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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  January 24, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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smoking pot does it make you any smarter. in a letter the rocker demanded all of the songs be taken off spot a fight over. they could have joe rogan or neil young, not both. he might find himself on the losing end of that battle but don't let it get you down. >> it's monday. i do not like that. clap away. keep clapping. happy glorious monday everyone. what a great day to be alive. cyrus is finally back in studio. i can tell because there is a trail of far crumbs all the way to the set. and lawrence, kudlow one cold model's office.
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the downside is that michael walked in his back, which means there is a homeless guy on fifth avenue in his underpants. we will still have a good show, a great show. let's start our further favorite warrior, arnold schwarzenegger. the consequences of climate change are so pressing. >> the consequences of climate change are so pressing. 7 million people are dying and it's your because of pollution. people are suffering because of pollution on the freeway. all those are coming to give speeches that matter women are going to lose jobs. they are liars. they are just and they don't know that we've had emissions since 1990. that really passes me off. arnold was doubt that tremendous impact on the environment and
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this weekend he did, pumping iron, hollow pumping the brakes, buddy. arnold was involved in a serious pile up this weekend. as you can tell, he was fine. apparently his packs acted as a ability and airbag. he was driving the largest vehicle he can find without a caboose. and gmc uconn, the kind that gets two wheel revolutions of the gallon. the only truck larger than the place it is named after. if there were any more of a tank , biden would've left of her the taliban. now, the car that crumpled underneath this uconn like a housemaid under arnold is a pre- is, the cars that arnold will let you to be driving while he goes around in battle star galactica. the fact is if you're in that, use are going to go to the hospital. and listed as for a paternity test. if you are in the previous, just hope you are wearing clean underwear. you might even be headed for the
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more or worse a role in jingle all the way 2. it's an unfair matchup. i'm trying to think of one that is worse. that is just unfair. anyway, it wasn't captured on video, but here is that re- creation. >> and now we enacted theater presents: >> this has been trying "gutfeld!" reenactment theater. >> i can taste the mep. i've got nothing against big trucks and they can get away with them, just ask any cnn producer. there plenty of room. but this is arnold, who has been a critic of those who don't apply by the climate agenda. he has pushed for world as
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natural as his bodybuilding group wasn't. if you don't do something now, we are all complicit. i wonder if he mentioned that to the fellas at the car dealership . he was a republican sold the democratic game plan. he could get away with anything. as long as you talk about climate, you can plug private jets and ceylon $100 million yachts and builds your hot tub with -- and tool around in the vehicle that could fit in mitt romney's entire family. you can fit all of them in a yukon. now i hope whoever got injured fully recovers. is not there fault they bought a car start he is a big wheel. elites like to make role for other people but they don't have to abide by them. it is like people get into politics. the first thing you do after introducing a law is violated. we get the previous and they get
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that yukon. the whole point is creating a world of exemption for yourself. you conceit this and little. they're the one love first actions most because they know how to live above and beyond that. either by working in politics or in the media. so new york and la, crime spiraled out of control and cops all over the country being shot and killed and innocent women are being murdered by a deranged lunatics. you still here this. from the cobbled fat bags at cnn . >> this is just some example of the batters on fox news in the past two days. get the sense that america has gone to hack and the apocalyptic -- that was one of the actual batters. this is the narrative that is anti- biden and anti- democrat who are in urban areas. it goes on and on every hour. i just wanted to get a sampling of it.
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this is a great example of the kind of rhetoric that you would of never seen on a general and the trump years and now the biden years. >> not true. it is anticrime. how do you fit that much dome in one room. they lose 90% of their viewers from last year and they continue with the same strategy. at least brian is consistent. we never accused him of waffling unless he is top with with cream and chocolate. another fat joke. here's why. it's crude and is fat jokes are, no insult is worse than their bad ideas. they joke about filing crime and they laugh at the suffering of victims. so you can fix that but you can't fix that. now when trump was president we've for screaming about crime in portland, seattle, new york, and elsewhere on every single show. meanwhile what was cnn doing?
