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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  January 21, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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it is very cozy and cold in washington, dc. all the proceeds will be going to the center for american liberty. they're doing great work for freedom. that is that for us tonight. have a great we can for your friends and family. we are blessed in this country. greg gutfeld is next. >> clap, you jerks. clap. happy friday, everyone. jesse waters is here. no, no, no, don't change it. it's going to be great, trust me so finally justice has arrived after all the rampant crime and the smashing grab send subway shoppers and our leaders are
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probably doing something about it. late wednesday night a statue of theater roosevelt, that the president, kent, was removed after standing in front of the american museum for after 80 years. go after the inanimate step, that will make life better. teddy was evil, the glasses and mustache. he probably wore disguise while he was eating a people of color. so get lost and take your racist horse with you. and what a half from the come or at least his statue. so typical of them to pick on something that can hit back. the removal cost the city 2 million bucks. so where are they sending them to? private school? with cnn looking get away, kat would've done it for two sixers. the beer, not the players.
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but where else would you like that money to go? policing the subways in streets were crime is rampant? did you note that the statue is esteems is deemed so offensive they covered up with a massive tarp, the same one that brian used in the steam room. the monument is now in a library in north dakota fits or like all presidents playing new york to florida, it's probably safer. and in the new york post they've they put one of his descendents to cheer the removal saying the statue is being relocated to a place where its composition can be re-contextualized to facilitate difficult, complex, and inclusive discussions. thank you, you pretentious [ bleep] >> if teddy were live he would chase you through central park with a 12 gauge. you think i care about these statues? i don't. nodded the statues except for the.
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and even then the security at the museum keeps a pretty good eye on me. this is part of the larger problem. americans care about crime. they don't care about statues anymore any more than they care about trans bathrooms or pronouns. but someone does. it is our leaders who are under the thumb of a tiny will mop. this as crime explodes in every city. we hear the tragedies everyday. they don't get the outreach you saw over at statues in those days of that george floyd writes for the statues were dropping like jeffrey toobin's pants. many work of confederate soldiers toppled by protesters but it didn't stop there and even the city leaders joined in, just as one guy predicted. >> there is a proud tradition of america's great leaders, from george washington, please don't take the statue down, please. to teddy roosevelt, i-pronoui-pronou n see they want to take teddy roosevelt down.
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the trying to figure out why. they don't know. they're trying to take away our culture. they're trying to take away our history and our weak leaders, they do it overnight. these things have been there for 150 years, 100 years, weak, weak people. >> we didn't deserve him. protesters toward down statues as well as statues of governors. they on -- they trash statues of the missionary. that's my high school. that high school is named after him. and they better leak my statue alone. i'm writing tom brady on horseback. >> columbus was removed. like it's a getting shop rather black kids and their like get him out of here. if only we had official aid to shed some light on these misplaced priorities.
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thank you all for coming. i will keep this brief and turn it over to the cnn crimes unit. after two years of exhausting all of our resources, we are finally apprehended the man who has caused our community so much pain and sadness. his reign of terror is over and we can finally feel safe again. i will keep you one last look before we put away for good. well so called his accomplice. i believe they call that the get away. if you call the department of the past couple of months four robberies and murders, i promise you we will return your phone call. we just got to work out some stamping issues. is crimes but out of control, a
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blink in statute is toppled. then they destroyed the city. there's no correlation. andrew jackson and mississippi and randall scott key also toppled, probably to be laced by a pile of human feces. even frederick does plays wasn't the race. like brian kilmeade's flees, that the head scratcher. decapitated in tennessee. cheats -- jesus christ decapitated in miami, probably because he needed a nose job. even gandhi was vandalized in california. we all remember what a he wasn't yet our politicians that is progress, that this would help cities and people but like with disney did to star wars, they destroyed something and replace
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it with something worse. the rest of us knew this was an excuse for mayhem cup a gateway for more than just destroying statues. what came next? businesses and police precincts destroyed. and when looting is the better that's a good thing, society is that backwards as crisscrossed's pants. it's a broken window theory. you cannot decide to go back in a quite literally goes to hack. we are criminals released from prison to come our crime on new york subways, la bus stations, furniture stores, they will study because there is cold as the statues being torn down. get even out the statues are still a priority. it's easier than dealing with real suffering and politicians are just more terrified of the mop and they were to all of you. if they were number sellout they would be on the simpsons. no people are dying a park is leaders felt a piece of stone was more harmful than a dude with a knife.
