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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 22, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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eastern starting next week. next saturday don't forget to set your dvr if you can't make live. last at 10:00 see you back here news slot. dvr if you can't watch it live. jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the end of an era. monday fox announced i am going to be hosting the 7:00 p.m. hour called jesse watters primetime. i will til be co-hosting the five, greg couldn't live without me. but "watters' world" is leaving saturday night. the new show will be announced
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in the near future. but tonight this show will be the very last "watters' world." if you watched from the beginning as we transitions from the factor to the studio. you know how much the show has grown and as how much i have gone as a host than as a person. i'm not saying i put on weight which i did for a while. what i'm saying is my world has gotten a whole lot bigger. i spoke about this in my book how i saved the world which was number one. but i really saved myself and by doing so made the world around me a better place.
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i formed an unbreakable connection with you the viewer. when i did my book signings i promised people they could touch me. just not the hair. you and i will always know and love each other. we are pay the brought. and we protect each other. this right here is special. and everybody knows it. so before i start to try, let's memorialize our weekend running to the. this won't be your typical show.
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no news tonight except what i just announced. i will be looking back at our biggest interview, our most confrontational moments, our craziest adventures, wildest features and characters from the streets. from presidents to politicians and singers and actors. we gave trump a "watters' world" quiz and aced it. let's take a look back at some of the greatest moments. it turns out half of your supporters only want you in the white house because they want to see melania. >> they have good taste. >> is she a fan of weather? >> yes she is and my son baron.
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he loves "watters' world." they have good taste. >> first 8 dinner. who are you going to invite in. >> probably not the chinese. we won't invite the countries who are ripping us off which there are many. jesse: hillary clinton does yoga. >> fit makes her happy, let her do it. >> what is president biden -- what is president obama's biggest accomplishment? >> there are none. >> this is a "watters' world" quiz. don't be nervous. chuck schumer, the president of cnn and alec baldwin. if you had to fire one person right now who would you fire? >> i think the alec baldwin
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situation is not good. chuck should make deals for the people. jeff zucker i got him the job. and cnn was just fake news. who would i say? i don't want to say. but i will say i'm disappointed in all three. >> i will name a name then you give one or two words to describe that person. kellyanne conway. >> a very nice woman. >> hillary clinton. >> disappointed. >> elizabeth warren. >> i think she would lose so badly. >> here in america we'll not tolerate burning churches. rioting and looting. or taking advantage of what would otherwise be peaceful protests to pursue criminal ends. jesse: joining me now dr. thank
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you chicago. are there things you think you could have done to spare people from an economic shutdown? >> we felt it was the right thing to do. could there have been other approaches? i'm hum pell but no say there could be. that was the best with the information we had. >> you have been hating on trump. and i think you are jealous. he's a big mouth billionaire about to be president. >> people i really admire i try to emulate and copy as much as i can. >> much better. so i tried to feel the thunder when i had the opportunity. >> i thought you were supposed to stick together, you millionaires. >> it is a club but he forgot handshake. >> if there is taken uprising
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the peasants are coming after you billionaires first. i was at the houston rodeo and got myself a cowboy hat. do you think i can pull off a cowboy senate. >> i guess. i recorded a song on one of my albums all hat, no cattle. jesse: any advice to get the deep baratone like you have? >> whiskey and cigarettes. jesse: a long-time democrat bill disillusioned by the left when she was harassed. >> we keep voting democrat and expecting different results. all the false promises. and the second they get into the white louse they do nothing for african-americans. blacks are incredibly insulting
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to liberals. jesse: joining me now, fabio. >> this is the best country in the world. one of the most beautiful places in the world has been iewned. when you have -- has been ruined. when you have a governor like jerry brown who turned his back on the people and took the side of the criminal. if you still believe that in a politician you believe in a fairytale. america, never give up your guns. >> today's media is a tattered steaming mess. >> -- don't fauci my florida. >> they are so out of step with what america says on these issues. he's doing so much to destroy himself there is no point in getting in the middle of it.
