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tv   Watters World  FOX News  January 22, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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greg: don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. i'm gutfeld and i love you. jesse: welcome to katz, i'm jesse watters. fox announced i'm going to be hosting the 7:00 p.m. hour called jesse watters "trish regan primetime." prime. called "jesse watters primetime." the new show at 8:00 will be announced in the near future.
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tonight this show will be the very last "watters' world." if you watched "watters' world" from the beginning as we transitioned into the studio you know how much i have grown as a host and a person. i'm not saying i put on weight, which i did for a while. but i lost it. i spoke about this in my book how i safed the world. but i saved myself. and by doing so made the world purchase me a better place. everyone is the master of their even world. you are responsible for your own thoughts, happiness and success. everything starts here and here. the power of pows tough thinking, big dreams and hard work and good habits will take
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you everywhere you want. of course, and a lot of love. what made this show possible in the beginning was one thing. the factor set me far and wide throughout the country to interview people from all walks of life and investigate what needed attention. during my travels i formed an unbreakable connection with the people of this country. and you the audience. my connection with youec is the most important element in my career. when i did my book signings, i promised people they could touch me. oyou and i will always know and love east other. we are patriots and we protect each other. this right here is special and everybody knows it. before i start to cry, let's memorialize our weekend running to the. this won't be your typical show. no news tonight except what i
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just announced. tonight we'll be looking back at our biggest interview, our most confrontational moments. our wildest features and biggest characters from the street. as you are about to see, we have come a long way. ffrom presidents and politicias to singers and actors, we interviewed a lot of people. we gave trump a "watters' world" quiz and he -- and he aced it. let's take a look back at some of the greatest moments. it turns out half of your supporters only want you in the white house because they want to see melania as first lady. >> they have very good taste. jesse: is melania a fan of "watters' world"?
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>> baron loves "watters' world." first state dinner, who are you going to invite? >> probably not the chinese. we won't invite too many of the countries hoff ripping us off -- countries who are ripping us off of which there are many. jesse: what is president obama's greatest accomplishment in your opinion? >> there are none. jesse: remember, i'm watters, and thisis is your world. >> young, handsome, it's your world. this is a "watters' world" quiz. don't be nervous. chuck schumer, the president of cnn and alec baldwin, if you had to fire one person who would you fire? >> i think the alec baldwin
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situation is note very good. chuck i'm disappointed. he supposed to make deals for the people. and jeff zucker, i got him the job, and cnn is fake news. i don't want to say, i would say i'm disappointed in all three. jesse: i will name a name and you give two words to describe the person. be kellyanne conway. >> a very nice person. >> hillary clinton. nk>> i think she would lose so badly. >> here in america we'll not tolerate burning churches. rioting and looting. or taking advantage of what would otherwise be peaceful protests to pursue criminal aims. >> joining me now is dr. anthony fauci.
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are there things you think you could have done to spare the country from a full economic shut glown. > we felt at the time and stl do now that that was the right thing to do. could there have been other approaches? labor there could can. there that was the choice me made based on the information we had. >> you have been hating on trump. i think you are jealous. >> i am very jealous. >> i was the first big mouth billionaire out there, what about me? >> i tend to emulate people i admire. i try to copy them as much as i can. i try to steal their thunder wherever i have the opportunity. jesse: i thought you millionaires were supposed to stick together. >> this is a club but he forgot handshake. >> if there is a peasant
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uprising they are coming after you billionaires first. i was at the houston rodeo and got myself a cowboy hat. do you think i can pull off the cowboy look? >> i guess. i record a song called all hat, no cattle. jesse: any advice to get the baratone you have? >> whiskey and cigarettes. jesse: she had her red pill moment. >> we keep voting democrats and expect them to keep their promises. they secure our votes and when they get in office they do nothing except remind us we are black. facts are incredibly insulting
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toti liberals. jesse: joining me, fabio. >> this is the best country in the world. when you -- one of the most eabeautiful places in the world has been ruined. when you have a governor likiery brown who -- like jerry brown iswho turned his back on his own people and took the side of the criminal. america, never give up your guns remember. remember what happened to europe. >> today's media is a tattered steaming mess. don't fauci my florida. >> joe biden is too weak to confront them. >> i told you so about joe biden. >> he's doing so much to destroy himself there is no point getting in the middle of it. >> only inin the is he terrible.