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the truth is sometimes statue is the only thing between you and that dude with a knife. now the only they statue for someone in the white house. so they make a real one of them and they will carry down in a heartbeat. >> tonight's gas -- guests. he runs his fingers through his own hair, cohost of the five and host of the brand-new just these walk -- jesse waters prime time, jesse waters. he comes up with more plots than a great bigger. up in the air artist -- author walter kerr. the irony of him being a writer for duke mcpherson that nobody knows his name. writer and producer rob long. and speaking of that, everyone at the bar yells cheers. he finally leaves. because she drinks.
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jesse. it's a serious issue, crime. that there is a statue of you put up, how much after it went up what it take for people to tear it down. >> it and then if it was a new statue. i don't think i'm going to surprise anybody when i say that i am not a big fan of art. but i do appreciate statues. i do want to be a statue one day in all seriousness we have, or when i say we are me and my assistant, johnny, has called the mayor of scranton. where did you get your start? allentown. >> allentown. it we are in active negotiations with the mayor to erect a statue of you. >> are you kidding? >> i knew about this month the a-month ago. so we are not deciding whether this is going to be a public or private land and we have actually found a price point. is $10,000, because it's going to be to scale and it is
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actually smaller than you think if you are going to be depicted sitting down. we know that you get uncomfortable when you stand. and there's going to be an unveiling ceremony and eventually we may have to take it down. you will have brought great shame on all of us. >> i didn't expect that as an answer. i'm very excited over this. i believe you. >> you left leg talk to me about this months ago. >> that is also in negotiations. >> i bet i can get a rich, lonely old man to pay for it. rob. again, only if it is and you are seated. that's what i think. you have to move in some way and i'm thinking like great moments of mr. lincoln, like the robot.
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>> haven't liked the chair to be made of glass. >> i will not go that low. >> i drooled over the happiness of this. walter, if you have got some dental issues right now. >> i cracked up to them the way to new york city. i've got both novocain and a pharmaceutical that i can't name so i don't get robbed out of the way out of the building. don't worry about the criminals. i'm waiting for you. what is your take on this crime versus statue. number one, i am not for the removal a statues in general. if there was one statue are would move, it's likely teddy roosevelt with an indian and a black dude helping him on his horse. so i might make an exception for that one.
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number two, who judges statues guilty. who holds the trial. i think the constitution should afford statues the right to a fair trial. i think they should be judged by a jury of their peers, other statues. i think other statues should decide if george washington has to go. i think the statute that is funkhouser that the right to remain silent, which shouldn't be hard because it's a statue. well done, my friend. >> well prepared. not bad for a guy who is on i exceed. i love the beard. >> thank you. thank you. he was not as cool as he luck.
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this to me is doubt about statues. it is about how politicians can only do one thing at a time. so is crime is going on over here, everybody is going after inanimate objects in ball people are getting killed. >> for white. >> wrong. bronze. aluminum foil ball, that kind of shape i can do for 50 bucks. put the money somewhere else. that is a long-standing tradition for all politicians. it is easy to pull down the statue and everything gets worse or everything gets matter -- better by itself. maybe have different heroes, i don't know. it's not a work of art produced greatest kind of a commemoration so we should just decide who our new heroes are. the guy who put the cheese and
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the cross. >> but why shut the horse at the supper. >> the horse did nothing wrong. the first did nothing wrong. who are our modern heroes right now. real housewives? i think, kat, you might have some kind of idea what matters most of the young people, given that you are under 40, just about. >> i'm significantly under 40. that's okay because i'm so wife and accomplished. i'm very accomplished and smart so people forget there's no way that she could be that young. so i get it. i get that all the time. really, she so successful. how is she not 50. >> my advice, don't grow a beard . >> i can't. whenever this happen now is find out things happen. i don't notice the statues.