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>> the problem with biden is not only is he terrible, he obviously has issues. >> we have got to push back and fight back. >> people in america need to remember who fought for these freedoms and who is continuing to fight. >> this is institutionalized. >> artificial intelligence is better than none at all. >> is the intelligence agency operation and the media so good at selling bogeymen to us that we are at their mercy? >> the intelligence agencies misled us going back in wars especially. years of misinformation. they censor those critical of
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american policies and adventures abroad. i know i had a hell of a hard time getting "platoon" made. as well as other films. jesse: what would you like to see happen to these leakers? >> go straight to jail. directly to a jail. and get the people who are accessories to the leakers. jesse: 10-year-old wrote a letter to president trump offering to mow the lawn at the white house. when you wrote the letter to the president than was a reply, you probably became pretty famous in your neighborhood. >> i showed it to a few friends of mine. they were pretty epic. and people think they want me to mow their lawn. >> so it helped your business?
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>> yep. >> what inspired you to create this mini aoc character? how did this whole thing start? >> the whole thing started by my dad and my uncle. they said that i looked like her and i talk like her. so i said that i could make videos. >> what do you think of aoc? >> i think she is funny. >> i think all of us think she is funny. remember i'm watters and this is my world. >> sometimes things would get testy. the most confrontational and outray just moments of "watters' world" next. >> students shouldn't open their hearts to white trump supporters? what kind of thing is that to
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jesse: the truth matters. which is why holding people accountable has been a major
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theme of this show. we investigated hate crimes. and those who believe meat enforces gender stereo types, whatever that means. here is a look back at some of the most confrontational moments. >> this is where the hate crime took place. hello? seems like there might have been children in this apartment. which is even more despicable. this is exactly where this young man was tortured by these people right here in this corner. he was cowering, scared, where they repeatedly abused him on facebook live. >> would you like to apologize? >> i said you ain't going to do
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nothing. i actually have the transcript right here. you got enough guts to show that. >> i'll show the whole thing. >> students shouldn't open their hearts to white trump supporters? what kind of thing is that to say? president trump is going to kill people? how do you justify that. this isn't a cult, this is a classroom, professor. i want to talk about your behavior on a plane. you -- you harassed ivanka trump
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and her baby. were you high when you sued chris kyles widow? >> that's a [bleep] question and i expect it from someone from fox. >> she is suffering a lot of pain. >> no, she isn't. because understand pays for it all. the case got overturned because the truth came out. insurance is paying for all of it. >> would you apologize to her? >> why would i apologize, i didn't do anything. you only apologize if you have done something wrong, pal. he told me melania is a hooker. i noticed you didn't cover this stuff on your website. why couldn't i find it on the website? >> you will find it if you look closely enough. if you want to search the
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melania trump category. >> i saw it was covered in a lawsuit. maybe i'm wrong. go ahead. >> we covered it. i can send you theling right now if you would like. jesse: we don't have time to go through the website. if you answer my question we'll assume you have it. if fox news journalists called michelle obama a hooker, wouldn't you find that offensive and find it on your website pretty quickly? >> yes. jesse: what is it about smearing the first lady of the united states people on the left find so attractive. a 30-year-old from upstate new york was evicted after living their rent free for 8 years.
8:20 pm
where are you now? >> at my cousin's sister's house. jesse: you are still technically living with the family. fiscal responsibility is important to you. don't you think saving money would have made you fiscally responsible? >> i didn't think of that. >> is oj simpson innocent or guilty. >> oj is innocent. let me ask you this. has there been collusion between trump and russia? >> okay, no collusion, oj is innocent. there is know evidence of collusion between trump and russia. there is two dead bodies. have you found dead bodies in trump towers?
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>> it's the only game that's uses the human body as a target. the students and adults are reporting it's used for bullying. it's an elimination game. we don't recommend those in the p.e. curriculum. jesse: what's wrong with an elimination game. >> it systematically eliminates players. jesse: isn't that the same thing as ring around the rosie? >> yes. and i believe duck duck boost is in the hall of shame. jesse: usual learning your eliminations and strength. if you are saying you are some fat slow kid, you can catch the ball fit gets thrown at you other guy that throws it has to
8:22 pm
go to jail. eating meat is bad for you, it's bad for the country and reinforces gender stereo types. >> the thing we consume and put in our body and households are fundamentally political acts. >> is this bad that i'm eating meat? >> if you go hunting that's a different story. the blood is on your hand. right now you are enjoying the benefit and the blood is on someone else's hands. >> if you give birth, if you get pregnant and give birth what would be the problem. >> what we are look at is a worldwide famine, foot shortages across the world. >> do you have a family? >> i do. >> are you worried about their
8:23 pm
futures? >> no. >> do remember when they thought the world was the center of the universe? it was wrong. y2k was wrong. >> from riding horses in houston to alligator hunting in the swamp. some of the greatest adventures in "watters' world" next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol.