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he obviously has issues. >> he has nothing on what kamala and joe are presenting to this country. >> people in america need to remember who fought for these freedoms and who is continuing to fight. >> this is institutionalized corruption. how could there not be a conflict of interest. >> artificial intelligence is better than no intelligence. jesse: oliver stone is one of the hollywood greats. is the intelligence operation and the media so good at selling bogeymen to us that we are at their mercy? >> the intelligence agencies have misled us going back in wars, especially. years of misinformation. i would say hollywood tends to censor subjects critical of america's foreign policy and critical of the military
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adventures abroad we have been engaged in for so many years. i know i had a hell of a hard time getting "platoon" made. jesse: what would you like to see f happen to these leakers? >> we would like to see them go straight to jail. directly to jail. not a only the leakers but the accessories to the leakers. jesse: 10-year-old frank girks achio wrote a letter to president trump t offering to mw the lawn at the white house. when you wrote a letter to the president and there was a reply, you probably became famous in your neighborhood. who mainly they were epic. people think they want me to mow their lawn. lawn.
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jesse: so it helped your business? >> yep. >> what inspired you to create this mini aoc character? >> it was started by my dad and any uncle. theyey said that i look like her and talk like her, so i said that i said i can make videos. >> what do you think of aoc? do you like her? >> i think she is funny. >> i think all of us think she is funny. remember, i'm watters and this is i my world. sometimes things would get testy. the most confrontational and most outrageous moments of "watters' world" next. >> students shouldn't open their hearts to white trump supporters? what kind of thing is that to
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through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. jesse: the truth matters. which is why holding jesse: the truth matters.
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that's why holding people accountable has been a major theme of this show. people who fought back against bullies who harass people. here is a look back at some of the most confrontational and outrageouson moments of "watter' world." this is the apartment where the hate crime took place. seems like there might have been children in this apartment, which is even more despicable. >> this is exactly where this young man was tortured by those nepeople. right here in this corner. he was cowering, he was scared, and they repeatedly abused him on facebook live. >> would you like to apologize? >> i said you ain't going to do
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nothing. >> i will show the whole thing. students shouldn't open their hearts to white trump supporters? what kind of thing is that to say? president trump is going to kill people? how do you justify that? this isn't a cult. this is a a classroom, professo. i want to talk about your behavior on the flight, sir. pdo you regret verbally abusing ivanka trump on the plane? you harassed a woman with her baby on the flight. a real class act. now you are afraid to show your face?
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i am giving you - an opportunity to apologize. nothing to say? were you high when you sued chris kyle's widow? >> was i high? that's a [bleep] question and i eoexpect it from someone from f. >> she is suffering a lot of pain. u>> no, she isn't. insurance maze for it all. the case got overturned because the truth came out. insurance is paying for all of it. jesse: would you apologize to her? >> why>> would i apologize? i didn't do anything. you only apologize if you have done something wrong. >> a journalist from the "new york times" told me melania is a hooker. i noticed you didn't cover this on your website. >> you probably didn't look closely enough. it's on there if you want to search the melania trump
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category. jesse: i saw it was covered in a lawsuits. >> we covered it. i can send you the link right now if 2 would like. jesse: we don't have time for you to go through the website. i couldn't find it there either. but if you answer my question, we'll assume you have it. if a fox news journalist called michellemi obama a hooker, wouldn't you find that offensive and find that on your website pretty quickly? >> yes. jesse: what's with it about smearing the first lady of the united states that the left and people in hollywood find so attractive. soap read her body flank wage with her husband. jesse: a 30-year-old was evicted from her parents home after
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living there rent free for 8 years. where are you living now? >> my sister's cousin's house. jesse: so you are still living with family. >> yes. jesse: couldn't you have saved money and been more responsible? >> i didn't think of that. jesse: is oj simpson guilty or innocent. >> oj is innocent. according to our judicious system he's innocent. has there been collusion between trump and russia? jesse:e: no, there is no collusion. there is no evidence of collusion between trump and russia. there are two dead bodies. have you found dead russians in trump tower. >> he mass been indicted.
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>> the only game that uses the human body as a target. the students and adults are reporting it's bullying. it's an elimination game. we don't recommend those in the p.e. curriculum. jesse: what's wrong with an elimination game? >> it's systematically plim naits players. jesse: isn't it the same thing as ring around the rosie? >> exactly. >> are you against ring around the rosie? >> that i believe and it's in the hall of shame in the u.s. jesse: you are learning your limitations and your strength. if you are some fat slow kid you can catch the ball and the other guy that those it has to go to
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jail. eating meat is bad for you and it reinforces gender stereo types. >> what we consume and put in our bodies are fundamentally political acts. jesse: i'm having a steak and i'm starving. >> i'm a vegan. jesse: is this bad that i'm eating meat? >> if you go hunting the blood is on your hands. but now you are enjoying the benefit and the blood is on somebody else's hands. it would be great if we lad universal healthcare for animals. jesse: if you get pregnant and give birth. what would beiv the problem? >> what we are looking at in the next few decades, a worldwide we
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famine. jesse: do you remember when the world not it was the center of the universe? from riding horses in houston to alligator hunting in the swamps. it's been a heck of a ride. some of the greatest adventures of "watters' world" next.