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>> i was on my phone the whole time. >> me to. >> you don't know something. >> oh, wow, i didn't even note that was barren what that was. i'm sure at been around that come all the statues, but i also wanted to clear that you are not joking. when you hosted for great for your birthday, and you had some questions for me about hosting the show when you are very much like while i have you here -- >> and then you tried to leave. >> it still in motion. >> there's been some supply chain issues and we are working on those. >> i think that is going to be that supportive of me. >> that's why we are negotiating and private as opposed to the public. >> first you have to buy the land. >> we saw nothing. that wishes completely derailed
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the left does not build list about what happened on january 6 so hollywood has a movie in store that nobody asked for. the headline was first reported that the film is a worth depicting the event of the january 6 capital right. it will be called wedding crashers. actually it is called chase 6. i wonder if the fbi forget a producer be. the comey role will direct this movie so you know it will be more slanted than an a-frame house. of course january 6 has become
8:21 pm
like a never-ending super bowl. it's a distraction it only matters to them and as predicted it is getting the movie treatment. says that director director, the goal would be to do a ground of a few of a momentous day. it's the protesters who became writers and cops to became defenders of democracy. so i'm a how hollywood likes the cops and guns apparently. it sounds like this version of january 6 will be as phony as aoc's version of january 6, you know when she was taken hostage. >> that was a hard one, you little -- [bleep] >> isn't that elder abuse. that's another reason why i hate children. your book turned into a movie starring the guy that looked like me, george clooney. how do you think this will turn out?
8:22 pm
i told my wife that we were going to do a segment on this and she's like wasn't january 6 a movie already? and i think which meant by that was we have the most heavily edited insurrection in history. i think that they are ready whole thing 10,000 hours of footage that they haven't released. why don't they just released those and not make the movie. but i want to know who is going to be cast, the guy with the horns. what about ray apps. >> i was thinking of jeff daniels. and he can give a speech but how is innocent. jeff daniels is very good, the liberal voice of reason. except this time he's playing against sebastian.
8:23 pm
>> what about you? you were a hollywood insider. is this going to be fair and balanced? >> probably not. it won't be that good if it is. also it's like that democracy. it's not like you never capture the fly. it's just a building. it is up like when the guys go in the cleaning crew comes in and there suddenly in charge. it is a weird thing. nobody pointed that out. that's not how it works. i actually feel it's going to be fun and spooky, but the problem is what are we going to do. it doesn't quite, you know what, i mean,. they have to make, it's got to be more january 6 i think. make it not january 6. make it something else, like 60,
8:24 pm
>> yes, yes. >> totally hear that that ever do. >> make it four hours, kat. >> for hours long and all the people meeting in parking lots and stuff like that. and then somebody says, wait a minute, we go in. >> shot up, you. >> ashley babic gets shot dead but they're not going to look at it. >> without a good idea? >> no, i don't think so. they are too long. exactly, they are too long. i can't watch a movie. i can watch like 5-10-20 episodes of the show in a row, but a movie i find is too much commitment. >> if they did and emily and paris movie -- >> i still don't know what that is big you talk about it all day long.
8:25 pm
>> i want to see a version of this january 6 plot ranbaxy win. ^-caret terry tino would do a great job. i called him the holly want combination. i came up with that just now. you guys can use that home. that was they find a narrative they like, they already have the machinery in place they can just about any kind of propaganda because they are already locked and loaded. we don't have this luxury. i think this movie is going to be a lamp a riot. did you get that? >> it was over my head. >> i wasn't really listening. >> can't touched on this. there is no romance in january 6 . there's no plumbing, no -- >> there was except they killed her. >> you are not listening to me either. >> you can't pick a date to a january 6 movie.
8:26 pm
you can't make out in the back of the movie theater. there's nothing there for the film to take off. they better shoot it soon. if the republicans win congress, they won't let them on the set. >> sorry. i wish is going to say there are better topics for film. i would do a hunter biden or pandemic movie. >> there's going to be plenty of those. they're building it in serbia right now. our friend robert downey. interesting, is a net. we've got to move on. up next, therefore speeding racist lamb. some of my best memories growing up were cooking with mom. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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high school in fairfax county, virginia, curriculum lost by asking students to take part in privilege bingo. unlike the bingo enjoyed by older people, the game called identify your province, some declared having parents that are married, a military kid being white, male, and having your own bed. some of those things are up development and some are good luck and some are like a family that has their act together. you would say that, you've racist. i don't even have my own bedroom i still share it. that is a privilege. especially when i get the top bunk. on his first day in office, virginia pressing governor band divisive concepts like this. the superintendent for school district said the exercise encourages students is to reflect on their own biases instead of reflecting on
8:32 pm
silliness like learning how to count them how to read. they took issue with military kids being considered a privilege, because i'm sure when their grand that's were storming normandy come all they could think was, boy, do i have it easy. plus military kids movie as soon as they make friends and they are literally called brats. after the backlash a spokesperson for the district apologized and said they removed the category. there's the good old days when they could call children braces and the governor -- when all they are taught is. we will be right back. rob, should all of these teachers arrested? >> in a way, yes. that's not the answer you want. you didn't learn anything. when they were on that video thing, this is like, great. children are learning anything from the game. i think i read it wrong.