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escalate now parents decide whether children wear a mask school after governor resended mask mandate and go before the state supreme court next week and one virginia woman was arrested charged with making threats on school property after saying she would bring self loaded guns to campus and apologized to school board and is ow out an $5,000 bond. overseas thousands of peel gathered across european capitol saturday protesting that same pass ports mandates pairings lon stock holm new covid passes and rules continue to be imposessed
8:28 pm
across europe hampering everyday activity there is. now back to waters world for all of your headlines log on to fox i rode horses and visited the reagan ranch in california. here are some of the greatest adventures we had on "watters' world." >> here come the balloons. what did you think of the speech? >> i like the fact that he speaks his mind. he says he's going to take care
8:29 pm
of the american people and i believe that what he's going to do. >> how is the convention going in the. you thought it would be boring. we didn't disappoint. >> hillary clinton already wore the same thing. what are you doing out here today? >> i'm here telling people vote for jesus. >> i don't trust the details coming from fox news. >> that's offensive congresswoman. jesse: what do you think is the biggest threat, climate change k or. >> what have we got here? >> the right side. >> i thought you could jump higher than that. >> i could but i didn't want to. >> you look pretty sexist. you need some boots, though.
8:30 pm
jesse: can you dance in these things? >> the most important rule right now is keep "watters' world" safe. can we do senate. >> absolutely. somewhat kind of horse power are we talk about? >> she is a little bitty horse. >> that they used to say about me. let's do this. here we go. can you hold the microphone? don't take my job. >> i think you got it. there you go. >> we are north of santa barbara. we are on 688 acres. ranch in the sky. jesse: was this exactly how they left it? >> the home looks very like it
8:31 pm
did the last time the president was here. that's where he would sit and make official phone calls. he spoke to margaret thatcher sitting in that chair. >> am i allowed to sit in that chair? >> we don't let's people sit in that chair but you can do it today. >> is this where the love birds hung out? >> he scraped his initials and her initials. nice to meet you. >> you don't like my shirt? >> no, not at all. >> do you want to show me how to drain the swamp? >> let's drain the swamp.
8:32 pm
[yelling] >> i got him, i got him. >> pick it up. >> with my hands? >> yes, with your hands. >> no way. i don't want to do it. i can't do it. >> jesse ... >> awe! okay, awe! you guys are disgusting. >> thank you. >> they are here to take on the mooch and me. >> that's a big part of the game. we'll start off. this is how i beat my kids in one-on-one basketball.
8:33 pm
>> we are at the nfl experience. this is doug flutie. i'm going to go inside to see if i have what it takes to make the team. >> low expectations, but we'll work at it. >> the object is the round part. the part that's lit up. >> so me how it's done. like that. beautiful. he's comfortable. jesse watters and doug flutie. on your mark, get set, go! jesse: flutie has still got it.
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8:39 pm
i want to get your take on this mole in the white house sabotaging the president. how would you smoke out this mole? >> sorry for whatever caused you to be so mole-like. >> all right, okay. okay. >> do you say happy holidays or merry christmas? you want me to take that? >> see if you can take it out. i think you can do it. i know what he's doing. jesse: nice and easy. you said no teeth. >> you can do it. you can do it.
8:40 pm
i got it. >> we want to start with our breath. take a deep breath through your nose. jesse: i smell goat. is this goat wearing a diaper. to support the troops in life i'm totally down. but you don't have to rip off your sleeves. jesse: chad, you have some nice flow going. but you look like a ciha pet. >> that was a savage burn and on tv dawg. jesse: my next guest says the rumors are true. because he was abducted by
8:41 pm
aliens 40 years ago. >> they had wrinkled skin. the female used to run her finger down my throat and tried to mess with my naval cavity. there was something that came out and clicked. i figured it was an x-ray foreor whatever they used. jesse: chad -- they sounds like you two. >> it's time to make contact. jesse: what does it feel like to ride naked through the streets of chicago? >> it's empowering. our car culture is extreme and
8:42 pm
needs to be checked. jesse: we need to check our extreme car culture, wow. >> you don't need to drive a car for everything. >> cuddling. you are the cuddler. you spoon them, is that how that works? >> yeah. there are all different kinds of options. as long as they are following the code of conduct and keep it non-sexual. pretty much everything is up for negotiation. >> touching or stroking would make people feel better. >> every session is different. >> upsetting actual witches. our go-to witch. i can think expensive things you need, like a broom.
