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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 24, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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it was -- top song in january 1991. ooh, i will go with c. love will never do. that's a great song. congratulations to the bengals. thank you for joining us today. >> bill: tomorrow we'll show you where we were back in 1991. >> dana: here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert. america's law enforcement are being attacked, ambushed, killed, and after a violent weekend against our cops, we are now at critical mass. we cannot accept this for them or for ourselves. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". in new york city a rookie cop and two other officers were ambushed in a neighborhood in harlem. 22-year-old jason rivera was shot and killed when they were responding to a domestic
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dispute. one of those fellow officers remains hospitalized at this hour, 27-year-old wilbert mora and the suspect, police shot him and he is in critical condition. these details are very familiar, unfortunately. authorities say he was on probation for a 2003 drug-related conviction and he had four prior arrests outside the city for various charges including assaulting a police officer. the cover of the "new york post" is paying tribute to the fallen officer and calling the shooter a cold blooded killer. on this 24th day of january, already five new york city police officers have been shot. the new mayor, eric adams, an ex-cop, ran on cleaning up the city. now he has a desperate plea for the feds to help. >> we need help from the
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federal government. we're doing our job in nypd taking thousands of guns off the street. every one they take off, we are having five come in. how do we stop this? if the federal government does not stop the flow of guns in this city. >> harris: alexis mcadams in live in the new york city newsroom with more. >> i'm out there in harlem where the mayor was talking and hear sadness and anger at the precinct there. 2021 was the second worst year in almost a decade for police killed in the line of duty and now we're hearing new audio from police dispatch from the ambush that night. listen. >> what's going on? >> someone was shot. >> investigators calling for more help with the shooting that happened inside this apartment complex. officers responding to a 911 call from a woman who said she was fighting with her adult son.
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now when those two officers walked into the apartment and tried to speak with the man he kicked open the door and started shooting. sources tell me the gunman continued to shoot while the officers were already on the ground. 22-year-old nypd officer jason rivera was shot and killed and his partner was also shot and remains in critical condition. rivera, a husband, friend and much more of a police officer went to high school in new york and this was an inspirational video he recorded for younger classmates after graduation. >> you have to put in the work, 100% effort. you know what? if it takes some time after school, you know, so be it because you've got to do it. if you don't do it, you aren't going to make it nowhere in life. >> police say this is the gunman 47-year-old mcneil. the previous mug shot. quite a rap sheet. at the time of the shooting he
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was already on probation for a felony drug charge and arrested nearly half a dozen times in other states for a variety of serious offenses. today new york's mayor eric adams planning to announce a new policing strategy to go after gangs and guns. >> no excuse to assassinate these officers. no excuse to have the shooting we saw in staten island, responded to a domestic dispute. there is no excuse to be a gang banger and think you are going to wreak havoc in our city, no. >> we're learning more about the gun. the gun used to kill officer rivera. that glock had a high capacity drum magazine that held 50 rounds. new york's mayor eric adams calling for the federal authorities to help stop the flow of illegal guns. >> harris: interesting to see how the feds respond. former president had offered to send in the feds, mayors
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democrats in particular didn't want it to happen. now this one is asking. thank you very much. new york governor kathy hochul getting a lot of heat for tweeting about the guns. the guns instead of the actual shooter. last night a shot from an illegal gun took the life of an nypd officer. when i say we're going to do everything we can to stop the scourge of illegal guns in our state, it is not just talk. we are tripling funding for efforts to get these guns off the streets. what about the criminals? what is she doing about them? and the head of new york city's police union partially blaming the soft on crime approach of manhattan's far left district attorney alvin bragg. >> our hearts are broken. we're in shock. our knees are buckling. and we're angry because we've been here before. we're angry because we saw it coming. we're angry because we said it was going to happen and it
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happened again. >> harris: last week that d.a. bragg defended his lenient policies after a very big backlash. jason rantz seattle radio talk show host is with me now and you have done lot of reporting on your own on the west coast. this is eye-popping. to see a new democrat mayor and beg for help from the feds when former president donald trump begged them to take help all over america so we wouldn't be at this spot. >> absolutely. i won't cite him too much for asking for help. it is important if you actually need it. let's be honest about this situation. it is not the role of the federal government here at least it shouldn't be the main role. we know why these crimes are out of control and it has nothing to do with feds. everything to do with d.a.'s like bragg and policies to defund police, offer no cash bail, put criminals, violent criminals into restorative
