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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 25, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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you put it out there but then to follow through is really important. that's what a leader like him does. >> bill: great young man. going to kansas city for sure. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" is up next. here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. president biden has just brought our american military into the drama and danger of his latest efforts to rein in russian president putin. more than 8,000 troops are on high alert. i'm harris faulkner in "the faulkner focus". putin's 127,000 troops estimated to be at the border of ukraine ready to invade. putin is not bluffing. president biden is weighing his options as he is showing weakness on the world stage. mike pompeo wrote this.
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any capable american president would have responded to the massive military build-up on ukraine's border with preemptive crushing economic sanctions and an iron clad guarantee to help ukraine defend itself should russia invade. deterrents was lost with biden weakness. republican congressman michael mccaul says president biden is playing right into vladimir putin's hands. >> i think this president has made so many concessions with nothing in return. that's why putin smells weakness. he wanted this and i talked about it for a long time. his legacy issue. if we don't provide that deterrent he will go in. >> harris: in a few moments pentagon spokesman john kirby will be in focus and hear directly from the administration. i want to go to jennifer griffin reporting live at the pentagon. jennifer. >> we're just getting the first images of new u.s. weapons
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shipments landing at the airport in kiev. these images are coming live from kiev's airport as a plane carrying assistance that includes 300 javelin anti-tank missiles that we've been seeing loaded onto pallets and u.s. transport planes in recent days. it is part of $200 million in security assistance that president biden has directed to ukraine. the pentagon has told u.s. troops and their families to prepare to deploy in a matter of days in the event that a nato response force is ordered. such a force could include up to 40,000 nato allied troops. the pentagon was clear these u.s. troops would not be going to ukraine. the pentagon send u.s. troops to bolster nato allies that border russia or ukraine. the chairman of the joint chiefs spoke to his romanian counterpart yesterday. >> never ruled out the option of providing assistance.
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additional assistance in advance of an invasion. >> denmark will send a ship to the baltic scene and fighter jets to lithuanian. spain will do planes and ships and the negtser lands is sending two f-35 fighter aircraft to bulgaria in april which may be too late. germany plans to send a $6 million field hospital to ukraine but denies blocking arms shipments there. the u.s. truman strike group went ahead with a military exercise in the -- all adding to the feeling we're in the midst of one of the biggest crises in europe since world war ii. >> harris: thank you very much. some republican lawmakers say don't wait, do it now. they want answers from the administration. we are going to get some.
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and they are saying slap those severe sanctions on russia before putin makes his next move. >> this has been a passive deterrence, right? i don't see putin changing his course of action. it is getting very aggressive. the noose is tightening around ukraine. the ukraine president says he wants the sanctions now. we can always remove the sanctions if it deters putin's bad behavior. if you reward that and there are no consequences it will continue. if we don't do something strong right now i'm afraid he is going to invade ukraine. >> harris: chris murphy said this. >> this invasion and the atrocities that come with it will be televised. the whole world is watching because there has been so much hype in the lead-up to this potential invasion, so much attention. >> harris: and while the president's options are limited in many ways democrats have had
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a history of dismissing russia's threat. you will recall in 2012, remember obama/biden then. former president obama scoffed at senator mitt romney for naming russia as america's primary adversary. john kerry who would become secretary of state called romney's claim preposterous. president biden tweeted mitt romney's foreign policy was straight out of the 1980s. you will recall the hillary clinton reset button debacle. so much politics mixed if here and just last year the president lifted sanctions to allow the nord stream pipeline to proceed giving a whole lot of geopolitical power right to putin. admiral john kirby pentagon press secretary with me now. thank you for being in "focus." when you hear former secretary pompeo say it, you hear republicans say it and others take the politics out of it and get to the brass tacks here why
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haven't we responded to the massive build-up of troops and estimated 127,000 that putin put on the border with ukraine. why haven't we responded before now or at all? >> harris, i have to tell you i'm not sure i agree with the idea we haven't responded. we have just approved another $200 million of weapons assistance. they are arriving as we speak including lethal assistance in the form of javelin anti-tank missiles. we have put an additional 8500 troops on alert yesterday to have to go perhaps maybe. haven't been deployed yet to bolster the nato response force. we aren't ruling it off the table any unilateral u.s. troops also inside europe or even going to europe to help bolster our allies and reassure them. so not to mention the fact that we've been very clear with mr. putin about the severe economic consequences that he might
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suffer. so i don't agree we haven't responded. >> harris: all of that, though, doesn't deter him. i hear what you are saying, admiral. all of that is in recent days and maybe there was money spent before. we have some live pictures of some of that $200 million that biden put into play and heard about the anti-tank, 300 of them javelin missiles arriving right now. i get that and understand you said on this network yesterday the 8500 or so troops going in would be for training specifically. that to putin, though, he has put 127,000 troops on the border. we know he is perched to go in. it is not deterring him. so what does? >> two things there, harris. number one we don't believe mr. putin has made a final decision. we think there is time and space. >> harris: you think he would tell you first? did he tell you when he was putting those troops there? >> he hasn't de-escalated. he continues to add forces.