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[♪♪♪] jon: welcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott. $200 million worth of us prr military gear is now in ukraine. it comes as fears of invasion of that country escalate. more russian troops and military the equipment continue to amass at border of the two nations. a 27-year-old new york city police officer is still fighting for his life one day after he was shot. another officer, a 22-year-old rookie was killed. they were responding to a
5:28 pm
domestic disturbance when they were shot. it marks the third time this month a new york city officer has been shot. i'm jon scott. back to "watters' world." jesse: from the swamp in d.c. to the swamp in texas. i tossed a pigskin. i rode horses at the rodeo and visited the rate began ranch out in -- the reagan ranch out in california. > here come the balloons. >> i like the fact that he speaks his mind and he tell the truth. he say he going to take care of
5:29 pm
the american people and i believe that's what he's going to do. >> how is the convention going? >> it didn't disappoint. jesse: hillary clinton almost wore those same threads. what do you do out here? >> vote for jesus. >> i don't trust the details coming from fox news. jesse: that's offensive, congresswoman. who do you think i is the bigger threat? >> climate change. >> background just put it on me right here. >> what have we got here? the right size. >> i thought you could jump higher than that. >> i could but i don't want to. >> t you look pretty good. you need some boots though.
5:30 pm
jesse: can you dance in these things? jesse: the most important rule is keep "watters' world" safe. can we do that? >> absolutely. jesse: what kind of horse power are we talking about? >> she is a bitty horse full of dynamite. >> that what they used say about me. can you hold the microphone? don't take my job. >> j there you go. >> we are north of santa barbara. 688 acres, ronald reagan's home, rancho cielo. ranch in the sky. jesse: was this exactly how they left it? >> the home looks today the way
5:31 pm
it looked the last time he was here. that chair is where he was sitting to make official phone calls. he spoke to margaret thatcher sitting in that chair. jesse: am i aloud to sit in that -- am i allowed to sit in that chair? >> he scraped his initials and mrs. reagan's initials. jesse: they were have much in love, weren't they? have much in love. >> you don't like my shirt? >> no, not at all. jesse: do you want to show me how to drain the swamp? >> let's drain the swamp.
5:32 pm
jesse: [screaming] i got him! >> pick him up. jesse: with my hands? >> yes, with your hands. jesse: i don't want to do it. i can't do it! oh! okay! you guys are disgusting. >> here to take on the mooch and me. >> you want to trash talk? >> that's a big part of the game. >> we'll start off. >> this is how i beat my kids in one-on-one basketball.
5:33 pm
let me go back. jesse: we are at the nfl experience. this is doug flutie. football legend. i'm going to go inside and see if i have what it takes to make the team. >> very low expectations. but we'll work at it. ready? >> the object is to hit the round part. the part that's lit up. jesse: so me how it's done. oh, like that. beautiful. >> he's coachable. >> jesse watters and doug flutie. on your mark, get set, go! jesse: flutie's still got it.
5:34 pm
when things got weird on "watters' world" they got weird. a look back at some of the wildest and wackiest moments of the entire show next. >> chad, and j.t., you look like a cheeta. >> that was a sashage burn. and on tv, dawg. hearing is important to living life to the fullest.
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jesse: sometimes on "watters' world" things would get a little tense, and for good reasons. we were holding people accountable. other times things would get weird. from someone who said he was abducted and probed by aliens to a company that specializes in professional cuddling. i want to get your take on this
5:39 pm
mole in the white house kind of sabotaging the president. how would you smoke out the mole. >> i am sorry for whatever caused you to be so mole-like. >> what is that? all right. okay. okay. jesse: do you say happy holidays or merry christmas? >> you can take it out. i think you can do it. jesse: ready, ready, nice and easy. you said it had no teeth. >> no teeth, you can do it.
5:40 pm
jesse: i got it. >> we want to start with our breath. take a deep inhale through your nose. jesse: i smell goat. is this goat wearing a diaper? >> to support the troops i'm totally down. but we know you are jacked, you don't have to rip off your sleeves. jesse: chad, you got some nice flow going, but jt, you look like a cheeta. >> jessie, that was a savage burn, and on tv, dawg. jesse: my next guest said he was abducted by aliens 45 years ago.
