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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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we are out of time, so sad -- we could go on forever. in the meantime, have the best weekend with the ones you love, paying attention to the things that matter. we will see you monday. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," this friday news night, we are tracking multiple developing stories, former president trump just wrapped up a lengthy meeting with senator lindsey graham, we are going to ask him about the meeting and analyze the upcoming midterm election, newt gingrich will join us as a new poll now shows republicans were at a 9-point deficit generic ballot, they now have a 13-point
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advantage and are poised for historic against this election year. all eyes are on the white house tonight, joe biden just wrapped up another week from. his sloppy, bizarre public comments about russia, ukraine, could very well lead to war. we have over 100,000 russian troops massed on ukraine's border and biden proudly suggesting he might be willing to look the other way for a minor incursion. in the past 48 hours multiple white house officials have all try to clean up the comments. it's so bad, apparently he is no longer allowed to answer questions about the looming conflict he seemed to green light. >> the reason we aren't good have any time for questions now as these guys got to get quickly on the plane into a major announcement in ohio and you guys will ask me about russia and not about anything having to do with chips. >> sean: let's forget about the looming global conflict in
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europe that you green-lighted and he will only entertain important questions on chips. have any chips they could put in his head to? just kidding for those of you on the left to have no sense of humor. don't worry, this morning the chief idiot at the white house ron klain, he cleared everything up. take a look. >> i think it's fair to say the white house has pretty aggressively walked back or clarified whatever you want to call it the president's comments about ukraine and russia and whether the president was signaling a minor incursion might be viewed through a different lens. when the president meant to say that at the time or maybe he was being inarticulate, can you afford any gaffes given the stakes right now? >> i think the president was quite clear and reiterated his point of view this morning. president putin should have no doubt, any move by the russian assembled military across the border is an invasion. >> sean: he wasn't clear, he talked about a minor incursion,
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stop lying to us, stop the spin, stop the propaganda. the american people are intelligent, as per usual biden creates a crisis in the white house pretends it is no crisis and around we go. we see this at the southern border, we see it in afghanistan. americans are still trapped behind enemy lines and we see this with inflation, the supply chain crisis, we see it with covid-19. check out the cover of "time" magazine accurately pointing out biden's first year officially in the books and a dark cloud hanging over the white house. it's hanging over the country. remember the guy who promised to shut down covid-19 and rebuild our economy, restore diplomacy and respect around the globe, now covid-19 is raging worse than ever, inflation at a 40 year high, war in europe thanks to him and his green light, it's now pretty imminent. things have become so bad under
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biden that even jen psaki is now suggesting kickboxing or margaritas to help ease the pain. going to beat an awful lot of margaritas, take a look. >> we got to stay at its. my advice to everyone out there who is frustrated, sad, feel those emotions, go to kickboxing class, have a margarita, do whatever you need to do this weekend and wake up monday morning and we got to keep fighting. >> sean: we'll a drink margaritas all weekend and act like it wasn't a disastrous week. joining us now with reaction former senior advisor to president trump stephen miller along with fox news contributor miranda devine. i went through with president trump last night the first year of his administration versus the first year of biden. you couldn't have a more distinct difference than that, the accomplishments under fire every second, every minute come every hour of every day, that president trump had.