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justice programs instead of behind bars and focus on the gun and not the person pulling the trigger. so when you bring in d.c. to go ahead and go after the illegal guns let's be clear. they won't just go after illegal guns but the guns of the people now purchasing them so that they can feel protected and safe in their own neighborhoods. >> harris: you've heard me say it time and time again. the men and women on the force across america, the police force, sheriff's department, whom we lose either violently because criminals are out of control or through defunding them and they move on, putting money back into the system cannot replace everybody you lose. look at that young man, that outreach that he was doing to his young community, 22 years old saying your dreams can come true. i want to show you the way to something better. i mean, i don't think you go out and immediately replace him. you can fill his seat but we're
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losing good people. the criminals and the victims. >> we are losing good people. it is alarming and terrifying what's going on right now. as much as it's painful for people to go back and read his application or watch some of the videos before becoming an officer i think it is so important to understand who we just lost. there are so many other officers like him who are serving and yet they are constantly being demonized as racist killers in bed with white supremacists. it is disturbing. it is not just happening in new york. we lost a deputy in texas yesterday who was ambushed. an officer in d.c. who ends up getting shot and will be okay thankfully but it is happening more and more often and we aren't approaching this crisis with the level of urgency nationally or at least the biden administration certainly isn't when it comes to these kinds of cases. we should be sounding alarms and making immediate changes. but we're not and that means unfortunately it will continue
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to happen. everyone out there outraged by this step up yourself today and make sure that you can tell officers that you actually appreciate the work they're doing because i can tell you from talking to a lot of them they don't hear it often enough. >> harris: the mayor in the city was saying he has their back, the cops, and i want to make sure i said it correctly. we are losing good people. we are losing good people. the police officers, the sheriffs deputies and more and the victims. of course, not everybody is outraged as you and i talk about this. newly elected city council member democrat socialist kristin richardson jordan getting blasted by critics for tweeting out -- can we put that back on the screen so we can see it? can we put it back up on the screen? there it is. forgive me. for tweeting out about a community garden hours after the shooting after being called
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out for failing to mention the shooting, jordan cripically replied i have been asked not to tweet about it at this time but i will definitely address it. who is telling her what to do on that? don't have a good conscience. she tweeted nypd is still the biggest gang in new york city. she said that earlier this month. >> she is an anti-police ghoul. the more like her there are the likelihood your communities will be less safe. let's be clear when you have people like that in positions of power who believe they are dismantling systems of oppression all they do is weaken a police force that communities are asking to be funded, not defunded. we have ceded so much power in this country to a small group
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of very loud activists and we are seeing the end result of that. their decision to reimagine policing, to be clear, has been a failure. as they move forward with the policies we see crimes rise. that is not the result that you want. instead of reflecting on what it is they are doing and the results of their policies, in large part they are ignoring it and doubling down. we'll continue to move down this path, they say. they won't stop. and just going on twitter, the worst thing about twitter as much as i have to be on it for work, i hate it. after instances like this we see some of the worst of the worst start to speak up and take advantage of a dead cop and it is disturbing. >> harris: it is. remember who they are and who they've shown you to be. that's what i tell people all the time. if you see somebody, just clock it. just know it. it is out there.
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all right. people don't see the value of the police officers and apparently they don't see us, the public, as potential victims. all of that power ceded to all the power that don't see us are miscalculating the blowback on it especially if they intend to run for office. the latest fox news polling show 81% of voters are extremely or very concerned about higher crime rates. that can prove to be a big problem for democrats in particular as we head into the mid-term elections november 8th of this year especially since fox news polling shows the majority of voters say they believe republicans are better capable at handling the issue. jason. >> i seem to remember this push by the democratic party claiming it was republicans defunding the police. the far left are so out of touch with the needs of the community and glad to see it is pushback finally. unfortunate it is taken this kind of tragedy over the course
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of two years in order for people to actually see where the left stands on this. so i'm looking forward to the course correction. i'm concerned about the loss of life between then and now. >> harris: that's when politics stepped in, right? it's when certain parts of the political landscape thought they could preach that to the streets. they were going to fix it by defunding the police, yes, we hear you. now the realities of what we've known all along is have your consortiums and listen to people and bring great ideas of reform to the table but don't lose sight of who is really protecting us in the middle of the night. president biden considering sending thousands of u.s. troops to eastern europe now. the tensions are mounting over ukraine. is he looking to avoid a repeated situation of his horrible handling of how we
