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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 21, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> john: the music i con known as meatloaf passed away. the texas native had a six decade career best known for "bat out of hell." he was sick with covid tmz said. >> sandra: great to be with you. i'm in for neil at 4:00. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: all right. thank you very much to you both. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. right now on "the story," as president biden said with troops amassed on ukraine's border, putin has to do something. his guess is that putin will move in. fox confirmed the united states is prepping plans to evacuate our people from the embassy there as antony blinken spent 90
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minutes with foreign minister lavrov. lavrov saying that he's going to wait for the u.s. response to the russian proposals that they put forward and see what the u.s. says about them. for his part, secretary blinken said "there's no trade space there, none." okay. so what happens now? some see europe on the bring of war, a moment not seen since world war ii. others question why we would send billions to ukraine for this effort. former national security adviser robert o'brien stands by. victor davis henson joins us. first to benjamin hall in geneva where this meeting took place. good afternoon, ben. >> good afternoon, martha. there were no major break throughing in geneva today. the bar had been set very low. the one thing that did come out of it is this u.s. concession.
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secretary blinken finally agreeing to give russia the response to his demands and his concerns. a few days ago, secretary blinken said he would not give a written response because they were not true or based in fact. i asked him about this earlier. here's what he said. >> look me in the eye and lie to your face. why humor a response? >> when it comes to the conversation we had, i think the charitable interpretation would be that sometimes we and russia have different interpretations of history. >> nevertheless, by agreeing to the letters which will be delivered next week, secretary blinken has bought more time for diplomacy. the two sides agreed to meet again leading up to another biden-putin meeting. russia continues to mass its troops posturing for an invasion and destabilizing ukraine. its economy is crumbling. cracks are appearing between
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nato allies in how they should respond. today's meeting went as expected. secretary blinken offered the russians and saying there would be consequences if russia innovated. u.s. officials have told fox news the intelligence seems to suggest the russians will invade. we don't know when, how or where they will be. certainly that seems to be the impression and the administration at the moment. martha? >> benjamin hall, thanks very much in geneva. robert o'brien is national security adviser under president trump. thanks for being here today. what was your read on this? the words matter less than the actions. what do you expect that russia will actually do next? >> well, we got here here when have to looked a the road that we took to get here.
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we gave nord stream 2 for nothing. we gave them an extension of a new start of the nuclear arms treaty for number. something that they wanted. vladimir putin decided to put a gun to the head of the west by moving troops to the ukraine and threatening to get to innovate if he couldn't get nato and what arms could be placed in current nato countries. he's developed an appetite for u.s. concessions. the time for appeasement to the russians is over. they're looking at our words carefully and also actionsn't there's three things that we need to do. we need to move the 250 m-1 abram tanks that poland has ordered and get them there immediately and get to our allies and moving their troops. germany is paying under 2% and
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trending toward 1% of their gdp to nato. and the american taxpayers are paying for germany's defense. we need to move troops into poland to re-assure allies and nato on the eastern front and send a message to the russians that they're not coming through our allies in the east. we have too make it clear that if the russians decide to invade a little bit, the consequences to their economy will be devastating. they'll be cut off from the world banking system. the soccer teams will be seized and they'll have no cheese but to be a junior partner to china for the foreseeable future. we need to take strong actions now. the words are unfortunately are not enough. >> martha: it's interesting when you talk about that minor incursion language. then today you have biden saying that russia could have their
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gray zone tactics from 2014. deploying soldiers that don't have uniforms. a little move here, a little gray area there into who these folks are, which is interesting when you look at the president's language. he said he would not tolerate an official tank killing ukrainians and it would not be loued. what do you see in that? >> the president's comments were a mistake. he realizes they were a mistake. i think the president made an honest mistake when he talked about a minor incourse into the ukraine. the problem is the russians have watched what happened in afghanistan and the concessions that we've given them. they watched us being weak on china. so they think there's room to maneuver there. the president's comments confirmed it. reminded me of ambassador
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gillespie in 1990 when she said that the u.s. doesn't take a position on borders and saddam hussein took that as a green light to invade kuwait. now we have to have actions, not words to clear it up for the russians. >> martha: so how far should the united states be willing to go in terms of military support? a lot of people look at this situation. on the one hand, president biden says there's not going to be any entree to nato any time soon for ukraine. if that is the fact, why would we even consider any sort of military support for ukraine? a lot of people say why do we care about their borders? >> we ought to show more concern for our own borders. having said that, the ukrainians are our friends. they're not asking for us to fight for them. i've been there.