8:33 pm
it's one of the privileges is you feel for a% did in the media i first saw it and it looked like the representative in the media. like you've got privilege beat. you seek your feet everywhere. this is the point, to prove that whatever you have got, your privilege, whatever i've got, you are not, you owe me. >> jesse, obviously if you're playing this game, you would be right up there but of almost. smacked other students against you. and i think the recent the school ignored the executive order was because he dropped it when he didn't have his best on. that is the young can best is a superpower. that's probably why did i said this the other day and i'm going to repeat it. let's just say i am an athletic wealth the black and i am
8:34 pm
applying to be admitted to brown and kat is a straight white male , christian from florida and she is also applying and we have the same scores. the black is getting in. so as someone who likes to make sweeping general -- and my parents can afford it. so, listen, there is just more than being white and christian and straight, it's also about how much cash you have. if -- to get to go to brown. what is that analogy? >> i mean, the school, kat. i knew it was coming. the funny thing is ego is a game for like old white people. your priming these kids to hang out with all the way people. that's got to be bad. >> i guess so. i don't like my opinion matters because these aren't my kids.
8:35 pm
should have the choices when it comes to pass. of i think it's a further argument for so many arguments to give parents more options when it comes to school for their kids. i don't think it's my place to pray about how any kid turns out , which is actually why i don't have any because i don't want that responsibility. if parents want to send their kids to a school that has privilege bingo, then they should be up to do that. there should be options. i don't have kids for a reason. >> because you are a straight white male. >> yes, i'm a man. >> i don't think that the teachers should be arrested. i think they should be forced to play privilege bingo first. and i think the question should be like this, do you get every summer off, you get a state funded pension. do you get to make little kids cry and tell them what to do every day. that's my joke and now i'm going
8:36 pm
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will m&ms still melting your hand as they identify as trans? when i eat a bag of m&ms, do i wonder which color represents my identity? it's obviously the orange one. the amount of candide the company is giving the mascots makeovers to make them more inclusive. how are they doing this? obviously by changing their footwear. instead of go-go boots, the green m&m will now wear sneakers additionally their voices will be updated and it won't that is more welcoming. tyreek, kat, no voiceovers for you.
8:41 pm
the chief of research at mars wrigley, who better two to a world with more moments of fun then creating a sense of belonging around the globe and m&ms. i don't know, maybe three musketeers. who can replace the sorts with protest. this is weird come if you really truly want to make an m&m feel like they belong, you probably shouldn't be eating them. what kind of message does a send the children when you devour these non-binary bonbons. for commentary we go to our candy correspondent. that was not a candy correspondent. kat, they want to make their characters inclusive been then you're going to eat them. >> i have so many thoughts on that. the green m&m is a snake, the new one.
8:42 pm
she says i think we all win when we see more women in leading roles. none of you guys some women, but women all note that women are are like, i'm a woman i pro- woman and you can't trust them. they just do it. that are need to break but it like there running some kind of the campaign and she said support them when they succeed. i bet you want to be their friend when they succeed, like you can night being, climbing a little. i do not trust her. i don't want to be her friend. she somehow made it worse. that's the worst kind that you need to run from, the green m&m. she's in opportunistic, evil. >> you know what, rocco i have to say that corporations may be the most embarrassing and he and all of the woke them because they're so obvious about trying
8:43 pm
to create a distraction. which is a candy is. look what we did our little characters but don't look at all the problems a sugar causes. don't look at the morbidity that you are causing. we probably should come back to that. >> i'm not reflecting on it. i'm not. >> that's right. >> m&ms are at the progressive idea, the future of the human being keep we're all kind of shiny and at different color and we have no genitalia. that is kind of where they want us to go. >> i don't know what that means. >> this is part of this weird thing, jesse, both we have to make sure on 7 billion people in the planet, not a single person can have their feelings hurt. so everybody has got to do something to make sure everybody is -- i'm going to try my hand at
8:44 pm
comedy again and hope it works this time. i came up with some offensive candies. i think we need to change their branding. butterfinger, but his finger. hershey's kisses, hershey consensual kisses. jolly rancher, jolly sustainable rancher. should i just stop stopped they are? i'm going to save some for the five. >> you did a great job, by the way, on the five. >> the butterfinger is but their finger. >> then you can fit more than one. >> so this is all fake. m&ms were already woke. a bowl of rainbow colored candies is as locus it gets. but they wanted to get the pr for going woke, so they had to invent a problem. they had to invent the
