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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 24, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> judge jeanine: my one more thing new season join me as i visit america's most beautiful homes historic castles. visit the homes in newport a manchin built in 1901. french chateau, see the eastman house in rochester, the properties are breathtaking. >> dana: that is it for "the five." "special report" suspect next. bret, i hear you have peter doocy on. >> bret: definitely have peter and can't wait for the big show. good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are covering several major stories, america's crime crisis targets police officers over the weekend. multiple shootings. markets tank and then battled back as concerns over inflation specifically rising energy prices hit the american economy. but we start off with the possibility of war. real war. the u.s. is already sending weapons to ukraine. and actual u.s. personnel to that region could be next. the pentagon is placing 8500
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american troops on heightened alert. nato already repositioning forces in the region. russia is dismissing rumors it plans to install a favorable go. in ukraine after a successful invasion. we have fox team coverage. brit hume has analysis of all the major stories of the day. peter doocy is at the white house as americans express concern about crime amid the rash of shootings started police. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with preparations intensifying for the possible deployment of u.s. troops to eastern europe but we begin with senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot in the ukrainian capital tonight. good evening, greg. >> hi, bret. yeah. according to ukrainian president zens ski in a video message tonight quote we are working on the total deescalation and peaceful ending of this situation. it looks like he has got quite a task. >> russian troops on the move again. ukrainian officials tonight expressing new concern about further big deployment in neighboring belarus of russian soldiers along with tanks, are a
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artillery and other hardware. troops threatening a possible full scale invasion of the country. >> we are on the precipice of a major conventional war between two technologically advanced industrial adversaries. the type of conflict that europe hasn't seen in generations. >> it is that worry that prompted the state department today to start the evacuation of diplomat's families as well as nonessential employees. u.k. and australia acted as well. >> our state department regularly reviews and assesses what steps need to be taken for the security of our personnel. >> other embassies in kyiv, however, holding back. government officials here trying to lower the temperature a bit. >> we consider such a step by the american side as a premature and cavalier display. >> still a threat remains on all sides. the u.k. over the weekend claimed it had intelligence pointing to moscow trying to set up a pro-russian puppet regime in ukraine in the event of a successful incursion, which is why the u.s. is making other
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moves in recent days delivering to ukraine some 180 tons of military or lethal aid, including ammunition for ukrainian soldiers doing battle right now with russian-backed separatists in eastern ukraine. for its part, russia says all of its actions are simply military exercises. if they're, they are getting more threatening, even to the country's capital. >> the threat to ukraine is real. it's immediate. and there is also a realistic possibility now that a russian offensive could target kyiv. >> a government spokesman also said tonight, we're quoting here, too. the main aim of russia is to create panic and destable saling's in this country. looks like moscow is doing a pretty good job. bret? >> bret: greg palkot in kyiv, thanks. president biden is considering the deployment of thousands of american forces to eastern europe. those troops are now on alert. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that part of the story tonight live from the pentagon. good evening, jennifer.