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they want the tools to fight the russians. they want us to be the arsenal of democracy. i can't tell you how much they would like that $80 billion of equipment that we left for the taliban. imagine if the ukrainians had that. they don't. they'll fight for themselves. what we need to do for nato, poland, bulgaria, we have to be forward deployed to let them know they're not coming into nato and this is not a slippery slope when the germans took czech slovokia. i think the ukrainians are asking for equipment to fight for their own country. we have to make sure that they have it. >> martha: what is the national security interest for the united states in this fight? >> our primary national security interest in europe is making
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sure that nato is defended. we don't want to have russia overrunning nonnato friends and putting more pressure on our allies. number 2, the chinese are watching this carefully. xi jinping is watching every move that vladimir putin takes and considering that as he decides whether or not to invade taiwan after the olympics. taiwan is a massive national security interest. it's the cork in the pacific. if taiwan falls, the pla navy flows out in to the pacific, threat tens hawaii, california, alaska. cut our allies in japan off from australia and new zealand. so we need to make sure the idea that nation states can invade their neighbors and took them over by conquest is not the new normal in international relations. it will have consequences far beyond ukraine. >> martha: robert o'brien,
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thanks very much. good to see you, ambassador. >> great to be with you. >> martha: also joining me now, victor davis hanson. great to have you with us. if i may, i'd like to put up on the screen a "new york post" op-ed headline that reads "biden acts like putin's puppet more than trump ever did." you take a look at the corners that president trump was cozying up to president putin, you look at the movements in terms of what's gone on here and now that we have twice as much russian oil that we bring into this country and pay for than we did last year, how do you assess it? >> sandra: the beginning of wisdom is to see how we got here as mr. o'brien said. you have to remember, putin did this in 2014 when he invaded
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crimea. we remember the hot mic moment where obama said wait until after the election. then we had four years as the president was called a puppet. john brennan and clapper called him a traitor and treasonist. but we flooded the world that russia didn't like. we killed 200 russian mercenaries, we stood up to north korea, got out of the iran deal. putin said that we were unpredictable as we beefed up defenses and made nato spend an extra 100 million. then now we betray our allies
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and scamper out of afghanistan without notice. that was not a big advertisement for nato solidarity. now biden, you mention the conversations that he has and the press conferences where he seems unsure. putin watches the domestic scene. where the chairman of the joint chiefs said that he might have to tip them off in case of a national emergency or the primary goal is to address climate change and white privilege or supremacy rather than battlefield readiness, putin gets encouraged. he's back to where he was in 2014. how do we deter him? the only thing i'm worried about, martha, he wants ukraine not to be in nato. ukraine has president been in
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nato for 30 years. it's been a part of russia. is it in our interest to make it a nato member? we don't want to say we're not going to make it because you tell us to but we haven't made it a member for 30 years. there's reasons why. i don't think people believe in europe in florence or amsterdam that they're going to fight russians if they invade nato ukraine. that's what would happen. if ukraine was a member right now of nato and it invoked article 5 and every nato country had to come to its defense to deter russia, you'd see the end of nato. an alliance is not just formal. it's actuality. until nato members believe that ukraine belongs in europe and willing to defend it with its life, if you fake that reality, it's even more disastrous. that's what we're doing. we're saying we're all going to protect ukraine and maybe some
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day it will be part of nato. putin, given the history of our actions and those of the europeans, he doesn't believe that. that is dangerous. once you invoke article 5 and people don't come to your defense, you have no alliance. that would be the case right now if ukraine was in nato. not that i would approve of it but that is a realist perception. >> martha: great points as always. victor davis hanson. nailed it in terms of what is going on here and why putin is not that concerned in a lot of ways. thank you, victor. think about this just a moment. president biden won 63% of the latino vote in 2020. recent polling shows that he now has only 28% of their support. what is going on there? that shift that is underway could change the electoral map
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saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business: powering possibilities. >> martha: so developing now, thousands of pro life activists at the supreme court as justices consider a mississippi law that bans abortions at 15 weeks. with the potential to bring about the biggest change to abortion law since the precedent that was set by roe v. wade 50 years ago. a decision could come as early as june. really no sign which way this is going to go at this point. that would be right in the shadow of the mid-term resoundingly won the hispanic
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vote as a chain of democrats have behind him. he got 63% to then president trump's 35. we've seen those numbers shake out in many elections over the past 20 years. now one year in, look at this shift that is going on. only 28% of hispanic voters say that they approve of the job that the president is doing. as latinos like the rest of those polled reveal a shift to the right. you saw the numbers that we've been showing to you. it was negative 7. positive 7 democrat i.d., now positive 7 gop i.d. across the country. our panel will join us in moments. first, let's go to hillary vaughn live in washington. hi, hillary. >> hi, martha. mayors have a front row seat on policies made here in washington actually impact americans every day. we've had several republican
