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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 25, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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smoking pot doesn't make -- over latelyinged covid misinformation. he wrote, they can have joe rogan or neil young, not both. he might find himself on the losing end of that battle. don't let it get you down, neil. >> it's a great asset. what a stupid -- >> so much for promising to unite the country. president biden losing his cool and cursing out peter doocy over a question about inflation. we'll tell you where things went from there. >> i'll never do that to you. dangerous push to defund police, the left is not backing down from inflammatory rhetoric, we
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have a shockingly low blow to heroes who lost their lives trying to protect ours. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro, hi, carley. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. more on those stories in a moment, first breaking news overseas as new shipment of weapons are set to arrive in ukraine within the next hour. >> todd: the pentagon readies troops for possible deployment, steve harrison is live in kiev with the latest on the rising tensions. steve. >> steve: that's right, todd, the u.s. put 8500 troops on heightened alert. they will be deployed in the know event of a russian invasion. four upon countries have decided to pull out families of
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diplomats here due to deteraing situations here. they are under criticism from ukrainian officials who say it is unnecessary and premature. russia says they have no plans to invade, they say the west reaction is one of hysteria. it is responsibility of individual u.s. citizens to get out of ukraine on their own. >> press sect. psaki: we are conveying to american citizens to leave now there is not intention or plan for any military evacuation. >> steve: president biden said they are all on the same page when it comes to opposing russian invasion of ukraine. >> president biden: i had a very, very, very good meeting with the european leaders. >> steve: leaders asked for
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classified briefings on the situation in ukraine. back to you. >> todd: thank you. larry kudlow says the white house would be better suited to use economics to counter putin. >> there is no need or usefulness of putting american troops into eastern europe. putin couldn't care less, he has 100,000 troops, 8500 is an ankle bite. close down down the nord streamd shut russia out of the dollar base international banking system. these kinds of eco sanctions, something that would get putin's attentio. the there is the currency, take russia out of the system and their economy is literally sunk, sunk. >> todd: if you're worried about
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gas prices at home, the situation between russia and yaushg could drive them higher. talking with brian brenberg later in the show. three after the hour. president biden who promised dignity from the white house, calling a fox news reporter a stupid you-know-what. >> carley: reaction to the outburst kicking off tuesday morning with naughty language from the president, chris. >> chris: good morning, the hot mic strikes again, catching the president use prog fanity, expressing frustration over inflation. >> political liability ahead of the midterm. >> great asset, more inflation. what a stupid son of [bleep]. >> led to a phone call from the president within the hour of the salty exchange, biden telling peter doocy, it's nothing
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personal, foul. >> i don't need anybody to apologize to me, call me whatever he wants as long as it gets him talking. >> hot mic continues to dog the president, so does inflation and soaring prices. 70% of americans believe we'll last a couple months while 70% believe it is here to stay for another year or more. the dow dropped 1000 points before rallying back to finish up 100 points as biden unveiling a plan for lowering prices pointing to executive order he sign third degree summer taking aim at big companies to increase competition. >> president biden: too many
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industries, handful of giant companies dominate the entire market and we see it in big ag, in big tech, big pharma, the list goes on. rather than compete for customers, they consume competitors. >> we could be in for more roller coaster rides as fed is expected to signal first rate hike ine 32 years. todd and carley. >> carley: strap in, ready to go, griff, thank you. that hot mic moment everybody will be talking about, the day president biden was sworn into office, he said, i'm not joking when i say this, if you are ever working with me and i hear you treat another with disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you, i will fire you on the spot, no if, ands or buts, the only thing i expect is honesty and decency.
