish putin. >> russians have grabbed a piece of ukraine or tried to overthrow the entire government, it's really too late. >> eventually sanctions could land on putin himself. >> would you ever see yourself personally sanctioning him if he did invade ukraine? >> yes. >> the biden pew tent relationship seems to have deteriorated since an in person meeting in june. >> it seems like the president thought in june that things were going to be good. and right now things are not looking good. >> i don't actually think that's at all what the president said.
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>> this is part of what he said. >> and i must tell you, the tone of the entire meetings, i guess it was a total of four hours, was -- was, was good, positive. >> psaki says more to the story. >> he gave an extensive press conference where he conveyed it wouldn't happen overnight. >> but, for months, this is a president that has been claiming america is back and that he has repaired america's alliances and this is going to represent a big test to that because he is trying to stop russia from this aggressive move as part of a larger alliance. nato and as of right now, there are no biden-putin calls on the calendar. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, thanks. ukrainian leaders meantime are trying to calm their citizens tonight. they say a russian invasion is not imminent. but there are some indications to the contrary. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is in the capital city tonight. >> more bad news for urk, new
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reports say 30 train loads of russian troops and gear have rolled into neighboring belarus. 60 russian battle groups are now virtually surrounding the country. threatening invasion. that's why the u.s. sent tonight more military aid including anti-tank missiles for the ukrainian forces already fighting russian-backed rebels in eastern ukraine. >> we are working together to expedite security assistance and support of ukraine's sovereign right to self-defense. >> this, in addition to those u.s. and nato troops, plus hardware, on stand by to go to eastern europe as a deterrence. >> these nato response force troops that we're talking about, if it's activated, are not about training. it's about credible combat power for the alliance. >> the u.s. is not taking any chances. fox news has learned 200 american diplomats and family will evacuate in the coming week. along with some other country's citizens. 20,000 u.s. reportedly living in ukraine as well the word was urgent get out.
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president zelensky went on tv trying to tamp down fears. the fact that countries withdrew diplomatic staff doesn't necessarily mean imminent invasion. >> the ukraine defense minister says it's setting up terrorist defense brigades in all regions of the country. ready to deploy in the event of a full on attack. long time observers here now think russia could invade with a purpose. >> i think the aim is to sow panic and split the country into those who will be then ready to out of desperation to reach accommodation with russia and to say, look, the west is not going to help us. >> still late today, even state department spokesperson ned price was talking tough and he said and i quote if vladimir putin thinks that renewed aggression won't be met with a severe, swift response, he would be wrong. we will see, bret. >> bret: greg palkot live in kyiv tonight, thanks. back here in the u.s., we have a
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fox news exclusive tonight from the southern border. our crew witnessed what appeared to be a large release of certain illegal immigrants into the u.s. we'll head there. correspondent bill melugin shows us tonight from brownsville, texas. >> for the first time during this border crisis, exclusive fox news video shows the mass release of single adult male migrants from federal custody in brownsville, texas this afternoon. we watched as multiple federally contracted buses released dozens of these machine, some with ankle monitors, all at a parking garage in brownsville. no children, no families. all single adult men, which the biden administration primarily targets for expulsion via title 42. instead, these men disappear into a small unmarketed office after their release. >> hi, everyone. >> today, when pressed by fox's peter doocy, white house press secretary jen psaki insisted despite the release of these single adults, title 42 is being
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enforced at the border. >> migrants cannot be expelled under title 42 are placed into immigration proceedings. one of those avenues could be placement in alternative to detention program in the interior of the united states. >> we witnessed the exact same process on sunday when more single adult migrants were released at the same brownsville parking garage in a black tarp was set up to obstruct public view of what about inside. a short time later, some of the migrants emerged and got into taxicabs which were waiting for them outside. fox news followed some of those taxis to the nearby airport where some of the single adult migrants were dropped to have catch flights to other parts of the country. >> miami. >> miami? >> the city of brownsville confirmed to fox news they do work with the feds to use the parking garage as a staging area for migrants. tell us in part, quote: the city of brownsville's office of emergency management through federal assistance from fema facilitates the migrants to their final destination.
