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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 24, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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n evening and welcome to tucker carlson . tonight when permanent washington pushes for war with russiangto, who benefits? we don't ask that questionue enough. the united states certainly doesn't benefit. that's obvious to anyone who thinks about it for a second. it's so glaringly obvious. in fact, the people pushing this war immediately denounce you as a traitor. ifhat you point that out, they'e betraying our country's's interest. but somehow you're the one who's disloyal. ukraine's borders areislo sacre
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our borders are racists. shut up, putin stooge. but wait a second. why is it disloyal to side with russia but loyal to side with ukraine? they're both foreign countries that don't care anything abouteo united states. kind of strange. it's almostan absurd performanca but it's all they've got in the end. the fact iss ukraine strategically irrelevant to the united states. no rational person could defend a war with russia over ukraine. nobody thinks a war like that would make america safer or stronger or more prosperous . if you take a look at our economy recently dangerous levels of inflation, a workforce in disarray, wildly chaotic swings in financial markets w in case you haven't noticed. well, joiningjo a conflictin in eastern europe fix any of that , come on . of course not. it'll make it worse if the neocons aren't restrained and soon americansnsre are goino be a lot poorer. sos? why are they doing this ? that's a complex question. hubris, stupidity, the damage psychological makeup of our leaders.
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massive lobbying campaigns by ukrainian politicians in american defense contractors, all of those factors act play a role in this. no tragedy has a single cause. but what's not all complicated is who benefits from our conflict with russia. china benefits period. the chinese government is the only certain winner here. we can give you many examples to illustrate this , but consider the latest economic sanctions the white house has proposed against russiaus. the bottom ministration may use something called the foreign direct product rule to cut off russia's supply of semiconductors made with american technologyco. this would, in the hopeful assessment of the washington post quote, potentially deprive russian citizens of some smartphones, tablets and video game consoles. so depriving russian citizens is good, we're told, because russian citizens are bad. >> okay, but what are the long term effects on us? russians are still going to have smartphones. those get their components somewhere else meaning wco from china. le the chinese have already pledged to help and they have every incentiveey to make good
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on that promise. in other words, the by the administration will in continuing to drive our two main global rivals closer to a permanent alliance with one another. how doesan that help america? well, it doesn't over time it'so dangerous and not just militarily. the only reason the u.s. government can enforce international sanctions is because the u.s. dollar is the world's reserve currency. russia and china don't likena this obviously. so let's say they convinced other global powers that theop u.s. government was abusing its monopoly on monetary control if they do it to us , they might do it to you, they would say. d and then other countries decided to drop the u.s. dollar in favor of a new currency. where would that leave us ? l well,on suddenly the united states would no longer be able to run an economy based on debt . we would be impoverished immediately overnight as no one in washington thought of this apparently not imposing tough new sanctions every few months feeds their morald vanity . it makes them feel like good people. what foolsls they are.
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both parties, by the way, t participate in this preening about sanctions on television is a lot easier than improving the lives of people in your own country. veso that's what they do. here's republican senator joni ernst of iowa telling yout that protecting ukraine's sacred borders iste much more important than, say, saving americans in des moines fromer overdosing on drugs watc. > so we do need to go ahead and impose sanctions on russia now. we needna to show them that we mean business and we will be there for ukrainee should they invade? certainly we need to make sure that any defensive aid is in the hands of the ukrainians as well as as much lethal aid as we can provide at this time . those are our leaders totally ignorant. just reading the scriptllno. nice to hear someone in the press corps because it's their job. ask the obvious follow up, which would be why exactly, senator ernst, do you believe so vital to send more lethal aid to ukraine and to quote go ahead and impose more sanctions on russia? why how would she answer
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that question? we'll never know how she answer because no one in s the mediahe would ever ask her . reporters are the most bovine of the herd animals. >> if the other kids say it'st' a good idea, they assumes that it is journalists feel that way about everything but especially about armed conflict . the longest war in american history just ended this fall when we leftge afghanistan. the new consensus in washington is we need another war now and that view is especially prevalent in tv newssp. watch this teleprompter jockey try to push out russia hating secretaries' into hating russia even more . >> we are proceeding to both fast at the same time we'll be ready either way. the choice is vladimir putin's . but what are you negotiating if russia's demands are nonstartersan in ? president biden has already said ukraine's not going to join nato any time soon. you've made this offer of reciprocal military exercises. what's left to talk about? what's left to talk about tooet much diplomacy, mr. secretary. not enough killing that her position apparently vaxx put
