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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 21, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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i feel more energetic. the person that i've always been has shown up to the party again. >> just one year into the biden presidency and it's in turmoil. the pandemic the president promised to shut down is out of control, inflation is at a four decade high, the border is a mess, violent crime continues to climb and many are asking why hasn't anyone been fired yet? this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. here are my co-hosts, former state department spokesman morgan ortega and in the center seat fox and friends co-host
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steve ducey. time magazine is marking his first year with a bleak cover, showing the president being rained on with a giant cloud hovering over the oval office. behind biden are several boxes of those promised covid rapid tests. just six months ago, however, the same magazine showed president biden looking tough, wearing his trademark aviators before his first meeting with russia's vladamir putin. the white house hitting so many bumps in this first year. it has many biden allies asking, who is going to be held accountable for this, starting with white house chief of staff ron cling. kayleigh, i think there's no better person to get first thoughts on this. >> yeah, emily. remarkable. those two covers you had up there from "time." what a fall from grace in just a few short months. if you get at really how bad things are in washington, sometimes you have to read
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behind the lines, emily. looking at a story and anonymous sourcing, trying to read a little bit into what's going on. i'll tell you this, since the beginning of the administration, we started getting those kamala harris stories about the vice president's office being in turmoil. there was one cnn article that had almost three dozen sources. but largely the biden team has been pretty disciplined and not talking to press, not leaking. joe biden's inner circle has been largely insulated from those types of stories. until now. now we're seeing story after story with finger pointing at ron clane among others. there was a story that came out with three dozen sources with president joe biden. interestingly, in that cnn article, one of the president's private conversations was leaked. it said this. that in private, publicly he told us he doesn't look at poll numbers or doesn't believe them. he told us that during his press conference. privately he's expressing
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exasperation that his message isn't breaking through and saying, quote, why is no one seeing it? so you now have people leaking the president's conversation. the trump administration was plagued with leaks from the very beginning. but this is a really right hand turn for the wide biden administration. finally as the titanic is sinking, the finger pointing is starting. fortunately that titanic is not just the biden administration, it's our country. >> on that note, panning out from the white house to the greater public, we know now that, per those recent polls kayleigh mentioned, 56% of americans disapprove of biden's performance, and 70% of them do not want the president to run again in 2024, steve. >> you know, those numbers aren't surprising. everything has gone crazy. there's the question, would you like to see biden run for president in 2024? 70% say no. who are the 30% who say yes, just out of curiosity? obviously, his hard core base. going back to the "time"
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magazine cover commemorating the first year, although it seems slightly longer for some odd reason. i thought "time" magazine was trying to push the president into doing something about climate change. look at this, it's raining inside the oval office. you've got to fix it. if you look on the desk, remember mitt romney got in trouble for binders? on the desk you got a bunch of binders for mr. biden. they are inflation, putin, build back better, voting rights and president trump. where's the binder on the border? where's the binder on gas prices? more importantly, where's the binder on crime? you know why they don't have binders on that? because those are not important in biden world. i have heard from somebody at the white house that there's an expression in biden world, essentially, i'm going to paraphrase, nobody knew. i'm not talking about nobody
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knew it was going to happen. i'm talking about no new people. for the most part, the team who he worked at in the senate, when he was in the senate office, when he was vice president, when he was running for president, those are the people who have surrounded him. those are the people who are going to be with him. they are with him 100%. like the old expression, i think ben franklin said, we either hang together or we hang separately. i don't see anybody getting fired. >> harris, that's a really interesting part, in terms of building that tribe, dedicated following. the result is you become deaf to any dissent whatsoever. youu become disconnected. to steve's point about the binders, we were talking about that yesterday. a town hall would have been better than a press conference because then the questions americans care about could have been asked to this president, like crime, like immigration and such. harris? >> i have had a day of being flanked by doocey's and i love it. last hour, peter was on.