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>> by allowing them to use services to contact their families, ngos or a taxicab. bret, cbp tells me they had no involvement with the mass dropoffs of these single adults at parking structure. a source in ice tells me these were in fact all ice releases. send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin in brownsville, texas. thanks. another major comeback for stocks on wall street after a tough morning. the dow finished off 67. the s&p 500 was down 54. the nasdaq lost 316. volatile times on the market. later, an in-depth report on the origins of the coronavirus. what was being said publicly and privately. up next, just when you thought only chron was easing up. authorities say a new strain is now on the way. we will bring you that story. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 26 in houston where a combined reward of up to $60,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect in sunday's murder of a deputy.
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51-year-old oscar rosales is accused of killing corporal charles galloway during a traffic stop. houston's police chief says rosales may be trying to change his appearance. it state and federal partners are making themselves available to recover potentially explosive military devices out of homes and businesses. that task force has seen an increase in the number of calls over the last six months. officials are warning people who find military devices not to move, touch, handle, or transport them. and this is a live look at that time annapolis, maryland, one of the big stories in nearby baltimore tonight from fox 45, a huge snapping turtles is found in a gutter and he should have been hibernating. took in the turtle. he will not be put up for adoption. turned over to a partner organization that specializes in wildlife care. turtles in maryland.
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♪ >> bret: the leader of the political group the oath keepers is pleading not guilty to seditious conspiracy charges over his involvement in the january 6th capitol riot. stuart rhodes and most of his co-defendants entered their not guilty pleas during a preliminary hearing in washington. they face a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted. a new york city police officer gravely wounded in a shooting that took his partner's life has now also died of his injuries. officer wilbert mora was 27 years old a procession was held for officer mora today. his fellow officer saluted as his body was taken from harlem hospital. mora and officer jason rivera were fatally wounded friday after they were called to a harlem apartment by a woman who needed help with her adult son. police saleh sean mcneil threw open a bedroom door and shot the officers as they walked down a narrow hallway. a 30 officer shot mcneil who
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died monday. just as experts predict a peak of the only chron surge at the end of the month there is now according to authorities a new version of that strain to worry about. a handful of cases are already being reported here in the u.s. correspondent jonathan serrie has the latest from atlanta. >> a new omicron subvariant spreading through parts of europe and asia has been detected in the u.s. with reports of a handful of cases in texas and washington state. researchers do not know whether ba 2 is any more dangerous than the original omicron variant but its ener general's serves as a stark reminder of the coronavirus' ability to mutate while it's in circulation. >> globally, the conditions are ideal for more variants to emerge. >> pfizer announced it has initiated a study in adults 18 through 555 to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a new vaccine that specifically targets omicron. meanwhile the fda's decision to restrict the use of two
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monoclonal antibody covid treatments led to canceled appointments today to more than 2,000 floridians according to governor ron desantis who tweeted without a shred of clinical data to support its decision the biden administration has revoked the emergency use authorization for life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments. the desantis vowed to fight. the drug maker says treatments are less effective against omicron which represents nearly 100% of active covid cases in the u.s. the fda acted on recent data showing omicron 1,000 less time vulnerable to regeneron drug and 3,000 times less vulnerable to eli lilly's. >> since these two monoclonal antibodies don't work against omicron that it would not be a good idea to administer to anyone because all you will have is the risk of a potential adverse effect with essentially no benefit. >> fda says it may reauthorize the treatments if they prove effective against future
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variants. a third monoclonal treatment from glaxo schmidt klein continues to work against omicron but u.s. supplies are limited. and, bret, a new york appeals judge has temporarily reinstated governor hochul's indoor mask mandate that while say health officials appeal a lower court ruling against it the governor says she is optimistic the state will prevail. bret? >> bret: jonathan serrie live in atlanta. home of the cdc. jonathan, thank you. the biden administration has officially withdrawn a rule that would have required workers at big companies to be vaccinated or face regular covid testing requirements. that's the osha rule. u.s. supreme court rejected the ruling earlier this month. the justices left in place a vaccine mandate for healthcare providers who received federal medicare or medicaid funding. tension escalates with russia over ukraine. congressional republicans are urging president biden not to forget about china. the beijing government continues its intimidation tactics against