12:21 pm
mayors tell us today that they think republicans have a good shot at winning over more hispanic voters in the mid-terms. what do you think is drawing that demographic to support republicans when they haven't in the past? >> because we have a simple message. the message is keep taxes as low as humanly possible, making sure the kind of economy that we have is an copy for our children and grandchildren. that's something that resonates with hispanics. >> a wall treat journal poll found that right now hispanic voters have a negative outlook on the economy right now. 63% think it is headed in the wrong direction. republicans in to 2022 are trying to capitalize on gains that former president trump made in 2020. a "new york times" op-ed explained trump gain among latinos saying this. donald trump made inroads with latino voters because he and republican governors kept the economy open during the
12:22 pm
pandemic, cut taxes, distributed stimulus checks and expedited vaccine development. the campaign arm of the democratic party is planning on spending $30 million to try to win back latino voters in 2022. all that money isn't going to do anything if voters are not buying in to the biden agenda. martha? >> martha: we will see. hillary, thank you very much. so joining me now is washington examiner national reporter. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> martha: i want to start by putting up the percentage of latino vote over the last several presidential elections. with the exception of mitt romney, seems a steady growth over that period. after the romney -- he was close to president trump. mccain had 31%. so after that, they did an
12:23 pm
autopsy of the republican party and tried to figure out why they weren't reaching minority voters in a stronger way. so jose, it would appear that that seems to be working. what do you think about this really substantial shift that we're seeing in the latino vote right now? >> look, i think first and foremost, democrats have to recognize that we have to do a better job in messaging to latinos to showcase what biden has done for them. we have vaccinated over 208 million americans. there's good things that has happened. i think the dnc democrats, we have to do a better job messaging the latino community. >> i know you spent a lot of time across the country in small towns and cities talking to voters about what they're thinking and feeling about how the government is doing.
12:24 pm
what are they telling you? >> i've been following the phenomena of hispanic voters moving towards the republican party since 2018 when rick scott in his senate campaign. they reached out to them as if they were anybody else. and that messaging is what has worked and i think that part of the problem that democrats have had with hispanics where they segmented and say this is for the hispanic vote. hispanic voters, third, fourth, five generation see themselves as not as hispanic voters but as someone who is the same as their neighbor next door. their issue separates around community and what is the best thing for their family.
12:25 pm
that's just like any other voter in this family. that's what republicans have done well and better and that democrats started to fail on. >> yeah, it's interesting, jose. let's put this up. this is a very interesting poll. hispanics are divided if they're asked right now. this is a "wall street journal" poll if they would vote for president biden or president trump. look at that. 44 biden, 43 trump. so jose, even in your answer, you said hispanic voters need to understand better how much has been done for them. maybe they don't want to be treated like them. maybe they want to be treated like americans and they want people to understand that the economy matters to them, freedom matters to them. yeah. >> latinos are as american as anybody else. so i agree 100%. we have to recognize, you have to treat them respectfully. look at the way president trump treated them. they're gangsters, doing bad
12:26 pm
things. joe biden has not treated latinos. >> martha: they don't seem to feel that way. they say look -- >> martha, it's early. they don't feel that way. >> what we have learned is that polls don't mean anything. that's what matters. i'm not worry about the polls. they come up and down. remember, we're going to continue messaging latinos that we're here and we'll protect them and continue to ensure that they're taken care of when it comes to the economy and climate change and creating jobs. >> martha: they want to be talked to like everybody else in terms of the direction of the country and where we're headed. i thank you both for coming. this is one of the big stories of the election cycle in 2022
12:27 pm
and 2024 in terms of where this goes. thanks, jose and selina. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> martha: so after president biden chuckles and calls an on-point question from jacqui heinrich stupid, we'll show you that and take a look at other exchanges and dive into this president's prickly relationship with reporters and talk to someone that covers the media closely. joe concha about what he sees developing in this trend. that's next. >> the thing that always amazes me about the questions and i apologize for having been short. i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at >> martha: wild video from los angeles. goodness. motorcyclists crashing into a car after going upwards of 130 miles per hour. we have caused the video of impact that sent the rider card wheeling in to the air more than 100 feet to his death. the lapd tells fox that that motorcycle was a stolen vehicle and that the officers were tracking it from a helicopter, but had determined that they should not pursue it behind it because it might be too
12:32 pm