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the question is is there any one thing this white house can point to now that they can say is successful and does the spin routine of theirs, doesn't hold water with the american people? >> the american people can see through the spin because they got to hear president biden in his own voice. that two our press conference showed president biden does not have the command of his white house, his facts, or his faculties. he clearly stated that he did not have an objection to a minor incursion into ukraine and his entire government spent two days try to rephrase, walk it back, clarify, rescind, whatever term you want to use. the big take away for the press conference as he plans to stay the course on every single disastrous policy. we went from the first year of president trump, the great american comeback, the first year of biden is the great american collapse. >> sean: do you think ron
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klain and jen psaki emma they have any effectiveness in cleaning up this disaster? never mind the part that i think disturbs me the most and that is this guy is out to lunch. he seems to be declining right before our eyes almost to the point disintegrating with these long, awkward, uncomfortable pauses and the sentences that make no sense. he has lucid moments but he has a lot of bad moments. >> that's true but i think he's always had bad moments. he hasn't been front and center in the hot seat in the white house with all of these momentous decisions weighing on him. i think he's always been of bad character and he's compromised as we know through his son hunter and his brother jim in ukraine and with russia. that must also plague him when he is trying to work out what
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decisions to make. when he stands there in front of the media for two hours and it tries to thread the needle between his own personal compromises and what he's being told by his state department and people like antony blinken, his advisors about what ought to be done, it all comes out in a big mess and there's no way no matter how much cleanup is done by antony blinken or ron klain or jen psaki, you can't unsay with the president of the united states said, everybody heard its. vladimir putin heard it, you saw the body language of the foreign minister when he met with antony blinken. the russians know they are facing a weak america. they are going to run and do whatever they like while the
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going is good and poor ukraine -- fat lot of good it did to kowtow to joe biden when he was vice president and do what he told them to do. now they know they are in a pickle and as the president said the other day in response to joe biden talking about minor incursions, there is no minor incursion, minor casualties, minor grief when russia invades another country. >> sean: piers morgan yesterday in his column said i want a divorce and rand paul said he really shouldn't ever speak publicly again honestly i don't think that's a bad strategy, keeping him away from the microphone would be a good idea for not only the country but for world peace. >> clearly biden's staff tried it for as long as he could to keep them away from the microphone, they lost that
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battle. the whole country got to see in real time just how far joe biden has lost its. there's more and more moments of confusion, the press conference was bizarre, he yelled at reporters recording back to him his own speech in georgia where he compared republicans to segregationists and the slave owners. he declared the midterms to be illegitimate unless there was a federal elections take over and this massive blunder with ukraine. the whole world has taken the measure of biden and realize that we don't have a commander in chief. that is extremely dangerous and between what happened in afghanistan and the what happened right now in ukraine, the israel-palestinian conflict that exploded after joe biden took office, we are in an extraordinarily vulnerable position unlike anything we have
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been in certainly in my entire life. >> sean: if you haven't had a chance to read it, thank you both. stephen miller, miranda devine. now to afghanistan, biden has turned the page. he has no apologies, we will not turn the page. >> americans held hostage, abandoned kind enemy lines, day 160. >> sean: 173 days since biden said he never abandon americans in afghanistan, the islamic emirates of afghanistan. no end insight, the same president who botched this withdrawal, does anyone trust biden to keep those people safe? does anyone trust biden to effectively negotiate with vladimir putin? he told us he has all the leverage with the islamic emirates of afghanistan and the
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taliban, apparently he didn't. did this weeks marathon press conference inspire any confidence at all? watch this ad put out by the rnc come and a look. >> the political coverage -- look. some of the political players -- let me ask a rhetorical question. no, i won't. anyway. >> sean: i used to joke about it but it's not funny. one more question, does anyone think putin would be amassing 100,000 plus troops on the border with ukraine, threatening war if donald trump were still in office? i doubt that would be happening, nor do i think he would've gotten a waiver on the pipeline.
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then again the trump family never made millions of dollars with russian oligarchs the way the biden family did. south carolina senator lindsey graham met with the former president, he joins us now with more. i see that ad and i'll be honest i think the observation of your colleague's not too far off and that is maybe we should keep them away from cameras and microphones because it's really bad. >> a news conference was a disaster on multiple levels but it's not the news conference, he's been on the world stage for 40 years. he was in charge of the ukraine portfolio under the obama administration. everybody in the ukraine understands joe biden didn't realize his own son was serving on the board of the most corrupt gas company in the world. i talked to president trump
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about this, he's floored like i am on a certain level we all want to pull for the president that we can do better with covid, we can make the world a safer place. putin realizes under biden he can invade ukraine and get away with it, under trump he could not invade ukraine and get away with it. here's what president trump said to me today that was pretty stunning and appropriate. he said putin is realizing that biden is weak but he doesn't realize that biden won't be around in 2024. president trump said today if they invade ukraine, it will make it impossible for any future president to have a normal relationship with russia, which i thought was a pretty wise observation. >> sean: i'm looking at what looks like a band-aid on your nose, he didn't give you a pop in the nosed, did he? >> that's bernie sanders.