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>> you would think that entire cities are just enthralled in fights and fires and whatever. we went out and had a great dinner in new york city tonight. people walked up to us that thank you for i watch you every night. they're taking down the statute and crime is -- oh, my gosh, it's so bad and the funding of police. talk about a car rush. pretty a private security around you, crime doesn't exist. i get why cnn has to live. is the own news network for take your daughter to work day has to be done -- and that is why cnn still exist but if you can't control your appetite, control the news and make sure you stay out of it. they can even get that right. she proves not everyone barefoot person in a bar fight with a
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banjo is a hillbilly. he's got his own aisle at the salvation army. she communicates with the spirit world, tequila, run, june gin, and vodka. fox news contributor kat timpf. she's really big and your grandmother looked beyond them. the world television champion, cyrus. it is true, get mauled by the grannies and they crawl all over you. they are still the same age as mick jagger. >> you are on my bucket list. thrilled. but thank you. welcome back after your
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sequestered sabbatical. >> yes, sabbatical. >> of the monologue touched on crime and car accidents. where would you like to go? >> once again, phenomenal. you are never afraid, but i think at some point someone has to tell you this has to stop. you are literally the only reason why -- to art that 10%. you watch him thoroughly and then you bring him on the shell and he's literally a guest. get him a little chubby highchair. so his entire show is what can we do to get that attention so there's three reasons with you guys, it is you are provided related some high -- somehow. he's got some really sketchy photos of you from your young days or he believes you when he works here and you've just got to keep it going. you've got that jilted lover
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that you left behind. and i get the good of sitting here. >> he was on redeye once. >> he was a guest one time. >> and he was quite boring. dagan, schwarzenegger or cnn, take your pick. >> schwarzenegger. i do love how he is trying to convey global warming by sweating, like you really need that testosterone patch. i wasn't looking at you. >> arnold is still my hero. heat is the last one, that's all i've got left. >> i'm not ready to throw down a bar arnold because he's been so famous for so long. this is the kind of garbage that you can get away with where you were just a sack of schnitzel and you can't defend --
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and you think about what he has gone through. he had an affair with the housekeeper who had a kid and he was praising the gift like she was bringing the kids along on family functions with this married family and the kids look just like him and he is like -- >> whose fault is that? >> no, the white but the goggles on. >> no, it shows major man attitude. >> you know the thing is -- >> you want to talk about the car. they don't. they should call it the pry us. they're going to have to pry us out of it. >> i'm just talking about the sanctimony when he became anti- trump and then compared january 6. >> that's crazy.
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>> that just shows you again with the climate change crowd, i'm going to deflection or two about how should do this because he was formerly famous. >> that's all i've got. >> i like that when that happened on the orange planet. >> total recall. >> total recall, that's it. >> nailed it. >> it's in the room. >> all right. arnold can't do something good or noble without doing an and opposite weird thing happening. remember one block down and started he was like we are all in this together. >> we are not in this together. this is out of my hand. >> that's a good point. that's the reckless man tactic.
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that's a good wreck because nobody got hurt. >> she had a concussion. it's much worse. i guarantee it finishes up arnold get out of the yukon, she was like, oh, everything. she just hit the lottery. the first phone call she made for us, honey quit your job. >> it must be something getting hit by a celebrity. >> i must got hit by britney spears one time. >> really! >> i went into the grocery store and she came flying by. >> were she in a car? >> yes. it was right after the head shaving bit. >> kat, would you like to talk about the hypocrisy of the yukon versus the front wall for how great it is that cnn is belittling people concerned about crime? >> i don't know.
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sinbad was really good. i don't know if i would give them that credit. you know, obviously i feel if you want to convince people to care about the climate, this is the worst thing you can do. anybody who might be kind of on the fence with, well, maybe earth does matter, i think it does. you don't just contradict yourself because that is where you get people to go hard against it and he's got a massive vehicle and all the rich people have them big vehicles. as you did say, getting your white and housekeeper pregnant at the same time. >> it sounds like you can't us, arnold. yes, i did that. i did that number one name in and late-night news. oh, my gosh. up next, is, --
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while the ratings go kaboom, joe and, like get a room. it sounds like biden is about to propose. not to be confused with the bucket of terrence, the present got a little bit carried for a complement and the meat but it's not like you said, oh, kamala, i love you. >> , luck, you always have my back. you are the best partner i can't imagine. usually when she has your back, there is a knife sticking out of it. i haven't seen that kind of affection since james are was in
8:20 pm
of edible underwear. and how about that poor sign language guy. condolences to him for having to beat the third whale in that lovefest. that is the sign for i want to throw up. he has got none for our very own peter do see. >> [indiscernible] next that's a great that. what a [bleep]. he gets biden of 47% approval rating and harris 43. but like kilmeade done any monday morning, that still seems high. according to the same survey, 36 % of registered voters would be like him while 60% would back someone else. his ratings are so low that i
8:21 pm
think even chuck todd can give him cover. >> they suggest that he has lost his identity a little bit and is the longer seen as competent and effective. why does the media know the truth when you are after everyone else? what is going on between joe and kamala? >> you want to know how i feel about kamala? i love her. i do. i actually do. i love actually. that's a good movie. she loves me. she loves me like a rock. she loves me, loves me, loves me , loves me. to be honest i'm just tickled to depth that she's my vice president. i'm tickled to depth. tickled to depth would be the way to go.