3:18 pm
taiwan. even as it prepares to host the world for the olympics. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie has the story from capitol hill. >> tonight, the pentagon is responding to concerns about china and how a russian invasion of ukraine may embolden the communist regime to invade taiwan. >> nobody wants to see conflict there over taiwan. but we absolutely have a responsibility to help taiwan defend itself. >> it comes two days after beijing launched 39 aircraft near the small island nation. china's power has been growing around the world. according to a new analysis by the think tank the atlantic council. chinese influence greatly expanded in the last 20 years while u.s. power weakened in key regions. house democrats say they will introduce a china competitiveness bill soon to boost american chip production. but some republicans think the u.s. should do more. >> we should be providing today as many or more weapons to taiwan as we are rushing to
3:19 pm
ukraine. >> and senator tom cotton among those frustrated the u.s. didn't do more to move the olympics out of china. the administration, instead, opting for a diplomatic boycott. bret? >> bret: aishah hasnie on capitol hill. thanks. this just in house speaker nancy pelosi now says she will run for re-election this fall. the california democrat could obviously lose her leadership position if republicans take control of the house after the midterm elections. four boston red sox slugger david ortiz has been elected to the baseball hall of fame. perennial all stars berry bonds and roger clemmons were not chosen in this the final year of eligibility on the rider's ballot. they have been shunned because of allegations they took performance enhancing drugs this was the first year of eligibility for or ortiz who works as analyst for fox sports. a special in-depth look in the
3:20 pm
early days forever the search of the origins of the coronavirus what was public and private. first, beyond our borders tonight. a massive cold front of snow storms hit much of turkey and greece leaving countless drivers stranded overnight in freezing conditions. crews in istanbul and athens dug through snow and ice to clear the roads. some areas received more than 3. london police say they are investigating a number of downing street lockdown parties in 2020. the inquiry will determine if u.k. government officials violated coronavirus restrictions. prime minister boris johnson is facing calls to resign amid revelations he and his staff attended a series of parties when most social gatherings were banned throughout england. and one of the seven sheikh doms in the united arab emirates will allow gaming announcing a multibillion dollars deal with wynn resorts. announcement comes after months of rumors about gambling coming to the uae despite islam
3:21 pm
prohibiting it authorities declined to say whether gameing will involve cash betting. i don't know how gaming works other than that just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ rs ♪ ♪ got my heart ♪ ♪ got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪ some of my best memories growing up were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at life happens in the moment. in the quiet and the chaos. you shouldn't have to miss out on all the moments you love
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as we severe the third year of the covid-19 pandemic. fresh questions being raised about what american scientists and federal health officials knew about how and where the coronavirus originated and whether they decided to suppress conflicting evidence. it's not a mere abstract second-guessing, understanding the origins was key then and remains. so to deal with the virus that has proven stubbornly persistent. tonight, what we have learned on the evolving u.s. government response. >> january 2020, the world first learns that patients in wuhan, china are suffering serious complications from an unknown virus. and we soon realize infections from a novel coronavirus are fueling a fast-spreading global pandemic. by mid months, the first u.s. case of covid is reported in washington state. health experts conclude the outbreak is due to human-to-human transmission. federal officials scrambling to
3:26 pm
contain its spread offer mixed messaging. >> we are urging china more cooperation and transparency are the most important steps you can take toward a more effective response. >> it's really a big difference with the chinese this time now. they look like they're being quite transparent and cooperative with us. >> but how did such a deadly virus emerge so swiftly, so suddenly from a central chinese province? >> bret: new internal communications from the national institutes of health obtained by fox news show in the earliest days of the crisis, dr. anthony fauci, the head of the agency's infectious diseases institute, is warned covid may have leaked from a chinese government run lab, the wuhan institute of virology. >> january 27th fauci is told the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases has been indirectly funding the wuhan lab through ecohealth alliance. a u.s. based scientific nonprofit that had been working with novel coronavirus.
