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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 25, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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him to speak out about it he doesn't have a plan to address it a party in the white house beholden to radical groups like blm. he doesn't want to upset the woke activist base that he believes that he has. he is not going to speak out about crime and lawlessness. it's going to be up to the republicans and luckily we are going to do just that. >> carley: all right. with that "fox & friends" right now. ♪ >> several thousand u.s. forces put on high alert. >> they will be deployed to eastern europe in the event of a russian invasion. >> our goal in all of this is to both defend and to serve. >> nearly 2 million migrant encounters in the last fiscal year. >> 14 were listed in the terrorist screening data base. >> our southern border is bleeding and our people are dying. >> after a dangerous push to defund police the left is not backing down. >> black lives matter tweeting frustration over shot police officers being automatically treated as heroes in tear jerker
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press conferences. >> hbo bill maher exposing the left's covid obsession. >> i don't want to live in your mass paranoid world. it's silly now. >> it place as political liability in the midterms. >> what a stupid son of a [bleep] >> within about an hour of that exchange, he called my cell phone and he said it's nothing personal, pal. ♪ we like it loud ♪ we like it honky. >> brian: i have always said that. >> ainsley: like it honky? >> brian: i said do a show. if do you that we will open up a show with that. >> steve: you got a writing credit on this song? >> brian: you keep the money. there is two of them. >> steve: it's big and rich. what would you be described as.
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>> brian: invaluable. >> ainsley: funny. >> brian: big rich and not so rich. >> ainsley: make it loud and make it hunky. >> brian: honky or hunkying are do you know, joel? >> steve: oh, no. ains ains make it honky. >> brian: okay. i didn't know what that meant. like honky tonk. >> steve: that makes sense. we don't know what that meant. but, then again, those are words we are uncertain of. the president yesterday used a word we are certain is not appropriate for us to use on the television show. he had just wrapped up a meeting with officials to talk about inflation. somebody asked the question about russia. he didn't like that. he said you guys are always asking me questions off topic. i only want to work on topic questions. so peter doocy asked him an inflation question and got a very colorful answer with a word
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we are sure we know what it means. >> political liability ahead of the midterms. >> that's a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a [bleep] >> steve: okay. >> ainsley: i thought that was a reasonable question. he just said asking binflation which is the number one concern in america right now. >> brian: right. if he addressed it peter would be helping him out. because if you look at some of these stats he said the thing that concerns america most is inflation and we never seem to address it evidently, you would know better. but, they cut this out of the white house feed but it was caught on c-span. >> steve: apparently the white house audio probably to the room, you couldn't hear it however, it was on c-span cameras. and transcribed and it did appear in the official record from the white house. peter texted me on -- as he was walking down the stairs through
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the pressroom because the audio guy said hey, did you hear what the president just called you and peter said, no. because they were shoeing me out. and peter told me and i thought what are the circumstances and then when he was on with sean hannity last night, peter said that his phone lit up about an hour later. watch this. >> the world is on the brink of like world war iii right now with all this stuff going on. i appreciate that the president took a couple minutes out this evening while he was still at the desk to give me a call and clear the air. >> sean: at least he called you pal. >> i don't need nittany lion apologize to me. he can call me whatever he wants as long as it gets him talking. >> ainsley: question about inflation legitimate. question jacqui heinrich asked a question about the president, which was putin, are you going to let putin make the first move
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and he said something similar to her if you haven't for got or haven't seen it, watch. this why are you waiting on putin to make the first move? >> ainsley: what a stupid question he said. both legitimate questions. questions that are really affecting everyday americans right now. inflation and all concerned about russia and what that means for america going forward. those are legitimate, smart questions. the president needs to answer them. the president is not capable of taking these tough questions. and what happened to the fact that remember a long time ago, i think it was during the campaign. he was saying that he would fire anyone immediately if they were disrespectful. >> steve: i think that was on inauguration day. >> ainsley: watch this. >> i'm not joking when i say this when you are hear you talk down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot. on the spot no ifs, ands or
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buts. >> brian: the president picked up the phone and called him back am i right steve at the end of it. i have got to ask you different questions. he said, you know, i understand that's your job. i want you to do that. >> steve: right, the president said hey, peter, nothing personal, pal, so i guess they are pals despite what he had said earlier which did seem pretty personal in that kind of attack or used at least by using those words. and he said and peter said, mr. president, i just want you to know i'm always going to ask different questions. and the president reportedly told peter, according to peter, on hannity last night, he said well, you gotta. and so peter doocy will continue to ask those questions despite the president saying stuff. you know, when you look at joe biden though, he has been in the public eye for about 50 years. he has been around hot mics for a very long time. famously at the signing of obamacare he said this is a bfd.
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and then yesterday. it almost looks the polls are starting to get to him. he looks a little rattled. he should have known better. in television, in public speaking and whatnot, you just assume the microphone is always on. >> ainsley: remember what he said about donald trump, if i were in high school i would take him behind the bleachers and beat the blank outs of him. >> brian: behind the barn, the bleaches, look, especially in sports a lot of times a coach would yell at top player and visa versa. belichick and brady went at it mostly belichick. they still at the end of the day still respected each other. i think the fact that he called -- the president called after i there is a great sign, right? >> ainsley: yeah. >> steve: hannity had asked. he said so did the president apologize. the president said he cleared the air. and hannity essentially was working at peter's agent said you need to get a 20-minute sit down interview with the president.
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that would be great, if possible. i don't think that's really going to happen. ultimately, you know, the president said nothing personal, pal. you know, it's the press vs. the president. the press trying to get questions answered by the president and the president doing his best to dodge in some cases. >> ainsley: big take away was that dodging. i don't think peter took offense to it you would know, you are his father. >> steve: no. is he a big boy. >> ainsley: i was glad he called afterwards. i don't think this was the issue. it's more he is dodging these questions. and then his go-to is this is a stupid question when it's not. he just needs to answer these questions. >> brian: i agree. questions the ones no one cares about. these are mainstream questions that hits every house. i will say, this did you notice the difference in tone though? president trump, the confrontation between trump and the press was so dismissive and disdainful. every question. peter just same tone no matter what it is. how you doing.
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you don't like that question. want to dismiss that question and have a hot mic question. okay, i'm going to ask the same tone and same direct question but he has respect for the office i think that matters so much. >> ainsley: unlike the jim acostas. >> brian: you don't need that job. >> steve: i have a feeling joe biden is not going to do that again. >> ainsley: you raised him well. that's what brian is saying he is very respectful. >> brian: is he respectful. >> steve: peter said last night he does not need an apology. he is a big boy. and he is big. he's 6'6". >> brian: he just wants him to answer the question he want the story so when he sits in front of the camera he wants the soundbite. >> ainsley: he doesn't want to be the story. >> steve: ultimately when you are at the white house or a reporter anywhere, you are a question asker. peter asked the question. that was not the answer i think weighs expecting. en. >> ainsley: if anything it's accelerating his career. peter is doing a great job asking some of these great questions. so is jacqui. >> steve: indeed, jacqui is
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diagnose going to be with us a little later on this in program to talk about this very topic. in the meantime straight ahead on this tuesday, the pentagon is putting u.s. troops on heightened alert amid rising tensions in russia. we have a live report from the ukraine coming up. >> brian: plus this: they are going after each other. bill maher and bari weiss blasted for covid real talk. listen. >> it's just gone on too long. nobody cares anymore. i don't want to live in your paranoid world anymore. >> you get the vaccine and you get back to normal. and we haven't gotten back to normal. >> brian: right. we're used to hearing that but are they used to getting blasted by the other hollywood. >> ainsley: whoopi goldberg and don lemon. >> brian: unbelievable liberal melt down. look at all those people. we are bragging. all those people have been booked on our show. all of them are expected to show up. ♪ ♪ back it on up
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>> carley: we are back with headlines, 6-month-old baby victim of gun violence in atlanta. grayson matthew killed caught in crossfire. stray bullet cedar through his car seat. mayor and police chief saying enough is enough vowing to crack down on gun violence. this is the third shooting of a young child in the atlanta area this year u.s. border patrol reporting 2 million encounters of migrants at the border in 2021. a new all-time high. critics at the border blaming president biden and his administration policies as
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migrants cross into the u.s. confident they will be able to stay. of those stopped at the border, 14 were listed in the u.s. terrorism screening centers' data base. south korea says north korea appears to have conducted its fifth cruise missile test of 2022. north korea fired two cruise missiles into the sea off its east coast on tuesday just days after a flurry of ballistic missile test in the region last week. north korean leader kim jong un vowing to boost its country military as nuclear talks with the u.s. stall out. the college swimming coaches association wants the ncaa to add a spot to the champ championships for transgender athlete lia thomas. they say adding the extra slot for the swimmer would not away a spot from a female born swimmer. additional spot would not prevent thomas from competing at the march championships in atlanta. the statement comes after the
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ncaa voted to defer policy regarding transgender participation to the sports governing bodies. okay. steve, ainsley, brian, over to you. >> steve: an extra spot. all right. thank you very much. >> carley. turning now to the rising tensions in ukraine as a new shipment of military aid is said to arrive this morning to that snow-covered territory. >> ainsley: that's right it comes as the pentagon reddies thousands of u.s. troops for possible deployment to the eastern europe area. >> brian: russia says the west is getting hysterical. be steve harrigan never gets hysterical he joins us live from kyiv. >> no matter where i am you can always make me smile. 5,000 u.s. troops put on high alert. could be sent to eastern europe if russia does indeed invade ukraine. they continue to say there will be no u.s. ground troops fighting russian forces on the ground here. >> it sends a very clear signal
3:18 am
to mr. putin that we take our responsibilities to nato seriously. >> now four countries have pulled out families of diplomats due to the deteriorating security situation here. the u.s., the u.k., australia, and germany. ukraine is upset about that. officials saying it's the wrong move, it sends the wrong signal and it is premature. after a call with the european leaders, president biden said when it comes to a potential russian invasion, they're all on the same page. >> i had a very, very, very good meeting total unanimity with all the european leaders. >> leaders of the senate and house have asked for a classified briefing on the situation in ukraine. guys, back to you. steve. >> steve: , i have a quick question for you, you were talking about how the state department and the white house yesterday said all americans should leave, there is a story in the daily mail that apparently president zelensky i
3:19 am