8:22 pm
tickle me elmo, good guy. i've got him working on the vaccine. i'll tell you right now, i will fit right to kamala, you are everything i hoped for. you are everything i need. you are beautiful to me. >> i wish he was president. dagan, do you care to comment on this very bizarre relationship or the reset news and his outburst on our very own peter do see. >> i will combine the two. >> it is like he is very cranky. >> kamala harris knows, he knows that by no serve because he is the best insurance policy. people are terrified of her
8:23 pm
potentially becoming the president so of course he would rub up on her if he was in the same room. she's got be hoping that biden lightning slips up at a hot mike with what he is saying about her . >> one of those things. i assume that has the same vocabulary that we all do. >> like in the 1918, who knows. have you noticed that he never such she's doing a great job. he just doesn't talk about the competency. >> the whole statement was so uncomfortable. you are amazing. you are the best partner. it was like watching a couple after couple therapy on valentine's day right around the corner. you've got to get her a card or something.
8:24 pm
it is hard to watch. it really is. i think we just give him the next three years off. i think that he would do a great job hanging out. kat, dr. jill watching this, like, she's not a fan of, loch. if you abilene -- when you ashley loves when you just tell them. you're telling them because you love them but if you're telling them because you are in trouble, you make it big thing and you posted on social media. everybody knows that they disliked the exact same thing you see in any relationship right before the drama of why they broke up is the next thing on social media. i will want to know what happened right before that video he felt the need that i need to talk, -- kamala i love her on camera and then i need to tweak it. it would be nice if that public
8:25 pm
display. >> didn't from say that he loved -- >> yes. come on, i feel terrible for the president putting himself out there. that means that she don't love you. i'm glad you have my back, what did you say? you know it. everyone who has ever been on unloved in the relationship, she couldn't say that she loved him back because then her people would be waiting on her. you don't love him, you'd love us. you don't love him, no matter what he says to her, her answer is always the same. look at that base when they hide she is holding her breath, just being around him, like when you feel that way when you have the hug somebody, that says i don't like you and unfortunately he
8:26 pm
keeps forgetting that. so he remembers things how they were before the campaign and east like i love, and then they have to remind him, she hates you. so afterwords i'm sure that dr. jill was saying you've got to stop talking about that because you just embarrassing me . >> he couldn't tell her that she was doing a great job. >> love is blind. >> i love her. i couldn't criticize her. >> but love could fail. i wonder what that is like at that age. >> we've got to move on. liberal policies are infused by car thefts and bullet wounds.
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i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> you think democrat politicians for being primed by
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morticians. murderers, cooks at large, just another day. carjackings wave since the pandemic hit. their scorn for using fossil fuels. make sure cities like philadelphia and new orleans saw hundreds last year and chicago had more than 1800. it's now the main cause of traffic on make short drive. here in new york it's safer to take the subway instead of driving. that's only true for homicidal made he acts. nypd more subway assaults than any year since 1997 when i was but a teenager. modeling, as a matter of fact. it is no better or homicide is the pop cost of unintended guests. the states attorney will get on it when she, their own indictment. and because that home is not located in baltimore, you win a free will proof basket that stuff forget a point that tire
8:32 pm
is brought up before, inc. inch tall killings of cops at a 20 year high. they put go back even further. so what of our leaders doing about it? mike michael loftus adding another layer of clothing, it's just making it worse. he says will honor the memory of george flight and the cover of new york using -- will meet with the first time. the first time since days after a rookie cop was killed by a stolen firearm. here's the governor herself. >> we have to do more to fight illegal guns on our streets. these guns, despite our tough laws in the state of new york, we are proud of them, they are coming in from other states. they are flooding our streets. >> talk about the self owned, despite the tough laws that she so proud of, there are some guns on the street. it is saturday got in the hands of law-abiding citizens, the way
8:33 pm