3:27 pm
january 31st, dr. christian anderson a noted virologist at the scripts lab privately tells fauci after discussion with his colleagues, some of covid-19's features potentially look engineered and, quote, the genome is inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory, meaning the virus have been genetically manipulated. fauci reacts immediately and organizes an all hands on deck conference call with colleagues. he tells the deputy director of the agency dr. hugh of the urgency. quote: it's essential that we speak this am. keep your cell phone on. read this paper as well as the email that i will forward to you now. you will have tasks today that must be done. later that day, he confirms a study into experiments with the novel coronavirus funded through the niaid may not have gone through proper biosafety review and oversight. he tells fauci their staff will,
3:28 pm
quote: try to determine if we have any distant ties to this work abroad. >> bret: hours later fauci convene as conference equal a dozen worldwide virologist notes of that hastily obtained meeting obtained by fox news reveals suspicions of a worldwide lab leak are suppressed over concerns of public revelations over chinese involvement would do, quote great potential harm to science and international harmony. quote, further debate about such accusations would unnecessarily distract top researchers from their active duties and do unnecessary harm to science in general and science in china, in particular. but some immunologists are not convinced. dr. mike fargin how do you put all of this together whether you believe in this series of coincidences? what you know of the lab in wuhan? how much could be in nature? accidental release or natural
3:29 pm
event? i'm 70:30 or 60:40. another scientist at the meeting dr. robert gary of tulane university is more adamant quote: i really can't think of a plausible natural sion scenario where you get from the bat virus or one very serious to it ncov where you insert exactly four amino acids, 12 nuke low tied that all have to be added at the exact same time to gain that function. that and you don't change any other amino acid in s 2. i just can't figure out how this gets accomplished in nature in the lab perfect 12 base insert that you wanted. fauci and others point to evidence the virus may have originated in a seafood and wild animal market in wuhan. any scientific consensus is complicated by the market being shut down and scrubbed clean by chinese twhorts crucial evidence destroyed or hidden from international scrutiny outside
3:30 pm
access to the lab is also restricted condition census reached on the experts on that call, quote, one. don't try to write a paper at all. it's unnecessary. or, two, if you do write it, don't mention a lab oorigin as that will justed a fuel to the conspiracy cysts. on that call, fauci and his boss nih director collins are again told about separate state department warnings about lax safety protocols inside the wuhan lab. it's unclear whether those warnings were expressed to white house officials. nevertheless, despite the conflicting evidence presented by the virologists at that meeting, collins seems convinced. quote: i'm coming around to the view that a natural origin is more likely but i share your view that a swift convening of experts in a confidence inspiring framework w.h.o. seems really the only option is needed
3:31 pm
or the voices of conspiracy will quickly dominate. just four days later, five american british and australian researchers who were all on thad preliminary findings that abandoned their early private beliefs that covid was likely the result of a laboratory leak. it's unclear what new evidence prompted such a drastic 180, but private communications show the various drafts of their report are sent to fauci and collins for editing and approval. the records do not reveal if they, in fact, edited the new version. february 16th, the first public draft is published online. weeks later, a final version of that report is posted, again, a total reversal of what those virologists wrote in private emails earlier. >> march 17th, in nature medicine, our analysis clearly shows that covid is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus. but that was not enough to tamp down what multiple sources
3:32 pm