cannot believe they are doing that russia turns up the temperature and they, the united states are the first to leave. he said americans are safer in kyiv than they are in los angeles where crime is spiking. is that the feeling on the street? this street is operating normally no runs on back and sense of panic. if a missile flies in that could change dramatically you get a range of emotions from people this could be a world war or nothing is going to happen on the street. maybe you can give me unofficial antidotal feelings because have you lived in russia and been in this region. keep saying sentiment they have a big heart for the russian people and vice versa. where does nationalism separated
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attraction to russia being these two have such history? , they do have a history. 70 years together and a lot of russians live in ukraine. you really have to look at the geography. if you go to eastern thawrk is heavily russian. >> we have different feefltion there than you would in other parts. the one thing not to under estimate vladimir putin's close relations between the ukraine and the west is a nonstarter. he has done it before he has invade jerry, is he somebody who can do almost anything he's. he has no press or opposition to worry, about nothing. >> ainsley: steve, people here are saying he could do this. he could invade after the olympics are over and. so critics are saying what are 8500 troops going to really do? he is going to ignore us. is that really going to help? what hear on the ground when they say they could be sending troops? >> they don't see it as a deterrence, especially to the huge number of russian forces but if you do place them in
3:21 am
nearby countries it could keep trouble from spreading and reassure u.s. allies in eastern europe. >> brian: our nato allies but wouldn't help the ukrainians. thanks, steve, appreciate it ned price was asked, the state department spokesperson and he had many people the architect of the worse military disaster in history and that's the evacuation of afghanistan. he was asked about this operation and being that it's happening in the wake of the disastrous withdrawal from average he does not see how we look so weak and how it invited this russian aggression. listen. >> is the biden administration aware of how critical the whole world is watching just like what's happened in afghanistan and some are saying that russia is taking a page of what happened in afghanistan and moving against offer could move. >> i have a hard time understanding how it is that
3:22 am
putting an end to a 20-year military commitment where thousands of american troops, 1. tens of thousands of troops were stationed. nato commitment where thousands of nato troops were stationed for many years, taking casualties, were that still to be the case how we would be better strategically positioned to take on what we're seeing now from the russian federation. >> brian: the weakness we showed there invited aggression everywhere. and i just don't know if he sincerely because evidently he has all these degrees and has this tremendous does he really believe what he just said? >> ainsley: not only afghanistan but also what he said last week at the press conference which was a green light saying depends on how big this incursion really is the president said that many americans are worried about this. if you look at the fox news poll how concerned are you about the situation between russia and ukraine? 62% are concerned. only 36% are not concerned. and now dhs is warning us that a
3:23 am
russian could launch cyberattacks on us. they say russia doesn't have the economic or diplomatic option to attack us. cyberattacks are an option to respond to their adversaries. >> steve: absolutely it comes down to judgment and foreign policy policy. that's why people are connecting russia with afghanistan. by the way. the white house did say very clearly yesterday. no organized evacuation is planned if russia invades and that's why they said if you are in ukraine, get out now, we are not going to come back and get you later. >> brian: get you at your word. private industry. a lot of times when they ask for help from from the statement state department. the state department doesn't pick up the phone. >> ainsley: if you have been on the internet yesterday i was on reading headlines. i did a little bit of that i always go through the different pages and want want to see the headlines, bari weiss and bill maher all over the place because
3:24 am
they talked about covid friday. bari weiss a journalist with the "new york times." and they are sick of it. they are tired of it and they are getting rig raked over the coals by democratic. >> brian: and hollywood elites. >> ainsley: watch what they said together on bill maher's show on friday. it's just gone on too long. nobody cares anymore. i don't want to live in your mass paranoid world anymore. you go out, it's silly now. you have mask, you have to have a card. you have to have a booster. they scan your head? [laughter] like you are a cashier and we're a bunch of bananas. >> i'm done with covid. i went so hard on covid. >> i remember. >> i bring gel cans. i watched tiger king got to the end on spotify. we all did it, right? we were told get the vaccine and get back to normal.
3:25 am
and and finance ridiculous at this point. at this point it's a pandemic of bureaucracy. that's a good line if you read the article that dissects the celebration from day one how they have prosecuted this war on covid nobody is in charge the centers for disease control director for the most part is winging it when she came out and said you know what? if you got the shots you are not going to have to wear the mask. she essentially weighs winging it. she did not coordinate with anybody else. they start seeing cases in province town and cape cod oh we will have to turn the other way around. nonetheless, after the two of them expressed what every person i know has and that is frustration about covid people to the political left started taking shots at those two people who for a very long time were on the political left. watch. >> you don't have to do it but
3:26 am
stay away from everybody. how dare you be so flippant, man. >> you told bari weiss essentially she needed to grow up? >> yeah. she needed to grow up because she is acting like a child. my young children handled this pandemic more maturely and less childishly than bari weiss. >> barry, that's messed up. too many people are making this mr. b. politics even libertarians. right? i give comedians a lot of leeway but this was not funny. >> brian: yes, it was. it was factual. and i was there a year ago. obviously they are speaking for people like howard stern still hiding in their basement saying how dare you he not wear a mask you are 100 yards away from me. she did all of that and she said she is done with that because she still got it i imagine bill maher still got it whoopi goldberg got vaccinated got boosted wears a mask got it, i believe, twice. they are saying you did all that they did all of that they are done with this. because it doesn't mitigate and, to your point, the cdc director
3:27 am
over the weekend so, they were chronicling what happened. cdc director take your mask off, in april. don't worry about it from take your mask off. fine. wait a second, this variant is penetrating the vaccines. is it johnson & johnson have is it all of them? my goodness, what do we we do now. never acknowledged it okay. put the mask on only in certain situations now different cities come in. different states come, in different politicians come in and it blurred everything and there was no vice president pence in charge of a group of experts in order to type out a policy. >> ainsley: i don't think they were trying to be funny. don lemon said it wasn't funny. >> brian: they were factual. >> ainsley: they were expressing their frustrations. she did say i'm done with covid. it doesn't necessarily mean when they walk in a store they are not going to wear a of course that. >> steve: right. >> >> ainsley: she is not saying not to get vaccinated. she is saying what everyone is
3:28 am
saying we are so tired of this. >> brian: make your own decision. >> steve: we are frustrated with it the whole thing is omicron, the only thing that works against omicron is the black cowan at this bodies and the pfizer pill and we don't any of those. >> ainsley: we don't have them. >> steve: when it comes to delta the shots actually did provide protection. people are just frustrated. keep in mind. it is still killing 10,000 people a week. 10,000 people a week are dying from covid i had it worst cold in my life. >> ainsley: it is different. >> brian: survivability 98%. want to live your life running around hiding for two and a half years? are you kidding? 100 percent right. >> steve: i'm not hiding i'm being careful. a lot of people. anytime my 60's. a lot of people over 60 are being careful because they don't want it and it's killing 10,000 people a week.
3:29 am
>> ainsley: it's understandable. it can be and everyone is hot broken for the families that have lost the 10,000 family members. when it comes to little kids not normally affected, they do get it. but most of the kids it's not that serious. >> brian: exactly. >> steve: too many variables with the variant. >> ainsley: depends on if you have co-morbidities. depends on so much. i think, you know, we are allowed to have these discussions and they are just sharing their frustration. >> brian: frustration and reality. frustration because we are listening to people that don't know what the hell they're talking about and ruining lives at the same time. almost everything they said has been contradicted over the last two and a half years. if you listen to them and are careful and you get it anyway and did you exactly what they said and they change the rules and never acknowledge that they told us the wrong stuff, that's what drives people crazy. we have destroyed our lives with people who are making it up sass they go along.
3:30 am
cdc director drowns on a daily basis and no one giving her help. we have a president who can't stop cursing instead of answering questions. instead of lining up experts behind him because he clearly is not -- he goes out by himself and gives mixed messaging. the people are done with it. we have to get on with our lives. we got to stay on the couch. we got to work through it his message should be my new message living with it. not running from it here is how move. back to work. >> steve: but you have got to be careful. >> brian: in what way? what mask? is the mask work being careful? then they tell us the cloth mask doesn't work. really two and a half years later i'm wearing a mask that doesn't work? >> steve: brian, everybody in this building for the most part except us is wearing a mask. >> brian: they just told us they don't work. 2%. wearing n-95 where you can't breathe and end up with dents on your face. we want to do that the rest of your lives. >> ainsley: depends on age group. friends in 80's not going
3:31 am
outside. if they eat outside. go to a restaurant eat outside. >> brian: do you want them kicked out of a restaurant if they walk in and decide not to. >> ainsley: of course not. >> brian: that's where we are at right now. people need to live their lives on an individual basis. >> ainsley: national restaurant association is asking congress for help as soaring inflation take as bite out of business. a pennsylvania business owner's message to the white house coming up next. ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing.
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looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> carley: mother of lashuan mcneil the man accused of shooting two police officers regrets calling police to her home. mcneil died during the encounter. officer jason rivera killed in the shooting. officer wilbert marrow survived. eric adams more action against guns and there will be less leniency for repeat offenders. in central california. the big sur wildfire is now 40% contained as crews continue battling the blaze. 700 acres bernard so far down
3:36 am
from previous timothy of 1,000 acres. so far inian the region getting less than a tenths of an inch of rain. hundreds forced to evacuate because of that fire. those your headlines, steve, over to you. >> steve: all right. carley thank you very much. meanwhile the national restaurant association is asking congress for more grant money as the omicron variant hits an already struggling industry. 80% of restaurants have seen decline since omicron hit and 76% say business is worse now than three months ago. our next guest has worked in the restaurant and trucking industries as well. pennsylvania business owner rick mcquade joins us right now from pennsylvania to talk a little bit about it rick, good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> you know what? at the beginning -- mid fall it seemed like things were getting back to normal and then this omicron thing hit and people
3:37 am
freaked out and not coming to eat out as much, right? >> that's absolutely correct. i mean, when we look at 2019 numbers before the pandemic we were setting records. since the pandemic, everything was shut down and nobody's fault. but since then, you know, omicron has caused a reduction in our indoor dining. we do have a little bit of a spike in takeout sales but not as much as, you know, what we lost in dine in. >> steve: sure. we have a couple of things, you know, up against you right now. one is because omicron is disseminating the supply chain in, you know, 10, 15, 20% of people in the supply chain business are calling in sick and so there are less people to put the stuff on the shelves.
3:38 am
it jacks up the prices at the same time it's hard for you to find people to work. >> absolutely. number one problem getting back to full status is hiring people. we were spending a fortune every month on indeed and craigslist and every means we can think of to get people in. people schedule interviews. we show up for interviews. but they don't. you know, it's sad. i mean, the government is allowing people to stay home longer. they are continuing to pay them, you know, and i don't know as if that actually stopped yet. but we are not being flooded with applicants. something is keeping them home. and i think it's our number one issue right now. >> steve: it's not just nfl recruits who are getting signing bonuses. you actually have to give chefs and cooks and people top people in the kitchen signing bonuses for them to come to work.