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in the washington post fervently agrees with this . at this point, every project in max boot's life has collapsedn into disaster from his personal affairs to the war in iraq, which promotedwh endlessly having come to middle age max boot is unequivocallyly a failure. but he's looking for one last war to redeem it all. he's thinking conflict with nuclear armed russia could be that war watch. >>wa we should be arming the ukrainians like crazy. p we should be preparing for guerrilla warfare if the russians go in . and i think the most important i thing we can do right now is to lay out a menu off sanctions so that putin knows exactly what's going to happen to him if he goes over the line because right nowow with these vague threats, he can be left with the feeling well, maybe the u.s. and the europeans, maybe we're not going to do anything again. >> you have to ask yourself whyw is it more quote, patriotic to take one country side then o the other country side? we have no obligation to defendh
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any country, either one of these countries. neither one is americans.. either one has the same interests as we do. why is it wrong to support one and not the other?at what's wrong is to support either one of them.y their interests are not the same as ours. they're very different a. >> mexico doesn't care on the ukrainians prepare for guerrillaai warfare. only a man completely insulated from the consequences of his bloodlust could talk like that . there will always be otherys b think tank job for max boot and people like max boot. but what's politico's excuse? the factually liberal political blog has been pushing for war in ukraine for months now. why? what's in it for them? well, let's see.ew a few days ago politico published this terrifying headline quote sukie, russia h could at any point launch an attack in ukraine. the piece goes on to promise that quote, experts and policymakers are nowri preparing for a range of escalatory measures. well, that sounds scary. we better send billions more in military hardware to ukraine right away beneath the headline
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,you learn why politico's interested because the story is quotee presented by lockheed martin. in other words, defense contractors think it is high time to spend much more on defense contracting in ukraine . politico is happy to make their case in exchange for money over the washington post. you may have seen this op ed with this headlineth. biden must show that the united states stands ready to support ukraine militarily if necessary. now that piece is written by aic man called michael vickers who's michael vickers will among other things, michaelon vickers sits on the board ofwe the weapons contractor bea systemsap. and that would seem relevant because war with russia would be potentially in any case highly profitable for va systems. butt somehow the washington post didn't bother to tell readersos about this . it remained undisclosed. so how does this look fromh across the world? well, the chinese must be watching this happen with
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their jaws open completely delighted. they can't believe their good fortunee. they watch as the entire political leadership class ofun the united states runs at full speed in the wrong directiony away from asia, which is so clearly the future and towards the murky past on the fringes of eastern europe, ukraine, russia and the chinese must be wondering how could these people be so stupid and so self-destructive elvers kolby hasuc been warning about this fr a very long time.ra he's a former trumpre administration dod h official. we're happy to have them join us tonight. but thanks so much for comingou on . it does seem clear if you take three steps back and tune out the noise about our secret alliance with ukraine, not clear where that comes from, but t step away and look at the world. it's pretty obvious the people running things are looking in the wrong direction. absolutely, tucker . and great to be with you. i mean, china is by far the biggest challenge to american interests in the wayheb that you're talking about it at home. what's really going to affect our economy, our lives, our prosperity, our freedoms and look, the future of
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the worldd is going to be settled in asia. it's going to be over fifty percent of global gdp. europe moving down to 10%. and so i think you're right. i mean the ukraine situation may concern us to some degree, but it's far, far from the most significant thingfr and a fundamental reality is we have to make choices. you talked about the currency, but it's justut as true in the military context. i'm just a little bit mesmerized by this question that it is it is patriotic to support ukraine. i mean toal speak for myself.i i have no allegiance to either one . i don't have a deep interest actually in either one . no connection whatsoever. don't speak the language. never. but why is it axiomatic that supporting ukraine is your duty as an american citizen? >> what does that come from? you know, well, it's not t axiomatic. i mean, i think it's been a problem or product of t the last generation of hubris,he the neo conservative dominance and essentially the getting disconnected from regular americans interest. tok, i think it is reallyta important for us to behe strong in the world and to defend ourut interests. but we've got to be clear w aboo those and really connect, younnc know, very directly to american interests. and again, that'ses really about
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asia. itrl is where the future of the world's going to be determined. and easternan eur europera particularly, you know, ukraine is not it's not critical tot' that . it's actually distracting us . sof i think it's a product ofpl the hubris people kind of drinking the kool-aid and acting as if there are nore constraints and they're kind of paying the price with other people's lives and money. frankly, just for context, for our viewers who may not be familiar with the fantastic you are not an isolationist. you think the united states has an important role to playor in the world. you're not saying withdraw from everything. i don't mean to speak. g you just want to be clear. you are saying no, we're just not looking in the right place . >> yeah, i mean, actually my instincts honestly are nonintervention. there's probably one narrow war of sport in my adult lifetime which is the originaler mission against the taliban and al-qaida in afghanistan. that's where my instincts. but i think the reality, you know, looking at the world and clear eyed and really connecting it to americans interest has to lead you to say we can't leaveay the world economy to china's tender mercies. and it's not just xi jinping. it's the sizeon c of the chinese economy, the size of s the military they're building
