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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 24, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> todd: we begin with a fox news ark letter, the state department ordering the families of embassy staff to evacuate ukraine as russian attack on its neighbor could be eminent. this is "fox and friends first." i'm todd piro. >> carley: good to see you. i'm carley shimkus. president biden may deploy more troops to eastern europe and the baltic states to support our nato ally. russia says it will respond appropriately if that happens.
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live on the ground in kiev, steve, what is the latest? >> steve: the u.s. embassy in ukraine telling americans, it is time to leave ukraine. they ordered out family members of embassy personnel and authorizing nonessential personnel to leave and warned american citizens in ukraine, there will be no airlift of american citizens in event of a u.s. invasion. period biden considering deploying 3 to 5000 u.s. troops in eastern europe. nato will deploy ships and fighter jets as more ammunition continues to arrive in ukraine from the u.s. 80 tons arrived over the weekend according to officials. officials continue to insist there will be no preempative sanctions against russia. >> the purpose of the sanctions is to deter russian aggression
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f. they are triggered now, you lose the deterrent effect. the alliance is looking at important measures to take in the event of further russian aggression. >> this is drawing criticism from lawmakers. >> i think president biden bears a lot of the blame. vladamir putin saw joe biden's debacle in afghanistan, vladamir putin thinks times is here and this matters to the american people. it is dangerous when you allow adversaries like russia and china and iran to upend the status quo and we have strongly-worded speeches. >> ukrainian officials estimate 120,000 russian troops masked along their border, back to you. >> carley: live in kiev, thank you.
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robert charles, former secretary of state for george wbush. robert, good morning. start with what the president is mulling over right now, considering sending 3 to 5000 troops to eastern europe and russia saying it would respond appropriately if the u.s. deploys more troops to the region. should the president deploy the troops and what does russia mean in responding appropriately? >> let me start with basics, carley and good morning, you and todd. look, there are inflection points in history, we look and say we didn't realize that was such a big deal. september of 1938, the munich accords, were signed when guy named hitler thought he would
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take czech, today we have a strong russian leader talking to a weak western leader saying he wants to take the russian speaks part of adjacent country, ukraine. we are past the time for deterrence. deterrence was months ago upon event and it didn't work. it was a debacle. we have given ark way the start agreement. everything putin is reading on his desk in the morning says this is a weak country, a weak leader, the west is not unified, the country is not unified? put troops in? yes, to deter lithuania, arktonia, poland. there is belarus, deter bad acts in eastern europe. with estimates up to 175,000 troops with commercial activity
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on rail being diverted to troupe movement, i think russia will move and that creates a rapid domino effect, why this becomes inflection point. china looks and says wow, the world will be distracted by the words and puff that biden is putting out on ukraine. this is our chance to go after taiwan. it creates a dangerous scenario and i think senator cotton is right. dangerous moments call for a higher level of sobriety and clarity of thought and communication than we are getting out of the biden white house. >> todd: did biden set the stage for all this, for putin walking all over him when he got nothing in turn for the concession on the nord stream 2? it seems this other stuff followed that horrific negotiating posture by joe biden. >> i would say this is
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breadcrumbs biden laid to ukraine's door step. giving away the extension and giving away nord stream 2 when that could have been a point of negotiation, instead of saying sure, make europe susceptible of your oil. the afghanistan pull-out was a disaster. we will run away and leave our own people, that is an absurdity, why would we do that? putin and xi and china are looking and saying this might be our opportunity to get everything we and want no consequences to speak of. to hear tony blinken, who i went to law school with, say stand down, massive consequences. sanctions? unless you are credible, you are not going to worry russia and everything they see in biden and harris spells weakness, not
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consequences. if president reagan, bush or truman were saying this, people would say, you are right, we need to back away. we should put troops in other countries, right now ukraine is in trouble. >> carley: you think ukraine is in trouble and we should put troops in other countrys and think it is inevitable russia will invade ukraine. what should the appropriate response be, robert, if sanctions are not going to work? >> ukraine is a different country from poland, lithuania, latvia. should be around the clock meetings happening and should have been happening for weeks, saying what are contingencies and i know this sounds odd, sometime necessary sleight-of-hand, you have something going on here, it will happen here. look at contingencies we react