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we don't believe he has made a decision. secondly, nato response force troops that we are talking about if activated come -- [[inaudible] >> harris: why not make something happen before he goes in? >> we're doing that. we're helping the ukrainian armed forces better defend themselves. the $200 million the president approved in december on top of the $60 million months before that. not just us. nato allies and partners. >> harris: is anybody spending as much money as we are? >> they are all contributing to
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helping ukraine defend themselves. are they doing as much as we are. probably not. we're very much committed to this. but that's the point, harris. we are committed to helping ukraine defend itself but have an obligation inside nato to the article 5 commitment to make sure our allies are ready. >> harris: when americans ask why are we involved with ukraine, you would say what? >> we are absolutely committed to helping ukraine defend itself and that's what this security assistance is all about. nobody wants to see another armed conflict on the european continent. nobody wants to see another invasion and incursion which is why we're making it very clear to mr. putin there will be severe consequences if he moves in another time to attack ukraine. >> harris: i just remind everybody that about a week ago we were listening to the president of the united states tell us about minor incursions and what he would allow.
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and the cleanup on aisle 7 has gotten us to the point, with all due respect, to where you are still doing that. and what the world sees is which was the story, a confused president or where we are now? and all of it is dangerous when you talk about taking men and women away from their families to go serve in such a faraway place for a country that people know is not in nato. i do want to get to this because it is very important. the 8500 the pentagon has standing by we've talked about a little bit. now i want to talk about the 15,000 or so americans that are inside the country of ukraine. and we heard ned price, we heard him talking about this yesterday because he was asked about it, you know, state department spokesperson was asked well, is there a comparison between how we left afghanistan and how we would rescue our people and pull them out of ukraine? and i first want to get your thoughts on that. clearly two different
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situations but the apples to apples the nexus of it are our people on the ground. >> i would say the state department has been very clear over several weeks here that they want american citizens not to travel to ukraine and that they should find a way to leave ukraine now. there have been plenty of advisory notices but the state department. you saw over the weekend they have ordered home some eligible family members of people working in the embassy. we have been nothing but transparent about the hazards we see to american citizens staying in ukraine and it has been very, very clear. it is not the same situation as afghanistan. and again i think the state department has done a commendable job making clear and transparent what our concerns are inside ukraine. >> harris: i want to get to this. andy biggs has been tweeting on the subject. americans are still stranded in afghanistan and thanks to biden we can't evacuate americans from ukraine. when we look at the numbers of
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people potentially still in afghanistan, our job is not done there. can you understand perhaps admiral kirby why the american people might be a little skeptical as we go down a road again that has americans that have to be moved quickly and 8500 men and women in our u.s. military are perched? >> there should be no reason to try to move people quickly because the state department has been very clear about the need to avoid travel to ukraine for american citizens. back on afghanistan, we absolutely share the concerns of so many americans and some of these nonprofit and ad hoc groups that are coming together to help us identify americans and siv holders, afghan allies still want to leave afghanistan. you are right. the mission there is not over, harris and we're continuing to work inside the state department task force to help people get out of afghanistan. >> harris: are we still relying on the taliban? >> this isn't about relying on
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the taliban and working with aid groups and identifying people to get out of afghanistan. >> harris: the taliban are not helping us do that? >> these people are still getting out. we know we have work to do. here is the department of defense. we know we have a moral obligation. >> harris: i didn't hear an answer to the question. are we still working with the taliban? >> this isn't about relying or working with the taliban. >> harris: why i ask that. ukraine's leadership put out a notice yesterday that it is concerned that kiev is no more dangerous for american citizens than some of our own crime-ridden -- their words. crime-ridden cities where americans live today. that you can leave those americans there. now, might there also be a back drop to that potentially that they know what happens when we .
