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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 25, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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and we appreciate you sharing it with us. >> thank you. >> charles: folks, that will do it for here. catch me at 2:00 p.m. eastern on fox business for making money. this market is a major turmoil, the federal reserve, the printers of money, they are on my show and i will guide you through it. you have to watch me, but first watch "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, am judge jeanine pirro with geraldo rivera will, greg gutfeld, dana perino, jesse watters, it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is the five. ♪ ♪ there is a major meltdown happening over the near suggestion we are ever returning to normal. liberal comedian bill barr and larry rice being hammered by the media bias suggesting it's time
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to learn to live with covid. >> i don't want to live in your paranoid world anymore, you go out, it's silly now. you have your mask, you have to have a card and a booster and they scan your head. like you are a cashier and i'm a bunch of bananas. >> this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic world crime. spin on those words triggering the partisan press that thing's mandates and covid rules should be here to stay forever. >> you don't have to do it, but stay away from everybody. how dare you be so flippant, man. >> i may never ride a subway again without a mask or ever go to crowds without a mask and that's up to me to do that. >> she told larry weiss essentially that she needed to grow up. >> yeah, she needs to grow because she is acting like a child. young children handled the pandemic more maturely. >> very valid, messed up.
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>> too many people are making this about politics, even libertarians. they give comedians a lot of leeway, this is not funny. >> jeanine: and how's this for crazy? some schools in virginia are segregating students who don't wear a mask. it is in the science of lenny onken's executive order that lets parents decide if their kid should be forced to cover up. those schools now separating students and saying they won't be able to learn in person unless they comply. okay, jesse, i will start with you, since you are the star of the day. >> now you're embarrassing me. >> jeanine: no, you love it. so why is there so much resistance of this? the numbers are down, the others are down. at some point -- >> jesse: no, no, half will not return, it's a religion, i
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can make up words, covidism coming to see the cracks when gayle king said she wanted to break the lock down and run buck naked through times square. bill barr coming out, aoc, she took a down in south beach, so there is part of the party that wants to live free. but they are going to be people that are better quitters, remember, the dead enders and they will stay until there is only one more case count in the united states, because they like the structure, they like to submit. before maybe they did not have a way to find meaning in their lives, but now they have a doctor and they have a ritual, they are cuomo-'s. they worship fauci, but there is a desire that you want to follow people who don't follow those rules, the media likes it too, because it gives them ratings and it lets them be the snobs
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that they naturally are. so while they are telling people what to do, other people go, yes, they will follow the fold and where the face shield while they wash their blueberries with gloves and that will never end. and you know, fisa has the money train going, the governors have the emergency powers and they will milk it for as long as possible. >> jeanine: okay, dana, i saw you riding down. >> dana: furiously. >> jeanine: go ahead. >> dana: one of the reasons you see biden's numbers where they are are a lot of things, but one of the big ones is there is a wariness because we are not returning to normal. and now there is a reluctance to return to normal. and you have what i rode down was that there is a poll this week that people who are twice vaccinated and boosted are more worried about getting covid right now then the unvaccinated are worried about getting covid. also you have this other dynamic of parents, i think that 2022 is going to be the year that the parents wore and you will see
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this across the country as we saw it in virginia on a little bit in the news already. you will see it across the country. at 65% of parents said they were in more worried about their kids missing school then they were about their kids getting covid, 30% said they were worried about that. we had a situation in new york where we wear masks for a month that is supposed to end a week from now, the governor got thrown out in the court last night, actually they are throwing that out, it's a week more, instead of taking the win and being a leader, she said she wants to fight it in court and said new yorkers who did a great job, the case numbers are down, we can go back to not wearing masks in public places, they told us to follow the science, but now they are not, and i think that that's why you see joe biden's numbers continuing to creep up. >> jeanine: it's interesting how you made the connection between the two, but i want to ask you that there are some polls saying that younger people