it should be. >> hold your applause. it seems like from a liberal point of view, in animate objects have free will but human beings don't. we are all tested to do whatever but a gun can actually go and shoot people. >> i think that we have established that they don't. even sitting in a room by itself , nothings going to happen i remember the trucks passed after the christmas parade. it's never happened. it's a giant waste of time. crime is real. for some of this technology, it's going to have to jump in like the carjacking thing, you've got a remote start on your car. like you have a remote kill switch. i want something where somebody carjacks me, i let them get a little farther away and i hit that switch on the windows rolled down and the car slows down and lynyrd skynyrd starts
8:34 pm
playing. why can't that be figured out. the crowd gathers and everybody is like skynyrd. everybody knows. >> i like that idea. sometimes you come up with a good idea that offsets your horrible taste of pressing. kat, you are no longer taking the subway, are you? >> no. why is that sad? it said that you can't. it used to be you see something gross every now and then. >> i'm shocked when i see something normal. >> oh, his pants are on. he's not masturbating in front of me and then you're like this, it's crazy. >> do not go into the car. >> no, that is almost every car. and then the other thing is
8:35 pm
obviously in chicago, almost half of the people arrested for carjacking are actually minors. it's 100% in 2020. the pandemic, mark harmon areas where there are school or closures. it's almost like it is that good for kids. if they don't get coke -- covid at school, they're going to get it starting life of crime . >> i think that is pathetic. america has always had guns. to your point, can tell you how many times i've left my set explicit have instructions and make sure i wasn't far away with an alibi and the disobedient pistol never does what i ask you to do. they have a mind of own. the guns, but they are here are not, irrelevant, you took the consequences way. will she felt there running her mouth about this and that, did you mention the fact that there
8:36 pm
is one little beautiful caveat that gets added, and you can rob somebody for the gun as long as it is not loaded. even if you say that gun is loaded, then they beat you with it. and then, well, it wasn't loaded . seats equipped all the consequences and instead there be any type of decent human being, you blame and out and in a inanimate object. you u-boats safest bet people and now literally you can get arrested, get released, and carjacks right outside the police station to drive home. and then get arrested again. it's not guns. it honestly these politicians are won't be until she has a gun pointed at her and then she's like i couldn't tell the difference. my heart beats the same weather i knew there were bullets in there or not.
8:37 pm
>> what did you think, dagan? >> i think that it doesn't exist here. if you allow people to protect themselves, it certainly would give them an essence of safety because you are in charge of your own well-being and your family's well-being, which you can do most places in this country. over the weekend i was walking home. it was kind of late and i have perfected how i will defend myself the call is the rapid raccoon were i just run down the street. you know, make 28 days, sold like the rapid raccoon, that nobody will come near me. i came up with the thing in the subway. i will just pull myself because nobody wants to go near somebody who has themselves. you just have to make a face like you are working on it.
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they say professional's races. are you a bigot and guy for wearing a suit and tie. they are attacking our found haitians by expectations. i have changed a bit. but a virtual event that washington university in st. louis from the same people who named kansas city, missouri. that is a great joke. there asking -- and like nancy pelosi's face,
8:43 pm
sometimes a positive, sometimes -- the term professional plus some has at times been used to silence and marginalized people of color place attributes attributes of appearance or language or interactions that have nothing to do with the job knowledge or constructive are labeled as unprofessional. that is so much word salad. the website also states that are professionals some supremacy and excluding practices. no white person is ever been labeled unprofessional. >> it's also not a joke. i'm not going to say it's racist , but professionalism is the worst thing. it is like rules for the sake of roles. it's not how good you are a good job or how hard you work other than she's wearing that.
8:44 pm
i wear slippers to work. that doesn't mean i'm not a star i'm over it. why are you laughing? they are slippers but slippers for public. or at least i have them. >> that is what mom says when she drops her kids off at school these are outside pajamas. >> i also work outside pajamas to work. >> i've done that before, tyrus. >> expecting a lack of professionalism for a group, isn't that kind of bigoted? >> it kind of kills my whole book. entertainment, i got to put right where anything. but when he went to a job interview, i was dressed for success. that used to be a thing. you don't know -- you might not always happy expensive stuff to make it work. that's a reason for professionalism. the ideas when you come to work to do to her job at the highest level.
