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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  January 23, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: helene welcome to this final edition of "justice." thanks so much for being with us tonight. as always, let's get right to my open. "justice with judge jeanine" began hosted by a former prosecutor, judge and d.a. sitting not in a courtroom with armed deputies but in a studio
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armed with teleprompters and a dedicated crew. the jury bigger though. in fact a national one. thus bringing you truth, justice and the american way. each and every week we watched events unfold in america together, through the lens of this studio. when we started this journey, we were all a bit younger but not as wise as we are now. we were certainly more optimistic. together we watched america as she went through times that were unexpected. we watched it all together. we listened to my open and got fired up. we watched street just its and had a few laughs. we interviewed those high up in the political world. a president, vice president
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andprime minister. my opens were intended to give you the evidence so you as a jury would come back with your own verdict. like me most of you drew a fine the sand to fight for the america we wanted. to keep the values and principles our founding fathers defined. during that time we lost loved ones. your generosity, your consolations meant so much to me during the tough times that i experienced over the years. i felt a connection that we had. and so did the ratings. i thank you for fighting for me, and you know who you are. and so as we reach the ends of this journey, don't think you are getting rid of me just yet. i'll be going to the number one
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show on all of cable news this monday "the five" right here on fox so you will be able to see me five days a week. and i will continue to fight for all of you, to make my views known. to make my arguments clear, and to fight for the america that we all know and love. and i will be sitting there looking out for you as always. and hopefully you will be right there looking back at me. that's my open. now, a look back at some highlights from my many opening statements through the years. america awakens from the nightmare visited upon boston as many start the long road to recovery. we begin to comprehend the enormity of the violence visited
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upon us. now the obama administration stops the fbi in the middle of an interrogation. the right to remain silent. the right to an attorney. all the protections our constitution. why? because the president and his buddy eric holder want the world to think better -- better of us. we should not be writerred to breathe the same air as you. we should not be required to suffer the -- suffer the indignity of your presence. as commander-in-chief you have not protected us. the cover-up was for political advantage. the promotion of virtually everyone involved in your
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conspiracy and the stonewalling of congress. the denying of access to key witnesses all aimed to a classic cover-up. what's that? you were elected? there is no contract with someone who thinks the american people are nothing more than pawns taken in all consuming power play to change who we are as a nation. this nation has been fractured as clinton, bawm, the democrats, sanctimonious adam schiff arrogantly accusing donald trump and his family of colluding with the russians. the whole time they were the ones lying, they whether ones cutting the deals and collecting the cash. they knew it was a lie. they wrote the lie. they bought the lie, and they maid for the lie. we are the fools that followed them down the path.
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this isn't about one defendant, one criminal or one president. this is about our democracy. it's about law and order. it's about the republic, and it's time for the republicans to step up to the plate, to man up and do their job or get the hell out. i'm sorry to say this, but there is one thing you will have to live with. the upon reason that we have an outsider businessman president is because of you, your lies, your policies, and your divisiveness. you, barack, you elected donald trump, than is nothing you can do about the fact that he's sitting in the oval office now. so i guess i should say thank you, barack.
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so in 30 days the radical left agenda of biden's agenda has taken hold. it's not clear if joe understands what he has done, but americans do, whether it's reliable energy, open class rooms, opening our border as he locks count capitol. spending $4 billion for international vaccine pea quality around the globe. there can be no question, this man is unquestionably committed to one thing, putting america last. in the civil war that rages in homes across this country, women die quietly. they are silent witness toes our indifference. they don't capture our attention because we don't see them, we don't listen to them, we don't protect them.
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or because they are married to a cop. katherine cabio paid the ultimate price and never chose to be a victim. but this trial is no longer about her. the rights of the defendant are sacrosanct while the victim is marginalized, sidelined and silenced again. in his own words. i can kill you and make you disappear. i can kill you and make it look like an accident. the jury needs to hear all the evidence in this case. why can't they hear fra what --t they hear what they came to hear, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. i didn't spend 30 years fighting for law and order to be told it doesn't work by a leftist lunatic.
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none of these constitution hating, flag hating marxists can take over the greatest system of justice in the world. this is america a place where we respect law and order, the flag, the blibs and each other. folks, we are in the 50s our lives. the choice couldn't be clearer. the only alternative is to fight the forces that seek to tear down mankind's greatest experience. we call it the criminal justice system. i think it should be called the victim justice system. but for those disappointed in the verdict, don't lose faith in our jury system. it's the best in the world. even though casey will rock on without skipping a beat. little caylee will be rocked to sleep every night about it angels.