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i said, look, it was part of what we were going to talk about. i go to my first guest. i said, i don't want to miss an tune here because no one asked about crime. look, we all saw the president move on from peter. i mean, it wasn't like -- he said well my second question was about crime. there's no way the president could have known that but he probably could have guessed it. he just moved on quickly. peter was ready right there with the question, but nobody else was. i asked him to take the temperature of the room, or tell me what the natural sound was like. anybody chattering about what they didn't get to ask and was crime on the list? he didn't hear anything. why are those details important? because if you know that there is complicity around you, you don't have to dance too hard, everybody's going to clap. look, as a person in the media, i don't want to be part of that. but you gotta go. i said to peter, i'm glad you're always there. you got to go and wait for your shot. he gave one reporter, four, five questions. we didn't get that chance, but
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that's okay. peter said he'll be there next time. how do we know there has to be a next time? because those polling numbers are sinking, still. i mean, you think there's a threshold where they're immeasurable below the line investigate water. that's not true. we can watch it sink to the sand, if he lets it. steve, you bring up such an interesting point about surrounding yourself with fresh and new voices that dissent at times so that you get everybody's opinion in, right? well, who would i necessarily take to a mayor's meeting today? how about a top prosecutor? i don't know how the vice president would do in that environment, but she was a top prosecutor, right? she was the attorney general in her former state of california. they are lit up on fire right now with stats that show homicides are off the charts. why not do a side by side with those mayors of somebody who actually prosecuted some cases? i think it's fascinating. we're seeing more of him alone
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now, but it's not helping him or us, at this point, when it comes to crime. >> morgan, i'm concerned given the depth of your experience with an administration, what do you make of the turning tide of the media and the lack of any terminations coming out of the white house? >> welsh listen. i have been around four administrations, actually. hopefully, i'm younger than i look. i'm older -- you know what i mean. i started in the bush administration. i served under obama. >> as long as one of them wasn't the eisenhower administration, we're good. >> no. i'm actually technically in the biden administration as maybe a reserve. i have been around awhile. i have seen administrations come and go. i have seen what the media does when they turn on people. but emily, i think you hit the nail on the head by talking about the lack of terminations. if i can just bring the international angle into it. for me, the press den was set when president biden refused to fire or hold anyone accountable
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after we had the debacle in afghanistan. we have 13 dead americans on a withdrawal that, in my opinion, could have been prevented. it should not have happened the way it did. i think whenever the president did not hold anyone on his senior team accountable for one of the most embarrassing actions that has happened to us since our withdrawal from vietnam, that sets the precedent. by the way, we were talking about this earlier with bill hemmer. i was at least. this is one of the reasons why you see bad actors acting up around the world. why is putin behaving this way? why is the chinese communist party? why are the ayatollahs in iran threatening to kill president trump just last week? because they think they can get away with this behavior from this administration. >> kind of what we have on crime. the criminals taking over. >> exactly. exactly. well, now that perhaps the mainstream media might be able to be seeing reality and disseminating it, perhaps the future looks different.
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the pandemic made teaching and learning really hard. but instead of
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>> the headlines are dire this morning, describing, quote, urgent talks, growing tensions and fears of invasion. president biden and his administration working overtime to clean up his comments on russia as ukraine braces for a possible invasion. today secretary of state anthony blinken met with his russian counter part to try and delay any movement from moscow. yesterday the president stated there will be severe consequences if any russian
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troops cross the border, a day after he suggested that there would be less punishment for a, quote, minor incursion. the white house was so desperate to set the record straight that they gave the president a script to read off of. apparently so he wouldn't fumble his words yet again. later, a clearly frustrated president biden snapped at our own white house correspondent. [ inaudible ] unreal. morgan. i'm thinking, if i'm vladamir putin and i'm watching what's happening in the united states, i'm seeing an administration green lighting00 pipeline for me. an administration that could not handle getting out of afghanistan among many other things. i just contrast that in my mind with the tone that was set by president trump, by your boss, by pompeo.
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that was strength, getting rid of diplomatic presence on the west coast, russia's diplomatic presence. nsa, national security adviser saying we sanctioned so much, there was almost nothing left to sanction in russia. it is just a very different strategy we are now seeing. >> that's right, kayleigh. listen, i went back through my notes and i counted from 2017 to 2019, at least 30 actions against russia pursued by the trump administration that was supposedly in bed with russia. these actions were things like you just talked about, like kicking their diplomats out, indictments, sanctions. i was in almost every meeting with mike pompeo and the russians. they were incredibly tough meetings. we definitely held the line. i think we were all lucky to have him and president trump. when you look at the bigger picture, you step back and say, why is this happening? i think, first of all, dictators do as much as they think they can get away with.