3:39 am
>> absolutely. i mean, that's common. you will drive down the road and you goal past mcdonald's and taco bell and on their signs, sign on bonuses. that's tough to compete with we have never had to do that before. the rising cost is creating inflation for our restaurants. and, you know, you have to pass it on. so you have to increase your pricing. and that has another effect where if you increase your pricing, people either buy less whenever they are in there. come out less. one of the two. >> steve: all about supply and demand. let's see if congress gives you guys some more money in the form of grabs the because you clearly are hurting. rick mcquade, sir, thank you very much for joining us live. thank you for having me. >> steve: back the blue: be
3:40 am
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if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. brian quick back, black lives matter chapter in washington, d.c. is slamming who honor police as heroes this after an officer was shot over the weekend hurt on sunday, one killed. in a tweet group sedentary jerker press conferences and proclamation of heroes coming soon. imagine if people knew these folk's name. being black in d.c. is more dangerous than any job. stacy washington. one of these officers clings to his life, it doesn't look good right now at nyu langone, the other was killed and they were both executed. do you think this was an appropriate response from the
3:45 am
d.c. chapter? >> no, it wasn't. and it lacks empathy. i want to go down if i may, brian, and good morning. a list of -- the same list that they tweeted out. they tweeted out a list of name of individuals that they feel deserve tears and you know, sympathy. and to be on the record i believe we should mourn the loss of every life. they have terrence parker. the list they tweeted involved in a domestic violence call. he picked up a gun and shot by the police. hall domestic violence incident leveled a rifle at officers and was showed. nypd. antwon gilmore shot in a moving vehicle while armed. the investigation on that sunday yi. george washington shot while we would ago long gun. barnes shot while around. rashid wanted for run over by a. was shot. police called to b b gun shooting and hours long suspect. the shot the officers and nypd returned fire. can i go down the remainder of
3:46 am
the list. suffice it to say i found every single name on their list and all but one of them one juvenile who we don't know what happened there because the person is a minor. there was one individual who obviously we don't know if the shooting was a clean shoot because of the investigation. all of the rest of the names on their list are people who were involved with the police with criminal activity or they were under suspicion of criminal activity because of domestic violence calls or 911 calls. so, while i don't say don't mourn the loss: inappropriately and injustly lose their life in the course of their duties. so i just want to say it's not right. >> brian: good point, stacey. put it all in perspective. you have now 73 officers were killed in 2021. that's up 59% compared to 2020. i think it goes right back to the disrespect that was shown after george floyd to every police department and combine that with the lack of funding. that's been cut in all these police departments. and they trumpeted that fact.
3:47 am
remember, a billion dollars out of new york's budget and millions out of minneapolis' budget and seattle and portland. and everyone said that's a great thing. in los angeles, praise by the future at that time vice president of the united states. so that's what you get. but, it's not really working for democrats. if you look at what president biden's approval rating is among african-americans in this country, 83% when he got elected. it is now down to 64%. over 50 but that is devastating if people vote like that come 2024. correct? >> it is. and you know, brian, everything about the polls is that if you look at the summer after the unjust floyd killing, george floyd was killed unjustly, that prompted riots and everything. >> brian: yep. >> during that summer they did polling with politico and marist they found 82% of blacks still want more police in their communities even while all of that was going on. the democrat party is tone deaf on this. they are trying to say their numbers for the polls are more concerned about that.
3:48 am
i think they should be concerned about actually making cities safer and saving lives. stop politicking and make streets safer. >> brian: stays stacey, they need these hurt the cause. they don't seem to be interested in that stacey, thank you so much, thank you for putting it in perspective. >> thank you so much, brian. >> brian: let's check in with janice dean sponsored by filtrete. make me happy. >> janice: i don't know if you like snow i will make you happy how about that and cold air. current temperatures minus 19 in fargo. 5 in chicago. we have wind chill alerts right now where it feels like minus 38 in international falls. minus 27 in indianapolis minneapolis. dangerous air continues to hang around the northern plains. the upper midwest. that's going to spread towards the eastern two thirds of the country. we also have an area of low pressure across the gulf coast
3:49 am
we are going to hun more and bring eastern parts of gulf coast and florida. a potential nor'easter this weekend. this one is going to have people talking. we still have to refine the forecast, brian kilmeade but it looks like somebody is going to gut a blockbuster storm with blizzard conditions and heavy snow. stay tuned. back to you. >> brian: put my chains on my tires and i will be fine. thank you very much, janice, appreciate it meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, a california lawmaker wants to make covid vaccines mandatory for students as virginia school districts take legal action against governor youngkin's mask mandate ban. madness hitting american schools and beyond. don't move ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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♪ >> ainsley: could schools across the country see stricter covid mandates. in california one state senator has introduced a new bill to make the covid vaccine mandatory for students. and while in virginia, there are seven school districts that are suing the governor there, governor youngkin over an executive order that allows parents to decide if their kids should wear a mask. but is this going too far?
3:54 am
fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier is here to weigh in. good morning, dr. saphier, what do you think about this? >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley, make no doubt of it, covid is not hurting our children but people are. it is remarkably irresponsible how children continue to be caught in the middle of these failed covid policies and the inability to walk them back as the landscape of the pandemic continues to change. if you think about with alpha and delta and the earlier variants, before percent positivity when you didn't have immunity, when you didn't have treatments, the impetus behind the vaccinating of the children despite the fact there is nearing 100 percent survival rated was to lessen that transmission. with omicron, the argument for the vaccine mandates are just vaccines in healthy young kids falls flat when the ability to prevent infection and transmissibility has dropped below 30%. yet, you still have people who are pushing forward with these mandates regarding the vaccines, regarding the boosters, and this is very irresponsible in the
3:55 am
sense that at this point they do not do what we once intended them to do. >> ainsley: what do you expect for 2022 are we all reaching immunity? are the majority of americans immune and what do you expect for the next year? >> well we have been talking about this goal post for the last two years. what does that look like? you have about 81% of u.s. individuals five years and above who have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. anywhere from 60 to 70% of the u.s. population have already been exposed to this virus. you have a large amount of immunity. we have to get to a point where we can accept a higher level of transmission because of this high level of hybrid immunity, vaccine immunity, natural immunity as well as the fact that we have treatments. getting coronavirus now is not the same for the majority of people as it would have been in the last two years. we have to be able to shift our mindset, get to a place where we accept that covid-19 is going to circulate. you are going to get testimony and it's going to be a covid and
3:56 am
flu season. not just flu season. we have to get rid of some of that stigma. at this point those who are k. get vaccinated are able to. those that can get boosted are able. to say we need to move forward as a society knowing that we have to protect the vulnerable. those that are older and those with pre-existing medical conditions and the rest of the healthy americans the majority of them already have immunity and it's time to move forward and that does not mean putting respirators or high quality masks on our young children. there is no data to support this benefits outweigh the risk of children wearing these masks. they don't wear them properly. they have poor ventilation and we know there are consequences to this time to remove the masks from these children as well as these mandates. >> ainsley: there you have it. thanks, dr. saphier and happy to you tomorrow. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. ukraine, russia crisis impact oil and gas prices. charles payne next. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu!
3:57 am
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before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious —and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. it's good to be moving on. watch me. move, look, and feel better. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. ♪ >> the white house now admits defunding the police is cause for the surge in violent crime. >> underfunds of some police departments, that's something we need to take action on. >> steve: new shipment of military aid is set to arrive in ukraine. >> ainsley: comes as the pentagon readies thousands of u.s. troops. >> sends a clear signal to mr. putin we take our responsibilities to nato very seriously. >> americans are concerned over rising inflation. >> and the rising cost. so you have to pass -- that has another effect where people either buy less or come out with less. >> oil prices hit a seven year
4:01 am
my. >> president biden has made all the wrong moves on russia, which has sent prices up and could be more. >> political liability ahead of the midterms? >> what a stupid son of a 3w4r50e7. >> i don't need anybody to apologize. he can call me whatever he wants as long as it gets him talking. ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ >> steve: yep, they walk over with the cam. ain't no stopping us now mezzanine level of studio m in the heart of midtown manhattan "fox & friends" for a very busy tuesday. good morning, brian and ainsley and good morning america. >> ainsley: thank you for waking up to us. we ared of are glad to present the news to you so you are in the know as you go to work this morning. >> brian: a lot of breaking news that we have been covering all day long and for the same weeks for the last few weeks, the same
4:02 am
themes are been coming through. that is in almost every major city crime is spiking. you have the overseas tensions with russia and ukraine. but first stop is crime. especially when it comes to new york city. and we see the two cops shot over the weekend. we see the constable basically assassinated over in texas. we see five different cops have been shot since january, and we thought things were going to change here in this new york city. so the question is, when will the president actually address this because one thing that we heard when he talked about year one. he wanted to do in year one, they didn't do, that he wants to do in year two, and that is police reform. he wants to reform the police. he says because they weren't able to do it in congress. he wants to do it through executive order. to me that's totally tone deaf. america right now is more concerned about crime than they are about cops. >> ainsley: every day it's a different city. you mentioned new york city. you mentioned what happened in houston and d.c. an officer was shot on sunday in chicago. shootings in downtown are up by
4:03 am
220% there was an 8-year-old little girl that was shot yesterday there and killed. california just reported the most murders in 20 years. that's the place where can you steal up to $950 and just get a ticket. in atlanta -month-old baby was killed caught in crossfire yesterday. the democrats are blaming guns. in 2021. 346 officers were shot in the line of duty. ambush style attack against our cops up 115% over the year before. >> steve: brand new fox news poll came out a couple days ago showed that the number one issue is inflation because it impacts everybody. >> ainsley: what's the second one. >> steve: really close, also in the 80 percentile. and that is crime. we have heard this president and this white house say the president was never for defunding the police. but you can pretty much draw a straight line to when the defunding police movement started when, you know, murder rate right through the roof. the white house actually
4:04 am
acknowledged two things, guns, guns are a terrible problem. two, the whole under funding for whatever reason, under funding another way to call defunding the police, that has got to be addressed. peter doocy, before he got yelled at by the president, asked jen psaki this. >> ainsley: cussed out by the president. >> does he know after a year in office people do not safe in this country? >> well, peter, i think if we look at the facts here, we have seen a surge of crime over the last two years. >> so what are you atribuning the rise in crime to then? >> well, i think we should be responsible in how we are reporting to the public what the -- what the roles are, what the reason for the surge in crime, gun violence is a huge reason for the surge in crime. under funding of some police democracy and their need for additional resources? >> the murder rate nears a 25-year high. we consider maybe trying something different? >> trying something other than supporting a massive plus up in
4:05 am
funding from his predecessor. cracking down on gun trafficking and gun violence? working to support community policing programs and police departments across the country? i think most people who want to fight crime would agree that's the right approach. >> brian: well, it's not working and that was a good follow up question. so far new york city in particular there has been 73 shootings and 83 victims. since january 1st, new york city's mayor eric adams says i have a plan. i am going to roll it out. here is a little of it. >> the illegal guns, it's important first step. but we must also address bail reform and our pre-trial detention system. first, we must allow judges to take dangerousness into account. new york is the only state in the country does not allow the judge to detain a defendant who poses an immediate threat to the community. >> steve: you know, it was great. >> brian: like that. >> steve: to hear him talk about. he talked about what he can do and what other politicians need to do to help him fight crime.