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who killed theresa holback? i have been lucky over the years on this show to interview many incredible people. here are a few of those mennable moments. mr. president, thank you so much for having us here at mar-a-lago. >> thank you. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu. take a look. >> in this crazy world we are living in just need a win. nobody knows better than how to overcome adversity than my next guest former notre dame football coach lou holtz. he's now back team donald trump for president.
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former university basketball coach bobby knight. more on this dangerous crime rocking america. thanks so much, john. the supply chain crisis, the covid crisis. if you look back on the last 10 months of the biden administration, what grade would you give them? >> it's probably the worst presidency in history. i used to say jimmy carter. i think this is the worst in the history of our country. >> let's talk about hunter biden and the special council. merrick garland was asked if he would appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden. he couldn't get his art in any
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gallery until his father became president. now his paymentsing are selling for as much as a monet or degas. >> you are not doing additional prep where somebody stands in? >> the debates worked out well for me. i don't know what's going to show up for me. >> your father was a big supporter of the iron fist. he passed as has your brother. if you believe in theafter life -- believe in the after life, they are looking down on you now. what do you think they would think. >> i think they would be proud
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and happy. the greatest power on earth. our greatest ally, the united states of america has touched on the core being of our people, which has been jerusalem. jerusalem has been the pulsating heart of the jewish people. now comes an american president to fulfill this promise to recognize years * as israel's capital which is common sense. >> i have seen through the years deet tear yaition of our -- deterioration of our flag and our country. i'm a patriot. my grandfather'in world war i. my dad stormed the beaches of normandy. to fight for our freedoms. i always had that in my heart. patriotism. i love this country. i was proud to put that plaque
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up. but i have seen it go down to where we saw this when the hammer thrower disrespected our flag, and that bothers me. >> i put my background with anybody else. i was born in a cellar. we lived there 7 1/2 years on welfare and food stamps. we had one bedroom for a whole family. i was born in this country, i made good choices and do positive things, great things can happen to you in your life. judge jeanine: you were on justice and we were talking about the 2020 ticket, and your role on the ticket. right now you are the most essential person in this country dealing with probably the biggest issue you dealt with in your career. you have an is teesmed and long
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career in government. how does that make you feel? >> i'm humbled by the president's confidence in me in this role. i think he candidate me to lead this not just because i was his vice president and he wanted to make sure the country knew the priority that he was placing on our nation's response to the coronavirus. but also base been a governor. >> i think it's about who is best prepared to do the job as president of the united states. who can best get us on track. get back where we want to be. where we should be. not just in america but all over the world. i don't think anybody is ebb close to the preparation, the background that donald trump has for going into the presidency. the guys a very, very bright guy. an has done a lot of things. he had businesses, successful business endeavored all over the
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world. he's not just a national figure. he's a worldwide figure. >> vote vote vote vote vote. people are apathetic. in kabul the women with the taliban threatening them vote. i have people all the time. do you know your two u.s. senators? nobody is able to tell me. we need to say my god, we are the richest most powerful country in the world and the most violent. why are we held prisoner in our homes by all these creeps. it's the public's apathy. get off your ass and vote. judge jeanine: we take a look back at the best of justice temperature my exclusive investigation at the southern border next.
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judge jeanine: the border crisis is a topic i covered extensively over the years. let's look at when i traveled down to the southern border. we are in cochise county in arizona. we are going to go for a little walk and find out how protected we are from those who want to cross our border. >> show them your teeth. you can see we are coming to the end of the -- the 20-foot fence. going further there is virtually no fence. so for those people who think the border is protected by the
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fence virtual or otherwise. it's not. people can walk across the border from mexico into the united states. you are the chair of cochise county. what is the impact of this fence on your county and law enforcement as you see it. >> the fence is a measure, a symbol telling people don't come across here. seeing the lack of will to secure this border. we have a president now putting the will in place. 80% of those coming into our community come through this border. we have 91 people dying a day from opioid overdoses. >> we live on the border so it's concerning. the scariest was probably 10-15 years ago when someone was in our house. >> illegal? >> yes, yes.