dangerous. look at what happened. the two individuals that were driving this car were also hospitalized. we're awaiting for an update on their condition. media coverage of president biden's time in office taking a turn the past couple weeks as his agenda has stalled and crises have mounted at home and abroad leading to moments like these where the president lost his cool. >> president, can we ask you a question? >> no, you can't. >> how are you confident he will change his behavior. >> i'm not confident. what the hell do you do all the time? >> the veterans -- >> [inauldable]. >> you think that might incentivize more people from coming over illegally? >> if you keep sending out that
12:33 pm
garbage, yeah. >> martha: let's bring in joe concha, columnist for the hill and fox news contributor. a lot of spicy back and forth. some of those go back to may. we see that at times and occasionally from president trump as well. >> this is not mr. grouchy hollingsworth. this is the president of the united states. he said to his staff on day one, if you're ever working with me and i hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, i promise you i will fire you on the spot." time and again during his press conference this week that wasn't in that montage, he's yelling at reporters or mocking them for asking these questions. by the way, the louder someone gets, the more defensive and
12:34 pm
insecure they appear. why wouldn't he be insecure? polls show seven in ten americans don't want him to run again. this president continually mistakes volume for decisiveness. think of charles krauthammer used to make an argument. it's only going to get worse as his polling continues to crater. >> martha: joe concha, always good to see you. thanks very much. have a great weekend. >> martha: coming up, the incredible story of a former afghan army soldier that fought alongside our u.s. forces who has now received a warm welcome from his new neighbors in florida. >> imagine what it is like to
12:35 pm
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>> martha: arizona's attorney general said if he's not intimidated by the biden administration's threat to pull covid-19 relief funds to arizona because they refuse to make masks mandatory in their school systems. so in a letter to janet yellen, the a.g. writes "shouldn't surprise anyone that the u.s. department of treasury is again trying to overstep its constitutional bounds and dictate arizona how our state should run and fund our schools. arizona republican governor doug doocy joins me now with more.
12:40 pm
what is the next move with arizona and the federal government on this fight? >> good to see you, martha. thanks for having me. arizona is going to file a lawsuit against the biden administration, against this federal overreach and continued bullying and attacks on our state. we are going to use the dollars that congress has appropriated to catch our kids up in school. we want the dollars to go to the families that need to get their child inside a classroom, that is functioning, with the teacher in front. joe biden needs to focus on the border or helping ukraine or fixing afghanistan. why doesn't he stay in his federal lane and let us educate the children and the state of arizona? >> martha: you know what i find fascinating about this, governor and i know you want those dollars to be portable so parents can say this school is open and this is what their rules are and that's where i want my child to go.
12:41 pm
what i find fascinating about this is the $182 billion that went to school systems across the country and supposed to use it for testing and mitigation. president biden said we weren't too happy with what happened to some of the money. once we give it to them, it's their money to spend the way they want. why is it the only place that they're watching where the money goes is arizona? >> there's been no accountability to the unions for the amount of money that they've been given. they continue to focus on arizona. for some reason, this president is obsessed with masks and with mandates. he has a very little focus on math or reading or writing. that's what we're trying to get our kids caught up along with american civics so they can understand federalism. this president needs a lesson in it. >> martha: this is the issue that i have been really focused
12:42 pm
on because i don't understand why the department of education's number 1 priority is not catching the kids up. they're all over a year, months behind in some cases and perhaps as much as a year in others. so are you going to have summer school or are you going to have longer school days? what is the plan to try to actually make sure that your kid are where they need to be so they don't get anxiety over this? >> what i believe the department of education's number 1 priority is trying to please these government unions. look at their decision making and lack of accountability, that what you see. we're going to have a summer camp in june, july and august. our focus is to catching our kids up. we want to eliminate learning loss and we're going to focus on math, reading and american civics with quality teachers
12:43 pm
inside flexible settings to accommodate our kids and families. it's been tough on our kids of color and kids in poor and low income areas. the pandemic has not been good for them. distance learning hasn't no been good for them. in arizona, we're getting them back in the classroom with a teacher at the head of the classroom. if a school system will not work with us, we're giving family flexible -- families flexible dollars to go anywhere in the state to serve their child well. >> martha: you're giving people choice and extra schooling to catch up. nobody likes to go to school. you're giving them a gift to get caught up, which is going to relieve a lot of anxiety over
12:44 pm
slipping behind as well. governor ducey, thank you. very good to talk to you. thank you, sir. so an afghan soldier that fought alongside our u.s. forces evacuated the country on one of the very last flights out with his wife. his baby was born on board the plane. now their american dream is beginning in florida, this incredible story and afghan war veteran and michael waltz whose district they're from joins me next. >> we're still thinking about those people like what if i was there, if i were them. stuck with my family. with my baby, having no food and still go hide and save yourself. and it's easy to customize your insurance at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? limu?