8:43 pm
>> so you are saying president trump innocent of being a theoretical witch, and mueller is targeting him wrongly. i think that what you just said. >> i think you just cleared the president of wrongdoing. jesse: i see you snuggling up with wally. you got a blanket and watched
8:44 pm
netflix together? >> no, but we do watch tv together. you snuggle up. jesse: look at this. there it is, there it is. all right. i will leave you guys with that. i will see you next week. last call. love you too. i started my career with a microphone in my hand talking to people on the streets about things that matter. and i met interesting people along the way. what territory did america buy from france? >> paris. >> benjamin franklin. >> you are on to something with
8:45 pm
that. that. [♪♪♪]
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jesse: it's been an absolute
8:49 pm
blast interviewing people on the streets. that's how i got started in television. let's take a look back at some of my best street interviews. what did the declaration of independence do? >> i have no idea. that's awful. jesse: what country did we declare our independence from? >> virginia. jesse: what territory did america buy from france? >> paris. >> benjamin franklin? jesse: we bought paris? >> with benjamin franklin we bought paris? jesse: who did america fight in the revolutionary war? >> the british. >> would somebody please give me directions?
8:50 pm
>> canada. >> not canada. jesse: name one state that borders canada. >> o >> joe ohio. not california. >> who won the civil war. >> the democrats? >> why did they call it the cold war? because it was somewhere that was cold? jesse: do you consider any halloween costume offensive? >> maybe the people who have nothing on at all. jesse: what happened if you had sex during the eclipse. >> pregnant. >> with emotion? >> with a baby. jesse: oj simpson played what sport? >> basketball? jesse: who was the first person
8:51 pm
to set foot on the moon. >> david wright. >> there is not even a walmart there, who cares. >> you were in charge, what would due to reduce crime? >> the democratic party. jesse: if i robbed you would you say you are okay with that? >> you could say i am providing content for fox news and you aren't going to pay me for it, are you? jesse: are you afraid of the virus? >> they only cover their mouth. it's nasty. >> i haven't touched my face in weeks. i miss it. jesse: how did you survive?
8:52 pm
>> lotion. jesse: you are vaccinated and you are wearing a mask outside. >> yes. jesse: why are you doing that. >> because there are til people -- i could potentially carry covid even if i have the vac seen. jesse: dr. fauci said you can take the mask off. can i see that smile? there you go. >> there is the smile. how has trump changed your life so far? [bleep] jesse: is that it? who is the leader of north korea. >> joining -- ming young.
8:53 pm
>> we should give them a hug. >> what do you think trump called her during the campaign. do you remember? >> ankles? >> she is crooked hillary. don't you understand that? >> governor. >> that's harris. >> she is the vice president. >> than that little girl was me. >> who are you going to vote for in the next election. >> i'm thinking biden. >> who is this guy? >> i don't know who that guy is. jesse: that's not 41.
8:54 pm
you think biden has done well so far? >> well, you have got to give me a minute on this one. jesse: take your time. >> oh, man. nobody needs to hear this [bleep] get out of here. jesse: do you remember who i am? >> from tv. have we ever worked together? jesse: i'm weather where and this is my world. jesse: up next the last last call.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: first i would like to that incredible production team on "watters' world." you guise are the best and make everything look perfect on air. thoocts technical team. our director and stage manager for all your hard work. thanks to hair and makeup. especially hair and makeup. "watters' world" had ups and downs and covered a wild stretch from obama to trump to biden. your world i'm sure has been just bass nuts. but we did this together and we'll stay together. as we close this chapter on saturday night, turn to the next chapter with me starting monday january 24, 7:00 p.m. eastern when we launch "jesse watters primetime." thank you for choosing to saturday night with me. i have a peeling we'll be spending more time together. i love you, and always remember
9:00 pm
this. i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: helene welcome to this final edition of "justice." thanks so much for being with us tonight. as always, let's get right to my open. "justice with judge jeanine" began hosted by a former prosecutor, judge and d.a. sitting not in a courtroom with armed deputies


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