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when china goes after the spratley islands, sockley islands or taiwan. we get hyped up about a lot of stuff and it is not helpful at all. this is a sober moment, every american needs to understand our credibility is at stake and we should have concrete set of consequences that we'll follow. >> todd: a disturbing and concerning assessment from you, robert charles, you know your stuff, scary times. we appreciate your time. turn to this, blistering new poll show americans are not happy with the current state of our country, opening the door for big republican gains this fall. >> carley: alexandria hofman is live. good morning. >> democrats have not been able to move the ball on issues. feels republicans are
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benefiting. >> what bothers me, republicans are laughing to election day, they have not had to cast one bloody vote, which shows where they are at and we've got to change that. >> perhaps voters would rather the biden administration change its focus, listen to this. >> my life has not improved, covid has not improved. biden has not stuck to promises. >> inflation will hit 8 or 9% and we are going back to jimmy carter. >> i had high hopes for the administration when they came in, it's been one disaster after the other. >> according to fox news poll, 42% of registered voters think inflation will persist more than a year. "new york times" acknowledged what they see as early-term successes noting covid relief bill, continued with mr. biden contributed to his own political woes. the president and other
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administration officials seem to be downplays dangers of inflation. insistent on this narrative may be contributing to fact he is not taking inflation seriously. as far as the president's push for voting legislation, senator tom cotton said this. >> he is simply trying to cover up for what i think is a disastrous election for his party because of his failed policies and rising inflation, rising crime and chaotic southern border. he's trying to find excuses for why they are about to be beaten badly at the polls in november. >> here is some startling words after this morning. an nbc news survey of top answers to describe america includes no positives. instead words like negative, downhill and lost, were used. carley, todd. >> carley: not good. thank you. america is waking up to deadly violence in our cities. democrat policies that let
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criminals back on the streets. an nypd officer fighting for his listen after being ambushed by a suspect with a lengthy rap sheet. >> todd: dr. oscar odom, what needs to be done now to restore law and order? wdr. oscar odom, needs to be done now to restore law and order? e'dr. oscar odom,t needs to be done now to restore law and order? ldr. oscar odom, what needs to be done now to restore law and order? ldr. osca what needs to be done now to restore law and order? dr. osca what needs to be done now to restore law and order? asdr. osc, what needs to be done now to restore law and order? kdr. osca odom, what needs to be done now to restore law and order? dr. o odom, what needs to be done now to restore law and order?
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>> carley: we are back with a fox news alert, a police officer is released from the hospital after getting shot in the line of duty. officers searching for the suspect after an attempt to barricade the area yielded no arrests. the dc officer is expected to fully recover, it comes ark mida man hunt in texas for a man who gunned down a texas constable deputy in a traffic stop, corporal galloway was shot several times while seated in the vehicle. the driver he stopped opened fire without warning. authorities are calling the incident a "brutal murder, "and another fox news alert, hundreds gathering to honor jason rivera as his partner is transferred to another hospital, clinging to
2:16 am
life. >> todd: officials are calling on washington to stop the flow of illegal guns. ashley strohmier joins us with the details. >> ashley: the officer is in the hospital after being transferred to the hospital on sunday. he and his partner jason rivera were dispatched. it is difficult to listen to, here is when it went south. [recording playing] -- shot. -- unit. >> ashley: jason rivera was newly married and just 22 years old and died from his injuries. vivera's widow writing a heart-breaking tribute to her husband on instagram. your soul will spend the rest of
2:17 am
the days without me, right beside me, i love you until the end of time. the mayor blames the ambush on the flow of illegal guns. adams announcing he will roll out a plan this week and called on the feds to help. >> this is a sea of crime that is being fed by many rivers. we were able to stop terrorism in this city when state, federal and city law enforcement agencies did information shareing and deployed together. president biden heard me, understands that and placed that in place. >> ashley: last hour we spoke to an nypd lieutenant and here is what he had to say. >> mayor eric adams is calling on the federal government to do his job. we have resources, stop blaming the guns and flow of guns and hold accountable people behind the guns.