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>> he didn't hit you with a golf ball? he's right in his observations and joe biden is a disaster. if you want to take out russia, to me it's easy and it's something that's good for our national security and that is energy independence and it's also good to stop the 40 year high in inflation. every price of every item we buy will go down because it will cost less to ship it and we'll pay less of the pump, less to heat our homes and that would be one way out. if i want to take on china and stop their territorial ambitions with taiwan, i would form a coalition and stop all importing from that will shut down them quick as well, that is both of their economies hanging in the balance. >> russia is exposed as a gas station parading as a country, energy independence for us
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weakens russia. the day that america doesn't have to worry about the mideast in terms of oil and gas is a great day. china is very much connected to the global economy and trump threaten to put tariffs on chinese products, they changed when trump told mexico if you don't help me secure our border i will put tariffs on your products coming out of mexico, they changed, strength works, weakness doesn't, here is my message to president biden, you claim no republican wants to help you, that's not true. you've got to do things we can help you with. why don't we put sanctions on russia now for the buildup, not the invasion. let's punish putin now and why don't we do a lend-lease bill like senator cornyn has doing for the ukrainians what they did for the british in the early stages of world war ii, endless weapons to make sure they're a bunch of dead russians if you invade ukraine. biden cannot adjust his policies
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on energy, can't adjust his policies on borders because the left -- he can adjust his policies on ukraine but we are running out of time. >> sean: i agree, good to see you a. midterm elections are now less than ten months away and with biden polling now at an all-time low in multiple polls, democrats are not fearing the worst. 28 congressional democrats announced they will not be seeking reelection according to 5382 a stunning new folder poll showing republicans are up over 13 percentage points on the generic ballot question. they were down nine points a year ago. if those numbers hold, republicans would easily win back the house and hopefully
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take the senate by pretty wide margins. last night on this program we had former president trump on, here's what he had to say about the upcoming elections, take a listen. what do you advise republicans for these midterm elections? do you plan on getting involved in it, and who do you think the democrats will run and 2024 and are you considering a run? >> i'm very active, i'm doing a lot of endorsements, i'm 158-2, that's a lot of wins. we are endorsing a whole flock of very good people. the whole make america great again, it's all about make america great again, america first, that's why with energy and so many things we are giving away to the enemy, we are giving away to other people, other countries, we're giving all of that tremendous wealth away. >> sean: we have a guy as president coherent and up on the issues. in 1994 led by former speaker of the house newt gingrich, the g.o.p.'s contract with america, that ushered in historic republican gains in the house of
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representatives, the republicans have been out of power in the house for 40 years. the question tonight, cannot happen again? here now is the author of beyond biden which you can get on, fox news contributor former speaker of the house newt gingrich. i happen to be there in the lead up and emceed the night he became speaker, it was a special night for me. i see very similar things emerging. i don't want people to get overconfident, what would you advise? >> i think you are going to see kevin mccarthy -- i think you're going to see a big majority in the senate. if the trafalgar numbers stick or get bigger, you're talking about a tsunami. it would be the largest republican majority at least in 100 years and i think it would be a stunning moment. this coming election night may be as exciting for us as the one
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we spent together in 1994. i think the key is two fold. you want to run if i could a two cited election. big government socialism isn't working, go to any gas station, go to any grocery store, ask people as they look at the empty shelves, it's not working. second, republicans have to have and this is where you and i are in total agreement, we need a new contract. we need a new positive statement that really affects people's lives and says to them you elect us, we are going to work to make your life better and i think we can have a big impact on that and that's exactly where kevin mccarthy is. >> sean: what you're saying is nationalizing the elections. you had a backbone and you would fight, that's what made you successful and you were the architect -- it started with renewing american civilization,