4:06 am
you know, there are laws on the books here in new york. the raise the age law. he is asking the state legislature to change that because what happens invariably is if there are a bunch of people and they are in the process of executing a crime, the older perp gives the younger perp the gun because generally if you are a minor, you wind up in family court. whereas the older person winds up in criminal court. and eric adams said yesterday, essentially, that if you are caught with a gun you are going to criminal court not justice family court. even if you are a minor. if you have got a gun. but he also addressed the other thing. and that is the fact that, you know, mayor de blasio got rid of some things like the plain clothes unit. it's coming back. they are going to focus on 30 precincts where 80% of the violence is they are going to send the teams to the 20 most dangerous locations in neighborhoods and they are going to start using facial recognition and new technology
4:07 am
that de blasio didn't wanted to use that essentially can tell if somebody has got a gun. >> ainsley: the suspected kilter that shot the two police officers up in harlem and one of those officers died. the other one is fighting for his life. he was caught with an illegal glock and his mom spoke out to the press and said she was so sorry that she even called 911 in the first place. and she apologize to the parents of those officers. she knows what it's like. her son, the guy with the illegal glock ended up dying. after he was -- after cops shot him. but he continued to shoot those cops according to police reports while they were laying on the ground. so, he was going after them. that's one of the reasons that they are really targeting these guns. but i talked to an officer yesterday here in new york city. and i said, what you know, what's the problem? are they the guns? and he said it's always drugs. it always goes back to drugs. usually when we arrest these individuals with these guns, these illegal guns, they're on drugs. and so he was saying we need a
4:08 am
narcotics team here in new york, which we don't have. keep in mind, bill de blasio cut our bucket here a billion dollars there are no cash bails and criminals are back on the streets immediately. >> brian: right. he said yeah, i'm going to send these guys to criminal court where this da can let them out. that's the issue. he has to come out for the d.a. alvin bragg to work with him. he has been reluctant to call him out like the police chief that he appointed has already called out alvin bragg. >> ainsley: the commissioner, yeah. >> brian: commissioner i should say. quick thing, when it comes to this plain clothes unit. word is, nobody wants to do it. because they are all wearing body cams, head cams and wide open to scrutiny along with working under cover in plain clothes. we are already putting our lives on the line because you are infiltrating into criminal activity and criminal syndicates and gangs. you have to give these people incentive to say it's a quick path to being a detective or more money. it's almost like when you give military people battlefield pay.
4:09 am
you bump up their combat pay. you bump up that i think he has got a small window to take some action. he is not responsible for criminal mischief in the entire city. but he could set the tone to crack down. i don't know what is wrong with a stop, question, and frisk rule done responsibly, was absolutely effective. that's why you see something like plaxico burress former wide receiver with the new york giants. he had a legal gun on him. actually shot himself and went to jail. he would not go to jail today if that had happened. you are not even catching the guy. >> steve: got to do what is legal. so they're trying to figure it out. what eric adams announced for new york was a great first step. meanwhile, as we reported yesterday morning, there was a shooting in northwest washington, 1400 block of quincy where one cop was shot, thankfully he went to the hospital and was released. but it wound up being a barricade situation where the swat team came in because the
4:10 am
perp was seen running into an apartment building. well, after that shooting, black lives matter, the d.c. chapter, decided, you know what? it's time that we not just sit on the sidelines. we have got something to say. >> tweet add series of tweets here is a little bit of it look at the reaction and coverage tonight. tear jerker press conferences and proclamations of heroes coming soon. imagine if people knew these folks' names and they're referring to the listing black people shot by the metro police department being black in d.c. is more dangerous than any job. >> brian: stacy washington looked at that list a half hour ago on our show radio host podcaster. and she said let me break that list down for you. >> the summer after the unjust floyd killing george floyd was killed unjustly, that prompted riots and everything. and during that summer they did polling with politico and marist and they found that 82% of
4:11 am
blacks still want more police in their communities even while all of that was going on, so the democrat party is tone deaf on this. they are trying to save their numbers for the polls. i think they should be concerned about actually making cities safer and saving lives. stop politics and make streets safer. >> brian: she did take that whole list that they released and one by one did background checks running from the cops, assaulting the cops. had a gun. >> ainsley: why are the democrats so tone deaf not only on this but on immigration and not fixing inflation. our gas prices are through the roof. they shut down the keystone pipeline. they are losing so many voters. we talked about this. so many democrats are switching parties. you have, i think it's 8 in 10. no six in 10 voters would back a different candidate than joe biden. i don't know why they are not looking at the polls and listening to what the american people want. democrats want safer cities. they want -- you know, there are discussions about covid and we should maybe return to normal.
4:12 am
i just feel like they are ignoring. they're tone deaf. >> steve: absolutely. that's why republicans are expecting a blood bath comes there goes the house and the senate as we started this segment out. the number one, the number two issue in the country according to the fox news poll crime number one is inflation. and yesterday, the president of the united states and there you can see 85%. we are pretty much all worried about paying more money. the president had a meeting at the white house on how to fix rising price proos. he talked a little bit about executive order he signed in july. to july make companies more competitive. and he also took aim at big ag, big tech, big pharma for consuming the competitors rather than competing for customers. so, anyway, it's all about competition. the reason you are paying more than you have paid in your lifetime for eggs is because of
4:13 am
competition. >> in the coming weeks and months americans can expect to see more -- more protections for farmers and ranchers, selling products like beef, pork and poll tri. more options and better prices for consumers more clarity in the actual price you will pay for high speed internet services and airline tickets. >> steve: but it's supply and demand. because of covid some people are out work at the plant, the process the stuff, put it on the trucks, the truckers are 6%, 15%, 20% are calling in sick every day to put it on your grocery shelves. and when you don't have stuff, prices go up. ainsley: weighs blaming the beef industry now he wants to help them. >> brian: he wants to died. too much concentration of power. the same concentration gave us great price as year ago. nothing changed dramatically except supply chain issues.
4:14 am
some has to do with president biden. i get it all across the country different points. there has been certain countries, ours included that have trouble exporting a lot of goods and importing some. now the things you are getting online that doesn't seem to be a strategy in order to get rid of the logjam. in fact, they said they solved the problem and the shelves are packed. both things aren't true. >> steve: yeah. the national restaurant association has sent a letter to congress and the white house and said we need more grant money because the money we have gotten about two years ago. it's run out and we are hurting. >> ainsley: if you are on social media you will see their ads. sometimes the ads will pop up please donate to help our industry. >> steve: about half an hour ago we talked to a guy not only in trucking logistics and understands the supply chain but also has four restaurants in pennsylvania and he talked a little bit about inflation. the number one thing we are all thinking about. >> our number one problem getting back to full status has been hiring people.