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exited afghanistan? and this. >> americans are seeing this failed leadership by biden and the democrats and understand who is responsible. it is democrat policies and joe biden are causing these problems. >> harris: you saw the crime numbers right there we just showed you. the reaction to additional bad polling for president biden as his fellow democrats seem to think his messaging and not his policies are to blame. the power panel next. living with diabetes? glucerna protein smart has your number with 30 grams of protein. scientifically designed with carbsteady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes. glucerna live every moment
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thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a difference together. >> harris: i know the president says he doesn't look at them but could call them all out at the news conference last week. deja vu for him with following for president biden. new fox polls show 6 in 10 voters say they would vote for somebody else in 2024 if the
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election were held today. it's worse than it was for donald trump or barack obama at the same time in their presidency. right now biden is struggling to get covid and inflation under control. not because of republicans. there is a lot of infighting in his own party. progressives want to wear the pants. the white house spent a lot of time cleaning up after his news conference last week which was meant to be an answer back, a reset. supposed to shore up his image and boost his poll numbers. it didn't. given what looks like a pretty big mess, critics and even democrats are asking who is in charge at the white house. mark meredith has more from the white house now. mark. >> good morning to you. it is a new week but new polling shows the president facing a familiar problem that majority of americans are not happy with his job performance so far. look at the new fox news poll that came out over the weekend
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showing now 47% of registered voters approve of the president's job performance compared to the 52% that disapprove. the same number we saw in december but a lot lower than what we saw at the beginning of his term a year ago. while another election may seem like forever away fox news did ask people who they would vote for if the election were held today. 60% or 6 out of 10 said they would vote for somebody else as opposed to reelecting the president and see what would democrats think if the election were held today. 72% said they would reelect the president. democrats standing by the president right now. the white house is in something of a reset mode. the president is open to passing his social spending plan in bits and pieces and wants to campaign for democrats and agenda including his economic record. him coming back from camp david 30 minutes ago. take a look what he tweeted while at camp david. here is the deal, america is
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the only leading economy in the world where the economy is stronger than before the pandemic. our economic plans are working. but what's fascinating about this is you have critics saying it is the opposite. the message comes off acetone deaf considering what americans are dealing with in their daily lives. >> the biden administration is suffering because they aren't focusing on getting inflation under control or shelves restocked. stopping the crime we see in so many cities and getting our southern border under control. >> the president will talk about inflation and supply chain later on this afternoon right here at the white house. harris. >> harris: i wonder if he has seen what's happening at the corner of wall and broad and the numbers reacting to a decision he either did or hasn't made yet or something. >> not a good day for the economy overall. >> harris: with regard to russia and ukraine. thank you very much, mark. let's concentrate a little bit on where the president is.
8:23 am
that low 47% job approval coming in part from his own political party. remember, i mentioned this 85% of democrats approve of the job the president is doing. that's actually down 10 points since the spring. and his disapproval among democrats is up by 15 points. and when it comes to the mid-term elections the poll shows a slight edge in support for a republican candidate when voters were asked who they would send to congress right now. top democrats pointing fingers well, all over the place. >> i've been saying to my party quite a bit these days let's stop mimicking what the republican party -- we keep talking about what the democrats aren't doing. no, the glass is not full. it is only half full so let's see what we can do by focusing on that part of the glass that is half full. >> republicans are laughing all the way to election day. they have not had to cast one
8:24 am
bloody vote. which shows us where they're at and we have to change that. >> harris: matt schlapp chairman of the american conservative union and crystal knight. great to have you both here today. matt i'll start with you. when you hear democrats doing the shoot inside the tent republicans can sit by and do what? >> i guess it's popcorn time when these things happen. republicans have had lots of these times, too. i think the problem for joe biden when you look at these new set of numbers is the fox numbers are the high watermark on his approvals. as of the end of last week averaging 42%, a little over 42%. the problem for joe biden is he is getting the policies he has advocated for. they never took on black lives
8:25 am
matter and defunding cops and we have a crime explosion. as tragic as it is they own it. they never took the steps to make sure that overseas people had this idea of peace through strength, reagan policy which keeps us out of war. instead we have russia and china that are increasingly being aggressive. you have this problem with inflation. to me the biggest problem for them. two things democrats do these days. they want to tell you how to live your life and impose mandates and they love to spend money. republicans like to spend money too much, too. the problem now is when they spend more money, trillions and trillions. they spent two trillion on another covid emergency relief bill. that fuels inflation. their number one answer to everything is to spend money and it will make the problem worse. i don't see how he gets out of this year, i really don't. >> harris: crystal. let's pop up the same fox poll. voters approve of republicans in major issues including the economy. shows how they look at it.