2:18 am
stop putting criminals in front of victims. >> ashley: a wake for officer rivera is thursday, his funeral will be friday in manhattan. back to you guys. >> todd: thank you, ashley. bring in oscar odom, former nypd detective. dr. odom, does the new mayor, a former cop himself, have what it takes to stop the carnage we are seeing last year and so much in his first couple weeks in office? >> yes, he does. he has what it takes to make sure this is put in place. let me give condolences to officer rivera's family and heart-felt to mora's family and men and women of the nypd. yes, one thing that is very important is rolling out back to anti-crime unit and show nypd is there and we're able to make these arrests and to make sure the prosecuting office is not
2:19 am
giving get out of jail free cards, this is humanity and public safety issue. >> carley: dr. odom, that is true, a lot of new yorkers voted for mayor adams because he said he would do things like bring back the anti-gang unit. solving crime in the city isn't entirely up to him when you have a district attorney also elected who said he will not prosecute a lot of crimes, one of them he said he wasn't going to prosecute was resisting arrest n. light of this police officer who died in new york city on friday, what goes through your mind when you hear that from the d.a.? >> it is alarming. it can also bring tears to one's eyes to realize men and women of the nypd go out everyday and put their lives on the line there is
2:20 am
no job, none whatsoever, that is worth your life. here it is, they have a selfless act and go out to combat crime, to make it safety for people to be able to walk around and enjoy economic freedom, enjoy freedoms guaranteed by the united states constitution and to hear that after making these arrests that you are going to let somebody out and give them a get out of jail free card is alarming and should have everybody up in arms to let him know this is not what you were put in office to do, to do things like this. therefore reflecting in the mirror, people should watch to make sure people are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law there is nothing wrong with getting treatment for people. make sure they are prosecuted. >> todd: horrible. from lack of support to being demoralized by the left, you
2:21 am
have to wonder why anybody goes into the profession anymore. it is horrific. we thank them, though, for protecting us, without them, we don't have a society. we appreciate your insight. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: thank you. school board member telling concerned parents, i don't work for you at time when education could be deciding factor in upcoming elections. get reaction for the head of a group that is fighting to give moms and dads the say. >> todd: one of the biggest media allies blaming biden for the republican red-hot momentum. joe concha on deck. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ hello, colonial penn? >> todd: south dakota pushing a bill aimed at protecting fairness in women's sports. >> this is about fairness, making sure our girls are successful and to compete, to win scholarships, potentially go on and play professional sports beyond that. we want them to have the opportunity to do that, title nine fought for that. >> todd: limiting sports to the sex identified on a birth certificate f. it passes, south
2:27 am
dakota would become the tenth state to ban transgender teens from participating -- >> carley: a pennsylvania school board member is responding by telling parents, i don't work for you, with all due respect to the men and women, i'm a tack payer, you work for me. i don't work for you, i was voted by people who voted to represent you. nicole nealy joins us. quite the statement from this person, do you agree with him? >> of course i do not agree with him, it is ark pauling he said this, he is latest in string of elected officials who let it slip the whole part of the consent of govern part is speed bump on the way to forcing their agenda down people's throatss.
2:28 am
>> carley: you spend a lot of time focusing on this since you are president of this organization. how common do you think this sentiment is among school board members across the country? >> extremely common. last year there was a hot mic episode out of san francisco issue the school board was caught mocking their constituents and all resigned. the purpose of public education is not to teach what parents wanted to be taught, teach what the society needs ton. then of course, let's not forget terry mcauliffe, we can't call it a gaffe >> carley: i'm glad you brought up terry mcauliffe, the virginia gubernatorial race was decided in part because of education. do you think parents are waking
2:29 am
up to this controversy enough so that school boards will change in the future? >> absolutely. people are listening. they are watching and indig nent about our concerns are being mocked. we see school boards restricting public comment, they don't like being criticized. parents will not take being ignored and pushed out of the equation. i cannot walk into the front door of my child's school. when we get tips about what is happening, they are appalled by the lessons your kids are learning. >> carley: why can't you walk into the front door of your child's school? >> covid related. >> carley: i am sure a lot of parents are watching and wonder whatting to do to get involved.