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by his own standards, president biden needs to fire president biden on the spot. >> todd: yes, will he, though? it would make a lot of american public happy if he did. i think it is part of a bigger issue, rules of civility proclaimed by joe don't apply to joe. carley shimkus, where have we heard that before? the rules for thee but not for me are part of the party. every member of the party is doing this. uncle joe, good old uncle joe, fun uncle who is nice, i think that is officially gone. he is officially get off your lawn crazy neighbor joe, what do you think, carley? >> carley: president biden is in a bad mood because poll numbers, fox news poll shows if the election were held today, 60%
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would support someone other than him, less support than former presidents trump and obama had at this time during their presidency. he is losing support among democrats, his own base. nbc news poll shows since april, he's lost 19% support among african americans and down 16% from people 18-24 and down with latinos. he is doing everything in his power to gain back support, he is pushing voter reform, telling people republicans are racist and trying to give free money away through build back better. it is not working because congress is split. alternative plan is to get support back from independents and moderate republicans, that is not the path he's choosing to go. >> todd: you are telling me alternative path he could take
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to improve standing is to work with republicans and abandon the squad and do something productive for the american peep snel that seems like a novel concept. he's wedded to going down with the progressive titanic, he can't quit that. copy line from jerry maguire, all due respect to jen psaki. the joe biden and peter doocy thing, he is failing his promise he made at the beginning of the term. he had a lot of promises, one is to restore civility to the white house and bring the country together. no more mean tweets. he is cursing out peter doocy. peter did an amazing job, if you heard him on "the five," and talking to sean hannity. he is an amazing job. i know don't know if i would have handled it the
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handled it just fine, you are a nice guy, too. president biden criticized jacqui heinrich, calling her question stupid. he says he is changing his strategy for year two and will be speaking directly to the american peep toll push his agenda and promote his accomplishments. i don't know what that will look like, more time to americans, trump-style rallies, although i have a feeling the energy will be lacking. >> todd: is he going to yell at the american people like he yelled at peter doocy and jacqui heinrich? trying to get more in touch, i would be worried he will yell at all of us. >> carley: i couldn't agree
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more. the white house is talking about crime and admitting underfunding police is part of the reason for nationwide surge in crime. >> todd: get this. one blm chapter says don't be too quick to tout police as heroes. near record number of cops are shot on the job in 2021 and this officer on the right is clinging to his life after being shot over the weekend. jackie ibanez joins us live with details. jackie. >> white house press secretary jen psaki admits slashing police department fund suggest partially to blame for america's crime crisis. >> press sect. psaki: gun violence is a huge reason for surging of crime, underfunding police departments, something the president has advocated for in the course of his career. fighting for funding of police
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departments for local communities to reduce crime. >> jackie: there is that, as the white house insists president biden has taken action to reduce violence, deadly crime has surged, particularly in cities that defunded the police. 797 homicides in chicago, most since 1996. philadelphia ended with 559 last year, more than any year since 1960. and 485 homicide necessary new york city, los angeles had 397 and minneapolis reported 96 homicides, just one shy of a record set in 1995. 2021 was second deadliest year for police. 51 cops were killed in the line of duty in more than 20 states. black lives matter chapter in washington, d.c. tweeting frustration as police officers being treated as heroes.
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let's not jump to conclusion, wait until we have information, isn't that what y'all tell us oh, yeah and that he had a gun because cops carry a gun. the tide may be turning, totted and carley, last year invested back following the movement, possible early indication that americans could see even more funding for police across the country this year. we'll keep an eye on that, of course. >> todd: that blm tweet is insane. these cops, at least one, executed, one a attempted execution. just horrible. jacky, thank you. sean hannitty says kamala harris and joe biden are ignoring the crime crisis. >> sean: joe biden is doing nothing to reduce crime. many states, you can just steal -- as long as you steal up to 1000, 999 bucks, you will
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only get a ticket. joe biden ignored carnage and we have dozens of americans dead, thousands of cops dead, property damage, larsen, kamala harris praised the lapd police cuts, protecting peaceful, law-abiding americans, why don't we protect them? >> carley: the mother of lashawn mcneil, says she regrets calling police to her home. she told the "new york post" her son had a fixation on guns and suffered from mentalilness. mcneil died after being shot in the encounter. jason rivera was killed in the shooting and officer mora is injured. >> if you are caught with a gun in this city, you are going to
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go to criminal court. you are not going to family court f. you're a repeated offender, you go to court. >> funeral for officer rivera will be held saturday. he was just 22 years old. >> todd: just horrible. manhunt continues for a man accused of killing a harris county corporal during a traffic stop. law enforcement do not have a record for oscar rosales and it is likely an alias. >> it is not known where his true citizenship is, his true history. he is a bold and dangerous fugitive. >> todd: law enforcement says he is wanted on a charge of capital murder. $6000 reward being offered for information on his arrest. his common law wife and brother