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>> good evening, bret. troops and their families are being told now to get ready the secretary of defense pulled these units to prepare to deploy in matter of days. part of a nato response force to deter putin that could include up to 40,000 nato allies. the pentagon says those troops could not be going to ukraine. >> the number of forces that the secretary has placed on heightened alert comes up to about 8500 personnel. no decisions have been made to deploy any forces from the united states at this time. >> president biden was presented options for troop deployments during a meeting with national security advisers at camp dhafd weekend. one option includes the u.s. sending thousands of additional u.s. troops to nato's eastern flank if requested. >> how does this protect ukraine? how does it stop putin from going into ukraine? >> it's designed to reassure our nato allies. >> how does it protect ukraine? >> jen it sends a clear signal
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to mr. putin that we take our responsibilities to nato seriously. >> u.s. javelin anti-tank missiles will be arriving soon in ukraine. >> they will include some air defense systems there is a lot more woman. >> nato announced this morning denmark will sandy frigate to the baltic sea and fighter diswrots lithuania. spain will send ships to join naval forces and considering sending naval ships to bulgaria. netanyahu they'res 2-f 35 in april which may be too late. germany says it plans to send $6 million field hospital but denies obstructing weapons shipments. the head of the german navy was forced to resign this weekend after making pro-putin remarks. today the uss harry truman aircraft carrier strike group went ahead with a long planned nato military exercise in the
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mediterranean which clean-up l. include antisubmarine warfare and long range strike training. >> russian military action appears increasingly likely, according to well placed sources. a russian invasion of ukraine would be, quote: bloody, swift and blitz-like i'm told. putin is not bluffing sources tell fox nato is preparing for what comes next. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. the dow was down more than 1,000 points early today but recovered to finish ahead 99. the s&p 500 was up 12. the nasdaq gained 86. volatile day on the markets. the biden administration trying to down play the worsening economic situation fears arising among americans and that is getting the attention of both republican and democratic lawmakers. specifically on inflation. we're there are also growing concerns about the crime crisis which was on full display over the weekend which shootings targeting law enforcement officers. shear white house correspondent peter doocy. >> we focused on the trends in
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the economy. not any one day and any single indicator. >> so the dow can drop more than 100 points in a day without setting off alarm bells at the biden white house. >> i would note that the market is up around 15% compared to when president biden took office. >> but expert blame today's drop on president biden's year one policies. all of this spending stuff that they have done, sandra, has caused inflation to go up. it's caused the market to come down quite a bit. especially with interest rates and inflation and the participation rate is falling as well. >> this evening the president tried to highlight what his administration is doing to try to leer prices. >> cabinet meeting. >> inflation ranks as the number one issues registered voters are either extremely or very concerned about in a new fox news poll and being noticed in democratic districts. >> well, look, people don't wake up in my district like real political people. they're waking up and talking about the price of groceries. the price of gas. they are talking about crime. >> right. higher u.s. crime rates are the
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number two issue voters are most concerned about right now. >> on crime to follow up on what ed was asking about. >> um-huh. >> would you agree that the most important job for any president is to keep americans safe? >> i would agree. >> so you said that the president has never satisfied that people don't feel safe. does he know after a year in office people do not feel safe in this country? >> well, peter i think if we look at the facts here, we have seen a surge of crime over the last two years. >> and they think that crime was sad when they got here there were no plans for them to change the crime fighting strategy, bret. >> bret: peter, tell us about colorful exchange with the president a short time before this show. you asked a question earlier this evening. >> he didn't want to take any questions off topic. he was at an event about inflation. i asked about inflation. >> inflation is a political liability ahead the midterms? >> that's a great asset. more inflation.
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what a stupid son of a bitch. >> peter: now wait to see if the white house has to bleep that on the transcript. >> bret: what did the other reporters say about that? did you talk with them. >> peter: they told me he had said it. i couldn't hear any t. over the shouting of the wranglers, the crip will now live on, bret. >> bret: in infamy. bring in senior political analyst brit hume. good evening, brit, we have a lot of important things to talk about. i want to start there you and i covered the white house. we just had a few days ago where white house correspondent jacqui heinrich asked a question that actually was a very substantive question that is the topic of a lot of opinion pieces and foreign policy experts over the next few days and the president said what a stupid question. and then tonight in this peter doocy is the pool reporter asking questions for everyone, and the president calls him a dumb sob and you heard it right
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there. your thoughts about this? >> well, there may be people who are biden partisans and some others, friendly media people who might like hearing the president say that but it doesn't reflect well on any president to engage in these nasty disputes with journalists. it's punching down. we are owe -- he is the president of the united states. most powerful person on earth arguably, for him to be insulting journalists is not a good look. it didn't help donald trump when he did it and he did his share of insulting journalists and i don't think it's going to help this president to do it. and the truth of the matter is one of biden's assets has always been that he is kind of goods-natured. he will smile and, you know, he has always had kind of a joshing relationship with peter doocy who has been a pretty pesky questioner and i thought that reflected well on biden. i don't think this does. >> bret: yeah, not to belabor this on day one of this presidency president biden said if i hear you treating, talking about his people that he is
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hiring treating another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot. on the spot. everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity. that was on day one of this presidency. trying to draw a contrast as you have point out. >> ask some questions about that. yeah. he may get some questions about how well that's holding up in light of these exchanges with our two white house correspondents. >> >> bret: let me turn to russia and where you see things are right now. this is a tinderbox on that border between russia and ukraine. writ brit the conviction seems to be growing this is real and that is an invasion is imminent the united states and to some extent of its allies have promised swift and powerful action if that occurred. the concern how swift and powerful it could be. after all no indication that any direct military involvement one thing and shipping arms another.