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are more worried then medically vulnerable older people, is that indoctrination? is that a continuation? because if you are older, you know that you are vulnerable. >> geraldo: eric and i, my wife erica and i had a discussion about the generations and how much more woke the younger people are. they seized on to something. but i am -- i like barry weiss and bill maher, but i'm with whoopi goldberg. how dare you be so flippant. as you know, i lost my beloved nephew bobby reid, 868,000 americans have died. it's a number that you have to go, 868,000 americans have died. it will come, it is happening. why rush it? and in terms of those virginia parents, they send the unvaccinated kid to a school requiring vaccinations, they have to get ready for that child to be isolated in the auditorium, because that's the rule, and you are exposing even if you think the risk is
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minuscule, and your own heart, that's the rule, you follow the rule, you know, the reason the disease is so worrisome is that it is infectious and you can give it to someone else that it is not you. you are making the choice not to be vaccinated, you get the disease to someone who has not made that choice, a kid under five years old. i think that just calm down, it's coming. week come in two weeks, a month, six months, some people forever, look at the japanese, that's okay, not me. but that's the way it is. >> jeanine: okay, so greg, the county ground zero, electing the governor, the governor says they don't have to wear a mask, the schools are now segregating the kids. >> greg: i'm all for that. effective risk management is not flippant. when the risk is minuscule, if you understand risk management, you become the adult in the room and you make the decision. it's the person --
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>> geraldo: make the decision for me. >> greg: i'm not allowing you to tell me to wear a mask. >> geraldo: but i'm saying don't come over. >> greg: i'm not coming over to your giant house. >> geraldo: there is a room you can stand. >> greg: people are okay with this creeping incrementalism, this authoritarianism. it does not land on your planet and a giant crate marked authoritarianism. it's the slow boiling water or a frog is placed in any don't know until entertainers and journalists and the radical we have done for years, geraldo starts sounding like the man and embracing endorsement, you can't have any risk in our lives! it all has to be zero or you are evil! that's b.s., right? and right now, you have to be wearing words that don't have endings, we saw with afghanistan, if you don't want to war without an end, it's up
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to the population to declare the war over. that means you stop wearing your mask. if you go to stores and restaurants and they ask you to wear a mask coming essay, you know what, i'm following the science and you leave. it's time for everybody, i'm not talking about me, i'm not talking about don lemon, i'm talking about the as americans, the viewers, the general public, they have to simply disobey an end this thing once and for all, because the problem is the government is lying to you. they act as if the risk of a 10-year-old is the same as a 65-year-old smoker, that's b.s., stop applying different risk to different people. >> geraldo: it's also about manners, good manners. >> greg: you called people flippant who have been thinking about this for two years, there is no flippancy in making a risk management decision. >> geraldo: take a deep breath, one more month, two more months.
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>> greg: lets flatten his curve. >> geraldo: if it was not omicron, we would've been out of this. >> greg: but the masks don't work, it is time to get back to normal coming even if normal is living with covid, we have to understand what we have lost, because you have accepted the incrementalism of authoritarianism, you got used to the boiling water, that's so not -- >> geraldo, well mannered -- >> greg: that's not even geraldo of the '80s. >> jeanine: okay, everybody, speaking of blowing up, biden is blowing up at peter doocy, but it is in the first time, it's the president tracking under pressure? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. instead of helping students get back in the classroom, the school boards spend their time renaming schools and playing politics. schools that weren't even open. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and maliga. our kids cannot wait any longer for new start.