8:45 pm
in some cases, you don't want a lawyer in track pants and yoga shoes defending you. when you go in front of the judge, you want to look your best. i just find it funny that whenever i hear that it is races , it is just a code word for nice places. it's focus him. so what we get there and we are unqualified as we've seen in this illustration for that they are at the first, so you can't tell them to wear a tie because you can deepen tie them because you have to have a bad for that. they continue to slap us in the face like we can't expect you to go out and get a tie. a clip on tie is three bucks i know because that is my first job interview and i had a clip on pipe. so the idea that if you don't put any effort into it, it is fine, we don't expect that from you anyway.
8:46 pm
>> i were tie when i worked at albertsons. professionalism require some context. like this shows the special report but i can sit here and scratch myself up might hairbrush on camera because my dress itches billikens it like this and i wouldn't be able to get away with that. i have to sit up straight. >> they would give you the look that says you are never welcome again on the show. >> i saw that too. >> that is some strange pants and even loftus, you can laugh at the pants. >> i've never been on special report, by the way. >> loftis, you are not a professional. >> i am. and sometimes the victim of cruel mockery.
8:47 pm
if you just start putting everything under the microscope of could this be used to be racist, yes, everything is races . and your life is going to be horrible and miserable. but i want to live in a world for you can wear what you want. >> out for pajamas, slap on a pair of shoes you stole from -- wear what you want. nice knowing you. i just made that up and you are all agreeing with me. how unprofessional of you. what does that have to do with racism. >> thank you. let's move on. up next, the stuff that they packed and their bags certainly raised a lot of red flags.
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this confiscation was from last year will they've you without means to bite a bear. that did not rhyme. there are airport delays. make sure the machete stays. put a list of items -- including chainsaw, fireworks, machete, and a burrito filled
8:52 pm
with mass. funny a burrito that helps you lose weight. some other stuff on the list like a wine holder shaped like a gun and a container of hairspray makes less sense. funny story, i once mixed up my done in my wine holder. that's why i'm putting my kids through college. the officers who took the bear spray are really lucky, however that there for that attack on the plane feel exceptionally bad bear spray is like a plunger. airports don't seem to be getting any less crazy and 2022. check out what this guy tried to board a plane with this weekend? >> i've really can't let you bore at this time. >> the tsa is -- all play the same thing and told them. i'm cleared to fly. >> let me show you the items
8:53 pm
that were taken at security. a rotary telephone. and actual gun. a toaster. and what is this thing? none of these things were found my luggage. >> these things were taken during your cavity search. >> you didn't think we were going to make a joke like that. what is the policy. you go to jail? backs not if you are aaron sorkin? you can go through with cocaine and mushrooms all kinds of loaded weapons. >> that is true. you don't remember that? >> i don't. that i don't remember a lot of things. >> the tsa just justify their existence to me. it seems like they miss everything and now we got entertain. a crystal meth burrito?
8:54 pm
>> that's a great idea hiding stuff, kat. >> this list of the top think they found is probably a list of the only things that they found. there's so many studies and they missed 80%, 95%. we still hate them all this monday -- all this money come, for white. >> we can figure this out ourselves. >> i think sometimes we underestimate how great the tsa is because they find water bottles anywhere. they have confiscated enough water bottles to literally make a late. they are on that. it doesn't matter if it is for you are baby. here's the good news, once they get away from you, drink it now. or you throw it at the trash. and then here is the crazy part to make use walked out through security for $8. so what is that really about?
8:55 pm
>> they do the same thing with a lube. throw it away or you can use it now. >> i'm not getting on that. >> that was a good joke, dagan. >> that was a good joke. i was thinking of using it as moisturizer. don't mind if i do. >> just pour the lube in my pocket. i've it will be there when i land. >> he didn't just they are at the gun. just go. >> that is my strategy going to peru. i'm like, do it, do it. but like a chainsaw. oh, yes. how hard was that? >> and it was actually from a chainsaw construction company. you can slighted in your carry-on bag. we look at covid. i think that we learned a lesson that there are 2 roles.
8:56 pm
they don't like to an institute them. and i think we are seeing that right now. should we close out this monday show put the little we will be right back? wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ thanks for bringing me with you guys today, mr. and mrs. lopez. not a problem, josh. hey, you two. check out all these camera views in my silverado i can see in front of me, behind me, on either side of me. and it has this cam, so i can see if there's any funny business going on.
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we are out of time. fox news that night is next. >> shannon: welcome to "fox news at night". i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, police officers targeted and multiple shootings of the weekend. from houston to new york. 81% the voters are extremely or very concerned about higher crime rates, what have we done to


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