inside and outside government believed that the wuhan lab was, indeed, the covid ground zero. >> multiple sources say this may be the costliest government cover-up of all time by china. there is a growing belief that the covid-19 virus originated in the wuhan lab, not as a bioweapon but as china's effort to find and deal with viruses to show the world china was as good as or better than the u.s. on that front. later that day, president trump is asked about our reporting. >> more and more we are hearing the story. we are doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation that happened. >> the next day, april 16th, a frustrated collins emails fauci wondering if there is something nih can do to help put down very destructive conspiracy? collins' email includes a link to our "special report" and reporting. a day later, fauci replies, quote: i would not do anything about this right now. it is a shiny object that will
3:33 pm
go away in times. but hours after that from the white house press briefing room dr. fauci publicly endorses public animal theory. >> the mutations to get to the point where it is now is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to human. >> more than a month later, we now learn doctors christian chrn andersen and robert gary two who were in close contact with dr. fauci are awarded a nearly $9 million research grant from fauci's agency. a month after that dr. peter does zac of ecohealth alliance, the group that did the original u.s. funded experiments with the chinese at the wuhan institute of virology received a $7.5 million grant over five years from dr. fauci. president biden, a year later, tasked the u.s. intelligence community to probe the covid origins. but its august report was inconclusive due in large part
3:34 pm
to china's unwillingness to assist with the investigation. as the lab leak theory gains more scientific traction around the world, dr. collins publicly says he is at least open to that possibility. >> you thought it was not a weaponized thing from the chinese but that it may have been a lab accident. it seems more and more pointing that way. are you confident saying that? >> i don't think i have any more new information to be able to tip the balance. certainly possible that this was somehow under study in the lab even know it was not human engineered from scratch. i'm quite confident of that. >> bret: months later in his last interview before leaving nih last month, collins tells fox news he stands by the natural origins theory. >> we still don't know. there is no evidence really to say. most of the scientific community, myself included, think that is a possibility but far more likely this was a natural way in which a virus left a bat, maybe traveled through some other species and got to humans and there was no lab leak involved.
3:35 pm
we won't know unless china decides to open up about this which they have not done and shame on them for that. >> bret: fauci says chinese cooperation should be the goal. >> obviously you want openness and cooperation. one of the ways you can get it is don't be accusatory. the accusatory part about it is only going to get them to pull back even more. >> bret: and that is what has so frustrated scientists and helped professionals inside and out of government as they have tried to cope with an exploding lethal pandemic for more than two years with incomplete or inaccurate facts. >> whether it was engineered or not, if we would have known earlier and there wasn't a cover-up, we could have saved lives. >> dr. robert gary, who was on that february 2020 conference call with dr. fauci tells the intercept news organization he changed his mind on the covid origins based on new information he and his colleagues received and that, quote: no one was trying to mislead the public.
3:36 pm
we should note china continues to deny its wuhan lab was the covid source. but last july refused cooperation with a second stage of an international probe into the pandemic's origins. u.s. lawmakers want more answers, too. with ranking members of the house oversight and judiciary committees, republicans in recent days asking president biden's hhs secretary for greater access to dr. fauci and nih emails and notes from the earliest days of the pandemic. and they want to interview fauci himself. they say the current administration continues to hide the truth. we provided our story to dr. fauci's people and nih and as of airing tonight, we have not heard a response. coming up next on "special report," the panel joins me with all the breaking news from washington and around the world.