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so why did they go into crimea in 2013 and stay there even though they were sanctioned to the hilt? they knew they could get away with it. i think this administration has to get off defense. they're just playing defense around the world, whether it's russia, the chinese, the iranians. just capitulating and begging the iranians to get back into the jcpoa. it's embarrassing. there's a ton of different policy responses. it's not the things that biden has offered isn't helpful. he's talked about sanctions, providing weaponry to ukraine, cutting the russians off in the swiss banking system. all that stuff's great, but why aren't you doing it now? that's the deterrent. showing strength now, not after they invade. >> i think that's exactly it. general jack keane joined you last hour. he made that point about preemptive action. let's take a listen. >> if we're going to defer putin from invading ukraine, we have
9:18 am
to take preemptive action. that is sanctions before the invasion, military action, in terms of significant increased lethal capability and offensive weapon capability. the biden administration said no to all of that. they said no, what we'll do, we'll have tough consequences administered after the invasion. that is high risk. >> i can't imagine that other generals would not have told this commander in chief, biden, that his decision to go forward is high risk. just like we learned that generals had told president biden that his decision about the way he would exit from afghanistan was high risk. this has a familiar drum beat about it, and it's a deadly one potentially. we have to break this. if the sanctions were to the brink and beyond what we thought the russians could live with under the obama administration and they still went into crimea,
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then why waiting after they invade ukraine would they ever work then? like, just commonsense. when you take off the military movement that general keane was just talking about. when you take that off the table, it's a carrot and stick type situation. no one wants to go to war over ukraine. they're not even in nato. but they do border several nato nations. so we have to pay attention to this. i guess my big question for the president would be, what are you gonna do differently that you know now that what you chose to do potentially won't work? now you've told them it won't work. we already know you're going to invade. look, the president doesn't want to be asked about this any more. moments ago as he was wrapping up with reporters at an event that he was giving, he said, you guys will ask me all about russia. that's the reason he wasn't going to take any questions. i mean, he wanted questions -- he wants everything to come to a hall because he doesn't have the
9:20 am
answer. can we get somebody -- steve, you said it. can we get somebody in his circle that, a, can do the job and, b, who he will listen to. those generals before afghanistan could do the job but he wouldn't listen. >> he's not listening. to another point made on harris' show, senator kennedy made it with you, harris. it was this. why are we taking things off the table? biden announcing we will never send u.s. troops to ukraine. that may be true. no one wants to see troops go abroad. why do you tell this to the world? his strategy is nonsensible, steve. >> well, it doesn't make a lot of sense. the ultimate consequence, we're going to have significant consequences after the invasion. the main consequence after the invasion is you've got a bunch of russian guys in ukraine. then what's gonna happen? i think, you know, the ultimate sanction right now should be pull the plug, joe biden, on the pipeline. that is a gusher of cash for
9:21 am
putin. hit him where it really counts, in the wallet. ultimately, here's the problem. here's the reason cable news, for the last 36 hours, has been talking about russia. that's because joe biden had a press conference almost two hours long and made a bunch of mistakes. that was the biggest one. but here's one of the things he said at the very beginning of the press conference. and that is one of the problems with the administration so far is, i have not done a good job at getting the word out, so i'm going to be doing more of this. i can hardly wait. he's gonna give us plenty to talk about for the next three years because joe biden feels he's his best spokes person. and we saw how that happened. >> he does. emily, we can't leave this segment without a quick thought from you on the attack on jaqui heinrich calling it a stupid question is totally uncalled
9:22 am
for. >> it was. this is supposed to be the person uniting americans. that kind of admonishing elitist really immature comment of him is beneath the office of the presidency. i'm embarrassed for him. as always, i'm proud of jacqui and proud to be her colleague. >> amen. >> they taught me in school when you have an attack on someone, that means you don't have an answer of substance. i guess that's what was going on in that dynamic. a girl who should be celebrating her 1st birthday today is instead in a hospital after being hit by a stray bullet. this as president biden addresses america's mayors amid a sky rocketing crime crisis. that story next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ "how bizarre" by omc ♪ no annual fee on any discover card. ♪ ♪ >> president biden is going to address the nation's mayors this afternoon at their annual conference against a back drop of sky rocketing violent crime
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and questions over the federal role in helping them tamp it down. one of the latest victims of america's crime crisis is a little baby girl, catherine ortiz. she was shot in the face by a stray bullet wednesday in the bronx. you're looking at a picture of her blood stained pink coat left at the scene. her first birthday is today, but instead of celebrating it at home, she's recovering in the hospital. the nypd released this chilling video of the gunman whose bullet hit the child, firing off shots while chasing a rival. police are still looking for him. "the new york post" summing up the tragedy this way. no one is safe. steve doocey, my heart breaks. i can't even express it. i can't imagine what it's like for these parents across america as they tend to little ones caught in a violent crime rage. >> here's the thing, harris. the randomness of that. they were parked outside of a