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo: president biden
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has a lot on his plate right now from raging inflation, cold war, plunging numbers and a ton of other headaches, new questions under he is buckling under the enormous weight of multiple crises, the prostration is boiling to the surface as he is caught on hot mike cursing at peter doocy and it's not the first time the president has lashed out. >> do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out coming out. >> why do you think he will change his behavior, mr. president? >> what do you do all the time? >> do you want to do this before you drive away? >> no, you can't. >> do you think you have the -- >> more inflation. what a stupid son of a [bleep]. >> geraldo: he wanted to clear the air during that jen psaki
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addressing the outburst early. >> does the president regret saying what he did about peter? >> the president spoke to this, peter called him and he conveyed it was nothing personal, man and also acknowledge that all of you are going to ask him a range of questions. so i think that speaks for itself. >> geraldo: greg, on "hannity" to last night and where it originated i called dan bongino a son of a bitch and no one got mad at me. >> greg: we say our very own peter doocy, but biden was right, it was a dumb question. will inflation hurt your chances? of course it will come so actually, he was right, it was a dumb question, but that's the best part about fox news. we aren't cnn. we aren't wetting her shorts and calling it a attack on democracy or an insurrection.
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every time acosta acted like a stone tool and got cnn's karens coming through the reign of terror, the fact that we find this hilarious and can make fun of peter doocy says everything about how much fun this network is. but if it was jim acosta, they would have to change cooper's seat. bernstein would say it's worse than watergate. and if you don't mind trump parading the press coming you should not mind now. i would prefer much more berating of the press and much less real-world problems that you mentioned, all of those real-world problems that are under biden. i will take that over insults to the press. i think we should be more obnoxious to the press. i do my best. >> geraldo: i'm very concerned about the real world problems. but i don't want to be a bummer right now. don't you, dana, think that the hit on biden about his alleged senility in losing his cognitive decline, isn't that a little
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much? >> dana: that's not really what this is about, and i don't say things like that. i don't say things like that about him. but i do think this, there was a campaign when he was in the basement, there was this narrative that he was a nice older gentleman who liked ice cream and everything will return to normal, pre-covid, right? everything would be okay. and it turns out that he actually is just like us, and he has an edge, and he is on a hot mike he can get caught on a hot mike at any moment and i'm a little sympathetic to that. he also showed a lack of being able to be nimble even if it is a dumb question. take the opportunity and talk to the american people and say, i know inflation is a problem for you. i hear about it -- i heard it from marianne, eating the hamburger. and that's why i have these people in here today, peter, and that's what we are going to work on. i'm too worried about the
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campaign. just to be able to take an opportunity. the press is going to ask you whatever they ask you, just swing and try to hit it. >> geraldo: you rely so much on your mom, your mom on your age, little younger than me. guiding you morally and philosophically even though you disagree. now don't you think that people are too quick to pull the trigger on senility and all that? do we older folks sometimes drink the wisdom? >> jesse: none at all, geraldo, not a lot of wisdom. but here's what i think, so to compare this to the trump thing, the difference is that the media was calling trump a racist russian trader and trying to get him impeached, our very own stupid son of a bitch just asked him policy questions. so yes. [laughter] i think it's fair as dana said
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to say is everything okay? because this is not the normal thing that people do. he has lost control of the presidency and has missed the last two ways. he missed inflation and missed, he misjudged joe manchin, so is feeling shaky and cornered. and like you said, you have russia testing him, you have the fed has to make a move soon, oil is going to go up after $100 a barrel, probably. the guy sees the writing on the wall, they give him polling, today they gave him polling, the last three polls, 30, 40, 39, not good, geraldo, not good. the guy needs a voter, that's what i will recommend. >> geraldo: i volunteer to help him out there. you saw that, right, judge, two hours on his feet and a lot of the questions were just as snotty as you can see. >> jeanine: you know, i listen to all the questions you have asked these three, and you are trying to draw -- no, not at all, you're trying to
2:22 pm
draw a distinction between age and confidence. there is no -- there is a total difference between you, you are older and someone like joe biden. he is losing it. i'm not going to be -- >> geraldo: he has how much older than i am, eight months. >> jeanine: but that's where you are going with your question, you are together and focus, i don't agree with most of the stuff that i say, but i still love you, okay -- >> geraldo: we are the gold prom couple. >> jeanine: that's my line, but joe biden is incapable of all the pressure. we see it all the time, he is turning into a curmudgeon, someone who is angry all the time. don't ask me about inflation! and don't ask me about a topic i don't want to talk about today, because i can't cover two subjects at once, and you are a son of a b for asking me that. >> geraldo: let's go back to greg's point, he said it was a stupid question.