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in law have been accused, as well. >> carley: u.s. border patrol reporting two million enupon counters with migrants at the border in 2021, a new all-time high. 1.1 million of those were sent back to mexico or flown to other countries. critics blaming president biden and immigration policy as migrants pour over the border, confident they will be able to stay. of those stopped at the border, 14 were listed in the u.s. terrorism screening terrorist screening data base. >> todd: several virginia school boards filing suit against governor glenn youngkin day one executive order giving parents an opt-out for mask mandetates, they say the governor doesn't
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have authority to overrule the will of the administrators. youngkin office says they are disappointed the board is ignoring parent's advice. more on that coming up later in the show. the world is watching the white house to see if president biden will deploy thousands of u.s. troops as russia mobilizes along the border. dr. rebecca grant breaking down or interests and kids getting vaccinate said without parental consent, new law being proposed in democrat-run california. brian brenberg, joe, tomi lahren on doek this morning dochlt not miss a minute of "fox and friends first." ♪ ♪
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>> united states on heightened preparedness to deploy, number of sources secretary placed on heightened alert come up to
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about 8500 personnel. >> todd: welcome back, thousands of forces could be sent to eastern europe ark midrising tension between russia and ukraine. >> carley: national security and military analyst and international relations expert joins us now, good morning, dr. rebecca. >> good morning. >> carley: what do you make thf game plan to have 8500 troops ready to be possible deployed to eastern europe, but not ukraine? >> russia isn't backing down, so i like this get-ready order. it shows putin that nato is unified and the u.s. is taking the lead again in military action. they are going into the nato response force, which was set up after he took crimea in 2019 and can be ready in two to seven days. we'll hear which units are
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involved over the next several days probably. >> todd: what is putin's next move in response? >> putin's next move, if only we knew what he would do. remember putin is continuing to deploy small elements of ground forces, added to the 100,000 he has there. looks he he will continue putting forces in. they are running with belarus this week. we have diplomatic meetings coming up and i think this military action will help strengthen deterrence. putin has to think, wait a minute, i could be facing quick action force, is that what i was planning on? >> carley: dr. grant, in the mind of vladamir putin here, he said the reason he was doing this, he wanted assurance ukraine would not be admitted into nato, doesn't look like
1:24 am
that is happening, so what is his ultimate goal here? >> exactly, he wants to expand influence or get concessions, but right now he is losing, he wanted to weaken nato, a huge goal. nato is getting stronger everyday and this nato response force includes sweden and finland, even though they are not technically nato members. nato got tighter and more huddled and ready to face him down. he's already lost on this round. >> todd: going forward, what is in our best interest? i've heard competing views on this, what do you say? >> a strong response and it does have to include possible economic sanctions, but we need military action of the steps we're taking to strengthen deterrence. putin made this military, the u.s. and nato need to show they
1:25 am
are ready for military action, if needed that, deter putin and make him calculate it is not worth it to step across ukraine. >> carley: talk about strategy for a moment, intelligence out of u.k. said one game plan putin was mulling over was instilling pro-russian leader in ukraine. unclear how he would do that, maybe by coux, what is the possibility of that still happening? >> putin would love to do that, that would solve his problems, it is not that easy to contemplate military invasion in ukraine. he doesn't have air power, nato can hit his tanks and spring-time weather is bad for invasion. he would love to do the coushg p, i don't think he would be
1:26 am
able to, we are watching his plic cal move and watching all his military forces. he'll have to settle for concession, he left himself a way out by claiming he is never going to invade and scheduled to go to the beijing olympics in february. >> carley: very true, dr. rebecca grant, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> carley: the time is 26 after the hour. new york city's mayor unveils anti-crime plan that does more to target guns than the criminals using them. >> todd: and getting high praise from liberal d.a. putting repeat offenders back on the street. is there hope for turning the city around? ask retired nypd detective mason, next. how bout sushi? i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian?
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>> todd: woke l.a. d.a. calling this is a crisis, listen. >> this is slight increase from terrible to terrible and that is where we are with homicides, this is a truly terrible crisis that he we are suffering through, as is most of the country. >> todd: krasner reacting to a police officer's son being shot earlier last month. last month he said there is no crime crisis. >> there is not a big spike in kriek, there is not a big spike in crime, that is not true. >> todd: philadelphia recorded 38 homicides so far in 2022, after hitting record high 559 last year. carley. >> carley: todd, new york city mayor eric adams unveiling his new anti-crime strategy after two cops were shot over the weekend, one fatally and the other fighting for his life.