9:28 am
grocery store. the dad had gone in to get something. she was just strapped in her car seat waiting for dad to come back. mom was in the car with her. it's the same thing we were talking about earlier this week with breonna, who was working at the furniture store in los angeles. you just never know when somebody's gonna come and do something stupid. in the case of breonna, the guy killed her right there. he certainly shouldn't have been out on $1,000 bond, but he was. you know what's gonna happen, harris? but a of the randomness, nobody in america feels completely safe. we're in big cities. ultimately this will come back to haunt the biden administration. because if people don't feel safe, what are they gonna do? they're gonna buy guns and they are going to protect themselves and their family. they are going to buy it legally. but nonetheless, biden administration wants gun
9:29 am
control. they don't want more americans protecting themselves with with their own firearms. >> that's an interesting point. so, morgan, they're getting ready to have the president's sitdown. what we learned today from our own reporting is that when he does so, he's gonna talk about finding the chain of cash, federal dollars, that were given to them to do what they needed to do to fight crime. he's gonna ask for receipts. he's not gonna walk in the room with any of his own though. he's not gonna own some of the federal level decisions that have been made in the last year. it seems interesting to me that there's nobody in the room who's prosecuted a case on his side of the table unless he plans to take kamala harris with him at the last minute. i mean, what can he say to these mayors? >> we talked about the biden press conference earlier. i think we can equate that to what he's saying today. in the biden press conference, no one asked him about crime. i think you mentioned that earlier. >> right. >> no one asked him about the border. no one asked him about the
9:30 am
fentanyl crisis. zero. i think it's the number one killer of young people right now, fentanyl, and no one is talking about it. i would say the policies are clearly not working. mayors are struggling because they're dealing with the progressive parts of this country that are calling to defund the police. it's worked in mayor cities. i think today that they're definitely gonna suffer in the polls. this administration needs to do something. we have to feel safe on the streets in america. >> amen. if i was going into that type of talk, i'd ask for emily to come with me and hold my hand. she'd be after it. she would tell those mayors, okay, you've got your receipts here. what else would you say? >> so much, probably not suitable for television. >> oh. >> i would say, if the president brought the biden of 1994 when he participated in the offering of the 1994 crime bill, it would
9:31 am
be a stark contrast to him now. he then would have -- he now would have expressed that same commitment to deterrent consequences. he might bring the weight of the doj which in certain capacities can run ram shod over state and local jurisdictions. they don't need the mayor's approval to come in. but somehow they are hesitating. but i would say it's because of the person occupying the white house. i have to venture out here. the felony murder rule exists where basically if you participate in the commission of a crime and foreseeably someone is murdered, then you are on the hook, felony murder. you are on the hook for murder even if you didn't pull the trigger. with that title out there in the magazine that no one is safe, our conversation that no one is safe. i argue that actually that's exactly right. it is foreseeable. even though we call it random, this poor baby in the car. what about the 4-year-old in the
9:32 am
mcdonald's drive through line. the father hanging up lights. the man that was shot in a bizarre shooting that grazed his head. we need to stop using the words random and bizarre. it is foreseeable on biden's streets. i wish there would be someone that would hold all of these people accountable, but unfortunately that might have to encompass a transition there in the white house. >> on the faulkner focus last hour, he said let's look at the money that joe biden wants to look at as president now. he said no to the federal dollars. he stopped that program by president trump operation legend named for legend talafaro, 4-year-old in kansas city who was killed. when those dollars stopped, he technically defunded those programs. keith made such an excellent point. those mayors need to be asking him, what do we do now? kayleigh you're gonna take over next. ncaa getting some push back over
9:33 am
its newly adopted transgender athlete policy. some critics say the association just passed the buck rather than making a decision at all. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪
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movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. >> critics say the national collegiate athletic association is passing the buck on a complex issue after it announced new guidelines for transgender athletes. effective immediately, any rules and regulations for transgender athletes will be determined by the national governing body for each individual sport, not the ncaa itself. calls for guidance that is more clear began after university of pennsylvania transswimmer leah thomas started smashing records this season. she is set to compete in the ncaa women's championship in march. caitlin jenner spoke out. >> basically, the ncaa just kicked the can down the road. i don't know why the governing
9:38 am
bodies of many of the different organizations are so intent on getting such a small number of people, you know. it's the woke world gone wild. >> steve doocey, your thoughts. >> we've all interviewed -- remember those young women from the high schools in connecticut who sued because there were problems, they were up against trans athletes. chelsea mitchell is one of those students. she's since moved to college. but she swam for four years at the high school level and lost at the state championship all four years to trans athletes. she is disappointed by this. her attorney said, there's no amount of hormone supressants that can overcome the physical advantages that a man has over a woman.