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open mind on this mark as always but if you talk the real card carrying molecular virology justs and molecular viral they feel that the evidence and the circumstances weigh very, very strongly that this is a natural occurrence in the sense of jumping from an animal species a bat, maybe to intermediate host to a human. >> bret: that's dr. fauci late this afternoon answering a question from dr. marc siegel on sirius xm radio doctor radio reports about the reporting of the early days of the covid origin sticking to that he believes that most virologists believe what he came out with as we showed you at the beginning of that there were many who were saying something different. let's bring in our panel. we will start there morgan or ortagus former state department spokesperson and hugh hewitt and
3:42 pm
a.b. cook political report. you were in government at the time. secretary pompeo very forward leaning when it came to the investigation of it. a lot of people ask why is this important now? because, well, we're going to fight this pandemic but there could be others down the road. we have to get to the origins of where this thing started. >> absolutely. and we should have been, all of us should have been critical and skeptical i should say of the chinese communist party. you are talking about an organization that has denied and covered up the tiananmen square massacre. you are talking about a communist party that is currently overseeing a genocide in jing jiang. y put it past them. they have covered up covid two and a half years. we still don't have the live vice sample no. independent scientist or doctor or even a real team from the w.h.o. that can go in and find out what the origins of covid are and the chinese communist party wants to make sure it will never happen. and i can tell you from the
3:43 pm
first days when we learned about covid, president trump and mike pompeo were incredibly skeptical. we started sounding the alarm very early on at the state department that we thought the chinese were hiding something two and a half years later. they still are and they faced no consequences. >> bret: what's frustrating is there is this effort that you see in emails to kind of squelch any other talk. on the definition of scientists to try investigate and get to the truth. but, in these emails at least privately, there is only one narrative that they want out there. >> yeah, i'm very curious to hear not just the -- some of the folks that you mentioned dr. fauci and others' response to this report but some of the others that you mentioned and to hear haw they came around to this conversation or to this belief that both of those possibilities and they ended up
3:44 pm
here at it being a natural process a pandemic happens once every 100 years. there is a possibility we will see something again like this. unfortunately in our life times. and what i need to appreciate and understand is this moves very fast and we have to be okay with it involving our thinking about it evolving much like, unfortunately this virus has mutated so should questions about it. >> bret: hugh? obviously there is a u.s. component here and what we were funding and doing in the wuhan virology, that lab that we really don't have all the answers to yet either. >> we're not close. that was a devastating report, bret. the cdc and the nih obviously decided on judgment before verdict. a, they had their conclusion that it wasn't coming out of the lab. they had their narrative that they had looked at it very
3:45 pm
carefully and had their motive. dr. collins email that you disclosed in the "special report" that in the interest of science and international harmony, basically we have to stop this story. the next question is what did they tell the white house? president trump was taking all the arrows on their behalf. he defended the cdc when they botched the testing. he defended the cdc at every turn. but now we have a record that you have exposed tonight and we will see what people say tomorrow, of a cover-up that is at least as damning as any i have heard of in the last few years. >> bret: all right. listen, we will stay on this story. the big thing about going forward is trying to fight this and morgan, there is this battle over monoclonal antibodies whether they should be approved. the florida governor saying it's being shut down. the next step is really important. >> paul mango, who was the chief of staff to azar has a brilliant op-ed about this. we should be able to fight covid not just with vaccines. they are important. but also with therapeutics and
3:46 pm
with anything that american ingenuity can come up with. why this administration has been a one trick pony just on the vaccines and not stressed the therapeutics which can also equally save lives is beyond me. >> bret: okay. we will continue. a little shorter with all that big reporting tonight we will return with the panel and talk foreign policy after a quick break. ♪ and it's easy to get a quote at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director only pay for what you need. and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved.