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and a very clear sense that we're getting and you've reported on abundantly which is, what it's going to mean for our prosperity, our liberties. we're all going to be working for china if we allow that to happen. and i thinke the effect of what the biden administration is doing i even talking about ten to maybe even fifty thousand soldiers additionallyly towards eastern t europe. i mean that's a onera to one trade off. that is that is catastrophic potential mistake if it's true . but it seems like that's that's a vibe. ith and i you know, a lot ofti the people in the elite of the administration,of the senioy ranks administration, they really believe it. and i mean, i don't question their integrity necessarily, but i do question their judgmentgm on nicely put. i was going great. thank you . thanks, sir. well,, because media creations never die. they live forever. a creepy lawyer was back in court today. he's accused of cheating his old friend and client stormy daniels out of a ton of money. fox trace al gore, of course, has that story for us trace. >> hey, tucker . federal prosecutors reminded the court today that kpl is accused of stealing three w
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hundred thousand dollars fromom the woman who made him famous. remember the only reason cpac was invited on cnn and msnbc-p every night to bash then president trump is because he represented star stormy daniels who wrote a book about her dealings with donald trumps . the problem is that while cpac was getting famous, even talking about his own potential presidential run, his law firmwa was broke and he could noo longer afford to pay for his high end cars. luxury vacations in southern california beach houses. so he allegedly beganan stealing money from his clients, including stormy daniels. prosecutors say he forged the star signature on aa document that redirects her book advance into his bank account. defense attorneys say the case is nothing more than a contract dispute and it's notable that former trump lawyer michael cohen was also in court today calling recall pled guilty to violating campaign finance laws by paying stormy daniels to stay quiet about ant alleged affair with trump back in 2006 on his way00 into court today, kpl said
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this about calling her the source that he's got h some podcasts near cooper. she should have calledlp a culprit doesn't have to serve dumber than a box of rocks. cpac was already convicted of defrauding nike. he has yet to begin serving his two and a half year sentence for that . but he is now suing the federal bureau of prisons saying that while he was in custody awaiting trial, he was , including only being allowed. one book trumps the art of the deal. it's gote's to you've got to goo convicted felon first. outrageous. youu think you quick programing note the season one finale of our documentary series tucker carlson originals is out this week. it's called hungry versus sorrow's the fight for civilization is absolutely a source was highly distressed that we made this call this names made threats. but george soros is a huge and significant player in world
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affairs. he doesn't want you to talkairs about him't. we have the right to and wexc did. you can watch your exclusive preview right now.g >> you get thirty days free of fox station by going to tucker carlson .com. nd >> well, a group of censoredti physicians and scientists convenedst i in washington todat have an honest conversation about the coronavirus and how to treat it. senator ron johnson of wisconsin hosted that panel and joins us next with what he wrote. may be close to retirement, butg i'm as busy as ever.ot and thanks to voice, i'm confident about my futurevo the right investments. they make me feellgh r like i'vt it all under control. the alternative to and through retirement tucker carlson tackling the tough topics on his exclusive fox nation series, tucker carlson originals go inside the real story behind gang violence, green energy scams, the illegal immigration
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,lawlessness in our cities and so much for now in an all new episode of tucker carlson originals, globalist open borders. soros is the man who stands for all that george soros, the billionaire currency trader who has spent decades waging a kind war , spent billions trying to eliminate national borders to oust democratically elected leaders. one unlikely country is fighting back . that country is hungry. watch as tucker goes one on one with prime minister viktor orban and exposes the truth behind the less globalist ideals. so your success is a challenge to their rule. tucker carlson original hungary versus soros streaming wednesday exclusively on fox nation sign up today for
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join the true pinyon family by calling us today or visiting trupanion .com. well today joe biden mistaking himself for an emperor informed reporters. you want to hear any shouted questions on ukraine? so fox peter dc try to be polite. try to ask him a question about inflation instead and here's what happened next is gooseifhertwopointzero political ? that's a great asset to stupid son of a . what a nasty old man or peter do. t fauci went on tv shortly after that took it in stride. he's nojima,. he said quote nobody is fact check joe biden yet and said it's not true . biden for his part doesn't even remember saying it. thousands of americans gathered in the nation's capital over
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the weekend to protest against vaccine mandates. here's what it lookedd for this 20%ys three that serve in the community and now we are asking you to join ranks with the red line and fight these mandatesh. you have the freedom to determine what happens to your body. that is your social possessionsw . in many ways it's the only thing you really have or used h to have.av that was dr. peter mccullough. s he was one of several physicians who spoke today at a senate panel called covid-19. a second opinion, something we need for an awfully long time.