4:15 am
we are spending a fortune every month on indeed and craigslist and every means we can think of to get people in. people schedule interviews. we show up for interviews but they don't. the rising cost is creating inflation for our restaurants. and, you know, we have to pass it on. so you have to increase your pricing. and that has another effect where if you increase your pricing, people either buy less whenever they are in there or come out less. one of the two. >> steve: yeah, one of the things he said he has been in business his whole life. he has never had to pay sign on bonuses. he has got to pay sign-on bonuses to get somebody to work in the kitchen or work in the front of the house. that is just leading to higher prices which ultimately you decide you want to go to that restaurant because they might have to jack up the prices. >> ainsley: have to give your bonus back if you quit six months later? >> steve: good question. >> brian: i know a the lot of people not going out to restaurants not vaccine cards or
4:16 am
vaccine mandates or work in restaurants because of that, too. it's not helping. meanwhile, vaccines not even working against the omicron virus. they say it lessens the symptoms. our carley shimkus is somewhere secure, i believe. and prepared to give us the news. >> carley: i a that's right. important story here. a manhunt continues in texas for this man. accused of killing a harris county deputy corporal authorities say oscar rosales is wanted for capital murder. likely using an alias and do not know if he is a citizen or if he has a record. $60,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest. he is accused of brutally killing corporal charles galloway during a traffic stop on sunday. newly revealed emails show scientists and top medical advisers including dr. anthony fauci suspected can wuhan leaks from a lab as early ily as
4:17 am
february of 2020. according to the "the washington post." the then nih director dr. francis collins were warned about a possible lab leak on february 1st. but a highly influential scientific article published in march 2020 declared the virus was, quote: clearly not a lab leak. the u.s. has placed over 8,000 troops on heightened alert for possible deployment into eastern europe as ukraine braces for a possible russian invasion. four countries have now pulled out diplomatic families from embassies in ukraine. including the united states. the white house is urging americans in the country to leave now. but is not offering evacuation assistance. president biden saying in a call he remains united with european leaders and opposition to any russian military action. virginia governor glenn youngkin is launching a tip line for parents of children being taught divisive subjects like critical race theory in schools. youngkin vowing as governor to protect parents' rights and
4:18 am
fight back radical education in public schools. the tip line asks parents to report any teacher or school that is, quote, behaving objection nabbably. those are your headlines. guys. >> steve: okay. thank you. >> ainsley: it's 7:18 almost. here on the east coast. in about 3 seconds it will be 7:18. >> steve: it variety now. >> ainsley: america's crime wave is reigniting the fight over bail reform. our next guest demands accountability for judges who put the public at risk by letting violent repeat offenders out on bond. >> steve: and is game over for the goat? what legendary quarterback tom brady just said about retiring still ahead. >> ainsley: how about gronk? is he retiring too, maybe? >> steve: good question. we got answers. stick around we have got them. ♪ ♪
4:19 am
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>> steve: residents in harris county, texas, around houston, are paying the price for their leaders soft on crime policies. with more than 150 county residents killed by repeat violent offenders. grant the felony bonds since 201. our next guest was a bondsman for 25 years. and wants to hold the judges in the county accountable by filing grievances against them. houston city council member michael kubash joins us from live down in houston. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: you have been part of the system for 25 years as a bondsman. what are these judges doing down there? >> well, because i was a bondsman and now i'm an elected
4:24 am
official, this gives me a unique perspective of what's going on. i get to see it and i understand it. what's going on is the judges aren't taking in consideration these -- the violent criminal history of these offenders and they are releasing them back into the community on an extremely low bond or a taxpayer funded free bond without any supervision. they go right back into the community, committing their crimes and murdering our citizens. >> steve: and so, you want to start filing grievances against the judges who do that. i got a feeling the judges aren't going to like that. >> you have to remember i'm an elected official. i took an oath of office to protect and defend the citizens of this city and this county. i have a duty. this all happened while i have been on council the last 8 years. and i'm not going to sit silent. it's easy to just sit and do nothing. but i have got courage, i'm
4:25 am
going to stand up to these people. and i'm going to call them out. why? because our people are dying on the streets. and they are letting these criminals back out. >> steve: right. >> judge must take into consideration the offender's past criminal history. many of these have had capital murders in our city and other cities. steve: we started the segment by talking about 150 people in your town have been killed in the arrest couple of years by these violent past offenders. they should not have been on the street had the judge had an open agenda and said hey, that person is not safe. michael, why is it because we were just talking about it applies to new york and applies to a bunch of big northeastern cities, applies to l.a. why are these judges releasing people on such a tiny little bond have the potential to kill people. >> well, i feel like they feel
4:26 am
justified as a result of a federal judge's decision here in houston that has been blown out of proportion on misdemeanors and they're letting them out on the felonies as well. this is a egregious. they are more concerned about the defendants' welfare than the public's welfare that just doesn't work. that's why i have already drafted three and i posted them on facebook. three of the complaints against these judges. i'm going to hold them all accountable. because that's the responsibility that i feel like that i have and the citizens are really applauding me for this. because they want to know that somebody out there cares. >> steve: michael, i got a feeling people all across the country watching you right now are thinking hey, why don't we try that let's see if we can do something to affect the violence in our cities. michael could you bausch, kubosh
4:27 am
a houston city council member. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> steve: 7:26 here in the east. awakening, experts say the russian ukraine feud could force us to pay more at the pump. charles payne breaks down the page of your wallet coming up next. ♪ dry eye symptoms driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me! xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye drop specifically for the signs and symptoms
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ask your doctor about the combination of two immunotherapies, opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. ♪ >> ainsley: americans are already facing surging gas prices and the rising tensions with russia and ukraine gas prices even higher. here to break it down for us and how much you could be paying at the pump is host of making money on fox business. mr. charles payne. hey, charles. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i wish i had good news. but, you know, the write something on the wall. obviously everyone watching this show knows about the pain at the pump. it's been just horrific over the last year or so. it all began after election day in november of 2020. the war on fossil fuels. you know, there is a thing called supply and demand is economics 101. you don't have to go to college
4:32 am
to understand it, you know, because most people are learning it the hard way. where could we go? gas buddy is saying maybe we could hit 4:13. $4.13.i see the record at 4:17 e summer of 2008. think about that. we may actually see gasoline prices set at all-time high. of course, these estimates were before the escalation on the ukraine-russian border. >> ainsley: charles, break it down for us. does all the oil go, does all the world's oil go into one market and then that's how they determine prices? >> oil is one of these global commodities. it really is it probably the most global of all commodities and it's fungible. for instance, russian oil 53 goes to europe. 39% goes to asia. sometimes some of it comes to us when our president is asking for it. it doesn't have. to say here is the real problem
4:33 am
i'm glad he brought it up. in this country we are going to be pumping 11.8 million barrels a day. if we are lucky this year. that will be 400,000 less barrels per day than we were in 2009. so the world fossil fuels has devastating impact. and here's the thing. you don't really have an alternative. you cannot get your electric vehicle to drive across country and see grandma. at least not all of us. there isn't a place to recharge them. you didn't at the time. this premature battle to beat down what have been one of the most successful entrepreneurial technology innovations in the world. the ability to frac and bring back the life old oil welsz to make us the number one producer in the world to have us where we could actually export oil was an absolute miracle and everybody in america has enjoyed this whether they admit it or not, whether they know it or not, and we are on the cusp of erasing the whole thing. >> ainsley: our leaders won't do that though. they are shutting down the pipelines, they are against fracking.
4:34 am
you said it could hit $4.13. it's already up for from 250 a year ago. when could we hit that 4.13. >> may, summer, late spring, early summer. it's -- and these aren't my estimates. these are folks who are in the gas business following gas prices for decades. the writing is on the wall. this is without even -- even without that. remember, we also saw last week where the houthi rebels backed by iran attacked united arab emirates. we have geopolitical hot spots and these global straw men making their moves to disrupt the world and it has economic consequences. >> ainsley: okay, charles. thank you so much. >> you got it. >> ainsley: you can watch charles "making money" on fox business every day at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. come up, more bad news from president biden as fox news poll reveals voters would rather have someone else on the ticket in 2024. hear from a democrat who lost her seat on why her party should see this as a wake-up call ♪ wake me up whether it's all
4:35 am
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♪ >> brian: welcome back, everybody, president biden's popularity among voters continue to dwindle. latest fox news poll 60 would not vote for president biden second term. despite bipartisan being the backbone of his campaign the his inaugural speech some do not expect any more unity in the president's next year in office. really, was that his take away. let's bring in laura kern who if you look at nassau county finance larger than 10 states in the country. and laura, you are a moderate. you feel as though in many ways your career paid the price because of the left wing policies of the administration. correct? >> you know, i think when people
4:40 am
look at government, what do they want? they don't want grand ideology. they don't want to be told how to think or how to live their lives. they just want government to work. they want the roads paved. they want to feel safe. they want to be able to have their businesses thrive. send their kids to school without thinking about it too much. you know, your poll captured and some other polls that i'm seeing as well. there is this pessimism. there is this frustration that government just isn't working for people where they are. >> brian: today there was a ruling came out by a judge yesterday in nassau county. it was brought by nassau county statewide that it's illegal to mandate mask-wearing indoors. it should be personal choice. that was a democratic governor in new york who mandated that. a judge overturned it. how do you feel about it? >> i always and when i was county exec same thing, i trust our residents to make the right choices for themselves and for their families. mandating -- i understand mandating in a pandemic, but in a crisis.
4:41 am
you have to be really careful not to mandate unnecessarily because people can be trusted. you give them the right information. you give them the science. you give them the facts, and then you can trust them to make the right decision for themselves. i find sometimes when you mandate something, it alienates people. it angers people it makes them suspicious. it makes them not trust. >> brian: right. especially if you're somebody who has kids in school you don't really think democrat or republican. you think my kid is being affected. it's been two years. how long has this going to go on? governor hochul came back and said this we strongly disagree with this ruling and we are pursuing every option to reverse this immediately. someone like you, who might buck your party, might end up like senator sinema. she got censored by her own party. you see the president of the united states get ripped by his left. this is all happening on the democratic side. why is that? >> i think as -- not just as a party, but as a nation, as just
4:42 am
human beings, we always have to be careful of group think. we have to be able to listen to other sides, even be with within our own families. even within our own party. and, unfortunately, i think we are losing that. there has to be a give and take. if we are lock step in everything, that can lead to dangerous places. >> brian: you were very critical of the president. you said that the message getting from the white house hurt you in new york. in what way? >> i'm just concerned, you know, and we have talked about this before. that what people want from government is for things to work. they don't want to be spoken down to. they -- and they also want to feel that there is a sense of competence and confidence at the top. you know, having been county executive, that was something that was very important to me. are we taking care of the regular stuff of government? are we trusting people? and exuding that trust? do they know that we respect them.
4:43 am
because, at the end of the day, as elected officials, as public officials, we work for the people. it's not the other way around. >> brian: laura, there is a poll that's out that said the two things america care about most 80% crime and inflation. do you think the democrat party should look at that poll? >> 100 percent. you know, as i said at the beginning, what do people want from government? they want things to work and they want to feel safe. struggles and divisiveness concerns me not just for politics but also for my party but also for our country. there needs to be a national calming down, looking at what's working. looking at what is not working. not worrying so much about the twitter mob. not even worrying so much about the polling. what is the right thing to do and what is it that regular people expect from us? >> brian: right. if you looked over the weekend, you see bernie sanders say that support primarying joe manchin and kyrsten sinema and that is someone who is moderate on the
4:44 am
party. so, it makes it troubled waters for somebody, let's say who goes center left as opposed to way left. final thought? >> we got to be careful of group think. we have to be able to hear all points of view from a calm perspective. >> brian: got charges remember, it's about the people. not about the politicians. >> brian: laura curran, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> brian: someone hemghtd get sports on track too in this country youth sports. meanwhile, let's go over to carley. you are back in action. >> carley: i thought you were saying irs somebody getting youth sports on traffic your previous guest who also has a great mess intage unity and not going off the handle. yes, i do have headlines for you, brian. and everybody else listening right now. starting with this seven sailors are recovering after a u.s. military jet crashed while conducting flight operations in the south china sea. the navy says the fighter jet crashed on the deck due to a
4:45 am
landing mishap. aboard the "uss carl vinson." the pilot was able to eject safely. three sailors were transported for treatment in the philippines. they are all expected to fully recover. free money for everyone. los angeles starting a new basic income initiative that would provide $1,000 a month to more than 3,000 city residents. budget cuts to the lapd will partially fund that program. critics are concerned the payout will would contribute to the city's high crime rate and labor shortage by taking away incentives for people to find a job. and washington state has detected a subvariant of covid. a spokesperson saying two cases of da 2 variant of omicron detected earlier this month in washington. of the variant also detected in parts of europe and asia. the infection rate and risk from the subsubvariant is still being
4:46 am
investigated. a south carolina restaurant is offering employees free child care. mckee's scott irish pub hiring licensed child care worker to watch the kids while their parents work. some employees find the program a life saver. mcgee said child care has brought in new employees who otherwise would have had trouble getting child care and now they are fully staffed. state rules only allow kids in the restaurant for four hours per day, so shifts are on the shorter end. how about that? a creative solution. all right. hand it over to senior meteorologist janice dean with our look at fox weather. good morning, janice. >> janice: good morning, carley. still very cold, bitter cold, dangerously cold across the northern plains. and the midwest today. wind chill advisories where it feels like minus 28 in minneapolis. minus 20 in green bay. you get the picture's it's not safe to be outdoors for great length of time here. that's why we have wind chill alerts through wednesday for all of these areas and that cold air
4:47 am
spreading southward and eastward. two thirds of the country feeling this next artic blast. watching the future track, we are going to see the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, eastern gulf coast as well as florida. we have got this area of low pressure that's bringing all of this moisture in and that's potentially going to bring some flooding to areas across central florida so we'll watch for that and then our next big weather maker could be this weekend, the area of low pressure that will become a nor'easter. we still don't know exactly who is going to get what. the tale of two computer models. we will keep you up to date fox to download your app. and we will give you the latest details. brian kilmeade back to you. >> brian: thank you janice dean for the toss. >> brian: still ahead on this show, florida state football duo ready to retire? will cain is on deck. and he is not ready to retire we are sure of that as we got him under the salary cap as tom
4:48 am
brady and rob gronkowski ski raise questions over the future with the nfl. ♪ ♪ 'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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apes ains a ncaa official stepping down organization's updated policy on transgender
4:52 am
athletes. >> steve: former facilitator claims i'm deeply troubled by what appearing to be a devolving level of active, effective, committed and equitable support for gender diverse student athletes within the ncaa's leadership as a nonbinary transfeminine person can i no longer in good conscience maintain my affiliation with the ncaa "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain is here to react. good morning, will, what's your reaction? >> will: good morning, you three. my reaction would be goodbye. appreciate your participation up to this point, doctor, we no longer need your services. we look at these type of letters jargon. stockholder nonbinary means. and it can get confusing quickly we will pass the rules intentionally by the way confusing rules of the ncaa onto the governing body. the governing bodies passes it on to the ioc. >> ioc pushes it onto the governing body.