2:30 am
what recommendations do you have for them? >> sure. i think it is price of liberty, it is incumbent on everybody to ask. you don't have to file a lawsuit from day one. ask teachers for copy of lesson plans, ask the principal, file public record requests, this is tax dollars. don't let them push you away, if you don't get the answer, reach out to us, you deserve to know, these are your parental rights. >> carley: nicole, thank you for joining us this morning. todd. >> todd: carley janice dean is here with fox weather forecast. carley and i can agree, we work for janice. >> janice: [laughter] -- awe, i love you both. i hope you are not angry at the forecast today, it is cold across the country.
2:31 am
it is a snuggle forecast as far south as florida, where they have widespread freeze advisories. 32 in new york, 15 in chicago, 4 in fargo, 46 in atlanta and 48 in miami, florida. wind chills, matching my sweater here in upper midwest, it feels like minus 12 in duluth and minus three in minneapolis. freeze advisories, wind chill watches and warnings. it is cold and dangerous to be outside. take a look at freeze alerts down toward south florida, that doesn't happen often. 29 in jacksonville. 36 in melbourne. 44 in tampa. 48 in miami. that is crazy. the temperatures will warm up a bit. to see widespread freeze advisories, that is crazy. todd and carley, back to you. >> todd: that is wild.
2:32 am
thank you very much. continue to follow this all morning long at fox news alert. families of u.s. diplomats and embassy staff members ordered to leave ukraine immediately as president biden considering deploying troops to eastern europe and baltics in response to russian aggression. we are live on the ground in kiev next. throughout] [upbeat acoustic music throughout] for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin.
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>> todd: fox news alert.
2:36 am
the state department ordering to evacuate ukraine. >> carley: russian attack on its neighbor could be eminent and russia says it will respond appropriately if the u.s. deploys more troops to the region. steve carrigan is live in kiev, what is the latest? >> steve: the state department in ukraine telling american citizens it is time to leave this country. there will be no airlift possible, no evacuation of u.s. citizens if russia does invain ukraine. they are ordering out family members of embassy staff and authorizing evacuation of nonseshl -- nonessential personnel. president pied is considering deploying troops to eastern europe. nato decided to send war plains and aircraft to the region. ammunition continues to arrive to ukraine. second shipment this weekend, 80
2:37 am
tons arriving. russia tends to have 100,000 troops along the border. back to you. >> carley: thank you, steve. to another fox news alert, china launching dozens of war planes near taiwan, latest show of force in months. launch coming same day the u.s. navy failed two aircraft carriers and pair of ships alongside allies in the philippine sea. china launched similar activity during navy operation in october. meanwhile, back in the u.s. "new york times" editorial board calling out the biden administration for brushing off the dismal state of the economy, saying president contributed to his own political woes by downplaying inflation. >> todd: joining us is joe
2:38 am
concha. joe, the liberal "new york times" is sounding major alarm bells, will joe biden and by joe biden, chief of staff ron clain reverse course and acknowledge inflation is a problem. >> joe: ron clain and jen psaki, right? importance of messaging and cardinal rule of politics and sales is underpromise and overdeliver. the president and his team insisted inflation was transitory for many months, declared victory saying president biden saved christmas. inflation is here until 2023, what does that mean? it will be here in november, when people go to the ballot box, dooming democrats to the midterm. when you live in a country that is less safe to live in, not good for the party in power. >> carley: back to fox news poll
2:39 am
numbers, are voters concerned with the economy? 27% say the economy is in excellent or good shape, 73% say the economy is only fair or poor and to another number here, voter inflation concerns, 85% of people say yes, they are concerned on inflation. president biden's response has been build back better. does that message resonate with the american people? >> that is the thing. it is about focus and priority laid out by joe biden and kamala harris and the democratic party that controls house and senate. americans are obviously from this poll deeply concerned about inflation and sky rocketing crime and education, the border, standing in the world. the past five months have been about spending trillions via build back better.