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the stories are horrific of the people who got left behind who helped us out. so looking across the world, ukraine which was watching, too, could there be a measure of concern that once the americans pull out we'll look like that country does, afghanistan? your thoughts on that. >> nobody is talking at this point of pulling out of ukraine. they are a partner and we're absolutely trying to help them defend themselves. it would be irresponsible and i think you can understand this with the tensions continuing to escalate for the state department not to inform americans maybe now is not the right time to be in ukraine. it would be irresponsible not to communicate that and that's all we're trying to do at this point. >> harris: a new analysis by the atlantic council shows how much influence china has gained over the world while america is losing influence. i bring that up against in the back drop of all that we see
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that's going on with ukraine and russia and then massing troops and we didn't do anything ahead of it but trying to do it now china is taunting u.s. navy as it is threatening taiwan. there are over an area we may have to respond to. admiral kirby. >> first of all you have to take some stuff coming out of the chinese state media with a grain of salt. >> harris: you think i'm getting my information from the chinese? you know that i'm not. >> truthful verification of what's going on. we will -- we're doing it. nothing has changed about our one china policy and our position we don't want to see the status quo across the strait there to be upset by unilateral action. nobody wants to see conflict there over taiwan and there is no reason it needs to be that way. but we absolutely have a responsibility to help taiwan defend itself and will continue to do that in accordance with the taiwan relations act.
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>> harris: one last question that's a broader one having to do with the president's foreign policy and our military is part of that. how is the relationship with the generals and the president of the united states right now given what happened that we learned from capitol hill hearings that the generals had given president biden some things to do, strategy, he went a different way with afghanistan. how is it now? >> i tell you what i was if uniform for almost 30 years and working in the pentagon for a long time. the military leaders here and the civilians, too. military leaders understand civilian control of the military and understand the president of the united states no matter what party the president is from is the commander-in-chief. they know their job is to advise the commander-in-chief but their job to make the decision. once that decision is made we march out, execute and do it to the best of our ability and that's what happened in afghanistan and what is happening now and i know that that's what will happen in the future at the pentagon.
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they take these responsibilities very seriously. >> harris: of course they do. afghanistan was painful. those 13 who died at the gate. that hurt us a lot. we'll look forward and pray for the 8,500 that you are now about to deploy potentially in this situation. >> they haven't been deployed yet, only on heightened alert. >> harris: please come back in "focus." we always get through a lot you and me. >> any time. >> harris: fox cameras exclusively capturing the mass release of single male illegal immigrants streaming into the country. something the administration says is not happening. clearly it is. we're live at the border and this. >> biden is not the commander-in-chief. it appears he is the -- >> harris: so much for promising respect and dignity. what to make of the president again losing his cool. what a potty mouth with a member of the media.
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>> president biden: that's a great asset, more inflation. what a stupid son of a [bleep]. >> within an hour he called my cell phone and said it is nothing personal, pal. and we went back and forth. i made sure to tell him i am always going to try to ask something different than what everybody else is asking and he said you've got to. >> harris: the president upset as our peter doocy did his job because the president was feeling pressure about how he is doing his. president biden's hot mic mess
8:24 am
yesterday and then the sorry, pal. this was not the first time the commander-in-chief has lost his cool with the media. it was just a week ago the president had choice words for peter's fellow white house correspondent jackie heinrich. hum. all this brings us back to his promise, remember, on day one. >> president biden: have you ever work with me and i hear you treat somebody with disrespect and talk down to someone i will fire you on the spot no if, ands or buts. everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity. >> harris: will cain. not everybody apparently. >> not everybody. can you explain something to me? how is calling someone a stupid
8:25 am
s.o.b. not personal? i don't understand how you can say nothing personal while insulting their intellect and calling them an s.o.b. no offense but i don't like your face. help me understand how i'm not supposed to be offended. it is an escape hatch, not an apology. look, peter, fox news at large, handles this with grace and moves on because it is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things to be called a name. and you know, you move on to what's actually important, harris. what's important is what you pointed out. the american public has been coned. the entire thing is a fraud. he is certainly not the nice guy he pretended to be. he wasn't going to fire anybody for demeaning anyone. he did say everyone. i guess everyone except for anyone that works for fox news. the important thing is you did not get american people what you were promised. you were sold a bait and switch. a uniter and you got a divider.