10:22 pm
dr. robert malone, one of the people who worked on mirinae technology very we. early, also spoke. here's what he said these vaccines are designed fortr the original wound strained or mismatched for run. they do not prevent infection. they will replication or spread to others. in other words,he the vacciness are leaky. they have poorhey durability and even if every man, woman and child in the united states were vaccinated with these u products, they cannot achieve herd immunity. so that's not an opinion. the numbers are very clear about that . why is no one saying that ? why is anyone who does say it censored? what the helll is going on her? senator ron johnson serves wisconsin is one of the very few people in the entire u.s. congress is willing to ask that question, organize these covid panel. f he joinsor us tonight. senator , thank you for coming on and for doing what you did today. what what stuck out what did you learn today? well, you know, i actually started a second opinion very early in the pandemic. so i've been connected to c
10:23 pm
this global network of eminently qualified doctors and medical researchers and scientists that have just had a different opinions, on the coronavirus, on the disease, on the vaccines ,on our response. and i'm hoping what the american public learnedbl, those that watched it is that these eminently qualified individuals havepp a different approach, different opinions. it's not as divisiveth, isn't as insane as our approach has been and quite honestly isn't as deadly as anybody that looks at our response driven mismanaged by anthony fauci . it's got t to take a look at the fact eight hundred eighty nine thousand americans are dead, but we rank twenty six in terms of deaths per million over twenty six sweden is i think in the seventies at fifteen hundred. so the fact the matter is we should have been exploring and researching early treatment and i certainly learned from doctors who have been treating having the courage and compassion to treat covid that it's entirely treatable disease probably hundreds
10:24 pm
thousands of people lost their lives that didn't have to. but i also hope that the people start looking at that . if you're going to get a second opinion, go to a doctor who actually has the courage and compassion to treat covid as opposed to those who sitin in their ivory towers or in their bureaucrat offices. never see a patient but just make all these pronouncements say they are science is they ignore science. t letuc me ask maybe a longersw answer than the minute we have. but have you reached a conclusion on why from the very beginning they have discouraged treatment of the disease and basically told peoplele wait, so you're almost dead to show upat at the hospital? is there any explanation for l that ? i have my suspicions. i mean, ifoo you take a look at the money approach i want things revealed is the only drugs that the health agencies have recommended are they started about five hundred bucks a pop up to about thirty five hundred all novel drugs produced by the pharma companies, whereas
10:25 pm
the ones that they've trasheded that have decades worth of very good safety profileh , they've t completely ignored these things are often penneys a dose. you go figure that it's it's unbelievable t. ic senator ron johnson, a bravee voice on this question. thank you .r thanks for having me on . well, here's one of the sadder stories which we did more of the scott duncan is a fighter pilot. he's lieutenant colonel united states marine corps. he has filed a religious exemption to the military's vaccine mandate has not been approved. right now it's on appeal. t so far the u.s. military's issued just two religious exemptions total. if mr. duncan's appeal does not succeed, he will be discharged from the military. he will likely lose hundreds of experienced pilots due to this mandate. lieutenant colonel scott duncan joins us tonight. colonel, thanks so much for coming on . and i think of the experienced pilots that the u.s. military, m the marine corps, this countryil stands to lose. you've got to be, you know, in the top quartile for
10:26 pm
experience. you've flown over 300 combat missions, over 200 carrier landingsgs. you've got to kind of wonder who with the military is prioritizing a vaccine over that kind of experience defending the country. but what's your conclusion? well, thank you , sir.k youyo know, they used the opportunity to join youig tonight specifically to be able to convey our personal experiences and just understand that as an active duty serviceel these views are not held by thea united states marine corps or the department of defense. but we do believe that yes, wet. have a reasonable argument. we've asked our leadership immediately as well as our congressional leadership to inquire as to really the cost benefit analysis of losing several hundred very qualified aviators. the average time and grade for a those aviators is 14 years and also to just consider the second and third order effects and the consequences of offer. y had to i'm not unique in my situation. there are many incrediblyble qualified individuals with a tremendous amount of experience and we believe thatt
10:27 pm
could be a detriment to t national defense in the evento we separate that many aviators . yeah,, y i mean you can make a t more flying corporate or for the airlines and you're making now you and all the rest off these guys, you've got to thinkh you're doing this for a reason ,a noble reason. t lethe me ask you about the grounds of the exemption that you're requesting. it's a religious exemption.. yes, sir. how would you characterize your the problems that you have with the vaccine or the problems we had personally ,the vaccine and we understand there's some reasonable disagreements. we dore's disagree with the pedigree and the technology maturation over time. one the other is just a conviction by the holy spirit and i i believe we areon led in that fashion and we do not have any piece about the vaccine itself . and wet also believe that we have an inherent right to our own body. we believeve tha that is a right that is confronting us from a makers and creator and that that is the foundation of the constitution which we defend ftu. se so those were all the basisar primarily of the religious accommodation that has been