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>> martha: this breaking moments ago. the fbi has just released details of a notebook that they found with the body of brian laundrie. his body was found in october after an extensive man hunt. in late august, one of the final u.s. military evacuation flights from afghanistan carrying a man and his wife. as the plane touched down in qatar, his wife gave birth to a baby girl on the transport plane. now thanks in part to a chance, the family is settling in to their new home in florida.
12:50 pm
jennifer griffin reports. >> martha, it started with a conversation with a good samaritan in jacksonville, florida who wanted to help evacuees. i connected her to the independent fund that matched them with this family. >> baby dunya was one of the afghan babies born on board u.s. military evacuation flights last august. >> i was hurting. it was like don't make it happen here. she felt pain. she said it's getting worse. right as the aircraft landed was the right time. >> dunya was born as the c-17 landed in qatar. she and her family arrived to a warm reception at a vfw hall in florida. >> it's amazing what they've been through. >> now a step closer to achieving the american dream,
12:51 pm
she committed herself to helping refugees when she lost her baby daughter in 1968. >> i want to show what america stands for. >> she welcomed the family and providing a fully furnished house and paying their rent a you. that started a college fund for the baby. in a twist of fate, the little girl's birthday shares it with her. >> she graduated from westpoint and first brought to the u.s. to complete an english immersion program in texas. he was certified as a blackhawk helicopter pilot. >> what he did is greater than anything we could thank him for. >> and kay han has the following
12:52 pm
wish for his daughter. he and his wife are now adjusting to their new life in jacksonville. grateful now that they're safe. >> the kind of good news story that we all need on this friday, martha. >> martha: ginfer, i'm so glad you were able to start the ball rolling what a wonderful story. carol is a remarkable person. so michael waltz is a former green beret commander and served multiple tours in afghanistan. he has a deep personal connection to these stories. congressman, great to have you with us and share that story with our viewers. we've had a lot of tough stories, people that didn't get out. this is a good one. >> right. so proud of my hometown, jacksonville, florida, to opening their arms and opening their great city to our allies. i think every american was just
12:53 pm
so appalled at this betrayal and the way this was -- this withdrawal was done. and it just warms my heart and i think yours too to see so many people stepping up with their own money and their own resources. you know, in the bigger picture, the veterans groups that have done so much to get americans out and our allies out are still at it. many quit their jobs and lift -- exhausted their savings. i just spoke with one this morning. there's still americans there now that they're getting out and legal permanent residents and not to mention thousands of allies. they're doing it despite the state department and defense department with very little help from their own government. they're not going to give up, i'm not going to give up. i'll really thrilled to see that they're great floridians opening their hearts and homes. >> imagine what we could
12:54 pm
accomplish if these great veterans groups could work in tandem with the state department, leaning on each other when it comes to this money going over there to help people. i know you feel strongly that they will do a better job. you're hoping for a path past to citizenship, right? >> he was a blackhawk pilot. many of these pilots want to join the u.s. military. if they're willing to step up yet again and serve with us, they shouldn't be at the bottom of the pile when it comes to citizenship. i'll be introducing that this year. you're right. the state department should be in a public private partnership with the veterans groups working with them and giving them hundreds of millions of aid not working against them. >> martha: congressman, thanks so much. good to see you. mikes waltz from florida. wire awaiting an update in texas on what the fbi is calling an act of anti-semitism after an attack on a synagogue there in
12:55 pm
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the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. ♪♪ >> martha: just one of the many meatloaf videos that i watched this morning when i heard this sad news that the grammy award winning singer, meatloaf has passed at the age of 74. two out of three ain't bad is one of his many hits. "bat out of hell" was a sound track of many teens. it was one of the best selling albums all time still to this
1:00 pm
died. we're told he died and the cause of death was not released. 1947 to 2022. that's "the story" of this friday, january 21, 2022. we will look forward to seeing you back here monday. have a great weekend. meantime, thanks for joining us today. "your world" starts right now. take care, everybody. >> sandra: thanks, martha. will a last ditch effort to stave off a ukrainian invasion? good afternoon. i'm sandra smith. it's a world on edge hanging on talks with the u.s. and russia. both sides agreeing today to keep talking. now we're waiting for the next move. we've got you covered with greg palkot in ukraine on what comes next over there. jacqui heinrich and the white house. we'll be speaking to bil


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