8:45 pm
confession we aren't as focus we can be. so this is fake. so number 2, where is skittles. skittles is going to stay racist ? that will give america a choice. >> exactly, exactly. >> you have number three? >> i had my wife right out my bits because she know i would be taking a painkiller. >> we've got to do a special cup filled episode where we are all on painkillers. before hand is not a problem. we call it the new year's eve schedule -- special. up next, tips for jesse. his debut show is messy. ot my h♪ ♪ got my head ♪ ♪ got my brains ♪ ♪ got my ears ♪ ♪ got my heart ♪ ♪ got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪
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what advice do we have to share with the man who over gelled his hair. here's some friendly advice for a host to go watch every day. that's right, jesse watters is going to be hosting jesse waters prime time and we are looking forward to it like we look
8:50 pm
forward to scabies. it is all part of the reno paris -- dana perino's plan. the local blocks the cup bunch of light can't after jesse kept on smashing them on his head at the stadium parking lot. but because of i'm such a kind and generous person, i divide -- i decided to vote this segment on how to not to screw it up. if it's not too late. anyway, i just hope you don't continue this tradition. ♪♪
8:51 pm
♪♪ i was going to say that never gets old, but that gets old. any tips for jesse? >> yes, sure. this is the huge opportunity, huge. you've been waiting for it your whole life, which means you would be devastated if you screwed it up. you would never forgive yourself . you had your kids and stuff. such as try not to think about that. that might miss you at mentally. >> how can jesse waters prime time be every bit as successful as cheers? you are already halfway bear. stop doing this show. this is actually my last trying to show. >> this is live, right. >> i will tell you what i told
8:52 pm
greg. what you need to remember is that great is not your friend. this is like you're in a different spot. he wants all of them. you now have one of them. this is not -- this is not game anymore. he is not a nice man. this is important to understand, he is not a well man. >> that's good advice. >> i want everyone to get along obviously. that's who i am. >> i'm just telling you that he will ship you in a heartbeat. right now he is texting up stairs saying i don't think jesse has got it. lay off the sauce before the first show. it's embarrassing right now. walter, any advice? >> go blonde.
8:53 pm
>> it works so far for the blonde here. >> is my not going well? >> i was thinking of someone else to post blonde. that you are doing great. >> i can tell by your logo that you are trying to confuse viewers with monday night football. >> are some of that and they are >> are definitely hoarding people in sports. >> anybody who likes to set, i want them to watch. >> on a scale of 0-100%, what will be the percentage of red meat versus the percentage of -- >> it's a heart new show. no opinion. it's just going to be hard news coverage. but my advice to you is -- >> i hope no one took that seriously because they will be a lot of red meat. >> exactly, because you are king of red meat.
8:54 pm
my advice to you is to go all in on this new phenomenon i keep hearing about called q and on. >> there's a phrase i'm not supposed to really say anymore. so what is that. >> it is something, i don't know . i don't know what to say about it either. may be we can come up the story. just put in the google machine. >> i told you. >> that is what it is all about. >> don't do it. do you watch pretty close? >> don't do it. >> i would make him sit in the front seat. don't go away. we'll be right back. ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin? for softer clothes that are gentle on your skin, try downy free & gentle downy will soften your clothes without dyes or perfumes. the towel washed with downy is softer,
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and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. i just want take a little time
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to honor meat loaf who passed away yesterday. he was a good friend of the show and a good friend of the five. he was a really sweet to authentic and genuine person. he gave the five of his cds and his favorite cd and we sat down and went through each one to tell me why he loved these cds. he was a great person and a great friend who will be missed. meanwhile let's go to our walter kirn update. how howard you feeling? you took about an hour ago. >> you mean the 5 milligrams of oxycodone? >> i sat on this set many times but i never knew that the river and the backdrop's lives. >> yes, it is. i just saw a giant bad jump. >> that is not the drug. that is actual river in the scene. >> walter --
9:00 pm
you are in that shadow. do not walk toward the light. that is the trick, everybody wants to walk toward the light. don't walk toward the light. we've got to go. good luck, jesse waters. thank you, rob long, walter kirn , kat timpf. we love you, america. >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night". i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, at least one new york city police officer is dead and another fighting for my following a shooting in harlem. americans on high alert as crime soars across big cities in the country. >> it is 2022, when is it going to stop? we've got a


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