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you taught candidates how to be a candidate, to be honest. a lot of candidates were not very skilled and i'm saying that very diplomatically. you started with ideas, it became a contract, a set of promises. signing your name, making the promise, fighting to keep it and running as a united team, give us the ball, we want to do these things. >> i believe in that, you and i might not agree on timing, we didn't release it until late september. the reason was you don't quite know what the biggest issues are going to be by midsummer. you want to have a contract people can deal with but the training program, the education, the thinking about it, that should go from right now on words. i know leader mccarthy has a
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whole number of teams currently working in the house. it's very important for the senators to understand just being negative isn't enough. it's not enough to win and is not enough to govern. needed to give your word and keep your word, governor glenn youngkin is doing a great job. he's doing what he campaigned on, the people of virginia are getting exactly what they voted for, that's how a free society should work and that's why this year, having some kind of contract would be very powerful. to be elected to an essay to the biden white house, look, we were elected to do these things we are going to do them. we got all the major things accomplished with a democratic president, we didn't stay negative for two years and i would be very much against for the country's sake i would be
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against us having a purely negative congress for 23 and 24. >> sean: always good to have you, we appreciate you. forget his book, thank goodness --, bookstores everywhere. when we come back, this is outrageous. one built in california proposing preteens be allowed to take the covid vaccine without parental consent and more evidence dr. felt he thinks very highly of himself and tammy bruce and clay travis, straight ahead with us.
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of working to help students safely return to the classroom, the san francisco school board focused on renaming schools and playing politics. and they've even saddled our district with a $125 million deficit. our children can't wait for new leadership. here's our chance for a fresh start. on february 15th, please recall school board members collins, lópez and moliga before our kids fall even further behind.
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♪ ♪ >> this the say fox news alert to. at least one new york police officer is dead and one other is fighting for their life following a shooting in harlem tonight to. the officers were responding to a fight between a mother and a
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son at an apartment complex. they were greeted by gunfire as they arrived on the scene. the officer died at the local hospital, the suspect was also shot but no word on that person's condition. this is the third time in four days that new york officers have faced gunfire on the job. in other news, a federal judge in texas has blocked the biden administration's vaccine and date for all federal workers. the latest to be blocked by courts. the white house said 90% of all federal workers are already vaccinated. for all your headlines log on to
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♪ ♪ >> sean: another day, another failure for dr. flip-flop, the discredited dr. isn't spewing such gloom and doom and lying to you the american people, he apparently is sitting in his office looking at photos of himself. take a look right there. newly surfaced photos showing him sitting in his office surrounded by pictures of himself including a fauci bobblehead. not that anyone will be surprised by any of this. he's saying the pfizer vaccine could receive authorization for kids under five as early as next month. what happened to follow the science? will he want them to show proof of vaccination to go to a restaurant or a bowling alley? out in california a new bill from the far left, their state lawmakers would allow preteens to be vaccinated and they don't need to parental consent to. here with reaction, the cohost of the clay travis buck sexton show along with fox news contributor tammy bruce. let's look at the legal side of
6:29 pm