8:26 am
"the new york times" editorial board says biden has not been doing himself any favors on the economic front. writing mr. biden, however, has contributed to his own political woes through much of the fall the president and other administration officials seem to be down playing the dangers of inflation. voters on the sunday shows slamming the president's first year performance and now let's listen. >> who feels like we're in a better place now than we were a year ago? show of hands. no one believes we're in a better spot now. >> in atlanta i sat down with several biden voters who didn't vote democrat in 2016. >> leaning into the argument about elections and election fairness in either direction turns me out. >> we have high inflation, we have supply chain issues. i think he is listening to too many liberals.
8:27 am
>> harris: face the nation on cbs and they are saying that no one feels anything good about this economy right now? crystal, what do you say to that? >> i think it is a challenging economic situation that we're in right now. we also have to remember 72% of democrats still say that they would vote for this president if the election were held today. there is a gap, though, in the folks that say 48% say they will definitely vote for them. a 30% margin the president has to make up. he has a small legislative window to pass some policies, help get inflation under control. >> harris: how tall is the window? >> i think we're looking at the spring ahead of the mid-term elections in the fall. i'm not necessarily the determining factor when the window is but something has to be passed between now and probably june if voters are going to make a turnaround in how they feel about this economy and this administration
8:28 am
and how they feel about this president. >> harris: that was a very transparent look. crystal, you give us that as a democrat on the show. let's take another look. look at the dow right now and this is repercussion of what is happening across the world. our part in all of it was sewing some doubt whether or not the united states really knew what course to take. that happened at that news conference when the president said the united states joe biden decided to tell the world that well, if there is a minor incursion we might not do anything and they spent days cleaning that up. this is the first monday after all of that and look at that trading that's going on. it is not all about that. there is some tech stuff you can throw in there but investors are talking about ukraine. the economy you say get it right before june and april. let's see what kind of pressure his foreign policy decisions put on it. matt, your thoughts. >> i think that's right. i think the problem for joe
8:29 am
biden is because he can't have many performances out there. they have to pick and choose when he is ready for them. they really got him prepped for the news conference. he hung in there a real long time and i will give him credit. the problem is he continues to have the major faux pass, when it comes to national security you can't take them back. once you give a bully or dictator the impression that you are going to give a pass to them doing something, how do you ever take those words back? sadly the only way you can make up for it is to now, you know, overdo the fact that we'll get involved or use american troops, etc., to try to make sure this doesn't happen. it is a lose/lose with russia and china. they talk to the president. i feel like they don't feel like he will do anything if they're aggressive. >> harris: we were talking economy and crystal and matt i could not ignore what's going on at the corner of wall and broad today in the markets. so we took a peak in and we'll
8:30 am
see how it all shakes out as you say. the day is early. we'll see how it closes. thank you both. vice president kamala harris's polling. that's also going south. the president is apparently trying to build her up. it was bizarre. some people are describing it as super cringey but it was affection which blew up all over the internet and this. >> vladimir putin is not just winning but he has won on this issue. the president of the united states and western allies sitting back waiting to see what he is going to do instead of leading on the issue and telling him what he must do. >> harris: from the economy to geo politics and what happens next. a big pivot in the white house strategy could be in the works. president biden making a huge decision, foreign policy, foreign poll -- policy, watch out.
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with rates in the twos. already own a home and need cash? with the newday100 loan, you can get up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments $615 a month. no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> harris: russian president vladimir putin already put 127,000 troops along a border with ukraine and now apparently he is moving in the weaponry and more of them at the ukraine border as an invasion looks more and more likely. now president biden is considering deploying thousands of u.s. troops to eastern europe and the baltics in response. a move that is very different from his restrained quote, unquote, do not provoke putin strategy. ukraine has now received a second shipment of weapons from
8:37 am
the united states as part of defense aid and all of this comes as biden foreign policy perception is still reeling from this summer's disastrous afghanistan exit. congressman michael mccaul, senator joni ernst calling out the president's current russia approach. >> we're seen as weak right now because of president biden. his comments about a limited -- limited invasion was somehow acceptable and that nato was divided. this president has made so many concessions with nothing in return. that's why putin smells weakness. >> so far with this administration we have seen a doctrine of appeasement and that is not going to deter president putin and russia from invading ukraine. >> harris: joey jones fox news contributor. your top line thoughts. >> we have no business going to
8:38 am
war with russia when we don't know if our government would ever support our military in doing so. the last 20 years would argue the most we would do is appease some faction of our country that might want war. allow a bunch of folks to die and have no resolution at the end. our government has shown it has the political will to see something through the american people shouldn't support it moving if in that direction. >> harris: are there tinges of what we saw and the loss and pain of our exit from afghanistan here? >> that pain and heartbreak was 20 years in the making. i certainly blame president biden for how the month of august went out. but i blame pretty much every political leader who had something to say and a vote to cast over the last 20 years for how the war ended. we had a tail wagging the dog situation. democracy is amazing but with every mid-term and every presidential election is an opportunity to take the status quo, turn it on its head and
8:39 am
campaign on it. the american people followed that. that's not how we should do war in this country. i'm not trying to be overly critical or pessimistic but look at the current situation, right? we'll put troops in other countries probably to posture against russia a day too late and to let those other countries know we'll have troops there so they probably won't come from you next. i don't know if it means we send the troops into ukraine and fight russia. we are sending a lot of weapons to ukraine and russia is talking about doing some sort of russian friendly government. are we about to start a proxy war? ukrainian civil war? is that what we're about to do? >> harris: they're denying that and one of the comparisons that i've been reading about is the taliban didn't care how we were pulling out. they took full advantage. the terrorists who killed our 13 americans didn't care.