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>> my daughter was confronted by a runner a few years ago. >> you mean a drug runner? >> suspected drug runner. judge jeanine: this border fence has been lifted to accommodate monsoon. i'm standing here with someone who has a ranch and property along the border. as you sit in your house do you see people coming back pour ranch who were illegal? >> i had an illegal confront me in my utility room. i had them try to break in as they watched my husband drive down the road. >> our agents encountered a 24 backpackers in nogales. >> is the seize iewfer over 100 pounds. marijuana unusual?
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>> no. >> when they are transporting heroin ... >> with the opioid epidemic being more serious in the united states. >> we have heroin. generally they have guides paying them to bring them into the united states and they have guides. judge jeanine: is night briefed? >> yes. we do have some technology. but if they are hiding under a tree or running down a trail, it's difficult for an agent. we have to watch our footing and we have to look under every tree. judge jeanine: you are seeing me 100 yards through the border through the technology night
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vision the border patrol has. their technology is more advanced. but as they police and patrol area they can see shah -- they can see shadows and individuals coming along the borders. here at the border wall in cochise county next to mexico, we'll take one of the razors up to the top of the mountain to find out where the biden administration hon their first day in decided to stop construction of this border wall and end all of border patrol at the border. i'm standing here in the middle of some construction material. literally the material used for the construction of the border wall right in front of me. on the first date biden administration, the contracts were canceled. everyone was told there would be no further construction of the border wall. as a result, everyone left.
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and there is one security guy hired by the private company that owns this material to make sure no one steals it. there is total stoppage of any work at the border. as we go up we'll see the border wall was stopped completely and there is no protection at all. tell us exactly how much land borders mexico in cochise zmt. >> we have 83 miles of international border. it's 6,300 square miles. >> with 83 miles of border with mexico how can you police immigrants coming in from mexico? >> that's a huge complex challenge. we rely on state partners and local partners to secure the border. judge jeanine: let's zoom in on
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what happened the first day of the biden administration. how did that change what you were doing at the borderer? >> we had organized calm on this border. when president biden took away fund, resources, technology and the construction of this wall, and that's where we are standing here today. judge jeanine: i suspect no one knows better what's going on on the border than a man like you. how many acres do you own on the mexico-arizona border. >> 16,000 acres. judge jeanine: we are sitting on your property right now. >> we are. i leased this to a contractor while they were building the border. judge jeanine: how do you feel about senate. >> that is one of the worst things that ever happened in my
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lifetime on the chance of getting the border controlled. judge jeanine: why is it bad? >> here we are. we have a wall. we have 10 and a half miles of border wall, but the infrastructure is not done. if it isn't completed, if we had a snow we couldn't get up here on the border then. so there will be no access to the border. already the border patrollers impacted on access. so they are cutting the bottom of the wall. judge jeanine: like with equipment. >> acetylene torches. they cut a foot and a half piece out. put it back and put mud on it and snob knows they came. >> from race cars to fighter jets. they have done it all.
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stay with us.
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voted against.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to this last justice on this special might memory. i had a lot of wild night adventures hosting this show and you were all with me at every turn. here is a look back at some of our favorites. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> thank you. you are my hero. you are driving a truck. how do you think the chances are? >> i hope better than average. judge jeanine: how fast we going now? keep going. here i am in the woods in chappaqua. i am look for hillary. i can't find her. hillary, come out, come out.
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do you think she is home writing another book pore still reading "what happened"? >> you want to dry it? >> i would love to. what are you going to do? i got it. >> you ready? look for a hammer that's strong enough to get rid of a blackberry. do you have any of that stuff?
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i like american. though i don't know what she likes. let's take a look. >> if you want to do damage. we have this bad boy. that's 4 pounds. >> i'm going to make believe i'm one of hillary's aides destroying the evidence. >> for them to destroy the blackberries with the hammer took a lot of work, a lot of intent. here we are, the lockheed martin demonstration center. we'll be flying an f35. wow. everything that i saw in the cockpit i see in this helmet. >> it's beautiful, it's clear. it's worth every penny.
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amazing. everybody go out and buy one. still ahead. no finale would be complete without street justice.
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judge jeanine: there is nothing i love more than hitting the streets to talk to all of you. i know you have been waiting for it, so here is the best of "street justice." she is likeable? what has she done for you?