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no sign we are willing to send forces in ukraine to help ukraine defend itself. comes down to basically the economic sanctions. already a lot of them on russia. a other ones could be taken. russia could be cut off by the west by the international banking system that would hurt. the nord stream 2 pipeline not active but expected to be. would hurt the russian economy if it were never activated. i don't think the allies are going to go along with either of those two things. germany doesn't seem at all prepared to have nord stream 2 which they depend -- they depend on russian gas. germans have curbside their use of nuclear power. they have curbsided their use of coal power. they need russian gas and it will hurt them badly. i don't think they will go along with it and i don't think the rest of the allies will be willing to go along with the tough banking sanctions. it remains to be seen what the president and his team can get the allies to do. >> bret: yeah. just to clarify. peter was in an open press event not the pool. but go back to the questions.
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jacqui heinrich asked about the possibility of preemptive sanctions which is now becoming a foreign policy possibility but the president doesn't seem to be wanting to go down that road. >> well, she asked him you know, why do you wait to putin to make the first move i hear foreign policy people often saying the smart move would be to impose such sanctions as we have now and then tell the russians if you go into ukraine we will -- if you don't go into ukraine and you back off there, we will lift them. that's an argument can be made for that that was not in any way a stupid question. a sensible question and one many people are asking. >> bret: brit, as always, thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: the u.s. supreme court will hear a challenge to the consideration of race in college admissions. justices will take up lawsuits claiming harvard university and university of north carolina discriminate against asian-american applicants. decision against the schools could mean the end of a affirmative action in college admissions.
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the prosecutor for georgia's biggest county will be allowed to see the special grand jury for the investigation into former president trump's effort to influence the 2020 election results in that state. judges in fultd county, which includes atlanta, approved the request today. the former president, president at the time was recorded in a phone call pressuring georgia secretary of state brad rafns ra tlaib berger base are voter fraud is. killed a houston deputy during a traffic stop. fox 9 in minneapolis with the opening statements in the federal trial of three former police officers charged with violating george floyd's civil rights. the men are accused of failing to provide him with medical care and failing to stop officer derek chauvin as he pend floyd's neck to the street. trial begins for attorney general michael avenatti.
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accused of defrauding stormy daniels in cases against former president trump. this is a look at miami wsvn our affiliate down there. cold temperatures in florida are causing iguanas to fall from the trees, a lot of them. the cold blooded an 3458s become immobile in the chilly conditions. residents are advised to leave them alone because they will wake up when it gets warmer. and they might be a little angry. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work
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>> bret: manhunt underway in houston after a murder of a deputy sunday morning during a traffic stop gone terribly wrong. senior correspondent casey stegall has the latest tonight from dallas. >> late this afternoon houston police identified this man who they say murdered one of their own this past weekend. >> he is a very dangerous individual. we are going to move his butt off the streets as soon as we can. >> police say they already have
3:20 pm
the 51-year-old's brother and common will you law wife in custody. what's more, the city's police chief says there is further proof that oscar row zal less their man. >> we have video evidence of him shooting our constable. and i want everybody the fight of finding him. >> the constable was initiating a traffic stop early sunday morning when the white toyota avalon he pulled over came to a storntion the driver hopped out and opened fire on the constable, killing him before ever getting out of his squad car. witnesses say the gunman used an assault rifle. >> it's hard for me to express my reaction to it i'm 38 years of law enforcement, i have never seen the challenges that we are facing now. >> speaking on "fox & friends" this morning, the victim's boss tried to convey his department's profound loss.