8:40 am
and perhaps putin doesn't care how we handle it, either. we were scurrying trying to get our people out of there over the weekend. it felt very familiar in that sense. a "new york times" piece with this. president biden is considering deploying several thousand u.s. troops as well as warships and aircraft to nato allies. the move signals a major pifshiot for the biden administration up until recently was taking a restrained stance out of ukraine out of fear from provoking russia into invading. over the weekend the president had several options to shift american military assets closer to putin's doorstep. we're watching this in realtime now and strategy is what in this case? >> here is the deal. when you stand in front of the world and say something is stupid as a moderate incursion is okay this is the price you pay afterwards.
8:41 am
god -- posturing is a military strategy and one that worked well for us. jfk did it best in the most recent years with the blockade in cuba. posturing means that you are willing to go the next step but hopefully smart enough to not have to. i don't know if it's posturing or reactionary. we have to do something because the peach was that bad. this is multiple years in the making. we saw what happened with crimea and russia invaded georgia. how we've handled everything along the way builds up to how it plays out. i don't know -- this is chance to take checkers. i don't know how this plays out. as american and a voter i'm beyond frustrated. >> harris: it could spread. china now looking across to taiwan. if they start to put ships in the water and start to do the things we're starting to hear about right now and reporting on, it isn't just about russia
8:42 am
and that's the point. afghanistan and the way we handled it in such a bloody horrible end wasn't just about us and afghanistan. the world was watching. the world. >> i'm 35 and old enough to remember when we used to champion winning wars. that was a long time ago, i guess. now we talk about how do we get out of this situation. i'm okay with that but at least have a plan. it doesn't seem like this president has one. >> harris: can we talk a moment, though, about how this is being handled? and what effect that has on the strategy. we know with afghanistan the president had generals around him and then after all the hearings on capitol hill he went his own way. they were telling him one way and he decided to go another way. is that how it plays out? you served. you know when the call comes from on high you go do your job and the commander-in-chief goes to the generals and we didn't do that with afghanistan. are you concerned about that happening here? >> i think what i'm most
8:43 am
concerned is the world didn't need to see and as americans we didn't need to see a situation where we have to grill our generals to find out the president wasn't telling the truth about their own advice. to see that much of our cabinet and leadership of the men and women who decisively send our troops to war for a righteous cause that much at odds with each other and that's what russia and china and the american people saw. >> harris: joey jones, always great to have you in "focus." thank you. social media exploding at president biden's bizarre lavish praise lovey dovey on vice president kamala harris with her poll numbers plummeting i guess he thinks he can help. plus this. >> 50,000 people at the lincoln memorial coming and standing up for their freedoms telling the bureaucrats and corporations, the bad politicians that we don't want to take this anymore and we're coming and standing up for our freedom.