this if we can and i see fauci now, where is the science that shows kids under five are dying from covid? kids five through 12 we now know die at about the same rate as influenza, how come a government would think they have a right to allow free teenagers to make medical decisions and not talk to mommy and daddy? i don't want the government taking over my children's medical decisions, that's my job. >> you think the government would have learned from parents at school boards, for some reason they think we are already placated and submissive them of this not the case, already we've seen multiple instances now, the last couple of weeks where data we were told about regarding covid was wrong. the number of hospitals and hospitalizations and deaths, and a number of data we are finding out is wrong and the nature of
6:30 pm
how they are determining the nature of the framework of whether or not the vaccines are safe with children. we are looking at the safest category of people, we are looking at this government and it goes now to california. this democratic party, not wanting to let a good crisis go to waste. we've seen an argument that your children are not your own, they belong to the community and this is a way to reinforce that especially when it comes to minor children and the choices they are allowed to make, that is only up to the parents. it's going to take lawsuits and parents standing up again and again. >> sean: i get your take on all this, show me the science that we need to now give vaccinations under five and tell me why the government would have the right to tell preteens to make important medical decisions and not talk to mommy and daddy, i think mommy and daddy have a
6:31 pm
right to weigh in on that. >> no doubt. i've got three kids, they aren't getting the covid vaccine. i've done my research, i've talked to the doctors that i trust, i would encourage every parent to do the same and if you come to a different decision, that's fine. that doesn't make me anti-vaccine, my kids have had the measles, mumps, rubella, all of those shots. that's because those viruses actually produce significant danger to children. i think this is important out there i've been fighting against mask mandates in school, i have public school kids i talked at my local school board but if you look at the data, your kids are more likely to drown, they are more likely to be murdered, they are more likely to die in a traffic accident, they are more likely oftentimes if they are young to have significant risk from the seasonal flu than they do from covid. if you are a parent and you want your kid amassed and you want to her 3-year-old to be vaccinated
6:32 pm
for covid, that is your right, it should 100 billion percent not to be a mandates. my wife and i are going to make a decision for our three kids, they aren't going to get the covid vaccine, if your doctors and you disagree, that's your right but the idea of government mandates here is older -- and makes zero sense. >> sean: some of the biggest mistakes fauci made that i kind of resent, i'll give you three quick ones. masks don't work, he said that in march of 2020, then he said if you got the vaccine you would never get covid, joe biden said the same thing get the vaccine and you won't get covid to. i know plenty of people with the vaccine and the booster, they are getting at them for the second time. he was wrong when he said we will never mandate this vaccine, he lied about that, he lied about the wuhan virology lab. these are not small issues to me, these are big issues that they got wrong and why should
6:33 pm
anybody trust them now? i have no trust for him or the cdc or the nih or any of these politicians. >> when you think about it, there has not been one issue that they have been correct on. as though they are adjusting to things in a moment, this is particularly shocking because fauci has been in this position for decades, you would think with all of his experience, he would know this is not our first experience with the pandemic, the kind of virus. they weren't entirely surprised, they would necessarily have to know about vaccines, how can the vaccine company make statements that end up being ultimately false when it comes to the veracity and the strength of the vaccine and what the vaccine itself would do. combined, someone should of been
6:34 pm
able to said wait, this is wrong, ultimately we know he was correct the first time around before all of the politics got poured into that bowl. we have to remember there are certain things to assess and we can make determinations about this, take information that seems correct, make judgments when sepals seem to be lying deliberately and realize there is a history here. the bottom line is as clay has noted and you have as well, we are at a point now where we know what's right, what we want to do for our own family and how we are going to approach the situation. >> sean: thank you both, in a clear political stunt of the new york attorney general is following through on what was campaign promises to go after the trump family. but should you be allowed to campaign on something like that and follow through on something like that? or is recusal the proper way to go? president trump's attorney will join us next to explain how the trump family is fighting back,