10:28 pm
both requested, denied and then subsequently appealed. i mean, ly ti just i cannot rest asking for over 300 combat missions. i assume you thought when you were flying thosehtht and riskit your life and landing on carriers at night, most dangerous thing any human being can do that you were defending the u.s. constitution. toother words, your rightt have your own religious views. didn'tha you think that ? yes, sir. no, we absolutely i mean, we believe everything we've done to datehi in honorable services as well as what we're doing now is consistent with those views . that view is just not shared by some leadership withinis the department of defense. and so we believe this is a very reasonable and aboveac reproach way to express our concerns. yeah,once it's just you're so restrained and gentlemanly and i appreciate that . but underneath it all is one of the sadder stories ever. certainly rooting for you. thank you very much for coming on tonight. hathanks for having me, sir. of course, people are dying across the country from violent
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crime. that crime as a result ofis policy decisions that democratic leaders made cnn is because it serves the democratic party downplaying and dismissing those. it yes, it's's an amazing thing to watch and we have the tape and the staff. we were at vaxx the pro-choice meaning from the word choice a and the stronger the law enforcement, the mother and child and leads to suffering, so to speak, for an entire generation that's more exciting 100%. will you join the fight for your tony fauci? because today it's only a matter of time until your check engine light comes on or worse yet your car needs repair. that could mean a big surprise auto repair bill. those repairs are
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one . grandpa will never make it to the day this live the dream australian dream one ofs the great mysteries of our age o as the transgenderur ideology erases the very notion of a woman, women and girls are not a category any c longer is where the self-described defenders of women and girls,se the feminist movement, they've been silent because they've been taking money to shut up m.t kara dansky will not, be quiet. she's a lifelong feminist liberal, used to work at the aclu who stubbornly continues to believeto t the trh in human biology. she's been relentlessly attacked for that very bravet . person and very articulate. wewe d sit down with her for a g interview on tucker carlson today. absolutely worth watching. here's partrv she said this is s
10:35 pm
assault on language. that's one of the first thingsou you said. >> what is what do you mean by that? so let's take for example,or e pregnant people. we're seeing a lot people, including members of the united states congress usinge language like pregnant people now everyry human being knows that only women can get pregnant, but for some reason we're seeing w a shift in language where people are required socially coerced to say things likeeg pregnant people. now i'm concerned because i think it's very easy for conservatives to brush that off as luneta leftism. and to be clear, it is insane to refer to pregnant people. it's absolutely ridiculousar and we can and should mockett mercilessly. but it would berc a mistake to just dismiss its as lunacyle on the left. yes, onlyft the left understands a the importance of language. i've always thought this itou would be a mistake to dismiss it as leftist lunacy because it
10:36 pm
is a very deliberate move to persuade and manipulate americans to dissociate our minds with the material reality of our physical bodies. if we can persuade americans that people get pregnant, then we have separated pregnancy from femalenessarat and there aa a lot of radicall elements in american politics that want to single anyone out't. but the transgender activists have got to be near the top of the radical list just for their willingness to get right in people's faces. >>ll their employersac. there have been threats of physical brahmbhatt in the terms of arguments i that we'reo dealing with a marginalized community really a marginalizeda community can get people fired, persuaded and retired industry, the journalistic, you know, journalism to cave, on journalistic integrity by being completely disingenuousstst. washington postt and new york times, msnbc, they are completelyly disingenuous when
10:37 pm
they report on this washington post. democracy dies in darkness really they are completely disingenuous and they're reportingy, on this because an industry persuadedn them to do it. marginalized communityit. the entire usa got the you've'v got the presidente issuing an executive order the first day upon taking office to redefine to include gender identity throughout federal administrative law marginalized? >> i don't think so. probably fair to say it is he doesn't have any friends who watch fox news. a you may not have any friends at all after they seehe this interview, but she did it anyway because she thinks this subject is that important . it's not just some crazy thing the left is doing, it's the wholesale transformationf . our civilization and we think she's right. you can watch that whole conversation with carrie 10% fox station, get it for free at tucker carlson dot comom.