8:44 am
>> harris: it was the defeat the mandates march in washington, d.c. over the weekend. is the tide turning against covid restrictions even for those who were big supporters? tammy bruce is in "focus" next. u borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners, newday wants to help you use your va home loan benefit to get more. more cash, more savings, more peace of mind. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. up to $60,000 or more. veterans are saving an average of $615 every month. with more ways to help more veteran families, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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>> president biden: kamala, i love you, you always have my back. you are the best partner i could imagine. >> harris: wait. but why? why now? the president set off a social media firestorm with that exchange during a virtual meeting with the dnc. social users calling it wildly creepy and fake and gross and nauseating. the president appeared to be trying to boost support for the vice president who has been suffering reports of dissent in her office, lots of people leaving and several p.r. gaffes. latest fox news polling with her job approval at 43%. seven points down from just june. wow. tammy bruce fox news contributor and host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. tammy, great to see you today. first of all, let's not lose sight of who the audience was. it wasn't all of us. it was for the democratic national committee. why that performance for the
8:50 am
dnc? >> very strange. if somebody we knew spoke to us in that manner we'd call 911 because something was wrong with this person and their delivery. you don't know where the comment is heading and why they are saying it to you. what's very strange is exactly that. for some reason there is a need for him to reassure the dnc that the president has the vice president's back as though this is some separate group that doesn't understand both of them, doesn't know both of them or see the reports we see unless it was a request of hers that she is supported in front of that group. because remember she is also thinking about 2024. so it's a matter of her thinking about her own relevance, i think. and this may have been a request. of course, this is the horrible dynamic, he did it but in a manner that clearly was absurd. i don't know if that was because it's him or because it was almost like a hostage video where you are saying what you are supposed to say but you want everyone to know you
8:51 am
really don't mean it. >> harris: let's hope not. let's hope they really like each other and if they do, i don't want to be crass but who cares? i just want to know if he believes she can get the job done and will hold her feet to the fire if and when she doesn't and which side what he is giving her is something he can talk about in a positive manner. >> that's an excellent observation. that's what the american people are worried about. when you are doing this it tells you that once again they are still looking at the wrong things. they're concerned about the wrong issues especially with everything that's happening in the world right now. >> harris: more than 30,000 protestors speaking of the world taking to the streets in our world washington, d.c. over the weekend calling for an end to covid-19 mandates. watch. >> medical freedom has been hijacked by hospitals, by insurance companies, by the government, and by big pharma.
8:52 am
doctors, now is the time to stand up and save our profession. >> harris: dr. fauci stating what he sees is our best case scenario with the coronavirus pandemic. >> control means you are not eliminating it or eradicating it but gets down to such a low level that it is essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with. we would like it to get down to that level where it doesn't disrupt us in the sense of getting back to a degree of normal. that's the best case scenario. >> harris: you do realize it is fancy for flatten the curve. >> a word salad for herd immunity. he did not want to say that word because that's herd immunity. if there is anyone who has been the face of this pandemic and this pandemic has been a disaster and yet there he is still being taken seriously. now you might not have agreed with everyone speaking at that
8:53 am
rally. we're not the only ones having them. the rallies against mandates and control are all around the world. and this is at a point where they realize fauci at one point several weeks ago that certain things weren't going to be planned for because of the mood of the country. and that's fascinating because they realize that they've screwed it up like everything else and americans have recognized that and what we want is what we've always wanted. the ability to have a private relationship with our doctors making decisions about our healthcare with information provided by the cdc which is fine, but it is remarkable that we're still -- they are still trying to have this be an emergency and that we're still supposed to be taking orders from an unelected bureaucrat who has failed. >> harris: if we can go forward and start to treat this as many doctors have said on this very program like it will be around for a while, if we can get there we can take the emergency out of it and put the urgency into the therapeutics and things that take us forward.
8:54 am
>> that's right. with emergency they're able to do so much more without doing it through the regular avenues, aren't they? >> harris: that's the politics of it. because where we were with former president trump is get operation warp speed, get the vaccines, get us a way to take the next step and we're still kind of there. former "new york times" weiss. >> i'm done with covid. so many of my liberal and progressive friends are with me on this and don't want to say it out loud. they're scared to be called anti-vax or science denial or to be smeared as a trumper. this is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime. [applause] >> it's at this point it is a pandemic of bureaucracies. it is a pandemic of bureaucracy. it is not real anymore. >> harris: tammy.
8:55 am
>> the real crisis in addition to the pandemic is that liberals don't want to be honest about it. they don't want to be called a name. shame on them. step up. this is about everyone's children and our future. don't let them take control of our future that way. >> harris: you get the last word tammy bruce. thank you for being in "focus." "outnumbered" after the break.
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>> police are coming up under her seat across. critics charge the left policies and anti-comp rhetoric that created this kind of wild west out of my sphere. these attacks are a deadly consequence of it all. i'm kayleigh mcenany and this is "outnumbered." here today, my cohost, harris faulkner, fox news anchor kevin mcfarlane. and fox cohost, brian to me.


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