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now the new york attorney general letitia james is doubling down on her years long anti-trump witch hunt and is claiming she has uncovered misleading asset valuations from the trump organization. clearly this is a politically motivated investigation. according to the former presidents lawyers, she is abandoning what are basic, fundamental, fair, prosecutorial standards all while violating basic constitutional rights. she is not an objective voice for justice. remember what she said, this is what she was saying when she was running her campaign about trump and the trump family. >> we will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate
6:40 pm
president when our fundamental rights are at stake. i believe the president of the united states can be indicted for criminal offenses. >> it's going to be a real pain in the [bleep]. >> sean: here with more, president trump's attorney elina haber is with us. i'm not familiar with the attorney general but if you run on a campaign to go after one person, one company, one organization, one family and you focus on that, with that not require some type of recusal? i've never heard of a case of a prosecutor running to prosecute one individual. >> that's exactly correct, that's because it doesn't exist. just remember, before she was attorney general she was saying
6:41 pm
she was going to go after former president trump and his family and anybody in his orbit was her quote exactly, recognizing that she actually had no basis at that point, she had not been part of an investigation, she wasn't attorney general. then she takes office and says we are going to weaponize's entire office and you are all going to spend all of your energy looking at trump, anything trump because i'm a democrat, he's a republican. that violates everything constitutionally we stand for, due process. it's a fishing expedition which is unconstitutional, it's a viewpoint discrimination against our first amendment rights. it's everything on attorney general should not do, the need to be impartial. >> sean: let me ask you this because so far what i've heard is they had a company card and it didn't get reported, a company apartment and maybe the company apartment didn't get reported and somebody should have filed that on the tax form for the president gave money,
6:42 pm
god forbid, for a scholarship for a kid to go to school and now we are talking about asset valuation. i would think a company car, company apartment, donating money for a scholarship and asset valuation, wouldn't asset valuation also be the responsibility of any lender? they have to agree with the valuation before they sign off on any loan especially were talking about a lot of money? >> that is the portion that is technically in her purview but she has declared she is part of both the criminal and the civil investigation which is also unethical. as you said, you nailed it. valuations of real estate property, valuations of any property are subjective. lenders that we are talking about our institutional
6:43 pm
sophisticated lenders. if you think deutsche bank lends money to anyone without doing their own process and tools and valuation of the assets from the ground up which is incredibly subjective, incredibly subjective, then you are doubting a lot of the banks and the people that would work with the trump organization and the trump family, it's ridiculous. >> sean: is there a means -- i know there has been a lawsuit filed, is there a means for a recusal in this case? i would assume an associate ag would take over anyway and probably have the same agenda, no? >> the likelihood that an associate would take over and have the same agenda, highly likely. anybody working with her is probably of the same mind-set but that's not what we are asking for a loan. we are asking for numerous things right now. there is the investigation portion which has been going on for years, despite her claims we have been given the millions of
6:44 pm
documents and there are great attorneys working on that case right now that are really champions of the trump organization and the trump family and that's why nothing has happened in so many years. then there is action in the northern district which is the newer action against miss james and it's for the unethical act and it's not only asking her to recuse herself but it's also saying we cannot continue with any of these investigations until we take a look at how somebody has been in charge of it and weaponizing the office for years using new york money, meanwhile children are going thrown in front of the subway. this is what we are asking, stop, take a look at this office, something is wrong here. >> sean: we are going to follow the case, sadly i have the term and we don't have equal justice or application of our laws and we have a dual justice system. justice should be blind.
6:45 pm
thank you for being with us, we appreciate its. straight ahead, woke culture is coming to every aspect of your life, you're not going to believe this one. even the candy you eat, if you are an m&m lover, wait until you hear this story next.