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>> jesse: no such thing as a stupid question, geraldo. >> jeanine: he wanted an answer from joe biden and joe biden could not be nimble like dana addressed it, because he was only focused on that one thing. and i give credit to dana, if you recall yesterday, who was the first person who said if i were talking to the president i would say you have to pick up the phone and you have to call our very own peter doocy and just, you know, make things right. >> dana: i think that they -- i'm sure that jen psaki was on it. >> greg: our very own dana perino. >> jeanine: our very own peter doocy treated it like it was nothing. he clapped back. >> jesse: he is our very own peter doocy. >> geraldo: would you say are very own geraldo? >> greg: we can now. >> geraldo: up next, massive outrage of a black lives matter chapter said after yet another officer has died in the line of duty.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: violence against police officers getting even deadlier, paying tribute after a second officer has died days after a suspect shot him and his partner while both were responding to a domestic dispute. that comes as a black lives matter chapter from washington, d.c., faces backlash from police groups after complaining of propaganda and officers who get shot should not be called heroes, tweeting this. look at the reaction and coverage tonight, here is press conferences and proclamations of heroes coming soon. being black in d.c. is more dangerous than any job. let's first express our condolences to officer mora and his family. we were hoping he would make it, unfortunately that was not the case. so judge, we woke up this morning and found out that the black lives matter chapter and to see i tweeted that. i would imagine that year had exploded.
2:29 pm
>> jeanine: yes, it has been exploding a lot in the past month, there is been a police officer sure shot every day in this country since past year and four in new york city in the past week. most of them are victims of just ambushes, and the bottom line is this, you have all of these politicians who now come out and say, we stand with the police and all this nonsense, they don't stand with the police, because they were in favor of defunding and eliminating bail, and releasing criminals and lowering criminal charges, and then all of a sudden because the wind has blown in favor of the police officers, they want to be out there with the group. you know it, they ought to put their money where their mouth is. and the bottom line in this country is until we start respecting cops, until we tell our children to respect cops, nothing is going to change, because these politicians aren't going to change, they are activists, social justice warriors, and never knew what that meant, now i know what it
2:30 pm
means. they talk about white privilege, this is criminal privilege. criminals have all the privilege. and yet black lives matter, the organization, not the movement. i want to be really clear, if they care about what their title alleges, then they would want to be in the other city is where most of the victims of crime are african american and brown children. that's why you have eric adams saying i'm going to start bringing in street crimes units again. i'm going to start focusing on where these kids are. if you really care about black children, then get involved in mentoring. put some after-school program in. give them an internship, make believe you care for the black lives being lost, this is just money hucksters doing nothing but promoting division in this country. >> greg: [applause] well done, well said. yes, it's not that surprising, because you have to understand that there is an underlying streak in blm that is anti-cop.
2:31 pm
it is they are and they suck in the media into thinking it was something else. the media treated them with an exalted reverence, even as police were getting shot, you cannot say anything. if you said blue lives matter were all lives matter, somehow that was an attack on blm and you are racist, that was a narrative contributing to an effect. devaluing the police and a crime wave and a crumbling city run by liberals, so where do you think the smash and grab scum of the random murders, carjackings, the violence comes from? it was an acceptance of an idea that america was hopelessly corrupt and looting and arson was seen as justifiable behavior that open the doors to progressive nightmares like no cash bail, early release of violent fund lament felons, early retirement of cops, all of this came from the same mentality and it is an underlying anti-police streak that has been a part of activism for decades. >> dana: geraldo, you are expressing some feelings about this earlier.