3:21 pm
>> his desire was to train and to mentor young officers. and that's what he did. night shift. and with his seniority. he didn't have to do that. but he chose to do it because he wanted to continue to make a difference in the community in which he served. >> live in texas tonight, police say by the way that they have reason to believe that this suspect is still in the houston area right now hiding out and the reward to find him has grown to at least $60,000. bret? >> bret: casey stegall live in dallas, thanks. customs and border protection says there were almost 179,000 encounters along the southern border in december. that's a 2% increase from november since october, there have been more than 518,000 encounters. that's on pace to shatter the record breaking 1.7 million encounters in the 2021 fiscal year along the southern border. up next, the battle intensifies over covid vaccination and mask mandates in one state.
3:22 pm
first, beyond our borders tonight, united arab emirates and u.s. intercepted two ballistic missiles early this morning fired by yemen's iranian aligned houthi movement group. last week the terror organization hit a fuel depot in abulbasher buoy dab bay killing three people. the houthis say they are punishing the uae militias capture oil producing regions in yemen. the taliban and western diplomats begin first official talks in europe since the terror group took over control of afghanistan in august that u.s. troops left. taliban representatives target for the release of $10 billion frozen by the u.s. and other western countries as afghanistan faces a precarious humanitarian situation. and this is a live look at london. one of the big stories there tonight. british prime minister abortion johnson says his government will remove coronavirus testing requirements for vaccinated people arriving in england. johnson says he wants to show that his country is open for
3:23 pm
business and for travelers. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ hello from the other side ♪
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♪ >> bret: china has flown 49 war
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planes toward tehran. taiwan's air force scrambled own jets and tracked the people's liberation army planes on air defense systems. chinese by loss praying toward taiwan on near daily basis in the past year and a half. this happening over the weekend. wikileaks founder julian assange has won the first stage of his effort to overturn a british ruling opening the door for his extradition to the u.s. to stand trial on espionage charges. the high court in london has given assange permission to appealing the case to the u.k. supreme court. but the court must agree to accept the case before it can move forward. the u.s. has asked british authorities to extradite assange so we can stand trial ton 17 17 charges of espionage and one charge of computer misuse linked to wikileaks publication of thousands of leaked military and diplomatic documents. virginia's new governor is facing increasing challenges tonight to his orders easing masking mandates.
3:28 pm
several school boards are taking the governor to court. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the story. seven virginia school districts filed a lawsuit against glenn youngkin trying to stop executive order making masks in schools optional on the day it took effect. they argue the question for this court is whether by executive order a governor can override both the constitution of virginia and a law enacted by the general assembly. the school boards respectfully submit that the answer to this question is no. late today, virginia's attorney general said the governor acting within his authority and promised a legal fight. >> all we're say something under the governor's executive power that's already there under the virginia code he also has the ability of determining, yes, parents can make these decisions that are best for them. so we're confident that we're going to be successful in the legal -- in the court system when it's heard. >> governor youngkin signed an executive order right after his inauguration on january 15th
3:29 pm
making children wearing masks in school optional. it is part of his campaign pledge to give parents the say in what happens in school. some districts have said they will abide by the governor's order. falls church city says it will allow masks to be optional as soon as covid transmission drops to the moderate range. others, such as fairfax county, which is part of the lawsuit, have threatened to remove students from class who show up without a mask. reaction from parents is mixed. >> we have been exposed since the beginning and, you know, i'm not sending my children to school with masks because especially my littlest, she spent a third of her life in a mask. i don't think that's fair to her upbringing. >> i wasn't thrilled with the order. i'm not happy with that health concerns are politicized. so i would rather abide more by the cdc guidelines. >> this battle between school boards and the governor has created an awkward situation for many students. the attorney general says this
3:30 pm
is the ultimate local control. allowing parents a choice over school board bureaucrats. bret? >> bret: mike, thank you. now to a story about how your money is being spent in strip clubs and other places. fox business analysis of the cares act shows mask fraud taxpayer funded unemployment benefits. fox business correspondent kelly o'grady tells us tonight from los angeles. good evening, kelly. >> good evening, bret. well, nearly 100 billion of the 2 trillion cares act relief was dolled out to fraudsters, criminals ripped off american taxpayers to fund everything from lamborghinis to rolexs to strippers. we dug into the filings. share. so wildest examples. the largest sum was 35 million. recording artist diamond smith pled guilty to n. a scheme to file 79 fraudulent. used loan to buy a ferrer 96,000, in addition to the car he obtained over a million in
3:31 pm
ppp. one awarded 2 million in unemployment benefits by stealing the information of third party victims. they proceeded it post audacious photos of themselves on social media holding and fanning out the large sums of cash which helped authorities discover them and it wasn't just ordinary individuals and celebrities stealing money. government officials also snagged some of the covid relief illegally. jason larry, the first ever mayor of store crush georgia 2 million aid to pay off taxes and the mortgage on his lake front home. in one instance larry presented 150,000 in relief to church one on the condition that 50,000 be given to real estate management consultants llc. he did not reveal he controlled the entity. and as people lay in hospital beds, many individuals and organized crime networks obtained at least a million each. schemes early 401(k) withdrawals to even prison inmates snagging over 1 million and 1 scheme. comes as more covid relief industries hurt by omicron.