10:38 pm
>> so violent crime in major cities is completely out of control. thousands are dying. dying this weekendld in chicago, for example, an eight year old girl waser murdered. >> there's a local news reportne telling what happened. eight year old melissa ortega b dead after being struckor by stray gunfire. accordingdi to police. witnesses say her mom was seen covered in blood outside fifth third bank along was twenty six . street detectives say the offenders were dropped off to the area and confronted a twenty six year old man as he was walking out of the store. s the manho was shot in the lower back . bullets also struck this hondahi odyssey shatterings the rear windshield glass, according to detectives. another eight year old girl was inside at the time, fortunately unharmed. at least five kids underha the age of 18 have been shot c and killed here in chicago so far this year. >> but it's not just chicago, it's nationwide. ten of this country's biggestet cities have set all time homicide records last year all,
10:39 pm
time, including the dangerous 70s. it's worse now than it's ever been ever in american history. but it's seen that's not a problem at all. it b was caused by their patrona of the democratictr party . so of course they're angry at fox news for bringing it up. watch. yes, there is a crime problem, but the way it's described on fox, you'd be afraid ton leave your house. i kind of think of it as a instagram filter. . wi t you start with a real image and then you take the filter and you pump it up 1000% and what you're left with is distorted. it no longerle reflects reality the goalth of this kind of coverage is to freak people out to cause them to live in fear. ironically, a lot of the fear mongering is about the things that are not actually mortal threats ahr. then there is ignoring the things that are mortal threat. you know, covid isn't realw, c n and climate change isn't real. i would argue that to me anyway those things are a little bit scary or have been scarier at s various points in the past couple of yearsca. ke the the dumbest person on television, the mask vaxx
10:40 pm
lady who wants you to fear climate change is calling others fearmongers it's all kind of hilarious but also sort of awful to admit it's you dishonest. candice edwards is not dishonest. sshe's brutally honest.av she's soe candice , we're always grateful to have her on the show. candice , thanks so much for coming on . so talking about crime, about people dying by the thousands is now immoral. it's like watching cnn offer commentary on cnn. i mean, l it's ridiculous barrig the fact that it is cnn and literally nobody is watching. the viewership is abysmal and almost negligible. the commentariat here hereth is awful enough that weut should talk about it because it really speaks to what i've been talking aboutit w for the last three years, especially to black america liberal show up then this is ans, extracurricular activity. black lives matter the functiv let's get rid of everything in these inner cities and let the criminals run free . and ii always the black america, the oneoing to be that's picking up the pieces. going to be your neighborhoods that are destroyed is going to be your children that cannot walk to school without fear that there's going to bekarng ag member on the corner that may shoot them.