2:32 pm
>> geraldo: i understand the judges recitation just then. it was slammed, it was a slam in my heart when jason rivera, the first cop, the 22-year-old was dead on the scene and mora was clinging to life. you could weep, it was so horrible. and just to continue this whole idea of how cops have been the riots, the george floyd riots where the molotov cocktails and assaulted and every you could think of thrown at them, and still they held the thin blue line, the thin blue line of holding civilization from anarchy. but the thing about propaganda in d.c. from the blm chapter, being black is more dangerous than any job. he is right. he had 227 murders last year, the vast majority of them almost all of them black including 33 women and children. where was black lives matter? where was black lives matter?
2:33 pm
did black lives really matter? or only when a cop is involved? 227 murders, where did that big mouth do about the 227 mostly black people were murdered in d.c. by mostly black people? what did you do? you did nothing. you did nothing. >> dana: the last word, please. >> jesse: i would say that police officers are almost always saving black lives from black on black crime, and that seems to be acknowledged. blm started off as a nice movement, trump bought into it. he said it was terrible, everyone thought so, corporate america bought into it, then what happen? then they started burning everything. and then the people who were leaning into this thing started eluding it and buying lucky spreads in california on the caribbean, then we get the statements from these communist revolutionaries and they say oh, no, that was just a chapter
2:34 pm
unaffiliated with the national organization. that have been ten times. to start thinking, oh, my god, this is not what they said it was. and i was under one of the movements for the results. where the results? you did not get a police reform, you have a lot of property damage. you defund the police and it cost a lot of black lives and now the brand has sunk to below 50% approval and now everyone is thinking oh, my god, what have we gotten ourselves involved in? >> dana: straight ahead, tucker carlson is out with a new documentary on how to fight back against liberal policies. and he will join us next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's still the eat fresh refresh™ so subway's upping their avocado game. we're talking just two great ingredients. perfectly ripe, hand-scooped hass avocados and a touch of sea salt. it's like a double double for your tastebuds. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing...
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>> jesse: all-america goes well going to be an insult common sense, tucker carlson highlights how one country is fighting back against far left policies featured in a brand-new episode of the fox nation original series that drops tomorrow. "hungary versus george soros" the fight for civilization come here's a preview. >> he has installed radical prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law, in europe he tried to topple democratically elected governments in georgia, romania, in ukraine, spend to back tons of money encouraging the united states to accept millions of foreign migrants, despite the best efforts, one unlikely country is fighting back. that country is hungry, the very place george soros was born. >> jesse: tucker joins us now, so what was the game plan for the hungarian leader to fight back against george soros? >> nothing complicated, that was a lesson, they did not do anything that you and i could not come up with the over a cup
2:40 pm
of coffee and 20 minutes, but they put the fence and a dog they are, this is our country, 10 million people, landlocked, been invaded a lot over the last thousands of years, and we want to control what comes in. we are not against immigrants, we want to know who they are and if you come here without permission, the whole immigration strategy i watched it first hand, they take their picture in the interview them and then like 15 minutes later they leave them outside of the pens and pushed him back into slovakia and that's a whole thing. and it works. and that's what they do and everything and hungry, it's not a radical country, not a theocracy, it's a very sort of simple sweet country with some problems like every country, but they kind of try to make it better. that's all they do. and the beauty of going there is you have to sort of want to make your country better come a little bit. nothing radical, and you can have a much better country. >> jesse: we will take around the table, sounds like a nice idea, judge dineen. >> jeanine: hate, tucker, what are they doing?