3:32 pm
and americans are frustrated. critics say enough has been dolled out with the ramp pant inflation and fraud. bret, of that 100 billion, only 2.3 billion has been recovered. >> bret: okay, kelly, thank you. up next, the panel on who is actually in charge for the biden administration. ♪
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3:37 pm
about what the administration is doing. the thing that got the attention this afternoon though was an exchange, a q and a with peter doocy at an open press event in the white house asking questions after the president was finished up. take a listen. >> political liability ahead of the midterms. >> that's a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a pitch. bitch. >> bret: there you go. guy benson political. leslie marshall, democratic strategist and trey gowdy former congressman from south carolina. trey, i distinctly remember media going bonkers when president trump, candidate trump said something similar to reporters. i don't know yet about the -- what's being covered out there, but i haven't seen a lot of response as of yet from the president. the administration, or any reporters covering him.
3:38 pm
>> oh, i can wager you a bet, bret. my momma always said bad words are a sign of limited vocabulary. at least when i use them. i think it's a sign of a frustrated president where two thirds of the country hope you don't run again. look, you should never punch down. i said that when, you know, president trump was sparring with reporters. you are the leader of the free world. you do not need to call peter doocy names. it's a sign of his frustration. his administration is in terrible shape. >> bret: although, leslie, this is the second time a fox correspondent at the white house has been called out by the president. jacqui heinrich asked a question actually very substantive the debate whether there should be's is before russia does anything. he said that was a really stupid question. >> trey, hell has frozen over because i agree with like four words of what you just said. here is the bottom line, a true leader leads by example.
3:39 pm
i had my mouth washed out with soap washed out curse words. a leader should not use that type of language. i don't care if you are the president of the united states or a democrat or republican. i don't care if you are a sitting member of the house or the senate. i think it's wrong. and i think it's important for journalists to ask tough questions of those in power. and for those in power to have answers. clearly having more inflation is not good politically. but i think there is a definitely different way to answer that and i a i think a lot more people got to be aware whether their mic is on or off. >> bret: obviously a room full of reporters, guy. i don't want to belabor this but your thoughts? >> i'm not going to clutch pearls about the language used by the president. but these are his own standards. i remember when he was asked about similar situation in his administration. and he promised if he hears anyone using demeaning language towards someone else and not treating others with dignity and respect, he would fire them on the spot. he said he wasn't joking about
3:40 pm
that he said that type of dignity had been lacking the last four years. i don't think he is going to fire himself here and that would be a bit much for him to resign over something like this. i'm not calling for that but these are the standards that he set for his administration. i think he will have to address that and i have seen already reaction on social media saying oh, conservatives they can't be upset about this because of trump. this man ran to be the opposite of trump. particularly in this department of treating people better. he is failing, yet again, to live up to his own promises to the country. and that's why his approval rating is struggling the way that it is. >> bret: okay. let's turn to who is in control. the "new york post" editorial says who is really in charge? who really have in charge at the white house? it sure doesn't look to be president biden. the latest evidence came last week when chief of staff ron klain delivered a behind the scenes message to democratic allies and staff just hours after biden's disastrous news
3:41 pm
conference. the president had failed to mention that his next build back better bill would fund child and elder care but claimants insisted it. we claims real message, don't worry, we staff will make sure biden does what we say. trey? >> i think it's a little broader than that, bret. i thinklights of politicians overread election rules. they think they have a mandate whether they just have a request to return to normalcy. i also think the democrats are going to do what republicans went through about a decade ago. the smaller group has the bigger volume. they yell more. so, you know, jayapal, bernie sanders and a.o.c. and the squad is setting the agenda and that's not the people that elected him. he was elected to manage covid and return to guy's point, to a little more normalcy and he has not done either one. i don't blame the caddie when i hit a wrong shots. i'm not blaming ron klain.