4:53 am
it gets i think intentionally confusing. here is how you make it simple. men swim on the men's team and women swim on the women's team. that's pretty easy and simple and doesn't have to get confusing answers the needless debate of what is a man and what is a woman? here's the thing and i would walk through it really quickly. science, morality. science suggests as you a go through pursuant as a man you have significant advantage. i don't care what modern day scientists have to say. scientists back that up for generations. morality, why do we pick empathy drives this debate, ainsley, steve and brian. let's edges tend empathy to the transathletes. what about empathy to the hundreds of thousands of female athletes now put at disadvantage after training their entire life for this moment? what about some empathy for them? i think that's a more moral position than the empathy given to one. maybe the least important popularity. these issues are extremely unpopular with the american public. the american public understands the simplicity, polling suggests they don't want men swimming on
4:54 am
the women's team. so why are we doing it? it's because we are being held at hostage, we are being extorted by a very small radical group very small radical ideas embodied by that doctor you just read, ainsley that doctor can go away because everyone else seems to understand the science and morality on this. >> steve: okay. let's move on to something else of interest. we are all curious what is going to happen with tom brady. he was on the jim gray podcast. had this to say about calling it quits. >> as i have got gotten older foorvelg means a lot. it means a lot to me and care a lot about what we accomplish as a team and teammates. the biggest difference now that i'm older i have kids now, too. i care about them a lot as well. it's not always what i want. it's what we want as a family and, you know, i'm going to spend a lot of time with them, you know, and figure out in the future what's next. >> steve: okay, so now he is talking about his kids and the
4:55 am
future is he going to call it quits? >> i don't know, steve. my suspicion is the answer is no. why we call it quits? you know, for the past five years, i have had these goofy debates about whether or not football was going to push tom brady out. whether or not he would be going over the cliff, you know, because of his age? he has defied every actuarial table. is he extraordinary. he is the greatest of all time, steve. he will play, the nfl will have him as long as he wants to play. on the other end, how does it not work for him? he is saying i have a family. i don't know, i can't get inside his mind, maybe more importantly just mind. i can't get inside the idea that he now has some duties he owes to his family? but if he decides he can balance both of those issues, which we all struggle with all three of us here have to balance those issues. if he decides he is blensz it i expect tom brady to be back with the buccaneers. >> ainsley: 49ers and rams face
4:56 am
off in the nfc conference championship on sunday on fox at 3:30 p.m. thank you so much, will. great to see you this morning. >> will: you too. >> steve: all right. straight ahead on this tuesday telecast. bill maher and bari weiss taking heat from media for admitting they are frustrated with covid. >> just gone on too long. [laughter] >> nobody cares anymore. [applause] >> i don't want to live in your paranoid world anymore. >> you get the vaccine and you get back to normal. and we haven't gotten back to normal. >> steve: we are not back to normal. and that is why there was a media meltdown ignited over those comments. more on that coming up straight ahead as we look live at tampa. good morning, folks, you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ so you won't have a medicare in the world.
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♪ ♪ >> president biden cursing out peter doocy. >> president biden: will never create another colleague with disrespect or i will fire you on the spot. >> he called my cell phone and said it's nothing personal, pal. >> america's crime way is reigniting -- the judges are more concerned about the welfare and they're letting these criminals back out. >> nearly 2 million migrant
5:01 am
encounters in the last fiscal year. >> 14 were listed in the terrorist screening database. >> our people are dying. >> struck down new york mask mandate. give them the science to give them the facts and trust them to make the right decision for themselves. >> belmar exposing the lefts never ending covid obsession. ♪ ♪ >> it is a beautiful tuesday morning, january 25th. cold outside here in new york but we are happy to be here on the curvy couch. >> potential for a big nor'easter coming up by the weekend. in the meantime, sit back, relax, for yourself another cup of coffee and watch some cable
5:02 am
news. i have a favorite channel. i hope you do, too. >> isn't it interesting that all these snowstorms hit on the weekend? i'm hoping we are going to be able to get out. >> you might have to leave on thursday. it's good news. every time there is a natural disaster, i realize everything can be run on batteries. for those people still plugging in their snow thrower, i plug it in. i've got to get some batteries. batteries are great. it frees you up. you don't have to worry about gas, carburetors. if the storm goes on for a couple of days and you need to scoop and your battery is dead, then what do you do? that's why the gas works so well. >> that's why you have a butler and i have a live in butler. a snow butler. he has not worked much the last ten years. >> it blows all the snow out of your driveway?
5:03 am
>> my friend tony who is watching. tony when he built his house in new jersey, installed a driveway that is needed. it's got a melter in it. >> the whole neighborhood sounds a little selfish. >> he lives on kind of a. go down the street to go to the grocery store which is next to a hardware store to get to the battery for the batteries snow thrower. >> the number one trending story around the world yesterday involved your son. president joe biden who once promised dignity from the white house calling a fox news reporter, peter doocy, a stupid son of a you knew what on the world stage. >> no stranger to the president's outbursts. she live in washington with the story. a kind of sounds like deja vu all over again. >> i feel like we have been here
5:04 am
before. good morning that's right. the president said that they didn't want any questions on ukraine. our fox news colleague peter doocy tried to ask a question about inflation but the president wasn't having any of that either. >> do you think inflation is a political liability of the midterm? >> president biden: more inflation. a stupid son of a [bleep]. >> last week he didn't take kindly to my question about taking some proactive measures to deter russia from invading ukraine. >> why are you waiting on -- it is unusual toner from a president who places such a high premium on respect here at the white house. >> president biden: i'm not joking when i say this. if you are aware of her working with me and i hear you treat another colleague with
5:05 am
disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you, i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. note gifts', anne's, or. >> the president called him an hour after the mark in clear the air or rather, he didn't apologize, but definitely clear the air telling peter, it's nothing personal, pal. those were his words. peter said it was a nice conversation. he appreciated the president taking time out of his busy day to give him a call and apologize for that remark or clear the air rather for that remark. i did not get any such phone call after my exchange with the president, but i will tell you first year, guys, he doesn't have to apologize. i will settle for an interview. >> a consolation prize. jackie, is it a fox thing? what is going on? >> maybe he was having a bad day. it was a case of the mondays.
5:06 am
>> where you offended by it? >> you know, i was not as offended may be as i should have been. i was surprised more than anything. it is tough to get the president to even answer our questions. more than anything, i guess he heard me. >> not the answer you are expecting. >> a little different than the last guy. >> in addition to the president saying to peter when the president called peter's cell phone, nothing personal, pal, although that seems pretty personal what he said, the president also -- peter said mr. president, i'm going to continue to ask you different questions. of the president then responded, well, peter, you have to. as made clear, the president did not apologize, but he did clear the air. peter talked to sean hannity last night about 9:10 and said this. >> the world is on the brink of,
5:07 am
like, world war iii right now. with all the stuff going on. i appreciate that the president took a couple minutes out of his evening to give me a call and clear the air. you know what? i don't need anybody to apologize to me. he can call me whatever -- >> that got us talking. >> i don't think peter was offended by it. it's going to advance his career even more. he is already advanced asking these tough questions. he was the number one thing training yesterday around the world. is it a fox thing? is that his go to if he doesn't know how to answer a question? they weren't stupid questions about inflation and about russia. >> peter and jackie asked good questions. joe biden has been in politics for a very long time. maybe it is one of those things either, you know, he has been around p.a. systems. you would think he would know that the mic is always on.
5:08 am
then again, maybe he has done it more than once. maybe this is one of those times when the mic was just -- he said this is a bfc, mr. president. >> barack obama -- that's a guy with pretty experience with microphones, too. >> and you don't want to answer the question or you don't know how to answer the question, maybe it's a deflection. >> peter made it very clear. he doesn't owe him an apology. he just tries to get answers to his questions and peter is a big boy. conversation in every kitchen. how are you handling it? are you susceptible to it? what about the new variant?
5:09 am
by the way, if you go to school, are you going to wear a mask? among the people fed up inside for me almost 1.5 years ago was the fact that a lot of people on the left have come out and said -- athletes have come out and said. one that stands out. aaron rodgers is another one that stands out there to the other person that i've been watching for the first time maybe ever is bill mahr. his monologues have been right on the money. he had his first show of the new season and it aired over the weekend at which time he made it clear in his monologue that he is fed up with this. he's fed up with the mixed messages and not living his life and wearing a mask and people telling him the vaccines going to work and it doesn't. he's fed up with people telling you that it's only going to be two weeks to slow the spread and that's been almost three years. among other people fed up, she was fired from her quit "new york times" and started sub stack or rights over there and someone who leans left but not left enough for the way he left.