8:26 am
sold someone who would lead to racial healing. you sold someone who would follow the science but done anything but that on covid. it was a fraud. >> harris: i take it a step beyond what many people are saying today. it was just a brain moment. maybe your anger moment or whatever it was. what if it's strategy? he ratcheted this up. first jackie heinrich called her question stupid and then went after peter personally. if you can dangle the shiny object away from all the crises that are going on, can you change the subject and the answer back to a president would be no. let's get to this. cnn's jake tapper calling out the president for his comments toward peter doocy and recalling another one of biden's hot mic moment. >> the microphone is right in front of him. it is not as though he was walking in a back room and forgot he had one clipped on his lapel. it was right in front of them. this is a president who when he
8:27 am
was vice president in front of the world went into president obama and told him that obamacare passing was a big fing deal. >> harris: we have that 2010 moment for you. [applause] >> harris: i doubt that much of what he does is not scripted just because i've done this for so long. >> you know what? i think you're right. it is probably improper for us to continue to call this a hot mic moment. that implies as jake tapper suggested it was an accident. i don't think it was an accident. i don't know, harris, if it is part of a grand strategy to distract, i think there are grand strategies to distract. i'm not sure this is it. this is maybe -- how about this, it's unscripted but understood. i don't think he went out there and said i'll do this today. when the opportunity presented itself he didn't run from it
8:28 am
and knew the mic was there. i think it thinks it shows he is a fighter and endearing and that he is off script. i think he sees this moment almost like he can emulate president trump and that's the hypocrisy of the whole thing and the media. worth pointing this out. in order for the biden administration to perpetuate the con, they need willing participants. how differently the media has reacted to this than if president trump did. he did do it. so we know how they reacted. the end of democracy and press freedoms and the norms. >> harris: will cain in "focus." thank you. our camera's catching what appear to be a mass release of single adult male illegal immigrants into our nation. most of them are expelled via
8:29 am
title 42. however, our camera saw several federally contracted buses dropping dozens of those male migrants off at a random parking garage in the city of brownsville, texas. it comes as apprehensions continue to surge along the border. more than 178,000 deported in december. more than the previous three decembers combined. we're live if brownsville, texas, bill, title 42 in play here and they roam. >> good morning. we're right in front of that parking garage right now where as you mentioned the first time during the border crisis, this is the first time we have seen these -- the mass release of these single adult illegal immigrants by the federal government. look at this video we shot where we're standing sunday. what you are looking at are federally contracted buses dropping of migrants at the parking garage. these are all single adults. almost all of them single adult men. you won't see any families or
8:30 am
young children here. that raised our eyebrows because single adults are supposed to be expelled from the country via title 42. we watched as the migrants went into the small unmarked office. black tarps outside to block the public's view. after a short amount of time we started seeing taxi cabs pulling up to the marking garage and watched as migrants got into the taxi cabs and they drove away. we followed those taxi cabs and watched as those caps pulled up to harligen airport. some were dropped at the airport to get on flights toggles where around the country. we had a chance to talk to some of them. they were going to atlanta, houston, miami. a couple said they had just crossed that morning and paid a cartel $2,000 each. so i reached out to the city of brownsville to ask what's going on here? here is what they told me in a statement in part. in reference to migrants in federal custody the city of brownsville's office of
8:31 am
emergency management through federal assistance from fema facilitates the transfer of migrants to their final destination by allowing them to use services to contact families, ngos or taxi cab. the parking garage serves as a staging center where migrants coming into the country are provided with travel information to facilitate transfer to their final destinations and told me no media is allowed to shoot inside there and some of these migrants may get a medical screening. i also reached out to cbp to ask what's going on? they tell me they had no involvement in this whatsoever. i reached out to ice. they told me they're looking into it for me. a source within ice tells me this was an ice release specifically. their enforcement and removal operations which the agency tasked with removing migrants appears to be releasing them. we'll send it back to you. >> harris: no cameras, of course, they have rights i'm guessing.
8:32 am
they spent the $2,000 on the cartel to get them here and then we feed, care for them and you mentioned are they covid tested? what does that medical care spe entail? >> harris: president biden claiming increasing prices -- the political fallout to be dramatic. new york city mayor eric adams revealing his plan to crack down on violent crime after a police officer was shot dead. now the white house is admitting defund police is part of the crime crisis. well yeah.