9:39 am
we've heard that a million times. and apparently with these new requirements and designations, apparently they will figure out exactly what the person's testosterone level is. if you hit a certain number, then you're going to be allowed to do it. but what's the number? who says that's a fair number? and who says that it's the right number? ultimately, does it level the playing field and does it really answer the question? i don't know. >> right. morgan, i think sort of society is trying to answer those questions. meanwhile, to steve's point, there are people, there are student athletes that have lost out on scholarships, lost out on olympic eligibility and more very verifiable, quantifiable ways in addition to the massive disappointment, while the rest of society sort of figures it out and pushes these lines. we have people like caitlin jenner saying it's obvious.
9:40 am
there should be a hard line, the answer is no. morgan? >> listen, emily. unlike you, i was not a professional football cheerleader. i would not describe myself as sporty spice. i do know the mom of a daughter, i want her to have all the advantages and opportunities and abilities to compete. if she wants to be a lot better at sports than i was in high school or if she wants to be a band chief like i was, fine, whatever she wants to do. the problem that i see, we have spent so many years in this country, decades, trying to build up our young women. telling them you can do whatever you want. and this policy, at least in the outset to me seems very anti-young woman. that's the problem that i have. high school is awkward enough without changing your gender. i can't imagine how bad it is for these transgender students to have to go through this. it seems like they need a lot of therapy and medical intervention. we need to not let that assess the ability of our young girls to be able to compete and win.
9:41 am
>> it sounds typical of progressive left policies, which is the result is against whatever they are crowing about it supposed to be helping. we also had michael phelps weigh in. >> i believe we should all feel comfortable with who we are in our own skin. i think sports should be played at an even playing field. i don't know what that looks like in the future. this is my sport. this has been my sport my entire career. one thing i would love is everybody to be able to compete on an even playing field. >> yeah, i mean that's a politically correct way of saying that, no, transgender athletes in women's sports is not a level playing field. steve already walked through it. many believe testosterone therapy does not even level the playing field. dr. emma hilton a developmental biologist pointed out the national board has no policy on this.
9:42 am
then you go to the international board. no policy on this. but the ioc policy is no testosterone suppression. the logical point is they vary on it. young girls are afraid to speak out. they speak anonymously. they are afraid to speak out because the woke culture we live in is very sad. >> they're being supressed in so many different ways. coming up fans are serious after music superstar adele postponed her las vegas residency just 24 hours before it was supposed to open. some of them flying to vegas from across the world for the big event. that story ahead. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein
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9:47 am
one is safe. how bad does it have to get before new york and other democratic led cities make changes to crack down on crime. join me and john roberts at the top of the hour. ♪ glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife come on, hold on tight ♪ >> music world remembering a man who brought opera to rock 'n' roll. meat loaf has died at the age of 74. meat loaf, who was born marvin lee aday was loved by millions across the world for his bat out of hell album, which has sold more than 40 million copies and for hits like this. ♪ i would do anything for love but i won't do that ♪ meat loaf's musical career spanned more than six decades. he starred in dozens of films
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including rocky horror picture show, fight club and wayne's world. rock superstar meat loaf gone at 74. we miss him already. welsh fans of pop star adele are lashing out after she announced on instagram the indefinite postponement of her las vegas residency with only 24 hours notice. we're talking cash here. we'll get into that. here she is. she's crying. >> i'm so sorry but my show ain't ready. we've been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and covid. i'm really embarrassed and i'm so sorry to everyone who traveled. i'm really, really sorry. i'm really sorry. >> you've got to be kidding me. she did that less than 24 hours before. some fans paid between 8500 and
9:49 am
$12,000 for tickets. she said i'm sorry for all of you who already traveled. some of those spent $30,000 on traveling, on getting there on black market tickets. whatever it took. they wanted to see adele. they love her. here's an angry fan. not adele rescheduling after already buying plane tickets, show tickets and getting a hotel room with an angry emoji. i'm surprised. that person was classy. let's give them some credit. morgan? >> yes. listen, if i had 30 grand to just blow, it would not be going to see adele in vegas, i'm sorry. she has an amazing voice but i find her muic to be depressing. if you want a concert, maybe sit at home and listen to her depressing music. >> i'm not gonna give her a pass on this one. >> i can tell.