3:42 pm
the president is in charge. but that's my take. mismatched expectations. >> bret: meantime the crime crisis, and it is that in big cities, leslie, stepped up another notch with the targeting of police officers over the weekend. take a listen? shoot a 11-month-old baby, no excuse to assistant these officers. >> does he know after a year in office people do not feel safe in this country? >> well, peter, i think if we look at the facts here, we have seen a surge of crime over the last two years. >> so what are you attributing the rise in crime to then? >> i think we should be responsible in how we are reporting to the public what the roles are, what the reasons for the surge in crime. gun violence is a huge reason for the surge in crime. >> bret: but we have been around this block before, leslie, and when the administration previously went to gun rights, gun laws, obviously that all
3:43 pm
factors in but there is much more to it, especially some of these prosecutors who are not moving forward with prosecuting. >> bret, are you reading the articles i write for fox? because last week i wrote just that that democrats can't just -- look, i am against guns but i want everybody to have them. bottom line democrats cannot just push forth legislation to combat how many guns are on the street and the gun violence that contributes to the crime. largely contributes to crime. because there are, as you said, rightly so. many other areas. this is the multifaceted problem. we know the department of justice is doing what they can with regard to the police. but this is not just solely federal government i think needs to do more beyond gun control. this is certainly in the laps of local mayors and of governors of states. from the federal level in addition to legislation, you know, for guns and you know, pushing with that there is more that can be done to support local law enforcement and hope those mayors and governors in
3:44 pm
those states. i think the president has spoken to that before and i know that he needs to act on those things he has spoken of more so. >> bret: all right, panel, stand by if you will from domestic issues to the world. is the world moving closer to war over ukraine? ♪ won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> it's very clear russians from no intention of descalating. the secretary has placed on heightened alert. comes up to about 8500 personnel. >> >> how does this protect ukraine. >> jen, it sends a message we take our seriously. >> conflicting signals we are hearing reports that we are preparing our embassy for evacuation. >> the same team that bungled the evacuation in afghanistan may get another shot to do the same in ukraine. >> bret: well, it is tense on the border between russia and ukraine with russian troops there. a mass there forces from nato heading to reposition in the region. we don't know if u.s. forces will be helded that way. they are on high alert. mean time the state department is pulling family members of
3:49 pm
embassy officials of ukraine. the ukrainian foreign affairs ministry has tweeted out we have taken notes of the state department's decision regarding departure of family members at the u.s. embassy kyiv staff. while we respect the right of foreign nations to ensure safety and security of the diplomatic missions we believe such a step to be a premature one and an instance of excess caution. briefing officials said we can't ensure all u.s. citizens safe passage. they need to get commercial flights out now. it seems we have been down this road before with another country beginning with an a. >> that's right. i had general jack keane earlier. he said this is overreaction and sensitivity to that absolute fiasco in afghanistan, kabul, where there are still americans and u.s. allies stuck that country. in this case you are signaling this invasion is coming it's going to be so bad it's going to
3:50 pm
come to kyiv and ukrainians are saying no let's not go anywhere near that. that's a massive overreaction. the eu if not taken that type of step with their diplomats and families shut far. i think that's an interesting thing to watch. i keep thinking back bret to the press conference last week and everyone talked, of course, about the minor incursion quote from the president. but something else that jumped out at me and others was president biden basically spelling out that there was disunity among nato allies. reporting that germany has been reluctant to take a hard line. i think that's part of putin's calculation and brit made a good point earlier in the show about this notion of potential preemptive action to change that calculation when it documents tough sanctions and is that sort of thing. change how putin is thinking about this but putin also knows that our president believes that whole idea is stupid. he used the word that he employed with jacqui heinrich in that completely legitimate question. i think putin is feeling emboldened and i can see why.