1:32 am
>> new york is still as sea of violence is engulfing our city. as your mayor, i promise you, i will not let this happen. we will not surrender our city to the violent few. >> carley: will this plan work? joining me now angel mason, 9/11 first responder and retired nypd detective. mayor adams made news with this anti-crime plan he unveiled yesterday. he headlined to bring back plain-clothes unite mayor de blasio had taken away. how much safer will the streets be? >> that is only way to get the guns off the street, have fair policing. as far as keeping people behind bars, that is bragg's job, right? he is the district
1:33 am
attorney, he is touted himself as someone who is not going to in crime, not going to prosecute or give people bail, without the district attorney, the cops can't do it on their own. >> carley: d.a. bragg responded to mayor eric adams, released statement saying i applaud eric adams leadership commitment on guns, we will partner with all who will join us in the urgent task of getting drivers of crime off the streets, cutting off the flow of illegal guns and building up community-based support for people who are struggling. notice he continues to put-- emphasis on guns. with him as district attorney in new york city, where do things stand despite the fact mayor adams said he is going to be tougher on crime?
1:34 am
>> well, you have two young officers right there that were shot, one officer jason rivera succumbed to his injury. this is a son of new york city, the son of dominican imgrantss, grew in in /* /* wood new york. they were ambushed by a crazy person who is set on killing them. he had a legal firearm, it didn't shoot itself. he had a long gun under his mattress, the officers were ambushed, he was executed, jason rivera. crime has spiked 65% since the first of the year when the administration has taken hold of the city there is a lot of work to do, the police are sick of it and the public deserves better. >> carley: without a doubt. going back to d.a. bragg, he
1:35 am
said he would not prosecute resisting arrest, which is unbelievable. when you look at overall crime statistics, crime up in new york city by 39%. robberies up 33%. shootings up 23%. felony assault up 12%. it has never been more dangerous time to be a police officer than right now. we're hearing mayor eric adams new plan to fight crime, how do police feel about it? do they think he can change things in the city? >> well, the police have a lot of faith in the mayor because he's a former nypd captain. he appointed the police commissioner. her press conference the day that officer rivera was killed resonated with rank and file. police are also reluctant, they have a good steps in place there, deputy commissioner james
1:36 am
caban, i worked for him in the early '90s and early 2000s. the police want to trust the mayor and police commissioner, got to get going, talk is cheap. get the job done. >> carley: talk is cheap. bail reform policies out of new york need to change or we'll see revolving door of criminals being arrested and let back out on to the streets. angel maysonet, thank you for breaking it down for us, we appreciate it. todd, over to you. >> todd: carley, one blue states lawmaker wants schools to mandate the vaccine. is this really necessary? our next guest is a father and doctor, we'll ask him next and a "washington post" columnist is scolding the media for being too mean to joe biden. a! she's defending his
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1:41 am
teens. >> todd: california father, board certified phd research scientist, doctor, thank you for being here. why do democrats seem so hell bent on removing parents from being in charge of their kids? >> you know what, that is a good question, todd and frankly the answer is, we have no idea. frankly, during the pandemic, what's happened in terms of medical ethics, we have a few principles. we have principle of informed consent, which means have you to know what you are getting as you are getting it and use that decision using whole set of information available. second is coercion, you cannot coerce someone to get medical against their will and parental autonomy, parents have control of what their kids get or don't get because they are children and don't have the ability to make decisions for themselves.
1:42 am
states, especially california, trying to take away that autonomy and hand to children who are too young to make decisions for themselves thchlts is dangerous. this been something life or death and situation kids without vaccine would die, that would be one thing. kids aren't dying of covid, this is puzzleing and wrong, unethical. >> todd: the pressure that is hitting putting on our kids is enormous, a way we are abusing kid necessary this pandemic. the covid vaccine is being listed with mandatory vaccines for going to school. it removing personal exemption. it makes it for kids young as seven. if this won't be implemented until january of 2023, which it
1:43 am
won't be based upon how california law works, why would it be necessary when covid will be indemmic and kids are not dying of this? >> very good question. we know in the pandemic, 31 schooling children in california have died of covid, this is the before omicron, we had delta and everything before it, that were more deadly, before vaccination, before treatment, before we knew how to control it and manage it. if 31 kids died of covid in california, up until now, why do we need the vaccine to be forced upon them when we know it is going indemic, we talked since november. if you think about fast-forward a year from now, the virus will be like the common cold or flu that it is becoming. it is not going to necessarily be required whatsoever, maybe
1:44 am
even for adults. add to the fact we're rapidly changing how this pandemic is affecting society, all of this is just political theatrics. there are people trying to say we're doing something. houman hemmati. without realizing policy decisions make no sense and in cases cause harm. >> todd: it is all about this lun -- lunacy of control. they want control and are using kids to get it. thank you for getting up early with us on the west coast, we appreciate it. carley, over to you. >> carley: staying on the covid topic, a legal blow to the new york mask mandate. a judge ruling last month's order from the governor cannot be enforced. the judge saying the state department of health has no authority to implement
1:45 am
the mandate, they say it is up to the state legislator. new york instituted mask mandate that ended in june 2021. but reinstated after omicron surged in the state. the governor firing back at the decision saying "we strongly disagree with this ruling and are pursuing every option to reverse this immediately. college swimming coach association wants the ncaa to add spot to the championship for transgender athlete lia thomas, they say adding the spot would not take away a spot for the female swimmer. the group encouraging the one-time expansion after the ncaa voted to deter policy regarding transgender participation to the sport's governoring body. it would not prevept thomas from participating in the march
1:46 am
championship in atlanta. men and women who wear badges are feeling new certainly attack from black lives matter chapter. >> todd: talking to gianno caldwell about what we can do to protect police. he is coming up next.