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>> new york is like a sea of violence is engulfing our city. we must stop the flow of
8:38 am
illegal guns to our city. the iron pipeline must be broken. the nypd is our first line he defense against gun violences. more officers on patrol in key neighborhoods throughout the city. >> harris: this is not a perception of fear, it is straight up fear. look at what is happening. mayor eric adams admitting that now unveiling his plan to curb raging violence in new york city. today's "new york post" cover reading take back nyc exclamation point. the mayor vowed to get the guns out of criminal hands highlighting the killing of a rookie officer in harlem last week. his partner is still hospitalized in critical condition. controversial liberal manhattan d.a. alvin bragg tweeted his support for the mayor's plan for getting drivers of crime off our streets. okay. despite bragg's push to keep some criminals out of jail, now
8:39 am
the white house admits what has become more obvious. >> after an year in office people don't feel safe in this country. what do you attribute to rise in crime? >> gun violence, underfunding some police departments and their need for additional resources is something we know we need to take action on. >> harris: a new fox poll shows a huge majority are extremely or very concerned about spiking crime and it will likely be a top issue for this year's mid-term elections november 8th. the polling shows voters believe republicans are better on handling the issue by 15 points that margin is over democrats. power panel now, mercedes schlapp acu foundation senior fellow and former trump white house strategic communications advisor and richard fowler, fox news contributor. great to see you both. mercedes, i'll begin with you
8:40 am
and your top line thoughts on all this. >> first of all remember i think that eric adams is about 25 days too late. he is very slow start in really combating the crime, the rising crime in new york city. it is not just about gun violence. he views it as a public health crisis. drug addiction, homelessness, the vaccine mandate created stress in the city. talk about the fact that they focused in his predecessor mayor deblasio basically pushing for defunding the police back in 2020, and demoralizing the nypd. you have all these factors in place. that doesn't even address bail reform, the fact that we need that there and the fact that judges are not allowed to detain a defendant if they are a threat to society. so let's be real harris. there are so many factors in play right now. the mere fact is just
8:41 am
addressing gun violence alone is not going to tackle this crime problem in new york city. >> harris: the guns have people behind them. how you charge the people holding the guns is what matters most. capital research center digging into the liberal district attorneys across the nation back rolled by george soros. he helped elect two dozen district attorneys including manhattan's alvin bragg and spent $29 million since 2016 on d.a.s. so when you look at both ends of the crime if you will, richard, you have the criminals coming off the street. they make it to the courtroom. let them go. lower the cap on just in terms of what a crime is and what the bail will be and all of that. and at the same time spikes of violent crime in particular and fewer police on the street for a whole host of reasons. how do you square that with what is happening? how do you fix it?
8:42 am
>> listen thanks for having me. eric adams is on the right path. number one he has only been in office for 25 days. the plan he is proposing is one that is comprehensive and deals with many of the issues mercedes laid out. more assistance for mental health therapy and more community resources to make sure young people don't get involved in gangs to begin with. the thing he talks about the news media isn't talking about is this idea of changing how we do policing. part of that change is requiring officers to live inside the cities where they serve. in many cities employees outside of police officers have to live in the cities and what eric is trying to get that done. he faces a state legislature that says you can't get it done. louisville after the death of taylor. the settlement pushed it to get done as well. >> harris: i want to get in with this. that's not new trying to get
8:43 am
police officers. you know what the problem was? we lost so many in 20 and 21 people were hiring from all over the country and they were lucky to get anybody to take a job where they throw stuff at your head and ambush you and kill you. those are the realities. you didn't touch on what may or adams is doing is ask for more cops and he has their back, he says, a cop of 22 years. it is interesting as a democrat you didn't start there. that's the most immediate thing he is talking about. great to see you both. i'll bring you back next time. president biden claiming rising crisis have been an issue for decades. inflation has hit record levels in the last couple of months. so what is his plan to fix it? is it going to work? art laffer, former economic advisor to president ronald reagan, in "focus" next. life you'd think retirement would be the last thing on my mind. thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions and shows me how to get the most out
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it's been nearly two years since the pandemic started. our students and teachers tried their best, but as a parent, i can tell you that nearly 18 months of remote learning was really hard. instead of helping students get back in the classroom, the school boards spend their time renaming schools and playing politics. schools that weren't even open. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and maliga. our kids cannot wait any longer for new start.