3:51 pm
>> bret: to your point about germany and other allies "the national review" says biden's ukraine problem the white house is yielding to germany economic interest over ukraine's interest in maintaining its independence. it's it taken a model u.n. kid glove approach to dealing with clep to come crazy thug who has shown a penchant for ininvestigating the democracies. >> absolutely you -- what canned it putin probably will still be president long after i'm dead. what did he say to george w. bush? he said ukraine wasn't a country. i mean, he has signaled this i think this is about much more than a land grab and territory
3:52 pm
in ukraine. i think it's much more than, you know, middle finger if you will to nato. i think it is doing that to the united states. look at numbers. this is one thing that putin seems to do i is punk u. hung up on obsession about dates. what happened? december 2021. of the pushing them out of the ability to be part of europe. what is he trying to do? doing the same thing to the united states. democrat or republican who who the president is. i think he has been planning this based on dates alone and we heard the foreshadowing of that starting back in 2008. >> bret: russian exercise with belarus on the other side of the border comes to an end. just as the olympics begins. trey? >> i think, unfortunately, bret, can you make an argument that
3:53 pm
putin has already won. just like in 2016 he successfully sowed the seeds of discourt in this country. look what he has accomplished. got the leader of the free world to make a major verbal gaffe at a press conference. he has prominent news personalities openly musing about why this country would even side with ukraine over russia and got germany and the u.s. not singing out of the same hemal with respect to the ukraine. you can argue that in this smaller russia is still playing on the world stage and that he has already won. if his goal was discord, he has won. >> bret: joe biden the candidate tweeted out vladimir putin doesn't want me to be president. he doesn't want me to be our nominee. if you are wondering why, it's because i'm the only person in field who has ever gone toe to toe with him. guy, if there is any evidence that this administration is taking a tougher line with russia than the trump administration did, what is it?
3:54 pm
>> i don't know. i don't think putin, actions reflect that and by the way, meanwhile, the russians have announced joint war games with the chinese and the iranians. so, what's the west's response to that? perhaps axis of evil. that's another challenge. what's the president going to do? what's the president going to say? will people have confidence in it? will people believe it? including vladimir putin will he believe it. >> bret: all right, panel, stand by if you would. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines. ♪ get a head start in investing with the new schwab starter kit™. new investors can open an account and get $50 to split across the top five stocks in the s&p 500®. you can also unlock short videos, step-by-step guides, and other easy-to-use tools designed for people just getting started. plus, investment professionals are on standby 24/7 if you ever have a question. it's the smarter way to start investing.
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3:59 pm
property. >> bret: news from wisconsin. trey? >> researchers find something to unify all americans literally everyone surveyed thinks the nfl should change its overtime rules. >> bret: 100 percent. that was just -- they needed another shot after that game? totally agree. i'm on board with that headline. all right, guy? >> plus one on the overtime rules by the way. my headline is jesse watters dominates the ratings as he debuts "jesse watters primetime" on fox news channel. up next. go get them with any luck, sir. you will become the president's second favorite s.o.b. [laughter] >> bret: oh, we can only hope. panel, thank you very much. just getting breaking news that fox is confirming that senator schumer has requested a classified all senators briefing for next week for the administration on the situation in ukraine and russia. the senate is out this week. that's likely why the briefing is requested for next week.
4:00 pm
and that's a classified situation. tomorrow on "special report," an in-depth report on the early days in the search for the origins of the coronavirus. in fact, i wanted to do it tonight. i will be wearing the same suit but i will have it. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafrand. wait until you see this the premier of "jesse watters primetime." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: are you ready, america? ♪ ♪


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