9:50 am
>> okay. she's crying. she said i'm sorry several times. i mean, whatever. then she says, my show ain't ready. was this scripted? what was this? and, by the way, maybe you wouldn't do it. there are a lot of fans who love her, especially after that oprah interview. she opened up. she talked about so much. she's got that iconic sounding voice and she used it to sort of toss her hair and say how sorry she is. she knew her show wasn't ready days ago or weeks ago. come on. she said half her cast has covid. she didn't even express anything for their well-being. >> i totally hear you, and i feel like these exorbitant costs people were willing to pay to see her to me just shows how ready everyone is to get out of the pandemic. how excited they are for normalcy. to see a superstar performer that they're superfans of. they want to go to vegas. they want to do it right, get
9:51 am
hotel rooms. all of a sudden the rug is ripped away. this is emblematic of this vicious cycle we are all trapped in rather than her actually letting them down. i think there were a lot of, obviously, poor management decisions that were made at the last minute. unfortunately, the refundability of tickets is a little gray, i can tell you legally. if they do reschedule, they say you have to come at a later date. what if people can't afford to, or they don't have child care? so many factors that lead to disappointment. >> and things get cancelled all the time. but she knew people had already traveled, kayleigh. they knew my show ain't ready yet at least the day before. >> exactly. she knew this for a long time. she had to have known that it wasn't going to be ready more than 24 hours before. that's commonsense. under score emily's point. they said covid was part of this. we figured out how to move on with life. i just went to a bucks playoff game last week.
9:52 am
it was fun. we figured out how to make the nfl work. how to make sports work, entertainment work, broadway. covid, you just can't cite that as an excuse any more. to me, that's exactly what this was, harris. just an excuse. >> steve, look. i love mary poppins. i didn't want to drag her into this. julie andrews would never have done this. >> let me tell you something. so many people got adele tickets in vegas for christmas. they've been looking forward to this for a long time because tickets are really hard to get. what doesn't make sense to me, she said, yeah, the crew's got covid. we're talking about the entertainment capital of the world. put out word and just say, hey, we need 50 guys. keep in mind, people don't go for the backup dancers. she could sit in a chair and sing the sad songs. she could call wayne newton's people. they're watching right now.
9:53 am
call her. put on a show. we can go tonight. we're gonna be in the flamingo room at midnight. come on, guys. put on a show. >> you make me want to go and i don't even have any of those skills. you just got called out by steve doocy and the flamingo room. m&m's are getting an overhaul. are they going to add more colors? no. we can't make this up. apparently the green m&m was too hot. living with diabetes? glucerna protein smart has your number with 30 grams of protein. scientifically designed with carbsteady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes. glucerna live every moment
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>> even candy needs to be more inclusive nowadays, m&m characters will be redesigned for a more progressive world. wow. with the biggest changes coming to the two female m&ms, the green and the brown ones. the green losing the stilleto boots in favor of sneakers, and brown wearing slightly lower heels than before. mars wants green to be better represented for empowerment and confidence as a strong female and known for much more than her boots. harris, i don't know about you, but we are known for more than our shoes but we love heels on "outnumbered." >> they could have gotten multi-colored like i wear, and raising young women under construction. my two daughter as i like to call them that. right? and they are strong and confident. >> yes. >> they are not old enough to
9:59 am
wear heels yet. >> i love those heels, harris. >> thank you. please come visit me. >> steve, alexander petry asked this question, 2022, who look around at everything going on and said we have to fix m&ms? >> that's a good question. i've been eating them for 50 years now, and keep in mind, they are not changing the candy. they are changing the characters. you know, and getting rid of the go-go boots. my wife got rid of those in the 1970s. they are not changing the candy. this is something dreamed up by their ad agency so they would wind up on "outnumbered." miss accomplished. >> are those the peanut ones? they are my favorite. >> steve, your wife got rid of the go-go boots in the 1970s, i
10:00 am
still wore it through 2010 when i was a nfl cheerleader. and i don't understand why they are exclusive to be empowered and strong and if you want to wear fish nets and high heels, you can own your own sexuality, own your own femininity, right? >> morgan, you do both, by the way. i love your style and love your mind. with that, happy friday, everyone. thanks to everyone. here is "america reports." >> john: thank you, kayleigh. cover of the new york post reports no one is safe after an 11-month-old is shot in the bronx. and showing the blood soaked pink jacket left behind at the scene. >> sandra: a manhunt is underway, chasing someone in the street. they say the suspect will be held accountable. a whole lot more on this with brian kilmeade. he'll


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