2:41 pm
are they trying to remove him, prosecute him come to any of these things? >> no, of course not, nothing like that whatsoever, he was born in hungry, raise their coming has lived in london, the u.s., and other countries in the ensuing 65 years, but he spends a lot of money on the ngo nongovernmental organizations, the massive lobby groups, cannibal to no one trying to change the internal politics of hungry, and they have basically just said out loud, we don't like this, this is subverting democracy and these are noncitizens, they are not hungarians trying to influence our internal political program, that's what we would call tech men democracy, the biden administration supports it and ataxia hungarian government because they don't want foreigners deciding who gets elected there. you realize democracy is the opposite of what they say it is. the review of documents he is one billionaire to run the country, that's not my view, i
2:42 pm
don't think it is most people's. >> geraldo: erika and i visited budapest in the summer of 2020, looking forward to the elections in april over on the president very controversial they are, the authoritarian -- also on the ballot is the fact that in hungry they are not allowed to teach lgbtq facts of life until a kid is 18 or older. if you want america to be more like hungry? >> i don't know if i would say it's authoritarian, they did not lock up hundreds of people without trial in solitary confinement for staging a political trial and trespassing, we did do that, nothing like that as far as i know is happening in hungry, he could lose by the way in the elections in april, so it's hardly this monolithic one-party state. it's not like one party controls all the leverage of governments like is the case in this country. i'm an american, i love america,
2:43 pm
i will always defend america, but the idea that hungry is less of a democracy than the u.s. or that ukraine, i mean, it's just a lie. anybody who says that is lying or does not know anything. >> greg: i will ask a super naive question because that's what i do. like everybody here infuriated by the funding of these progressive d.a.s by the open society or whatever it is called, so i looked them up and i go, okay, yes, sounds like in the 80s, i remember in the '80 is how beloved he was because he helped with the fall of ussr if my memory is correct and i remember reading about it now, and i am reading about the past and i go, his dad was in siberia, he escaped from nazi germany and helped with the fall of ussr, is he aware that his money is being used to destroy america? is it something he is not paying attention to because he is in his 90s? i told you it was a naive question. >> i would not just say america,
2:44 pm
i would say the west. western civilization is his target. and i know a lot of people who know george soros personally, some people doing business with him. he is one of the smartest most interesting people in the world, i believe it and i'm impressed by it, but his program for the past 15 years at least has been to make the societies he focuses on more dangerous, dirtier, less democratic, more disorganized, less cohesive, and other words it's a program of destruction aimed at the west. i don't know what his motive is and i'm not going to guess. people are complicated, he clearly is, but that's what that program is. so let's not pretend it's a political program, it's not, increasing the murders, what is that? it's an attack on the country. >> dana: i'm curious, does he have that effect? or does he put that kind of money into hungary as well? >> he certainly has tried, he puts a lot of money and during these nongovernmental
2:45 pm
organizations, let's be clear, if george soros walks around budapest which he does every year, he would be better treated than i am in midtown manhattan, so they have the dissent the way that the united states doesn't, i have people that are opposed to the government eating outside in restaurants. again, there are people sitting on your site right now that can't do that in new york because someone would spit on them. so the caricature, it's not my job to defend hungary, only understand the lessons to emulate, but that it is a police state or a theocracy or a right wing country is ridiculous. ask anybody who spends a lot in the movie business is working out a budapest because of the tax break, ask any of those guys. >> dana: they breed really great dogs. our very own percy. >> jesse: all right, tucker, thank you so much. next on "the five," a shocking suggestion on how to deal with friends who can't keep secrets.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: it's hard dealing with a friend who isn't good at keeping secrets, looking at you, brian kilmeade. on social media after making her buddies do this at dinner. >> spilled a lot of tea at dinner today, so i had my friends signed my nda. ♪ ♪ >> greg: fake news. >> dana: totally fake news. >> greg: i don't know why we are doing this. this never happened. >> jeanine: i love it. >> greg: explain why you love it. >> jeanine: i can't believe that people actually do it, but i believe that people do it. i think they have so much gossip they don't want to get sued for it or in trouble for it. so they have to sign an nda. what is the sanction? what is the consequence? >> greg: let's ask our very own jesse watters.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: if somebody asked me to sign an nda, it better be juicy. >> greg: what's the point of giving gossip if you can't share it, he wrote an entire book about it. >> geraldo: i did, and i remember in all the shows i have done and all the networks that i have worked for, did somebody wrap me out. it did i an nda. it was kind of a kiss and tell. it was a loving kiss and tell. >> greg: should she be in prison? >> dana: probably, when people create these surveys and that is the way to get producers to do things, or like -- it happens all the time, tick-tock is a new place that this is happening, so we should be on the lookout. >> greg: this replace the story we were going to do on resolutions. >> dana: but it's january 25th. >> greg: coming up on katie hk, we are going to talk about
2:52 pm
resolutions, the weather coming up after this. "one more thing." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, . . it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re...