2:40 am
we are told that will reduce inflation and the deficit, which is laughable and fixing voter suppression is priority number one right now in elections by attempting federal takeover of said election. filibuster up in the process and americans sitting home saying wait a minute, what about paying more for food and gas and home heating. it is self-serving for the party and administration instead of simply serving the american people and fixing real problems they care about, guys. >> todd: somebody who is frustrated and this upsets you terribly is bernie sanders. listen. >> what has bothered me very much is the republicans are laughing all the way to election day. they have not had to cast one bloody vote to, which shows where they're at. we have to change that. >> todd: i mean, he's right, joe, short of magical turnaround
2:41 am
to 2020 prices do democrats have any chance if things stay the way they are up until november? >> joe: we'd love to get stuff done, republicans keep blocking us. republicans don't control congress or the senate. they are not in the oval office, it is straight flush of politics. i keep hearing from joe biden or bernie sanders, it is the republicans thought. you don't have your own sxaert we keep hearing about the sowing of doubt in 2022 being said by democrats and they need to be challenged and called out on that. i thought that was chilling threat to democracy and we were not supposed to talk about those things, that is what they are doing. i am exhausted after watching the games yesterday, two of the greatest games i've ever seen. >> todd: it was insane. yesterday was insane day of football. i hope the championship games
2:42 am
follow suit. unbelievable. joe concha, happy monday. >> joe: happy monday, bye. >> todd: thousands of americans standing up, holding a massive march on washington to protest. why is the media covering it? >> carley: and supporting policies to raise taxes while cash nothing on a major tax break for himself. cheryl casone is covering this coming up next. hey, cheryl. ♪ dch as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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>> good monday morning, everybody. live from new york, a big show on "fox and friends first" in 14 minutes. tensions rise, newt gingrich on if president biden has strongest stance on the world stage and new fox news poll revealing top two issues concerning americans are inflation and crime. that makes sense. lawrence john ondrasik on why these figures are bad news for all democrats. plus, he is waters and this is his world. jesse watters will join us prime time, kicking off tonight.
2:47 am
we take off 13 and a half minutes from now. todd and carley, back to you. >> carley: busy monday, see you in 13 minutes. thousands gather in washington, d.c. to protest vaccine mandates. they are not the only ones makes their voices heard. >> todd: cheryl casone joins us live with the details. >> cheryl: thousands are protesting mandates. dc bars gyms and restaurants, much check vaccine status in anyone 18 and over. the mayor is being sued over these rules. >> we need to push back on this, we're going into year three of two weeks to slow the spread and we think it is time to get on with our lives and return to a
2:48 am
normal society. >> cheryl: businesses say they are being used as pawns. >> carley: and cheryl, taxpayers will be paying for legal services for illegal immigrant? >> cheryl: president biden planning to offer the program and launched in border cities like el paso, eagle pass, texas, laredo and brownsville, the biden administration hoping to get it is program up and run nothing 60 days. u.s. taxpayer money will provide legal services to illegal immigrants crossing over the borde >> todd: it is easy to say pay taxes on everyone when you pay $200 hay year in property taxes. >> cheryl: reminds me of full security detail and want to
2:49 am
defund the police. this is brooklyn congressman, paying $213 a year of property tacks for his condo, hot neighborhood there. the sweetheart deal in the city where median price is $5000, break he is getting is under law he supported. housing advocates say it only benefits healthy developers and richer new yorkers. so again, okay for him, not for everybody else apparently. >> carley: seems to be a trend when it comes to politicians. thank you. calling out the n.b.a. for lack of response to golden state warriors co-owner who said nobody cares about china's human rights abuses. >> i didn't see statement from
2:50 am
n.b.a., i saw statement from chamath palihapitiya and the warriors, there was not one time they mentioned, they have so much business and going on in china, they did not want to mess it up. it is a shame. >> carley: warriors co-owner making the comment last week. golden state warriors quick to distance themselves from him. saying he does not speak on behalf of our franchise and his views don't reflect those of our organization. the world is watching to see if president biden will join nato and deploy troops to eastern europe to combat russia. >> todd: breaking down the breaking news with congressman michael waltz, he is incom hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the
2:51 am
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>> our allies and partners across europe in intense way over the last weeks to make very clear that there would be massive consequences for renewed russian aggression. once triggered you lose the deterrent effect. we are putting together a whole series of actions that would figure into president putin's calculus. >> a fox news alert now. president biden considering deploying thousands of troops to eastern europe as nato announces it is sending additional ships and fighter jets to counter russian aggression against ukraine. >> congressman michael waltz is a house arms services committee member. national guard colonel and former green beret commander. good morning to you, congressman, it feels like the situation is quickly deteriorating, do you think a russian invasion of ukraine is inevitable at this point? and what does that mean for the united states? >> i think doo think it's imminent and very likely that putin is going to invade. and what does it mean for the united states?