5:10 am
guess what? they spoke their minds over the weekend. watch. >> it has gone on too long. nobody cares anymore. i don't want to live in your paranoid world anymore. you go out. it is silly, now. you mask, you have to have a card and a booster. they scan your hand. [laughter] like you are a cashier and i'm a bunch of bananas. >> i'm done with covid. i am done. i went so hard on covid. i have that pringles cans. i watched "tiger king." i got to the end of spotify. we were told, you get the vaccine. you get the vaccine and you get back to normal. and we haven't gotten back to normal. most importantly this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime. >> it is a pandemic bureaucracy.
5:11 am
>> they cheered in that left-wing audience. >> they did. the liberal media had a meltdown. watch the -- >> you don't have to do it, but stay away from everybody. how dare you be so flippant? you told her she needed to grow up. >> yeah, she needed to grow up because he's asking like a child. my children handle it more maturely. >> that was messed up. too many people are making this about politics. even libertarians, right? comedians a lot of leeway, but this was not funny. >> i did not know that he was still on. >> people are always scanning your head. every time somebody does that to me, i will say, is that an iq detector? what is the number? is it more than a hundred? it means i can't come and which is funny on two levels. there are absolutely right. everybody is frustrated because the government has come out with so much information that turns
5:12 am
out, you know, it's not accurate anymore because they are trying to figure it out as we go. we have never seen something like this before. ultimately, i don't know anybody who really trusts the government for their health care news. i trust my doctor. my doctor made it very clear, you know, i got the shots, i got the booster. i ultimately got omicron between christmas and new year. omicron is out there in this issue the biden administration. the only two things that really work with that, the pfizer pill and the treatment. but the government has not asked those companies to make a bazillion of them. that means if you come down with omicron, you, you know -- >> you get a cold. you get a cold. are there for the most part, mild symptoms. not from omicron. i would like to really look back at those numbers. we are going to really examine how many people are actually
5:13 am
dying from this covid-19. i think that's gonna be something else we look back on. number 2 is they have been wrong every step of the way and for the administration to continue to say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated is wrong. it further divides the country. those two people are making decisions. let her wear her body stocking. let her wear her six masks. it's not going to affect bill mahr. they want to go to a restaurant, they are getting paid. they can stay home and work. i know people not getting paid lost a job. no longer can own their gymnasium because they are not able to sit back and say i'm going to be careful for 2.5 years. i am tired of the fourth-grader having a third grade reading level. i'm tired of the first grade or not knowing who their friends are. we are looking at this as adults now. we want to make our own decisions. that is why governor is a
5:14 am
rock star in florida. that is why all these people who want to live in a cocoon are running to the free states. people are not necessarily throwing caution to the window. they are using their own judgment like they do every day. i know people that jump and ski out of helicopters onto mountains. it seems risky to me. i don't mind if they do it. >> i think a lot of republicans are glad to see the democrats come to their size. some of the people who are sick of it. they are entitled to give their own opinions. we are all frustrated with it. >> i think it's frustrating because we are doing things that aren't helping. frustrated because the people are telling us things they know are wrong. frustrated that these people like anthony fauci in the cdc director keeps saying contradictory stuff. people look at them as if they walk on water. >> i would side with you, brian. i'm younger. i have a younger child.
5:15 am
we are not affected -- >> you want to be told what to do? >> my friends in florida are in their 80 years old. >> should we tell them what to do or should they make their own decisions? >> people are frustrated because that covid is still here. two years ago, we thought it was going to last a couple of months. it is still here. you have to live with it. it is still here and you have to live with it. >> you have to figure out how to manage it. it's never going to go away. the question is, how long is it going to kill 10,000 people a week? luckily, we are thinking that it flats out in certain spots by the grace of god. people are still dying and people are trying -- >> people can make their own decisions. i'm not judging them. stop mandating what i do. let them make -- they know what they are susceptible. they know if they are out of shape. they know if they have diabetes. they know if they smoke. they know how old they are. enough. we know how to raise her
5:16 am
6-year-old and her 17-year-old. we do not want this coming from mayors, governors, or presidents, we are done. >> covid's and on. >> we make our own decisions under covid. i'm convinced that no one gets it. nobody gets it. >> i agree with you but there are a lot of -- >> get your own doctor. i don't tell you to get a doctor. i don't tell you to get a doctor. i will take my own doctor. i will find my own information. i will go on with my life. enough of the mandates. >> okay, all right. we know how you feel. >> no kidding. my family, we are just trying to protect ourselves. >> we do it on our own. i'm not telling you to protect yourself. make your own decision. >> i am not for mandates but i am for protecting -- >> you want the president to tell your family how to protect yourself? yes or no? that's what i'm talking about. i'm not telling you not to protect yourself. i'm saying you should not have your governor or mayor tell you
5:17 am
how to protect yourself. >> i told you i don't trust the government. i trust my doctor. >> that's what i'm saying. go to your doctor, your family, make your own decision. >> that's what i'm saying. >> let's hand it over to carly. carly, please take it away. >> good morning to you. another issue facing americans is the crime crisis. at this the tragic story here. the latest victim of gun violence in atlanta is a 6-month-old baby. grace and matthew was killed after he was caught in the cross fire of a drive-by shooting. just look at that picture. police say a stray bullet pierced through the car seat. the mayor and police chief are saying enough is enough. cracking down on gun violence part this is the third shooting of a young child in atlanta already this year. florida governor ron desantis calling the fda's decision to revoke monoclonal antibodies emergency youth authorization
5:18 am
sudden and reckless. monoclonal antibody treatments are now closed. "without a shred of clinical data to support this action, biden has forced trained medical professionals to choose between treating their patients were breaking the law." here about this. a growing number of voices online are vowing to boycott pepsi after the soft drink company was named a top donor to texas republicans. role of motion critics saying $15,000 donation last year empowered conservative lawmakers behind the heart beat law, banning abortions after six weeks. some also promising to boycott pepsi's many smaller snack food companies. john lennon is selling memorabilia from his personal collection. he will keep the physical items, selling the goods as nonfungible tokens. the nft is being auctioned including the black cape and coat worn by john lennon. it will also include handwritten
5:19 am
notes from the beatles song "hey jude." it will be offered as an audiovisual likable with narration. the online auction will be held on february 7th. if you're into nfts and the beatles, the story is for you guys. >> it's going to cost you. >> tragedy in chicago as an 8-year-old girl is shot and killed by a stray bullet while out for a walk with her mom. corey brooks is spending months camped out in the city to raise awareness for the growing violence there. he's going to share his rooftop relevant privations with knockoff batteries, little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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5:24 am
>> it is just unspeakable to live the life of an 8-year-old. we owe it to melissa into her family and the city to hold every person involved accountable. >> well, now, the chicago police are operating in $15,000 reward leading to the arrest and the death of an 8-year-old girl by the name of melissa ortega who was killed by a stray random bullet when walking on the street with her mother. this is the fifth child under 15 years old to be killed in the city of chicago so far this year. our next guest is working to end the violence. marking his 66th office 100 -- camping in this guideline that one of chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods. pastor cory brooks joins us from 7 degrees at chicago right now. pastor, good morning to you. it looks like we are having a problem with the call.
5:25 am
as we try to reestablish that, i think the producers want to take a quick timeout. we will call him back up. still ahead, the pentagon putting american troops on heightened alert as tensions between russia and ukraine rise. texas congressman ronnie jackson will join us next to weigh in on what he thinks the u.s. should do about russia's aggression on ukraine. find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't.
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>> we are back with the tensions rising and ukraine as new shipment of military aid is set to arrive this morning comes as the pentagon readies thousands of u.s. troops for possible deployment and use europe. >> 8,500 u.s. troops now on high alert in the event of a russian invasion of ukraine. they could be sent immediately to eastern europe. 4 countries have pulled out. families of diplomats here in ukraine because that situation is getting too dangerous along with the u.s. there is the u.k., germany, and australia as well. when it comes to a potential invasion by russia, they are all on the same page.
5:30 am
>> president biden: i had a very good meeting with all the european leaders. >> when you talk to people on the street here, you can sense anxiety. most people really at this point relying on hope. >> interpreter: i feel it will not happen. it will be okay. i hope so. >> interpreter: if not for what happened in 2014, a relationship with a rush i would be warmer than with europe and america. >> while there is anxiety, when you look around the street, no people fleeing, no visible sign of panic. back to you. >> they have been used to it. i appreciate it. let's bring in texas congressman ronnie jackson. author of the upcoming book, "holding the line." >> we are not doing the right things. we should have been doing a lot of stuff months ago.
5:31 am
there's a window of opportunity to make a difference in issues like this. this has been building for months. they have had multiple opportunities to do things that would have stopped it from getting to where it is at right now. right now we have a situation where ukraine is surrounding the russians right now. they have aircraft in belarus up to their north. they have a massive amount of troops to their east in russia. they have ships and troops in crimea and the black sea. they are literally surrounded right now. they are going to invade any day now could this is going to happen. the russians are coming in and they are going to take ukraine. there's not much we can do about it because of the failed leadership in the biden administration. the biden administration is setting up a repetitive process of crises and failed leadership. the biden administration, crisis and failed leadership leads to more crises and failed leadership. this is a direct result some of this of what happened months ago in afghanistan where we abandon our nato allies and left them
5:32 am
behind. they don't trust us anymore. we are trying to build an alliance with nato to do something about what's going on and they are very skittish about helping us. germany is dragging their feet saying we are not sure we are going to do anything. this will ultimately end up causing a lot of problems long term because nato is not going to be respected or even may be as capable as they have been in the past in boxing in russia and their aggressive behavior. >> a lot of people are saying i don't want to get involved in a fight with the ukrainians. we should be focusing on china. what is your reaction to that? >> we should be focusing on china but we should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. i don't want to get into a fight and ukraine either. it's not a nato country. we are not going to send ground troops in there. we should have done things with our nato allies that border ukraine months ago to stop this from actually happening. this is russian aggression. it won't stop. he wants to reestablish the old
5:33 am
soviet union. we have seen that for a long time. he's going to start with ukraine and who knows what's next? it could be one of our nato countries. we are going to be in a bad spot because we will be obligated to help these people because they are members of nato. china is watching and we are going to be dealing with china next. china will be the next crisis in the next failed leadership. >> 38 war planes flew over taiwan over the weekend. let's talk about a border we don't seem to care about or at least the white house doesn't and that's the southern border. the huge one that borders texas. between 2021 and 2022, we are looking at 218,000 encounters in the first quarter already. 518 and 368 counters for the first quarter in 2022. that is a huge increase. this is a slow time. is there any light at the end of the tunnel? is there any hope? you are in washington. is any democrat saying i am as concerned as you?