10:41 pm
it's going to bee your baby'snga that are sitting in cars and may be shot by a stray bullet. over andeenn the story over and over again where the liberals are. they're saying, oh , it's not as big of a deal.% 20% more . who cares at all? it's 45% we're crime. we're way more focused on climate change. i mean, does that not reek of elitism? do you really think i really do challenge these people to go door to door on the south side of chicago and knock g g knock on people's door and explain to them that climate change iss more of a threat? o climate change, tucker , by the way, depending on what generation you're from, you know how that always pans outent my generation it was global warming. the ice caps were going to melt. that didn't happenat def generan before it was global cooling.'s they told everybody it's going to get so cold everything's going to freeze over .yo that didn't happen. you have a generationac that thought that there wasid going to be acid rain. you know, these ipcc models, they keep predicting that never happened. let's focus on thatat and not the individuals that are quite literally beinginstre slaughterd in the streets every dayan americans and they are suffering because the very policiesv the people that we're looking at on this panel, well, it's totally right. and what's interesting is these are people see everything through a partisan lens. so i've often heard liberalske say, well, corona is killing
10:42 pm
mostly right wing republicans. so that's fine. this violence surgeio is overwhelmingly killing the democratic base and speaking for myselfcr, thats not fine. i don't care who they vote for. they're americans. they're dying. and you would think that the people representing their party e i domaybe care more than ,but they care much less. it's so weird. it is weird. and that's why when you're looking at the polls, you're seeing that you're not the only one that's paying attentiononon you saw this in the president's press conference. they asked biden flatt out i'm speaking to black americansu on the ground. they're turning away from you. the polls are showingheshow blae americans are looking in the street. they're seeing these clinics. you can go shoot dopean on the streets of new york city and come out. good luckgo with your kidski walking by and this guy is high on methamphetamine and opioid doesn't matter because the democrats are trying to make theses. matat cities more i for the drug dealersn and the a criminals, not people that aree actually paying taxes are, trying to make a decent living. so yes, they are going too suffer at the polls. ha there's no way that they can move the goalposts that is going to change that fact come november. yeah, you've got to be on the side of decent people who are trying hard, you know,
10:43 pm
no matter do they vote for it and these people arehe not on the side of decent people are trying hard. they're on the side ofyi deviane and the violent and totally antisocial elements a really that i would say so it's great to see you. thank you . thank you . so>> parents across the country not even political people, justk people who love their kids are standing up against u school districts who are trying to destroy their kids. we have shocking details about one denver school that is talking to kids, kindergartners about the blm and transgender ideology and somehow the school is still open, has not yet beene shut down. we fervently hope it will be. we've got means that was just such a challenge as a working single mom. you know, i felt like i couldn't accomplish it and i felt like i was hopeless and stuck. i was working three jobs just to make ends meet. i had thirty thousand dollars in debt so i were to make the minimum payments on my credit card debt. it would have taken forty years to pay off.
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10:48 pm
trupanion join the true pinyon family by calling us today or visiting trupanion .com or newbill just passed the state senate in mississippi that would ban public schools b teaching races. in other words, from teaching that any one race is superior to or inferior to any other than think the other forty nine states would have similar laws on the book because of course you would never teachf racial superiority in school. that's crazy and esthetical everything the country stands for. so you'd think everyone in mississippi would be thrilled by this but noe mi democrats in the statehouse were so angrye they walked out
10:49 pm
to protest the legislation which really does tell you everything about where we are . ght nowtelele meanwhile, in denver, colorado, elementary schools announced a plan to quote engage kindergartners and first grade students. week of action. right. blm, of course, the group that's against the nuclearro family the week will include quote transgender affirming principles. enenthe goal is quoteis the disruption of western nuclear family dynamics. how can this continue? sc why is the school still open? good question. horace cooper is the co-chair of project q 21 . he joins us tonight. horace, thanks so much for coming on . first to the mississippi unlessi i'm misreading it, i think it was very straightforward. you're not allowed to teach that one race is better or worse than any other. that's kind ofr a foundational principle. i thought in america all decentn people believe that .o i certainly do. who could be against that ? well, america came together with what is called the civil rights movement for precisely this principle that all americans are going to be equal
10:50 pm