2:56 am
it means destabilized europe. putin believes he can reconstitute the old soviet union and challenge the united states on the world stage and right now he has more to gain than he believes he has to lose by taking ukraine. he will have a huge increase in industrial capacity and agricultural capacity as ukraine is the bread basket of russia. and access to the black sea with ports and trade and oil and gas. and he believes that far outweighs anything that biden is going to do or the west is going to do in response because he got away with it in 2014. he thinks he is going to get away with it again. >> we just heard in a soundbite leading up to you from secretary of state antony blinken, quoted. >> once sanctions are triggered you losed deterrent effect. basically saying it's too soon for sanctions. does that make any sense to you. >> no, it doesn't.
2:57 am
frankly. i was out in ukraine a month ago. and talking to the ukrainians, you know, they very frankly said, look, taking tough actions after we have russian tanks sitting in our capital doesn't do us much good. we should have been doing things all along up front to challenge and change putin's calculus. sanctions now. more lethal aid now. and the types of lethal aid, the thing they most fear are surface-to-air missiles and antiship missiles. ukrainians have been asking for them tore months. we should have already provided them. also the president needs to make very clear that we will continue to resource not u.s. troops but military aid and supplies to an ongoing ukrainian resistance. look, putin thinks he can do this easily and quickly. we need to make it clear that we'll support the ukrainians in resisting and this will be a bloody endeavor for russian forces. that's the only way you are going to stop putin is if he
2:58 am
thinks this is going to cause him more harm than good. >> carley: let's talk about germany for a moment. germany is heavily dependent on russia for its energy. will they stay in the way of maximum sanctions against russia and also, what does that mean when you talk about u.s. energy independence? >> well, that's a great point. i want americans to understand that biden's failed energy policies are directly leading to snables and the world. when biden shuts down american pipelines, american drilling puts regulation on our fracking and moves us away from energy independence, is he moving the world towards russian oil and gas. and then you add on top of that green lighting the russian pipeline, which by the way, moves the dirtiest form of gas in the world. so the environmental argument doesn't even weigh in. every time that price of oil goes up, you see putin getting richer and getting more aggressive. and the same thing with iran. they're also getting richer and
2:59 am
more aggressive because america rather than exporting oil, biden is moving the world towards dependency on their oil. and this is how you are seeing it play out. and for sanctions to be effective, which is the centerpiece of biden and blinken's response. it has to be effective in euros and dollars. and the germans are not going to get on board as long as they are dependent and, look, they just had to fire the head of the german navy yesterday. for saying ukraine will never get crimea back. and that we should be showing putin more respect. so you are going to see a weak german response here. putin knows it. and, again, that's why he knows he can get away with it. >> todd: also former secretary of state mike pompeo basically saying, look, russia does not see joe biden as credible. all this figuring into the calculus putting on a path that we are currently on.
3:00 am
congressman michael waltz we appreciate you coming on giving insight on crucial geopolitical issues we are facing right now. thank you, sir. >> okay. thank you, guys. >> carley: thank you, congressman, we appreciate it so much. todd, scary time around the world with this russian aggression. also here at home with crime surging across the country. unfortunate way to start the week but, with that ♪ >> new development in the standoff between washington and moscow. >> the state department raising you the alarm, if you are an american in ukraine get out now. >> president biden is considering deploying 5,000 troops. >> everywhere we go around the world in the past year, our adversaries have gotten stronger. >> police officer in our nation's capital being released from the hospital after getting shot from the line of duty. >> swat team active right now. currently conducting a search for this person. >> brand new fox news poll, 2024 vote if it were held today reelect president biden 56. vote for someone else.


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