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they are bowing to make candy more inclusive, it's not inclusive? mars explaining the candy's characters will have an updated tone, a voice that is more inclusive, welcoming, and unifying. i think everyone that sees m&ms
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and like m&ms finds them very welcoming. while remaining rooted in our signature gesture, wit, and humor. for example the green m&m will switch its footwear from high-heeled boots to sneakers, but of course the madness doesn't stop there as a virginia high school in fairfax county is now under fire for so call privilege bingo exercise in the classroom. look at your screen. the bingo card, forced students to identify their privilege with the squares including things like able-bodied, being a military kid, having parents that both went to college, even being driven to school among many other things. can someone explain the educational value in trying to needlessly divide students and what does the purpose of putting up those barriers between classmates? fairfax county public schools told us in a statement we have revised this activity and will
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review the unit plan two we apologize for any offense it may have unintentionally caused. i've got the vapors. pair with reaction the host of the upcoming new show on saturday night and we knew him back when. i made a prediction years ago that within three years, lawrence jones won't even take my phone calls, it's turning out to be true. his brand-new show debuts, we are very proud of him two thank you, we love you along with the host of fox across america, all right we start with you. i don't even know the m&m characters, all i know is i'm in a hotel room and they got a bar at the side of the bar they have
6:52 pm
vodka, cashews, and m&ms. if m&ms are in there and it's 3:00 in the morning and i wake up and i stumble upon them, i'm good to eat them and i had no idea that the green ones wore high heels until now. >> all i can think about as they all taste the same. if it has the peanuts in a doorknob, it's all i care about when it comes to m&ms. we laugh at this stuff but the progressives have lost their minds. when you see what's happening across the country, you see crime and minority communities and how it's impacting them. you see education and these unions wanted to shut schools down, we know it's directly impacting the minority kids. you look at the economy under donald trump, there was a record numbers for black folk. unemployment numbers with the lowest ever, now it's skyrocketing. after all of that they want to talk about m&ms when they can focus on the real issues facing the country. i don't think they care about those issues i think they care
6:53 pm
about identity politics. >> sean: i don't know a whole lot about m&ms except i agree with lawrence. i didn't know they had these stupid characters. i look at the green m&m, the yellow m&m, the orange m&m, they all taste the same to me and in the middle of the night, that bag is not surviving in a room with sean hannity. >> no question. i only assumed you had me on because i look like i get paid in m&ms. i just want to .1 thing out. i have never seen a green m&m at fox since they gave lawrence jones his own show, he became such a diva of the staff removes them from the green room. i'm looking into this conversation but i can't keep up. i want to jump in really quick pick of the reason the left loves moves like this is because there is no deliverable. there's no way to tangibly
6:54 pm
measure whether or not this had a positive impact on kids. we know it won't when you go trick-or-treating then you get a bag of m&ms you don't go i wonder what kind of relationship they are in. this is beautiful so they can act like they are doing something for kids but nothing is happening. i promise we have an obesity epidemic in this country and obesity is one of the leading causes of covid. we don't need m&ms in sneakers, we need kids and sneakers, you know what i'm saying? it's bad. >> sean: let's talk about this bingo card forcing students to identify so-called privileged. explained to me how being able-bodied is privileged or a military kid's privilege or if mommy and daddy driving to school and you don't take the bus i guess that is a privilege. kids in school, we spend more per capita on education we have some of the worst results. why in god's name are we
6:55 pm
spending time wasting our time in school? >> i think it's going to go down in history, we as conservatives made a big mistake by giving the schools to be progressive. you wonder why when it comes to competing around the world we are doing so well. we are shutting down schools and teaching this nonsense, you're telling people to hate their parents and telling people -- telling students to hit classmates, telling people to judge each other by their identity, it's not good help is on the world stage. >> sean: last word, jimmy. >> some of these things aren't even privilege, if you're a kid and your parents just graduated college, chances are they are in debt and they hate america, wants to grow up in that house? >> >> sean: will not continue,
6:56 pm
hannity next one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol.
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>> sean: unfortunately that is all the time we have for this evening, thank you for being with us. you make this show possible. we hope you set your dvr, in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled, laura ingraham, the ingraham angle is next. i hope you have a great weekend, we'll see you back here on monday. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. senators rand paul and ted cruz are here, plus raymond arroyo will bring you a can't-miss friday follies. but first, no place for kids, that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> my whole mission in congress is about the children, for the children, you have to be prepared to throw a punch for the children. >> if you work hard, you


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