and treated as such under the law. the way that our founders actually intended with our constitution i. the irony to me is that my grandparents and yourgr grandparents and the grandparents of a generation understood this concept and now we get to us and suddenly there are people that actually want not jim crow to point out they want jim crow government is goingw. to prefer some groups over other groups pressie nicely because of their race. this iss a terrible setback and the very month that we set aside to v celebrate martin luther king, we should really be saddenedin by this effort t on the part of those legislators. yeah, it just ends atuc rwanda. how is this going to how is? this going to wind up what's the end stage? it's nothing good at all. ll..i i have to ask if a schools teaching kindergarten and first graders blm principals, the nuclear family must be
10:51 pm
disbanded. why? why is the school still open that's so poisonous. it's so evil so that why is thee a concerted effort to shut the school down like immediately? well, you know, this is remarkable what i've been witnessing soss many of the bedrock institutions of america are beingns literallyll challenged by actions of progressives. you can say that some on the right have beenuc anti public education, but there has been no poison, no poison like this in the law. ll there's a term called chilling effect when things are said or done that cause people not to feel comfortable acting in certain ways. well, tonight i'm w going to tel you there's a thrilling effect whenen the government promises n investigate people who criticize your party whenll all the big tech sides with proponents of racialon segregation and then
10:52 pm
they disavow or shadow been those who advocatee equality. it's the thrilling effect that's in place now telling children the nuclear family must be that has to be a red . ne you can't put up with that and i hope that they won't. horace cooper, pe thank you .ou you know, there's a very weirdst very group ofor monkeys being transported to a lab linked tola the cdcb got away after the truck crashed. ca severalpe escaped. they were caught and killed. what is this story about exactly what kind of research is being done on this? t what is this we have to tell straight ahead in an all new episode of tucker carlson originals, george sorosen is billionairell currency trader who has spentnt decades waging a kind ofsp war . one unlikely country is fighting back . that country is hungry. watch as tucker goes one on one with prime minister viktorh
10:53 pm
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i did not who i am where my son will be safe. the cleaning lady only mondays at fox or any time on fox now or hulu now streaming free on . we have a big announcement that viewers are addicted to denuke lutsenko off the street brother woody harrelson with the john goodman and tiffany harris store in the movies the animated series of all time pretty great. oh it's poetry. darla's season one free on juvy. i don't get it. you can stream every so free up you still don't get it but to the original set free brother how you like my 5% to be free only on tubi so people, writers and sunday seemed to want to thank you for watching
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the show. other shows enjoy sports that will never do you the tucker carlson continue to . here's a weird story on friday night a truck carrying one hundred lab monkeys crashed in pennsylvania. a number ofmbmb them escaped, te of them. cdcp stood up immediately with other authorities captured and killed them immediately. why? what is the storywh about? well,, our friend chris gallagher is back . he's on this story forto us . trace. hey, tucker . these were 100% among m us markakis. these are monkeys usedon for medical studies flown into e the u.s. from eastern africa. as you said, t they were put ona truck headed for an unknown research lab. the truck crashed in ruralll pennsylvania and crates full of monkeys spilled onto a road. ys three of the monkeys got loose and state troopers quickly notified residents not to look for them saying quoting here it is hard to say how they would
10:59 pm
react to a human approaching them. but finding the monkeys was clearly an all hands on deckng situation because state troopers, the cdc, the health department and pennsylvania game commission were all involved which madee one resident very curious. he said quoting here we got bears, we have coyotes, we have deer, you know,y all the time a little three pound monkey doesn't scarere me. a butre why are they so concerned about it is what concerns me. resident who saw the crash says she went to helpc the truck driver who told her he was hauling cats. she looked into a cage saying, o hey, kitty, kittypp when a monky popped up, the woman was then told by the cdc to monitor herself for any cold like symptoms f. the cdc also told her thee monkeys would be monitored forer thirty one days. but when the missinge monkeys were found, they were not monitored. they were killed, though the cdc has not w said why and the cdc has not said what the lab they were heading to is actually researchingea. though the cdc did tell us the c monkeys could transmit deadlyue
11:00 pm
viruses. a lot of questions in this getting very few answers, tucker . why they're so concerned>> is ta what's concerns me. it's just so nicely put. thank you . f thank you for that story,t chris gallagher, fascinating brightness of tucker carlson today featuring our interview with kara danskyy that's online. we highly recommend it. we are ighlt out of time this evening, sadly, but the great sean hannity takes over next. right now you leave me in a state of fear over the mystery of the monkeys. i appreciate it. thank you very much. it actually is a fascinatingin story. why did they kill them? did it make sense? all right, tucker ,an thank you and welcome to "hannity" tonight as the biden white housek lcig imps for joe biden, he's lashing out today. he called our own peter doocy a quote, stupid son of a . now it's angry joe biden once promised to restore civil telling his appointees he would fire them on the spothe ifrs they disrespected others. of course, the rulese they don'o apply to joe and hisme


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