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>> nothing. >> do you want her to be the president? >> sure. i'm not a cameraman. judge jeanine: why? do you have a warrant outstanding somewhere? i probably did arrest him. >> i like him. he's a good mobster. judge jeanine: that's me. what about the fact the president saying mentally ill people shouldn't get a gun. >> this is a great new world we live in. well, it's happening now. have a very big truck. is america ready for a woman president? >> we are definitely ready. that's hillary clinton.
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judge jeanine: how many wheels do you have on this truck? come on, teddy, teddy roosevelt. why isn't the white house ready for a woman. >> i guess because i'm a male chauvinist. judge jeanine: you have a gun here. but do you own a gun? >> the locals decide that illegal immigrants are not going to be turned over to the state. is that right or wrong? are you in agreement that they should hand over these dangerous criminals to the feds?
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>> i feel i have to know more about this. judge jeanine: the woman is dead, he's here illegally and they protected him. i trained in martial arts for many years. judge jeanine: you may have a black belt. but at the end of the day if he has a gun and you have a black belt, who wins? >> you know karate. jean around point at me when you said that? >> i love your speeches. judge jeanine: who would make a better construction worker? michael bloomberg or donald trump. >> donald trump. he doesn't sleep. judge jeanine: i don't know. i'm not asking.
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>> do you want bernie? >> no, he would fall asleep on the job. judge jeanine: is she so self-absorbed she wants to see herself? do people mostly smile or smooch? >> you know that thing. >> let's take a selfie. coming up. we shared more than a lot of laughs on this show. my times with tomi and leo and
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some of my co-hosts highlight some of the funniest moment of all time next.
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judge jeanine: over my years on "justice" we had a lot of laughs. take a look at some of the moments that had us laughing all over again. hit it. >> sometimes you scare me a little bit. judge jeanine: our dear friend
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tomi lahren, everybody. is engaged to be married to a wonderful guy. and she has got that ring to show us. >> wait a minute, judge and tomi. congratulations for getting engaged. but you are not going to break up my partnership with you on judge jeanine. this our tv partnership, the three of us. >> there is nowhere else i would rather be than with you celebrating my engagement with my two favorite people. >> i took my first yoga class. i love it. i love it. judge jeanine: i had one lesson and i told the woman not to come back. >> one-on-one lesson at home. judge jeanine: it's too slow for you.
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how about you, tomi? >> i think joe biden should be taking yoga class alongside leo. obviously he's very stressed out. i think you can make that happen. maybe joy can come over with you. judge jeanine: may i include myself in the world and say thank you for saving the world. >> you are welcome. >> the story behind that is -- the story behind the happy cookbook series is there are foods that remind you of happy times in your life. and it's great comfort food. there are certain foods when you have them, they trigger something and it takes you back to that happy time. during these covid times we need more happy in a hurry when we
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can get it. we look for things that don't take as long. people love lasagna. i had gone out with her one time, i said you may think i'm crazy. but some day we are going to be married. 42 days later we were engaged. judge jeanine: leo, what's going upon in your family? >> i'm gluten free and i'm not allowed to have those things. tucker carlson. am i wrong? >> i am sitting here stunned by the craven suck uppery of stephen colbert. you are not wrong. >> let me tell you how important this is. the reason that this is important is every saturday night when i say good night, i
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introduce him. so he's here now. he will fly through the air to be on the show saturday. >> i came here especially to make you happy. my life is about pleasing you, judge jeanine. judge jeanine: i can't imagine you are missing hillary, are you? >> not at all. the only thing she is qualified how to do a master class on is how to not become the president of the united states. give me a break. resilience? that i don't know. judge jeanine: my friend brian kill miesd promising one day elko host "justice" with me. in the meantime he will come on as a guest. is biden right? is america back on this most expensive thanksgiving in history? >> first, there is no position that will require less talk than
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your co-host. no one looks at your show and says judge needs a co-host. they say she needs another hour. judge jeanine: up next. it's time to say good-bye.
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judge jeanine: and that's our final justice, thanks so much for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice, and the american way. to see or many of me catch the new season of castles usa available this monday on fox and i'll also see you starting this monday in every weekday on the number one show on all of cable news, the 5. god bless, thank you for hing
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helping us make this a great experience. take square. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dan: it was another dreadful week for joe biden and the dems. but it could be for everyone else and what happened this week revealings how the left is force to resort from live hick hypocrisy leo terrell joins us plus i'll go unfiltered on standoff with russia don't miss that and i have a very personal reason why i think military -- is a bad idea and world health organization now says it is


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