5:41 pm
>> they had wrinkled skin. dthe female ran her finger down her throat and tried to mess with my nasal cavity and looked in my nose. there was something that came out and it clicked four times, something like an x-ray or whatever they use. jesse: chad, they sounds like you two. >> i'm trying to make contact. jesse: what does it feel like to ride naked through the streets of chicago? >> it's empowering. our car culture is extreme and
5:42 pm
it needs to be checked. you don't need to drive a car for everything all the time. jesse: i do. cuddling, you are the cuddler. so you spoon them? is that how that works? >> yes, there is all different kinds of options. long they are following the code of conduct, it keeps it non-sexual and everything is up for negotiation. >>ty spoong or touching -- spooning or touching or stroke would make people feel better. >> every session is unique and the possible bills are infinite -- the possibilities are infinite. jesse: our go-to witch. i can think of some expensive things you need, like a broom.
5:43 pm
so you are saying president trump innocent of being a theoretical witch, and mueller is targeting him wrongly just like it was in the salem days. i think you just cleared the president of wrongdoing. >> relax. arms down. jesse: okay. >> look at that. jesse: okay. >> now we'll take the tape off. jesse: i'm good. okay. i see you snuggling up with wally. dose have a blanket and you watch netflix together?
5:44 pm
>> no, but we do watch tv together. and we snuggle up. >> do you still rock the collar? jesse: it's not popped right now. look at this! there it is. there it is. all right. i will leave you guys with that. i will see you next week. up next, last call. love you too. jesse: i started my career with a microphone in my hand talking to people on the streets about things that matter. and i met interesting penal along the way. what territory did america buy from france. >> paris with benjamin franklin. jesse: you are on to something
5:45 pm
with that. [♪♪♪]] [♪♪♪]
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jesse: it's b
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jesse: it's been an absolute blast interviewing people on the streets. let's look back at some of my breast street interviews. whats. did the declaration of independence do? >> um ... i have no idea, that's awful. jesse: what country did we declare our independence from? >> virginia. jesse: what territory did america buy from france? > paris with benjamin frankl. jesse: we bought paris? >> with benjamin franklin we bought paris? jesse: you are on to something with that. who did america fight in the igrevolutionary war? >> the british. >> somebody please give me directions. >> canada.
5:50 pm
>> i don't know what you are talking about. jesse: name one state that borders canada. >> ohio. >> not california. >> who won the civil war? >> the democrats? >> why do you think they called it the cold car? >> because it was some where that was cold? >> do you consider any halloween toss time offensive? what happens if you have sex from the eclipse. >> pregnant. >> i'm pregnant? >> with emotion? >> with a baby. jesse: oj plays the what sport? >> basketball? jesse: who was the first person toe: set foot on the moon?
5:51 pm
>> there isn't even a wall right there, who cares. >> what religion? >> not jewish. jesse: if you were in charge what would you do to reduce crime? too out rule the democratic party. >> you could say you are doing it right now. i'm providing content for fox news. and you guys aren't going to pay me for it, are you? jesse: coronavirus, are you nervous? >> absolutely. coming out of the subway, i was like, oh, my god, everybody was touching me. but i was touching everybody, too. >> i haven't touched my face in weeks. i miss it.
5:52 pm
>> hugh did you survive? lotion. a lot of lotion. jesse: you are vaccinated and you are wearing a mass can outside. >> yep. jesse: why are you doing senate. >> because there are still people -- i could eventually carry covid even if i have the n.vaccine. jesse: dr. fauci said you can takeke the mask off. can i see that smile? there you go. >> there is the smile. jesse: how has trump changed your life so far? >> [bleep] jesse: is that it? >> yeah. jesse: who is the leader of north korea. >> kim something. >> what should we do about kim
5:53 pm
jong-un. >> we should give him a hug. jesse: what do you think? >> she is crooked hillary. don't you understand that? jesse: that's harris. >> oh, no, she is the vice president. >> that little girl was me. >> who are you going to vote for in the next election? >> i'm thinking biden. >> that's george bush. >> that's not 41.
5:54 pm
jesse: do you think biden has done really well so far? >> well, you have got to give me a minute on this one. jesse: do you know who i am? oh, man! >> get out of here. new york hates you. jesse: do you remember who i am? i'm watters and this is my world. >> that a catchy phrase you have got there. jesse: up next, the last "last call." [♪♪♪]
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[♪♪♪] jesse: first i would like to that jesse: first i would like to thank the incredible production team on "watters' world." our director and stage manager for all our hard work. and thanks to hair and makeup. especially mayor and makeup. "watters' world" has had ups and downs and covered a wild stretch the last 5 to 6 years from obama to trump to biden. your world i am sure has been just as nuts. but we did this together and we'll stay together as we close this chapter saturday night and turn to the next chapter with me january 24, 7:00 p.m. when we launch "jesse watters primetime." primetime.
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always remember this. i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: helene welcome to this final edition of "justice." thanks so much for being with us tonight. as always, let's get right to my open. "justice with judge jeanine" began hosted by a former prosecutor, judge and d.a. sitting not in a courtroom with armed deputies but in


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