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♪ ♪ [laughter] >> judge jeanine: it's time now for one more thick. jesse, hit it. >> jesse: are you a cold cut fan and do you also love having perfect skin? here's the perfect solution. oscar mayer has a gel sheet face mask moisturize and your skin witch hazel. >> geraldo: can you eat it afterwards? >> you cannot. seaweed involved jean joan oh, god. >> jesse: really slippery and only $5.
2:57 pm
>> judge jeanine: put that on -- >> geraldo: i have to do hannity. >> jesse: the mouth? >> judge jeanine: okay. stay there. >> judge jeanine: now i will move on. >> geraldo: where is the cheese? >> greg: hannibal lecter. >> dana: oh, wow, they really got the color right. didn't they? all right,. >> jesse: "jesse watters primetime" tonight 7:00. >> geraldo: they should pay you for that. >> jesse: i'm good. >> judge jeanine: i'm next on one more thing. judge, there is a russian acrobat who levy at a times by her hair on the subway. take a look at that. spotted hanging by her hair on the subway handrail as if levy at a timing in mid-air. it's on a shanghai train. the clip shows acrobat dangling with the ponytail wrapped around the bar. she says she has been practicing
2:58 pm
the move for six months. how do you think she hangs there, greg? >> i do it all the time. >> i would rather have that on my subway. >> greg: it's usually a man without pants: greg's safe uber driving tips. you know, before you get into the car, look in the car, make sure it's your uber. we have heard some terrible stories. check out what happened to this young woman when she was going to her uber car. and what was in there? uber car. i sound like very surprised he would be so scare scared. nonplus. maybe a good time for me to start scratching. get right behind the ear there that feels really, really good. i think we all learned a lesson there. dana? >> dana: a good friend of mine dr. mark cheyenne is a volunteer on mercy ships. is he a very talented surgeon.
2:59 pm
also an american ninja warrior and competed. he has written a book that i love the title, it's called solving for y a discover the transformative power of purpose. we talked this morning he was on and if you are going through something where you think you might want to change careers and jobs. a lot of people are quitting during the great resignation. good book to figure out what you want to do next. i read every word. >> judge jeanine: okay, geraldo? >> geraldo: you know how i'm always busting jesse's chops about all the money i made in show business this. he addition of geraldo with geraldo news with geraldo. i got my residual. i did the finale of seinfeld. it was fabulous. i did the finale, everybody watched it i have been getting residual checks. and i want you to know that you have the checks. all right. can we show here is my. [laughter]
3:00 pm
i loved it. it cost me more to cash it. [laughter] >> dana: tea. >> geraldo. >> judge jeanine: that's it for us, everyone. "special report" up next with bret baier. >> bret: all right, thanks, judge and jesse congrats on the debut ratings. >> jesse: thank you. bet. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight u.s. and allies prepare for war both actual and economic while ukrainian leaders urge calm and the kremlin bolsters what could be an invasion force along the border. president biden says there will be no american forces into ukraine enormous consequences if vladimir putin goes into that country a plane carrying american equipment and munitions arrive in kyiv today. third shipment of $2 million security package. fox team coverage tonight greg


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