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♪ >> there is not going to be any american forces moving into ukraine. >> there is no one asking for american troops in ukraine. i haven't heard anybody make that demand. what they are asking for is the united states to live up to its commitment. >> we are not ruling off the table any unilateral u.s. troops also inside europe or even going to europe to help bolster our allies and to reassure them. we are making it very clear to mr. putin that there will be severe consequences. if he moves in another time to attack ukraine. >> bret: again, the big international news russian troops poised on ukrainian border. what will happen? we are back with our panel. amy, the president making clear today there are not going to be any american forces moving into ukraine. it seems like he has gotten the word from polls and elsewhere that americans are not into that move. >> no, they aren't. but they are also looking into-to-see whether the
3:51 pm
president can live up to this moment crises, shaper accepts the president. this president already has had one crisis, which is the coronavirus, perceptions of handling that have sunk considerably and, of course, on afghanistan perceptions of how that pull-out went very negatively. so, whether or not people see that he has control of this issue is going to be very important for him going forward and gaining the trust of the american public. >> bret: you know, morgan, senator mitch mcconnell came out and actually praised president biden and his team for how they are handling this situation early on. obviously we don't know what we don't know but your thoughts? >> i didn't see that but i wouldn't agree with the senator if he said that listen, i think we are at this moment today. we didn't have to be. we are at this moment today because of for the past year we had sort of chased putin around the world if it relates to diplomacy. tried to get him to talk. and we have made concession after concession to either appease the germans or appease the russians to stop them from
3:52 pm
escalating and what you saw senior administration official today saying in a briefing is, you know, that they are at the end of the escalation ladder and the united states is, you know, taking it seriously and we are going to be tough. you know, bret, and the people that you showed in the clip, it sounds like me talking to my toddler. if you do that one more time, russia, if you do that one more time, well, my toddler doesn't believe me when i say that and i don't think the russians believe biden. >> bret: interesting financial times piece toe russia and china's plans for a new world order. when vladimir putin travels to beijing for the beginning of the winter olympics the russian president will meet with the leader who has become his most important ally xi jinping of china. in a phone call in disease the chinese leader supported russia's demand ukraine must never join nato. both putin and xi believe their color current world order. as a result they share a dormings create a new world order that will better accommodate the interest of russia and china as defined by
3:53 pm
their current leaders. i found that piece fascinating. your thoughts? >> it was a fascinating piece. china has flipped the america card and the russia card and shuffled the deck and now russia and china in the united states against fraying nato. president biden got in and gave them short range missile treaty that putin wanted. he followed that up as tom cotton likes to point out by giving them nord stream. then maligned and rationale kgb watched afghanistan collapse and it concluded he can move. what's in the lethal aid package. not the 98500 soldiers mobilized pray for their families. did we send them land to sea missiles to threaten the russian navy? did we send them surface to air missiles to threaten russian fighters? i know they need anti-tank missiles. we did apparently send them. what matters now what we give ukraine to defend themselves and nothing else and we haven't given them enough and we haven't
3:54 pm
given it fast enough. >> bret: quickly, amy, how he handles this moment could it change the impact of how far he is handle ling other things. >> potentially it also means that a lot of the issues that he would like to get across particularly his domestic agenda may be abandoned by an international crisis that he is going to have to take charge of. >> bret: never predict all these things. panel, as always, thank you, when we come back, it is tuesday. that means "tuesday tweets." ♪ ♪ ®. you can also unlock short videos, step-by-step guides, and other easy-to-use tools designed for people just getting started. plus, investment professionals are on standby 24/7 if you ever have a question.
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>> bret: time for "tuesday tweets" i like that bird tweeting, chicago variant who asked what the end russian incursion in ukraine will this embolden test biden and same in taiwan. thanks for making the she interactive with your viewers. we talked about that financial times piece and a lot of foreign
3:59 pm
policy experts are looking at that did the topics at the end of the show beforehand? they see the topics, i tell them the topics. not the questions. kind of like horses at the gate they are ready to go with the initial thought but we stir the conversation. up next hank asks what was the best part of last weekend's golf tournament in orlando? i played in the hilton grand vacations tournament of champions, lpga and celebrity event. it was awesome. a lot of fun. anika sorenstam. i had a lot of fun and loved watching their swing so smooth. which leads to the last question. video question from mark. >> bret, just where do you get your fancy golf pants? >> bret: all right, mark. well, the truth is i get them from loud mouth. the same company that does the john daly pants. but i figure i wear charcoal or blue suit why not bring it on the golf course every now and then if i'm playing in a tournament. so that's where i get them loud mouth. all right, tomorrow on "special report," we will talk to a
4:00 pm
french filmmaker and author documentary about suffering hardship around the world includes scenes from ukraine about what's coming next, maybe. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. we're also have a follow to that in-depth reporting on the cody origins tomorrow on "special report." "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: most of you women watching have been on a blind date. you know what it's like, your friends get you all excited about this mystery guy. they talk him up tell you is he funny smart handsome and interesting. you have second thoughts but your buddies insist you are perfect for each other and then you show up. and instead of sitting down for dinner with john stamos you realize you are eating with michael moore. a mess.


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