5:34 am
>> henry is the only person on the democrat side that's been talking about what's going on on the border. the rest are crickets. they act like that border is not happening. we've had over 2 million people cross illegally. we've had thousands and thousands of others that have crossed our border that we don't know about that are bringing drugs and violent criminals across our border. this is going to be a huge crisis for our countries for decades to come. look at the number one cause of death is drug overdose. that is directly related to that heroin, methamphetamine and fat and crossing the border every day because biden has failed to secure our border. they are doing it because they think these people are going to come across and they are going to get citizenship at some point i get the ability to vote and they are determined that's going to happen and they are going to get as many over here as they can. there is no incentive to stop this right now. the biden administration removed every incentive that president trump and in place to stop this stuff.
5:35 am
we have a thousand things to do and none of it is being done. >> you spent as much time in the white house as anybody. the physician for president bush, obama, and a. have you ever heard in exchange quite like this that took place yesterday? >> anything in place as a liability for midterm? >> president biden: x a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a believe. >> it was one of those hot mic moments. >> is unprofessional and embarrassing. i've seen this with multiple times that are starting to have cognitive issues. they get short tempered and irritable. they strike out as a defense mechanism when they don't know exactly how to answer questions or what's going on around them. he's got cognitive issues. he's not fit to be our head of state or our commander in chief. we can see this on multiple fronts including what's happening domestically and overseas. it is shameful that he would say
5:36 am
something like that to a reporter. >> it happened. he did call a little bit later and kind of clarified it. thanks so much, congressman jackson. i appreciate it. just ahead on this show and the final 25 minutes, the shocking story out of california. mom is suing the school district. told her child that she is transgender. at that mom and her attorney join us.
5:37 am
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> this is a shocking story out of california where the mother of a middle school student is suing her school district claiming teachers tried convincing your child she was transgender. pushing to change your gender, her name, and her pronouns all behind her mother's back in secret. that mom joins us now along with her attorney, founder of the center for american liberty.
5:41 am
good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> i have been following your story. you let them have it. i was proud of you for that. tell us what happened. >> it started with, you know, my child rapidly started going through changes. experiencing sexuality in a different way that she has ever done before. she never showed any type of interest in it. it went from bisexual to change gender to different types of gender fluid and binding and her changes happen very rapidly. i was very concerned about it. it wasn't until i had read the article that came out, the leaked audio that it kind of confirmed where everything was coming from. it confirmed i now knew at that point why my daughter had changed so much. it made me extremely angry. now i'm taking action. i'm going to make sure this doesn't happen anymore.
5:42 am
>> you are representing jessica. she says she supports whatever her daughter decides. what is so disturbing about this is the school district was saying to the child, you can't trust your mother. you can change your pronouns in secret. use your birth pronoun when you are around your mom. whether other specifics that are disturbing to you? >> absolutely. in addition to what you described, there was coaching and targeting and telling this child and other children that they should be in this/straight alliance which is happening across the country. coaching the child about things that are medical in nature like binding her to make sure that they don't grow as part of a transition process. we are talking about a middle school child here. the legal action we are taking on behalf of jessica is not just on behalf of her daughter but ultimately to draw attention to this issue and make sure that other families don't suffer from this kind of targeting, abuse, conspiracy, infliction of emotional distress they can be permanent on a young person and
5:43 am
certainly their family. i have heard from so many families this story came out, heartbreaking stories about how it's too late for my teenager, because they have already moved in that direction. i hope it doesn't happen to other families. it's bigger than the school district and we and to make sure that everybody knows about it and that parents make those decisions with their children privately. and not teachers pushing a political agenda with no medical training or psychiatric training tried to do this and really push children in a certain direction that is fashionable but may not be right for them at a vulnerable time and they are very susceptible and when the teachers have as much power over their children. >> understand when the children started zooming because this happened during covid that your daughter decided to go back to her birth pronoun. did she say they were pushing her into something she wasn't comfortable with? >> she felt a lot less pressured.
5:44 am
we were asked to stay at home and she had felt pressured. she felt for the first time that she could breathe and she did not have that one on one all the time. when you are trying to seek who you are, let them do it on their own time. you don't need someone else to coach them and convince them. she felt like she could breathe. i'm going to make sure she continues to breathe and gets through this, you know, in a way that is on her terms. you know? on her terms. >> what happens next? what happened to the teachers and what happens next? >> the teachers are currently on administrative leave. the two teachers in question but the principal knew about this as well it was part of this whole situation. that teachers association is pretty defiant in saying that they are not doing anything. they are trying to protect the child. we know the opposite is true. this is predatory behavior. we are waiting for the school district to respond. they have a few weeks left to respond to our legal claim. if they don't resolve all with us, we will be resolving it
5:45 am
legally. >> i wish you the best. we did reach out to the school district for a statement that we did not hear back. let's hand it over to new headlines for us. >> the mother -- the man accused of shooting 2 new york city police officers says she regrets calling police to her home. dying monday after being shot during the encounter. officer was killed in the shooting. officer wilber remains in critical condition. mayor eric adams responding to a surge in violent crime. action against guns and said they will be less leniency for repeat offenders. a vaccinated nike employee was repeatedly let go from the company for refusing to upload his vaccination card to a third-party app. his name is dax greg's. he said he was willing to show
5:46 am
that accompany his card, but he did not trust a third-party app with his personal information. announcing last fall that it would be requiring corporate employees to be vaccinated. employees who miss a deadline to verify their vaccination status. started losing their jobs last month. adele is postponing her residency due to production disputes. not covid according to tmz. she was unhappy with set pieces, acquire, the sound system and other items associated with the show. she and her crew have been awake for over 30 hours straight to tighten things up. at the desired changes couldn't be made in time for this debut. those are your headlines. let's check in with senior meteorologist with our fox weather forecast. >> good morning. let's take a look at it. cold air invading the country again. we've got windchill warnings in effect for the northern plains on the upper midwest where it feels like minus 20 to minus
5:47 am
30 degrees. minus 18 in fargo. 38 here in new york and 36 in memphis. we are watching showers and thunderstorms along the eastern gulf coast moving at a florida. flooding is going to be a concern where we get more moisture in a shorter period of time in the ground can't hold it. that's going to be a concern as we go through the next 6-12 hours. our next big whether system is a nor'easter that's going to come in toward the northeast this weekend. still ironing out the details of who gets the most snow in the exact timeline here. here's one of our future computer models. saturday morning looks all of the big cities across the border will get this. it's coming on the weekend and we have time to forecast this. stay tuned. we will give you up-to-date. back to you. >> thank you so much. our lawmakers putting make-believe policies ahead of reality? "wall street journal" editor at large jerry baker explains why
5:48 am
he believes politics are pushing us toward the metaverse. let's check in with bill hemmer which comes up at the top of the hour. >> we are all headed there someday. >> whatever that is. >> whatever it will be. the numbers at the border are staggering. we have them for you. we will get you there coming up in a moment. the new mayor of new york is going after gang members and their illegal guns. will it work? virginia's new republican governor is doing what it said it would do and it's not going over well. what does vladimir putin do next? we will talk to our former ambassador in ukraine. he will join us. big morning. a lot to get to. we will make the most of your time. see you in a few minutes. top of the hour. it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured.
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5:52 am
>> imagine a future where people gather in a highly virtual world to socialize play and work in what is now known as the metaverse. >> from the pandemic to the president's remarks about voting rights to our next guest says we are already living in this metaverse. both the left and the right focus on make-believe over reality. >> it is thought-provoking and to explain what we've got, the host of "wall street journal" at large fox business' gary baker.
5:53 am
good morning to you. >> thank you very much. >> to explain what you are suggesting, you are saying politicians on both sides will political aisle have created a new virtual reality, a metaverse for their followers. and as long as those who are different, america will never come together. >> yes, i was having a bit of fun with the idea of the metaverse. everyone is talking about the metaverse. i'm not sure we completely understand what it is. i was making the point that from a political perspective, we kind of already are living in it. the governing politicians in this country instead of tackling the difficult issues that need difficult decisions and tough policy actions, inflation, getting us out of the pandemic, dealing with crime, democratic leaders have decided that they are going to live in a make-believe world where we do performative things to
5:54 am
demonstrate how much you should take us seriously. wearing masks and these mask mandates even though there's no evidence whatsoever that these mask mandates have any effect or a vaccine or social distancing. it is this idea of creating this alternative as you say, alternative reality universe where they can pretend things are real and they can pretend things that their followers actually want to believe in. take president biden's attack on the republican party being the party of jim crow because of the laws that we pass are we face extensional democracy from groups who are unhappy or teachers or people unhappy with their kids teachers. this is not real. it's not reality. it's an alternative reality that our politicians have created. >> perhaps, but the other thing is, you are saying it's an extreme reality. there might be some element of truth to it but it's blown out of proportion. is that your point?
5:55 am
>> i think it is -- again, i was having a bit of fun with the idea of the metaverse. the point is that it is difficult to deal with the real -- you have to build coalitions. he had to get people to support you. you have to say things that are sometimes people don't want to hear. you have to say things to people sometimes that you are real political leader to get them to do things. you have to get them to say things to do things that they don't want to do. i think many of our politicians on both sides particularly on the democratic side have decided that it is too difficult and they've got too many problems and they are not going to be able to persuade people and make the right decisions. they're going to make this alternative world in which they can make their own decisions. they can appeal to their own people and they can leave their own people in their particular way. it's not a reality. it's not dealing with the issues that confront us. it's performance art. it's politics as performance rather than politics as
5:56 am
problem-solving. >> thank you for coming on with us. that was deep. >> it was. explaining the metaverse. every friday at 7:30 p.m. on fox business. and we have more moments away. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to the possibility of lower a1c with rybelsus®. you may pay as little as $10 for up to a 3-month prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. >> patriotic americans, two more episodes what made america great are dropping tomorrow. we'll be on to talk about teddy
6:00 am
roosevelt as a police commissioner. fascinating as they take his monument away from the museum of natural history and a visit to ellis island. 40% of americans are related to somebody that came through immigration at ellis island. what made america great tomorrow on fox nation. more on that later. >> can't wait the watch them. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning, everybody. top headline of the morning u.s. putting more than 8,000 troops on heightened alert. no decision whether or not they will be deployed. some members of the nato alliance have sent ships and fighter jets to the region as russia amasses troops along the ukraine border. new shipment of weapons from the united states. the 200 million pounds of ammo that arrived over the weekend. that's where we are. bill hemmer, good morning. hope you have a terrific tuesday. >> dana: good morning, i'm dana perino, "america's newsroom."


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