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>> harris: president biden talking about his efforts to fight record inflation in a meeting yesterday. the president appeared to blame companies for the high prices. and says it is not anything. >> president biden: competition results in lower prices for families. competition results in fair wages for workers. and as you all know competition encourages companies to
8:49 am
innovate. but what we have seen over the last few decades. less competition, more concentration, literally holds the economy back rather than doing what they should be doing. they are doing the opposite. having a negative impact. >> harris: oh my goodness. we're in a supply crisis right now. there is more competition than we know what to do with among these companies. everybody is trying to fill the orders. they can't get to it. meanwhile the "washington post" reports four ways inflation is a political problem for biden. they are smothering wage growth, a global problem that leaders cannot control, a local problem that biden cannot control, and a now problem. art laffer, former economic advisor to president reagan. great to see you on the program today. nice to have you in "focus." first of all if you could just tell the president exactly where we are in this moment and a few things to do, what would you say to him? >> what i would say is stop
8:50 am
spending money. if you give people money they will then go out and buy goods and services you stimulate demand which larry sommers is the truth. anything like build back better will make the demand situation worse and cause inflation to be higher. second thing is you want to encourage people to come back into the labor force so you can increase the supply of goods and services. reducing demand and increasing supply will control inflation and you do that i believe by having the payroll tax making it much more attractive for workers instead of staying home to come back and work and make more money and good for producers and companies. it is great for them and lastly i would tell the fed to stop buying government bonds. just stop it. don't keep funding all of this stuff and allowing for the monetary system to accommodate any type of increase in prices >> harris: the one collision i foresee with that great advice you give the president it doesn't fit what he wants to do
8:51 am
legislatively. he wants to spend more money and build back better is what he promised. you are asking him to break that promise. you aren't the only one. some democrats are asking him to break that promise. the latest fox news polling shows that inflation is the top worry for americans with 85% saying they are extremely or very concerned about it. republicans are favored by 15-point margin over democrats as who is better equipped to handle the economy. how do you account for that? >> let me first say what makes you think i'm only a republican? i voted for democrats over the years. probably as much as republicans. >> harris: there you go. >> what i would say is that the voters are correct on the problem with inflation. these things are really serious and the government should be doing that and if biden is all stuck on build back better, $5 or $6 trillion he won't control inflation. it will get worse and worse and worse. if the fed is sitting there wanting to keep interests rates
8:52 am
at zero percent or 1 or 2%, when you have inflation of 7% per year which was the last reading, that means that the real interest rate is about minus 5 1/2%, harris. if you had to pay the government to let them borrow your money, what does that make? you've got to raise the interest rate above the inflation rate which is 10 year bond yield is 8% which is huge. no one is going to do that. these guys are stuck with it as far as i can tell. now, it is much easier forecasting the past than the future. my view is that they're not doing anything that will slow down inflation. if anything they're trying to make it worse. >> harris: oh boy. >> i don't mean to tell you bad news. >> harris: we want the truth. the american people are not weak, we can take the truth but you have to tell us the truth. and not in a drip drip fashion. we appreciate it. you may talk over my head.
8:53 am
>> look what reagan and volker did. volker was -- >> harris: watch what they did, not what they said. good advice. i want to get to this. there is a lot of confusion over what's happening now. you forecast this the last time you and i were together and it has been a minute but you said this is going to happen if inflation stays high and we have anything happen on the world stage. something is happening on the world stage right now. ukraine and russia and the dow is fairly deep in negative territory again but yesterday was just wild. this chart tells the whole story. >> have you ever seen anything like that in your life? >> harris: i have but it was recessionary.
8:54 am
anxiety about fed policy changes and russia/ukraine. the inflation crisis and the ongoing covid pandemic. we didn't even talk about that. we didn't talk about all the people who quit their jobs by the millions in october and november and december. that's had an impact. quickly your thoughts on that. >> they haven't come back. they haven't all come back by any means. >> harris: look, -- >> it is scary all these things. >> harris: where we are right now the president said it would be transitory but now it's not. bottom line, how far into the future do we pay higher prices? milk is going up exponentially. it affects us all. >> let me preface my comments. i don't know how far into the future it will happen. my guess is that all the fundamental causes of inflation, very much in place,
8:55 am
and i don't see any reason to expect inflation to be temporary and come down. i remember all the inflation that came through with jimmy carter and all of these same issues were being done then as well as the depreciation of the dollar. the dollar hasn't fallen yet. if it starts falling you have a real problem. i don't see any stopping yet myself. >> harris: art laffer in "focus." thank you. "outnumbered" after the break. give them a call. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you use your va home loan benefit to get more. more cash, more savings, more peace of mind. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. up to $60,000 or more. veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families, no bank, no lender, no one
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>> new members on the border crisis are not even the biggest part of the story today, as fox exposes what appears to be a mass release of illegal migrants into the u.s. i'm emily compagno and this is "outnumbered." kayleigh, host of kennedy on fox business kennedy and brian brandburg. the december numbers on the southwest border show a 141% increase from last


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