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>> todd: "washington post" columnist accusing media of being too critical of the president. jennifer rubin, a former conservative, writing, "for weeks we have witnessed negative media coverage of president biden," and followed up with, "the media is stuck in "biden is a failure" mode, rather than saying he is to blame for voting rights and everything else. rubin is blaming the media for being too focused on things he could never achieve. ari fleischer says he can't rely on thes friends in the media if he wants to turn his numbers around. >> ari: start to governor and when i say get joe manchin's vote, i mean that.
1:51 am
get joe manchin to vote for your policies, if you do, you will pick up republicans. you will lose liberal democrats and aoc and the house, that is the exchange he needs to make. he cannot win on the progressive base. he cannot pass progressive policies and adhering to progressive policies is kiss of death, he misread the mood of the country. >> todd: according to fox news poll, 6-10 votesers say they would back someone other than joe biden if the 2024 election was held today. >> carley: a police officer was shot in our nation's capitol, the washington, d.c. chapter of black lives matter is complaining about cops being treated like heroes. white house admits defunding the police is cause for the serve in violent crime. listen to this. >> what are you attributing the rise in violence to? >> gun violence is the reason
1:52 am
for surge in crime, underfunding of police departments, something the president advocating for through the course of his career. >> fox news analyst, gianno caldwell, her words amount to takedown of defund the police movement. >> should have been a long time ago, i don't think they realize, which doesn't make sense if you are smart people there is correlation between defunding the police and billion pulled out of new york and seeing increase in violence, especially when you know the mood of the country has changed. last year alone, over 346 officers were shot last year, 48% increase in those who have been killed over 2020, highest since 20 11 and black lives
1:53 am
matter don't make sense. any time an officer goes to put on a uniform and go out to risk their lives and their family obvious wouldn't have someone there, these people are heroes. >> carley: let me show that tweet and we'll get your reaction, i want everybody to be clear what we're talking about. dc chapter of defund the police posted this tweet after string of police officers were shot in the line of duty. >> look at reaction and coverage tonight, tear jerker press conferences and proclamation of heroes coming soon. imagine if people knew the folks, being black in did sheing c is more dangerous than any job whachlts is your reaction to that? >> well, that part being black in dc is very prosperous place for african americans, that is an interesting comment. i just think this kind of stuff
1:54 am
is divisive, it doesn't unite us. police officers are heroes and putting their lives on the line, there is no reason for that kind of rhetoric, things like that are dividing the country even more. >> carley: check out poll numbers. president biden support among black voters is plummeting. april 2021 was 83%, now 64%. s why the massive decrease there, gianno caldwell? >> gianno: i am understanding black approval rating was 48% back in december, i'm sure that number has not increased that much. sentiment among african americans joe biden campaignod what he was going to do and once he got into office, he did what politicians do. what my grandfath ertaught me,
1:55 am
they show up election day and you don't see them until the next election day and they claim their agenda didn't pass. joe biden didn't prioritize african americans and african americans prioritized him. as a result and everyone can see the result, he cannot counts r count on african american support in the midterm election. >> carley: it is hurting him politically. you are right. the reason his poll numbers are going down, republicans never liked him because of his supporters and african americans, democrats, latinos, as well. gianno caldwell, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: crisis at southern border hit terrifying mile stone. the white house seems to care more about the situation at ukraine's border thousands of mile away. >> noah: talking to nigel faragi and tomi lahren in the next hour
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at >> political liability ahead of the midterm? >> president biden: it's a great asset. what a stupid son of a [bleep]. >> todd: so much for promising to unite the country. president biden losing his cool and cursing out peter doocy over a question about inflation. tell you where things went from there. you're watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. we endefer to treat each other with the utmost of respect, except when it comes to christmas


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